More IDF AGW’ing

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Here’s video out of Tampa, Florida showing how armed government workers handle unarmed teenagers using “tactics” similar to those used by the Israeli Defense Forces to subdue the Palestinian indigs:

The tactics are premised on using extreme force to compel immediate submission to the AGW – in other words, they are basically military tactics (which is what the IDF is).

It is not well-known – because it is deliberately not covered by the mainstream press – but American AGWs are routinely trained in IDF Submission Tactics, often in Israel. This is one of the  main reasons for the transformation of AGW’ing into Hut! Hut! Hutting!

American cops didn’t used to be buzz-cut, armored-up and Tacticooled proto-Nazis on psychological hair-trigger, who perceive the mildest reluctance to Submit and Obey RIGHT NOW! as a “threat” to their “safety” which must be answered, immediately, with extreme violence… but are now.

And now you know part of the reason for that.

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