Diaper Report 12/15/21

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The supermarket chain Kroger was one of the few places where those “not of the body” – to use a reference from an episode of the classic Star Trek TV series – could shop without practicing the strange rituals required by Landru (second Star Trek reference) to show they were, indeed, “of the body.”

Specifically, the wearing of the Chin Speedo that has become the uniform of those who are “of the body” – who practice the strange rituals required by the real Landru, the doctor who doesn’t practice medicine.

I was cast out of other supermarkets, most notably Earth Fare – which was extremely “of the body.” Even after the Gesundheitsfuhrer of Virginia, Ralph “Coonman” Northam, rescinded the decree requiring the various rites be performed as a condition of being allowed to shop, Earth Fare remained militantly vigilant, siccing novitiates (“employees”) upon any apostate (“customer,” in former times) who dared to enter the temple of Landru/Fauci without a speedo over their facial ballsack.

But Kroger was better.

Exemplary, even.

At the height of the worst, the most it did was post an indifferent novitiate at the entrance, who would proffer the Chin Speedo in a very mildly mannered manner to those not “of the body.” A simple No, Thanks to the poor teenager sufficed.

You were left alone after that.

I – and a few other apostates – were free to shop, among those “of the body.”

Often, I was the only person in the store not “of the body.” It was an unsettling, almost deja vu experience – if deja vu applies to feeling as though you were once a member of the Enterprise away party that visited the strange planet where Landru ruled.

But the vacant – yet hostile – eyes of those “of the body” were real enough.

At any rate, one could shop – if one was willing to simply do it. If one was willing to walk past the signs and the girl acolyte proffering Chin Speedos.

It made me happy to shop there, if that’s the right way to put it.

Maybe a better way is that I was happy to give Kroger my business, since their management appeared to be doing what it could to keep from being “locked down” without locking out people like myself, who weren’t sick and didn’t like being expected to pretend we were. The signs were posted – but the edicts weren’t enforced.

Not ideal – but not entirely evil, either.

Well, not anymore.

News has broken that everyone who works for Kroger – including that poor teenaged acolyte who proffered the Chin Speedos to every “unmasked” person approaching the temple gates – will not only continue wearing the Speedo, themselves –  but will also get the Jabs (plural, to make the point that these Jabs are serial and ongoing – precisely because they are not “effective”) else lose their company-provided health benefits or be charged $50 extra each month as the price of keeping them.

Apparently, the $100 bribe that Kroger was reportedly proffering its employees to receive the Holy Anointing wasn’t sufficient.  Perhaps because many Kroger employees place a higher value on their health – and their bodily autonomy – than $100. Which isn’t even a down payment on the one-night services of the body of a Vegas “escort.”

That’s how much Kroger management values the bodies of its employees.

Ours, too – since it is a fact that those who get Jabbed can get sick – and are more apt to spread their sickness – because the Jab merely makes them feel less sick. Which means they are more apt to show up for work rather than stay home.

Interesting, isn’t it? Or rather, fascinating – as Spock might have put it.

People were told they must place a Speedo over their chins so as to mitigate the spread of a sickness they might not be aware they had – remember that?

This was styled “asymptomatic” spread and it became the moral basis for insisting upon the Face Speedo’ing of all, no matter how well they felt. No matter the total absence of any symptoms – which ordinarily is (well, was) pretty presumptively indicative that the person was not sick and therefore unlikely to “spread” a sickness they didn’t have.

The Speedo’ing was pure ritual – a cultish induction artifact to show that the wearer was . . . of the body.

Now Kroger – and it is not only Kroger – is pressuring its employees to take symptom suppressing drugs. That is what these “vaccines” are – by the admission of those who manufacture them.

They do not provide immunity.

In fact, they provide its functional opposite – by keeping the sick well enough to go about their business and thereby asymptomatically spread the sickness they’ve got but don’t feel they have.

The evidence that this is in fact the case – to use that word – is overwhelming. There is no “plague of the unvaccinated.” There is a plague, being spread by the “vaccinated.”

How many naked emperors must be paraded before people see the absence of his clothes? It is not merely anecdotal – it is axiomatic – that the countries (and states) wth the highest rates of “vaccination” also have the highest rates of new “cases”  – i.e., people reported as being sick, which proves they weren’t immunized from this sickness.

But Kroger, et al, wants to spread more sickness – by using economic coercion to compel all of its employees to become more likely to do just that, as well as risk getting sicker – themselves.

Healthy people have an almost nil chance of suddenly developing Bell’s Palsy or myocarditis/pericarditis – just three of the several sicknesses associated with the not-“vaccines.”

That chance goes up significantly, upon receiving the not-“vaccine.” In addition to the chances of god-knows-what-else that will be etiolating in the months and years ahead.

It was good of Kroger to not bar its doors to those not “of the body.” But it is very bad – the word isn’t adequate – to threaten the bodies of those who work for it in this manner.

Kroger’s employees are under duress. They face the loss of  contractually-agreed-upon benefits/compensation for not surrendering their bodies to an entity that seems to think it owns their bodies (an issue for lawyers to parse).

Kroger’s customers can shop somewhere else, until this ends.

Count me among those.

It is not enough, in times like these, to refuse to be part of evil, directly. It is necessary to avoid complicity with it, by pretending it’s not there because it doesn’t affect us, directly.

Because eventually, it will affect us all.

That being the price of complicity.

. . .

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  1. Yesterday, I went barefaced in a grocery store that has a sign “please wear a mask beyond this point.” Encouraged to see that I am not the only freefacer any more, although there were only about 25% that ignored the “polite request.”

    Walked to the back of the store to the pharmacy. An older man with white hair was sitting in a chair, waiting. He was masked, and kept looking at me. His face was quite red. I assumed he was fuming inside at my audacity.

    Was I ever surprised when a few minutes later, he took off the filthy rag! He became human again. Was friendly. I regretted the negative assumptions I had made.

  2. I left my job last week. Although there were a number of issues, one of the larger (and I told them) was their Covid policies and my fear of their upcoming (announced but with no details) policy changes for the OSHA crap. HR said that she could always “make allowances”, but even if I believed them, I’d already made my decision.

    New job seems good, and it helps that I’m now classified as “remote”.

    • Hi Michael,

      Glad you escaped the Freaks! I also appreciate your posting about it; that you found a new and better job where you’re not regarded as livestock. It may help encourage others reading your words. I consider it crucial to show by example that we do not have to “comply” – and here’s how. Thanks, again!

  3. anon 1

    Threatened 24/7 for 21 months

    The leftist/globalist/communist/satanists at the top of the power pyramid say there is global warming so 7 billion useless eaters on the bottom have to be culled, (actually it is to maintain their wealth and power).

    The useless eaters on the bottom are planning their own cull, from the top down, including all helpers, enablers, collaborators and useless idiots helping the communist/satanic/cult.

  4. Now it is a Winter of Death for the unvaccinated! Oh My God! Oh no! Jesus save me! Help me Jesus! Holy…

    Aren’t all members of Congress exempt from being vaccinated? Does this mean a Winter of Death for all of Congress too?

    The unvaccinated at Pfizer will experience a Winter of Death according to the gospel of President Joey Biden.

    Look out, be afraid, very afraid.

    The Winter of Death! Not just another dark winter, but one of death!

    Joe needs another vaccine, one that opens his mind so he can finally see the light. Not gonna happen.

    There are plenty of Vaccines of Death, the five hundred pound gorillas in the room nobody dares to notice are right there in front of their lying eyes..

    • ‘Now it is a Winter of Death for the unvaccinated!’ — drumphish

      … but mainly for BAD PEOPLE — Republicans and ‘red states’ — according to David Leonhardt of the New York Slimes:

      Omicron Threatens Red America

      ‘Tucker Carlson could do it. So could Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin or Donald Trump himself.

      ‘One of these conservative figures could go on the air and explain that the Omicron variant has placed much of their audience in grave danger. They could remind people that they have been skeptical of vaccines at times — but that Omicron is different. It is so contagious that it may quickly sweep the country.

      ‘As they issued this warning, they could still take their usual swipes at the political left, mocking panicky liberals for wearing masks outdoors and forcing children to sit apart in cold schoolyards.

      ‘Conservatives don’t need to do any of that; they just need to take a Covid-19 vaccine — the “Trump vaccine” that could save their life.’ — NYT ‘The Morning,’ Dec 17, 2021

      The old ‘vaccine as the only path to salvation’ narrative!

      Have you been baptized with The Jab, my son?

      • anon 1

        so David Leonhardt of the New York Slimes just made himself into two targets……..

        enablers, collaborators and useless idiots helping the communist/satanic/cult. are really stupid, they just made themselves two targets, the communists won’t give them a seat at the table, they will exterminate them and the useless eaters on the bottom will also target them because they are traitors/collaborators…….doomed, walking dead

    • Only the Bad Red State People™ are at risk from the coming Winter of Death™. Everyone else is of The Body, and shall be spared the Terrors to come. Sigh… Desperate doesn’t even begin to describe our so called Over Lords current attitude. As more and more data comes to light, and evades the Tech Lords censorship, its becoming ever more obvious to anyone who hasn’t drank the k00laid, what a hoax/scam this last 20 months plus has been.

      Countless millions of peoples lives damaged or destroyed. Trillions of dollars lost world wide. All for what? Because of one of the most over hyped flu’s in human history? Between our so called “leaders” embracing their inner tyrants, to countless drones, running around in mindless terror, the only surprise is that matters aren’t even worse. This is what happens after generations of government “education” and mass media propaganda.

      Now all we need is a major global stock market crash, that will lead to the collapse of the global economy. Then would be the perfect time for the “elites” to ride to the “rescue” with their One World Government and currency. At least that’s their plan. Once that plan impacts reality, there is no telling how things work out. Emergent systems of behavior are very difficult to model, let alone control. Only time will tell how this all works out. Best to have a good investment in food/water and precious metals. Gold, Silver, Lead…

      • That last precious metal on your list reminds me of the intro to Jimi Hendrix’s “Freedom”:

        You got my pride
        Hanging out of my bed
        You’re messin’ around with my life
        So I bought my lead
        You even mess with my children
        And you’re screamin’ at my wife
        Get off of my back
        If you wanna get outta here alive

        Hendrix unfortunately passed long before traditional liberals went extinct. Guns? Freedom? Self determination? What would they say of him now?

    • anon 1

      Aren’t all members of Congress exempt from being vaccinated

      there is a long list of special people exempt from the extermination injection (it is only for the useless eaters on the bottom)………

      ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

      1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson

      ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.
      i would bet the doctors in other countries are exempt too, that explains why they don’t say one word about the injections, they don’t care and are probably paid well to cooperate.

      a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….haha….sounds like the scientists are exempt…
      NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

      the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed,
      same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order. some of them are starting to push back because they are getting mandated now, joining with the little people on the bottom.

      The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab or be fired.
      attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES, so it looks like that group are exempt too.

      NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates,

      another exempt group: U.S. postal service

      NBA players exempt

      6 million foreign chinese students exempt

      NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get.

      NOTE: here is another exempt group….the billionaire elite:

      gates and other .0001% rich families don’t vaccinte their own children,

      gates, his wife and their children have never been vaccinated…. gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

      elon musk and his family will not be vaccinated

      the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
      one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), they use homeopathic medicine.

      rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, germ theory based, allopathic medicine, doesn’t use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, he uses homeopathic medicine.

      FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous vaccines

      NOTE: Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body


      Putin said he will not mandate injection of their military,

      (xiden and blackface are owned by china)……..canada and the US will mandate injection of their military, (helping china’s agenda) that will cause them to lose the next war, maybe.

      Putin also says people should make their own choice for injection or not.

  5. Intellectual-yet-idiots:

    ‘Cornell University looks to be the site of America’s first major Omicron outbreak.

    ‘The Ivy League school has recorded 930 positive Covid tests since December 7, per the school’s Covid dashboard, including 883 cases among students.

    ‘This outbreak is despite 97 per cent of on-campus students, faculty and staff being fully-vaccinated.’ — Daily Mail

    You don’t need no PhD in Ontology to grok that if your school is nigh-on universally ‘vaccinated,’ but suffers one of the first and worst omicron outbreaks in the nation, your so-called ‘vaccine’ ain’t worth shit on a stick.


    Y’all need some different textbooks.

  6. New frontiers in medical tyranny:

    Businesses, employers and universities are taking the data into their own hands and requiring booster coronavirus shots.

    Why it matters: Three shots work better than two at preventing infection, especially against the Omicron variant [note: paid advertorial]. But competing definitions of “fully vaccinated” based on where you live or work will inevitably confuse people.

    Metropolitan Opera said yesterday that all eligible adult employees and audience members must get booster shots in order to enter, the NYT reports.

    Several universities — including Georgetown, NYU and two private colleges in Minnesota — have announced booster requirements for students and staff.

    The NFL is requiring coaches and staff to get booster shots by Dec. 27. — axios.com

    Sickening: feel like ripping muh NYU diploma off the wall and burning the sucker. A-holes.

    But this just takes the cake:

    ‘Nearly two-thirds of seniors feel [sic] that a booster is required to be fully vaccinated.’

    If you feel like Fauci breaking
    If you feel like laughing
    Break Fauci laughing
    Break Fauci laughing, laughing, laughing

    — Jefferson Airplane, If You Feel

    • Pure poison from the New York Slimes morning briefing:

      Even if your health is not vulnerable, a booster can reduce the chances you contract Covid and pass it on to somebody who is vulnerable.

      ‘What [vaccines] can’t do anymore is stop the transmission.’ — CDC Director Walensky, CNN interview, Aug 5, 2021

      Likewise, vaccinating children can protect their grandparents.

      Dr Mengele would approve: kill and maim some kids (who face all risk and no benefit from jabs) to [theoretically] save some old duffers.

      This sums up, in a nutshell, the depraved, murderous ethics of the MSM.

      • anon 1

        mrna extermination injection, an insurance policy that guarantees death….

        Healing without Drugs: Western Culture has Lost its Way

        There is, however, one product that the pharmaceutical industry developed in the late 1800s that does NOT depend upon sick people to keep the market flowing through endless treatments. It is the one exception in the medical system, because it is primarily marketed to healthy people, and not sick people.

        It was a very ingenious idea, to say the least, because it was a product that could be sold and administered to healthy people with no reliance on diagnoses of illness, providing an endless stream of revenue: Vaccines.

        Vaccines are one of the few products of the medical system that is not even marketed for curing a disease a person might have. It is solely marketed by fear, scaring one with the thought that in the future one might “catch” one of these dreaded diseases. So the product is marketed as a “protection” to the “dreaded diseases” through fear.

        It is actually modeled after the very successful insurance industry, by purchasing a product that at the time of purchase conveys absolutely no benefit at all, other than the “peace of mind” that you’re “covered” from future bad things that might happen in your life.

        At least that is what they want you to believe, until you end up getting the same disease you were vaccinated for, or you try to collect on an insurance claim for something that you thought was actually covered by your insurance policy but that they fight you with their top attorneys often to NOT pay out a claim.

        Vaccines are almost NEVER marketed as a cure for disease, only as an “insurance policy” against those diseases that you “might catch.” Hence, they can be marketed to people who are not even sick.


      • anon 1

        It makes sense……
        The church, government and the medical system are in one big religious death cult now with their satanic/leftist/communist narrative, the great reset, agenda 2030.

    • “Metropolitan Opera said yesterday that all eligible adult employees and audience members must get booster shots…”

      So that’s reason No. 9,980,384,077,689,002 never to go to the fucking opera.

      • anon 1

        “Metropolitan Opera just made themselves a target, very stupid move…..

        enablers, collaborators and useless idiots helping the communist/satanic/cult. are really stupid, they just made themselves two targets, the communists won’t give them a seat at the table, they will exterminate them and the useless eaters on the bottom will also target them because they are traitors/collaborators.

      • Seems like all of these businesses/organizations have forgotten who their customers are, and that if they desire to be supported by the patronage of those customers, THEY must listen to the customer, and not t’other way’round.

        Oh…wait….I was thinking this was still America, with a somewhat free market and all…. O-K….my comment was irrelevant- ’cause today, most of orgs and corps survive more off of government ‘funding’ and patronage/contracts, etc. (Especially “the arts”- which are almost now entirely funded by some form redistributed extortion- be it at the federal, state or local level- or all of the above; and the ‘customers’ would probably have a fit if they were to allow an unvaxed [i.e. healthy] person or non-masker, etc. into the joint…..

        So I guess they’re doing the will of the deluded people.

        • We both know where this is leading Nunzio. Given the illusions/delusions that have been fed to generations, and the patterns that have been set in place for more than a century. Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard all spoke of it.
          One can ignore reality (for a time). But one can’t ignore the consequences
          of ignoring reality. Corruption beyond a certain point can’t be recovered from. It has been the death of countless empires in the past. Our own will be no different.

          • anon 1

            Patrick Byrne: China Is Taking Us Out From Within (part of the coup process)

            “What the Chinese did is they studied us, and they saw that corruption is our weakest point. And they infiltrated us, and they corrupted exactly institutions that they needed to corrupt in order to allow what’s going on now to happen.”

            Byrne pointed out that the Chinese regime is engaged in “a slow coup.”

            “It’s a revolution. The stages of such a revolution are very well mapped out. We understand this.
            It’s demoralization, disorientation, crisis, then normalization: those four steps.”

            “The demoralization is what happened this year with COVID,” Byrne continued.

            “The disorientation is this kookiness we’ve been seeing for about six months,” Byrne said, referring to Antifa, the Black Lives Matter movement, and other things, such as buildings and police stations being lit on fire, and people being harassed for their political views while out dining.

            “That’s all to disorient you. It’s to tell you, ‘You are not living in the America you thought you were living in,’” he said.

            “The crisis is, clearly an imposter president has been stood up,” Byrne added in reference to the contested election results.

            He asserted that Beijing only needed to secure six counties to steal the election.

            “Political scientists can tell you, to steal the United States you don’t need to cheat in elections everywhere. You need six counties where you cheat the heck out of those counties. And you can flip the six states that they are in and thereby flip the Electoral College and steal the country.”

            The last phase is normalization, Byrne said, in which the “media is just beating it into your head.”

            “They’re violating every precept of journalistic integrity,” Byrne said, criticizing the media for ignoring the evidence that has been presented claiming election fraud.

            “So those are the four stages we’re going through, and it’s my assertion that the hand of China is behind this.”

  7. Eric, any of you guys follow the british press? The fear has been dialled up to 11 here. Suddenly this winter bug is extremely bad, and well you know we will all die. Every day there is a press confrence from our dear leader, with some Dr Evil style “scientist” on the TV telling people how important it is to get another jab…. have you guys noticed that in the US ?

    Im starting to think, they are realising the sheep are waking up, and they want one more jab in the sheep before they start to wake up…. (or maybe im being overly optimistic)

    • Hi Nasir,

      Yes – and they’re trying the same here. It smacks of desperation. I think people are waking up. Yes, there is a sizable segment of the general population that is literally out of their minds; they are write-offs. But there is, I think, an equally sizable segment that has had enough of this. The battle will be decided by how many of the remainder fall in with one side or the other.

      • yeh its crazy.

        BTW the other day we were walking in the local town centre – someone was giving away something, lots of people around grabbing some. Wife went to see what was going on and they quickly handed her a couple boxes of this stuff… on further inspection – they were Rona tests – encouraging everyone to get regularly tested…. had a laugh and wife pointed out if they are handing out these tests for free to everyone, and they test regularly – OFCOURSE there will be more and more “cases cases”!!!

        But yes the propaganda has gone off the charts here. And guess what – so far only ONE person has died “WITH ‘the omricon variant…. and that too the government is not releasing ANY data about this mystery person, how old he was, how sick he was, was he jibby jabbed or not…. nothing…..

        • One person dies of the ‘rona and it’s this horrible scary thing. One person dies of the jab and it’s a ‘rare’ event to be ignored.

          Why? because this is what authority tells people. They simply believe and obey. No thinking.

        • anon 1

          some info came out……..elderly person with multiple other diseases, same as 99% of the mislabeled, no autopsy (the WHO’s orders) allowed deaths

          more fraud….mislabeled, no autopsy (the WHO’s orders) deaths, all covid from deaths are no autopsy frauds

    • ‘Eric, any of you guys follow the british press?’ — nasir

      Why, yes: just this morning a photo of your portly PM — posing as a grubby jab peddler behind a screaming red GET BOOSTED NOW placard — is featured on news aggregator Drudge Report.

      Directly beneath it appears the devastating punch line: HIGHEST EVER DAILY COVID CASES IN UK. 78,610 in the last 24 hours, in fact. What a lovely juxtaposition:


      What does it take to make a vaccinazi confess to abject, crushing failure and JUST STOP DIGGING a deeper hole?

      Now lookit them yo-yos, that’s the way you do it
      You plug the jabs on the BBC
      That ain’t workin’, that’s the way you do it
      Money for nothin’ and your chicks for free

      — Dire Straits, Money for Nuthin’

      • Its crazy – infact, the hard core left wing socialist / communist Jeremy Corbyn voted AGAINST the covid bill and forced jabs, vaccine passports the other day in parliament. Its almost as if we’ve entered the twilight zone…. where Corbyn is voting that way, while Boris, who they present as a centre right, libertarian, individual liberty, pro capitalism candidate is doing what he is…. its almost as if this whole thing is for show….

        • anon 1

          boris got 1 billion dollars deposited in an offshore account to help the satanist/globalist/one world government agenda 2030. conservative? haha they say that to get elected only, then become communist…

        • Nasir, I noticed that. Did you notice that their Ministry of Truth is now howling that he is an “Anti Vaxxer”? It would be funny as hell. if it wasn’t so tragic.
          Me thinks that the tree of liberty needs to be watered.

      • That faggot Fauci made the Aids and the Roana.
        Yeah buddy, he’s a zillionaire.
        That faggot Fauci’s always on the Tee-Vee.
        That filthy plague Dr belongs in hospice care.

  8. A comment on ZH:

    argoz 1 hour ago

    ‘My wife was in ICU 3 weeks ago. She is double vaxxed. Unfortunately, they told her she had RSV [respiratory syncytial virus]. My guess is they are trying not to diagnose vaxxed ICU patients with covid, but that’s what she really had.

    ‘After 3 days of IV steroids and antibiotics, she got worse and they put her on the no visitor list so they could kill her without witnesses.

    ‘At 11:30 pm I delivered ivermectin in an empty B12 bottle hidden in a box of crackers. Sweet-talked the receptionist and a nurse came down to the lobby and delivered it to wife. Wife took it immediately. Within 18 hrs she was off ICU and another 18 hours she was discharged.’

    Meanwhile, a Virginia hospital mounted massive legal resistance to actually treating a sick patient:

    ‘After the family secured the initial court order Tuesday, Dec. 7, allowing the family to administer ivermectin to Kathleen Davies, [her son] Christopher Davies said he was prevented from entering or administering the drug by a Fauquier Hospital ICU nurse. Davies said he was permitted to see his mother but was asked to leave the ivermectin in his car.

    ‘On Thursday, Dec. 9, the hospital’s attorney, Tracie Dorfman, filed a motion that claimed that the court order was delivered without any input from the hospital. The motion said the hospital cannot “legally or physically administer” an order from [her family physician] Dr Martha Maturi for several reasons, including that:

    ‘Maturi does not have privileges to practice at Fauquier Hospital and is not board certified in critical care medicine or emergency medicine. Accordingly, she does not have the qualifications to provide care to patients who are inpatients in the ICU setting.’


    Covid has made one thing painfully damned obvious: hospitals are a hidebound, insular, murderous bureaucracy who openly despise their patients and any form of external audit and supervision.

  9. Where’s the United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union?
    Why aren’t they doing anything here? They are the union that is at Kroger, but apparently only at 2/3rds of the stores.

    Seems that an employer mandating a medical procedure would be something that a union should be preventing.

    But guess what? They only want workers to get time off for the jab. They are both pro jab and pro employer mandate!


    Par for the course for the UFCW.

  10. Oh Eric, please, for all that is of the Good and Holy erase and cast away that photo of European Beach Guido….the eye bleach, it burns! it burns!

  11. anon 1

    Mask and extermination injections are racist too…..

    sanger the racist leftist hero, a fabian leftist
    with KKK connections

    Margaret Sanger, the women’s rights activist and founder of Planned Parenthood—the largest abortion provider in America—is a hero to the modern Left. And little wonder, given her outsized role in the founding and promotion of the modern abortion industry.

    Abortion: it guarantees a good supply of body parts and tissues that are sold, making the medical industry lots of money.

    Which raises the question: why would Planned Parenthood, which has gone so far beyond Sanger in its promotion of abortion, eugenics, and population control, still hold her up as a leader of the movement? Isn’t she a bit behind the times?

    Then there was her notorious speech before a branch of the New Jersey Ku Klux Klan, a well-documented event despite the content being nearly forgotten. In that speech, Sanger warned that America must “keep the doors of Immigration closed” to genetic undesirables.

    Then there’s Sanger’s opinion of non-whites, which, if uttered now, would (rightly) cause a conniption among Americans. She considered Australia’s Aborigines compulsive rapists and “the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development.”

    Many Americans black and white are unaware of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project. Sanger created this program in 1939 after the organization changed its name from the American Birth Control League (ABCL) to the Birth Control Federation of America (BCFA).

    The aim of the program was to restrict many believe exterminate the black population. Under the pretense of better health and family planning, Sanger cleverly implemented her plan. What’s more shocking is Sanger’s beguilement of black America’s crème de la crèmethose prominent, well educated and well-to-do into executing her scheme.

    The Negro Project has had lasting repercussions in the black community: We have become victims of genocide by our own hands, cried Hunter at the Say So march.

    One of the parents in the group was shocked when her daughter came home from school with Planned Parenthood material. I never realized how racist those people were until I read the [information my daughter received] at the school clinic, she said. [They are worse than] the Klan … because they’re so slick and sophisticated. Their bigotry is all dolled up with statistics and surveys, but just beneath the surface, it’s as ugly as apartheid.

    The majority of [blacks] are more pro-life than anything else, said Hunter. leftists are directly attacking blacks. (leftists: abortion ok, but bodily choice for refusing deadly experimental injections not ok, they always pick death, leftists are pro death), Blacks, unlike liberals, were never taught to destroy their children; even in slavery, they tried to hold onto their children.

    Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger: “All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class” and “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

    sanger who is connected to kkk. kkk was founded by democrats.

    The current situation:

    The most vaccine hesitant are blacks, indigenous and highly educated people. they are chasing them around with his nazi needle, forced injection.

    that is very interesting this gives insight into what liberal/leftists really think about blacks/aboriginal/first nation people. leftists love sanger she is a leftist hero

    The bottom line is, these satanists have decided that the useless eaters on the bottom are an invasive species, the plan? end goal 7 billion cull. how? One sneaky way, poisonous injections.

    The billionaires at the top see themselves as a different species than the useless eaters, so they don’t need to be culled. it is called eugenics. the end.

  12. Live Long And Prosper, Eric….I still enjoy watching those Star Trek episodes….Heros and Icons(H and I)TV……9PM to 2AM, Monday thru Friday. 8PM to 1AM on Sunday, Eastern Standard Time. Check
    for local channel(s).

  13. I decided to hit up a gun show for the first time in a while last weekend. I had been avoiding the local events here in Las Vegas because we’ve been a must-Diaper sh*thole almost continuously since July 2020. I had gotten a notice in the email of a gun show up in St. George, UT, about an hour-and-a-half away, and headed up there last Sunday.

    No “you must diaper up” signs at the entrance. No prodding from the organizers. For the first half-hour I was there, I’d swear I didn’t see a “chin Speedo” on anybody. I made that observation to one of the vendors, who said everyone around there was pretty much done with the stupidity. I eventually ran into maybe a half-dozen diapered sheeple out of however many were present…percentage-wise, probably under 10%.

    I may or may not have added to my ammo stash, and I might’ve brought home some unregulated gun parts…if they hadn’t fallen into Lake Mead in an unfortunate boating accident on the way back. Damn things are slippery. 🙂

    Before heading back to Sin City, I grabbed lunch at the Cracker Barrel across from the convention center. No slave muzzles on any of the staff, just on a few customer sheeple. There was a sign at the entrance to the effect of “don’t enter if you’re sick,” but that was all.

    • ‘I might’ve brought home some unregulated gun parts … if they hadn’t fallen into Lake Mead in an unfortunate boating accident on the way back. Damn things are slippery.’ — Scott

      Lost some treasured gold bars the same way. Made me sick to see them slipping into the cold blue waters.

      Not to mention losing muh valuable boat.

      MILF: Man I Love Fishing.

  14. Hi Eric and all commentators
    Are there any jarheads aka Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children on this site? If so, do you remember having to memorize something called the Rifleman’s Creed while undergoing a little physical/mental “conditioning” at a government training facility? OK, sorry for the memories. For those who don’t know anything about this Creed a little explanation is needed.
    The Creed was written shortly after WWII began and is intended to spiritually bond all US Marines to his primary infantry weapon, i.e. his rifle. It is short and to the point and begins thus: “This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend…….” It continues on
    like this for several more sentences. Crusing the interwebs awhile back I discovered a parody of this old mantra that some unknown person had composed that perfectly describes the adoration those-of-the-holy-face-rag must feel. And here it is:

    This is my face diaper. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My face diaper is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must fail at my pathetic life. Without me, my face diaper is useless. Without my face diaper, I am useless. I must wear my face diaper true. I must wear it tighter than my enemy, who is trying to kill me. I must sneeze at him before he sneezes at me. I will. Before Fauci I swear this creed: my face diaper and myself are defenders of my country. We are the masters of our filthy smiling enemy. We are the saviors of my life and the life of Grandpas everywhere. So be it, until there is no virus, but healthy filthy masks on every child. Amen.

    I really, really like the Amen.

    • Perhaps, also: “but healthy filthy masks on every child… and chin bras on every elder”?

      I’m unsure if I’m glad to see older people working retail wearing them that way, or not.

      I imagine everyone here knows what I mean.

      • Backatcha JJ, glad you remember this stuff….I’m from the old Corps, joined in’68 cause refused to be drafted into the damn army. Also wanted to get a chance to kill some communists but they gave me a different job. Anyhow, thanks for the reply and you are right! Chesty Puller was one helluva man.

  15. I reached the point of no longer being complicit last weekend. I was leaving an antique store as he opened the door for me the man coming in said ‘how you doing?’ I looked him in the eyes and completely ignored him. He said some blah blah blah about me not being very polite. I said something back about not talking to faceless faggots who are afraid of the common cold. He acted like we were going to throw down. His wife pulled him back from the ledge.

    Thing is I have no more patience for the arrogant mask holes. I try to live as a live and
    let live libertarian type guy. These people are the ones who cant accept that. They will never be our allies. They will always stab us in the back. The days of educating and convincing are over for me. If you were willing to trade my freedom for your insecurities then you are not my countryman, and never will be.

    If you still insist on wearing a mask and running around with your hair on fire over the flu, you are an enabler for totalitarian tards everywhere. I will show you no more courtesy or decency. After the incident with the old man the next day a women in the grocery store tried to say something to me. In the past I would try to remain polite. Maybe say something funny about not being able to understand her, or please remove your face diaper if you wish to speak to me. Now I say don’t talk to me, Don’t look at me. I might start hissing at these dumbshits.

    It is a low down dirty shame that I am embracing my inner dickhead, its also sad that those who wrote this evil drama have us hating each other, when our sights should be trained on them. The only upside, I have become friendlier to those on the street or in public who don’t wear a mask, even going out of my way to talk to them, help them, let em go in front of me in line if they’re older, etc.

    • I take it a step further. I DON’T CARE.
      If I am accosted by a face diaper troll, I tell them outright to “f#ck off”. It works every time. I have NEVER worn a face diaper. Almost every business has been good about it. Just walking past the face diaper enforcer employee, ignoring him or her is usually enough.
      If I hold a conversation with a face diapered employee, I ask them to lower their face diaper as I am hard of hearing. It works every time.
      I realize that employees are just as disgusted and frustrated at having to wear face diapers as are their customers.

      • I noticed in the uber enforcement times, a hardy “fuck you” worked well.
        No one wants to further engagement after that.
        I saved it for the especially annoying.

        As for the masked employees, I just keep saying “what” until they get it.

      • anon 1

        I like that response, if they got that response every time they would stop. These bastards running the great reset gave us trauma for 24 months, we should give them some major trauma…..

  16. We’ve all been transported (Star Trek) to the land of NON. Picture if you will (The Twilight Zone) a place where nontruth, nonreason, nonlogic, nonscience, nonhealth and nonreality rule. And, like the Hotel California (the Eagles), “you can check in, but you can never leave”.

    The game is on, we are all players, the stakes are freedom and sanity and it’s winner take all.

    “Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,…………………………….” Dr Fauci aka “the science”.

  17. Today is National Kick Dr. Fauci in the Nuts Day! National Rochelle Walensky Day is every day, aka, National Dumbass Day.

    Rochelle can say any dern fool thing she wants, good for her! However, nobody is listening.

    Who in God’s name wants to listen to any of it? Nobody is the answer. Jaded, get lost, take it all someplace else. Thanks in advance.

    All of the dishonorably discharged unvaccinated insolent former military useless eaters/useful idiots will stand in line for hours to give Dr. Fauci a good solid kick in the nuts.

    Not too many will object.

    The Covid Madness Fun Never Stops!

    • Haha – is there an Aldi in your area?

      I was asked to leave last year (but the mgr did consent to let me make my purchase)…because of an idiot maskhole who complained when I told her my bare face was none of her business.

      Since then, their signs only “strongly encourage” diapering one’s face. Prices are good and produce is usually very nice.

    • Basha’s in Camp Verde has been A1 double plus good this whole time. They never gave two shits about masks or putting up all those stupid plastic shields.

      • Basha’s is a rarity here, Norman, but I’ll look around. At my old place in Mesa, there was one. Here, it’s pretty much Fry’s (Kroger), Safeway and Food City. I can get to a Sunflower if I want to buy supplements, but for groceries, it’s insanely expensive, and they’re in general worse about the medical theater.

    • Yeah, that’s my question. There isn’t a single institutional power that doesn’t hate their customers and employees. Not one that doesn’t hate us, our class, so to speak. Not one that isn’t trying to enslave/kill us and institute the Great Reset/NWO. And their position in such a slave system. Not one that isn’t actively opposed to our liberty. Walmart and Target are in on this. Kroger is obviously in on it. Yeah, there’s a couple of other options, but are we going to pretend they aren’t in on it? They’re forcing their employees to mask, despite no mandates in my area. No matter what you do, unless you are 100% independent, or get everything from like-minded, small entities that have not aligned themselves with the apparat, you are directly financing your opposition.

        • Yes, Helot, that is the only thing we can do. Of course I can’t even support such alternatives for certain things, as they can only be obtained from the mainstays that want to take everything from me. We’re in such a deep hole, and every penny given to them digs the hole deeper.

      • No man is an Island. At least very few are. You’re right they hate us and want us dead. That Bashas is the only store in our tri-city area where about 50% of the employees are sans diaper, so I assume no corporate mandate.

      • You know all the CEOs get regular emails or phone calls. Don’t know if it’s an active conspiracy (in the true sense) but you don’t rise through management ranks by actually thinking different. As the saying goes about corporate America, “They want you to think outside the box but the first thing they do is drop you in a cube.” CEOs just want the same thing anyone else want – to be left alone. Kroger doesn’t want to rock the boat, which in their world means scrutiny from OHSA, IRS, unions, public health pencil-necks, etc. Toeing the line is of course the most cowardly approach but unless they started the company and control the board (like Musk) they don’t have any more power than any other employee. Buck the trend they get replaced by the CFO or COO, humans being a resource and all.

        • “they don’t have any more power than any other employee” well, they obviously have the power to make more miserable the lives of uninfected (meant uninjected, but that is probably also accurate) lower employees. Always the power to make things worse, but never better.

          And of course, just like everything else, if more would collectively refuse to participate in creating misery, the problem would disappear. But why would a CEO be any more brave than anyone else. Of course, the corps actually have power, unlike me.

  18. I work with a water works supplier in Idaho whose regional manager I know well. He manages 5 stores throughout Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. They have plumbing supply stores as well under the umbrella of Ferguson.

    In Montana the plumbing and water works are just around the corner from each other. During the mass masking orders a plumber went into the plumbing store and refused to mask. The manager flipped out and told him he needed to leave. The plumber replied that he could go into water works and no one said a thing. This incensed the plumbing store manager so he calls the regional manager of water works and tells him that his store manager of waterworks MUST enforce masks. His reply was that his manager has to do no such thing.

    This conversation was pretty long but the plumbing store manager felt that he must enforce masks because corporate sent them signs stating masks required and all of the associated nonsense. The regional manager of waterworks countered that there was no edict in all of the associated propaganda that anyone was to be an enforcer of the edict. All of the enforcement was his decision. The manager of waterworks had every right to place the signs for masks around an unseen corner and not say a word to the unmasked–this is what all 5 waterworks stores did during the whole charade because of this independent thinking regional manager.

    It was this idiot coercive plumbing manager making the decision to be an asshole enforcer it wasn’t company policy. This was an example of who the good Germans were and who wasn’t a good German. Unfortunately the bad German regional manager that we dealt with resigned last week. But he did meet with my company and others and let us know that the incoming regional manager would operate much as he did. He trained and influenced this guy for a long time and he operates much like the old manager.

    Moral of the story is that those of us that aren’t “good Germans” can and should have as much influence as the good Germans”. We can spread good ideas and help show the way to a non-totalitarian state of things. There are little bubbles of freedom if we look. When it is most overwhelming is when we need to look hardest. They are out there. Small things can go a long way.

  19. The doors have began to be slammed in our faces again. Hubby and I made our way out over the weekend to restock the prepper pantry that we dug into during our two weeks of sickness. I highly recommend that everyone set one up. They are wonderful to have when you need it.

    The signs have reappeared on the grocery store doors “masks are strongly encouraged”, “masks are required for this establishment”, etc. Once again we are outliers. There may have been a total of five people unmasked and we made up two of them. The glares, the huffs, the fearful looks of a grocery shopper turning their cart into your aisle and seeing you sans protection pretending its 2018….there all back.

    I have been trying to find someplace for the four of us to go for New Years Eve. The few places that are available require Diaper Kabuki. So far I am anticipating another New Year Eve’s at home with Buffalo Wild Wings and Season 4 of Yellowstone. 🙁

    It is apparent that this will never end. The masked and the jabbed have been tranquilized and they have settled for the new normal. I am still in denial that this is the next 40 years of my life. Something has got to give.

    • Glad to see you are back on your feet, RG. Your absence from here for a while had me a bit worried.

      My family is headed to Florida for the holidays. Join us in Ft. Lauderdale for New Years. I’m sure there will be few face diapers in the vicinity.

      So far, places are holding the line in my town as far as diaper policy, but I’m sure it’s not long before that changes. A huge uptick in people wearing a ballsack carrying case on their face and the stink eye aimed in my direction. Damn it.

      • Thanks, BAC. 😊

        If tax season wasn’t just around the corner Florida sounds pretty damn good right now. We went in October to Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine and it was wonderful.

        Have a great time and soak up some of that 80 degree weather.

    • Hi RG, glad you’re back. Last we heard, you had lost your senses of smell and taste. Did you get them back?
      Re: next 40 years – I don’t think this dystopia can possibly last that long, and I don’t think the current psychopaths in charge can pull off their great reset. Doesn’t mean they won’t do mega damage trying.

      • Hi Snap,

        I got my taste back after 5 days, but my smell is still limited. I can smell strong odors like essential oils, but something like a freshly baked lasagna or my body wash I can’t identify. I expect it to be a few more days, but happy to be able to taste said lasagna. 😁

        • Hey RG!

          Good to see you’re mostly recovered, at least. You’ll smell lasagna again soon. 😉

          We’ve been hit with stomach ailments, lately, but ’tis the season.

          • Hi BaDnOn,

            Sorry to hear about the stomach ailments. I am so done with being sick. It didn’t feel like it was ever going to end. I still get winded exerting myself on anything, but hopefully that improves over the next few weeks. Other than that (and partial smell) I am feeling good.

              • Monday I laid down on my office floor because I didn’t have enough energy to sit up. I am thankful I didn’t have any client appointments that day.

                The horrible thing is one doesn’t know when it is going to hit, but I can’t believe this is normal fighting this weeks and months later. It is ludicrous.

                • Hey RG,
                  Since my “dismissal” from work, I haven’t been on the computer much and wasn’t aware that you were ill. Glad to hear you and yours are recovering but the office floor thing doesn’t sound good. I wish you the best.

                    • I’m good. I have a couple side gigs to cover December and I’ve got a call later today for something that might start up in January. I’ll be sending you an email later today with more detailed status 😉

                • RG,

                  A lot of people are sick everywhere with a lot of things. I think I may be getting a touch of whatever is going around periodically.

                  After about 2 weeks after the start of my ‘Rona experience, I figured I was right as rain, save for the occasional hacking, and seemed to remain that way for another 3 weeks before some other shit came down the pike at me.

                  I’ll certainly be elated when I can have an extended period of wellness, and I’m sure you will, too.

                  I know that energy seemed to just vacillate at random when I had the ‘Rona, and in a strange way, too. It’s like your mitochondria just shut off periodically. Bizarre, and unlike other flus for sure.

    • Glad to hear you are better.

      And you are now the safest people on earth from Covid. You can never get it again, no matter what they want to tell you, there is no clinically confirmed cases of reinfection.

      Be proud that there is no scientific argument for you to ever wear the cloth of shame.

      • Thanks, Dan. It took me 22 months of no masking and no jabbing to finally get it, but it is nice that I no longer have to deal with the potential boogeyman around the corner. We’ll see how good my T cell memory is in the years to come. 😉

    • RG – glad you’re all better, noticed your absence from the forum. Are you all back to normal ? I noticed I lost my breath when say running for a week after feeling ok, and also wasnt able to do much at the gym. But another week or so I was fine (thankfully).

      Its funny though in britain whenever someone whos “anti vax” as they call us now dies, they have articles over all the front pages of papers of these death bed conversions “antivaxer dies of covid, urges others to get jab before its too late”…. My friends were joking that if I go – that’ll be me on the front page, will be my call to fame 🙂

      • Hi Nasir,

        I still get winded easily, so does hubby. Each day is an improvement from the day before though. The kids came away with it with flying colors (I think they were sick for 36 hours). The adults were body slammed and it took us awhile to get back up, but everybody made it through. My almost 70 year old aunt is also doing better.

        We have tons of those articles here….Yahoo is famous for them. I can honestly say after going through it I still don’t wish for the vaccine, but I can understand those who were hospitalized may have second thoughts although I believe the news publications are crap. They probably have the patients so drugged up they would say anything. I think it is a manageable illness if one can keep it out of their lungs. I truly believe my medicinal teas and tinctures helped and kept us away from the doctor‘s office and hospital.

        That a majority of doctors and patient facilities are keeping people away from simple treatments like Ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine, and monoclonal antibodies is worrisome. If the majority of patients could get treatment early on this would not even be an illness.

        • Morning, RG!

          Your “case” strikes me as illustrative in that you and your family recovered – without medical intervention. This was normal, jut two years ago. I think every one of us can recall being “sick as a dog” on account of some bug. We hugged the god for a day, say. Or were in bed for a week. It almost always passed. It was almost never a life-or-death crisis, excepting in the case of the elderly and the fragile.

          When a 13-year-old got bed sick, he got bed sick. When his 82-year-old grandma got the same bug, she may have died. This was . . . normal.

          One of the mind fucks done to us is that even sane people are now often much more alarmed about a cough – about the flu – than they were once were. It is hard not to let thoughts about creeping death enter one’s mind. They have done a really good job on us.

          • Hi Eric,

            My experience with this was not of a “light” illness. This is more than a cough or a 4 day flu. Those young enough with not developed immune systems do better than us 40, 50, and 60 year olds.

            One can stay out of the hospital, but it takes more than a handful of Tylenol and chicken soup to do so. Day 4 and 5 is really the turning point.

            It starts off as the flu and feels manageable and then it just slams you again and again.

            It is the luck of the draw. I don’t think there is really anything that one can do to prepare for it. Based off my experience (which is all I can speak of) the older one is the harder it hits.

            • RG – glad to know you’re much better, and your family is also recovering. Yes thats what I feel too – the older you are the worse you do here (on an average). Did you take hydrochclori whatever, ivermectin or any of that ?

              Personally I was very lucky that apart from the shortness of breath I never felt any different to a normal winter bug…. Even though I have all the drugs at home from my last trip to Pakistan, didnt need them. BTW if you’re still on bed – a good watch im hearing is Dr peter mcculough. Hes saying like 80% of covid deaths could have been saved by simple treatments. Its absolutely criminal what they are doing….

            • Hi RG,

              Back around 2003, I got the flu. It was the last time I was seriously sick – as in Not Functional sick. I didn’t go to the hospital; but I was laid up in bed for about a week. This sort of thing was normal, once. Sucks, surely – but not a Hanta Virus level event. You guys survived, too – as is true for most people who get this bug, who aren’t elderly or frail.

              My point being, it is not abnormal for otherwise healthy adults to get badly bed sick. This happens to almost all of us, every now and again. The only difference now is that getting sick is being rebranded as an abnormal event that must be avoided, at all costs – and no matter what the costs.

              If I get sick, I’ll deal with it as I always have. So far, I haven’t gotten sick. It doesn’t mean I won’t. But the fact that I haven’t – after two years of “practicing” normalcy – is strongly suggestive that the “infectiousness” of this bug is overstated and its effects monstrously exaggerated…

              • Hi Eric,

                I also didn’t get sick for almost two years so timing is just pure luck.

                Personally, I would be interested in a study inquiring if the vaccines are designed to make the unvaccinated ill. When this virus first came out it was an illness that was dangerous to the elderly, or what many of us call a typical flu season.

                Since the vaccines have been implemented younger people (middle age) are seeing a progression of the illness that was not part of the natural virus. I have had three fully unvaccinated clients become hospital bound since August. They each spent between 7 to 10 days there.

                Did they all survive? Yes, fortunately. The hospitals in NOVA and Central VA are filled to capacity right now. My grandmother ended up in the ER last week (not Covid related, but heart related). No hospital was able to admit her within 50 miles. Every hospital between Fairfax to Mary Washington did not have enough beds (hence, staff) available. They are turning people away who have have serious conditions such as A Fib, strokes, cancer, etc.

                I won’t deny the forcing of the vax mandates are causing staff shortages, but people are also sicker than usual. My dentist office has called me everyday because there have been a multitude of cancellations taking place and I asked to be put on the waitlist for a cleaning….otherwise I have to wait until April.

                My clients and family members that have received the third booster shots are all at home recovering from sickness. How many of them are passing this to the rest of us? If they are shedding what the hell are they giving us?

                • I agree that there is likely a connection where the jabbed may be generating some kind of super illness. Also, who’s to say that the evil forces behind this aren’t releasing even more toxins upon us all?

                  • I am starting to believe there is much truth in that logic.

                    I spent hours on the phone this week listening to people’s illnesses. Those between the ages of 35 to 65 seem to be the age group that it hitting the hardest. All of us unvaxxed and becoming ill over the last six months.

                    • I fall into the lower end of that demographic & got something, they said it was covid (work made me go in for a test). No fever, no loss of taste/smell, oxygen levels were normal when tested.

                      It sucked pretty bad for about a week, wouldn’t say it was horrible. But I would prefer to avoid, naturally. Worst part was the weakness/fatigue, and seemed like my lungs were damaged a bit (but no worse than I’ve had to deal with before). I went back to exercising probably a little earlier than I should have but fine now.

                      I took quercetin + zinc supplements, at least until the digestive issues took over. No idea how much that helped, no idea if I got the dose right, but it can’t have hurt anything.

                • Something I wrote off as coincidence that is getting a bit concerning is feeling off after being in the same room as the jabbed. So long as it’s a big room no issue but a smaller room like a small conference room… Over time it seemed to stop happening.

                  Had it happen again last week. Thought it was poor sleep. This week I hear the cow-orkers talking amongst themselves, they have been getting boosted in the last week or so.

                  • Hi Brent,

                    I believe there is a connection. Every time one of my husband’s coworkers got vaxxed he would come home feeling ill. I was able to usually clear it up in a few hours and he would be fine by morning.

                    I believe there is something in the air circulating and it isn’t natural.

                    Even our own government have stated that the vaxxed can transmit. What vaccine has the ability to transmit sickness onto others? If we were all chickens I would chalk it up to Marek’s Disease.

                    • I wouldn’t call it ‘ill’ exactly but I just don’t feel right. It’s like cold is about to come on kind of. I usually have to take C and D and get some good sleep to clear up whatever it is. Then it is gone until the next significant exposure. So long as I’m not in a closed small space with the freshly jabbed all is well. really odd correlation.

                    • I have noticed the same exact thing. I thought it was all in my head. I thought I was just willing it to happen, but holy crap, you guys too? I get a mild, short term headache that only lasts while I’m in the room with the known-vaxxed person. And when I get it without knowing, I have to assume they got it. They’re radiating something.

          • Eric, this is been a stark demonstration of the power and corruption of the mass/social media. Many people have long suspected it, but this has more than confirmed it. The interesting fact is that they are now so in your face about it. Just like the last stolen (excuse me I mean “fortified”) elections. Almost as if they can’t even be bothered to pay lip service to the illusions/delusions that allow them to rule. Hubris tends not to be a healthy attitude. But I’m sure that this time its “different”. I’m certain that the Masters Of The Universe™ have everything under control…

          • anon 1

            This is a 2500 year old model…good versus evil religious death cult, disease = god is punishing you for your sins, (from the church).

            the vatican’s doctors in the 12th century said you were evil and burned you
            the doctors in the nazi death camps, said you were evil and gassed you
            today the doctor says you are full of evil, a filthy unvaccinated who is filled with an evil germ, you will be force injected with an extermination injection, the doctors are still using the good vs evil narrative.

            it is based on a material world only viewpoint.

            our current allopathic medical system is good at stitching you back together after a car crash but is pretty useless for treating chronic diseaes. cancer treatment is barbaric: cut, burn or poison.
            It is still using the church’s good vs evil model: you are possessed by an evil germ, the solution, curing with poison….drugs made from oil that give you cancer and poisonous injections, there has to be a better way. in the distant past they used purification to heal, not poisons.

            There is research being done to find an alternate way to look at improving health. One concept is disease can start after a trauma.


  20. Purely anecdotal, but I have a few (at least 4) colleagues who have had their antibody titers taken before and after their booster, and the titers, which were already almost nil dropped or marginally increased after the booster. This seems to be in line with reports I’m seeing more and more about how these jabs destroy the immune system. It certainly explains why the vaccinated are getting covid at rates far and above that of the purebloods. These jabbed up fools have almost no protection for covid, and probably other diseases as well. WTH

    It is sickening (literally) and unethical for these damn companies to keep giving employees this Hobson’s choice. Worse, it’s not the purebloods that are causing health insurance payouts to spike. This is purely corporate policy meant to intimidate and be vindictive. They never learn or don’t care. And their ire is misplaced.

    • Just got another begging email from a local performing arts venue. I am tired of receiving these tone-deaf, hat-in-hand solicitations from an organization that is requiring proof of jab in order to pay THEM for a service. They DESERVE to fail.

      Here’s my fed-up response:

      “NO! I will NOT support any business or organization that attempts to force its patrons (its “lifeblood,” ironically) to inject toxic and foreign substances into their bodies as a condition of paying for a service. How backward and ridiculous to expect people to offer their bodies as a sacrifice for the privilege of paying YOU to perform.

      My family and I were once regular patrons, enjoying the many arts and cultural activities offered at this historic place. I’m sure the founders are rolling in their graves at the thought of what this venerable institution has become.

      May all such organizations fail miserably, including yours.”

  21. Perhaps in order to get the recalcitrant employees to take the vaxx, the Kroger legal department should prepare a document for the employee to sign in front of a notary that says “We, Kroger Inc., agree to accept full legal and financial responsibility for any and all adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine.”

    It used to be called “putting your money where your mouth is.”

    • Especially since Kroger can’t hide behind a legal requirement for the jab. The liability falls squarely on them.

      Can’t believe they fail to recognize this…unless they have been promised something by the corruptocrats in fedgov.

      • anon 1

        don’t refuse

        The secret is NOT to refuse the Jabb….
        From a lawyer:
        If you are being forced to Vax in order to keep your job, here’s a great way to handle it. (Conditional acceptance)
        The secret is NOT to refuse it.
        “I write with regard to the matter of potential covid vaccine and my desire to be fully informed and appraised of ALL facts before going ahead. I’d be most grateful if you could please provide the following information, in accordance with statutory legal requirements.”:
        1. Can you please advise the approved legal status of any vaccine and if it is experimental?
        2. Can you please provide details and assurances that the vaccine has been fully, independently and rigorously tested against control groups and the subsequent outcomes of those tests?
        3. Can you please advise the entire list of contents of the vaccine I am to receive and if any are toxic to the body?
        4. Can you please fully advise of all the adverse reactions associated with this vaccine since it’s introduction?
        5. Can you please confirm that the vaccine you are advocating is NOT experimental mRNA gene altering therapy?
        6. Can you please confirm that I will not be under any duress from yourselves as my employers, in compliance with the Nuremberg Code?
        7. Can you please advise me of the likely risk of fatality, should I be unfortunate to contract Covid 19 and the likelihood of recovery?
        8. Can you please advise me if I were to experience any adverse reactions is the manufacturer of the vaccine liable? If the manufacturer isn’t liable will the company I’m currently employed with with be responsible & liable as it is their request that I have the vaccine in order to carry on my employment?
        Once I have received the above information in full and I am satisfied that there is NO threat to my health, I will be happy to accept your offer to receive the treatment, but with certain conditions – namely that:
        1. You confirm in writing that I will suffer no harm.
        2. Following acceptance of this, the offer must be signed by a fully qualified doctor who will take full legal and financial responsibility for any injuries occurring to myself, and/or from any interactions by authorized personnel regarding these procedures.
        3. In the event that I should have to decline the offer of vaccination, please confirm that it will not compromise my position and that I will not suffer prejudice and discrimination as a result?
        I would also advise that my inalienable rights are reserved.
        The point is that if they CANNOT provide that information you’ve NOT refused.

    • Actually, any employee who is asked to take the “jab” by his employer should have that statement in his possession and should require the employer to sign it in front of a notary.
      I’ll bet that some employers will “think twice” about requiring the “jab”, especially if their liability for damages is stated in such a document. Many managers don’t think for themselves.

      • anon 1

        This was on another site:

        canadian law…….U.S. law probably similar

        ATTENTION: send this letter to all employers that require employees be injected, and businesses refusing service to the not injected. ….email, fax, mail, deliver to mail slot

        Dear Sir/Madam:
        Re: In Response to you Requiring a Covid Vaccine for Potential Employees
        Canadian Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati has advised that mandatory vaccination in all employment contexts is illegal, unconstitutional, and unenforceable. Those trying to coerce and mandate the vaccine are violating that common law, statutory, and constitutional right.
        You and your business can be sued for discrimination. Cease and desist all job advertisements stating that a potential employee is required to be vaccinated. Cease and desist verbal coercion at interviews stating that a potential employee is required to be vaccinated.
        Every person has the right not to disclose their private medical history to any employer.
        It is illegal for you to require any person to disclose their vaccination status to you as my medical health is protected by privacy laws. My medical health and choices are private and confidential and I am not required to disclose these to anyone. A potential employer (or current) does not have the right to ask anyone about their vaccination status. Individual’s privacy is protected under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, 2000 (PIPEDA) as well as the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).
        By forcing employees to submit to a COVID-19 vaccination or test (including the rapid antigen test), you are in breach of the Nuremberg Code.
        Furthermore, the Supreme Court of Canada has well established case law that deals with medical treatment without the informed consent of the patient. Case law, to some in the legal field, would be regarded as the most recent, gold-standard-type of law. Case law cannot be overturned or overruled without new case law on that issue. The Supreme Court of Canada has made it clear that it is unconstitutional to force medical treatment of any kind without the informed consent of the patient. Any action taken by an employer in contravention of case law, would be unlawful.
        Employer access to health records
        (2) No employer shall seek to gain access, except by an order of the court or other tribunal or in order to comply with another statute, to a health record concerning a worker without the worker’s written consent. R.S.O. 1990, c. O.1, s. 63 (2).
        PART IX
        66 (1) Every person who contravenes or fails to comply with,
        (a) a provision of this Act or the regulations;
        (b) an order or requirement of an inspector or a Director; or
        (c) an order of the Minister,
        is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine of not more than $100,000 or to imprisonment for a term of not more than twelve months, or to both. R.S.O. 1990, c. O.1, s. 66 (1); 2017, c. 34, Sched. 30, s. 4 (1).
        Furthermore, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 2 (a) (freedom of conscience and religion) and Section 7 (everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice), apply to these mandates. Human bodily autonomy is as basic as it gets in terms of rights. Everyone has the right to liberty – and this includes any individuals right to refuse medical treatment (including vaccines or any of the available tests for COVID-19) in regards to employment as well as in general.
        The PCR test is a form of genetic test and also would fall under the definition of a medical procedure. The following legislation also applies: Bill S-201, Statues of Canada 2017: “An Act to prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination”. In it, it clearly defines “genetic test”: genetic test means a test that analyzes DNA, RNA or chromosomes for purposes such as the prediction of disease or vertical transmission risks, or monitoring, diagnosis or prognosis. (test génétique)
        Furthermore, in this legislation it also outlines Prohibitions:
        Genetic test
        3 (1) It is prohibited for any person to require an individual to undergo a genetic test as a condition of
        (a) providing goods or services to that individual;
        (b) entering into or continuing a contract or agreement with that individual; or
        (c) offering or continuing specific terms or conditions in a contract or agreement with that individual.
        This legislation also outlines “Offences and Punishment”
        Contravention of sections 3 to 5
        7 Every person who contravenes any of sections 3 to 5 is guilty of an offence and is liable
        (a) on conviction on indictment, to a fine not exceeding $1,000,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, or to both; or
        (b) on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding $300,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months, or to both.
        Lastly, as indicated by Public Health numerous times (and as evidenced in our ICU statistics), vaccinated persons can still get and transmit COVID-19 despite their inoculation. With this “scientific” evidence, why are only the non-disclosed, unvaccinated or accommodated persons under the Human Rights Code, forced to comply with the mandatory COVID-19 testing? The testing, hypothetically, is to ensure that you don’t transmit COVID-19 to other co-workers or the citizens that you interact with on a regular basis. The fact that you are outwardly targeting unvaccinated, accommodated or non-disclosed employees is grounds for discrimination and harassment and is liable for legal action as well.
        It is evident that you are in breach of various federal and provincial legislations, as well as case law and their own internal procedures with the recent COVID-19 vaccination and/or testing mandates.
        Even though the Canadian government is trying to change the laws to accommodate vaccine passports, and other draconian measures, they will be challenged in court before the 2nd reading.
        In conclusion, you are hereby notified that you are in violation of the above which can result in legal action being brought against you. To force someone to take a medical procedure to do a/their job is both unethical and illegal and is in direct contravention of the Nuremberg code. Coercive behavior is trying to force others to do something against their wishes using emotional blackmail.
        Did you ever require potential employees to provide their official health status in regards to whether they had/have measles/polio/ebola/chicken pox/influenza/mononucleosis/AIDS/HIV and a host of other contagious diseases? If not, why not?
        Your business name and its discriminatory hiring/employment practices will be named in the BBB, Yelp.ca, Facebook among a few if you do not cease and desist this practice.

  22. It’s time for employees to obtain and fill out fake “vaccine cards” themselves. It is still not a crime to lie to your employer. As long as the “vaccine” lot number closely matches the type of vaccine used by the chosen facility, it would work.
    A fake “vaccine card” relieves the employer of having to “mandate” the “jab”.
    Problem solved…

    • So if I wear the swastika, the nazis will leave me alone? How easy is that!

      Problem most assuredly is not solved- it is simply hiding from a bully.

      That solution is for emergencies, not to avoid standing for right.

      • Ernie,

        I agree.

        I have thought about this. I don’t think this is the time to invoke medical exemptions or religious exemptions, I think this is the time to “just say no.”

      • I tend to agree with you, BUT, in these times, “anything goes”. When a person’s well-paying livelihood is threatened through no fault of their own by illegal “mandates” for face diapers and “jabs” with experimental, genocidal substances, anything and everything at one’s disposal should be considered.
        It is not unlike the old soviet union (remember it) whose citizenry had a slogan–“they pretend to pay us, so we pretend to work”.
        Use their own stupid “mandates” against them…monkey-wrench the system.

      • The “vaccine card” guy screwed up by advertising. Word-of-mouth is the only way to go…if one wants to engage in such an activity.
        Obtain and read the book “Three Felonies A Day” by Harvey A. Silvergate. Almost everyone commits a federal felony just in ordinary everyday living. Just removing a prescription drug from its original container to put in a date-reminder type container constitutes a felony under federal law. Using wasp spray to destroy ant nests is also contrary to federal law. Getting rid of pests on your own property or filling in a ditch can also be felonies under federal law.
        The only way to take and enjoy your freedom is just to do what you want without advertising it to the rest of the world. The freedom you have is the freedom you TAKE…

      • Is it possession, creation, sale, or distribution that is illegal? Maybe it is only a problem because he used the post office? Are they trying to stretch the statutory definition of mail fraud or wire fraud to cover this kind of behavior?

        Because that probably makes a difference.

        • They are going by illegal use of a government logo.
          Dollars to doughnuts nobody at a jab checking establishment would even notice the logo was missing or that area cropped out of a photo on your phone.

    • This needs to be resisted on the basis of getting the injection, and divulging that info, period. If the temporarily easy path of providing a fake card is taken now, that loophole will be quickly and permanently be closed with a system that is impossible to fake, a unique, connected, digital ID/passport.

  23. Eric,

    The company I work for…a certain former captive lender for one of the “big three” automakers that was bailed out by the government in 2008/09… is mandating the vaccine, similar to the way Kroger is doing it. Refusal to comply results in a $100/month surcharge to my health insurance, along with other requirements (apparently such as masking 100% of the time while in the office).

    I won’t comply. I’m even debating the value in trying to obtain a religious exemption (I won’t get a medical one for sure, and the religious exemption doesn’t remove the surcharge). For now, I can off-set the charge by reducing the amount I put into my HSA.

    There has to be a line in the sand somewhere that people won’t cross. This is my line. I won’t cross it.

      • Plus, the EUA stuff negates the insurance coverage in re adverse effects…so the jabbed won’t benefit from a policy once the ADE kicks in.

        And the unjabbed will be paying to subsidize the extra costs to the insurance company, while not being any more of a risk than they were a year ago.

        Win-win for the cartel, as usual.

      • They want health insurance for the occasional trauma, falling off a ladder or being hit in a car by a rule worshipping clover. Having said that, very few have done the math (maff is hard!) to realize that a 30k hospital bill every 15 years is a far better deal than 12k/year for prepaid medical. And most have not done the political calculus that if you’re like most and living on less than 60k/year, you can get it “free” courtesy of the sucker working class.

        • Yeah but if I opt out of the employer provided policy I don’t get a raise I get squat. If I opt in I get some benefit and pay a fraction of the cost of the entire policy, because my employer pays most of the rest.

          So it’s not that simple for most of us.

          • Correct, Plubius. And, thank you. The others appear to have missed the point of my response.

            I rarely use my medical insurance. However, I have other family members I am responsible for who have used it (and not just to the tune of “…a 30k hospital bill every 15 years…”). I have done the math and I would be bankrupt without it at this point.

            My original point was simply that I won’t get the jab, no matter what impediments my employer (who was more than willing to accept a government bailout 13 years ago) puts in the way. That’s it.

            • Forgot to add:

              I do not believe in getting “free” medical care either. My children have never been on any of the government’s medical plans nor have I or my wife. Some people “…living on less than 60k/year” do not believe in so-called “free” medical care.

              • Hi, Jim. Didn’t mean to offend, but stand by my points.Health insurance is supposed to be for serious things which arent elective. Since we are suffering under 100 plus years of evil and criminally stupid government meddling and monopoly medical/insurance rent seeking, routine medical care is not generally affordable. Before I became self employed 14 years ago, I paid literally hundreds of thousands into the system, got 5 child births out of it which is routine and should never be unaffordable. Basically nothing else. What you will find if you go without “insurance”, the inflated bills magically get back down to more free market levels.

                And yes, one of my daughters got a bad UTI with 3 days in a rural hospital, and since she was unemployed and without assets, they forgave the whole 20k bill. I am donating 5k to that hospital anonymously. I got a nasty bug which landed me in a hospital a couple years ago, and got the 30k bill reduced to a still exorbitant 14k, but I paid it.

                It’s not ideal, but feeding the beast at this point is immoral. I’d rather have $200/month insurance which covered such things rarely. But what we have is a fascist form of socialized medicine, and until that changes, creative life skills are called for. It also helps to incorporate or form a trust to keep the assets you’ve earned from being stolen.

        • anon 1

          insurance fraud, lawsuits coming

          the insurance angle of the whole cv19 hoax is very interesting.

          forced masks wearing, social distancing, lockdowns, forced injections are all illegal.

          the politicians, their enforcers, the media and all their other helpers are all personally liable.
          Dr. Vernon Coleman said the doctors, nurses or others injecting the can be charged with war crimes.

          the vaccine companies are not liable, they are exempt. that is a huge insurance fraud right there.

          gates owned gavi global vaccine alliance has total immunity from liability.

          the vaccine companies are not liable, they are exempt.
          some so called compensation funds have been set up. (in canada and russia there was no compensation fund for vaccine injured, every other developed country had one).

          canada just set one up? you can’t collect anyways, you will not get one cent because they classify these as emergency use only so doesn’t qualify.

          The “vaccine” has only been approved for emergency use. That is important for legal reasons and eliminates any liablility for anyone, even Government compensation schemes.

          more insurance fraud:
          These new vaccines are not vaccines, installing gmo technology, chips, wires, etc. is not a vaccine, but they say it is to avoid liability, vaccine manufacturers can not be sued, because they say it is a vaccine but it isn’t, tricky bastards.

          ATTENTION VERY IMPORTANT: if they say it is a vaccine it can be mandated (forced), these new injections are not vaccines, they are lethal experimental gene therapy, but they say they are vaccines so they can be forced. they will be forced. they say it is a vaccine so they can force inject. evil lying bastards.

          related to this is 5g. 5g providers can not get insurance. what do the insurance companies know?

          some politicians have tried to put in place laws to make them exempt, covering their ass.

          ATTENTION: the doctors, nurses, enforcers, business owners that are enforcing and all other helpers inside government, the media etc. are personally liable.

          in the nazi camps the doctors made the decisions, the nurses did the culling. at the nuremberg trials 2 nurses were hung, a few went to jail, the rest got off.

          someone checked…no life insurance coverage because these vaccines are experimental use only. another trick not to pay. with all the deaths and vaccine injuries there will be lots of lawsuits.

          so they want to depopulate, a big part of the cull is using vaccines and 5g. note that they have been very careful to avoid any liability. they remember nuremberg.

          note: all this was over a cgi, computer generated image of a virus. all fake, a huge hoax.

          in the 2009 financial crash and up until 2019, 20 trillion dollars was spent bailing out the financial sector including insurance companies.

          since march 2020 another 20 trillion dollars was spent bailing out the financial sector including insurance companies.

          as a result the billionaires with their huge corporations got 4 trillion dollars richer.
          the politicians and their helpers got rich over lockdown bribes.

          more insurance fraud:
          the who which is financed by gates and run by the ccp (china). the who issued 500 million dollars in pandemic bonds. if there was no pandemic (normally the odds of a pandemic are near zero) the investors would get their money back. the who had to return the investors their money at the beginning of 2020 if there was no pandemic.

          at the beginning of 2020 the nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% pulled off their cv19 hoax, releasing a cgi image of a virus and a fake story to go with it. the investors lost all their money. another win for gates and china, ccp.

          remember all the politicians and their enforcers and helpers were paid a lot to go along with this fraud.

      • That’s an excellent question. My answer, of course, is that I will forego insurance benefits. I have used my health insurance exactly once in the last 4 years that I have been employed at my current job. During open enrollment, they asked whether I had been vaccinated. I told them I refused to answer the question as vaccination status is private information. They explained that they are able to ask the question. I told them I wouldn’t be getting benefits and will be exploring my options. About a week later, they blinked and removed the question for open enrollment. All of that aside, the only “benefit” i use is to pay for overpriced Esselsior lenses and Luxotica frames (both are monopoly corporations) to see better. Even there, I have taken supplements and use eye drops on occasion and my vision hasn’t declined in almost 3 years. Insurance is of dubious value to me

  24. Meanwhile, Amtrak has ceased and desisted demanding vaccination because they can’t keep up with demand with such reduction in their payroll. Though they do require a negative test in its place. Which makes no sense, since a positive test is going to indicate natural immunity is happening.
    Perhaps the Great American Slave Revolt is under way.

  25. With the trending of the courts overruling the Bite-me dictates why would any corporation continue down the path of being directly in the liability loop of these devastating vaccine side-affects?
    Follow the money. Is Kroger connected to state or fed government that a contract is at stake? Do the pharma-corruptocrats have a stake or influence in Kroger?

    • Kroger provides space inside their store for pharma corruptocrats, the place where it takes 15 minutes of waiting to get penecellin. What a joke

  26. Management is self-selecting for amiability and looks, not expertise. Specialization means no one is willing to do any research outside of their narrow focus.

    Some managers are specialists in “safety.” No one will ever contridict anything the safety manager says, and it is literally impossible for them to be wrong. If you have an accident on the job, well, obvously you did something wrong. Hell, you showed up for work today, that’s enough. So there has to be some action that can be taken to remove the virus from the planet. If it doesn’t go away, either the wrong action is taken or you aren’t performing the action correctly. Either way it isn’t the safety managers’ fault and there are no acts of God!

    Some managers are specialists in law. They’re ususally cloistered in the hallow halls of the corporate headquarters, but they’re just fancy managers. They have the ability to swoop in like the Nazgûl (Ringwraiths) and are possessors of the secret language; one of terrible incantations and spells. Their primary function is to prevent evil from destroying the business, as a brush fire can be stopped by intentionally setting a fireline. Better to burn a little than a lot. They’d rather you defer to an expert than make a decision on your own.

    Some managers are specialists in humans. They thought they were “people persons,” and thought it would be a lot of fun. Turns out they spend a lot of time with the Nazgûl and safety mangers, niether of whom are good examples of humans. And they get to hear all the complaints from the humans (resources). You can please some of the people some of the time, but you’ll never please Sherry in accounting.

    – From my forthcoming book “Know Your Manger, A Field Guide”

    • RK,

      I think you’re correct. For all my expertise, I’ve never been offered or even considered for a manager, supervisor, or even a team-leader position.

      It’s been somewhat of a mystery in my life, but my girlfriend of many years had some insight for me.

      It’s because I don’t follow the rules.

      Ask for an outcome, no matter how daunting, I will accomplish what you ask, provided I am given autonomy. If I am micromanaged, I quickly become exasperated and ineffective. Diagram how I am to accomplish the task and make me check boxes, and I’ll flounder. Usually, I’ve found, because the process I’m given is inefficient, bloated and arbitrary.

      So the only way I succeed at being a “leader”, or manager, if you will, is to launch the entire business myself, which is underway.

      • I’ve been a supervisor and a manager, both times building internal startup offices. That’s the key, once things got established it was time to go. And that was in an industry that was still growing. Now that it is mature the needs have changed. When you have a blank page budget no one cares if you overspend on tools and test equipment. If accounting is monitoring every purchase the 3 page justifications get old quick.

  27. The retro charm of ink on paper — when deja vu shades into dementia:

    ‘A review of Delaware’s The News Journal found that 17 ads have been run by groups with legislative interests between September and mid-November alone, to get their message in front of Biden.’ — Politico

    Oh, my! Yeah, I shouldn’t talk. I used to show up at the office in Manhattan with ink-stained hands, after reading the Slimes on the commuter train. The internet mercifully ended that filthy habit.

    Not for the old pre-Boomers, though. Learned over Thanksgiving that an elderly relative and a friend actually mail each other articles clipped (with scissors) from ‘papers,’ at 55 cents a pop for first class mail. Sad! But the hand-applied underlining is priceless.

    Likewise, ‘the paper’ is an indispensable artifact of Resident Joe’s preserved-in-amber world, as political influencers have discovered.

    Imagine, if you dare, ‘Doctor’ Jill spoon-feeding his cornflakes this morning as she directs Joe’s flickering attention — during a precious moment of lucidity — to the News Journal … before Joe (believing it’s 1993) mumbles, ‘What time does the Senate convene?’

    It’s gonna be a bumpy ride …

    • Every so often I have to hear about the local paper not putting out a Sunday edition since COVID. This, while not lowering the subscription fee one cent! And sometimes dad will offer to mail me an article or obituary from someone who I barely knew 30 years ago.

      https://youtu.be/DZ3NDP-Qiak (Joe Jackson Sunday Papers)

  28. “How many naked emperors must be paraded before people see the absence of his clothes?”

    It’s not enough to see the absence – I think most people see what is going on.

    Their response (or lack of) is what counts.

  29. ‘these Jabs are serial and ongoing – precisely because they are not “effective”’ — eric

    Eric’s dose of Truth should be printed on a large banner and hung over the portal of the HHS building. We could project it at night whether they like it or not — is that a felony yet?

    Meanwhile, according to Jim Bianco at Bianco Research, ‘One month ago (November 14), the number of COVID cases in South Africa was around 200/day. Now there are over 20,000 new cases per day — a 100x rise in 30 days.’

    It’s Omicron doom, right?

    Actually, no. Deaths as a proportion of cases ten days ago have plunged. Chart:


    It’s an early but tantalizing indication that the covid monster may have finally tamed and domesticated itself, just as the killer Spanish flu of 1918-1919 mutated into near harmlessness sometime in 1920.

    If this proves to be so, the well-documented risks of the killer injections will grossly exceed any benefit of protection from a less-lethal coronavirus, for all age cohorts.

    Sadly, based on their track record, one must predict that the vaccinazis will only double down on failure, since their job is to peddle useless shots rather than, you know, actually protect public health.

    • >peddle useless shots
      The shots are not useless.
      The purpose of the shots is to weaken the victims, so they need further, regular shots to keep them alive. Guaranteed customers for the Snake People.

      In the Old Order, the normal state of human existence is health. Illness is abnormal, in that world. In the New World Order, the normal state of human existence will be illness, which will require constant, and exorbitantly expensive, “intervention” by High Priests of the Order of the Snake in order to maintain a tenuous grip on what passes for “life.”


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