Fighting Coronaphobia?

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A reader sent in a question that is the question of our times; I post it and my reply in the hope that it may cause people to breath and think rather than feel and screech:   

I’ve enjoyed many of your articles in the past, as I have much of the same distrust in government as you do, so I’ve taken special interest in your take on the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting “Coronaphobia” as I call it, that’s force-fed to us by the governments of the world and mass media.

I feel like a pariah at times because I don’t buy into all this “we’re all gonna die” freak out.  I live in Ohio and the governor here, just like yours, issued a “stay home” order (no vote, not even a representative one by the legislature, just a series of orders) on the advice of an unelected, politically appointed “health director”.  I work in the financial sector and am considered “essential business” so I still go to work at least until my company figures out how to get us working from home).

 Yesterday I was off and went to the metropark to walk the trails (the parks themselves, just not the buildings) and there were a lot of people there, just walking like I was, taking their kids, walking dogs, etc.  Last night on the parks’ Facebook page, many people were posting pictures of people “not practicing social distancing” and saying others should report these people to a ranger to get cited.  When someone pointed out it was their right to peaceably assemble, they were met with responses of “so what?  this is an emergency!”  One of the guys at work said today (completely straight-faced) “this is just inconvenience, no one’s losing any money — the government is going to cover everything for us.”

I feel this hysteria is based on “junk science”, misinformation, and fearmongering.  Those who express this, though, are told “it’s not about you” and that they need to be willing to “grow up” and realize the sacrifice of freedoms is temporary and necessary.  I think, as you’ve said, people need to make their own decisions about levels of risk they’re willing to accept and take what precautions they believe necessary — not have politicians and their hand-picked “advisers” make those decisions for them. So as to my question— I guess it would be, what’s the best way to communicate these thoughts to friends and family who are caught up in this “Coronaphobia”? 

Most people I talk to are like the guy at work; they believe government is a benevolent “protector” who has their best interests at heart.  Is there any hope to get though to them, or do they just have to figure it out themselves— and hope it’s not too late?

Thanks for being a reasonable voice in all of this!

These are the times that try men’s souls . . . to borrow a line.

People in this country have been thoroughly conditioned to respond like Pavlov’s dogs to fear – the presentation of a threat, invariably hyped, to not only get them to accept outrageous reductions in their liberty (and yours and mine) but to demand it. 

Remember Nahhhnnnnlevven? When the “enemies of freedom” struck? The public – most of it – practically begged to be Patriot Acted and crotch groped for the sake of saving them from ululating “extremists.” Twenty years later, we’re still being groped – and scanned.

Then came the climate “crisis” – using the same techniques. Any who questioned a punctuation mark of the narrative were – and still are – characterized as “deniers.” Portrayed as dangerous and even criminal people for daring – cue Greta Voice – to do so.

The only thing we can do is to dare to do so.

They have fear and pressure. We have facts and reason. It is a confession of the weakness of an argument when it is necessary to force it on people. The Coronaphobes are hysteric because they’re weak-minded.

Ay, but there’s the rub.

The weak-minded are genuine in their Fear – just as they were in the aftermath of Nahhhnnnlevven, when the “enemies of freedom” struck and “mushroom clouds” were looming . . . unless they dropped their pants and spread their legs and let the government have its way with them.

“The government” being nothing more than other people with titles and self-anointed legal authority premised on the greasy (and false) idea that we have consented to it. Which of course, we have not – as evidence by the fact that you and I and many others have no desire to self-arrest or arrest anyone else on the basis of a bug that may get some of us sick and might kill some of those who may get sick.

Which brings up the opportunity to ask the Coronaphobes a few questions, such as where are the stacks of bodies of otherwise healthy people?

Yes, a number of elderly people and people vulnerable to any respiratory virus have died.


Does it follow that everyone is going to die? Well, yes – they will. Eventually. From one thing or another. But most not while they’re young and healthy and not from Corona.

Have they, in fact, been dying . . . from Corona, I mean ? No, they have not. Just “cases” – i.e., getting sick. Many just barely. Many unnoticeably – their “cases” not included in the tabulations, especially the death projections. Which are exaggerated because they are based on the number of “cases” reported – which is probably a much smaller number than the number of people who actually have or have had but not reported – as with the flu.

It bears thinking about.

If the elderly and those with underlying conditions are at great risk, why not urge (but not force) them to stay home/take precautions? Is it reasonable, fair or sane to shut down society – to destroy the economy and with it, the lives of pretty much everyone – because some people are possibly at risk of getting more than a nasty cold?

Is it mean spirited to tell people who can’t swim to stay out of the deep end? Or should all pools deeper than three feet be outlawed for the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety of those  who can’t swim?

Do we Harrison Bergeron the country? Cripple the able? Blind those who can see? Enstupidate the bright? It is being done – and it is why we are here.

It bears thinking about.

It’s too bad most don’t and probably won’t.

Which leaves it up to us who are not Coronaphobes to make Coronaphobia an object of ridicule as it ought to be. As cringing under the bed in fear of “Islamofascism” and “weapons of mass destruction” became objects of ridicule . . .  once the hysteria died down a bit.

The same will hopefully happen this time.

If we can play for time.

Ridicule the hysteria. Ignore the house-arrest fatwas – even if it means risking a fine. Even if it means risking jail. How much is your freedom worth to you? How badly do you want your kids to not grow up in a fear-addled police state?

One brave soul stood up to a tank once upon a time – and changed everything.

It bears thinking about.   

People with weak minds will not be brought back to reason with facts or logic. But they do have eyes and when the bodies of otherwise healthy people are not stacking up and it becomes clear that Corona is a real but much-exaggerated threat and threatens a specific subset of the population that ought to take reasonable precautions in any flu season and regardless, because they are vulnerable – but the rest of us clearly are not, at least as regards dying from Corona – then maybe there is a chance to prevent this train from going off the cliff.

If not – and fear wins – then we all lose.

Which bears thinking about, too.

. . .

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  1. There are a number of important questions that need to be answered, such as:

    1) What is the false positive rate of the CDC and state-level tests? What is the FP rate of the tests used in Italy, Korea, China, etc… How were these tests validated? If someone has a related coronavirus, but not COVID19, will they show a positive? Is that why the tests are performed twice, to cut down on the large FP rates? When you see case rates in the media is it based on twice-confirmed or presumed pos rates?

    2) Every year around spring time Coronaviruses are known to cause 8-15% of respiratory disease. C-virus alternates with rhinovirus, adenovirus, influenza, RSV, etc… to cause respiratory disease in seasonal cycles. So if you sample thousands of sickly people you’d expect to find 8-15% of corona positives. That’s just what they find in the drive-thru testing: 10% positive. The drive-thru testing is people self-selecting on the basis of symptoms (what the hospitals call ILI: influenza like illness).

    3) Why does this particular virus seem to have a “two-face” presentation? Mild aches and fevers in some people, and acute respiratory failure in others? Why is this disease either mild or extreme? Is this the true clinical presentation or the result of media searching out the few outliers and hype-ing it to extremes? Is it possible to find cases of regular flu where young healthy people wind up on ventilators?

    4) Are the number of healthy people who go into acute respiratory distress with COVID-19 similar to those who do so with flu, or is it really worse?

    And the most important question:

    5) If we didn’t know that COVID-19 existed and didn’t test for it, would anyone notice that anything was out of the ordinary, or would it just have been written off as a “bad flu season?”

  2. I stopped by a Costco on my way home from work today, and noticed that at least half of the shoppers were wearing masks. In addition to that, the dildos force you to wait in line outside the store while they wipe down each and every single cart before handing it off to each person (thankfully, it was relatively quick, but still…). At the checkout lanes, they literally have tape on the floor indicating the six-foot “social distancing” gap, and they now have plastic “shields” at the registers to “protect” the cashiers. I suppose next the dildos will require us to wear Tyvek suits as a condition of our membership.

    Of course, this is just one example of the “Coronaphobia” that I am forced to witness everyday now.

  3. The question that really begs is why ya’ want, or need, to convince anybody of anything?

    And the follow-on beg is when have ya’ ever? Which is sorta’ trick question, sorta’ Rorschach question.

    ((Watched Winter’s Bone the other night. Scene is a hungry boy asking big sis if they shouldn’t ask the neighbor across the way for some of their deer kill. & sis says, “Never ask for what ought to be offered.”

    Never ask for an action. Just act (& not for the director-camera, either). & observe the action. & the reaction. Incorporate your abductions into action, too.
    Verbing, as vs parts o’ speeching.

    SpeechOutReach (s.o.r.e.) exceeds grasp, every time – even when superficial appearances seem to offer credit otherwise.))

    “They” need “us” to believe the oil. “We” need “them” to know the vinegar.

    There ain’t nuthin’ that’ll emulsify “the two” (for simplicity) substances, including abuses one to the other & back again.

    As for becoming Riddick Bowes of ridicule, that’s only legit – like anything else – if it’s pursued as an end in itself.

  4. This should be no surprise. People act like this all the time.

    Among the pop-slogans, “Never Again!” seems to ring hollow here. Gone entirely unnoticed is that the masses here in westernized world, not even limited to a single nation, are well in lockstep in the same exact path, and nearly to the final destination, as those that they self-righteously chastise for “having allowed it [something horrific] to happen.”

    Quarantine Macht Frei

    I guess we’re all Palestineans and terrorists now! And remember, the “war on terror” can never end because as long as there’s a single terrorist on the globe it must go on. So why is this different with the exception that the enemy is now invisible and can be hiding within any single one of us according to the narrative.

    No wonder the FDA is staunchly against home-testing. Can’t have the truth get out there now.

    Remember, the two largest profit-producing industries in the world today are death and disease, the polar opposite of what Jesus preached while warning that that’s what his nemesis was entirely about.

    Patrick Henry’s take is mine. At some point the world becomes unlivable.

  5. One of your best, Eric. Inspiring. Keep them coming. Defiance of their edicts is exactly what will defeat this evil power grab.

    If I was a business owner, and knew my business would not recover from this, I would like to think that I would have the courage to flip the middle finger and open for business.

    I fear it will not happen and a major reset is underway. I hope I’m wrong.

  6. “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

    ― Frank Zappa

  7. 3 questions:
    1. Do pandemics ever happen?
    2. If so, How would you know when one is occurring?
    3. What would a free market response to a pandemic look like?

    • 1: Yes

      2: People dying all over the place. You would see them carting the bodies off. They would show the hospitals full. It would be obvious to the casual observer unless he was an out lander.

      3: There would be no markets. They would be shut down. In a TRUE pandemic people would be more worried about living then a market collapse. Even those in government would not meet to vote on a bailout for business. In a TRUE pandemic there would be none to few businesses left to bail out. Not shut down by government but shut down by the pandemic bug.

  8. “where are the stacks of bodies of otherwise healthy people“

    I’ve noticed something: it would appear that the psychos in charge and the media have begun to take notice that the bodies generally AREN’T stacking up. Perhaps sensing the hoi polloi will also soon notice this, they have amped up the sensationalization of the headlines. They now use terms like “grim” and “bodies” and “morgue” and have been showcasing refrigerated trucks outside NYC hospitals they are calling makeshift morgues. This is full-on gaslighting happening in real time. They continue to stoke the flames of panic, right in the open. How/why the hell can’t people see this?

  9. A few of my takeaways:
    No. 1 It’s disheartening to see/read/hear how many people just blindly accept that the government can take away basic rights at the wave of a hand. I mentioned the Constitution at work (a newspaper) and was treated like a tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist. The worst response came from a former soldier/Iraq war veteran, one of whom I’ve always been instructed to treat like “hero” who risked his life “protecting my rights.” I quote “The Constitution is not absolute” and then he started quoting that old crap about yelling fire in a crowded theater, which is not really a parallel situation.
    I pointed much of the same out on facebook and was resoundingly hated. And facebook hate isn’t “I think you’re wrong and here’s why …” It’s “You Suck” “Educate yourself” and “Your (sic) an idiot!” My self-esteem is in the crapper after that and I won’t be speaking about it again on there.
    No. 2 I wonder about the testing. They jab a Q-tip up your nose and if they find specimens of the virus there, you are “positive.” But that doesn’t mean you have a disease, just that the virus was up your nose. If you’ve been around anyone who also has the virus up their nose, you’ve probably inhaled it. Isn’t it possible your immune system could fight it off? I’m thinking of Tom Hanks and his wife. She was flu-like, they got tested and both were positive. Yet he never got sick. So a positive test is not exactly a death warrant. I’m not even sure if a positive test means you’re contagious.
    No. 3 On the upside, I did a rolling-run through a stop sign before I noticed the cop nearby. I could FEEL the stinkeye he was giving me. He even paused his car a bit while driving by, but decided to leave me alone. Who knows what germs I might have? LOL. I have heard third-hand from someone who knows a cop in the city that they’ve been instructed not to bother with minor traffic issues, to reduce their contact with us.
    So, how can we make this permanent? If we’ve got to be stuck with the TSA forever, we should get this, too. Balance things out.

    • Amy,,, you cannot reason with fear. All they would have to do is compare numbers with the flu but their trained to obey. Especially today’s military. They know they are nothing but Mercs and are not fighting for America but are fighting for the evil that exists in the government. Just stay away from them, don’t succumb to peers that have no clue.

      The test is only 40% conclusive. It gives a false positive over half the time with people that do not have the virus. And yes,,, the virus can exist on your person without replicating. That’s the problem,,, you don’t have the disease unless the virus is replicating. The PCR test only tests if the virus is with you. You may have a good immune system and it can’t get a hold.
      The CDC requires ALL positive tests be sent to them even if you show no symptoms. So all the numbers they’re scaring people with, over half could be invalid. Same with the deaths. They will tell you that the person died having the virus on their person…. they won’t tell you the person did not die BECAUSE of the virus.

      I think this whole thing is two fold. A cover for the horrible economy and a test to see how most will react to their unlawful behavior and if the police will do as their told. They have been successful on both counts.

      • “I think this whole thing is two fold. A cover for the horrible economy and a test to see how most will react to their unlawful behavior and if the police will do as their told. They have been successful on both counts.”

        I believe this hits the proverbial nail on the equally proverbial head. The Fed started injecting something like $85 billion a day into the banking system to stave off disaster back in September. It was obvious that the financial system was on the brink. Covid-19 provided a convenient excuse for the inevitable collapse: the virus made me do it (cue Flip Wilson), not the fiat currency system or the horrible policies followed by the political class.

        At the same time, the massive overreaction of governments to the virus is, I firmly believe, intended as a test of how far they can cow people into abject compliance. And so far, the news is not good for anyone concerned with liberty. The press is in a full-court…well…press to instill fear and it seems to be working. The script is so 9/11, and just like then people are now practically begging the government to keep them safe.

        In my more pessimistic moments, I wonder if this really is only a test, or if we have entered the endgame. Is this the time when they will clamp down permanently? The only thing that gives me hope that this is only a test is that they have not yet managed to disarm us.

        • Funny you say that Mike. It’s my belief now based upon the progression of the govts (plural) response, that we are in fact at the onset of the New Final Solution.

          The govts’ responses are maximizing the hysteria. Right now all the nambies are good with it, but wait a month, … and yes, we will still be in “lockdown” in a month. Then even these soft nambies will begin to unravel with some even then questioning, but the words “too late” will ring hollow.

          I’m not a big Trump supporter, in fact I don’t like politicians in general, but I like his general stance that this is overblown.

          In a couple more weeks, if there aren’t tens of thousands of deaths, the nambies are even going to begin asking why their businesses were destroyed and why they can’t go where they want to or outdoors. Too late tho.

          The sale of guns & ammo is nuts right now. IMO that’s quite likely the only thing holding it all back. And while the people in the big cities are screwed, as to law enforcement following orders outside of them, could be that they’re about to learn a very hard lesson that will quickly alter their stance. If not then my guess is that there very quickly won’t be any.

          We’ll see, but right now as I view it, the govts couldn’t be doing much more w/o force to create the greatest possible fear & panic. Why is the question, because in a normal politically healthy world calm would be in their own interests. There’s a clue.

    • I am a (Gulf) war veteran and FWIW I found the ‘hero’ worship at the time extremely distasteful – and still do. My motivations for joining the military were primarily self-serving, nothing ‘heroic’ about that. Takes all kinds…
      During my tour in the Gulf I was given that experimental anthrax vaccine under the guise of it being a gamma globulin shot. These days I am leery of injections (among other things).
      RE: [quote] “I have heard third-hand from someone who knows a cop in the city that they’ve been instructed not to bother with minor traffic issues, to reduce their contact with us.
      So, how can we make this permanent? If we’ve got to be stuck with the TSA forever, we should get this, too. Balance things out.” [\quote]
      They aren’t going to give it to you, you’ll have to take it.

    • But wait, Amy, if you get microchipped, you can wave your hand in front of a door, and it will open. That door to the concentration camp…………………….

  10. I sent off an email today to several Libertarians higher-ups regarding their silence on this latest assault on our liberties:

    “I’ve been waiting for well over a month now to hear publicly from someone on our side about the blatant unconstitutional abuse committed by governors, mayors, and other power yielding scoundrels who have single-handedly violated our rights with their mandates over this virus scare (hoax?).  Why hasn’t every libertarian in the land stood up and repeatedly screamed to the top of their lungs that what these people are doing is in violation of our constitution?  Where are those voices? Where is the Libertarian Party & all the freedom advocates? Where are the institutions? I find myself feeling like I’m talking to the mirror when I say these things to family, friends & associates.” It seems that almost no one is very concerned about what is happening.

    But at lease there was an excellent piece on Lew Rockwell today by the good Judge at Fox that addresses this issue very nicely from a scholarly point of view. Kudos to him, and to Eric & those commentators here for being one of the few websites to speak out about this atrocity .

    • That’s what we should FEAR far more than COVID-19 itself. It’s being used as an EXCUSE by the elitists to slam down our First and Second Amendment rights. Fuck ’em. At least I “prepared”, and my ultimately response is chambered in .40 S&W.

  11. Folks, I have but one rhetorical question- the statistics that it isn’t all that deadly, that it affects mostly the weak, come from where? I don’t trust governments, or mass media. I don’t trust the Chinese gov, but I wonder why they went so bat-crap crazy trying to contain this thing if it truly is a minor pathogen.

    My grandfather had a saying- I think it was from Prussia, “Believe nothing that you hear, and half of what you see”. The more I’ve aged, the more I recognize the fundamental truth of that adage.

    I’m not going to panic, there is no point in doing so, but I am going to sit home for a while. Customers aren’t calling right now anyway. In a few weeks, if there aren’t stacks and stacks of dead bodies, we’ll know much more of the truth. And then will be the time to raise hell.

    • ” I have but one rhetorical question- the statistics that it isn’t all that deadly, that it affects mostly the weak, come from where?”

      From the CDC and WHO. They’re not hiding anything, It’s just that folks don’t do the math. They look at the charts and read how bad it is but do no comparisons. The Flu is has twice the mortality rate if you compare apples to apples.

      “but I wonder why they went so bat-crap crazy trying to contain this thing if it truly is a minor pathogen.

      To hide the massive economic disaster coming. The FED has already printed Trillions of dollars. They are planning to raise their balance sheet from 4.5 to 10 trillion dollars. Just prior to the 2008 event it was about 700 billion. You must understand, the entire world, except hated Russia, is in deep, deep debt.

      my 2cents

      • While it’s true that it is convenient to hide the latest financial collapse (both western and eastern) and grab power, do you believe that it is in any way unlikely that someone would release a very dangerous germ onto the world as part of that coverup? These are the same people who stockpile germs, poisons, and nukes in case someone might challenge the status quo ante.

        The CDC and WHO are basically western political bureaucracies. I expect them to hide things. Like the IPCC hides all the myriad evidence that manmade climate change is a non event.

        It’s not an either/or situation. It is absolutely likely that some player unleashed a chimeric plague on the world to cover up their crimes.

        Since the Chinese are a mostly homogeneous culture, and the government is oligarchical and authoritarian, and they don’t have much need to manipulate elections, since all of these things are true, I find more reason to find them credible than America’s band of smoke and mirrors crooks.

        • “do you believe that it is in any way unlikely that someone would release a very dangerous germ onto the world as part of that coverup? ”

          Would they,,, Absolutely. ‘They’ would have no problem with that as ‘they’ would already be vaccinated or would have the cure for those deemed necessary.

          As for this version of the CV19,,, it’s used as a cover only. It’s less dangerous than the flu. The UK has downgraded it. It will, as all respiratory viruses do, kill the very old and those with other serious medical conditions.

          “Like the IPCC hides all the myriad evidence that manmade climate change is a non event.”

          Agreed. But it will start heating up towards 2050 but not for the reasons they’re saying.

        • But Erehwon,

          The entire point is that it’s NOT nearly as deadly a germ as is being reported.

          As to how this passes, don’t even try to begin making sense of it. It’s being propelled, in no small way, by social media, a place where people go to post attempt to render themselves far more intelligent and relevant than they actually are.

          People generally post in order to validate their existences because society thru all of its mental/intellectual distractions has left tnem mentally unchallenged, a catch-22 state.

          It hasn’t escaped my notice that many of the people that I know that decry the loss of life of a someone that had one foot in the can anyway, and who could have died for little reason in the days & weeks to follow purely due to the passage of time, have absolutely no trouble advocating the butchering of babies upon or even immediately following birth much less at any time prior, and all in the name of the individual rights of a portion of a single demographic.

          There is no logic in these people so it’s a futile exercise to seek any therein.

          • 37, you’re probably right. When betting on something, one has to take into consideration not only the odds, but the stakes. I SUSPECT that there were different strains of this thing, some deadlier than others, released in different places. But I don’t KNOW that.

            I personally am taking prudent precautions. If I’m wrong- I will have looked foolish for a few weeks. My mask looks like a grinning chimp (filters in the teeth!)- I figure if you’re going to be stupid you should at least look stupid.. And as a volunteer first responder it not only breaks the ice but breaks the tension of a crazy situation.

            Totally with you on social media- TPTB figured out a way to control the internet- when it got popular and people started seeing over and around mainstream propaganda, they put out a shinier version which was designed for central control. Most people went for it- shiny and new grabs people’s attention. The internet itself is resilient and redundant- designed to be self healing and find paths around obstructions. When you train people to use Fakebook and Twatter, you gain control over them. Black money got funneled into these things making them appear grow like a contagion and appear profitable (sucker bait).

            With you on the abortion thing- I’m pro life and pro choice- but killing an innocent because you’re inconvenienced is not a choice any decent person would make. There are only 10 laws, and thou shalt not murder is way up there.

      • Ken,

        It (the flu) is actually much more than 2x as deadly (if we’re to believe the numbers are credible of course, which is another argument, but it’s all we got for now). Using the W.H.O. numbers presented in the video below (which another poster on here was gracious enough to share earlier, maybe it was you? I can’t recall), the seasonal flu is about 5.5x more deadly than Covid-19!

        (22,000/222,522 = 0.0988 or 9.8% for the flu. 69/3806 = 0.0181 or 1.81% for Covid-19. 9.88/1.81 = 5.46)

        The video referenced was from March 18th. The U.S. mortality rate has come down even more since then. As I type this, the CDC numbers indicate a 1.45% mortality rate (994/68,440 = 0.0145 or 1.45%).

        • Season flu stats are bs. Logically, how can you claim 30 or 50k flu or pneumonia (they like to pad the stats with pneumonia which is deadly to many people) when they don’t even do an actual test for the flu? Apparently less than 1000 people out of the tens of thousands who supposedly dies of the flu one recent season actually tested positive for flu… so, why do they get counted as flu deaths? Would you subject yourself to annual tithes to big pharma, aka flu vaccine, if the cdc reported 500 deaths from the flu this year?

          • I”m aware Todd. And no flu shots for this boy. I’m just trying to use their data against them and compare apples to apples. And to mostly assuage the panic of people close to me and hopefully anyone who may happen to read my post. They can digest this better than me trying to dive deeper into the topic. This is more relatable.

            And yes it’s depends on how each country classifies the cause of death. Apparently the US and Italy are counting everyone that has Covid in their system as the cause of death, even though it may have been a heart attack or something else that got them. Which is b.s. It’s akin to the driver who had one beer at dinner,got into a wreck on they way home and was killed. They count that as an alcohol-related death.

            Apparently Germany is not counting their Covid deaths this way which is why their numbers are so low (supposedly). We need more info/data/facts from our overlords so we can make up our own minds. But as you prob. know they don’t like to give us all the info.

    • In the UK they downgraded the disease 19 March but still put the country on lockdown 25 March with all the assaults on liberty that entails. Makes no sense to me

  12. The virus is a scapegoat for those that screwed up the economy. The FED is on a printing spree that would make Bernie and Pocahontas blush with envy. Trump is trumping the Democrats printing up a 2.5 trillion free money extravaganza for everyone. $1200 per individual (probably taxable but maybe Eric can pay property taxes), foreva unemployment at $600 a week, more than some make now. While we are accepting the crumbs they are throwing, Wall Street has already collected Trillions. Airlines 50B, Boeing 60B all others to be determined but I’ll guess 50B will be average. So once again the oligarch destroyers are being covered by the FED and government.
    I don’t know if they will be able to print their way out of this but they’ll just do more of it until it crashes so big that millions will die. A twofer for the Malthusians and Greta MMGW nincompoops.
    There’s some articles on Martin Armstrongs website, also Jon Rapponports. Armstrong is a bit off but on this he is on target. Rapponport is probably the last real investigative reporter on the planet. Bill Sardi is another good source. The Virus has actually been downgraded in the UK. They say 1 in 1000 may need hospitalized. Italy has been caught lying about the numbers. John Hopkins is the major source of bs. The world map they put out is sheer bull. They have China completely blotched in red but the Chinese are already back working with zero deaths. Incidentally Bloomberg has gave them (Hopkins) over a billion so I wouldn’t put it past them trying to make Trump look worse than what he is. I think he stinks but up against the rest he looks like a god. Helluva choice for those that give their consent to this circus and vote.
    Read where a young lady killed herself because of the lockdown in UK. Media are blaming the virus instead of the real culprit…. themselves. Likely more suicides to come, again blaming the virus.
    The lockdowns will probably end when the checks are finally in the mail and the FED has finished with its quadrillion printing spree.
    It’s a beautiful day here in Pensacola,,, going for a ride. To hell with the decrees and the Chicken Little’s.

  13. It started with imprisoning those who questioned the present “state religion”–holocaustianity…
    When the zionists found out that they could incarcerate those who dare to honestly investigate their so-called jewish “holocaust™and expose the lies, fabrications, and the many false claims of so-called “holocaust™ survivors”, many who never left New York City or were never in a camp, all bets were off.
    Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, and many others who dared to investigate this historical event have been incarcerated for attempting to expose the TRUTH.
    In the case of Sylvia Stolz, a lawyer who attempted to provide a proper defense for her client, was incarcerated for attempting to provide evidence countering the many claims of so-called “holocaust™” promoters.
    Judicial notice”, a questionable and dishonest legal doctrine, is used to turn a “commonly accepted belief”, however wrong, or even scientifically and physically impossible, into the equivalent of “religious orthodoxy” from which no dissent or counter-argument is permitted.
    THIS is the tool that the zionists use to legitimize even the most outlandish and ridiculous holocaust claims.
    Get ready for this same tactic to be used against those who do not toe the “coronavirus” line.

    • Anarchyst,

      Those who challenge proclamations from the State have been marginalized, imprisoned or killed for thousands of years. There’s nothing uniquely Zionist about it.


    • So Annie baby, just how many people who were there have you or your fellow aryan warrior types convinced that the holocaust never happened? You guys have had an awfully long time to show them that they’re wrong and that nothing really happened, and even at this late date there are still some around for you to persuade. To my knowledge none of those who were involved on either side have been so convinced. Guess ol’ Adolf Eichmann was lying when he wrote those Life magazine articles in 1960, a mere 15 years after the war when it was all still quite fresh in living memory?

      Of course I don’t believe anyone should be punished for making such claims – people have a perfect right to be as stupid as they want to be; flat earthers, dumbass white boys with their heads up their arses, whatever. It’s also time the Joooos realized they need to stop beating people over the head with this stuff, ditto for the negros with slavery. It just alienates people and adds fuel to the fire for white nationalist imbeciles.

      Better check under your bed for Jooos tonight, Annie. They recently murdered Kenny Rogers in cold blood! (You may have missed that I personally have uncovered and revealed on this very site Joooo conspiracies against the white race – murdering white christian cultural icons in the prime of their lives such as Gloria Vanderbilt, Tim Conway, and now Kenny Rogers; via Mossad agents acting under direct orders from the head Jooooo in his desert lair in Israhell. You should be thanking me!) Careful out there, who knows who else they might target, especially those bravely spreading the “troof” on the interwebs!

      • In all of German-occupied Europe there were 2.4 million Jews. Since the end of war, over 5 million Jews claimed ‘survivor’ benefits from the German government. Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.

  14. As a “higher risk” person, I am much more concerned about the sort of world that my grandchildren will live in than my own health and life.

  15. Does anyone here know anyone who ever died of the “regular” flu? I’ve asked friends and family and only come up with one person, back during the Spanish Flu.

    • Maybe the CDC is going to have to admit that all the scary numbers that they use to push their poison vaccine is all made-up BS ?????

      • All government, quasi government criminals have a saying.

        Always deny,deny,deny,deny,deny,deny,deny,deny,deny,deny,deny,deny,deny,deny,deny

      • I just got this from over at Mises comment section:

        For official numbers, it depends on which org you ask, e.g. how many “influenza” deaths were there in say 1999?

        – American Lung Association will tell you: Influenza deaths (not incl. pneumonia etc) = 1,665
        – CDC will tell you: flu deaths (incl. pneumonia / respiratory & circulatory syndromes) = 36,520 which is the official flu deaths statistic they choose to circulate.

        • So I agree with your hypothesis Anonymous 11:42 am. However, regarding this other thing, anecdotally, my neighbor, in good shape and early 40s, was just put on respirator in ICU and has this COVID.

        • Well, actually … there is no contradiction.

          Maybe the real reason the CDC et al was freaking out over the (apparently) relatively small numbers of bat flu deaths is because their annual flu numbers for the past decades have been bullshit ???

          And then of course the CDC hates Trump so how do we know they aren’t deliberately holding up care (masks, ventilators, tests, etc) just to pull him down? Most of the bureaucracy are traitors.

    • @ Eric Morris
      I don’t know anyone who has died of the flu. Talking to a friend this morning about my doubts that that is a pandemic, he cut me off saying, ” Oh, it’s real alright. My grand(mother,or father,I didin’t catch which) just died in the nursing home from it.” He got pissed when I said that there is no test that can identify the cornholio virus and that deaths are being blamed without testing. He said he had to go and hung up.

      People get pissed off when you say there probably is no pandemic. If I lost a friend by speaking my mind, then that’s the price I have to pay for flipping the bird to the scaremongers.

      • A friend went in hospital for flu. While amongst the flesh-eaters there she picked up an only apparently more literal flesh-eating mrsa. It didn’t kill her right away. But it was all downhill from there.

  16. From behind enemy lines: my lawn service has shown up for spring clean up. A cacophony of two cycle engines, smell of burnt oil and gas in the air, three trucks and nine crewmen. I’m smiling from ear to ear as it’s a sign of life and defiance of the local shut down orders. Hot damn!

    • Excellent, BAC!

      I am typing this at the coffee shop, which clings to life – and sanity. Everyone should be passively defying this insanity by living their life.

  17. I wonder if this *over-reaction* would have happened in a non-election year? The left wing media was trying to make this virus into Trump’s Katrina and blame him. He knows that and now he is over reacting to this. Which means he will sign a welfare for all bill that will print trillions of dollars from the Federal Reserve and bailouts for corporations and we’ll pay people not to work for years.

  18. Any and all questions regarding whether to surrender liberty or not was answered long ago. “Give me liberty, or give me death.” C-virus may, or may not be as dangerous as the Sociopaths In Charge and their Mockingbird Media claim it to be. They have lied to us so often and so much that truth regarding the virus is impossible to determine. Which is of no consequence to me, as my liberty is worth more than my life. I prefer to die on my feet than live on my knees. Unfortunately for the feminized masses, fear is the governing factor, placing feelings above reason. I sometimes think that fear is an opiate that panic addicts can’t live without. They are incapable of examining their mortality, and are thus inclined to think they are immortal. My County went on lock down yesterday, and I will be out testing it today. Its going to be in the 70s today, and I need to make sure my convertible top works.

    • Hi JWK,


      People ought to ask themselves: Is staying alive worth giving up everything that makes life worth living? House arrest, unemployment, serfdom? Being in thrall to the government, to the control freaks who are “the government”? Giving them total control over our lives?

      Why not just go hold up a bank? If you end up in prison for life does it not amount to the same thing?

      PS: I am heading out to affront the “lockdown,” too. Video up within two hours – assuming I haven’t been Hut! Hut! Hutted! for my saaaaaaaaaaafety and yours.

      • Well, I’ve been out burning fuel the last two days, stopping for lunch, and I must say its been a pleasure. Apparently, most of the terrified of life clovers are staying home. I did come across a couple, but with lighter traffic they were easy to pass. Around the county seat, it seems folks are going about their business, being careful how close they get to each other, which one should be any way. Especially if like me they are in their sixties. And smoke. And drink. The economic/virus balance may be the undoing of the US Sociopaths In Charge, as despite the panic, it needs to be addressed. We can’t just stop working entirely. Last I heard, the death rate for not eating is 100%, which is just a tad higher than that of C-virus. Of course one thing the US Sociopaths In Charge will never be accused of is being sane. I found stats on people dying from slipping in their bathtub from 1998 I believe. In the US, about 16k that year, which C-virus managed to exceed just a few days ago, world wide.Not to mention of course that about 250k die every year from malpractice, misdiagnosis, and mistreatment, more than are killed with firearms and by illegal drug abuse combined.


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