AGW Threatens To Drown Teen Girl

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A Louisiana armed government worker – a “lieutenant” (who commissions these “officers”?) named Kyra Cole – got annoyed with a teen who was making too much noise for the AGW’s tastes at the apartment complex where she lived.

She left the following voicemail for the apartment complex’s management:

This same kid has been screaming for over an hour . .  . I cannot come home after work and just be at peace in my house and pay this amount of money to come home to this kid, and if I go outside I will probably drown them.

The threat (news story here) made by the AGW was dismissed by the AGW’s higher-ups, as follows:

Our agency was made aware of this off-duty matter by the Broussard Police Department, who advised us that after filing a routine incident report they were not investigating the matter further. Action was taken by our agency in accordance with our general orders.

Mind, this “lieutenant” is armed – and has the murderous force of the government behind her.

AGWs routinely administer a Hut! Hut! Hutting! for lesser offenses to their “safety.” What do you suppose the reaction would have been had someone left a message for “lieutenant” Cole about drowning her?

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  1. If I left a message on someone’s voice mail, complaining about the noisy little bastards next door and that, in tongue-in-cheek fashion, “harm” MIGHT come to them, you bet your ass I’d have several burly “ossifers”, all armored-up in their tati-cool outifts, burst through my door, in a conga line, and they’d have me, prone, with the muzzle of a shotgun to the back of my end, shouting and screaming, “where are your GUNS!”, and they, along with all my PCs, as well as any “questionable” reading material, would be CONFISCATED, and IF they hadn’t already conjured up some charges to justify the break-in, they’d just do a ‘5150’, and being declared officially a “crazy guy”, say goodbye to my 2A rights, do not pass “Go”, do not “collect $200!”

  2. I don’t know Eric,,, I have said worse things when living in an apartment with extremely noisy neighbors. Of course I never left a message on a machine but this sounds more like aggravation with the situation than a actual threat. Granted, her position and today’s UBER sensitivity to being offended by anything, along with a complete lack of humor, this was not the PC method to use.


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