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Rough stuff:

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      • These articles where the bad things happen to a “good person” often have this bizzare read to them. It is like people don’t know what to do when it happens to someone they can relate to.

        The ones that don’t are almost funny in the way they struggle with their cognitive dissonance.

  1. The rubicon is crossed when your day includes forcibly entering another mans anus for idealogical purposes. Load these untouchables on the S S Nuremberg and make them sail out of our sight.

    To mind your own business and silently submit to being a part of this inhumane atrocity including paying for it is criminal.

    Death to the democrats for this. Death to the republicans for this. Death to the taxpayers. Death to the contractors and subcontractors. Where I work, we help update and modernize the kindergulags. How does this stop? Death to America. Hopefully something good can emerge from the stricken root and push through the dirt and into the light in this coming spring.

    Most of us are part leper, the dead cadaver parts hang and putrefy while the living parts of us are subsumed to the statist sickness and apathy.

    This is what tough on crime means now. Taylor and Ford have passed. We’re a planet of the apes jumping about the gears and mechanisms with no idea how to maintain our society.

    • As sickening as it is, what’s even more sickening (to me) is the millions of “law and order” types who don’t have the mental firepower (or the humanity) to understand that if this can be done to those guys – to any guys – it can be done to them, too.


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