AGW Breaks Leg – Gets Cleared

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Here’s local news coverage about an armed government worker – a “sergeant” – caught on camera beating a restrained man with his billy club until the victim’s leg is broken. The “sergeant” – who commissioned this ersatz NCO? – was cleared of any wrongdoing and accomplice AGWs were “counseled” for turning off their body cams during the beatdown:
Hut! Hut! Hut!

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  1. Well, in other news … a couple who live in our area were rear-ended 2-20-2020 on US 60 in Mesa AZ, slamming their car into a barrier and killing him and seriously injuring her. I found news stories about how the highway was shut down all night but no further information has apparently been released or at least the local media down there doesn’t see fit to follow up on what should be at least a manslaughter charge. An overhead photo on one of the articles shows an apparently unhurt clean cut white guy sitting against the barrier while a cop watches over him. I would have guessed a bunch of illegal aliens without drivers licenses but I am wondering if it was a drunk off-duty cop that killed the fellow, considering no more information released by the police?

    I guess I am really cynical, but Geeze! – can you imagine living someplace where the morning commuters possibly being inconvenienced is a bigger fokking deal than somebody getting killed? // rant off


    Damn. If only the vehicle had been rear ended. Remember “The World According To Garp”?

  3. I broke my leg 7 years ago. It was nothing, didn’t hurt a bit. It irks me for people to scream for no good reason. Somebody kept screaming. I had had it with the screaming and yelled out “Shut the fuck up”. Amazingly the screaming stopped. Yeah, I was alone. Go figure.

  4. Look at the smirking face on that fat creep. I wonder how he’d like it for someone to handcuff him and smash his teeth out with that baton…

  5. During the video, I distinctly heard the phrase “passive resistance”. Perhaps someone can explain how one can “passively” “resist” anything. At no time is the reason for the AGW’s contact with the man mentioned. The AGW din’t like his afershave? After reading and viewing multiple accounts of abuse of power by government and their sadistic thug enforcers, often ending with innocent people sent to prison with zero evidence, we are indeed living under absolute tyrants. I’m not a big fan of Alex Jones, but check this out’


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