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Body camera footage has just been released showing a six-year-old being Hut! Hut! Hutted! by an Orlando, FL armed government worker.

Kaia Rolle was cuffed and stuffed – and booked and fingerprinted – for throwing a temper tantrum at school. In the video, we see Turner barking orders at the little girl:

“Stand up!,” he says.

“What are those for?” the girls asks when see sees the handcuffs she’s about to be mancled with – six-year-old girls clearly being a “threat” to the “safety” of armed government workers.

The AGW who cuffed and stuffed her, Dennis Turner, was fired almost immediately after the Hut! Hut! Hutting! but has not been charged with any crime. Child abuse, for instance. Kidnapping.

Several come to mind.

And this isn’t the only time this AGW has Hut! Hut! Hutted! a kid in the single digits. According to local news coverage, Turner arrested an 8-year-old child the same week and later that same day, he would arrest  another six-year-old.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, officers arresting children under 12 must receive approval from a Watch Commander, which is department policy. Turner failed to do this both times.

But wait, there’s more.

Back in 1998, Turner was charged with child abuse. He was suspended  – but not fired -pending the outcome of the investigation, the Sentinel reported. In that case, Turner was arrested after his 7-year-old son showed up at school with visible injuries from the abuse.

Exactly what happened after the arrest remains unclear.

In 2016, he was reprimanded for using excessive force after stunning a man five times with a Taser during an arrest, the newspaper reported.

These are the “heroes” we’re supposed to worship as our saviors and protectors.

Not me. No thanks.

Fish heads, served cold and crunchy. Hell, they don’t even deserve that.

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  1. There is SO much wrong with this incident. Not just the cop, who thinks nothing of putting a six-year-old in restraints, arresting her, and charging her. Where is the kid’s father? Absent. Where is the kid’s mother? Absent. We have an obese immigrant grandmother who obviously cannot control how much food she shoves into her own mouth, who is obviously incapable of disciplining and training a six-year-old to be a socialized human being. Where is the grandfather? This incident has “welfare” and “illegitimacy” and probably “incarcerated or drug-addict parents” written all over it. Note how she uses a “medical” excuse for the kid acting up and kicking someone else: “sleep apnea.” I’m sure Medicaid is paying for that.

    When’s the last time you heard of a six-year-old with f–ing sleep apnea??? Let me tell you, I was six once, and f–ing NOBODY in my first grade had sleep apnea.

    When you are incompetent to take care of the most basic aspects of your own life, and incapable of raising children to respect the most basic social behaviors, and you invite the government into your life to do it for you, you can’t be surprised when the government responds with violent, stupid badge goons who think nothing of arresting a six-year-old.

    The best way to deal with cops is to avoid them at all costs, and to be as anal as possible about not screwing things up so as to give them an opportunity to come into your life and act like the assholes that they are.

  2. Funny, the moving picture screen in my living room tells me every day that these people are honorable, brave, decent human beings just trying their best to help people. Hmm.. doesn’t add up.


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