NH AGW Gets Blue Discount for Double DUI

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Here’s local news coverage of the arrest of NH armed government worker Scott Hilliard, who was seen weaving all over the road and subsequently found to have a BAC more than twice the legal limit (.21 BAC) defining drunk driving.

The armed government worker is the sheriff – and hasn’t been “relieved of duty.” He did get a couple months’ jail time.

But what would you have gotten if you were caught driving with a BAC limit twice the lawful maximum?

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  1. Hi everyone
    Check this…

    “US Attorney Who Declined To Charge Cops For Killing Innocent Man Is Nominated For Treasury Role” From Zerohedge.

    Pretty sad… Shot 4 times in the head. He left the scene of an accident where HE was hit. Almost no damage and no one hurt. Boy was it his number. They apparently put out an APB. Park police saw the car and chased. He was stopped 3 times and kept going. He never attempted to hurt the cops. On the last stop they just started shooting. FOR A MINOR ACCIDENT. He apparently stopped suddenly and the car behind bumped him. He just continued on. Maybe he didn’t have insurance! What a crime that would be!

    Why would cops even bother to chase him down? But apparently even if you are the victim you can be accused of ….. what….. Being hit and run. Normally the person at fault would be ecstatic.

    Oh well,,, another one bites the dust in the land of the free….


  2. Nothing new here. We had a local sheriff here in my county in the Shenandoah Valley charged with corruption and about 21 felonies. Our “Justice” system let him plea bargain to 18 months in a country club lockup and let him keep all his state benefits. And to top it off , Virginia Gov. McDonnell pardoned the SOB and cleaned his record. Equal justice for all my ass!

  3. .216 – That’s professional drinking! This AGW must be under stress from all the bad guys he encounters in “the line of duty”….or maybe it’s just a guilty conscience from all the civil asset forfeiture scams he’s been getting fat off of.


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