Reader Question: Standing up to Coronamaniacs?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Stan asks: I’ve read (ad agree with) your articles about this Corona thing being exaggerated and the fear being used to cow people into accepting things that just a month ago would have been inconceivable. But what is your advice as far as not obeying things like “shelter in place” orders?

My reply: Well, first of all, let’s get straight about these orders – and whether they’re legitimate, or even legal. As far as I know, martial law has not yet been formally declared – and, accordingly, the same laws that protected us a month ago still protect us now. Armed government workers are still obliged to have probable cause to stop you, such as a moving violation. In which case, you give them your license and registration – your required “papers” – and that’s it. They are free to ask as many questions as  they like. But you are under no obligation to tell them a blessed thing.

I’m assuming that after haranguing you for awhile, they’ll give up and let you go – with, of course, a piece of payin’ paper for the traffic violation that gave them the probable cause to pull you over.

I have heard that in some states, they are threatening people with exorbitant fines for  not “sheltering in place” – and maintaining “social distance.” I recommend refusing to pay these and let’s see how it hashes out in court. Or in another court.

The bottom line, I think, is that if we don’t want to be utterly enslaved we have to be willing to risk at least being fined. If not, we’re unworthy of the freedom they’ve taken away from us.

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  1. For all of these months, I’ve hoped anyone would dare arrest me, for not wearing a mask, or for not staying home. Why? No law exists to force either. I’ve begged the stassi to dare ticket or arrest me. I’ve spoken with many of them, and even asked why they don’t wear masks. The question was turned around, and I responded, “because I’m not an idiot. You?” (a nod and one word, “same!”)
    Our coppers don’t seem to believe in da’rona, yet, they will do as they’re told. What’s that remind you of?
    “Just following orders.”
    Mmm hmm.
    I leave the house, bare-faced, daily. Nobody bothers me. Saw a copper, the other day, and said, “It’s great to see all these faces!” (his, included.) He laughed, nodded, and exclaimed, “Yes!” He was in no mood to arrest me, sadly.
    I’ve hoped it would happen as I am willing to be the test case. So far, it’s not happening. I suggest, if anyone is threatened with arrest or ticketing, go along with it. Then, take it to court. Then this stupidity can actually end.

  2. Did you hear that Ammon Bundy is planning to have a big protest event in Idaho ?

    Let’s see them arrest 1000 armed “peaceful assemblers” LOL

    • Hi X,

      Thanks for posting this; I especially liked the part about only “life sustaining” businesses being allowed to operate. As if working to earn the money needed to pay for food and a roof over your head is somehow not “life sustaining.” The girl should use the ticket as toilet paper – as we all ought to do.

      • Yes, she should. I refuse to pay fines for that nonsense. Of course, we are in a lawless society (for the corrupts), so who knows what they will do.

  3. It’s easy, give me liberty, or give me death. Unless you prefer to live on your knees, over dying on your feet, the course is clear.
    “We pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

  4. I agree.
    Yet when I picked up one of the Filth on my tail on Saturday, I pulled into the first gas station to get it in front of me,

    • Ah yes: The first rule of driving, “Always be *behind* the cop!” corollary, “by at least 200 yards”. Second rule of driving, “Always be *in front* of the bus!”

  5. Anon, the enforcer class is far from useless. You’ve just mistaken what their use is. First, they are NOT there to protect the general population. That has been established long since, and it went all the way up to the Nine Riders of the Bench. Second, while some PD’s still have the motto “protect and serve” it is well to ask, who and what is being protected, and who do they serve? Given the above, its obvious that its not the general population that’s being protected. I submit, that they are there to protect and serve the system itself. What system? The same power system, that allows their real masters to extract trillions, each and every year from our productive class.
    The enforcer class has two main factions. Those whose use is internal, and those whose use is external (during normal times, in times of “emergency” the external gets used internally). A rather famous member
    of the external enforcer class, had quite fascinating things to say about his decades long experiences in
    the external rackets. His name was Smedley Darlington Butler. He was a Major General in the USMC, and received two Congressional Medals of Honor. This is his story.

  6. Hell in this county they won’t even come out to write a citation for an unpermitted fire getting out of control, causing volunteers to come out and risk their health. So how the hell can they be stopping people for driving down the road minding their own business?

    Maybe at the end of this nonsense it will become apparent how fokking useless the cops really are? If we can pretty much do without them for a couple of months then why not get rid of them altogether ????


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