AGW Yanks Teen Girl’s Hair

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An armed government worker in Orange County, Florida has been fired – and may even be criminally charged – after video surfaced of him violently yanking a middle school girl by the hair, to instill in her the proper respect for his Authority.

The AGW – Harry Reid – is a “school resource officer,” the euphemism for an AGW who prowls the halls of elementary, middle and high schools. To get kids used to the omnipresence of armed government workers  . . . and to instill in them the proper respect for their Authority.

Via the same Hut! Hut! Hut! tactics used against their parents, outside the school walls.

A three-star “general” with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office issued the following statement:

“That deputy’s behavior and actions violated many policies, our standards, but more importantly, the visions and expectations I’ve set as sheriff and definitely will not be tolerated,” he said. “I want our deputy sheriffs to know that as well, and I hope this sends a strong message not only to our community but also to our deputy sheriffs.”

But perhaps the question ought to be asked: Is it sound to place armed government workers trained in military tactics, to regard any hint of recalcitrance (this includes confusion) as a “threat” that must be met with immediate and overwhelming force among children?

Bad enough – dangerous enough – that AGWs are Hut! Hut Hutting! adults. But kids? Once upon a time – it wasn’t that long ago – teachers (not armed) dealt with recalcitrant students. Certainly, there may be occasions when more may be necessary. But it is not all the time or even most of the time. The hysteria over “school violence” has been answered by making violence – in the form of armed government workers – into the all-of-the-time problem it has become.

And not just in the obvious ways – as here.

There is also the fear inculcated by the presence of armed men milling around children, which is as psychologically unhealthy, probably, as having armed men trained in battle tactics enforcing school rules is dangerous.

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  1. Oh thank you for “your serice”, o’ brave one! Thank goodness we live in such a civilized country where we are protected from dangerous little girls by big brave “men”! Also, it is very reassuring to know that if there had been an actual emergency- such as a spider on the loose or a shooting, that the students and staff at the indoctrination center would have had such an one as yourself to follow to the best hiding place until the carnage was over and the news crews arrived!

    Ah! Makes ya proud to be an Americunt!

  2. So … an AGW gets fired and possibly faces felony criminal charges for yanking a she-mundanette by the hair, but if said AGW were to encounters an adult mundane under similar circumstances and implement a summary death sentence, they would get a paid vacation, along with maybe even a commendation or a promotion?

    I guess this demonstrates that AGWs are under some law similar to the laws pertaining to hunting: you only get in trouble if you kill them when they’re below a certain age. Otherwise, they’re fair game, but, unlike mundanes hunting animals, AGWs have no seasonal restriction or number limits when hunting mundanes.


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