Radio Host to Lead Armed March on DC July 4th ‘To Put Gov’t on Notice’

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May 6, 2013

Radio host and activist Adam Kokesh plans to lead an armed march from the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia all the way to the White House and back.

According to a Facebook event posted by Kokesh, titled “Open Carry March on Washington,” he plans to lead a peaceful march July 4th “across the Memorial Bridge, down Independence Avenue, around the Capitol, the Supreme Court, & the White House, then peacefully return to Virginia across the Memorial Bridge.”

On Monday, Kokesh joined Alex on his nationally syndicated radio show to discuss what the march aims to peacefully accomplish:

Kokesh states that “this is an act of civil disobedience,” but stresses “This will be a non-violent event, unless the government chooses to make it violent.”

“There’s a remote chance that there will be violence as there has been from government before, and I think it should be clear that if anyone involved in this event is approached respectfully by agents of the state, they will submit to arrest without resisting.”

An update states that Kokesh is already coordinating with authorities in the DC area and is encouraging them to honor their oaths and help escort the march along their route.

Libertarian and political commentator Lew Rockwell, on the Monday edition of the Alex Jones Show, warned that the march is equivalent to entering the gates of Mordor, and agreed with Alex that the event could easily be provocateured to demonize the growing liberty movement.

Below is the Facebook post in full:

On the morning of July 4, 2013, Independence Day, we will muster at the National Cemetery & at noon we will step off to march across the Memorial Bridge, down Independence Avenue, around the Capitol, the Supreme Court, & the White House, then peacefully return to Virginia across the Memorial Bridge. This is an act of civil disobedience, not a permitted event. We will march with rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny. We are marching to mark the high water mark of government & to turn the tide. This will be a non-violent event, unless the government chooses to make it violent. Should we meet physical resistance, we will peacefully turn back, having shown that free people are not welcome in Washington, & returning with the resolve that the politicians, bureaucrats, & enforcers of the federal government will not be welcome in the land of the free.

There’s a remote chance that there will be violence as there has been from government before, and I think it should be clear that if anyone involved in this event is approached respectfully by agents of the state, they will submit to arrest without resisting. We are truly saying in the SUBTLEST way possible that we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

You are welcome to attend unarmed as a supporter, or armed with a recording device.

We especially invite law enforcement officers to stand with us armed however they feel is appropriate.

If this page gets to 10,000 attendees by June 1st, & we have the critical mass necessary to pull this off, (1,000 actual attendees) we will march. Please spread the word, share this event, & invite all your friends.

UPDATE 130506 Now that it’s undeniable that this is going to happen, allow me to make clear how. There will be coordination with DC law enforcement prior to the event. I will recommend that they do the best they can to honor their oaths and escort us on our route. Failing to provide that commitment to safety, we will either be informed that we will only be allowed up to a certain point where we would be arrested. If this is the case, we will approach that point as a group and if necessary, I will procede to volunteer myself to determine what their actual course of action with someone crossing the line will be at which point fellow marchers will have the choice of joining me one at a time in a peaceful, orderly manner, or turning back to the National Cemetery.

Thanks to everyone for the vibrant conversation, but we have decided to make the wall of this event page specifically just for announcements and important info for the event. Please feel free to comment, and continue the conversation as you like at:

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  1. This was interesting:

    “… a ten minute video detailing Adam Kokesh’s relationship with the organization “Obama for Action” where Kokesh has been working since March of 2011. The picture I had was a cut out of a webpage and all the details were missing, such as the link and the comments. The one Mike put in his video had all of that and more. He even reveals Kokesh’s reaction to being found out. ”


    I found that link here:

    Stranger and stranger it gets.

    • That clown is a Judas Goat all of the way. Anyone stupid enough and ignorant of his past deserve what comes to them. Otherwise about ninety-five percent of the marchers will be FBI/ATF dildos.

  2. Cathy Lanier – DC Police Chief Spokespig In Her 4 Star General Costume – Incoherently Advising Those Wishing to Engage In Civil Disobedience to Comply With the Law? Illegally ignoring the Supreme Court’s ruling that allows DC open carry?

    What are all those medals she’s wearing? A Teen Mom Purple Heart? A High School Dropout Silver Star? Most brazen violation of Supreme Court decision – the one that demands DC allow open carry? Best use of meritorious nepotism? Best police state stooge and use of duplicitous doublespeak?

    • Tor, “What are all those medals she’s wearing? A Teen Mom Purple Heart? A High School Dropout Silver Star? Most brazen violation of Supreme Court decision – the one that demands DC allow open carry? Best use of meritorious nepotism? Best police state stooge and use of duplicitous doublespeak?” Yes. And a Bronze star for “best use of your grandmother”.

    • Jeee-Zuss, these people become more and more comical with each passing day.

      Do they think that by dressing up like North Korean dictators, festooning themselves with more and more junk-metal badges and meaningless medals they’ll gain back the authority they’ve lost?

      They’re fucking public servants–hey assholes, we’re wise to you now, you can stop pretending!

      Putting on more polyester and tin doesn’t make you more important. You’re imPOTent, not imPORTant.

      She made me barf a little in my mouth. I had to swallow it back down. I’m starting to understand that biblical phrase used to describe god’s disgust at evil–“…vomit it from my mouth”

      • meth, I remember the first time I ever saw a bunch of NE cops on tv, think it was when Kennedy was murdered,you could have knocked me over with a hanky. I was a teen but I had seen plenty of Nazi’s and just had my first look at realizing they were alive and doing well. The tailor for the SS evidently made it to the US and was doing quite well thank you. I’m even more amazed these days. My wife and I were sorta stunned watching The Departed, SS all over again. Sorta makes me wish everybody wore cowboy hats. Do they not see it? Or do they relish it? It’s gotta be the latter.

        • Most people are lapdogs for authority. We inculcate such behavior early on; the genuine rebel is an accident or abberation (Aberration meaning truly dysfunctional, as in psychotic, amoral, psychopathic, violently antisocial; and not in a learned way like Hannibal Lector, more like “The Good Son” or “The Bad Seed.”)

        • Eightsouthman, a small note for the appreciation of a laugh.
          It would be easier for us in flyover to run a joke, or better yet, a truth, and then laugh in their faces. We will have to arrange bus tours of the fabulous OZ

          What I don’t get is that there are so few hecklers when CNN or any other hose job does an interview.

  3. It falls a little short of Shay’s Rebellion. Those armed angry tax protesting farmers didn’t exactly request permission slips. Just how interesting things get depends on the number of those intending to participate. Eric, if possible to do so and not too much work, you should include a counter on your site from now until July 4.

  4. Tor, guess I deserved that. Anybody have a clue as to what the laws are? I thought the Supremes ruling clarified that.

  5. Cathy Lanier, 45, D.C. Police Chief

    Cathy Lanier, a teen mom, and high school dropout, became the D.C. police chief in 2007.

    Cathy grew up in a single-parent home in the working-class suburb of Tuxedo, MD. She became pregnant at age 14, dropped out of high school, and at 15 married the father. By 18 she was divorced and working two jobs – secretary by day, and waitress at night.

    Almost half of all teenage mothers in the U.S. apply for welfare benefits within five years of their child’s birth, when asked how she avoided doing so, Lanier said she didn’t realize at the time that her future could be at risk. She was just a normal kid, she said, too dumb to think about consequences.

    “The good part and bad part about being a teenager is you’re stupid,” Lanier said. “I realized after I dropped out of school and got married that things were different. I didn’t go to proms, high school games. But I never thought of it as anything negative.”

    Lanier also had family support: After she separated from her husband, Lanier moved in with her mother and grandmother. She worked various jobs – selling awnings and canopies and construction supplies – while earning her high school equivalency diploma. Her grandmother, retired from the Government Printing Office, cared for Lanier’s son.

    At age 23, Lanier enrolled in the Police Academy. It wasn’t a completely surprising choice – she comes from a long line of police officers and firefighters. “Nobody in my family had the money to go to college,” said Lanier, who worked two jobs in part to afford Catholic schooling for her son. He’s now 24 and a college graduate.

    While working as a beat officer, Lanier earned two bachelor’s and two master’s degrees, one through the national security studies program at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif.

    Cathy’s father, Walter Sr., was a deputy fire chief for Prince George’s County, Md. Her brother Walt Jr. is now a captain in the same department. Her brother Michael is a police detective in Greenbelt, Md. Her uncle was a battalion chief.

    Lanier, one of the first female officers on the force, says she was sexually harassed early in her career. One officer exposed himself while they were driving around in a patrol car. A lieutenant pulled her ponytail, turned to a male colleague and asked, “Bill, have you ever grabbed a woman’s hair like that when you’re having sex?”

    Lanier and another female officer filed a harassment complaint against the lieutenant, who was eventually demoted.

    Cathy Lanier – Totalitarian Stooge?

    Cathy Lanier On Post 9-11 Info Sharing

  6. If this really gets rolling, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some preemptive arrests before the actual event.

    They can’t reliably insert provocateurs into this kind of group because the typical provocation will result in said provocateur getting shot.

    Naturally, representatives of the mainstream press will be forbidden until such time as this whole thing goes pear-shaped.

  7. If we lived in a free society this would be a non-event but I guess that is the point that Kokesh is trying to make, we are far from living in a free country. Whether a lot of people only go to jail or it goes Kent State is something that could go either way I think.

    I don’t know if Kokesh is crazy & suicidal or brilliant, maybe both. I like the idea of it but under no circumstances would I attend.

    I think back to the recent story of the vet carrying his AR-15 in Texas and had it confiscated by the guv-thugs.

    • Could you please tell me if Randy has a petotiin pending before the Pardon Attorney’s office? Also, does he have a lawyer helping him and does he (or someone) have all of his pertinent paperwork PSR, sentencing transcript, etc.Thanks so much. We share the belief that no nonviolent offenders should be spending the rest of their lives in prison.

  8. I should add:

    Maybe if they marched with painted plywood cutouts of their own guns and screamed through the White House windows: “Is THIS how you expect us to defend ourselves and our country?”, might get the message across. But someone might come up with a better chant 😉

    • Thanks actually a great idea, Revolution. If the cops prevent the march with real guns then the activists should turn it in to a performance piece with make-believe ones.

      I think you should pass the idea on to the organizers. Really, it’s a good one.

      • Maybe a “mime” piece of performance art with those painted plywood “weapons” and people falling dead at the White House gates. How appropriate seeing as we have no “voice” to people who don’t listen in the first place.

        • They could march to the border, get turned away, then throw their arms to a buddy who switches it with a cardboard cut-out and tosses the cardboard cut-out back (the buddy stays behind waiting for their return, maybe stitch up some flags while waiting?) and then the group with cardboard can keep on going and get frisked on the way to where they want to go?

          Just a thought. I still don’t know what it would accomplish.

          Someone probably would not switch up though, just to cause trouble.

          • Downshift, maybe you can enlighten me. I read that article as soon as it was posted and assumed the guy had done his homework and carrying a rifle into DC was legal(it should be since the Supremes ruling). Now this glorified police god has declared the whole thing unlawful. Do you know what the legal basis is for any of this?

  9. I’m not sure about your country’s (well – DC anyway) gun laws, but I can imagine that without a corroborating police force, even carrying firearms sans ammunition is against some stupid code and this exercise might end in tears. Unloaded they’re as dangerous as a broomstick and are logically (possibly even legally), unarmed, with no evidence of intent to harm either.

    But a small child might.. / SOMEBODY might.. is the standard reusable braindead cry when anything even remotely dangerous is simply perceived, not proven.

    So – everyone gets scanned, groped and checked for ammo, closely monitored during the march by trigger-happy ARMED goons (using supposedly “banned” assault weapons such as M16 and M203) with some unknown and unproven “right of authority”.

    If anyone blinks out of turn it could be a massacre – not one single goon would be hurt – unless it was a stray shot from one of his buddies.

    And that’s the best-case scenario..

    • @Revolution:

      In most states, open carry of a long gun is absolutely legal. The standards differ, but Texas is fairly typical; the gun may be carried openly if not done in “…a manner calculated to cause alarm”–which is qualified elsewhere in precedent as “brandishing”, i.e. pointing it at people.

      I’ve been to a few 2A and other rallies where people carried openly and it was completely fine.

      Sadly, many other states are more open than Texas and you’re free there to openly carry handguns as well…no “permit” required.

      We’re working on it here. I find it astonishing that Texas of all places forbids open carry. OTOH concealed has that element of surprise for the criminal class 🙂

      • Texas is more “pussified” than many care to admit. If they’d ever get around to pulling Uncle Scams dick out of their willing ass they might actually prove to me they’re more than urban cowboys.

        • MoT, preaching to the choir. I’ve had to witness it firsthand. I was always a cantankerous sort and got D’s in comportment in gradeschool because I wouldn’t pray, salute the flag or say the pledge of allegiance. Take off your hat. Fuck you. I’ll take it off when they run the Texas colors up there. I don’t have my old classmates calling me. Strange thing though, 20 or 28 people in my graduating class were men and not a single one joined the military or got drafted. This was immediately after the Tet offensive and they sent me many invitations, to which I and all the other parried with various methods to avoid slavery. It was all set in motion 4 years earlier when an assistant coach taught us civics and said we’d be in Vietnam soon enough and we might bone up on it. We did, for the next four years. It was Uncle Sam’s worst nightmare, an educated public. What if everybody who had been called had responded the way we did? That’s dangerous for the PTB. Everybody looks at me and assumes I’m a vet. Well, I’m a vet of a lot of things but not what they think.

    • “even carrying firearms sans ammunition is against some stupid code”

      I forgot about that.
      Carrying while attending a protest is not permitted in the state I’m in. The rules laid out for us by our overlords say nothing about loaded vs. unloaded.

      I imagine if people carried cardboard cut-outs they’d be charged with attempting to “incite”, or scare people or some such? What would carrying cardboard cut-outs accomplish anyway? Might as well be holding balloons with images of guns on them?

    • Well, don’t know DC, been a while since I gave a sh!t about anything there other than the monuments and historic documents themselves…
      But I DID read recently that in New york, a weapon is considered loaded if the gun and ammo are both “within your posession.” And the reason for those quotes is, the case I saw had a woman get arrested for bringing HER LEGAL GUN and LEGAL AMMO to an airport, in CHECKED LUGGAGE, all stored according to the airport’s and airline’s rules – but it was a “Loaded firearm.”

      The fact that we have had SO FEW assasinations speaks volumes about the tolerance and forebearance of Americans…

  10. So an individual in America has the privilege, er I mean, the right to bear arms.
    However; if an individual wishes to seek redress of goberment, that individual is not allowed to approach the capital to do so if that individual does not give up the right to bear arms, is that a catch-22? Or wHAt?
    It certainly seems wrong.

    It’s always bothered me the same is true of the county courthouse everywhere.
    I mean, if they don’t trust me, why should I trust them?
    They ask me to empty my pockets, why can’t I ask them to empty theirs? Or better yet, why are they asking me in the first place?
    It certainly seems wrong.

    Anyway, it’s difficult for me to see how this won’t end badly.
    I won’t be there. I’m an anarchist 1000 miles away.
    Will you be there?

    I’m not familiar with the gates of Mordor, but I do know what it means to walk into the Death Star, and I’m no Jedi.

    Suddenly images of Gandhi’s salt march flash into my mind.
    “May I have another?” Whack!

    Then I think of The Bonus Army and how they were driven away.
    What fine TV that will make. I wonder how the talking heads will spin it?

    • Not sure. I was talking with Eric about this on my way home from work tonight. Seems like it’s going to be very interesting, eh!

      • OK dom, don’t do it for me. I was just asking one of my more ignorant questions. Somebody tells me to open something in a different window and I eventually tell them my cord isn’t long enough to reach another window.


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