Diaper Report 6/13/21

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It has to be the “news.” What is heard – and read – by people who listen – and obey. It is the only thing that explains the regional Diapering I’ve been seeing in my area.

In Roanoke, Va., Diapering appears to be on the wane. At Kroger – the supermarket I visit regularly to gauge the spread of the national pathology, it is now the case that only about half the patients are Diapered. A month ago, almost everyone you saw in the joint was Diapered.

They suddenly seem to feel better and it shows. You can see it – literally.

But in Floyd, Va., roughly thirty-five miles away from Roanoke, about two-thirds of the patients are still quite sick, if one goes by how they look. Including healthy young men donning Diapers in the parking lot, prior to entering the joint. It was quite a sight – and I saw a lot of it.

Interestingly, Floyd is the more rural area. An area where people used to efface their faces less. And now, more. 

What accounts for it? This disparity of Diapering?

It has to be what they see – on the TeeVee.

In neither area are the bodies stacking up, as they have never been – anywhere – outside of nursing homes. But in my area, which used to be a healthier area, you’d swear they were about to – any minute now! – if you went by the visuals.

It looks like what it used to look like in Roanoke, a month ago.

It is the power of Landru. Of the images generated by the machine – the TeeVee – which tells them to be afraid of what they can’t see but must believe. Many of them do. The “mandates” aren’t being enforced much in either area but that is no longer necessary. All that is necessary is to know what Landru – the glowing image – expects of them.

I don’t watch him myself since I prefer to maintain my mental hygiene but I have it on good authority that Landru has been purveying fear about “the cases!” “the cases!” being more abundant in Floyd (and nearby Blacksburg, the home of Virginia Tech) than in Roanoke – and Needling being less abundant in Floyd, with the dire implication that it is (sigh) still dangerous to not efface your face when shopping in Floyd.

And so, many do.

It doesn’t matter that they’re fine. That they have been fine, all along. They are told by Landru that all is not fine, that they risk not being fine. That they must – for the good of the body – continue to wear the Obedience Rag.

Perhaps you have been seeing it, too.

It tells us much about the power of programming.

Which supersedes the evidence of their eyes; blanks out the knowledge assimilated by their brains – if they chose to assimilate it. Effaces their judgment. Lobotomizes their skepticism. Instead, a fear reaction to the Tele-Prompter’d injunctions of Landru, Star Trek shorthand for the god in the box.

That’s all it takes, apparently, to make a lot of people practice practically anything.

In a way, they are Tele-Prompted. Scripted vessels that regurgitate and pantomime the will of Landru. They repeat the words they hear, in the manner of a bird that can mimic the sounds it hears but without an understanding of the words it repeats.

Orwell, who was a linguist par excellence, had a word for this – Duckspeak. The automatic, vocal support of political orthodoxies. To speak without thinking. Put more plainly, to emit noises – as a duck does – without consciousness or even awareness. A kind of biological reflex.

Only ducks don’t “mask” up. That would be beneath them.

It is apparently not beneath the humans who who have become like ducks but without the mitigating fact of being ducks. One cannot rightly fault a duck for quacking uproariously without reason because a duck cannot reason. It  is, after all, a duck.

But a man ought to aspire to more than quacking.

In freshman philosophy, they used to teach the cogito ergo sum of Descartes. I think, therefore I am. But what of those who don’t think? Who react?

What are they?

Well, they are pitiable for openers. In the manner of a chrysalis that never opens, of potential never manifested. Of abortion – and failure. One feels sadness – initially – when seeing them dutifully, robotically, reaching in their pocket for their Face Pampers and putting them on as they exit their cars and head toward the entrance to the store that isn’t making them put them on anymore.

Some – even sadder – continue to wear their Pampers within their car. It is like watching someone who has not only shit their pants but walks around with the brown spot showing and being almost proud of showing it.

But it is also something else. Something alarming. In the manner of a herd of dangerous beasts, set loose by a malevolent rancher who wants them to be terrified, wants them to trample everything in their path.

What is the cure for terror ennobled? These people feel they are doing the right – the essential – thing – by doing as they are told. That it must be done.

Because they heard it on the TeeVee. It is the will of Landru!

Turning him off is the way to the cure. But how many will listen to such a prescription, having become addicted to the pill?

. . . 

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  1. Here are members of the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force patting themselves on the back in their “final briefing” for the media toadies:
    I can’t stand to watch the whole thing, but the theme seems to be exactly what I predicted in early 2020: It would have been so much worse if we hadn’t acted.
    You can hug and go to baseball games again. Yay us!

  2. Yesterday, I returned from Northern (rural) Arizona, and a nice but exhausting stay at my land.

    The Diapered represent a pitiful and insignificant minority up there. We went to our friend’s wedding. Only two freaks diapered during that event, and no, it wasn’t the ancient ladies on oxygen, but young “men”, who thought it important to express their cultish views.

    Upon returning, the diapered freaks were salient reminders that we’d returned to the city. Here, Landru has still a widespread following.

    If only the Red Hour were at hand. I think I might decide to get out there and crack some heads, though it isn’t normally in my nature. They’ve pushed guys like me a little too far, and the enmity is roiling and visceral.

  3. Vaccine survey went out at work this week. The email read like a EULA, very much stressing the survey is anonymous and no way to trace responses back to any employee, etc. The fact that they don’t have the balls to ask me outright and live with the answer speaks volumes. I took the survey, gave honest answers and moved on. I figure if they really aren’t tracking the responses I have nothing to lose. If they are, well, that’s another reason to Shrug. I wonder if I can set up a chicken coop in my backyard? Or a rabbit hutch?

    • Hi RK – had this discussion a couple times over the past few weeks about people who are trying to avoid the question of the jab because they’re afraid what people will think when they announce they’re not taking it….. in a way – it seems a lot like announcing not taking the jab is the “coming out” of the current era !!

      • Hi Nasir,

        I have had people ask me point blank if I have been vaccinated. I am literally standing on their front porch with a set of files in my hand and a computer bag over my shoulder. I always answer yes, since I have been vaccinated – against polio, measles, mumps and whatever other shots they gave me in 1983.

        Fortunately, no one has asked me point blank if I have been vaccinated against Covid. I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I don’t understand why people inquire about this. I couldn’t care a less if someone has had the shot or not. But, it is also downright nosy. Why is it acceptable for people to ask about any medical information?

          • Hi Eric,

            That may cost me a few clients and several thousands of dollars. 🙂 I have tried to be tactful without diverging too much. I know which clients think like me and which ones don’t (the majority of them). I try to be open minded and realize they have drank the Kool Aid and are concerned about their health, because CNN says to be. I try to be understanding, smile, and say “of course.” Then I quickly steer the subject to the appointment at hand. So far I haven’t had any push back.

            • RG – personally ive been asked this too. Now maybe ive just reached the end of my patience with this nonsense but I dont seem to give a damn anymore – and just tell them no. I ask them if they have – to which they usually say yes – and I act bewildered that they have, and tell them why I havnt (ive tried to create a very simplified, quantitative and objective summary). So far, most havnt really been able to debate my argument. But I do worry about work, and my team has asked me… and ive told them (my whole team, above and below seems to have had the Kool Aid). the Mrs advises against this – but really couldn’t care anymore it seems. Anyhow, maybe ill be looking for a job one day – who knows….or worse will end up in the Gulag – at least however I do know ill probably be in pretty good company there!!

              • Hi Nasir,

                I’m at the end of my patience as well. Actually, I was at the end of it this time last year – when I got excommunicated from the coffee shop I’d been a regular patron of for years. And which I’d defended – almost entirely by myself – in person and in public, through my columns and radio spots – for the first two months of the “lock downs.” But because I refused to Diaper – and amen their sick religion – I was treated like pond scum.

                Damn all of them. Every last one of these Freaks, these belligerent cowards, these virtue-signaling fakirs with their under-their-noses ballsack rags. May they all suffer the fate they deserve.

        • Hi RG,

          “Fortunately, no one has asked me point blank if I have been vaccinated against Covid. I will cross that bridge when I come to it.”

          One has no moral obligation to be honest with a bad faith actor or a person who seeks to cause harm, to you or others. Those who ask this question, whether they’re aware of it or not, are participating in tyranny. We are witnessing the erection of a totalitarian State, we do not owe honesty to businesses or individuals who aid in this endeavor.


          • Hi Jeremy,

            I agree with you no one should have to answer to anyone that they do not wish to. We all deal with pushy people every day. My father’s advice to me over the weekend was “Just lie, it is none of their damn business.” The problem with lies is one usually gets caught. If I have Bob and Rob as clients and I tell Bob that I am vaccinated (to soothe his anxiety), but I tell Rob (who is totally against the vax like myself, that I am not) and Bob and Rob go golfing together – I could be in a trap of my own making. People talk and I would feel worse being caught in a lie than just telling the truth and the client refusing me access to their business or home.

            I am already pushing it with what I am doing. I am not lying by saying I am vaccinated, as long as I don’t state I am vaccinated against COVID, but it sure is a big gray area and one that makes me feel uneasy.

            • Take Peggy Hall’s advice and just tell them, “Yes, I’m fully immunized.” That’s the gospel truth, assuming you have a functioning immune system.

            • Hi RG,

              I say, screw these people. I regard their vaccine-mania the same as I regard their Diaper-mania. First, it’s none of their god-damned business. Second, if they are Diapered – and “vaccinated”- then what the Hell are they worried about? Oh, yeah. They aren’t worried; they just expect everyone to share their sick religion.

              • Hi Eric,

                Have you visited NOVA lately? I am pretty sure not only is everyone vaxxed, but their dogs are, too. 🙂

                The entire region shares the same religion. I feel like the Amish walking into Philadelphia. That is where I make the majority of my money that allows me to stay clothed and fed. I can’t say “screw you” to 75% of my clientele. I actually do like my clients. I have great clients. We just do not agree on this matter.

                • I get that, RG –

                  But it grates, regardless. I’ve yet to have anyone ask me about “my” vaccine. I’m kind of looking forward to answering them.

                  • haha – Eric, it is fun sometimes watching their face when you tell them you’re not getting it. Im sure you’ll make the most of the opportunity when it arises 🙂

            • Hi RG,

              I understand your uneasiness, and I am not counseling you, or anyone else, to lie, merely that doing so is not immoral. It is a tactical decision, with no clearly right or wrong answer; those who believe that they are morally obligated to “tell the truth” in such situations are mistaken. Also, “Bob” will still consider your statement to be a lie, no matter that it is technically true; he may even consider this “technicality” to be worse than an outright lie.

              I’m not sure what I will do, but the circumstances matter. Some friends are deeply concerned about my vax stance, I am always honest with them, to varying results. When asked by a doorkeeper at Sam’s Club if I were vaxxed, I merely glared and walked on. However, I would feel no unease at lying to such a person, even if asked directly about the Covid jab.

              My point is that honesty, while a value, and oftentimes morally required, must be a subordinate value. Honesty is either morally required, morally insignificant or morally prohibited. Justice and protection of the innocent, for instance, are higher moral values than honesty, and must be so. These values inform when it is acceptable, sometimes required, that one lie.

              Such circumstances range from the trivial to the critical. A trivial example, my wife, who’s always had long hair, comes home with a short haircut. She is obviously delighted and says “I feel ten years younger”. She asks, “What do you think?” I, despite not liking the haircut, say “I love it”. To be honest here doesn’t make me virtuous, it just makes me a dick. Too often, “honesty” is just cover for narcissism and cruelty.

              A critical example, a cop comes to my door and asks me if I know where my neighbor’s kid is (he’s in my back yard). I know this kid grows pot, for personal use, in his basement, so I ask the cop why he’s looking for him. The cop says that he is suspected of growing marijuana. I lie to the cop, who will use the “truth” to cause unjustifiable harm to this kid. When the law is unjust, we are morally obligated to not participate in injustice; justice supersedes honesty.

              Choosing this example is intentionally provocative, most people understand that one is morally required to lie to a slave catcher or a Jew hunter, but feel very differently about “our” unjust laws in “our” time.


              • Hi Jeremy,

                I understand what you are saying and I am screwed either way by “technicality” or the truth. It is a no win.

                • Hey RG,

                  Yeah, it really sucks! We’re in this situation because of a non-stop, dishonest fear porn campaign that is being perpetrated by bad actors. Most who go along are not bad actors, they are brain washed and frightened. I still hope that they will someday break free of their delusion. I have only a handful of friends who can discuss this honestly, it is tiresome and depressing to be “on guard” with people I have known, and loved, for decades.


        • My mother brought up that someone in her circle protested the jab. Because she was in the medical “community” back in the early 1960s she is an expert in all things medical. Her comment was “Back when I was at Memorial Hospital there was still a ward with people on iron lungs!” I simply mentioned that COVID-19 is pretty far removed from polio, and that about 5000 people have died from complications of the vaccine, and I got the “Yea but still…” answer she always gives WRT questioning anything medical with logic.

          I’m done with this. It’s a fucking chest cold, not the bubonic plague.

        • I usually answer that question with one of my own. “Why would I take an experimental vaccine with no long term testing at all? What will it do to me in a year or two?” That generally produces a blank stare. Probably as they wonder why THEY took one.

  4. I am reading more and more about those being “vaccinated” and still getting Covid. Obviously, we know there isn’t a real vaccine in the doses they are jamming in arms and I think we can also safely say that many are catching the wild virus with the vaccine and not croaking. I think we can safely cross off the mass depopulation method as well. The question remains what is in it and what is it supposed to accomplish? They (the government) is pretty insistent that “everyone” must have this.

    • I’m not sure, RG. Reports I’m seeing are that for those who get covid after getting vaccinated, the rate of death jumps to about 6.5% (probably much higher). Up from about 0.15% in the unvaccinated. A fifty fold increase in death. This, of course, is not being reported. But it’s instructive about what may be coming this fall and winter. If these numbers are correct, it’s all forthcoming.

      • There is another thing for certain that is NOT being disseminated. The young are suffering a LOT more from the vaccines than they are from the virus.

      • Hi BAC,

        Interesting. I haven’t seen those numbers anywhere, but you would definitely know more about this than I would. I could also see how the media would not want to report those stats.

    • I think we can safely cross off the mass depopulation method as well. The question remains what is in it and what is it supposed to accomplish? They (the government) is pretty insistent that “everyone” must have this.
      If by crossing “off the mass depopulation method” you mean the vaccines are not going to serve that purpose, you have jumped the gun. There have been numerous incidents of the vaccines impacting reproductive systems, especially in women. Which could easily result in massive depopulation, in a slow and mild manner. I would say that “They (the government) is pretty insistent that “everyone” must have this.” is the understatement of the week. More like they are eager to do whatever they think they can get away with to coerce people to have this. If they determine they can get away with going door to door with armed goons in tow, and forcing vaccination at gunpoint, that is exactly what they would do. The very fact that “what is in it and what is it supposed to accomplish” is being concealed is a clear indication that it isn’t for our benefit.

      • Hi John,

        I think it’s obvious that the push for the Jab is – at the least – economic. The pharma cartel wants what the insurance cartel wants – which is to force almost everyone to “buy” what they are “selling.”

        Mandatory insurance is massively profitable. So also mandatory Jabs. Billions are on the table, for the taking – at our expense.

        • It is indeed sickening to watch, as you are forced to buy the insurance, then forced to take a treatment that it pays for. There appears to be no moral foundation or standard of ethics anywhere in the Corporate States of America. But then again, corporations are sociopathic by their very nature. They have no souls to be concerned about.

      • Hi John,

        You may be right, the world does have a history of sterilization techniques that have been used in the past. My question in regards to such a theory is why involve the seniors or middle aged then? They could have promoted the vax and played upon the crisis toward children – very much like the chicken pox shot or HSV.

        I would curious to see the reaction of the public if such a scenario becomes true. Would the public really care? They didn’t mind when their freedoms were being sliced and diced in the name of “health and safety.” The government can just continue to push the agenda of “climate change and population growth.” The Dems and probably about 1/2 of the Republicans would nod their heads yes and state “we are doing our part.” Most people today have no interest in having children. I don’t believe they would get that upset if they found out they couldn’t have them.

        • If it’s depopulation they are after, the vaccines could be a multi-pronged approach: Kill off some now, let others die over time as autoimmunity and neurodegeneration kick in. Clean up with sterilization or infertility issues in the young. On the latter point, one has to really question the desperate push to vaccinate teens and kids, who have a 99.999% survival rate (fewer kids have died of covid than do in a typical flu season) and who don’t seem to spread to grandma in any event. What can explain this, apart from either colossal ignorance (the people pushing this are not dumb) or some unstated nefarious purpose? My money is on the latter. I refuse to give them any benefit of doubt, given they have lied about nearly everything so far, and have backed that up with threats and violence. None of that would be necessary if the intent was benevolent.

          • Then that means they are just leaving the really smart people who will question everything and listen to nothing. Is that what they want? 🙂

            • You know, part of me thinks that this whole thing is a IQ test. As in, when the dust finally settles, they’ll come out clapping and hand us our certificate and a balloon.

              • LOL I love balloons!

                The certificate would be interesting:

                Outstanding Achievement

                This certifies that (name of unvaccinated person) is not a dumb fuck and has thoroughly questioned and chose not to participate in the transformational:

                “COVID 19/SARS2/World Depopulation” psych op training class.

                Presented by William Gates Jr. and WHO

        • “My question in regards to such a theory is why involve the seniors or middle aged then?”
          Because apparently its doing quite well killing people outright, and getting the young to go along is easier if the older are going along. And they get rich in the process. I don’t know about where you live, but here in Missouri there has been an amplified effort to get children 12 and up vaccinated. They have become the primary target. Which is pointless since they are in virtually no danger from the virus, and even Saint Fauci has stated they aren’t a significant transmission vector. Unless there’s another reason.

          • I feel for the school kids with weak parents or even worse, the parents who believe they truly are saving their child from a virus with a a recovery rate of 99.99% for those under 24 years of age. I wouldn’t put it pass the school administration to start vaxxing the kids while at school and sending them home with parents none the wiser. They are talking about EUA for the youngest of kids around September/October. No doubt this will be mandatory shortly, thereafter.

            I expect them to hold off on the vaccine passports until the youngest can be jabbed. At that point, it becomes no holds barred.

    • RG, there was an interesting article in the daily mail today of this new “indian variant” our dear leaders have “discovered” in their brilliance. Apparently, of 42 people who have died from this – 12 were fully vaccinated and 7 had one shot. Remaining 23 were un-vaccinated. Given the country is about 20 mil fully vaccinated, 20 mil 1 shot, and 20 mil unvaccinated (from what I understand), either case death by this thing is an extreme tail event…. Now add to the vaccinated people the 1000 + people who have died from adverse reactions to the jab, what do you think the rational thing to do is !


      • Actually, its close to 5,000 that have died from it in the US alone. And that’s the “official” number. The big lie about the variants, that used to be called mutations, but I guess “variants” is more scary, is that this is ordinary for viruses. Like all parasites, they tend to evolve into a less dangerous form that spreads more easily. In other words, a more successful parasite that doesn’t kill or maim its transmission vector, but is more contagious. Which is exactly why all viruses eventually fade away. We keep catching them but they no longer matter. Especially as we gain herd immunity. Which the vaccines won’t support, since obviously they aren’t preventing contagion.

  5. We haven’t been to Floyd, VA in a while but, isn’t it sort of a liberal/hippie enclave? I know the Blue Ridge Restaurant was a great old Southern place but, there were quite a few “artisan shoppes” emerging and music venues for the folk crowd.

    • Hi Mark,

      It was a haven for old school (real deal) hippies, back in the ’60s and ’70s. But it was also just eclectic; people from all walks of life – including weirdos like me! It had a great do-your-thing vibe. But that is changing. The town proper is now occupied (by liberals) territory and the Blue Ridge Restaurant is gone. Also the old hardware store on Main Street and Ray’s – the dive restaurant just outside of town. The county is a microcosm of the national affliction – city vs. country. People like me live out in “the woods.” The Clover-dick-Liberals own the town.

      • Well, that sucks. We used to stay at the two cabins on the creek outside town about a mile from the Parkway. The breakfast at the Blue Ridge was one of the great treats, super thick bacon, a pound or two of hashbrowns, biscuits as big as melons with the best sausage gravy…and the waitresses all called ya’ “Honey”.

        • Hi Mark,

          It does suck. Rays is gone, too. And the Bent Mountain Bistro – owned by my friend Ben – has been put out of business by the Freaks who control the town, who enforce the Will of Landru.

  6. It will take time, Eric. Where I live the governor dropped the mask requirement back in February. For a few months the masktard population was stuck at 95%. Then it dropped to 50% where it stayed seemingly forever. About six weeks ago it finally dropped to no more than 5%. Even my employer dropped their mask requirement.

    But here’s the thing. I hold everyone in contempt now. And will do so for the rest of my life. Not many people play sickness kabuki anymore. But for over a year 95% of them did. They were too weak and/or stupid to stand up to tyranny. They participated in crimes against humanity. So they no longer deserve my respect. And I offer no path to regain it.

    Now that everybody admits COVID was bullshit they all want to return to the “old normal”. Fuck these assholes. They were too fucking stupid to foresee the end game. Now I’ll hold them in contempt for the rest of their lives. It probably won’t make any difference. But just maybe one or two people will be bothered enough by my hatred for them that they’ll rethink their worldview. I’m not holding my breath.

    • Morning, Anon –

      You sum up my view as well. The fact that they bowed to this indicates they’ll bow to the next thing – to anything. It alarms me to know how readily most people will become “good Germans.” Are good Germans. And four or so weeks from now, we’ll be subjected to the nauseous celebrations of Our Freedoms. I’m staying in that day.

    • I feel more pity than contempt. So many are so uneducated that they simply can’t conceive such monstrosity as real. They are unaware of things like Lincoln killing 650,000 Americans to keep the North’s import tax base intact. They are unaware that between Stalin and Mao, governments killed about 100,000,000 of their own citizens in the previous century. To them, the inherent evil of the state does not exist.

    • Anon,

      IF ONLY they would admit that the COVID debacle was bullshit. I still haven’t heard any such admissions, save for those who already knew that.

  7. This sucks big time. So, it seems a federal judge has thrown out the case filed by 117 employees of Houston Methodist Hospital who questioned the jab and declined to get it? WTF?


    The judge decided that the jab is NOT experimental and dangerous. He also said the plaintiffs can always go get a job somewhere else, so the hospital is not coercing the plaintiffs. I am at a loss for words.

    This will be very bad indeed if the case is not appealed. Thankfully, the story did mention the judge does not have a good track record when it comes to appeals, and does have a lot of his asinine decisions overturned.

    What implications can this have for millions of employees who state, correctly IMO, that an employer cannot force an employee to get the jab?

    • Hi Rush,

      I agree the judge is loathsome and his decision more so. But it’s already been established in law that these “private businesses” can require such things as general drug tests of employees – in the absence of any reason to individually suspect drug use on the job. And the precedent for more – Face Diapering – has also been established in practice. If they require employees to Diaper – to submit to a degrading, dangerous “practice” in the name of “health” – I cannot logically see why the courts will not agree that they have a “right” to also require the Jab, on the same basis.

      I am certain that “private business” will be the enforcement mechanism of the Jab. First “health providers” – but it won’t end there. That will merely be the beginning.

      And there will be suicidal libertarians and conservatives who support it. They will argue: You are free to not work there! They have the right to set terms & conditions of employment! Of course, you will eventually be “free” to work nowhere. Unless you submit to the Jab.

      • “If they require employees to Diaper – to submit to a degrading, dangerous “practice” in the name of “health” – I cannot logically see why the courts will not agree that they have a “right” to also require the Jab, on the same basis.”
        There’s a world of difference. While the masking and subsequent isolation are no doubt detrimental to health, the vaccines are a medical experiment which could just as easily obliterate your health, or kill you outright. Coercing people to participate in a medical experiment is a criminal act, by number of US federal, and international laws. It’s even illegal for there to be voluntary participation in such experiments without informed consent, which of course there isn’t regarding these “vaccines” or no one would take one. The tyranny is indeed the same, but the effect is far more serious.

        • Hi John,

          Naturally, I agree – but will the courts? The narrative is that Diapering was necessary to protect “public health.” The same will be applied to the Jab – which the narrative says is “safe” as well as “necessary.”

          Never let reason cloud your assessment of unreasonable things.

          • And never underestimate the stupidity, or insanity, of people in large crowds.
            I will admit that my ability to reason sometimes clouds my view of the many who have none. What seems obvious to us is obscure to them.

  8. As a Libertarian-to-the-bone, stuck here in the U.S., I am continually perplexed and disgusted by the majority of the inhabitants here that I describe as lickspittle.

    • after the stolen in plain sight election its clear folks with a brain are the real persecuted minority in the land of knaves and fools. The one good thing the mask and now vaccine nonsense has shown is how hopeless things really are. Always better to know where you stand even if it sucks.

  9. Still full mask compliance in Hawaii. I predict we will be the last state to retire the diaper.

    Had an unsettling experience in Home Depot today with a middle aged woman customer accosting me for not wearing a diaper. I never get called out in HD, and always go maskless (invariably the only one in the store), and so the experience was all the more weird.

    She got belligerent and wouldn’t leave me alone. I refused to say anything to her and so she escalated. She haunted me throughout the store, staying close to me, trying to steer me out the door. I thought she was going to hit me from behind. She would point out to everyone that I didn’t have a mask on. A real psycho.

    I was done shopping anyway, so left the store directly, and she didn’t follow me outside. My only solace was seeing her frustration talking to a ghost who paid her no attention. There’s no talking to a person in that kind of mood and no getting the upper hand on the situation. I know, I’ve been in two marriages, both twenty years.

    • KA, as I understand, isn’t conjob a respirator illness? And doesn’t Hawaii have the lowest rates of respiratory illness in the USSA? Especially in June?

    • Quite the contrary, you had the upper hand the instant she jumped you. Trying to put myself in that position, I’m afraid I might have burst out laughing, which would no doubt send her into an explosive rage of such magnitude she may not have survived.

  10. went camping this weekend. not a mask in sight.
    it was refreshing

    even the camp store dropped their compliance

    what i can’t quite understand is relatives who proclaim covid is bad, they know people that died from it; yet hated wearing the diaper; gathered with family & friends sans mask; don’t believe child age bearing family members should get the jab; but yet view pope fauxci as some kind of hero

  11. Update to my nj report. I had to venture to walmart today to pick up some supplies. All kabuki signs are gone but you would never know it from the diapered freaks inside. I looked at my son and did my best Sean Connery impersonation, boy, we are pilgrims in an unholy land.

    The most surreal part was standing in line with my son and the 2 ladies in front of us fully diapered were comparing their convid vax certificates. I just about wanted to scream at that point, take off the dam diapers! But i restrained myself.

  12. I heard recently of an 11 year old girl in NY that said NO! to continued face diapering in her school and went face-au naturale. Naturally, they tossed her out. But we won’t hear about her on the TV, as air time is reserved for angry, mildly retarded leftist children who worship Gaia. Still, how is it that an 11 year old is more of an adult than half of the people in this fetid rotting corpse of a country?

  13. Last Thursday I went up to Rockville to get tires on the Allroad. Audi is “one of those” (i.e., woke, dumb ass, virtue signaling, …) business that elect to require everyone to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. There were a couple others in the Rockville area that did likewise but not most. I thought that, if any generic business (e.g., nail salon) is gonna require that shit, people will likely go elsewhere except for the most devoted followers of Landru.

    And OBTW, I have yet again re-affirmed my hatred of the “Mexican Audi” Q5. Had a loaner…. 2021… *prestige*… even had heads-up display! The thing that I just can’t get over… well.. couple/few things… first, you’re up high like you’re driving a bus, and secondly that OMFG PATHETIC itsy-bitsy tiny-teeny eeny-weeny LITTLE four banger is such a spongy dog… it’s embarrassing! I kept that sucker in “Dynamic” and “Sport” mode AND disabled the stupid “auto-start” feature and it was still a sloth.

    I guess the ducks are fine with it lumbering about as long as they get Apple Play and heads-up display with integrated GPS. And (TBH) fairly nice looking simulated wood trim. I’ll have none of it!

    In other news, I also had to go to Johns Hopkins to see the ENT and that is, as you probably expect, a temple of the pathology. But was sparsely populated.

  14. Anybody know of a professional athlete who has resisted mask superstition? I’m watching the French Open semi between Nadal and Djokovic. When Nadal came back onto the court from a bathroom break, he put a mask on to jog the 40 feet or so to his chair and pick up his racquet. Then he took it off, of course, before resuming play. Rafa, you cannot be serious! The good news is players have resumed shaking hands at the net when matches are over, although they still don’t shake with the chair umpire. I was afraid that custom had been lost forever.
    In Formula One and NASCAR, crews are dutifully diapered at all times, and drivers rag up the minute they climb out. I suppose all sports sanctioning bodies are scared to death of sponsors pulling out if anybody shows signs of a functioning brain.

      • yes so sad that one of the pawns the elite use to distract the proles while they run – and ruin – the world ain’t getting paid for accomplishing nothing. Thats just sand in my eyes btw.

    • Actually, Tom Brady has been pretty good about not wearing masks and basically giving a big FU to the media about it. I was not crazy about him since he was a NE Patriot and I dislike them, but I do have to give him some street cred…..he’s a sheepdog.

      • I watched the recent super bowl recently at the request of my mate. Although I wanted KC to win, I acquired a new respect when Tom went to the stadium with out the snot collector. And best of all, the lefties hate him for that comeback win against Atlanta 2 years ago. Another reason to like Tom. I am actually hoping he gets 100,000 yards so he can be all alone at the top. Hard work does pay off.

    • Roland,
      No more masks in any USA race series, (Nascar, Indycar, NHRA, WoO) F1 is the only race series (that I have noticed) that still requires it.

      • Ah, good news. Thanks for the correction. Had the Indycar race on in the background yesterday but didn’t pay attention. I’ve trained myself to ignore everything but the on-track action because the rest has been too sickening to watch.

      • Hi William,

        F1 requires it… ? Jesus! These guys are lapping at 200-plus MPH…but they are worried about “safety” when walking to their cars.

        • Well Eric, they do have those saaaaafety hoops around their heads now. I suppose it’s nice not to have your head taken off by a flying wheel, but that’s probably the most uglifying development for F1 cars in my lifetime.

        • Indeed, many of us participate in activities that are actually dangerous. Snow boarding, rock climbing, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for Gods sake. Birth is a death sentence. Living in constant fear is not life. Living in risk is often exhilarating.

        • I’m not surprised about the virtue signaling in auto racing. It’s been around for years. The late Dale Earnhardt did some PR stunts telling people “speed kills.” The poster said “Speed Wins on the Track. Speed Kills on the Highway.” Some of these other race car drivers said they were actually afraid to drive on the highway because traffic was “unpredictable.” Roger Penske, a team owner, did PR campaigns for the 55 mph speed limit. I have had no use for auto racing since NASCAR put restrictor plates on their cars. Prior to 1991, you saw qualifying speeds in the mid 220s. Today, it’s in the 190s. It’s backwards

  15. Been hitting several grocery stores (including Kroger) for Instacart the last couple of days. Der Fuehrer, I mean Comrade General, I mean the governor lifted his mandates the other day (no doubt due to some legal pressure), so everyone in KY officially has permission to remove the face diaper. Some still aren’t having it. Over the last couple of days, depending on the store, between 10% and 1/3 are still diapering up. Apart from employees (who may be forced to wear them), I mutter under my breath, “Get that stupid f$%@!ng piece of sh%! off your face!” whenever I see one. Especially outside or driving their cars (yes, some masked morons are still doing that). Sick in the head, that’s what they are. Or extremely paranoid. Or both.

  16. Two observations come to mind at this time in the world of Landru;
    There was great hope and optimism when high tech first opened the internet. A free flow of ideas and exchange of information around then the gate keepers what was the main stream media big four: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN. Then High Tech became Oligarchs. When power flows uphill rather than downhill and distributed you have the capacity for evil.

    There was great hope and optimism when China opened it’s economy to the West. The intellectual class bated the argument that China would succumb to capitalism once western products were easily in their means. The intellectuals and politically connected quietly planned for capitalizing on the 4-Billion with their deals to the Chicom regime. Then Tiananmen square showed who these people really are and they are not letting go of their power and demonstrated their capacity for evil.

  17. ‘images generated by the machine – the TeeVee – which tells them to be afraid of what they can’t see but must believe.’ — EP

    As a kid, descending to the public library in the basement of our grotty old turn-of-the-20th-century courthouse, I was confronted by a big yellow-and-violet radiation shelter sign in the stairwell.

    How were the town’s several thousand souls to take refuge in a musty basement with a single toilet, no other sources of food and water, and space for a few dozens?

    They weren’t, of course. The point was the menace represented by the luridly colored sign, and the amorphous threat of unprovoked attack by the perfidious Soviet communists.

    Unbelievably, the US fedgov is still doing business at the same old stand: the Russians, the Russians — they stole the election from Hillary; hacked the Democratic national committee; and still invisibly infiltrate our infrastructure daily, so we are told.

    Though scheduled to conduct a summit with arch-villain Vladimir Putin, bumbling old Resident Joe will hold no press conference afterward with Russia’s Lex Luther — to ‘deny him an international platform.’

    HA HA HA … sounds legit! Actually it’s because with his spongiform ratiocinative organ more scrambled than usual by jet lag and interrupted routine, Resident Joe can’t possibly answer impromptu questions from the ravenous wolves of the press.

    Well I called my Kongress Klown and he said quote
    I’d like to help you son, but the Dems stole the vote
    Sometimes I wonder what I’m a-gonna do
    ‘Cause there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

    — The Who, Summertime Blues

    • The Resident is the only one who *should* be wearing a face diaper – to catch his drool.

      They told us in school, long ago, that the reason Castilian Spanish sounds like a guy talking with a lisp, is that a king of Castile long ago *did* speak with a lisp, so his subjects emulated his speech, in order to sound like the king.

      Maybe this is something similar.

  18. So, i’ve made it a point to try and visit places i’ve avoided since convid face diapering became a thing over 14 months ago. My observations are in southern jersistan it’s almosy like convid never existed. Home depot in lakewood 95% undiapered, but home depot in bridgewater 75% diapered. Local walgreens changed its sign from diapers required to enter to diapers suggested. I was the only undiapered but not harrassed. I’ve visited 2 local shop rite’s and both were at least 70/30 diapered to undiapered. The only sign at the door is unvaccinated are suggested to wear diapers. There are still some towns that when you drive through the people are still diapered, outside in the fresh air, with no one near them. The brainwashing is so strong in these people that even now they can’t give it up. Funny part is the people who’s faces i normally see are older people who are supposed to be in the more susceptible group. It is the millenials and their children who have almost no chance of dying from the wu flu that seem to be the biggest adherents to the cult.

  19. I do hope that the 500,000 homeless in America received their stimulus checks.

    Don’t wear the Holy Rag, don’t do it.

    Don’t vaccinate, it just might kill you.

    The oldest question ever asked, it’s a classic: Who shit my pants?

    Asked Hillary, Nancy, Uncle Joe, Alexa, Kamala the Slut et al.

    The most important thing to do is to mock them, then point and laugh. That’s what they all force you to do, the reality, you should be compelled to do so.

    The number of drug commercials on broadcast television is obscene.

    In Canada, The Big Village, during WWII, Riding Mountain National Park was a German prisoner of war camp.

    It had no fencing, no walls, German soldiers would sneak out of the camp on Saturday nights, find a way to town, there they would party, drink and dance with the girls.

    In the states, German prisoners of war volunteered to help with harvest.

    • That made me gag. I cannot believe how easy an individual can be led astray whether in the name of religion, “science”, or any other cult following. I will happily fight for people to believe and practice as they see fit, but when it becomes a fixation and the individual is no longer is allowed an opinion or the right to live as they see fit I draw the line. This “poem” is nothing more than a mind game.

        • Haha. No-edit comment sections are such fun. Btw, have you noticed the phenomenon of the (seemingly) intentional “double is”? For example, a person will say, “The reason is is that…”
          I researched this a little bit a few years ago, and it’s not a new thing. Even smart people like Ron Paul do it. Very odd. When it happens I want to stop them and ask, “Do you realize that you just said “is” twice? Why do you do that?

          • I think the repeated “is” is (see? There’s mine! Except, here, it isn’t) a carryover from colloquial speech. Of course, it’s incorrect there, too. There’s a sort of hidden comma there (“the reason is, is that …”) which gives the speaker a moment for organizing his thoughts without “losing the floor.” In writing, it’s not only incorrect but also foolish.

            • Yes Jim, your first sentence contains good “is” construction, I think. And if I say, “What it is is a fabrication,” it’s clumsy, but not exactly the kind of double-is that I mean (which, btw, I’ve never seen in writing). One of the articles I found about it had a name for what you’ve called the “hidden comma” usage, but I can’t recall what it was. That doesn’t count either because it’s more like a stutter to stall for time. People do that with other words too.
              My original theory was that it grew out of “The reason being is…” – which also drives me crazy. It’s like there is a special kind of reason that exists (called a “reason being”), and the speaker is saying that that kind of reason exists (hence the “is”). Hoo boy: Now I’ve done a “double that.” 😉

          • “That” is another word that gets doubled up a LOT. “It’s true that that would work” as opposed to “It’s true that would work”. I have noticed it from writers who otherwise are excellent wordsmiths. Haven’t noticed from Eric. The double “is” follows the same pattern. Simply take one out.

            • Sometimes, when I write, I wished my goobermint schooling were better back in, The Day.

              But then, I think what that might mean, in a Clockwork Orange sorta way. And then I am ok with my bad grammer, while still seeing those who master the English language as being ok, too. So long as they don’t got a crop,… or a podium of power like Dr. Evil Fauchi-whatever he is, from The Lord of the Rings.

            • Hi John,
              “That” is completely different. “It’s true that that would work” is actually not incorrect, although as you point out, you can remove one “that” without losing the meaning. The construction is “It’s true that [fill in the blank].” You probably wouldn’t object if I wrote, “It’s true that the sun is shining,” even though “that” could be removed and it would still read just fine. In your example, the blank just happens to be filled with “that would work,” so you have the two “thats” bumping into each other. I had a copyediting professor who said every time you see “that” in a story, you should ask yourself whether it can be removed. Most times it can be.
              Here, at about 1:25, is Rand Paul doing the kind of nonsensical double-is I’m talking about. He must have picked up the habit from his dad:
              It goes by quickly so you have to be listening for it. He says, “But I think the biggest thing is is that it can’t be one person’s opinion…” The second “is” is completely unnecessary. You can remove it and the sentence still makes sense. That’s not the case with something like “What it is, is treason.” There you need both. As I said before, this never occurs in writing. It’s a weird habit some speakers have. Or should that be “that some speakers have”? 😉

              • Speaking is entirely different as well. IF you’re cruising along speaking, and your mind alters course the tiniest bit, an error is likely. In writing, the less cluttered the easier to read. After writing something, my first edit is “lets see what I can take out”.

      • Hello Roland and RG,

        When I was reading that link, I was like “Please tell me this is a joke or satire…” I clicked on the menu hoping for some evidence of that, but sadly, it appears to be written to be taken seriously. 🤨

        I don’t know which is more disheartening— that a person calling himself a “reverend” would write such pablum, or that he would “insist it be attributed to him”. 😝

    • Canadians and Swedes are the most gullible people on earth and both are far far left. Why do Canucks fight in Afghanistan! Because we told them to! Why do they have a military at all. Who is going to invade them exactly. I cant say their leaders are more embarassing than ours though so I guess we’re in the same boat. At least triudeau is so dumb he has an unintentional comic effect.

      • Hi Mark,

        The Swedes were one of the few countries that handled this plandemic correctly, at least in regards to mask (non) wearing. For some reason they misplaced their balls and decided to forage ahead with the passport. Very disappointing.

      • Mark – sorry you’re forgetting the Brits -they take the top for the most gullible. They genuinely think the government and politicians “care” for them. They genuinely think a mask will help them survive…. they are just about to be told that lockdown will be extended yet again, with no further travel allowed abroad, and they will happily and proudly accept it – and continue doing so to help their country thinking this is the same as fighting the Nazis in WW2….. because thats what the tee vee has told them…..

        • and for some reason they worship the queen whore and her sad progeny. yes theyre f’d up. Australia is too. Any member of the CIA controlled countries (the five eyes) is.

          • Mark – totally agree. no idea why they hold the Queen so high up…. I guess she’s a remnant from a time when Britain was on top of the world. But people dedicate their lives to following and reporting these people !! And they actually feel indebted to the queen !! I guess its just something genetic, and perhaps thats why the brits are so happy to give up their liberty to a government – because back in the day they basically did have their rights given to them by the royal family apparently….

            So I take it you’re not a fan of Queenies grandson in your part of the world ?

  20. Some encouraging news – went to a meeting last night with a group of volunteers for a summer camp for children. Last year, one of the nurses (who works for a large teaching hospital that shall be nameless) didn’t want to hug anyone (although we all see each other but once a year at this camp and are close knit), remained masked (maybe even gloved), and at camp did the same thing. She was not happy that all of us did not comply (after we spoke with the camp leader and registered our concerns about the ridiculous practices).

    This year, no one at the meeting was masked. The protocol for “covid”? We were told they are doing NOTHING this year – not even the idiotic temp checks. In fact, “covid” was NOT EVEN MENTIONED during the presentation. The nurse seemed to be in agreement with the “new (nonexistent) protocol”. She later mentioned privately that her employer is “encouraging” everyone to get the jab. This employer should know better – even we laypeople know the jab is a problem, besides being completely unnecessary. She is one of only 4 employees who are not planning to be jabbed, and she now recognizes the need for those who wish to resist to stick together. She also gave hugs freely. This is someone who is under perpetual brainwashing and pressure daily at her place of employment.

    There is hope.

  21. Some of this is undoubtedly a political statement, that “I am not an evil Republican, and will do NOTHING to indicate I might be”. Add in those that are addicted to the endorphins and adrenaline that are created in a state of panic, hysteria, and fear. With such a base, it wouldn’t take that many simple idiots to create a significant number of “true believers”. As regards the TV, they are still pretending a miniscule increase in any of the stats is the end of the world. Never mind that the miniscule increase SIILL leaves us far below the also falsified numbers we were seeing a couple of months ago.

    • “Never mind that the miniscule increase SIILL leaves us far below the also falsified numbers we were seeing a couple of months ago.”

      No. Freaking. Doubt.!

      And, those piles of bodies which never materialized which so many people claimed would appear after all the Thanksgiving get-togethers last year.

      That said, this is looking a bit like the Jem Hadar beginnings, have you seen this? a snippet via Revolver.news:

      Disturbing New Info Emerges On Apparent “Magnetic” Side Effects Happening to Some COVID Vaccinated People

      Back in 2016, researchers at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville genetically engineered a magnetized protein called “Magneto.”

      That protein was then placed into a virus and injected into an animal’s brain. The point of the research was to use the “Magneto” portion to manipulate neural activity under the remote influence of magnetic fields.

      From The Guardian

      …the researchers inserted the Magneto DNA sequence into the genome of a virus, together with the gene encoding green fluorescent protein, and regulatory DNA sequences that cause the construct to be expressed only in specified types of neurons. They then injected the virus into the brains of mice, targeting the entorhinal cortex, and dissected the animals’ brains to identify the cells that emitted green fluorescence. Using microelectrodes, they then showed that applying a magnetic field to the brain slices activated Magneto so that the cells produce nervous impulses.

      In one final experiment, the researchers injected Magneto into the striatum of freely behaving mice, a deep brain structure containing dopamine-producing neurons that are involved in reward and motivation, and then placed the animals into an apparatus split into magnetised a non-magnetised sections. Mice expressing Magneto spent far more time in the magnetised areas than mice that did not, because activation of the protein caused the striatal neurons expressing it to release dopamine, so that the mice found being in those areas rewarding. This shows that Magneto can remotely control the firing of neurons deep within the brain, and also control complex behaviors.

      Creepy stuff, right?

      • From ZH:
        “The government (of Pakistan) cannot allow individuals, who do not want to get vaccinated, to risk lives of those who are already vaccinated,” Rashid said.
        Just in case you needed a clear statement by an “official” that the Vaccines DON’T WORK! But Pakistan is going to deny cell phone service for the unvaccinated anyway. Because like most of the enemy players, health is their least concern.

        • yes one thing all this has shown is that there truly is no place to hide. You’d think the Muslims at least might trust Allah to protect them more than Bill Gates. Uh, why no they don’t!

        • Ok one last note on belarus —

          President Alexander Lukashenko, who has faced months of demands by protesters to step down after an August election they say was fraudulent, has cavalierly dismissed the coronavirus. He shrugged off the fears and national lockdowns the new virus had caused as “psychosis” and advised citizens to avoid catching it by driving tractors in the field, drinking vodka and visiting saunas.

          I bet Minsk is nice this time of year!

          • “advised citizens to avoid catching it by driving tractors in the field, drinking vodka and visiting saunas.”

            That is, The. Best. Evah. I’ve ever heard of from a politician.
            Love it.
            The world definitely needs more of it.
            Thanks, for typing it out loud.
            The only thing missing was pretty &/or friendly girls.

  22. An opposite sample: I didn’t hit up the grocery stores this weekend, I did go to two hardware stores and a farm supply store on Friday afternoon. I saw a total of four Compliance Rags. A middle aged couple shopping, a glossy-eyed retarded girl working the checkout lane, and a dude strutting through an isle while wearing a bandanna.

    There weren’t as many people in the stores as on a Saturday, but it was a stark contrast to times past, not seeing face diapers everywhere and on every store employee, save the one. Normally (yeesh, it’s weird referring to this as, normally) I would have encountered -at least- several dozen Compliance Rags on such a trip.

    Just a small sample from Iowa, with 90 plus degrees and insufferable high humidity, perhaps that’s part of the reason for what I saw? Idk.

      • Is that short old woman in the photo the queen of England?

        Couple of choice comments from that Tweet:

        I didn’t know what gaslighting was until our government did it to us.

        Our children have been taught over the past 15 months that freedom is in the gift of the government.

        • Helot, yes thats our dear Queenie….
          Its not just children – the real problem is the damn adults have been taught that freedom is a gift given to us from the Government. A couple more years, and we will be praising and worshiping our Dear Leaders – just like they do in North Korea…..


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