Social Distancing AGW

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Here’s vide of an irate armed government worker named Jason Reinbold berating a woman and her family who apparently stopped for a water-and-snack break on the bike path behind his very fancy taxpayer-financed home.

The AGW is triggered to apoplexy by the woman not practicing “social distancing” even as he walks closer to them.

These are the creeps who will enforce “social distancing” – and so much more.

Hut! Hut! Hutting! people over seatbelts was just for openers.

. . .

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  1. There’s a reason they’re called the “boys in blue.” They’re not men! Just little boys throwing temper tantrums.

  2. What a scumbag! This “man’s” actions would seem to me to be in violation of Tennessee Criminal Code Title 39 “Unconsented Contact”. (I am not an attorney.)

  3. Funny! This retard paces back and forth trying to catch a new idea for a comeback- what moron. I’ll bet he’s mortgaged up to his tits with that McMansion. If hes an AGW he probably has his own little civil asset forfiture racket going- you know, to help out his family and all.

    If he objects to people on a bike path maybe he should have bought a house with trees, maybe a woods in back and no common areas? Nahh,,,,he would rather bitch than switch.

  4. Wow, who knew a man could be such a Karen. May need to come up with a male name for the busy-body male type who always calls the manager.

  5. I’m not defending this a-hole, but where did he say he was an AGW? Because of the wind noise, I couldn’t make out much of what he said; for most of the video, I was lucky if I could tell he was talking at all, let alone discern what he said…

  6. Pretty nice home on a officers salary… Think about that you poor bastards that now are out of work cuz you’re non essential while this pot bellied POS hands out a hard time to a pleb trying to enjoy a nice day.

    You might find this video of Gerald Celente going off enjoyable… no subscription needed to watch the video although the journal is worth the money.

  7. Pajama Cop vs Woman with a spine.
    She drove the point home with a dagger and was polite and calm about it. Future libertarian kids!

  8. Wow! This woman has more balls than most of the “men” around here! Good for her standing her ground against this entitled douchebag who thinks he owns the bike path. Her kids are getting a good education too, a first hand look at how the AGW class looks at us mundanes.

  9. Nice beer gut and man boobs on this porcine fucktard. Probably jealous he couldn’t ride a bike. I’m guessing he then went inside and beat his wife, to release the pent up rage from getting his ass handed to him by a mom and her little kids. Loser.


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