Diaper Report 4/18/21

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It’s easy to fall into despair over the sight of the Diapered, everywhere.

But the good news is they aren’t everywhere; that is merely the visual intended – precisely to cause the mentally healthy to despair over the apparent ubiquity of mental illness. In fact, the mentally ill are only somewhere – not everywhere.

It depends upon where you look.

There are two supermarkets – same chain – within about as many miles of each other. I habitually shop at one, because it’s on my way. This Kroger is almost entirely facially effaced; I am usually the only mentally healthy person within (excepting perhaps some of the employees, who are compelled to feign mental illness for the sake of retaining  their employment).

I continue to shop there – depressing as it is to do so – for the sake of showing my face, as a both a rebuke to the Diapered and an assertion of sanity. But it gets . . . depressing. Particularly in view of the now-abundantly clear (to any not willfully closing their eyes) fact that the reason given for effacing faces is not reason at all but purposeful fear-mongering designed to instill mass panic over a virus that 99.8-something percent of the people who get it do not die of.

A “case” is only medically significant when it requires medical care. Upwards of 90 percent of the “cases” reported do not require it; they are merely counted – in the manner of “votes” for Joe Biden.

The effacing of faces by 100 percent of the people is the very definition of hypochondria – an exaggerated/irrational fear of sickness.

This has become a widespread pathology – but it is not a universal one. The mentally ill tend to congregate in mutually-reinforcing agglutinations of mental illness – as in psychiatric hospitals.

Birds of a feather, etc.

This, of course, is why so much pressure has been applied to get everyone to efface their face; the idea here is to make the abnormal look normal by making everyone look the same. It makes it harder to look different. Just like in high school. Or in the military. The word uni-form (one form) conveys the intent. All just the same. In lockstep, obedient- unquestioning.

The look manifesting the fact.

These are the scenes one sees at supermarkets, restaurants and so on – especially on TV, which seeks to convey the impression of uniformity. But it isn’t. You only have to look for it.

At the other Kroger, just down the road – a different demographic. For whatever reason – I suspect it may have to do with that Kroger catering to a less affluent and thus, less liberal and thus less likely – by a lot – to buy into what is primary a liberal narrative about “the virus” and its purported “threat” – there is much less effacing of faces. In that store, I am not the Unmasked Man – or rather, not the only one.

And it may well be that because so many – about 15 percent, I’d estimate – do show their faces, more faces appear as each week passes. This helps to alleviate my depression; I can see that not everyone is mentally ill and that gives me hope that sanity may become normal again.

The same as regards my gym, which recently stopped performing even the perfunctory Kabuki of taking members’ temperatures as they entered the joint.

For the past week-plus, the staff has also removed their Diapers – which they’d worn even as they did not insist that members wear the loathsome rag, probably out of fear of the Gesundheitspolizei performing the Hut! Hut! Hut! upon them if they didn’t.

Well, they no longer do – and it’s all ok.

No one has “gotten sick” – much less dead – as has been the case with regard to every single incident of normalcy being practiced. All the supposed “superspreader” events – from the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota last year to Trump’s rallies to the opening of Florida and Texas and the mass-removal of face-effacers… nothing has substantiated the hypochondriacal assertions of the mentally ill.

Sanity is making a comeback, here and there. And it will spread, if we each do our part!

 . . .

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  1. NC to remove most unconstitutional restrictions on liberty promulgated under the color of law except indoor masks on June 1. Mask mandate to stay until 66.6% of population vaxxed. There is no basis in science or reason for this percentage. It is extortion. No other word for it.

    • Update as of today:

      We visited a literally out in the middle of nowhere clothing store in far N. Ga today and improvement was observed! 80% sporting the Holy Rag. Went to a McD’s in Blairsville Ga…I rarely ever frequent fast food. Went inside to order…sign sezs 6 maximum occupancy. Everyone in front of and behind the counter wearing the rag. The little girl order taker asks if I have a mask, to which I of course respond no. She offers a mask. I debated saying yes. I took the mask and then held it to my face like a Chinese fan and ordered. When paying of course I had to put it down. She didnt’ say squat, but I got animated asking why since Ga hasn’t had a mandate for several months, to which she responded that the owner of the building is responsible. I put the mask in my pocket while awaiting my shiiite cheeseburger and drink. I cannot believe how utterly compliant people are, I am beyond apoplectic. Honestly I’ve been apoplectic for a year. As I ‘ve commented several times before, this is 80% voted for Trump country. No one should be surprised why I so often mock the mythical 3%. If you won’t resist the mask, you’ll resist not a gd’d thing under the sun and moon. Just sayin

      • I think we’re gonna be dealing with this “property rights” issue way longer than any “mandate.” It will be “encouraged” by Uncle and his unlimited printed $. That being said, no store employee has said a word to me for being undiapered for months now. “Mandates” and all.

  2. Minor update: Those few hold-outs at my place of employment who clinged to the diaper after it was no longer mandatory seemed to have completely folded. The fog of the omnipresent biohazard has lifted. People seem to be treating each other as humans again. 🙂

    • Nasir,

      Yes, I’m waiting to sit down and read this one, but it appears to be a damningly comprehensive treasure. “The Science” keeps coming, and the literature keeps weighing against the nonsense.

  3. Is anyone else really disturbed by the fact and frequency of cdc commercials telling people to get jabbed for their & the community’s own good and to continue the sickness kabuki even after being jabbed? The commercial i heard while getting alchohol the other day was particularly disturbing. A paid for by the cdc(our tax dollars)commercial basically telling everyone to continue to treat this like its the deadliest disease ever, to continue to remain scared, hide in our homes, don’t dare go see family or friends, get jabbed and diaper up if we are forced to go out. It really pissed me off listening to that.

    • I do not own a TV, so I do not know what is on them.
      I refuse to carry a cell phone, a.k.a. tracking device, but I do own one, strictly for emergency use, since my land line is VOIP, meaning the land line will go dead in a power outage. The “sail fawn,” as Eric calls them, sits on my desk, and receives various junk calls and text messages, which I ignore.
      On such junk message says pretty much what you have described above, then asks you to “confirm” receipt of the message. NFW, Charlie.
      I see this as the modern version of a loudspeaker equipped vehicle rolling through the neighborhood broadcasting the odious government propaganda, with the “enhancement” of “compliance” feedback from the proles (us). I will not comply, ever.

      • Turtle,

        The one in the liquor store was from a radio station. Granted the station is located in left wing nyc so i guess it kind of makes sense. The other commercials are on cable stations. The frequency of the commercials the past week tells me that the ptb are losing control of the narrative and are desperately trying to get it back. Ive had some who i consider left wing wack jobs openly question why if they have had the jab they are still forced to diaper and not see family who have also been jabbed. For the first time many people are opening their eyes to the ever moving goal posts.

        • All good signs, Antilles.
          Maybe there are still a few with functioning brain cells out there … we can hope so. “Openly question” sounds really good.
          Thanks for the update.

      • TV is one of those things where even if you are fully aware of it’s tactics and think that you can resist them, the fact that one keeps watching/allows the enemy into their home and mind is proof to the contrary.
        It isn’t until one fully gives it up and allows a little time to pass that one returns to normal- which becomes evident by the fact that once the addiction is broken and one is exposed to TV, just hearing it’s hypnotic cacophony becomes instantly unbearable.
        Gotta love messing with those scam telemarketer callers though! Got one T’other day- it literally said “This is Amazon” (LOL- who wrote that script, a 7 year-old?) “We are calling to verify that you authorized a purchase of blah blah blah for $699…” -They figure that you’ll recoil in horror thinking that someone has hacked your Amazon account, and then they’ll ask for all of your details so they can ‘rectify” the problem, and thus steal your info.
        I told them that I had made a purchase for that amount, so no problem, don’t worry about it” 😀 Apparently, they are not prepared to deal with anyone who gives that response…so they didn’t know what to say, and after a few seconds of hesitation they just hung up.
        On days when I tend to get a lot of such calls, I just queue up a YT video of a collection of disgusting farts and play them into the phone….. adding my own “AHhhhh”s and laughter.

        • >the fact that one keeps watching/allows the enemy into their home
          You got it, Nunz. 🙂
          It isn’t until one fully gives it up and allows a little time to pass that one returns to normal- which becomes evident by the fact that once the addiction is broken and one is exposed to TV, just hearing it’s hypnotic cacophony becomes instantly unbearable.
          Recovery is a process. 🙂
          I am at the stage where I cannot stand to be in a room with one of the goddamned things, if it is powered up.
          Meanwhile, for those still addicted, Big Brother is a’watchin’, watchin’ on the telescreen.
          RE: Junk phone calls
          Nomorobo works quite well.
          That, and your basic answering machine.
          If i do not recognize the number, I do not pick up.

  4. Reichsmarschall Polis’ mask mandate for Colorado ended on 4/16. I did some shopping this weekend in Grand Junction. The mask signs changed from “Masks required per state law” to “Please wear a mask” and “Mask friendly facility.” The only exception was Safeway grocery store, which still had the “MASK REQUIRED” signs at the entrance, probably because corporate won’t get around to approving new signage for another eight months or so. I’d say about 30% of the shoppers were wearing masks (even in Safeway), more women than men. Old ladies and emasculated men for sure, but also teens and twenty YO kids. Surprised but not surprised, you know how kids are susceptible to marketing. Staff was all still wearing masks everywhere, although most had their nose hanging out. I actually felt a little odd at first to be in a store sans covering, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Only downside is that now I have to again pay attention to my non-verbal communication.

    It will be interesting to see how they spin “the cases” going forward. And if they try it again what will be the outcome? Will corporations continue the charade of forcing employees to cover up under the ruse of PPE?

    • Interesting -my local Safeway has the YUGE mask required sign as soon as you walk through the doors…but they have never hassled me about being a free breather.

  5. Went to an estate auction this weekend, 250 or so people, quite a big handful of face diapers, around 25 or so. Only two of them didn’t have white hair and look old and frail, and one of those looked like she died her hair. In spite of the face diapers, everyone was basically shoulder to shoulder or sitting side by side in a closed warehouse building.
    Again, for the most part, it was sooo nice being around real-life human beings. Hope your weekend was ok, too. Now, I need to read the other comments and see. If I don’t fall asleep first, it was actually hot outside for once today. Wore me out a bit.

  6. Well, some people are totally brainwashed. I went to a protest at the governor’s mansion here in Kentucky this afternoon. Before the event, a few of us were gathering along the sidewalk, some with signs protesting against the shot (FYI, the dictator here says he won’t release restrictions until 2.5 million KY residents have had the shot – we have about 3.4 million adults over 18 in the state, do the math). Well, this masked moron walked past us and yelled at us to “do our part” and get the shot. After a bit of shouting back and forth, I decided to confront him (I must have been in a fighting mood) and yelled at him to show me his medical license. After all, if he’s going to dictate that I take a medical procedure, then surely he must have a medical license allowing him to do so. Knowing he was cornered, he changed the subject and made some statement about if my father hadn’t gone off to fight WWII then we’d all be speaking German or Japanese. I informed him that my parents were immigrants from Europe, at which time he turned and left. Basically, he had NOTHING and knew it, so he turned tail and ran. Of course, WTF does my father’s veteran status have to do with taking the needle? Not a damn thing.

    But I’ll tell you what, what the f#@! gives someone like that the idea that they can dictate a medical procedure to the rest of us is beyond me.

  7. Attention NC based heads on here. My post on NC House Bill 558 – Prohibit Mandatory CV19 Vaccinations (Startpage it for details) got hung up in moderation due to the NC House committee legislator emails I guess. Contact your local House rep and tell them to pass this bill. If interested check back later for the moderated email and send the same email to everyone mentioned on the list.

  8. For all NC based heads on here: NC House Bill 558 – Prohibit Mandatory CV19 Vaccinations (Startpage for details) is coming up for a vote. As a first step, a local freedom fighter org that I vouch for is asking folks to email the following members to PASS this bill. It’s time sensitive.

    House Health Committee:















  9. Went to have coffee with a couple friends today. I was denied service for refusing to mask up.

    An argument then ensued with one of my (now former) friends outside the coffee shop. He tells me he’s been “vaccinated” and all of “this” will finally end when “we’re” all vaccinated. I asked him why he continues to wear a mask if he’s been vaccinated. Incredulously, he explained that “the vaccine is not for you or me; it’s for the community and until the community is safe as a whole we all have to wear one.” He also said that since no vaccine is 100% effective “we just can’t take the risk.” Until today, I had no idea how much of a brainwashed moron he is.

    Just when I think people have finally gotten a grip, I have to re-learn how incredibly stupid they are.

    • There’s that word, “community”, again! Any time “community” is mentioned, it’s code for “you give up your freedom, personal choice (and sometimes property)” for some nebulous social alliance. I know that anytime that word is uttered, it means trouble for me and anyone else who would like to think for themselves.

      The “community” will never be “safe” as a whole, and if the vaccine is doesn’t work for you or me, than it does jack shit for the “community” as well. It’s also funny that these buffoons never consider that maybe others have natural immunity, which, although it is likely much better than any vaccine can give, is considered immaterial.

      Sorry your coffee outing didn’t go better.

    • Just wait until they switch on the 5G network and access the nanochips inside the vaccine (and those who took the it). It is designed to kill 85% of them. Your former friends will likely end up with a very, very short life span. By design.

      • Hi Mark,

        In re “the community” . . . it is still predicated on the presumption of sickness, which is vicious and evil. The “community” is not harmed by people who aren’t sick. Who cannot spread sickness they haven’t got. To take the position that someone might be sick and could get people sick is fundamentally the same as arguing that because I’m 6ft 3 and 220 and could smash in the face of a Corona Karen, I must be handcuffed and treated as if I had, in fact, smashed in the face of a Corona Karen.

        Of course, this is the whole foundation of the Safety Cult, of which the Sickness Cult is merely its latest sect.

        • Worry not, Eric.
          Your thoughts will be declared “inappropriate” and you will be packed off to one Gulag or another for Wrongthink and Future Aggression.
          Bad attitude, lack of respect, failure to obey established authority.
          The Farm, immediately.
          See you there. 🙂
          Die Gedanken sind frei.

  10. Despite now being shielded legally, and having any local “mandate” defanged by the governor, most stores still have their “Diapers Muss Sein!” signs out front, and still, everywhere I go, 95% “compliance”.

    The gym is an exception, and I’m happy to go back. Finally some sore muscles after about 7-8 months of less effective home workouts. There “compliance” is closer to 10-15%.

    One wonderful revelation was finding that the local Ace Hardware doesn’t require the diaper, even for the employees! SO much better to go there for many things than to have to visit a Lowe’s or Home Depot.

    Unfortunately, my dogs just began barking furiously, so I went to let them outside. There was a couple walking their dog down the road. Both were diapered. Outside. In the bright fucking Arizona Sun. Now that type of thing is depressing.

    Perhaps it could be worse. I could live in Oregon, where their Gesundheitsfuhrer wants to make diapering permanent.

    Obviously they are not following “The Science” or “Data Driven”. They’re only following “The Orders” and are “Fear Driven”.

  11. “Crisis as a pathway to tyranny” is clearly the tool of their trade. As disappointed as I am in the number of people wearing masks in major metro areas and those who were eager to be genetically modified, I feel we have reached “peak fear” with the disease oriented crisis.

    I don’t think too many more will continue to be genetically modified and at some point, habit forming as it is to the point of being normalized, it seems the mask enthusiasm will gradually taper off, even though the elites are clearly determined to permanently deface us. In the 1918 flu, people eventually refused to comply with the mandates and took the masks off and I suspect it will eventually happen fairly soon too in this alleged pandemic. You can’t hold the “emergency” button forever. At some point it loses its punch. I think we are approaching that point.

    Even Oregonians are getting pissed.


    • Thanks, Bluesman.
      I heard this from RFK Jr.:
      “They don’t cut out your tongue to keep you from telling a lie.
      They cut out your tongue to keep you from telling the truth.”

  12. This may come back and bite our overlords on the ass, if people suddenly discover that just because a thing is written down by the overlords does not make it a real thing. They may proceed to look at all laws in similar fashion, and endeavor to get away with disobedience when and where they can.

    • Unfortunately, people beleive what the TV tells them to believe, and they have less memory than a Commodore 64, so they forget all of the past lies and deceptions (WMDs !!! “Read my lips…” “I’ll repeal Obozocare on day one!”…))

  13. This is why I think it’s important to regularly, if possible, go to places where people don’t wear the fear mask face diaper muzzles. I meet with a group of people every Thursday night, no muzzles, to discuss lawsuits and other resistance to the insanity going on around us. It’s important for mental health. It’s wonderful walking into a room full of naked faces.

    I do grocery shopping for Instacart (won’t do a “real” job if they’re going to enforce covid nonsense, especially the jab), so I go into a lot of grocery stores. There’s one suburb I like going to the most, as there seem to be more people there not donning the holy rag. Admittedly, it’s still a very small number (saw two yesterday, who I engaged in conversation with), but it’s better than the zero I usually see.

    • Here in SoCal you would not be able to buy groceries without a face diaper at the major chain stores. I was thrown out of Stater Bros. last January for practicing “full facial nudity.” Seething hatred does not begin to describe my feelings for some asshole who refuses to sell food to another human being.
      I had to be talked out of slitting his throat.
      As a matter of survival, I went with Instacart since then.
      All of the Instacart shoppers have been diapered at my front door. Poor bastards.
      Better them than me, I suppose, but in a way that is still a copout.
      Guess if I had any balls I would be dead now.

      • Hi Turtle,

        I feel your anger – because I share it. And I submit you’ve done the right thing by avoiding the Freaks and having the Freaks self-Diaper, if they must. There are still ways – as you know and are “practicing” – to avoid Diapering and it is getting easier to make inroads. I suggest regular probing of Diapered areas, to see whether you can get in unchallenged or simply tell the Freaks to bugger off.

        • I do the same – recon a new restaurant or store to see if there are any free breathers coming or going. Then if it seems OK, go in.

          Only a handful of times over the past year+ have I ever been denied service.

          So all free breathers – we are being watched, and we are an encouragement to others.

          Today, I was scoping out a department store that told me last fall that I must mask up – when I said “No thanks, I’ll shop somewhere else” the manager Karen kind of huffed like she couldn’t BELIEVE I wouldn’t just go ahead and put a diaper on. This morning, I noticed an employee removing various signs from the door. She had in her hand a “MASKS REQUIRED” sign. Couldn’t tell what she was doing with it, and I was tempted to ask her if they changed their policy (other doors still had the signs). Noticed several people going in w/o masks (this was before business hours, but they actually looked like customers). Maybe the tide is turning? (I doubt I will ever give them a red cent after they way they treated me, but it is good IF they are finally waking up)

        • Hi, Eric.
          One small step:
          I was able to pick up a prescription at CVS last week without a face diaper. The diaper mandate signs were not there, having been replaced by ads to “get your ‘vaccination’ here.”
          I was the only one undiapered, and was asked by a minion if I had a mask. I ignored her, and picked up the prescription.
          Key fact: I was NOT refused service for showing my face.
          Small victories can accumulate.
          That is known as “la guerilla,” the “small war.”

      • Learn some alternative shopping methods. We go to the OC and to Riverside County to get groceries and do other things sans mask. #StopWearingMasks #MasksKill #SayNoToMasks #BreatheOxygen

        • I live in Riverside County. Corona, ZIP code 92882, to be specific.
          The Stater Brothers I was thrown out of is the one on Border Avenue in Corona.
          Mind saying at what grocery store in Riv Co you have been able to shop sans face diaper? I am listening. TIA.

  14. What really disgusts me is the showing of the diapered on TV commercials. Diapers, diapers everywhere! The one that creeps me out the most is the Amazon commercial about how Amazon has ordered 100,000 electric vehicles to combat climate change. This in itself is beyond absurd, but then they have to show the driver of the Amazon vehicle, all dressed up in his Amazon jump suit. He sits behind the wheel of his electric powered van, and drives the van out of some depressingly dark warehouse. You can see the driver sitting behind the wheel, but you can’t see his face as it is obscured by a black mask. I find it really disturbing. Anyone else see this commercial?

    I was an Amazon Prime customer for years. I cancelled my account with them after what they did to Parler. I will not knowingly do business with Amazon ever again.

      • Jim,

        When in need of fear all you need to do is turn on the fear box. Maybe it’s call the flat fear screen today.

        Obviously there is some kind of fearnome that is triggered by watching TV.

    • It’s truly disgusting. There’s also a PSA-type commercial making the rounds on the Internet featuring several scenes of a large family at home. The 4-to-6-year-old kids are chasing each other around the kitchen…wearing masks! The next scene shows adults preparing food in the kitchen…wearing masks. Then more adults in the living room, of course, wearing masks. It ends with the message, “Let’s keep each other safe.”

      I don’t think I’ve seen a more depressing, dehumanizing and satanic commercial in my life.

      • It’s because you haven’t seen a more depressing dehumanizing, satanic commercial in your life, but just wait.

        At some point, I believe, the absurdity will reach a point of explosion and it will turn people the other way. I don’t know when, but I do believe it has to at some point. I think the more absurd and demeaning it becomes the more likely it will finally wake people up to how stupid and gullible they have been and how they’ve been played like a drum. It’s just such an overplaying of their hand.

        • “it will finally wake people up to how stupid and gullible they have been”

          No, it won’t.

          They may stop playing along for selfish reasons, but an extremely large majority will never recognize that they were stupid and gullible. They will not learn from mistakes because they will be too busy denying that they ever made any.

      • “ I don’t think I’ve seen a more depressing, dehumanizing and satanic commercial in my life.”

        Hold your breath.

    • Has Bezos got any “electric rockets” under development?
      All that smoke and flame can’t be “good for the environment,” eh?
      Ditto Elon, the Replicant.

  15. My 11 year old son plays little league baseball. League rules require masks, though it isn’t enforced, coaches don’t seem to care, and he doesn’t wear one. Other kids on his team also don’t diaper up, though many do. Coaches generally go the chinstrap route. They are, after all, outside.

    Games started last week. I sat, undiapered, on the metal bleachers among many diapered parents. As some of them began talking with me, not about covid, just our kids and baseball, they one by one started to remove their masks. By the end of the first game, way fewer diaper wearers than we started with.

    Yesterday, game 2, we had our own no diaper club – started with a nucleus of a few diaper heretic holdovers from game 1. As diapered parents arrived, seeing an undiapered group, some said “cool, so we can remove these?” And off the face they went.

    Look, this is in CT, with normally 95%+ compliance, everywhere. It just takes a little courage and persistence, though, and you can find or create little islands of sanity, even if only fleeting.


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