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  1. Well, I hope he can remain civil when somebody shoves that pistol he carries up his ass. That’s the Kenyan’s wet dream, an American Stasi.

    • Ed, I’m currently reading the biography Hitler. It’s extremely interesting and informative. What idiots Germans were to line up 60,000 deep to listen to a 21 year old ex-soldier. Of course if you could run for prez in the US you’d have gotten elected when Insain McCain was your opposition if you were 14. I can’t get it to you but I have a song that’s a Stephen Hawking parody called Why Won’t Jesse Helms Just Hurry Up and Die?. Hawking loved it although he had nothing to do with it. On another note, Jesse Helms was the only one I heard who went ballistic over the Patriot Act so there you go. Oh, Hawking just told them to go do their thing when asked to come to a meeting that was nothing more than just kissing Israel’s butt. Good for him.

      • It’s really pathetic that “progressives” think the word ‘fascist’ is simply an insult, like ‘dickweed’ or ‘ringmeat’. The really pathetic thing is that their idols, Obama, Hillary Clinton, et al, are actually fascists. The social vision they have is pure fascism as defined by Mussolini: Everything for the state, nothing above the state, etc.

        Their police state model is taken directly from the National Socialist movement, which actually started in New England with the Bellamy’s and that idiot witch Julia Ward Howe. Their socialist society model is nazi Germany, with the single ruler, the health and safety fixation, the extreme nationalism, the anti-tobacco fetish, etc. So, they are really fascists and nazis.

        It’s weird that they can’t see this and use those terms as insults to be thrown at their opponents.

        • Ed, I’m not sure how Mussolini got in. Italy wasn’t that taken and it would seem more of a Chimp rigging with internet voting thing….or just voter intimidation at the polls. Now the Nazi’s, sheesh, it takes a country with hundreds of years bowing to masters of all sorts, leftovers or actually not leftovers but simply more of the same as they’d had for hundreds of year. Of course there were too many parties and factions to list but they mostly were all at the very least, socialism. Germans had a “meister” for everything including how they could run their households although certainly not everyone agreed but those who didn’t suffered severe economic penalties, to the tune that no one spoke up much in opposition although they might be mad as the old hatter over it. The state is everything and you’re here for it. Sounds like a govt. professor I had who seemed to revel in the fact that we lived in a prison planet back in the 60’s. I don’t know he promoted it but it seemed to make his day to tell you about it. he did nothing to indicate you had an alternative. I hated the guy and dropped the class.

        • “the anti-tobacco fetish”

          It Really Is a fetish with them too.

          My local community college has a big flashing marque, on it, it proudly proclaims it is a smoke free property,… not just the buildings as it has been for a few years now, but the whole dang thing, all across the grassy fields and past the school lawnmowers and weed eaters.

          It’s not about second hand indoor smoke anymore. When did that transition happen? Inside, outside, makes no difference to them, yet they still drive around the campus with a car spewing far more dangerous substances and don’t bat an eye. The hypocrites!

          Almost no other information flashes on this great big brand new marquee except the day and the time. It’s ridiculous how far they are taking it.

          … It’s not like they don’t take money taken from smokers, it’s just that smokers aren’t allowed there. It’s the ‘new’ black.

          • “It Really Is a fetish with them too.”

            Sho is. I have a few indian friends (sorry, but they identify themselves as indians, not hyphenates)who find that fetish offensive. They view tobacco as a sacrament, in a way though it isn’t always ritualized like sacraments in some religions are.The plant is sacred to them.

            I think that part of the antipathy towards tobacco by these “progressivists” is rooted in an antipathy they have toward religion.

          • “an antipathy they have toward religion.”

            I never thought of that. I think you’re right. Freedom and freedom of religion, they hate them both and every expression of it.

          • Strange thing about it, cigarette smoke nearly kills me, gives me a screaming headache, eyes, face, the whole works but cigars and pipe tobacco, not a thing. If it’s full leaf tobacco, I can and will smoke it occasionally(although I can’t afford the cigars my wife and I used to smoke before the yuppies made them go from $2/e to $20/E for the same cigar)and I rarely smoke a pipe if I can find a smooth blend. My parents smokes like a brushfire and I’d do anything to get away from it. I never knew where we’d been in the car or where we were going because I was down in the floorboard in the back, getting that air from the kickpanel vent to avoid their cig smoke. Naturally, it killed them, along with my whole damned large extended family. I don’t know why they couldn’t smoke a stogie like my grand dad did. I won’t tolerate someone smoking close to me but when they’re outside, that should be enough although it’s really not for me but I realize I’m the exception and everybody else doesn’t want to lose their rights for me and I wouldn’t ask them to. I have a lot of friends, or used to, that smoke and I noticed when we’d be outside and talking, we’d go round in circles. I always stayed upwind of them but there was something in their subconscious I guess that made them constantly seek to be upwind of me. Strange. Go to a hospital. All the EMT’s and nurses are standing UPWIND of the doors smoking like trains. What is up with that?

          • I think it has to do with being able to see the door, be able to get in quick, and not to be seen as hiding, which a person would be if they were downwind BEHIND something to block the wind.

            If they’re upwind, they’re not hiding.

            The spot is determined on windy days, the other days, it’s just THE place to go smoke.

            With your friends, it was probably they just didn’t want to turn their heads to exhale with the wind.

            Exhaling into the wind is often kind of like spitting into the wind. Who does that?

        • I can only hope beyond hope that they are too ignorant to realize what they’re doing. I think they know exactly what they’re doing, they’re just “playing the game” while the ignorant masses watch in awe of their oh-so-great masters of this “game”.

          Hillary Clinton’s husband cheated on her with a 20 year old, why the fuck don’t Republicans keep throwing this in her ugly fucking face? Because they’re all on the same team, they all obey their masters, and they’re all getting patted on the head by their masters so the truth will be stifled while they continue to play the “it’s your fault because you support the opposing political party” game. All the while children continue to be kidnapped and locked in sex dungeons (as was recently exposed in Ohio)… does the news harp about how many more children/adults are currently locked in even more secure sex dungeons? Fuck no, they’re too busy making jokes about the black man who made the 911 phone call to expose the most recent rapists.

          My mind is jumping all over the place right now. I listen to mainstream radio news while I’m driving around at work (I’m a technician for a gas station)…hearing the news anchors joke about the black slang voice of an ignorant man whilst ignoring the true problems of society, has my panties in a bunch. On top of that we have the so called “Benghazi hearings” telling me what I already knew and yet Hillary and pretty much everyone involved will be let off the hook.

          Also, did you hear how many sex abuse cases have come to light under “our” oh-so-fantastic military?! Holy shit, someone please give me a reason not to hate every dumb fuck member of the military. Apparently none of these retards have seen the movies Platoon, Apocalypse Now, Deer Hunter, or Full Metal Jacket because apparently lots of poverty ridden retards still believe the bullshit that comes out of the recruiters mouths.

          Fuck every member of the government and military. You served in Iraq and saw some shit that opened your eyes?! Well I don’t give a fuck, you’re an idiot for not having your eyes open before that. I am just disappointed that some raghead didn’t pop you with his 60 year old rifle before I had to listen to you’re “awakening” rant.

          Good times!

            • I like to listen to fundie evangelical preachers – when I haven’t got anything better to listen to. I enjoy their cadences and also find it interesting insofar as it reinforces my belief that a great swath of humanity is quite literally carving-statues-out-of-shit crazy!

          • Hard day eh Jacob? I feel your pain. I belong to a private forum of my old ex college buddies and I used to inundate them with all that shit. It gets to me too. I know exactly what you’re talking about on every subject, have probably read more versions of it even than you and it drive me crazy. I just have to let some of it go or blow up, which I did already this week. eric was nice enough to not ban me for it. I feel the same way. I just want to scream “You goddamn stooge, wake up. Why do you think you have the right to off anyone you want in a country where EVERYBODY hates your guts?” Meanwhile the dipshit you’re trying to speak to is humming the Battle Hymn Republic while spit polishing his shoes and complaining how he’s not appreciated and how everyone else doesn’t know shit and they don’t deserve to. yep, heard it all. I used to employee some young ex military types and I wanted to kill them and they could say the same for me. I had a customer in the store one day who said something I tripped on and we began to talk about the way it really is and were laughing and joking and this one kid, about 25, is behind the counter talking to someone and I don’t know how he could even hear us(don’t think he could, just knew what we were speaking of)when he started screaming I can’t do anything here, can’t hear myself think, can’t focus on anything. Luckily it was a non-paying customer so no real harm and I steered the other customer out the door, a guy my same age and he was laughing and saying the guy’s got a problem. I said Yeah, worse than you can know. All you can do is present it and not let it eat you up and blow off the idiots and yes, that’s hard to do. Good luck to you. Ever tried valium? just kidding….or am I? No, there’s got to be a better way than running for the shelter so I’ll stick to less strong medication. Here’s to you and I’d send a cold one if I could.

          • Also, Jon Rappoport is the shizzle.

            I’d like to blame this entirely on the mainstream news radio I listen to on an almost daily basis. I’ll take the advice to shut it the hell off, focus on real things, continue to get pissed, but hey, without the mainstream nonsense I suppose there will be that much less “pissed” setting me off.

          • Hey Jacob!

            On Ohio:

            Once again, an ordinary citizen – the black dude the assholes in the MSM are mocking – is the one who came to the rescue of these girls.

            I read that twice – at least – the “law enforcers” came to the house. Once, because someone had reported “a naked girl in handcuffs” crawling in the backyard – and saw no reason to investigate further.

            These are the “heroes” people are told they must worship.

          • eric, back when Jim and Tammy Faye were on early in the mornings, my wife and I were true junkies of their show. We got up very early for well, early work and immensely enjoyed them. Tammy Faye would get so worked up singing she’d be crying with big black tears running down her face, get through and smile while drying her eyes and Jim would hug her. My wife, who was raised Catholic but it didn’t take, would ask me since I’d been raised Baptist that didn’t take either, Do you know this song? She sang a lot of crap but all too often I’d start singing along with her to answer the question before it was asked. We had some great times with that show. You could always tell when the boat from Columbia was in too or when Tammy had taken an extra Valium…or both, generally. Jim’s teeth would be sparking. Those were great times.

        • Ed,


          The only element missing is the superficial racial element. Otherwise, what’s bubbling up in this country is very much of a piece with what coalesced in Germany during the 1920s and early 1930s. Right down to the phraseology; e.g., the “homeland” and “the troops.” Every pol wears a partei pin, too – those little metal flag lapel pins.

          I was driving around the other day and was appalled to see a billboard that – other than being written in the English language – could have been transposed from Der Schwarze Korps (the newsletter of the Waffen SS). It showed a profile of a far-eyed, heroic-looking soldat, with “For Country, For Us” underneath.

          • mornin eric. If you see something like a girl in handcuffs and really want to get them to investigate, just tell them you saw a girl smoking what was obviously a hand rolled cigarette and dancing and singing, they’ll be there in a heartbeat, in force. The first time I heard the term “homeland” with that evil Shrub cabal in DC, I had a serious chill go up my spine. I tried and tried to tell everyone what was happening. I got lots of severely negative feedback, got ordered to leave my house but realized it was my house. My wife and cousin and I nearly traded blows. They were screaming at me, how stupid I was and fixated on the Shrub. I couldn’t stand him but that didn’t alter the fact of what they were doing.

        • Tor, you’re a wonder. I couldn’t come up with that in a week. I hope everyone enjoys a little fun with it. I have this stuff in my music folder but it dates from long ago and a place where I had high speed internet.

  2. This is good and sad at the same time.

    What is wrong with freedom and personal responsibility?

    At least the officer was relatively civil.

      • Because he’s a pussy that knows he’s on camera and acts differently when he knows he may have to answer for his actions? As opposed to no camera, where he can walk into an underage drinking house party and molest the underage passed out girl because “that’ll teach her to break the law”?


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