Tacticooled AGW is “Respectful”

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This video is making the rounds – for the wrong reasons. It purports to show a misbehaving Millennial – the misbehaving consisting in not showing adequate deference to the armed government worker who pulled her over wearing his full Hut! Hut! Hut! kit, including high-powered handgun strapped to his leg and body armor/Batman belt.

The AGW is “polite” – in terms of his language. But is it polite to initiate confrontation – while armed and Tacticooled – with someone who was just going about their business, not harming anyone else?

Yes, the girl was apparently in “violation” of some petty “statutes.” She had something hanging from the rearview mirror or her car and may not have used a turn signal.


We have become so habituated to being hassled (and mulcted) by armed strangers over victimless “offenses” that most of us are numb to it.

But many of us are also becoming tired of it. We have this odd notion that a person minding his own business, who isn’t harming anyone, ought not to have to deal with an AGW at all – no matter how “polite” the AGW is.

To this AGW’s credit, he did not order her to “Get on the ground, now!” as many AGWs do when a citizen doesn’t immediately obey and defer. But that’s beside the point.

Remember: Everything an AGW does has a threat behind it. There is no such thing as a “consensual” interaction. Every interaction initiated by a AGW is one in which we are under some degree of duress. The only interactions that aren’t are those initiated by us – and when we know we are legally free to terminate the interaction at any time, without any repercussions emanating from the AGW.

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