Another Texas AGW Murders Another Homeowner

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Armed government workers in Fort Worth, TX shot and killed a woman who had committed no crime and was inside her own home. The AGWs descended upon the woman’s home in the middle of the night  . . . because a “concerned” neighbor called to report the door was open.

This is not illegal.

But on the basis of the call alone – and the legally open door – the armed government workers skulked around the home’s exterior – guns drawn – and when they startled the woman inside, shot her dead through an open window.

No attempt was made to ascertain whether the woman was the homeowner, much less whether there was any problem . . .

Other than trigger-happy AGWs.

The AGWs have released redacted body camera video showing that there were guns inside the now-dead woman’s home.

Also not a crime.

Many people keep a pistol on a table by the bed or similar for protection.

But the AGWs are already presenting the fact that the woman was “armed” as justification for murdering her – the gunfire erupts almost without warning – on the basis of nothing more than a phone call from a “concerned” neighbor and the fact that her front door was open.

This is important – or should be.

No crime had been committed and there was no reason for believing one had been. Someone “calling” to express “concern” isn’t evidence of a crime.

A kicked-in door or jimmied lock something along those lines is evidence.

The woman’s door was not kicked in.

There was no other reason to believe anything was amiss – yet the AGWs went into full Hut! Hut! Hut! mode, guns drawn and – as it turned out – blazing.

If this isn’t a license to kill – another one – it is hard to imagine what else might qualify. Many people who live in the country leave their doors and windows open at all hours. It is not “suspicious” – much less illegal – and ought not to qualify as a pretext for an armed government worker to snout around the house, guns drawn, absent some other legally valid reason to justify an armed investigation.

Most people expect to be secure in their own homes and often have guns – legally possessed guns – for their own protection. AGWs (assuming they have any business being there) ought to put their own “safety” second, for the sake of the safety of the citizens they supposedly “serve and protect.”

But we all know the truth of the matter. We know that AGWs are poltroonish bullies – some of them itching to pull the trigger.

Like Amber Guyger.

Like the one in the video above.


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  1. Anyone else hear the the cop is “out on bail”?

    How is it that he gets this advantage, but the average Joe charged with murder wouldn’t have a chance to see the light of day?

    (Yeah, I already know the answer…)

  2. The one thing that strikes me when reading about these situations is;

    Doesn’t anyone knock anymore?

    Report was a wellness check – the door was left open. OK, Stand next to it and knock or ring the doorbell. Holler out “Hello! FW Police!”

    Total mystery why he’s going around the house with a flashlight.

    • You can’t see outside from the inside at night if you have any light on at all inside.

      All a person looking out a window would see is a bright flashlight pointed at them: no ID, nothing at all except a light. Anyone at all could be holding that light.

      • Anon, I turn off the lights in the kitchen including a night light to watch the deer I see under the pear tree. If there’s any light on in the living room, I have to turn it off too or I only see that light(s). It’s even worse with binoculars. During decent weather, I just step onto the front porch with my nocs in hand and watch them. They may hear me come out but if I don’t move they soon forget about it.

        We sit in a pickup using it as a blind a few feet from the front door with the pear tree 100′ away. If one group wanders away, I can always step back inside to get another beer. It’s a tough shot to make but somebody has to do it.

        My Nikon 4X12 600 BDC scope I recently traded a pickup for is not the reason I for deer. I don’t even use that little 5.56 on a deer since a .243 is a done deal with a decent shot. My neighbor’s not half my age and when he’s getting a deer lined up he pants so hard I can’t help but laugh. He’s a good shot at anything but a deer but last year he panted himself into shooting one too low, just jerked the trigger and the gun went down. I wasn’t laughing then cause it took us over an hour to find it…..still alive.

    • MM, I came across a video on YT yesterday that made my blood boil. I looked down and the comments had been disabled. You can tell everytime there’s something so egregious it trips the ire of anyone who watches it and it’s something YT supports. The comments are disabled.

    • Hi Mark,

      It ought to have legs. It’s egregious. The AGWs didn’t even identify themselves before opening fire. That alone places the entirety of the onus on them for murdering this woman – who had every right to be inside her home and to have guns on the table – and in her own got-damned hand, even. It was her home. She had done nothing illegal. The fact that AGWs were “called” imposes no obligation upon her; if anything, it makes the AGWs even more culpable since she had no reason to expect a visitation and it’s reasonable to imagine anyone in her position being startled and alarmed by the unexpected presence of strange men looking in a window . . . strange people who made no effort to identify themselves before screaming orders and opening fire almost before they’d even finished screaming orders. She wasn’t even given a couple of seconds’ benefit of the doubt to “Put her hands up!” as ordered.

      She was dead before the AGW who murdered her had even finished the sentence.

      Note also that the AGW who pulled the trigger was not Hut! Hut! Hutted! by his fellows – despite his having just shot an innocent woman to death right in front of their eyes.

      • Eric,

        I agree; I’m glad the story has legs. More of these stories need to get out there. Maybe then people will stop worshiping LEOs.

        What I noticed in the video is that the door was NOT ajar-not even close! The accounts I’d read said that the door was ajar, which connotes being partially open. Isn’t that that the “Door Ajar” light means in your car? The door was closed; the thing simply wasn’t LATCHED, but it was in the frame of the door. Why did the neighbor even call the cops in that case? Why didn’t he simply go over there and checked on her himself? BTW, in the story, he says that he’s sorry he called the cop!

        Since this was a ‘welfare check’; since there was no reason to worry about violence (wasn’t going to a known criminal’s residence); why didn’t the cops knock on the door first? Why didn’t they announce themselves? He never, ever announced himself; he never declared he was a police officer. All she knows is that some strange man in black carrying a flashlight is on her property; this stranger then tells her to put her hands up. What was the woman supposed to think?

        Finally, I’d like to see how he JUSTIFIES this shooting! While there were guns visible, they were laying around; since they were in her house, she had a right to have them laying around. As far as we know, the woman didn’t have a gun on her. That said, why did the cop think that there was a threat, especially one requiring immediate action? On what grounds did he think that she had a gun on her? Why did he think it was all right to just open up on her?

      • Hi Eight,

        I watched the redacted video several times and even the redacted version – which was redacted to show the AGWs in the best light possible – shows something appalling. The AGW opens fire on the woman with essentially no warning. He appears at the window – screams “show me your hands” and blows her away a moment later.

        She is given no time to process that an AGW is at her window; not even told it is an AGW at her window. Just a barked command and then – dead.

        Mind: She wasn’t a “dangerous wanted criminal.” Just a woman in her own home minding her own business, who had no reason to expect AGWs to suddenly appear and start screaming at her. If she reached for a gun in this context, it was reasonable and it was the AGW’s fault for not making clear his presence first, to clarify the situation, without his weapon drawn much less fired.

        But that would be to risk his own “safety.” And we know “heroes” never do that.

        • eric, now I read this morning a guard in a Texas prison slammed a prisoner into the floor and killed him(probably several impacts). They slapped his wrist(not really, they did nothing). Never mind he’d nearly killed this same the same prisoner months before.

          I had the displeasure of working with a former guard who’d been banned due to beating people(cuffed….naturally). Right off he began to threaten everyone “Fuck with me and I’ll beat your ass”. I began calling him “Lil’ Nuttzack” to his face right then. He threatened me countless times and I always had the same answer. Me and you out in the pasture anytime you want and I’ll show you what a real ass-kicking is. I’m not a fighter but I can kill you or hurt you so bad you’ll never be the same. I wasn’t really wanting to do this. I have no doubt I’d be the one to pay. Many times it was tempting to just stomp his ass into the ground.

          Every driver in the company felt the same way but none of us trusts the Just Us system..

          • Hi Eight –

            I know G. Gordon Liddy… and whatever one may say about the guy; he’s stand-up and has balls. He told me about his stint in prison. And that the guards – not “correctional officers” – are the scum of the earth. Even worse than outside-the-walls AGWs.

            I believe him.

            • eric, I am guessing the only way you’d stop comments would be because of some spam attack. I’ve noticed over the years you stopped, mostly, intermittently, the old Clover’s comments when she went off the rails. I’m glad. I don’t need to waste my time reading nonsensical bs.

  3. Definitely murder. Cops all know 99% of breaking and entry are done by men. They sicked a dog on a grandma in her own backyard her in MN and she didn’t speak english. All because of a good neighbor. Yet when theres a 50 person party on my block in a black neighborhood at 1am clogging the streets and blasting music from the DJ outside and their suvs. i call the cops 3 times in 3 hours and they just drive pass the party. No stop, no exiting the car, party still going on. WTF! They definitely pick and choose whats a threat.

    • I had a neighbor threaten to kill me and all the cops did was “talk” to him.

      I should have just called in and asked for them to do a welfare check on him!

  4. We leave our doors open this time of year to invite the fresh cool air in after a sweltering summer of repressive heat. The legal guns found in the home of the victim will be used for the get out of jail free card.

    They did the same at Waco…. Showing the guns the residents had. All legal as it turned out. 70 people burned alive, some shot, 20 were children and two were pregnant. Americans went to work the next day,,, very little in the way of outrage. The legislature and President thanked the LEO’s and military for their ” heroism”.

    Today calling 911 to help someone is dice roll death sentence for that person. I don’t suggest it. The police today are simply government hired guns. Mercenaries if you will and evil like their masters.

    • Morning, Ken!

      Amen. AGWs are to be avoided as you would any dangerous animal. Never seek out their attention. If you’re forced to deal with one, be as anonymous and bland as possible to get away from them as soon as possible. Regard every AGW as a very real threat to your safety – because they are.

    • NO outrage? This was an awakening for an entire generation. It spawned the militia movement, until the propaganda organs successfully smeared us as bandit gangs.

      Until my dying day I will regret not going to help those poor folks, murdered by government thugs. We all knew it was bad, but on that day they revealed on live TV that they were proud to murder us, our families, our pets, for not kneeling before their tyranny.

      So after the mass murder, what would you have done? The dead are beyond our help. I resolved to resist in ways large and small for the rest of my days, and to take some of the scum with me if they ever came for me.

      • Erewhon Dweller,

        “Until my dying day I will regret not going to help those poor folks,”


        What would you have done?

        Serious question. I went to Roby Ridge (not Ruby) and couldn’t get near the place.

        As far as current events goes, I recently read that the ATF is understaffed and underfunded. The last time I read about that was not too long before the Waco massacre.

        • Rhetorical question, T- how many committed long distance shooters does it take to disrupt a military assault? But I didn’t go because I still believed there was a chance for the good guys to win without violence. I regret that they cured that illusion.

          • Erewhon Dweller,

            “how many committed long distance shooters does it take to disrupt a military assault?”

            Minimum of four. At the cardinal headings.

            • T, one shooter quickly got 4 of the batfers just walking it down the wall from the inside. I recently saw a video that was obviously govt. biased. Never did it mention the start with a chopper gunning down a 17 year old kid working atop a storage tank. Nor did it say anything about the people inside not realizing they were going to have a gunfight till automatic fire came through the roof.

              They failed to mention had they wanted to serve a warrant, they could have gotten Koresh any morning on his early run. They didn’t mention finding any converted or other sort of full auto weapon.

              They said no one knew how the fire started but there used to be a FLIR generated film of the tank spraying gas that was highly flammable into the house till something set it off. They knew they wouldn’t be caught in the ignition since a stove or cut electric wire or one of the countless rounds of tracers that was shot inside by the batfers would easily work. It was mass murder Lenin/Stalin style but not surprisingly done by the murdering Klinton Klan.

          • Hi ED,

            American “society” doesn’t exist – except as a vapid rhetorical device.

            Like “freedom.”

            We are – largely – disconnected from one another. We commonly don’t even know the people living next door. Millions of us know our immediate families and are casually friendly with people at work and that’s about it.

            We live tightly packed together, go to work packed together, shop together in packs – but do not live in society with one another.

            It is easy to understand why there has been no organized pushback to speak of. It is almost impossible to organize it given the way people live today. How would you go about it?

            Where would you begin?

            As individuals, many of us are very aware there is something – several things – badly wrong.

            But what can we realistically do about it?

            Post something on Facebook?

            To do something meaningful as an individual is daunting given the weight and inertia of torpid, distracted, addled and just exhausted-by-work millions atomized across a continent. When you hardly know who your neighbors are and when the town you live in is a transient depot of commuters and “consumers” (ugly word) going to and fro in windows-up, air-conditioned isolation.

            The colonial secession movement began around tables in community pubs; ideas were bruited about in committees of correspondence.

            There was society.

            The word had a different meaning then.

            People knew one another and spoke with one another. They shared a distinct identity of common cause as Bostonians and Virginians. They referred to their individual colonies as their countries – a wholly different way of regarding them than what they have become since – mere administrative gaus of a single centralized and remote authority which decrees and demands obedience and over whose doings the individual person has neither control nor recourse.

            The very things the American colonists sought to separate themselves from.

            And did.

            Because they had a healthy society.

            Individuals who shared common concerns and go together to discuss – and eventually, to act on – those concerns. Individuals who were vastly more independent as individuals than anything imaginable today  but who were yet intensely interested in the goings-on around them which affected them. Ben Franklin – to cite one of many such examples – made his fortune as a printer and much of that fortune was derived from the publication of pamphlets and tracts about philosophical and political questions, which practically everyone read and talked about.

            Thomas Paine’s Common Sense – which no one reads anymore – was the first American best-seller.

            Grown men did not obsess over children’s games – as they do today. The fact that men do obsess over children’s games today is of course why they do not discuss more adult things. This is probably not a coincidental development. The level of political/public discussion in this country has deteriorated in proportion with the rise of cultural expectation that adult men – and women – at least feign interest in “the game.”

            • eric, you fairly well summed it up. I believe it’s happening worldwide too. The UK has already had this happen and with such a repressive govt. it’s even worse in some ways than the shithole black governed cities in the US.

              But of course not everyone lives there but even in the burb people don’t know their neighbors, except to see them in court for some perceived ill they have caused the other. And the crazies are everywhere so one may live right next door or a whole family of them.

              I saw this coming a long time ago. My mother had a big family and they stayed in touch and gathered a few times year even though they lived long distances from each other at times. But we did have big family reunions with large extended family presence and new arrivals you’d never seen each year.

              As the older people died out, the cousins, 2nd and 3rd cousins were lost to each other in the fray this country was experiencing starting in earnest in the 70’s and becoming moreso as time progressed. I don’t even know where any of my first cousins are or even if they’re alive except for the one who lived near me.

              But this was all planned and now we have the young ones who chant and scream and are clearly out of touch with any sort of kinfolk.

              Of course this was planned long ago by the communist who said outloud they were going to take over and they have. What we see now is the one group who still have some family and value it, almost entirely in flyover country and what has become the norm on the left and right coasts.

              “[Communist Goals for America:]
              – Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
              – Control schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda.
              – Soften curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put party line in textbooks.
              Control student newspapers.
              – Infiltrate churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion (i.e. “social justice,” “liberation theology”).
              – Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
              – Discredit American culture.
              – Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and divorce.
              – Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
              — Albert S. Herlong, Jr.
              (1909-1995) US Congressman (D-FL) (1949-1969)

              We are rapidly(think San Francisco and other major cities left and right coasts) becoming our own shithole and the media promotes it all with their “me first” and the truth isn’t relevant attitude. The MSM is bought and paid for.

              Like G Carlin said “This country is owned outright by a few, a small club……and you ain’t in it”.

    • There has been very little outrage reported by the MSM. That’s because people on the liberty side of the equation are non violent and not wanting confrontation over nonsense. If there is any opposition it has been because of a six decade long media blackout and a disinformation campaign. Legitimate stories on AGW murders of innocent people have been silenced, suppressed or ignored while murders of egregious thugs like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were cast in some black vs white racial dispute. Stories like that spark outrage among minority groups and a backlash from ill informed Caucasians who like to lick black boots.

      • It can’t be an ironic accident that the media only makes a big farking deal out of the shootings of blacks by cops, that were the most justified – while virtually ignoring the real cop atrocities (especially when whites are the victims).

        • It’s no accident. And, I would like to make a distinction between black people and these thugs. Until very recently, they only reported on thug-cop encounters. It’s unbelievable until you know, as I’m sure you do, the nature of the government, media corporate deindustrialized complex.

  5. It would be too much to expect these fools to go to the front door and announce themselves. It’s more exciting to anonymously prowl around hoping to take out a “bad” guy and become a “hero”.

    • Hi Art,

      I live in a rural area and out in the Woods – literally. I live by myself now – and if I see flashlights outside my place in the middle of the night and hear strange guys outside, bet your bippie I’m grabbing my Mossberg or my .45 – prolly both.

      But I guess this gives “heroes” the excuse to kill me… for “threatening their safety…” by trespassing and scaring the crap out of a guy in his own home, doing nothing but trying to get some sleep.

      I find myself humming the Horst Wessel song more and more often. And to their credit, the Nazis weren’t pussies.

      • No shitsky, Eric. I too live in the rural woods near the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, and keep a side-by-side 12 at the ready. Fortunately I’ve not had to bear it.

        I don’t know if this is a matter of poor training, but rather a disdain the political elite and their minions now have for the ordinary American; for which the American police are well trained.

      • eric, you need a fence and a locked gate. Every time I thought I could survive with the gate open, I nearly lost my life. It’s locked right now. It will be locked until I need to go somewhere and will be locked as soon as the pickup is through it. When I get back it will be locked and relocked behind me again. It’s a pain but I see this more and more with my neighbors.

        My closest neighbor finally built a fence and put up a gate with a lock. Unfortunately, he only takes advantage of the gate when he’s gone.

        He had a handgun til his all-knowing wife banned it, probably the reason he won’t buy an AR. He says he doesn’t care for them but he seems to have quite the time when using mine. I hope that and not locking the gate when his kids are at home doesn’t bite him in the ass.

      • I am temporarily living in a small City for employment reasons Eric, but I have lived on my property out in the sticks for quite a few years. I likewise do not have a sponge to keep an eye on things while I am away at work. My present place can’t even be seen from the road. My driveway is an old logging road, and has some people living at the entrance by the road. You would think a property like mine would thus be safe from burglary, but you would be very wrong. I have had thousands of dollars worth of stuff stolen from my place as I work in one of the top ten most dangerous jobs (trucking). Over the decades i.have had my places burglarized repeatedly, but what the HELL can I do about it? I promise you that the thought of trapping them and making their corpse disappear has occurred to me quite a few times ( I know how to do this!), but I need to earn a living somehow. The coproaches have never solved a single burglary. Some might say that I should have stored all of my stuff. I have stored a lot of it, but storage fees are so expensive that you could pay to buy most of the things you have stored with the money saved on storage fees. Additionally, hardly any of them in rural areas offer environmentally controlled rooms for things like guns and ammo, and many forbid the storage of such things anyway. Also, the storage place does not insure your stuff. You have to insure your stuff yourself.
        Some may recommend building a good she’d for the stuff, but that would cost thousands of dollars. Besides, my mobile handsaw Mill was chained to a big tree, and had a hitch lock specifically made to resist cutting it’s shank mounted on the hitch. It still got stolen! Anything outside made of metal can be stolen. Dead batteries intended to be used as trade in cores can be stolen.
        I have heard many a married truck driver state that he wouldn’t mind being a truck driver if he was single. I call such people massively deluded! Being a single white guy having to work for a living here in the U.S. really sucks in so many ways!

        • Brian, I wonder if a steel fence and a lock in a device like I have on my gate would be a deterrent? It would be easier to cut my 3″ posts than to cut the heavy pipe around my lock. I just copied the best lock system on an oil lease I’d ever seen. Nothing is uncuttable and a big chainsaw engined rotary cutter will cut just about anything.

          I like the idea of a booby trap that kills while they’re working over a 3′ deep hole. After all, thieves deserve anything that happens to them.

          The state cops asked me if I had any booby traps. I said I hadn’t considered it since I was just seeing my first boobies.

          I have thought about putting a sign with a circle that looks like a scope and label “This is how you look right now”. And do that every 100 yards. BTW, I now have a Nikon 4X12 600 yd BDC scope. The clarity is outstanding.

          • 8, the entrance to my place isn’t level enough for a gate unless I were to put in a very off- vertical mounting post. At least some fencing would be needed to hopefully keep vehicles out.

            • Brian, it;s not uncommon for there to not be a way to level where a gate should be. Sometimes moving the fence back a ways can help. But digging a hole in any slope, throwing a pipe in there with plenty concrete is easily enough done. Just poke around and find a place where you’re not trying to dig rock.

        • Hi Brian,

          Very sorry to hear about all of this; it’s a shame we’re not allowed to defend our property from thieves by any means necessary. One of the many bizarre things about our Times is that we can and will be criminally charged for injuries incurred by booby traps and such set to deter thieves. My opinion on this is: If someone is where he knows not supposed to be and trying to take what he knows isn’t his and gets hurt in the process, that’s on him – or ought to be.

      • Ah, to be able to LEGALLY own an M-134 minigun. IF the Second Amendment were actually respected, there’d be no question that you COULD.


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