California Risin’

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The South will probably not rise again – but California might, for the same reasons. And if it does, maybe the right thing to do, this time, would be to let it go in peace.

Provided, of course, that California returns the favor.

On Wednesday, the state got some of the same medicine Abraham Africanus I administered to the South almost 160 years ago. This time, it was the Orange Man administering the corrective.

The state had issued a regulation on its own authority which would have required all new cars sold in CA to average almost 50 miles-per-gallon by 2025. This was done as a kind of here’s-mud-in-your eye maneuver to register the state’s irritation that a federal regulation which would have decreed the same thing nationally is in the process of being dismantled by the Orange Man – who has already rescinded an attending federal regulation that would have tripled the fines imposed on cars sold nationally that failed to average close to 50 MPG.

California – like the 11 states of the Confederacy – asserted its putative right to govern itself, a nice-sounding idea we’re all taught to give lip service to in school (like “freedom”) but which is among the most obvious frauds there is, short of Pat Robertson and Ernest Angley.

Orange Man just gave CA a cold lesson about who really runs Bartertown.

The Trumpian argument is the same argument that Abraham Africanus purveyed – that of federal supremacy, period. The states are free  . . . to do as they are told. That principle having been established by the spilt blood of half a million Americans on both sides of the Mason Dixon line almost 160 years ago.

The war upon the South has of course been enrobed in faux nobility – that it was a crusade to free the slaves. In fact, slavery was the convenient pretext needed by AA the First to make his point about who runs Bartertown.

Slavery was beside the point – as AA the First was the first to admit. The heterodox but historically accurate Thomas DiLorenzo has written in his several books on the subject; the Great Emancipator promised the Southern states he would support a constitutional amendment legalizing slavery where it existed (i.e., in the South) in perpetuity provided the Southern states would remain in the union.

Bend knee, and all will be well.

It’s a delicious irony of history that a state as progressive as California – which loves the federal cudgel when it aligns with its interests – is now the beneficiary of the same treatment it surely felt the South more than deserved.

This is what happens when principles are established. They tend to become precedents. Power acquired is rarely power ceded.

Not voluntarily.

California’s position is without question batty. A requirement that cars sold in the state average 50 MPG just five years from now is an almost a technical impossibility and a certain economic catastrophe. It will mean punishing fines applied to cars that aren’t hybrids or electric cars – which are the only cars technically capable of complying with this mandate.

Vehicles that don’t average 50 MPG can still be sold in CA; but the companies which sell them will be fined heavily for every MPG they fall short.

But only in CA.

They would still be free to sell cars that don’t average 50 MPG in other states – courtesy of the Orange Man. Who is the only head of the federal government in memory trying to lessen the regulatory burden on the country.

But CA ought to be free to burden itself.

Also, the car industry is under no obligation to sell cars in CA. It could tell CA that it won’t be selling them there because it no longer makes sense for them to do so – and let the people of California decide how much they like that. Let them come face to face with the real-consequences of CA’s moonbatty regulatory regime.

It might be just the thing.

Imagine the effect on Californians of seeing the vehicles they want to buy available for sale . . . across the state line. For thousands less than the cars they’re allowed to buy in their state.

The car companies would of course lose all those sales in California – which is a huge market. Which explains why several of them (Ford, Honda, VW and Mercedes) want the California standard to remain in force, because then they could force the whole country to buy cars built to meet California’s standard and claim they had no choice.

Of course, neither would we.

The dangerous thing here is that Trump is advancing a temporary benefit with a delayed action fuse. By curb-stomping California’s authority to issue its own mandatory minimum mileage standards for vehicles sold within its boundaries (which standards are being couched in terms of “emissions” – of carbon dioxide – to guilt-trip acceptance of something that would otherwise not market well, like a government mandate to eat broccoli – and fines for eating steak ) the Orange Man is asserting the primacy of the federal apparat.

Asserting its unlimited power – cue not so much Abraham Africanus as Emperor Palpatine. That this power is being dialed back some by the Orange Man is a temporary boon at best.What happens when the Orange Man changes his mind?

Or when the Orange Man is changed out?

Just as it might have been better – for the long-term prospects of freedom – had the South succeeded in going its own way, so also it might be best if California were left in peace to do what it thinks best for California.

No matter how moonbatty.

Just leave the rest of us out of it.

Decentralization of power always being a good thing for freedom.

The people of California have just as much right to govern themselves as the rest of us have to not be governed by them.

Trump, meanwhile, could have done much better. He could have rescinded all of these obnoxious federal fatwas. Gotten the government out of the car business.

The irony is that if that were to happen, odds are there’d be cars that delivered better than 50 MPG and cost half as much as any current hybrid by 2025. They would not have eight air bags, of course. And they’d be less able to take a rear-ender from a Kenworth. But they’d be great on gas, easy on the wallet and not hard on the environment.

California might even want a few.

. . .

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  1. There’s a reason why Cali’s state flag says “California Republic” instead of “State of California” (or something like that).

  2. “California compliant” is the real problem. When manufacturers of anything–including cars–use that standard as their default, then the fools’ golden state rules the other 49.

    I cannot think of any policy that is more inimical to a constitutional republic. Bring back the Articles of Confederation, for heaven’s sake! And do everything possible to incent the fools’ golden state to secede! Then let it sink–unhindered and unaided–under its multiples piles of human waste and toxic syringes that are blessed and incented by its own governmental and corporate policies and neglect.

    To close my tangent: the worst thing Trump could possibly do would be to intervene in the “crisis” involving the latter policies and their effects. In so doing, he would instantly and forevermore own those effects and absolve the policy-makers of any culpability.

    • I fear we’re well beyond reviving the A of C. I also fear we’re approaching a civil war involving more than words and voting.

      Just a return to the early 60’s would be great for an old fart. You had to go well out of your way to commit a crime in Texas back then.

      We had a new $8.2M Law Enforcement Center thrust upon this pore county so everybody is getting gouged for something we didn’t need. It is just another way for the local LEO’s to play like they’re needed. 12 inmates in the jail last week(finally got certified after two years) with two of them being local. Remove the crazy ass DWI laws and drug laws and crime would be virtually non-existent here. I noticed one precinct was down 140 people. That’s a lot for this county.

      • As of 2010 there were 3974 people living in this county. There are many less now and would be even less if the Hispanic population would get a clue and use birth control.

      • To focus on just one or your points: Our best hope in re the BeatOff, uh, Beto-style confiscation scenario is that the typical LEO will simply refuse to beat down our doors in any gun-confiscation pogrom. The exceptions to my hope risk a violent confrontation that will do no one any good.

        • It will mainly be rural vs. urban from what I’ve seen. Art Acevidos, the top cop in Houston who was run out of Austin, will likely be happen to gather his forces and SWAT everyone he can think of. It won’t be as easy for rural places where it’s somebody you have coffee or church with and you call each other by the first name.

  3. I wonder what would happen if the auto manufactures just stopped selling cars in CA. I betca the would fall into line with every other state.

    • C’mon, Walt…we’re talkin’ CA.! The state is on the verge of bankruptcy, despite being the world’s fifth largest economy; they’ve been hemorrhaging residents for many years- replacing working middle and upper-class productive citizens with third-world leeches; their once world-class cities have become filthy dhitholes- literally, with piles of human feces on the sidewalks and whose parks are now tent cities for vast hoards of homeless drug-addicts and psychos…..and yet they just keep on keeping on with the very policies which have turned the once golden state into such a mess.

      They are just hell-bent on practicing their psychotic liberal agendas, at any cost….because they get paid regardless, and their master, Satan, is appeased.

  4. “But CA ought to be free to burden itself.”

    Translation (??): California politicians should be able to dictate to California citizens, whatever absurd rules they can dream up? That’s what you seem to be saying. Yes, I see that you called the requirement “batty”, but you also seem to be saying that no one should be allowed to stop it (except, I suppose, through the process of replacing legislators and bureaucrats).

    I’m all in favor of putting a thumb in the eye of the Federal government when it tries to run our lives, but not at the expense of endorsing state governments when they do the same.

    • This is why I could never buy ‘voting for the [slightly] lesser of two evils”.

      Which tyranny is preferable: The state-imposed variety; or the federally-imposed variety?

      Which bully do you want to take your lunch money and knock your teeth out? Such a choice is no choice at all.

    • True enough.

      When California ratified the US Constitution and became a state in 1859, they endorsed, agreed to, and committed to be bound by, that self-same document, the US Constitution. HOW MANY of rthese insane laws now burdening the People of Califoria (and also, as reality would have it, of the United States as well) are flat contrary too the US, and even their own State Constitutoins?

      Trum would be will within his rights, even consistent wiht his DUTIES to faithfull execute the laws of the United States… in California and elsewhere. Their sancutary cities, open borders policies, gross and dangeorus pollution resuliting form the hordes of homeless they coddle, support, encourage, enable…. read through the Bill of Rights, the first ten Articles of Ammendment to the US Constitution… how many of THOSE rights, which rpedate the Constitution and do not derive their existence from it, are being trashed today in California (not to mention elsewhere).

      Many of the things California are doing lie within the authority of the State. But much is prohibited it by federal Constittution, and tey do it anyway. US law governs entry from foreigh natioins, defines a clear pathway from legal resident alien (immigrant) to citizen, deals with any visas or temporary stay status, and defines much of who does what and how. Trump has always been well within his assigned authority as he’s tried to deal with the entry of foregner issue. California are one of the worst abusers operating against him. He would be well within his lawful authority to withhold funding to the state as one means of pushing their compliance with federal laws and the Constitution. Californiasn have their constituinally protected civil rights violated regularly in ways that would have caused open rebellion a hundred years ago. They are still shocking, but the people of that state seem to have fallen asleep from drinking too deeply of the KoolAde they’ve been proffered.
      So NOCalifonria do NOT have the right to deny their lawful residents their civil rights as defined and protected by the US Constitutoin. That includes, but is not limtied to, their right to arms…. which is consistentl denied them by that state.. Horizontal Harris was one of the worst abusers of that right, and her hand picked protege Becerra the Beast is, hard to imagine, even worse.
      And no, I don’t live there. Was born and raised there, had opportunity to return many times, but have run quickly away from that trap. far too many of that states former denizens have infested my currenst state and our neighbour to the south. We are about as bad off as Clifornia wass 25 years ago, and catching up quickly.

    • At least in the case of the state itself. People can leave and move to another State. It is harder when dealing with the Federal government.

  5. All of this foolishness because of Marxist sanctioned “fake” global warming being caused by man. This has become a multi-trillion dollar boondoggle that has been foisted upon us, the consumer and taxpayer. Governments (politicians) have enslaved the world with the socialist promises of all kinds of goodies, mainly free pensions. Those promises made over decades are coming home to roost. The insanity of Cally is based on the need for money. They need it, you apparently don’t. How bad is it? In Australia, they randomly search vehicles and confiscate any loose change they find in the name of safety. Trump, although he may try, cannot stop the blatant corruption within government…it has gone way too far to be stopped without a down and dirty confrontation similar to the North-South smash up of the 1860’s. This time it might be the middle against the ends.

    • Amen, Tom!

      If I may add: Trump can’t stop the corruption too, because he is just as much a part of it as anyone else (We just hate to admit it, because he plays the part of the protagonist against the loony lefty libruls), and no politician can stop it, because the rot is not just confined to the political theater, but is societal, as witnessed by the millions of people who gladly and voluntarily serve the pols in every way, from volunteering to be mercenaries in their armed forces at home and abroad, to working for their various and sundry unconstitutional agencies and departments…..or vying for entitlements which are funded by the redistributed wealth of their neighbors.

      It’s often a case of “People getting the government they deserve”.

      • Politicians are parasites and have no real redeeming qualities. Most are sociopaths.

        Trump draining the swamp is like a crocodile and an alligator going at it for control. In the end we are still just a resource to feed the swamp creatures in DC.

        Unfortunately we have people in key positions that literally want to start WW3 and many because of misplaced commitment to prophecy.

        Nothing is going to change until these traitorous and seditious people are suspended from a large tree branch using a short rope. Sons of Liberty style.

        • Hi Thomas,

          Sadly, you are probably right. This disease of control freakism is completely out of hand; it afflicts most people as much as almost all politicians (Ron Paul is among the very few not afflicted). One cannot reach these people by appeals to reason – and forget appeals to principle.

          To paraphrase what was said about The Terminator: They cannot be reasoned with or bargained with and will notstop, ever, until they are dead….

          • It’s the reason I want the first nukes to land in DC. If the terror attacks had been done by terrorists, the Capitol and WH would have been first strikes.

            They targeted the places where the $2T could be found Rummy spoke of the day before.

            • Detectives, in trying to find the likeliest suspects for a crime, used to ask themselves “Who stood to gain from this crime?” [I say ‘used to’ ’cause pigs being what they are today, they probably don’t do this anymore, but rather just look for the person on whom it’s easiest to pin the evidence and convict, so it looks good on their record]

              My, my….the only two places where the evidence of a $2T crime existed…both bombed on the same day. How convenient! And what a coincidence! And that it also occurred when the Air Farce was doing maneuvers in the same place, so as not to cause any alarm which might spoil the plan….

              Did some Third-world sand-niggers have anything at all to gain from that? Nope!
              Did ShrubCo, The Dick and Rumsey et al have something to gain? Yep!

              No Columbo’s or Mickey Spillane’s need apply for this one…just put Corky the Retard on the case!

    • The formerly United States is well on the path to dissolution. Think it can’t happen? It happened in the old USSR, the most brutally controlled police state in human history, and it blew apart literally overnight. And the hapless Russians had no privately-owned firearms – we have hundreds of millions of them. The feds really have no enforcement apparatus – how can they stop it? Nuke Wyoming or Nebraska?

      • Unfortunately, John, they have the most powerful enforcement agencies ever known to man: Public schools and the Zionist media. The war for people’s hearts and mins has been far more effective than any physical war, and has resulted in a mass case of Stockholm Syndrome.

        The average American loves Big Brother; they will fight and die for it; worship of the state is the American religion. The voting charade ensures that they take it personally, since ‘they elected the government’.

        Interesting too: Ya don’t see much mention of this lately, which probably is a clue that it is spot on: Back in the 80’s and 90’s when I first got into awareness of political conspiracies, the common narrative was that as part of the new alignment for the NWO, the US would be broeken up into ten regions or “superstates”, as opposed to one monolithic federally-controlled nation- thus making it easier to control and giving residents the illusion that they could have some choice as to the particular type of tyranny they’d live under.

        That seems to be precisely where we’re heading, with the charade that is being played out currently before our eyes of radical leftists vs. moderates vs. conservatives vs. Neocons, etc. (Notice, no representation for Libertarians, of course!).

        And sure enough, if you take a quick look, the EPA already has it’s jurisdictions broken down into ten regions, which correspond exactly with the 10 “superstates”….

        People- even many among us don’t realize that what is being played out right now, is the very fulfillment of agendas which were decreed many decades ago- and not somehow a bucking of the system or fight for liberty- but rather, just a finishing off of the old system- which of course seems good- until one realizes that the end goal is just to replace that system with an equally or even more loathsome new system.

        And the overlords are such masters of deception, that they got people who should know better, cheering what they’re doing….

        • “Unfortunately, John, they have the most powerful enforcement agencies ever known to man: Public schools and the Zionist media.”

          You got that right, Nunz! It’s so bad now that kids are skipping school to protest against “climate change”; a natural process that has been ongoing for billions of years. Yet, they’ve been misguided into the belief that we HUMANS are the sole cause of such a phenomenon.

          Then again, they could just be doing it to “play hooky”, but I digress. lol

          • And ya know what kills me, BG?

            NONE of the “believers” have ever apparently thought this “climate crisis” thing through- too wit:

            They want to curtail human activity and even procreation because the CO2 from such “will destroy the environment”.

            Animals emit CO2 too….so they have to go too. So what exactly is the point of “preserving the environment” if the life which that environment supports will no longer be extant?

            I guess they figure that if someone is stupid enough to fall for “climate crisis”, they are also too stupid to think of the ramifications of said agenda……

            It’s a religion of death…for the brain-dead.

  6. As a Southerner, I loved this article. The author is spot on. He is right that the Federal government is now, after 1865, totally supreme, thanks to the 19th century Progressives who provoked the Civil War (with help from Southern hot heads). I don’t especially like it but I am thrilled to see the leftist Progessive jerks in california curb stomped with their own invention. I want Orange Man to give it to them good and hard every chance he gets.

    • Thanks, Charles – and, amen!

      I keep telling my friends here – I’m talkin’ to you, Nunz! – that the Orange Man is useful… in the manner of a bag of crap lit on fire that you leave on your enemy’s porch!

      • Hey Eric!
        O-Kkkkkkk…… How is acting like Dishonest Abe a good thing; even if it’s against CA.? I thought that was the point of your article?

        It may seem like a positive thing when he’s pushing something that we agree with, and because he’s bullying the one (CA.) who is usually the bully- but in reality, this is just more unconstitutionality- and while in this particular case, it may suit our interests, the same tactics can be/are used against us and the freer states in which we live- such as is the case with federal ‘gun control’ laws.

        The enemy of our enemy isn’t necessarily our friend….more often, it’s just a case of two bullies vying for control of the smaller kids. The best outcome is that we end up with a new enemy.

        Funny too, how DJT doesn’t want CA. maintaining a restrictive stance on CAFE [in this one instance], yet he’s fine with them maintaining a more restrictive stance on their residents Second Amendments rights and many other more basic rights….. Which just goes to show, it’s nothing more than a power struggle- and quite frankly, I do believe that as with everything else, Trump is just being a dutiful puppet, and enforcing what the real overlords have decreed- and they likely have decreed this, since obviously EVs are not ready for prime-time, and no one can actually build cars that average 50MPG while complying with all of the other federal regs…and to impose fines and penalties and drive the prices of ‘non-compliant’ cars even higher, would be essentially the death of the US auto industry.

        • Death of our industry and form of Constitutional Representative Government is exactly what they want to destroy so that the ensuing chaos can be used to implement a one world government / economy.

          Government will never save us from government.

          The Tree of Liberty is thirsty.

  7. Ignoring the fact Regulations violate Article 1, Section 1 of the Constitution, don’t the actions of California violate the Interstate Commerce Act?

    • …”don’t the actions of California violate the Interstate Commerce Act?”

      Here’s the Violation:
      Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution,
      nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

      • this is a good start.. NOWHERE are FedGov granted authoirty to regulate any characteristic or quality of any piece of machinery. Can’t tell me how many air bags, backup cameras, seatbels, how big and bright the tail lamps are, or how much fuel it does or does not use as I drive it. Simoly not a power assigned FedGov.
        Trump is on the money (literally as well as figuratively) backing off such illegal Fedregulations on cars. He SHOULD simply abolish the EPA and void all the aws, rules, regulatioins, etc, about machinery. That would likley put a hundred thousand gummit drones out on the streets looking for “work”.

        Further, in regards the ICC, Comgress is to Mmake regular” trade between the states…. i other words, if I can buy a new GeeEmm Whatzit in Tecas, I should also be able to buy it in California. If I can drive such a machine in texas, any laws/rules/regulations prohibiting my doing that in Californa are unconstitutinal. The current DOT truck stickers, and logbook rules and fuel mandates are all unconstitui=tional.

        And tell Californa to either comply with the US Consittution, or leve the union and good riddance. They CAN NOT mandate “speshul rules just for themselves.

        I am originally FROM that state….but I rarely even trevel there. They are bad enough telling their own people how they shoud live, but in mandating any car specifications, they want to tell ME how I should live. No thank you. California either MUST come under the US Constitution as a state part of the union, or leave it. I do not thin Trump will make any moves to compell them to remain, or rejoin. He’d probably be quite happy to give them the left boot of fellowship.. just think… no more DieFie, Boxer, Pugliuglu, Gabbing Nuisance, Horozintal Harris, infesting the US Federal government.

    • Do a bit of research on the Interstate Commerce Act and you will find warnings that it will give the gubment unlimited power to regulate nearly everything it chooses.

      “The ICC [Interstate Commerce Commission] illustrates what might be called the natural history of government intervention. A real or fancied evil leads to demands to do something about it. A political coalition forms consisting of sincere, high-minded reformers and equally sincere interested parties. The incompatible objectives of the members of the coalition (e.g., low prices to consumers and high prices to producers) are glossed over by fine rhetoric about “the public interest,” “fair competition,” and the like. The coalition succeeds in getting Congress (or a state legislature) to pass a law. The preamble to the law pays lip service to the rhetoric and the body of the law grants power to government officials to “do something.” The high-minded reformers experience a glow of triumph and turn their attention to new causes. The interested parties go to work to make sure that the power is used for their benefit. They generally succeed. Success breeds its problems, which are met by broadening the scope of intervention. Bureaucracy takes its toll so that even the initial special interests no longer benefit. In the end the effects are precisely the opposite of the objectives of the reformers and generally do not even achieve the objectives of the special interests. Yet the activity is so firmly established and so many vested interests are connected with it that repeal of the initial legislation is nearly inconceivable. Instead, new government legislation is called for to cope with the problems produced by the earlier legislation and a new cycle begins.”

      ― Milton Friedman, Free to Choose: A Personal Statement

      How it was once applied:


      • ICC is checkin on down the line. I’m a little overweight and my log book’s way behind.

        And now the big carriers are hacking their drivers phones and getting all the info off them and using the GPS to see where they are at all times. Drivers are having to ditch their former numbers, getting new ones and using a flip phone. Meanwhile the industry wonders(they just pretend to not know)why they can’t get enough drivers(bad pay, hacking their phones…..mainly bad pay).

        Dave Dudley’s spinning in his grave.

          • I’ve lost a lot of time dodging scales and state checkpoints. It’s worth it in N.M. and La. Nearly impossible in some SE states where roads are few.

            • One of my “careers” was riding along with a truck driver to help load hay bales on a flatbed semi. On the way back he would take a winding gravel back road to miss the scale, not to mention a low railroad bridge. We sure saw a lot of interesting country 🙂

              // still dreadfully anonymous

  8. And don’t ya love how CA. equates EV’s with vehicles that get 50MPG?! How does a 4000 lb EV get 50MPG? It doesn’t, when one takes into account that the amount of energy needed to operate it is exactly the same as it would be for a 4000 lb ICE car…with the only difference being where that energy is being produced- i.e. at a powerplant vs. under the hood.

    So for all of the greenie’s/CA’s/Uncle’s blathering…what in terms of ‘fuel savings’ and ‘reduced emissions’ (if such things even mattered) would they be accomplishing by these herculean efforts to push EVs and relegate ICEs to the scrap pile? Obviously, absolutely NOTHING!- which proves that the real agenda behind such a push is obviously something else other than the stated goals (And we know what those something elses are!)

      • Electric motors are more efficient. Which entirely misses the point after generation efficiency losses, transmission efficiency losses, battery storage efficiency losses, and parasitic losses for conditioning batteries etc.

        Just like the editorial writer in California when I was there demanding that we use clean and efficient electric motors to drive the generators…

      • Oh! Oh! [-Arnold Horshak], Eric!

        ‘Lectric motors are clean! That is: The feminist-liberal tit-less androgynous blob with the bobbed hair, living amidst the cultural splendor of the various perversities and 57 varieties of genders in the rat maze known as a city, doesn’t see any evidence of pollution. And if such a mystical thing as pollution from the generation of electricity to power electric motors exists, it doesn’t matter, ’cause it only affects those terrible white cretins who are so uncivilized as to live apart from the glorious cities while possessing guns and heterosexual monogamy, and same-race children! And of course, they don’t count! They’re not really people. (My…where have we heard that before? Meh…I doubt it’s important; it’s not like we can learn from history or anything)

        • “The feminist-liberal tit-less androgynous blob with the bobbed hair, living amidst the cultural splendor of the various perversities and 57 varieties of genders in the rat maze known as a city, doesn’t see any evidence of pollution. And if such a mystical thing as pollution from the generation of electricity to power electric motors exists, it doesn’t matter, ’cause it only affects those terrible white cretins who are so uncivilized as to live apart from the glorious cities while possessing guns and heterosexual monogamy, and same-race children! And of course, they don’t count! They’re not really people.”

          Nunzio, you are spot-on as to how these people feel! It’s basically how any conversation I’ve had with these types on this issue ever breaks down. They’re dismissive about whose taxes paid for the building and maintenance of the roads they bike on, how the power they use is generated, and they couldn’t care less where all the food they eat is coming from (hint: your co-operative communal living space is not self-sufficient). You even managed to capture the vague but palpable anger they seem to have towards anyone who doesn’t immediately validate their viewpoint, or even looks like they might disagree.

      • So I just did the math and a little DuckDuckGoing. Can’t help it, Im an engineering geek and always will be.

        Our gasoline engines are around 20-35% efficient in our cars, diesel is around 35-45%.

        Now for the electric car: Generation efficiency is right around 38% (coal, diesel, natural gas turbine- wind and solar are much lower eff but use “free” fuel), then transmission takes on average 6% (94% efficient), then charging a lithium ion battery is in the range of 75% efficient- worse for “super” charging, better for trickle charging, then the electric motor is right around 85% efficient.

        Multiply it all out, and the electric car is going to 22-25% efficient.

        Huh- that’s right in the low end of the range for a gas car and way below my old Mercedes diesels, much less a VW TDI. Plus you can make a 1800lb diesel car which simply uses less energy to work vs an electric full of heavy batteries at around 4000lb.

        Guess I’d rather have a Mercedes C111-3 than that Tesla…

        • I’d rather have a Renault Le Car than a Tesla! At least the Le Car can be refueled in 2 minutes, and go further than the Tesla on a fill-up…and Renault can’t remotely disable it from Frogland!

          • Im pretty sure Le CarCass came from the land of the edible snail already disabled… But that C111-3, 200mph for 1000 miles at 15mpg- on a production diesel in 1976, THAT’s a machine.

            • Heck, Ernie, I’ve always wanted a 300D…. Now THAT’s an economy car! Trouble is, only ones people seem to part with are ones that are completely worn out. (And of course, the A/C and the power windurs don’t work- and unlike the Le Car…it don’t have a fabric sunroof to peel back for the breeze :0 )

              • Sounds like you know the trouble points. The most annoying one for me is that German sense of humor where you make an economy car which can easily last a million miles, then put a plastic gear in the odometer which splits and quits working after only 200k or so…
                Oddly enough I had pretty good luck with my Renault Alliances, and the turbo Fuego was fun while it lasted…

            • The 126 Turbodiesle Benz get well above 30 mpg, are large, comfortable, beautoful cars wiht excellent handlng, and have been known to run 750,000 miles with very little repairs done, STILL get the great mileage. Further, since they outlast many other cars of far lesser capability two or three to one, they are far more efficieint over the decades of use they will provide. Buy one, at under $40K new, back in 1983 or 4, still going strong today. Buymany other opetions in the size/perofrmance class, at, say $25K each, run them till they’re dead, buy anohter… next one 8 years on will not be only $25K, more like $35K, the most recent one likely $40K or above, you’ve soent above $90K for comfortable transportaion over those 36 years instead of the $30K you spent on the Benz.
              Doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a whiz at maths fo know which is the better deal.

              • How the hell did MB go from that…to making the over-priced plastic-laden short-lived garbage that they sell here in the US today?! (I hear that the German ones are somewhat better…)

  9. If the average American had more sense, this would be a perfect illustration of the absurdity of allowing other men to amass power over their own lives and property.

    Trump makes his capricious decrees; California makes it’s absurd decrees. They battle it out (at our expense, no less), and for what? For something which should not concern either entity, for it should rightly be the province of every person to decide what thery care to drive.

    We are told that it is a woman’s right to kill the fetus in her womb, and without regard to the wishes of it’s father; We are told that it is a right as to what orifice one sticks their wang in (as long as said orifice belongs to a person of sufficient age, as determined by Uncle); We are told that one can choose what to drink or smoke- as long as it is approved and highly taxed by the overlords…..but to choose the type of vehicle we drive..oh, well, that is just asking too much!

    Ironically, Trump goes after CA. (and Ford, VW et al) on this…for daring to not avail themselves of the option which he has created for them….but he doesn’t do a damned thing about all of CA.’s unconstitutional atrocities…like their mass aiding and abetting of illegal immigrants; their raping of the Second Amendment; their war on free speech; private property; parental rights, yada yada…..

    We are not free to make our own decisions, and now the state in which residents are the least free to make their own decisions…is not free to make it’s own decisions… Hilarious!

    And sadly, the average Californian wouldn’t even care if they had to pay more for most cars, or were restricted from having certain ones entirely. Just look at how they pay more for a lawnmower or weedeater, and can’t even buy many models, because of their CARB BS! -Or how only a select few models of guns may be sold in their state.

    People become used to tyranny, and even end up supporting it and even downright demanding it- why else would 55 freakin’ million people live in that shit-hole? Not only is this a matter of states rights….but it’s a good opportunity to let all of the loony libruls get a taste of the [state]government they deserve; the one they elected, by letting them have to live with the consequences of their choices. Maybe if they weren’t protected from the consequences of their own their own choices, reality would hit them, and they’d regain sanity. But oh no! We can’t have that, because Federal Uncle gets to decree what cars we drive…not Local Uncle, or [gasp] the people who actually pay for and buy the cars!

    • Hey Nunz,

      “And sadly, the average Californian wouldn’t even care if they had to pay more for most cars, or were restricted from having certain ones entirely”.

      There are a lot of poor/low income folks in California. If treated to the economics lesson I imagined earlier, they would care plenty.


      • Exactly, Jeremy! That’s just what I meant by letting them reap the consequences of their own decisions. At some point, either every functional person would just leave the state, or finally demand changes.

        Trouble is, it takes too long.

        A lot of these librul strongholds are going down the tubes- CA. NY. IL. -hemorrhaging the bread-and-butter working/middle class residents, who were their bread-and-butter. It’s gotten to the point where NY is now losing so many residents, that there is now an actual net loss of population, even with all the influx of immigrants- which up until recently was able to replace the escapees, essentially one for one. (This is why there will be no cessation of illegal immigration- as many of these places would be ghost towns already witjhout such)

        But the irony is, a lot of the rest of the country, which has not experienced the dysfunctionality of living under the lunacy and tight control of liberalism, are now more liberal…and I guess the same cycle that is playing out in NY and CA et al, will soon be being played out in BFE. I mean, who ever would have imagined a few years ago that Minneapolis would become a crime-ridden slum full of third-world troglodyte Somalis and other barbarians?

        • Hi Nunz!

          Yup; reality clashes with fantasy. Socialism will work . .. this time. They did it wrong back there. We’ll do it correctly here.

          Until there’s no place left to repeat the experiment.

          • eric, there will always be a place for it until those idiots get their asses thrashed by everyone they meet. I hear my tire bumper calling. BTW, I blew out a brand new tire today. Oh well, it ain’t the first one I’ve changed.

        • Texas is falling fast. I predict in less than 2 years, it will be controlled by the loony libs that came from cali as well as the immigrants who don’t know crap about government.

  10. Morning Eric,

    Ironically, as others have noted, there is at least some plausible constitutional justification to be made, unlike Lincoln’s appeal to a mystical Union that somehow predates its own formation, re California, by arguing that its actions violate the commerce clause.

    Still, as I believe that radical decentralization offers the only chance, albeit slight, of altering the course of Leviathan, it is interesting to ponder what could happen were California left alone. Imagine if the Federal emissions and safety fatwas were returned to 2000 levels, while simultaneously allowing imports of any vehicles that meet those standards. Sub $10,000 new cars would likely become common, both because of imports and because US automakers would be forced to compete. Californians would be stuck with entry level cars costing twice as much. This would be a case study in the real costs of regulation.

    Of course, all the US auto companies would oppose it, as would the eco-loons, control freaks, car haters, social engineers, etc… As would poverty, Inc, showing that they care more about control, than helping the poor.


  11. “I then told this bozo to leave, immediately, else I’d complain to the city…”

    No, you allow him to stand there and hear you call the sheriff’s office and request someone come and tresspass him off your property.

  12. Eric, in general I agree; let the moonbat liberals live with their own rules for a while. I think another approach which is in line with our constitution is *regulation*. The word’s original meaning in the constitution was “to make regular” (not create rules by un-elected soviet style communists.) California’s rule is a *tariff* which the constitution outlawed as a condition of being part of the United States so the states (or more precisely the people within the states) can free trade amongst themselves. I think Trump should take them all the way to the supreme court so California can lose in front of the frat boy who likes girls. In the meantime, Trump could cut their highway funding until the get in line with the constitution. Throw it in the woods.

  13. “And haven’t the people of California got just as much right to govern themselves as the rest of us have to not be governed by them?”

    You’re absolutely right! Let Kali pass laws that are as perverted as in their sickest wet dreams. In fact I wish Kali would mandate that their cars get 100 miles per gallon by 2025. The farther insane Kali laws become, the sooner automakers will conclude that the rest of America will not buy such atrocities.

    Then Ford, GM et al will reach the crossroads. Build cars that only will be salable in Kali, or cars that only will be salable in the rest of the country. They cannot have it both ways.

  14. I live in CA and can speak from first hand experience how out of control the Air Resources Board (ARB) and Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) are with their rulings and excessive fees and requirements for registration.

    I own a 2008 Jeep JKU and that mini van motor died. I had a LS Gen4 5.3L Iron Block installed and then BAR tired to tell us it was illegal to put a GM motor into a Chrysler vehicle. BAR was caught altering the vehicle inspection report (VIR).

    Even after going through the testing process with SEMA and getting an executive order from the ARB, BAR would not pass the vehicle for registration. I am now waiting for SEMA and ARB to get BAR inline with their testing and approvals.

    A complete cluster f-ck and a clear indication of the agenda to destroy grease monkies and car enthusiasts.

    • Huge +1 on that.

      For those of you not aware of how bad it is here; every single part that’s emissions related, meaning everything to do with intake or exhaust up to the catalyst, has to be certified by the CARB. No certification, no smog certificate, meaning you can’t register the car. It doesn’t matter if the car is better than stock, it doesn’t matter if it passes a dyno sniffer test with flying colors, if the parts aren’t either stock, or CARB certified, you’re failing “visual inspection”, and registration for you.

      My track car is a Lotus Elise. It has a Toyota engine in it, and uses Toyota Celica air filters which cost $15 at a toyota dealer. Generic ones cost $12 at a local car parts store. However, those Toyota air filters are not certified for use in a Lotus Elise, so, to pass the smog check, I have to buy the same filter from a Lotus dealer, which has a Lotus sticker over the Toyota logo. This filter costs $50+, since it costs a lot to get it certified, and not many units get sold to amortize that. Naturaly, I found a mechanic to do the inspection who doesn’t care, but if I had a cold air intake or something, which changes the ECU adaptive maps a little bit, they’d notice and fail me. It’s ridiculous.

      • And all the people fleeing California are stopping at the continental divide (well, just past it in Denver), and bringing their politics with them.

        • The sooner that big earthquake hits commiefornia the better off the whole world will be. A state full of loonies needs to sink into the ocean as quick as possible. Pity the state can’t sink at the boundary lines.

          • We’re not all loonies here, there are plenty of sane people, however, most of the population is in two dense areas, and the liberals have the majority there. Geographically, MOST of California is red politically, poor, agricultural. LA/SF are the two population centers that end up setting all policy. Those of us who lean libertarian are sadly, outnumbered, so in a democracy, our voices are lost.

            CA is a good example of how the United States would be without the electoral college.

        • RK, Co. is too cold for most of them but they like the loaded regs for everything there. Some feel the need to move to Texas(way too many)so Dallas/Ft. Worth are filling up along with some outlying places around little Mexico, San Antonio.

          Not many moving to west Texas thankfully since they bring their failed politics with them. Same with San Antonio. It’s so nice to have the people of Texas support you so you can recreate Mexico.

          I just have to say this. There’s something bad wrong with people who can’t make full-fledged colors like they do in Mexico. Red? Well, this washed out slapped on with a brush looking stuff as if it’s 100 years old. Same for all colors. No bright blues, greens nor anything else. Sorta like their phones that go very softly hooo hooo hooo. You’re almost afraid to speak in a normal voice fearing to break it.

          • Don’t want to trigger anyone with bright, bold, or brash color. Better to stick to pastels, Earth tones and “antiqued” hues. And besides, any deviation from the norm will affect everyone else’s resale value, right?

            Unless you’re a building being built by uncle. Then anything goes, and the uglier the better:

            The Soviet Style was horrible for sure, but at least people could understand it. Now Uncle’s gone full nutty but no one wants to admit they don’t “get it” or their elite friends will laugh at them. So we get these Gehry abominations that no one in their right mind would approve if they were footing the bill.

      • Just think…not only do snobs that want that Lotus pay out the nose to purchase it, but the “stealership” pulls crap like putting that Lotus sticker right over the Toyota one, and QUADRUPLING the price. Yet if the smog inspector sees the “generic” filter, he’ll flunk you on the visual, even though it’s the same one! Nothing but a scam…

      • Buy some double sided pressure sensitive adhesive and move the lotus sticker from one air filter to the next. Or scan the sticker and print your own new ones.

      • Just get ONE approved filter and install it right before the inspection, and then swap out a generic filter and keep the expensive filter in a Ziploc bag until just before the next inspection 😉

        Years ago we had a similar thing with USDA approved “spark arrestors” absolutely required by the Forest Circus. They were many times the price of a generic muffler and when we finally got one, it was just an open pipe! Not a spark arrestor or even a muffler at all, but it had the USDA approved stamping on the empty housing.

  15. Rescinding a state level fatwa that would have infringed upon the liberty of everyone in CA, and possibly most people elsewhere in the state — this is not remotely the same as Lincoln declaring war on newly sovereign states because he asserted that, the Constitution be damned, states can’t secede.

    The first in preventing infringements upon liberty, the second is infringing upon liberties (albeit including horrendous “liberties” like owning other people).

    • Correct, sir. The main justification for the US Constitution was allegedly “states taxing commerce with other states” and restraining interstate trade. Which is precisely what the commies in Cali are trying to do. Now if His Mangoness would start rounding them up and doing tribunals for treason for the gross and blatant violations of the bill of rights…

    • There is a movement of the northern CA and southern OR counties to break away and become their own state, the State of Jefferson. Of course, in the eyes of the bought-and-paid-for libtard media, they’re nothing but ignorant hicks, or even potential “terrorists”..

      Yeah, LET CA go through with “CalExit”, we in Northern CA will counter-secede back to the Union and watch the nitwits further ruin their “country’, ha ha!

      • Recall that Obumer almost immediately said “White men over 40 are domestic terrorists.”. No exceptions. Oh, how I wish that were true. Come to west Texas and find it is. Just mention taking guns away and everybody’s hair goes up.

  16. The only reason for California’s stricter emission rules was a misguided and erroneous assumption about the Southern California Los Angeles basin.

    Situated between mountains and the ocean, this area was known by the native population as the “valley of smoke”, long before the proliferation of the internal combustion engine.

    The topological nature of the area made it susceptible to “inversions” in which stale air would be trapped in the valley due to meteorological conditions.

    Rolling back the emission regulations is common sense.

    • Likewise California’s Central Valley, especially in the vicinity of Fresno and/or Bakersfield, gets the rap as the “most DIRTY air”…a great deal of this is NOT based on actual air sampling of NOx, or HC (ppm) and so on, but rather, a subjective evaluation based on VISIBILITY of the nearby foothills and mountains. The trouble is, it’s mostly due to the stirring up of DUST, as, being a Mediterranean Climate (Koppen BSk), it gets DRY in the summer and early autumn! Not only, from any vantage point in the valley, are the mountains, which are usually easily viewable and spectacular at dawn, virtually obscurbed by mid-day, but likewise from any viewpoint in the Sierras (like Meadow Lakes near Shaver Lake NE of Fresno), the valley will look like a big “Dust Bowl”. Yet…is it HARMFUL? Most days, unless there’s really a sever inversion, the answer is…NO. It just LOOKS bad!

      However, politicians sell their hare-brained schemes for ‘sustainability” and “carbon footprint” based on emotional, subjective reasoning rather than science. And then we wonder WHY the automobile is getting ever the more unaffordable for “Joe bag-o-donuts”.

      • Douglas, on my periodic drives from San Diego to NorCal, I see lots of white haze. To me, it appears to be settled/settling particulate from chemtrails. The Cabal seems to have it in for the Central Valley, Riverside County, and Tijuana, as, from my observations, those places seem to be under heavier ‘bombardment’ than San Diego.

        In all the ‘climate change’ discussion, the establishment academics conveniently ignore the role of persistent-for-hours jet ‘contrails’ throughout the U.S. and world and their unspoken role in bizarre episodes of weather.

        • It’s not unique nor in one area. I see(since I’m out all day every day)countless chemtrails that take a long time of dispersal. They love west Texas where there are so few people. And they fly a lot of it from Dyess AFB in Abilene, Tx. Religion and military suckers. They don’t seem to notice. Of course they don’t get away from that shithole town.

          But get 50 miles any direction and we get covered with it.

    • No one dares question the authorities, or does 5 minutes of research. For sure no one bothers to learn about weather, at least not in a way that they would understand temperature inversions. Way back when I was planning on going to school in Denver I mentioned it to someone who happened to have lived there for a time. He went on for about 5 minutes about the “brown cloud” and all the pollution in Denver because of a persistent inversion layer trapping air at the surface, especially in the winter. I clearly remember seeing smoke swirling around the courtyard in my apartment building, while up in Evergreen or out east it was clear.

      For now emissions testing is done at the county level. If you’re in a rat colony county, you have to get emissions testing done annually. My work truck was registered in Denver county for years, and every year I’d have to drive down to Denver, get the emissions test done and then drive back up to Aspen. What a waste, but hey, I could expense a room, have a nice meal on the company and visit with friends. But my employer lost an entire day plus of my labor. They finally wised up and changed the registration to Pitkin county a few years back. But I’m fairly certain someone just hates the fact that the western slope is completely exempt from any emissions testing. Many diesel trucks out here have delete kits installed, and quite a few look like they “roll coal” on the highway even though it’s probably just normal soot.

      • Kinda like the time I offended this bitch doing DOT drug tests by saying my Eucalyptus lozenge would show me drunk. She went off the deep end even though her co-worker said “Don’t you remember when it made me come up as drunk”? Then that really pissed her off.

        She wrote a bunch of shit on the test results, rendering them null and void. Next thing you know I had to take a whole day and drive 200 miles to the people who did the DOT tests for our other office. They were very nice. I blew, passed, pissed in the jar and big them a good day all the while we had great laughs about the log books and the best fiction you’ll ever read.

        Of course we now have ELD, that screws every driver out there out of hours every single day. Nothing like bureaucrats to fuck up the world and everyone’s paychecks.

        Those mega carriers could stop this shit in a minute but it saves them money. They get work done for nothing.

        • Every week we have a team meeting, and every week we’re reminded to take our lunch hour. Never mind that we get a tech calling about a field issue every day, never mind that the work’s got to get done. The boss did his duty, we pencil-whip the timesheet, and all is good. And we can leave early once in a while. If they ever install a time clock or app, OSHA will hit the roof.

  17. California should simply enact legislation allowing only cars manufactured in California to be sold there, and only there. We would not have to deal with their nonsense and they would.

    Hell, why not ‘Free Teslas’ for everyone? And a big pie of cash for housing, electricity, food, drugs…..? Why not?

    If one is to embrace crazy, no point in holding back.

    Still think that wall idea is a good one. A really tall one. One way gates, as in you can check out but never leave. All the way around California, Oregon, Washington and Vancouver Canada too, just to be sure the crazy is mostly contained. We can sort out the East coast later.

  18. Eric – CA and its constituent municipalities all have their heads up their collective asses.

    Just recently, while spending a lazy Sunday afternoon at my sons’, quenching my thirst with some of my boy’s home brew, a “code enforcement” officer from the city showed up and began asking questions. My son was about to answer, but I stopped him, and demanded that this guy show a warrant. When the officer replied that he didn’t have one, but was investigating a complaint of an “illicit” car repair garage being run out of my son’s garage, I asked him to cite the city ordinance that there was complaint of violation thereof. He couldn’t cite it, and refused to say WHOM had made the complaint (but we had a pretty good idea). I then told this bozo to leave, immediately, else I’d complain to the city about his being nosey and pestering us. He left, and we’ve heard nothing since.