Diaper Report 10/5/21

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We live in promiscuous times – and not just sexually. People divulge – people expect others to divulge – the most personal information, as for example whether they have been “vaccinated.”

To random strangers. To people whose names they don’t even know.

An interesting aspect of this is – once again – the dissonance of this promiscuity.

Try to imagine (it is not difficult) the bellowing outrage that would erupt if a conservative demanded to know whether the person who wished to enter his store was homosexual. And – if so – whether he was wearing a condom.

Also, gloves.

After all, homosexuals are more likely to carry several dangerous communicable diseases and – to anticipate the objection – more likely to actually spread them than a person who isn’t sick at all can “spread” a sickness he hasn’t got.

Objectively, there is more of a “case” to be made for Pink Passports – and interrogating people as regards their sexual activities and preventative measures – but you’ll never hear it made because, of course, the Pandemic is political. Homosexuals are only a small percentage of the general population, after all. It does not serve the goal to focus on slices. What is wanted is the whole pie.


Thus, a regime based on the insane assertion that because anyone might get sick or could be sick,  everyone must be presumed “sick” – and “treated,” accordingly.

But only as regards this – politically approved – sickness.

For now.

Why can’t we demand to know about other people’s herpes status, for instance? Whether everyone who goes out in public has been “vaccinated” for that? Herpes is communicable, too. Don’t people have a right to know whether you could be “putting them at risk”?

By that standard, of course, they have the “right” to know everything.

Because anything could be putting them at risk. Are you potentially violent? How do we know? Perhaps people will shortly be expected to produce paperwork certifying that they have been psychologically inspected and deemed in control of themselves.

Are you taking any prescription drugs that might have side effects that could “put me at risk”? How about all those anti-depressant meds with psychoactive properties? Haven’t people who encounter you got a right to know?

Such are the fruits of a promiscuous society. People habituated to airing their private business publicly (anti-socially, as via Facebook and the rest) had better get used to the idea of being expected to air it.

And so, here we are.

Someone I know – who isn’t promiscuous about her business – faces weekly demands for information about her personal business, from people who have no rightful business to make such demands. They want to know whether she has been “vaccinated” yet.

Imagine it, or try to.

These people are not family or even friends. They aren’t employers, either – in the sense normally meant.

She does work for them – but does not work for them. They are not her boss; she is under no contract. They are just people who pay her to do some work for them, occasionally. And lately, some of these people have decided that her “vaccine status” is their right to know.

Will they also decide they have the right to know whether she is sleeping with anyone – and if so, is it  . . . “safe”? Has she taken precautions?

Had her shots?

I have advised her to consider some table-turning, if they do not desist – which seems likely as the situational promiscuity of these people apparently knows no bounds. They want to know whether she is “vaccinated”? I suggest she respond by asking them whether they have been “vaccinated” – and not just for this putative sickness. For any and all potentially communicable diseases that could “put her at risk.”

Are they heterosexual? Have they ever had homosexual sex? Ever strayed? Have they been tested for all communicable diseases – and “vaccinated,” accordingly? Can I see the papers, please?

They would probably be outraged.


But they are outraged by any suggestion that other people’s equally private business isn’t their business. Their situational promiscuity demands that others oblige their disgusting personal inquiries and abide being expected to affirm – to prove – that they are “safe,” to the satisfaction of these cognitively dissonant, mentally deranged Freaks.

Of course, the mentally ill cannot see the derangement of their demands – because they are mentally ill. You’d have the same luck trying to teach a rooster French. All that can be done – until these people can be cured (or locked up in facilities for the incurable) is to “practice” avoidance.

Much the same as you’d avoid stepping on one of their filthy schnott-laden Face Rags, casually discarded on the pavement – by people so very “concerned” about unhealthy practices.

. . .

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  1. Today one of the members of our volunteer trail maintenance group got a covid test (negative) after one of his buddies fell ill, prompting a discussion about vaccinations. Since we work outside, vax status has never been an issue. There’s no risk and nobody cares.

    Two of the eight members present today already received Pfizer booster shots. Two others are waiting for Moderna boosters to be approved. One recovered from covid last month and has natural immunity.

    I’m pretty shocked by how readily Fauci’s booster bullshit is accepted by individuals I know to be thoughtful and insightful. MSM propaganda works: good people can be played like a piano by feeding them misleading information.

    Though the need for boosters proves that mRNA jabs are (at best) just another marginally effective flu shot, no one notices the ever-moving goalposts … and that everything Fauci said last year about achieving herd immunity with vaccines was wrong and delusional.

    So try to understand the pain
    It takes so long when I explain
    Please, don’t you forget how much I’ve lied

    — Gram Parsons, How Much I’ve Lied

  2. Eye exam by ophthalmologist new to me, this AM.
    Required to don a Holy Vestment.
    Was ready for this with my black balaclava, a.k.a. Black September costume.
    His Holiness, pbuh, (not one of his minions!) asked “Are you Saved*?”
    Told him I had been vaccinated for many diseases, starting with smallpox.
    His Holiness, pbuh, proceeded to ask several intrusive questions, but finally backed off & proceeded with eye exam.

    No, suh, I will not accept St. Tony Fauxci as my personal savior.
    No matter what.


  3. Vaccine apartheid begins openly murdering the noncompliant:

    A Colorado-based health system says it is denying organ transplants to patients not vaccinated against the coronavirus in “almost all situations.”

    UCHealth’s rules for transplants entered the spotlight Tuesday when Colorado state Rep. Tim Geitner (R) said it denied a kidney transplant to a Colorado Springs woman because she was not vaccinated against the coronavirus.

    Calling the decision “disgusting” and discriminatory, Geitner shared a letter that he said the patient received last week from UCHealth’s transplant center at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus in the city of Aurora.

    The letter said the woman would be “inactivated” on a kidney transplant waiting list and had 30 days to start coronavirus vaccination. If she refused to be vaccinated, it said, she would be removed.


    Welcome to UCHealth, comrade. Dr Mengele will see you now. 🙂

    • Wow! It really is a cull. Of course I knew that on Aug 11th when the CDC gave the thumbs up to pregnant “persons”.

      If you’re waiting for an organ and now can’t get one…

      Do not go quietly into that dark night.

      We all know it’s coming, when we will face what will likely be the end of us. Sooner rather than later it would seem. Prepare.

  4. Is this the beginning of the cash phaseout?

    As I have stated before I have implemented a pretty harsh “all cash” payment plan in my household. If something needs to be bought or paid for it is via cash. I won’t even use a debit card.

    I headed to the grocery store late last night. I do my best to avoid people so my shopping usually occurs in the wee hours when normal people are sleeping. I pretty much had the store to myself other than a few employees stocking shelves. As I head to the self checkout (the only aisles open at this time) I noticed all 8 checkouts have huge signs being displayed “No Cash or Cash Back. Card Only.” For years we could pay cash in the checkout lanes, now we can’t? What gives? Paper shortage? Coin shortage? A Great Reset introduction of digital currency?

    To say I was perturbed is an understatement. I own one personal credit card, thankfully I had it on me since the couple Franklins in my wallet were of little use.

    I am just curious if anyone else is seeing this. I noticed TSC also has self checkout lanes that do not accept cash now. Target’s self checkout lanes will accept cash, but a cashier has to handle the transaction, which of course, doesn’t make it self checkout. I expect this to outlawed shortly.

    I expect something to go down shortly.

    • Morning, RG!

      It’s similar at my local Kroger in Roanoke. They have several automated checkout lanes but it is often the case that only one will take cash. Like you, I am convinced this is a conditioning exercise, to get people to use plastic – electronic currency – rather than cash. I dread this. If it comes to pass that only “electronic currency” is allowed, I think I’ll check out, myself. As in, retire – and head for ze hills, to use whatever resources I have to build a small cabin as far away from all of this as possible and live out my years as a “savage,” per Huxley.

      By the way, it is corporations behind all of this. Government is just their front.

      • RE: “and head for ze hills”

        It just keeps on getting creepier & creepier:

        ‘Australia’s two largest states trial facial recognition software to police pandemic rules’

        …”Under the system being trialled, people respond to random check-in requests by taking a ‘selfie’ at their designated home quarantine address. If the software, which also collects location data, does not verify the image against a “facial signature”, police may follow up with a visit to the location to confirm the person’s whereabouts.” …


        I would say, such is an example that, it is corporations behind all of this. Government is just their front.

      • Hi Eric,

        They seem to be doing their damnedest to take out small businesses. The regulations and hoops that they are creating will not be fiscally possible for many small to medium sized organizations.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if they were to spring a “virus” that is passed through paper money here soon. People will be terrified to accept it. If they only knew that 90% of all paper money is already covered in cocaine and god knows what else.

    • There’s no problem using cash here, yet. HomeDepot put a sign back up at the entrance asking to use exact change, coin shortage was mentioned, if I recall correctly.

      I do hear quite often, “nobody uses cash” or some such. Cashiers often assume payments will be on a card & some have looked startled when presented with cash.

      That said, we never go to places such as Target or Wallyworld anymore, so I’ve no clue what’s happening in that fun house.

    • Hi RG – it started happening here in se MI a few months ago at various stores, but I haven’t seen as many lately. Pretty much everywhere accepts cash – grocery stores, Home Depot, Meijer, Ace Hardware. But I shop a lot less these days compared to before covid –

      • Hi Snap,

        I did notice that the farmer’s markets and food trucks still will accept my paper dollars. 🙂 It looks like the only way to pay cash now is to go through a store cashier, which kind of stinks. I can’t see the prices ring up to verify that it is the correct amount, which is the reason that I liked using self checkout.

        • Hey RG – I guess I should have said “no cash accepted” signs started appearing months ago, but even then I don’t recall stores banning it at all registers. I’ve been asked if I have exact change a few times, and even if I don’t have it, they still seem to have enough to give, so it doesn’t feel like a coin shortage or that they’re on the verge of instituting plastic-only, but again, I don’t get out as much anymore.

          Kind of tired of the see-saw feeling from day to day, one day I think, “We might just come out of this” – other days it feels like we’re on the precipice of the apocalypse. 🙄

        • Dear Raider Girl,
          (I always think of Kenny Stabler when I see your nic)
          Anyway, when you write, “I can’t see the prices ring up to verify that it is the correct amount, which is the reason that I liked using self checkout.” I can relate, however; I make a point of moving to where I CAn see the ring up, that said, looking back to the old days when cash registers were manual, people never saw the ‘ring up’ then, there was a measure of trust. It’s quite sad that is being forced out by bad money & bad actors.
          And, it’s not like you cannot double back (waste time) & fix it with receipt (ticket?) in hand at the customer service desk.

          My object in writing though, was the idea of using a self-checkout. You write elsewhere that, “They seem to be doing their damnedest to take out small businesses.” Imho, using self-check out goes hand-in-hand with taking out jobs and small businesses. The former cashier could have spent their income at a small business, but, they can’t, people are using self-checkout, the employee got a pink slip? Idk. The cashier can’t as easily learn some skills which could transfer to a small business, because so many people are using a self-checkout?

          When a person uses self-check out, do they get a discount for doing the work of the cashier? Is it like you’re giving money to the corporation for doing the cashiers work?

          When a person uses self-check out, is there a personal exchange as if a transaction has taken place – a human encounter – or is it more like another statistic on a government chart advancing transhumanism? Idk.

          Has anyone learned on the job? Grown in any way?

          When a person uses self-check out, are they promoting automation & the drive to a cashless slave society? Idk.

          I’m just thinking out loud.

          On a related note, This was cool:

          ‘Texas restaurant owner fires Vaccinated workers to avoid the Biden Penalty…’


          Snapdragon writes, “Kind of tired of the see-saw feeling from day to day, one day I think, “We might just come out of this” – other days it feels like we’re on the precipice of the apocalypse.”

          Do they still have teeter-totters on the playgrounds these days?
          Get Off the teeter-totter? That small business owner in the video above didn’t look like he was on one. Brandon Smith hasn’t written anything that indicates he is on one. …Who else?

          • Hi helot,

            Ah, the Snake. 😁

            I was just a baby when he was playing with the Raiders, but I have watched more than a few of the older games via the NFL Network over the years. I love looking back and watching when football was pure entertainment, the rules stretched, and the field was full of bad asses. Starting at the age of 8 my Sunday’s were full of back to back football games. I didn’t leave the couch from 1 pm to 7 pm. Only in the last two years have I stopped watching because the woke mob have destroyed a once fun pastime.

            I understand what you are saying regarding the cost to small businesses, but when a grocery store has eight self checkout lanes and only two cashiers available they are making the final decision in the way their business is heading. Plus, let’s be honest, people are not applying for cashier positions. My local grocery store has had Help Wanted signs up pre pandemic. The store is currently running on a skeleton crew even with hourly wages starting at $18.

            That was a good link. Kudos to the business owner for having enough cajones to turn the tables on the narrative.

            • To say, “people are not applying for cashier positions” is of course a loaded statement. Lots of incentives not to. My thought was, the stores have convinced their customers to work for them as cashiers – for free!
              … If it’s not charity work, what’s it called?
              It might be rationalized as a time saver, or, ‘the only way’, in the end, a rose is still a rose by any other name.

              One other thought: by doing self checkout, is it rewarding corporations which require face diapers & The Shot as a condition of working for them, by doing the work which others won’t? Idk.

              … Anyway, my 17hr. day is about over, my batteries are drained, I like and can relate to what you wrote about football, except this: “I was just a baby when he was playing with the Raiders” …ouch. Sometimes I forget I’m getting old. Reading that was like a near miss with a two ton heavy thing.

              Hope you have a good night.

    • ‘What gives?’ — RG

      That would be a great question for the store manager.

      Most of them are very open to feedback from customers.

      My feedback would be that, like you, I don’t patronize ‘card only’ businesses.

      • Hi Jim,

        You are absolutely right. I need to ask the store’s manager why they are no longer accepting cash. I think I will send an email out today.

    • Unfortunately, I got habituated to my debit card back when fuel was almost $4 per gallon. Before I got habituated I stopped for fuel, and pumped $23 or so. I handed the guy at the register a $50. He asked if I had anything smaller. So I asked him, “would you prefer a $30?” I will endeavor to start using cash again, as I don’t spend much anymore anyway.

    • Quite possible something is about to go down on the cashless society front.

      I’m just left wondering how drug cartels are gonna take to losing cash and its laundering abilities. Taking away their income might just get people whacked.

      • Unintended consequences. All non sanctioned exchanges will be in non digital media. Barter. Stuff for stuff. All under the radar. The surveillance society they dream about will not work. Primarily as “they” will be the first ones to avoid it. It does flow downhill.

        An aside I was in Howell yesterday when super Joe B made his appearance. Lots more people on M-59 waving flags, signs and giving him the #1 than he met with at the brotherhood of earthmovers training headquarters. Union of guys that run big machines primarily working on the “infrastructure” (roads). Big payola group for the pols, ever wonder why they can’t do it so it lasts?.

        The only non union people that run big equipment are the farmers and farmers make a lot less, work a lot harder and guess what live longer.

        • Hi Ugg,

          I question this infrastructure bill. Not only that it consists of $3.5 trillion in pork barrel spending, but why hasn’t any journalist asked Congress or the White House where they are getting the materials and supplies for these “shovel ready” jobs?

          There is a manufactured shortage of the supply chain. Just had a family member get off the phone with a roofer. The roofer will be available to complete the work in 7 months…..that doesn’t mean the materials will be available….that’s when he will available.

          We are only at the beginning of this supply/labor crunch. We have not experienced the worst of it yet. For the most part we are still able to get what we need after several phone calls. As time marches on it will constrict further until there are large gaping holes where the needed supplies won’t be weeks or months away, but gone in its entirety.

          This is not a short term inconvenience, but something that will fundamentally change our way of life, and most people are ill prepared to contend with it.

          • Morning, RG!

            I have two friends who run businesses that literally cannot find people to work for them (as desk help/cashiers). Apparently, the government continues to pay people more than they were earning in such jobs and so many have decided to not work – and get paid. It is a kind of beta-test of UBI.

            • Not really. Under UBI, people get the money whether they work or not so working is not nearly as disincentivized. Not really a fair comparison.

              • Hi Anon,

                I disagree. For people who don’t want to work, not having to work – because they’re being paid UBI – gives them every incentive not to work. This has been born out by the current situation – paying people “Rona Relief” to not work. Have you seen all the Help Wanted signs everywhere? Do you know any business owners? I do. All of them say they are having difficulty finding people to take jobs as clerks and cashiers, etc. Why? Because the people who used to work those jobs are being paid not to work those jobs.

                • Another factor RE: “all the Help Wanted signs” I have not looked at the data to verify this, however; this comment lifted from USAWD is… a bit disturbing?:

                  Mike R10/10/2021 •
                  The number 1 problem right now is the VAXX. Its truly OPERATION WARP DEATH. Just absolutely no other way to put this folks. If this does not smack you upside the head, and wake you up, NOTHING will.

                  The global labor shortage is being directly caused by the VAXX. If you look at the raw jobs reports, and raw work force numbers, the numbers are dropping big time.

                  But Below is a chart of annual run rate of non-institutional population over the last 12 months. That is the total number of not-institutionalized people in the United States over the age of 16. Its a year over year change in the population (in otherwords, the US population from year to year grows about 2 to 2.5 million, but usually is a baseline of right around 2 million, with very little variance. The only ways to leave that count once you join it on your 16th birthday are to:

                  1)Expatriate yourself and leave the US permanently.
                  2) Go to prison (you come back on it when you get out.)
                  3) Go to a nursing home (Reminder: The median life expectancy on admission to one is six months, after which you do the next.)
                  4) DIE.

                  In June 2020 it was around 2.08 million. Again, This is a baseline that is almost always around 2 million historically. give or take a few hundred thousand.

                  In Sept 2021 it is 910 thousand. This number can’t just drop like this without some significant external cause or event, and has NEVER changed this much in the history of these records kept for past 20 years by Karl Denninger.

                  Chart extract (millions):
                  June 2020: 2.081
                  July 2020: 2.082
                  August 2020: 2.112
                  Sept 2020: 2.213
                  Oct 2020:2.315
                  Nov 2020: 2.027
                  Dec 2020: 2.108
                  Jan 2021: 1.942
                  Feb 2021: 1.728
                  Mar 2021: 1.223
                  April 2021: 1.160
                  May 2021: 1.107
                  June 2021: 1.056
                  July 2021: 1.006
                  August 2021: .965
                  Sept 2021: .911

                  This number has run around 2 million on an annualized run-rate for a very very long time.

                  It is somewhat responsive to economic booms and busts with a 16-17 year lag; more people make children, but when they do it takes 16-17 years for them to show up in this figure. 16-17 years ago was literally the best of times; birth rates were rising as we came out of the Tech Wreck. Indeed in 2018 in December the annualized run rate was about 2.5 million. It was in December of 2019 too — right in front of Covid. And in December of 2020 it was back to more-or-less baseline at 2.1 million.

                  So where did the 1.2 million people that should have been added to the workforce over the last year go?

                  They didn’t go anywhere. Those people were indeed added. But then why did these YoY change numbers shrink ?

                  This means the real question is who got subtracted?

                  Who got subtracted is people who died. Thus this drop represents 1.2 million excess deaths over and above the normal annual death rate for all causes. Its primarily the VAXX folks. Period. End of story. (look at the numbers when the big drops started occurring !!!)

                  P.S. My expectation: The number of deaths from those who are vaxxed is going to start increasing exponentially. Morgue operators know this anecdoctally. Funeral home operators know this empirically. MSM refuses to tell you this.

                  PS. Above data and analysis comments from Karl Denninger at MarketTicker.com

                  • Since we refused to be happy about our demographic replacement by dirty street sh**ers, they will try to kill us and replace us with AI robotics.

                • Again, you are ignoring the critical difference between UBI and ‘Rona bux: UBI doesn’t pay one not to work, it pays one simply for existing. There is still incentive to work under UBI, it’s just that the incentive has switched from the avoidance of hunger and homelessness to the pursuit of luxuries.

                  Also, prior to the scamdemic, a goodly percentage of those who don’t want to work were already not working by taking advantage of various welfare schemes, most prominently SSI.

                  It should also always be noted that, under our fractional reserve fiat banking system we’ve had UBI for a long, long time–but only for the filthy Rick banksters who create as much “money” as they want out of thin air and then lend it out to all the rest of us at interest, enslaving us with debt. Personally, I would prefer an honest money system based on something of actual value, but if we’re going to be stuck using funny money, a far more equitable way to get that money into circulation is to simply cut each citizen a check every month.

                  • Anon,

                    You write: “UBI doesn’t pay one not to work, it pays one simply for existing.” A difference without distinction. The relevant fact is one does not have to work to get the UBI – ergo, less (if any) incentive to work. Because they money just falls from the sky.

                    Then: “… a far more equitable way to get that money into circulation is to simply cut each citizen a check every month.”

                    There is nothing “equitable” about this – except it devalues everyone’s purchasing power and degrades them in the process.

                    And they ask me why I drink…

                  • What If, “avoidance of hunger and homelessness” is seen by many as a luxury?

                    Poof! There goes the incentive to work.

                    From what I understand, only about a couple of billion people in the world look at life that way.
                    …What could possibly go wrong? I mean, when ‘free money’ is seen as enlightenment… Yeesh.

                    And, of course, there’s strings attached to receiving that UBI. Lots and lots of money grubbing puppet strings.

    • Lots of people follow Dave Ramsey’s cash only system to control spending and get out of debt. I got lazy and used credit cards but I decided now I am going back to cash only! Lets see how this goes – how can digital currency work? What about poor people, people without phones or the knowledge to use them. How do we give a dollar tip to the car wash guy? How do we give some cash to a homeless person?

      • Hi Jen,

        I believe their plan is you don’t, but I don’t see how this is going to succeed. People will find away to still use cash. The drug cartel in Colombia is not going to allow tracking of their narcotics payments for the world’s eyes to see. This is a big government pipe dream. I expect it to be as successful as the government’s War on Drugs. We all see how that turned out….obviously, the drugs won.

        • RE: “The drug cartel in Colombia is not going to allow tracking of their narcotics payments for the world’s eyes to see.”

          I read someone saying the Power Elite plan to just legalize it, then tax & regulate it. They gave the red light district in Amsterdam as an example. Idk. Nevada, too?

  5. Hello friends,
    My diaper report, from the heart of the SillyCon Valley.
    It appears that there are some people here, on this forum, that live in my area, that are not too happy with their situation.

    For the last 3-4 months I have been buying groceries at my local store (and the liquor store that is next door, for beer), diaper free. Nobody says a word to me, the staff, customers, the guard at the door, NOBODY!!! It’s a huge rush when I shop, as I am the only person in the store diaper free. Every time I go into the store I get this huge fucking rush like I just did a huge line of meth!!! I use the self-checkout counter when I’m done shopping. I always say thank you, and have a nice day to the staff when I’m done, and they, in a VERY friendly manner, reciprocate, and return the friendliness.

    So, for you guys here, OppositeLock, Martin, and someone else here that lives in the SillyCon Valley, just try it, it might work.

    • Where do you go? I got chased out of Safeway and Whole Foods when I broke their mask rule. Security guard asked me to put a mask on or leave, so I left.

      • The last time I shopped at both the Cupertino Whole Foods and the Saratoga Safeway, I decided to shop without a mask. Nobody said a word, and I didn’t encounter any security guard. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky. In the past, I have worn a face diaper while shopping in these stores, but recently, they don’t seem to be enforcing these stupid regulations.

      • Sorry OL, I can’t divulge that info, like Martin said, I’m probably just lucky.

        But i can tell you about a liquor store that has no problem with diaper free customers. It’s on the corner of Union and Bascom, next to the laundromat. This guy has been a rebel since day one. He has ran Karens and county workers out of his store many times. I don’t think he even has plexiglass at his counter!

        What I suggest is to shop after 7:00 pm, it’s not as crowded. And it is a Safeway that I shop at.

  6. Say it with a straight face:

    “Are you HIV Positive?”
    “Have you ever had unprotected homosexual intercourse?”
    “Have you used any illegal drugs today?”

    When they get butthurt (pun intended), say “Hey, I’m just trying to stay safe.”

  7. Asking me about my vaccine status is akin to asking me for my Social Security Number. My response is: “And would you mind telling me the last time you had oral sex?”

    • On my last visit to Marin County, before the pandemic, I lazed on the chaise longue beside the gurgling artificial waterfall and the bright geraniums (gerania?) in the back yard.

      ‘Enjoying the California lifestyle, I see!’ enthused my hostess. Her husband had handed over the wheel of his suspension-tweaked Mazda Miata to me on the drive down curvy Panoramic Highway to Stinson Beach.

      But the previous night I’d seen the subversive Marxist literature prominently displayed on the granite kitchen island: ‘How do you fight Trump? Elect more Democrats.

      He had his red Miata; she had her silver electric Chevy Volt to commute into San Francisco.

      Ultimately, these opposed technologies and worldviews are incompatible.

    • Dang. Sorry to hear that. More specifically, sorry to hear that you are in Santa Clara. The only thing worth a shit from that county (IMO of course) is the Santa Clara Vanguard and they stopped being worth a shit about ten years ago — before Drum Corps International was coopted by pinko commie fags. Now they suck (on that measure) too.

      Just sayin’

      • Oh man. DCI. There’s an acronym I haven’t heard in a long long time. A large number of the brass players in the IUP marching band spent their summers in drum corps. My limit to marching around in unhealthy heat, rainstorms, muddy fields and never-ending parades was pretty much reached by October. At least I got a PE and music credit for it.

      • Wow, DCI, used to be something to watch. I was a high school marching band nerd and a drummer.

        Our drum instructor was former DCI drummer. And this one time, at band camp, he went off on Lars Ulrich of Metallica without ever hearing him play. Me and my still best friend after all these years disagreed with him at the time. That was the same week the Black album dropped.

        After band camp was over and I bought the Black album, I was so disgusted the drum instructor was ignorantly right, Lars sucked. Never bought another Metallica album afterwards.

    • I also live in Santa Clara County. Whenever my wife and I travel down south to Orange County or San Diego, we really notice the difference. It just feels so much more free there. Plus, we really enjoy the southern California beach towns!

      • We go up to Alpine County quite a bit, it’s also more sensible, however, as more of the leftists move up there, it’s also getting crazier.

        I’ve lived in several places in the US, and even the best of CA is messed up. People may have good attitudes around self-governance and there are plenty of non-leftist areas, however, they’re all under the jackboot of Sacramento, and there’s only a little you can do to resist on the local level.

      • You and OL, brothers of the “one virus” theory, are from the same county in Commiefornia? Home to Silicon Valley and the one god of “the syunce.” In my best Mag Bitter Truth voice, “Wooooow…”

          • Hatteraszek and I exchanged several posts on another thread. If I’m representing him correctly, he believes that the cov2 virus does not actually exist. Jon Rappaport has been arguing this for quite a while now. One of the arguments used is that the cov2 virus has never been isolated.

            I am no expert in this field, but I find it very hard to believe that the virus does not actually exist, for any number of reasons. This was the source of our dispute. I’m not sure why he labels this as the “one virus” theory.

              • I read that article, it’s mainly about not having a single orthodoxy, and the reaction to a virus is just one example of a single view being force on society, I can get entirely behind that argument.

                However, you do not have to deny the existence of the virus in order to reject the orthodoxy. Sars-cov-2 has been imaged on electron micrsoscopes, the entire genome of hundreds of variants has been sequenced, it has been found in the inflamed tissues of cadavers during autopsies. Medically, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that sars-cov-2 exists, and that it causes disease and death.

                That being said, I refuse to wear a mask, I refuse to force my kid to stop seeing his friends, I refuse to show my vaccine card to anyone who asks (meaning, I can no longer go to my favorite restaurants in San Francisco). I reject the orthodoxy, The One view as the article calls it, while accepting that the virus is real.

    • So instead of the flu or a cold, you get bacterial pneumonia from your contaminated mask. Having experienced all three, I prefer the former two. They I’ll get over, the pneumonia needs outside help, and will likely kill you if you don’t get it.

  8. We hold these truths to be self-evident:
    That health is the natural state of all living organisms.
    That all living organisms are presumed to be healthy, unless proven otherwise.
    That disease means objectively verifiable symptoms which impair the functioning of a living organism.
    That the presence of microorganisms which do not impair function is not disease, and must not be legally construed as such.
    That the above declarations shall be known as the Presumption of Medical Innocence.
    That all humans are entitled to the Presumption of Medical Innocence, as a matter of law, being as well a fundamental right of personal sovereignty and human dignity.
    That the rights of personal sovereignty and human dignity are inalienable, and shall not be infringed.

  9. “But only as regards this – politically approved – sickness.” As we teeter on the brink of a requirement that EVERYTHING must be politically approved. As in a social credit score. As acquired by cashless digital currency, and vaxxports, the new and improved must have worldwide ID that can be used to track your every move. Physically, digitally, and financially.
    Speaking of promiscuity, there are no whores without johns. The state and the corporations are both, changing places as profit requires.
    I’ve always been somewhat reclusive. I’ve never liked crowds, unless I was intoxicated (more on that later), and in my advanced years, and the abandonment of restraint by those who prefer to mind your business instead of their own, I’m starting to understand my self better. It’s not me. The fact that I need a drink to deal with people in general is a reflection of my inability to deal with insane morons. Of course all of them aren’t, but too many are. And they can’t seem to interact until you have accepted their superiority, and agreed with their delusion. If you don’t, argument ensues, that often escalates into loud insults and perhaps violence. As is the case with all sane people, such conflict is a thing I prefer to avoid. Hence the drink, or the hit, or the dose. So I can ignore them.

    • Hello, John,
      Your post struck home, for me.
      I spent some time yesterday writing a criticism of some recent local City Council policy decisions which it should be, but apparently is not, obvious, cannot be implemented.
      As in, this is physically impossible.

      I suppose I should not be surprised, considering the absolute idiots who have been elected to high office.


      Old saying:
      “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time, and it annoys the pig.”
      – Robert A. Heinlein.

  10. Just days ago the New York Slimes published a map — cherry-picked to start on June 16, 2021 — showing covid deaths far higher in the South than in the well-vaxxed Northeast.

    OOPS — Narrative malfunction alert!

    ‘Cases in Vermont, already at record levels for the state, just keep on rising, even with the highest vaccination rate in the country — 89% of the 18+ population is at least partially vaccinated, 88% of 12+ & ~100% of seniors.

    ‘The largest health system in central Massachusetts said regional hospitals were seeing nearly 20 times more COVID-19 patients than in June and there isn’t an ICU bed to spare. Massachusetts has the fifth-highest vaccination rate in the nation.

    ‘On Sept. 22, Maine, the third most-vaccinated U.S. state, had nearly 90 people in intensive care units, a pandemic peak for the state.’ — ZH

    From Israel to New England, the evidence just keeps on showing that mass vaccination is useless in stopping the delta wave.

    From day one, mRNA jabs (they aren’t really ‘vaccines’ at all) were never specified or tested to ‘stop the spread.’ That’s the biggest medical lie in human history. Yet all U.S. public policy is based on it.

    Warning: hanging out in vaxxed-only segregated venues is dangerous to your health.

    • Is it Delta, or is it the original – whatever they cal that now? In their infinite bullshit, they don’t specifically test for any particular variant, but they sequenced some samples here and there, then made a computer model, and just declared delta everywhere. If delta is, as it should be, more infective and less virulent, then it is strange indeed how hard it seems to hit the GMOs among us. But hey, they’ll soon have their red pill, which can shorten disease from six days to five days, but may be mutagenic. We’re saved!

      • ‘they’ll soon have their red pill’ — BAC

        I had carefully rehearsed before a mirror the gesture of clapping my empty hand to my open mouth and swallowing a (fictitious) pill. As I expected, she pounced upon the vial with its plump, beautifully colored capsules loaded with Beauty’s Sleep.

        ‘Blue!’ she exclaimed. ‘Violet blue. What are they made of?’

        ‘Summer skies,’ I said, ‘and plums and figs, and the grapeblood of emperors.’

        ‘No, seriously — please.’

        ‘Oh, just Purpills. Vitamin X. Makes one as strong as an ox or an ax. Want to try one?’

        Lolita stretched out her hand, nodding vigorously.

        I had hoped the drug would work fast. It certainly did …

        — Vladimir Nabokov

      • FYI
        They never isolated, identified and sequenced anything. They use the soup method (below) pick a sample sequence of some bio material and use the insilico method to sequence it.

        First they concoct a soup of bio material.

        “This soup contains human and monkey cells, toxic chemicals and drugs, and all sorts of other random genetic material. Because the cells start to die, the researchers ASSUME a bit of mucus from a patient they dropped in the soup is doing the killing, and THE VIRUS must be the killer agent in the mucus.
        This assumption is entirely unwarranted. The drugs and chemicals could be doing the cell-killing, and the researchers are also starving the cells of vital nutrients, and that starvation could kill the cells.” From Rappoport.

        Insilico == computer simulation. A fantasy.

        They had 37 pairs of a bio sequence that they all sort of agreed was likely the virus. They had the computer mock up the other 30,000 pairs using the SARS sequence from 2003.

        They have no test for Sars Cov 2 or any of its possible derivatives other than the bogus PCR which the CDC has decided to drop. The other 52 tests they have are every bit as bogus and they are [surprise] ALL FDA EUA

        This is the biggest scam in the history of humanity. It’s obvious to the attentive observer but most prefer to go with the slipperiest slime liars ever…. the government.

  11. Hey anyone seen a good compilation of “fuck joe biden” videos yet (or lets go brandon as the media tells us….

    I have to say – at the end of the day the guy has certainly united people…. as I see all races in the videos….

      • She lied as reflexively, brazenly and effortlessly as the Clintons.

        That’s how you advance your career in the Lügenpresse: openly contradict what the public can hear with its lying ears.

        • “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.”

          – Attributed to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        • Ridiculous huh? “Let’s go Brandon”

          WTF is that? I know she’s a lying bitch but who thinks NASCAR fans would start chanting “Let’s go Brandon” like they’re 4 years old?

          Maybe other “adults” with a 4 year old mentality

  12. It’s the most bizarre thing ever. I have gone my whole life–42 years–never caring or asking anyone questions about their vaccine status, educational status, sexual preferences, etc., etc. I’ve never given it a thought. Now we are bombarded with this type of thing and many people will tell you when you never even ask.

    It’s almost as if they don’t believe it’s “effective” unless they bow their head and chant as loud as possible. “I am fully vaccinated” three times. It’s like a spell in a fairy tale.

    • Way back, shortly after the vaccines were available, I went to my audiologist to get my hearing aids cleaned and adjusted. The previously very likable gal behind the counter asked if I’d been vaccinated. Whereupon I asked her “why would I take a vaccine that has had no long term testing? I have no idea what their effects may be in a year or two”. She meekly replied that she had gotten one, and I gave her my very best sympathetic look, which she could see because I had refused to wear a mask. Which required a private appointment, so no one else would see i wasn’t wearing one.


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