The Reformation Begins?

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It took a few hundred years for the volk to tire sufficiently of the corruption of the Catholic Church – political popes and cash-for-indulgences (i.e., hand over some money and all your sins are forgiven).

A latter-day Reformation may be under way.

It’s not yet widespread, but palpable signs of not-gonna-take-it-anymore are cropping up almost as quickly as the corporate media can memory hole the incidents. The Twitter clip of a woman refusing to genuflect before the wearers of the Holy Rag has been viewed by millions with a disproportionate majority commenting favorably.

The clip of the desperate restaurant owner in CA, who used his truck to prevent a Gesundheitsleiter from leaving after he handed out fines to the owner for the crime of trying to earn an honest living.

And now, this one.

A woman just trying to pay for gas was assaulted by an armed government worker for not wearing the Holy Rag – and fought back, successfully.

She beat the crap out of the Jesuit of the Rag – leaving it bleeding and concussed.


Violence is always ugly. But people can only be expected to endure so much before they respond thusly. When they cannot even buy some gas – or get food or go to work – without someone trying to force them to pay homage to a Cult.

It is enough.

If these Holy Rollers won’t leave us alone they leave us with no choice. As the brave woman in the Twitter video says to the Cultists who surround her:

I’m not sick. 

These three words. Which amount to just two, really: I’m innocent.

The presumption of which is the keystone of what was Western Civilization, now hanging perilously in the balance as a new Dark Age threatens to descend. A Dark Age defined by presumptive guilt, requiring endless atonement.

I’m not sick.


The fear of terrified people that someone might be doesn’t cut it. Get a grip. Get therapy. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel less scared, so long as you leave us out of it.

We aren’t terrorists, either- and grow sick of being presumed to be one and treated as if  we were one as the condition of our being allowed to fly.

Just as we’re not “drunk” drivers, either – and grow sick of having to prove we aren’t absent any reason to suspect we are.

No more “papers, please.”

No more peeing in cups to establish we aren’t drug addicts as a condition of employment. If we have given you a reason to believe we are drug addicts or otherwise untrustworthy, don’t hire us. Or fire us, if we give you reason to.

It is unreasonable – it is degrading – to treat people as presumptive addicts, drunks, terrorists and plague-spreaders.

It is infuriating.

It is enough.

The whole loathsome freight train of presumption needs to be brought to a screeching halt.

People have a right to be left in peace and treated with respect unless they have done something to cause harm.

Because someone is scared doesn’t cut it.

I’m not sick.

This could be the battle cry that wins a war.

And recovers America.

It is a battle worth joining; it is a fight they brought on – with their lunatic insistence that everyone join their sickening cult.

Let’s end it, quickly.

And get back to living as free people again.

. . . .

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    • The “vote” is for someone to SERVE the electorate, not “RULE” over them.

      By definition, what the “voters” think is irrelevant to those that RULE them.

  1. Nothing will change until the people make it happen.

    The response on every level amounts to a fart in a wind storm.

    Meet them at the level they meet you at or just continue to whine and get nothing done.

    They’re hurting us. Where we live. Hurt them. Where they live.

    No forgiveness for these latter day Nazis.

    • Morning, James!

      I think most of us – by which I mean the majority here, who just want to be let alone and are more than willing to leave others alone – are by nature reluctant to resort to force. But – as you note – they are forcing us to resort to force. I hate this, beyond words. But I hate being bullied and painted as a “bad person” because I don’t agree with their sickness and won’t play along with it. It is getting on my last nerves – and I do not think I am alone.

      • eric, there was a really good video yesterday of a restauranteur who was on a rant. 60 years old and he was mad and had quite a crowd supporting him. He said “No more”, he wasn’t taking it any more and the bureaucrats and politicians could kiss his ass but he wasn’t going to let his life’s work die. It was a good video I wish everyone in the US had seen.

        He had guts and had no intention of being fucked around by scum anymore.

        I would love to see Warren Wilhelm go the same way of their Nazi and Fascist ancestors go, hanging by their feet till there was nothing left.

      • “Take your cue from the Tenth Amendment and nullify everything the government does that flies in the face of the principles on which this nation was founded. If there is any means left to us for thwarting the government in its relentless march towards outright dictatorship, it may rest with the power of juries and local governments to invalidate governmental laws, tactics and policies that are illegitimate, egregious or blatantly unconstitutional.”

        John Whitehead

        When somebody is calling you bad or any name for that matter embrace it and agree with them. The collectivist ideology that we are all in this together can stay in USSR or China. I am in it for myself and damn proud of that.

  2. Since there are few “facts” regarding COVID, and many of them frequently change, a thing real facts cannot do, it becomes obvious that the entire charade is indeed based on faith or belief, as in religion or cult. Once one becomes immersed in either it is often quite difficult to convince them of any truth outside their dogma. In normal times, they present no real danger to the general public. These are not normal times. Historically, they resemble more the era of the inquisition, imposed upon those who refused to accept the dogma, or deviated from it in any way. What follows is burnings and various other means of disposing of any and all of the “guilty”. We can resist, or face being tied to a stake and set on fire. There is no man more dangerous than one who has nothing to lose. A point we are fast approaching. By design.

    • JWK, it’s the very reason the cops that bore the heavy hand need to be hanging up there with Whitmere, Cuomo, and all the rest. Newsom has sent liberals from Ca. to Texas by the droves. He needs to be hanging there too along with all the Californians who claim to still be liberal.

      I guarantee the real Texans are livid. I’d send my sister and sister-in-law back to California with them. They aren’t Texans and never were and neither were any of the people they have been married to. Hand ’em High.

  3. America is already dead. It was sick…now its dead. Fully given over to the death cult of communism. We are all soviets now. The mask is appropriate for the brain dead morons, especially the ones wearing it in their own cars, without anyone in it!!!

    • Remember the good old days when thousands of antiwar protesters gathered at the Mall in Washington?

      Remember when the Senate side of the US Capitol was bombed later on during the Vietnam conflict?

      Cowshit I know?

      Some people in the patriot community are very upset about what is going on with the blatant election fraud. You have to understand that it is probably not going to stand. Right or wrong, there will be consequences.

      More here:

  4. I walked into a small cafe this morning, sans diaper; was a place a few towns over and I had not been before. I wanted a muffin, and the place was well-reviewed on Yelp.

    To my surprise, the owner/barista behind the counter had no diaper on his face. He was the most pleasant fellow. The customers in the cafe had no diapers on their faces. As I sat down, I watched customer after customer enter without a diaper on their face. Had I gone back in time? Teleported?

    Maybe, just maybe, even in the communist hellhole of CT, folks grow weary. Either way, made my day. Thank you, coffee shop strangers, for a drop of sanity in a sea of ridiculousness.

    • Hi BAC,

      I like reading these stories about sane people still existing. It gives me faith that humanity may prevail. I hope the coffee and muffin were delicious.

  5. Went into town for a supply run today. A few more “under the breath & scurry” masktards than usual in the grocery store. Local gov’t is giving off an exasperated “people are starting to complain the the centrally planned perfect health and elimination of death through gov’t diktat and with almost 99% sheeple compliance isn’t working” vibe lately. So what do they do? Quadruple down of course! It’s spreading “in the home” now. This requires more intense masking. Wear a mask in bed with your wife! Mask up the pets! (made that one up but you get the idea.) WTF? Delusional. Of course the true believers and those embarrassed by their servile compliance are out looking for scapegoats. Things are getting edgier. I fear that 2021 may make 2020 seem like the good old days.

    • That’s my prediction for 2021: it’s going to make 2020 look like the halcyon days. Inflation is coming and mask wearing is making it worse (by perpetuating fear and discouraging people from spending/producing). I’ve already noticed that several food items at Walmart have gone up as much as 20-30 cents in just the last couple of weeks. Red meat prices in my town have nearly doubled since March. Things will get very ugly next year.

    • I’m thinking that 2021 is going to be the year of the TN Motorhome type event. People have been just barely hanging on to what little living was left, waiting for a return to normal and it is starting to dawn on many that, no, we are never going back to normal. Many are going to break. Hopeless people can do very odd things.

        • Hatt, I’m with you. I’m not in other states and don’t plan to be so what I say only pertains to the state of Texas. Everywhere I go I ask people about the vaccine. Men and women alike say they won’t be taking one regardless of mandates.

          I ask one other question, Are you going to give up your guns and the answer is always the same “Hell no”.

          Go ahead you coward politicians and bureaucrats, see if you can get your minions to give up their life to take my gun. I may give up my guns….but like Johnny B says, surrounded by a Gomer Pyle of hot brass, from my cold, dead hands.

          • You should ask them a third question: “Do you ever wear a mask in public?” If they answer in the affirmative, you may safely disregard their answers to the first two questions.

      • If you are referring to the Xmas bombing, the motorhome actually used had different striping than the patsy’s vehicle. Poor man was probably kidnapped and murdered to lie to the sheeple. The actual destruction may have come from a satellite as a Directed Energy Weapon (horrifying–look it up). It took out a major ATT regional communications hub and there was evidence of the election fraud in there. No folks, that was NOT some lonely crazy man hitting a random location.

        The global cabal is getting visibly worse and worse–which is waking people up. They are going DOWN (about time!) and Jesus Christ and His flawed little human champion, Donald Trump are going up. We will WIN, so no fear.

        As to the gullibillies with diapers, they’re all ascairdated (as babyish as I can make that). Be the grown-up in the room and reassure the infants that they are safe.

  6. The brave woman has the right idea, beat the crazy covidians senseless and into submission.

    Enough of this stupid covid bullshit.

    Martin also wrote a screed entitled ‘The Jews and Their Lies’. He was not a fan of wall wailers.

    The Jewish virtual library has published the contents of Martin’s harsh words.

    The 95 Theses:

    Pfizer CEO declines to answer the question of when he plans to receive the vaccine:

  7. Eric: Point of theological correction, which may seem nerdy, but is actually important and relevant. The forgiveness of the sins was not corrupt by the Church, then. (or now too, for that matter) What was corrupt was the selling indulgences. By theology, the eternal damnation is forgiven by Jesus’ sacrifice, *but the penance* of penitent, redressing the effects of the sin remain, and must be satisfied due to God’s justice. The penance that *must be completed* in order to purify the soul from the effects of the sin committed, is either performed by the penitent, or an indulgence can be granted by the Church for relief of this necessary penance.

    A sermon I remember from my priest explains it like this: My mother says not to play ball by the house. I disobey her and do it anyway, breaking a window in the process. My mother says, “Wait till your father gets home!” I sobbingly confess my wrongdoing and ask for forgiveness, which my father gives to me. However, he says I have to pay to fix the window. So, I get a part time job after school to make $$ to pay the glazier to fix the window. (This is penance) However, my rich aunt becomes aware of this after talking to my mother the following weekend. My aunt pays the glazier to fix the window the following Monday. (That is an indulgence granted to me by my aunt.)

    So my father forgave the sin, but my aunt granted me an indulgence.

    In the Church, way back in the olden days, penance for sins was quite severe. People knew they had to perform the penance to complete the absolution that was given by the priest. So yes, granting an indulgence for all the penance for a “gift” of $$ is quite the recipe for corruption as you cite. But when you get it wrong, you portray the Church inaccurately which subsequently leads to perversion by your readership. (of which I am one, thanks.)

    • The entire Catholic conception of penance stems from a mistranslation of the Greek word ‘metanoia’, which means not “penance”, but “repentance”. Repentance implies a “change of mind” in the context of turning from sin. Now of course, making good on wrongs done is a good thing, but it shouldn’t be done at the cost of the original meaning of New Testament doctrine.

  8. LOVE IT! Time to fight back. I’m not an advocate of wanton violence, but the linked article was interesting in a few ways. The sheriff’s deputy allegedly had a concussion after being hit several times with the baton; however, she declined medical assistance. Most people who are beaten like that aren’t able to respond, they are taken immediately by ambulance. Also, what “law” was the deputy enforcing when she confronted the woman? On what basis did the deputy provoke her? Maybe the deputy threatened the customer, and wound up with the short end of the stick, so to speak. The deputy must have had the baton in her hand, otherwise how would the woman have been able to take it?

    In re the woman in the store fighting off the encroaching covidians, BRAVO! I wish I had been there, although she didn’t look like she needed any help :).

    I remember when my kids were little, a wise, older parent told me that when taking them out in public, be ready to leave the store, even if you have a cart full of merchandise. If they start fussing or make a scene, you need to be ready to be firm and take your leave until another time. In a self-defense class, I learned that you should “practice” a confrontation in your mind so that you are mentally prepared and not caught off guard. My point is, to be prepared for a confrontation, especially nowadays. Be ready with plan B,which may mean to walk away, even with a cart full of merchandise, or better, stand your ground like these ladies did. It helps my mental health to rehearse what I will do if confronted, and is less of a let down if I am not successful in fending off the nonsense (which by the way, has been rare).

  9. I love the script on that story about the woman “beating” a moonlighting cop. There was our poor helpless AGW, who simply asked the mean old woman to abide by the rules of polite society, and she beat him senseless. Come on, anyone really want to believe that? If that’s the way it went down why didn’t they show all the footage from the security camera which would be great for generating righteous outrage with the 150 or so viewers who aren’t in a coma.

    And then there’s this part:
    “Secondly, this incident points to the danger law enforcement officers face every day. This individual made a serious mistake and we are working with the St. Louis Police Department to apprehend and bring charges against this attacker. Thirdly, this pandemic is not over and you must wear a mask when in public.” St. Louis Sheriff Vernon Betts said in a statement.

    So she was moonlighting as a security guard in a gas station. Not on the government clock. Why is the sheriff making any sort of statement at all? Ol Vern shouldn’t have been asked about it any more than if the deputy had fallen off the roof putting up her Christmas lights.

    Fuck the cult of the first responders!

    • ‘why didn’t they show all the footage from the security camera …’

      For one thing, the media is well aware of the power of memes, since they traffic in them 24/7. They don’t want to show someone beating the crap out of an authority figure, for fear of inciting others. Hopefully the censored footage will leak for our enjoyment.

      Another issue is that the woman in question happens to be African American. Showing an African American attacking someone (whether justified or not) inverts the ‘mostly peaceful’ meme. To air such footage might be r- rrr- rrrraa– *claps hand over mouth to avoid blaspheming*

  10. I turned on the teevee to catch the local weather and they had an ad on about leaving an abusive relationship. I can’t recall the exact verbiage but, it started with something like, “every 4 seconds someone decides to end an abusive relationship…”

    Maybe that’s where we are now. It’s time to walk away from a society that thinks it can abuse us psychologically and sometimes physically, a we’ll just sit there and take it.

    Is it secession? Is it “Going Galt”? I don’t know but, I do know I’m not going to take it anymore.

    I keep seeing posts and hearing statements from friends and acquaintances about how 2021 is going to be better. It won’t be unless we take a stand. Why? Because as sure as the sun is rising in the east, Gates, Schwab, et al, under their Armani suits are wearing “wife beater” undershirts.

    • Many would walk away from this abusive relationship if it weren’t for the fact that anybody leaving the plantation get stalked and penned or killed. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to dump their license, registration and insurance for the right to travel unmolested in your own conveyance upon the public right of way? Who wouldn’t want to keep their pay in exchange for tossing the social safety net that serves only those who wish to be treated as one perverted uncle sams children? Who wouldn’t want to own their property without the threats of confiscation if we don’t fund the “services” that we never asked for. These vermin are the “bad” people they claim society and government protects us from. I’ve never been a victim of armed robbery except at the roadside by highwaymen in official uniforms. I’ve never been extorted except by indifferent fraus in various government offices. Give me street criminals, cartels and gangsters any day over these officials. At least if you defend yourself from unofficial intimidation and violence there isn’t a worldwide gulag network ready to cage or cull for the terrible act of removing your slave chains. It’s well past time for pitchforks.
      Unintended consequences by John Ross will give you some insight if you ever draw the attention of these liberty rapists.

      • Anon, I HAVE been burglarized several times and robbed at knifepoint once. The cops reaction? “Oh well, here’s some paperwork to file with your insurance company.”

        Others have talked about how “we outnumber the tyrants”. I’m not so sure. The mask has revealed just how many mini-Mussolinis there really are in society. As Arendt said, “the banality of evil”. These folks have it in their heads that if you don’t agree with their overbearing demands that “society” makes, that just proves how much more you need to be controlled. It’s sickening. The good news is I don’t think they have much real fight in them. Without being able to hide behind a keyboard they’d probably poop their pants if actually confronted. Such as the Antifa/BLM crowd. Notice how they seem to love terrorizing cities that have lots of urbane and unarmed residents. You don’t see them in the areas where necks are red. So we got THAT goin’ for us…which is nice.

        • You need to find the recent video by Catherine Austin Fitts is which she lays out just where all the BLM riots are happening so as to lower real estate prices there so rich monsters can buy downtowns up cheap. It is not random. It is horrifying.


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