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If you saw into the floor joists holding up your house, eventually, something bad is going to happen.joists pic

This by way of analogy may help to explain the recent murders of a cop in Texas and then again in Illinois, the egging of a cop memorial plaque (here) and the refusal of an Arby’s worker in Florida to serve a cop (here).

There is no justification for murdering a cop. But then, there is no justification for murdering anyone.

Nor for assaulting anyone.

Or bullying them.

Taking their stuff.

Treating them like a piece of garbage.

And yet, it happens. As procedure.


Call it “just doing your job,” it doesn’t change the nature of the thing. Resentment builds. People begin to think the unthinkable.  We do not have to like it.

But it is imperative that we understand it.

Do we fault the cornered animal for lashing out at his tormentors?cvilians killed graphic

Americans, in the main, are blinkered when it comes to grokking why bedouins out in the desert might be upset about their loved ones being blown to pieces by a drone piloted by some armchair Top Gun in Maryland. Perhaps because they are not bedouins and do not know any bedouins. It is easy to think nothing about the lives of people you’ve never met, who are cardboard cutouts and abstractions and easily dehumanized as “evildoers” and such like, far far away.

The bedouin’s family doesn’t hate “our freedoms.” He doesn’t even know what they are. If any. He burns incandescent with hate for the bastards who killed his cousins and his beloved uncle for no sane reason at all in the most cowardly way imaginable.

Who will never be held accountable – officially.

Who will be cheered – lauded as “heroes” – officially.

Similarly, the reaction of friends and family members of people murdered in just as cowardly a fashion here in the Homeland.

They tend to get really, really mad.

More so, when the murder is compounded by lies, quibbling and cover-ups. When the person who did it is called a “hero” – and gets a paid vacation instead of what they’d get (a felony charge and years in prison) if the circumstances were reversed.cornered badger pic 2

Do you recall the opening scene in the original Godfather? The undertaker visits the Don to ask for his help. His daughter having been viciously attacked by a gang of thugs. The courts having treated the thugs gently, the undertaker comes to Don Corleone for justice.

Revenge may not be healthy – but it is understandable. The suffering person aches to make those responsible for his suffering feel what he feels, experience loss.

It does not have to be the exact guilty party – who may be impossible to lay hands on. A proxy will do.

This is what happens when there is no justice. Any redcoat – any SS man – will do. Snipe at them. Hit and run. It’s not a fair fight, so why do they expect one?

Reason – and reasonableness – have been thrown out the window.

A couple of weeks back, I was out riding motorcycles with some friends. Not recklessly. But we were “speeding.” Maybe 10 or so MPH above the PSL. Rural area, no traffic – and everyone knows the PSL (45 MPH) on this road is not unlike the old 55 MPH highway max. That is, ridiculous.

An excuse to fleece people and nothing more.

Cop appears, coming the other way. Lights up ’em, does a U turn. We all see this and – even though we could have disappeared with an effortless twist of the wrist (sport bikes being considerably quicker than a Ford SUV) we pulled off the road, parked and waited for the cop to catch up – figuring that our minor “offense” combined with our obliging and friendly compliance plus a quick records check that would show we all hadn’t had so much as a parking ticket in a decade or more would result in a five minute conversation, perhaps – and then a warning to slow down a little. Instead we each got a couple hundred bucks in fines and were treated like felons just escaped and armed and very dangerous. Yelled at. Ordered to keep our backs turned and our hands visible and then to sit on our bikes in the hot sun for a good 30-45 minutes while the cop leisurely filled out tickets that he could have filled out in five.

The experience left us – three middle-aged white guys with wives and jobs and no hateful tendencies – angry and disgusted. Much goodwill was lost by the side of the road that day.

Scale this.

Imagine you (or yours) on the receiving end of something much worse than a ticket and some degradation. As procedure. Routine. Like the kid who every day has to face the bully who steals his lunch money.

The public is losing patience because goodwill has been lost. It seems you can no longer talk to these people (cops) and that civility and discretion have been replaced by a new prime directive: show ’em whose boss. Don’t interact on a human level. Don’t show forbearance and never empathy. Rules are rules. The law is the law.

Add shave heads and mirrored sunglasses.

It is going to get worse because they do not grok the problem. Which can be found looking back at them in the reflection of those mirrored sunglasses.

Sow the wind – reap the whirlwind.

It is truly awful. But it is understandable.belligerent cop

It’s not some inexplicable eruption of mindless hate. It is the reaction of the bullied who has finally had enough. His response may be over the top, desperate, and not even directed at the right person. But it did not come out of nowhere.

North Korean style funerals for the “fallen” are not going to make it better, either.

So, what might?

Same rules – and consequences – for everyone. Uniformed or not. No more special rules for special people.

You pull a gun on someone who hasn’t pulled a gun (or some other weapon) on you first, you go down for criminal brandishing/assault with a deadly weapon. You shoot someone with that gun and it turns out your life was not in peril – you go to prison for murder. You kick in the wrong door in the middle of the night and the terrified occupants defend themselves, they don’t get charged. You do. The taxpayers don’t foot the bill in the civil suit, either. The cops – and the people who signed off on the warrant do. Out of their personal pockets.

That would help.

And it would be a start.

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  1. Fine article Mr. Peters!

    Roger Kaplan had an article on this subject in his Tennis column on 9/16/2015 at American Spectator on line.

    You should put this article in it. It has been a while since you have had one there.

  2. Whenever I read an article about a police officer or officers getting targeted, shot and killed by a “sniper” or other “shooter”, I wonder if the officer ruined some honest citizen’s life, or murdered some kid in the past with the appropriate punishment of a paid vacation.

    Not healthy to think that way, but that’s how not just a few people think these days.

    Biggest gangs in the country wear blue.

  3. If no one has posted it yet, here is another article predicting the end for the police:

    We don’t need cops. Americans went on for decades just fine without them; they are the classic “cure worse than the disease”. We WILL again be rid of them some day. Too bad about the mayhem that will ensue in the meantime, but that is the bed the rulers and their minions have made; now they will get to sleep in it.

    • I emailed your link, thanks. Armed insurrection is a brave last stand. I don’t see this as viable for many people. I practice sedition. I go face-to-face with the rulers. One, the new mayor, is still friendly to me. One wined-and-dined me to solicit my help- or at least non criticism- in his political campaign. Then there are the others who won’t leave their vehicle if they see me in their path.

  4. Normal family men did the Battle of Athens, not the marginal who panic and go down shooting. Sounds like the motorcyclists’ actions were in complete and total compliance, no pushback ACTIONS at all. Their disobedience meter is still sitting on the zero peg.

    The goal of power is to keep the perceived cost of disobedience higher than whatever suffering they want to inflict. When they do it right, they can get ordinary family men to volunteer to go to the gas chamber by the millions.

    Suppose instead the motorcyclists had pushed a button on their phone when the lights came on, and over the next 15 minutes 20 of their friends showed up bearing cameras, concealing pistols, and not smiling.

    Officers can wait 10 days before talking to investigators
    Investigators must be fellow officers and no more than two can conduct questioning at the same time
    Time of questioning is limited and breaks are numerous
    Lying to obtain an admission of guilt is forbidden (this is standard procedure for non-police suspects)
    Harassing, threatening or offering rewards is forbidden
    A union representative can be present during questioning
    A 3-month statute of limitations on people filing complaints against officers, even if the person is hospitalized
    Complaints and investigations against an officer may be purged after three years
    May appeal his case to a “hearing board” of fellow officers, whose decision is binding, before a decision on discipline is made

    • This is an example of what must change. We are supposed to have ‘equal justice under the law.’ That means one standard, and only one, applies to everyone, regardless of ‘position.’

  6. “Do not think yourself better because you burn up your friends & enemies with long-range missiles without ever seeing what you have done.” – Thomas Merton

    • This is dugout country, to not die from heat nor cold. I sit not more than 150 feet from the original dugout on this place, first created over 90 years ago. And, I have met people who either lived in it or knew those who did. For some stupid reason I filled it in. I should have made it into a historical site. Naw, I couldn’t take govt. messing with me anymore than it does.

  7. We’ve all heard the quote, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Well maybe that doesn’t mean what we think it means. Here is a more extended quote from Lord Acton giving some context – “I cannot accept your canon that we are to judge Pope and King unlike other men, with a favourable presumption that they did no wrong. If there is any presumption it is the other way, against the holders of power, increasing as the power increases. Historic responsibility has to make up for the want of legal responsibility. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.”
    So power does not corrupt those who hold it, but those who worship it. It does not corrupt those who seek it. The fact that they seek it demonstrates that they are already corrupt.

    • Dear Phil,

      “The fact that they seek it demonstrates that they are already corrupt.”

      Yes. That does indeed underscore what Acton really meant.

      Power seekers are corrupt before they acquire the power. Otherwise they wouldn’t seek it.

      Exceptions do exist. But they are as rare as hen’s teeth. I can only name one person in recent memory.

  8. Lately police are being ambushed in diverse locations. Then they all cram into churches for a cop’s memorial event. Well, you know what all these cops have done with the Bible? They took a scissors and CUT OUT Galatians 6 verse 7 warning that people WILL reap whatever they sow! They sure don’t want to be told any such thing that their own actions have brought these events down on themselves. They think it’s OK with God for them to frame innocent people and send them to prison for life—and assassinate people’s dogs by the thousands. It is NOT OK with God for police to be mean, cruel, hateful, lying sons of bitches. No lousy Masonic Grand Jury can protect police from Galatians 6 verse 7. It’s like the 11 foot tall demon, Molasar at the end of “The Keep” (1983) told the Nazi soldier when asked where he came from Molasar told him—“I am—————————from YOU!”

    • Charlie I finally have to respond to you. The entire situation with cops has finally transpired after conquering 100 years of brainwashing the public. No doubt as to why the internet is the scourge of the powerful and psychopathic, allowing people to speak unfettered in real time.

      With that said, I’ll cut to the chase. You get what you give. It’s always been that way and not even just between humans. Aggression begets aggression. We’ve been building to a point more intense than what we now have since Tricky Dick declared war on drugs, nothing more or less than war on people. After Vietnam, he was desperate for a war.

  9. Years ago I had happened to catch a few minutes of one of those “reality cop ride-along” shows that came on right after the program I had been watching about motorsports or something similar, and I was distracted with something and hadn’t flipped to another more interesting channel yet, and to my shock, the cameraman riding in the cruiser had the costumed driver and partner on tape making the comment that there were two types of people: COPS – and turds – and if you ain’t a COP – yur a turd.
    Thank you very much for an eye-opening statement from an Arkansas c.o.p., Mr. Cameraman, they might have kept me blissfully unaware how prevalent such an attitude could be, if willing to air such a comment on national network airtime.

    …and I thought only the little podunk suburb where I had been raised could nurture such gov’t impunity. This being widely reported that cars confiscated (Lincoln town car etc.) could be seen driven about town by the long-time mayor, and conversation once with a minority driver was it had been long well-known in the ghetto community that they could be made to suffer if they drove through those town limits that was right next to Ferguson – yeah – THAT Ferguson.
    Of course, the ghetto residents were all so well-behaved that the metro surrounds were being attempted by the PTB to have the suburb murder statistics added to the city so as to confuse the outsider that we didn’t have a city with a better-than-top-ten murder rate in the nation for years, I think even hitting top two at some point – quite a mark of distinction, don’t you think? Got us rated as one of the most dangerous to travel/move/college towns up for consideration. The universities and city slackerment really raised a stink over someone pointing out an observation with some factual basis – one of those few times that the shoot-the-messenger attitude was more common than protesting that we had a bad scene caused by the W.O.D.
    War On Drugs has caused immeasurable destruction and has raised gangs more devilish than prohibition fed, and naturally, if one type of ban did cause law and order deterioration, another on a similar theme can’t possibly have a similar outcome, huh? All that money for a speck of white can’t create temptation to a low-income ghetto-banger-to-be teenage dropout.

    Don’t suppose there was some common attitude prevailing through LE officials seeing the creeping ghetto encroachment, do you? Miserable food for thought, sorry.

    Of course, there was no way that Ferguson could cause any attitude shift among those in the surrounding community seeing the troop transports, shifting of major amount of gumball cruisers to a tiny patch of asphalt, and national newsfeeds chomping for something inflammatory.
    My “up close and personal” during that time was seeing a huge armored car at the shooting range with two suitably bedecked as sniper wannabees emplaced less than 30 yards from the target stands, (Sniper. 30 yards. Seriously?) practicing from the rooftop of this behemoth that looked akin to an oversize ambulance – but in reverse, I guess.

    Can something be laughably tragic?

    • Dear Tim,

      “… had the costumed driver and partner on tape making the comment that there were two types of people: COPS – and turds – and if you ain’t a COP – yur a turd.”

      He merely blurted out what so many of his “brother officers” think but are more guarded about saying aloud.

  10. I live in south Texas, so I’ve had to see too much blubbering over the death of the deputy in Harris County. Look, he could have been a good guy. I know nothing about him, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. That said, seeing all of the tributes to the “fallen brother” who gave the “ultimate sacrifice” pisses me off. People are murdered every day in this country for various reasons. Why are law enforcement officers considered a special class of citizen? The rest of us get treated like dirt or worse.

    • Hi James,


      The North Korean-style funeral perorations for the “fallen hero” make the point. These are just government functionaries; typically very ordinary people of low-average intelligence who are paid to enforce the edicts of the government. They are not magnificoes in chrome-plated armor.

    • I live in Houston and all the local talk show blabbermouths could do is blather about this incident. Some of my so-called friends on Facebook were jumping on this too. I told them that if this continues, they will be subjected to refers from Cop Block.

      On the radio, there is one brownshirt that is selling t shirts that say “we have your back” to cops. Fuck that. Most will shoot us in the back if given the chance. I don’t trust them worth a damn. The bootlick cop worship has hit fever pitch. I hope that this is the last time.

      • Yes, it sickens me. I saw some more of it going around today. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get people to remove their heads from their asses. I guess most people are just born bootlickers.

        • James D. I fear starvation will only wake them up. It’s going to happen and those with no ability to fend for themselves will be screwed, blued and tattoed.

          I could imagine a scenario that would wake everybody up…..and it will never happen. Make public those 40 some odd redacted pages of the 911 report by the FBI. If you could rub the sheeples noses in that portion that i can easily say is an indictment of the Saud family and the govt. of Netanyahu.

          When I said this years ago(it was easy to figure out), my cousin railed against me saying that many Jews were killed in the attack. Sure, I realize that, but the facts showed only one Israeli died in the 911 attacks. So, how does that work? It was israeli’s who did the “renovation” work on the twin towers and other buildings, spending years removing the supposed asbestos insulation when all the time they were installing the charges that would take down the buildings in their own footprint. Only one Israeli citizen was killed in the attack. You can’t fix everything and out of thousands of Israeli’s who worked in those building only 1died in the attacks.

          Everybody can believe in coincidence if they want but I don’t. It’s obvious where the American people’s enemies lie. Every congressman who read those pages and didn’t speak up is just as much an enemy of this country as the people who were directly involved.

          • Dear 8sm,

            Only one Israeli died in the attacks.

            I’m guessing he or she was a token Israeli sacrifice to enable the Zionists to claim that “Israelis died on 9/1 too!”

            They probably decided it was worth it to be able to make the “We’re victims too!” claim.

          • Morning, Eight.


            Building 7.

            Most Americans will stare at you, uncomprehending. They don’t even remember – or perhaps, the all-too-obviousness of it has caused them to forget.

            For the sake of their own sanity.

            • Eric, I am glad to see you using the term “most Americans”. You have identified the problem. The U.S.A. is over and done with. It is a third world mess with aircraft carriers and rulers that can only be laughed at.

              There is no hope. There is no solution. There is only the response of the good people to behave in an honorable manner.

        • If you move away from this website to Mother Jones and Daily Kos you can see love for authority and hatred of independence. Their favorite ambitions are gun control and removing carbon emissions.

      • This business of literally worshipping cops and soldiers is a sure sign of this country’s readiness to embrace a leader.

        I empathize more than ever with the remnant of sane Germans who saw it coming in the early ’30s… but were too old (or too tired) or too invested to pick up sticks and get the hell out while there was still time.

        I am like the guy in the video of the tsunami who just stood on the beach and watched the wave coming… why run? You’ll never get to high ground in time.

        • ERIC, “I am like the guy in the video of the tsunami who just stood on the beach and watched the wave coming… why run? You’ll never get to high ground in time.”

          There is no question that US amerika is beyond being saved. I think the big question now is what do guys like us, Liberty lovers, do?

          I am in my mid fifties, in good health, and am well prepped but I am more and more thinking “what the hell, is it even worth it?”

          When it all collapses what’s my end game? To survive in a world of shit that is just going to get shittier?

          I think I too am just going to stand in front of the tsunami. But not before I push a few assholes in front of me first.

          • I’ve come to the same conclusion, will be turning 70 next year and still in decent shape but glad to be on the downslope of life since there isn’t much of a future living in the USSA . I also plan to push as many copsuckers as possible in front of the tsunami before it’s my turn.

    • James D. a fellow trucker recently received a 7mm mag to his torso through the endgate and back seat and front seat of his pickup. He doesn’t consider himself a hero and I don’t either. It was one of those husband/wife/ speed freak Aryan nation kind of triangles.

      I didn’t see anyone saying what a great guy he was. But I did see his attempted murderer get charged with a slap on the wrist charge and out of jail weeks before he recovered from what was very nearly a non-recoverable wound.

      After he was shot and his attacker jailed, the attacker’s brother went to the courthouse and raised holy hell to the point he was finally searched and not only had illegal drugs and illegal weapons(of which I could give a shit, merely govt. bs) but to turn him loose on a ridiculous bail after he had done his best to murder a man who simply came to pick up his kids is the ultimate irony.

      I’ve been in that same jail. I was charged with a crime where there were no victims, merely the state trying to make itself look victimized(don’t know how that works to this day). I have never aggessed against anyone, have always lived my life with the NAP as my mantra. But, without spending my last dime, I would have been installed under the prison for a crime that was only a crime on the books and not a crime to anyone on the face of this planet.

      That POS was kicked out with a charge to make me laugh. I consider attempted murder as something a libertarian would definitely attempt to address as a serious crime. Not so for the cop crowd or the DA’s, POS they are. No money, no need to do much of anything. Now if that would be murderer had some chattel of some worth, he would have been charged with a bit more than some bs charge like aggravated assault or maybe simply assault.

      Of course in this entire debacle, no LEO was ever in danger in any way.

  11. …a number of years ago, a Michigan state trooper rolled his car and, as a result, died in the “accident”. I wrote on a couple of blogs, asking whether the cop was wearing his seat belt. The vitriolic responses that I got were telling. Almost all of them pretty much said the same thing…”how DARE you question whether he was wearing a sea belt….he’s DEAD”…criticizing me for bringing up a valid point…
    Cops are on a new “kick”…ticketing people for texting while driving. While I think that texting and driving is not a good idea, I see cops do it all the time, in their cruisers…are they any different than you and me?

    • Intersting how Clovers think-or dont think. Those same clowns that responded like that to you would likely claim that a person deserved deserved to die after the news said “police say the driver was not wearing a seat belt”. Ive heard that type of sentiment before.

      Clover’s are a disgusting breed.

      • Dear anarchyst, ancap,

        It’s funny.

        Clovers persist in proving us right, even about some of our most radical claims about police state abuses, which they reflexively dismiss as hyperbole.

        Sometimes I wish we anarchist libertarians were indulging in hyperbole. I wish our claims about a runaway Amerikanschen Polizeistaat were exaggerated.

        Unfortunately the increasingly egregious abuses we point to are not exaggerations, and we are being forced to endure them.

        The US of A, once arguably “the freest nation on earth” is now dangerously close to TOTALITARIANISM. That is another claim that may strike many as hyperbolic. Unfortunately it too is all too real.

    • anarchyst,

      While not as serious:
      As I exited the bank, I passed a local LEO heading to the bank entrance with his police vehicle parked in a “NO PARKING” zone. (There were available spaces for him to legally park.) I laughed as I passed by stating to him, “I think you’re parked in a no parking zone.” He just half hardily laughed. (Not much else he could do.)

      I do not know if there was a legitimate reason for what he did, but it gives the (distinct) impression of a double standard.

  12. In a story in our local paper on the shooting of the gas pumping deputy in Harris County, TX it was noted that the address listed for Shannon Miles, arrested for the killing, had be the target of a search by the Harris County Sheriff’s office earlier on Saturday. Miles seems to be the pettiest of criminals with his most recent conviction for “resisting arrest” with no other charges noted. (How one can be charged only with “resisting arrest” has been a puzzle to me for years.)

    My question is why and how was the residence searched? Was it a no-knock swat raid at 4AM where people were dragged out of bed and held at gunpoint? The story I saw said there were no arrests. My gut tells me there’s more to this than at first appears.

  13. I have long thought, but can’t prove, that there is a movement on the part of the Gestapo to nail everyone they can with any crime they can – all this in preparation for when Marshall Law is implemented then they can revoke your “rights with cause” so to speak.

    Even if your “rights” have supposedly been restored (i.e. you are convicted but still retain the right to possess a firearm) – it can always be changed by the stroke of a pen and then WHAMMO – you get put on the “train” to a FEMA Camp.

    But then again I may just be suffering from a bout of Common Sense…

      • Dear GW,

        As I just posted, the irony is that our “wildest” claims about a descent into police state tyranny are proving all too true.

        The irony is that it’s becoming harder and harder to be a “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist” these days. The reality is racing ahead of even many of the most radical claims about FEMA and Jade Helm.

        Sometimes one would rather be wrong.

  14. Check this out.

    Cop Speeds at 113 Miles to “Issue Ticket,” Rams Into 69-Yr-Old Woman and Kills Her

    BEAVER MEADOWS, PA — Officer Steven Homanko was charged this morning with homicide, after taking the life of an innocent woman while speeding in his police cruiser at over 110 miles per hour.

    The incident began when Officer Homanko, 26 yrs old, observed one vehicle passing another vehicle, according to reports.

    He believed that the manner in which the pass occurred was “illegal” and thus deserving of a traffic ticket, according to reports.

    Police only get paychecks if they generate a sufficient amount of tickets and arrests per month. These are known as quotas, and are implicitly or explicitly a matter of standard operating procedure.

    The money generated from these tickets lines the pockets of the political class, and much of it then used to further oppress the population in the form of beefed up militarization, new private prisons, drone programs, surveillance cameras, and other mechanisms of control.

    Officer Homanko evidently felt that it was so important to give the vehicle a ticket that he began speeding at an unbelievable 113 miles per hour to catch the motorist, according to reports.

    While he doing so, he then struck Carola Sauers, an innocent 69-yr-old woman who was simply driving with her husband at the time. They never expected what was about to happen.

    Her husband, Michael Sauers, was critically injured — he lost the love of his life, all because a police officer apparently wanted to drive at warp speeds to ticket somebody for an alleged “traffic violation.”

    Officer Homanko’s vehicle rammed into the Sauers. He has been charged with aggravated by assault by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, and careless driving.

    Carola Sauers was pronounced dead at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem.

    • bevin, “Her husband, Michael Sauers, was critically injured — he lost the love of his life,”. Damn mang, and he lost his wife too, now that just ain’t right. I can’t help it, it’s in me and got to come out.

      • Dear 8sm,

        Amen to that!

        Sorry for the tardy response. I forgot to check the “notify” box.

        Here is a follow up, pretty much along the same lines as the previous article. This one from Will Grigg, exposing talking head Glenn Beck as a cop-rophiliac.

        I didn’t know that much about him before, except what Eric said about him being a phony. Needless to say that carried a lot of weight.

        But Beck’s latest action should end any doubt about where Beck really stands. A hint. It’s not on the side of rights and liberty, but “Law and Order”.

        Grigg writes:

        Glenn Beck, acting in his self-appointed role as a punitive populist prophet, has urged his audience to join “hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm,” and “ring” their local police departments in prayer. The local police are “under siege,” Beck tremulously insists, and divine intervention on their behalf is necessary.

        Beck hasn’t yet urged Americans to act as human shields on behalf of the heavily armed, body armor-clad functionaries who are supposedly paid to protect them. Some police union officials haven’t shied away from suggesting that the public has a moral duty to protect the police, despite the fact that police have no reciprocal obligation to protect individuals threatened with criminal violence.

        Residents of Huntsville, Alabama who declined to intervene to help a police officer subdue a suspect could face criminal prosecution undera state statute requiring them to assist an officer in trouble. Had the situation been reversed, however, police officers would face neither criminal nor civil prosecution for declining to aid a citizen under assault by a suspect.

        • BEVIN, it is even worse – Glenn Beck is currently trying to pass himself off as a Libertarian!

          It would be laughable if it wasn’t so damaging to the reputations of real Libertarians.

          • Dear SB,

            It’s amazing how much these real life hypocrites resemble caricatures of sleazy opportunists depicted in film and TV.

            One example that comes to mind is the TV reporter in “Die Hard”.

            • BEVIN, what amazes me is how gullible US amerikans are. It seems like hardly anyone ever cross examines the garbage they are told by any of the alphabet news shows or the gibbering nitwits on the radio.

              Critical thinking is all but gone, hence US amerika.

              • skunbear, I just finished a couple of articles from the Daily Bell and got on a rant to myself. I’d repeat it but nobody needs a new lesson in four letter words.

                6 corporations spew out 95% of the new in this country and the other 5% is taken to task by that 95%, owned almost exclusively by ultra rich Jews who support the nastiest govt. on earth, Israels. This is not an indictment of every Jew nor or every Israeli since they have a large portion of people in that country(Israel)who are simply powerless to reign in TPTB just as we are here in this country.

                But to think that supposedly intelligent people sit and suck up Fox or MSNBC and any of that other horseshit is mind-boggling.

                Back when Bush the shrub wanted to start a war I was railing against him, been there, done that, seen it all before and people were saying I was a blue dog Democrat. Hell, I didn’t care if they called me a democrat so much as them not being able to see you didn’t need to be a Democrat to call bullshit on that. We’ve seen other wars where Democrats were in the fore.

                Makes no difference which bifurcated tongued party spews what, it’s all the same and it never changes. I hope people(and it seems like the young ones are catching on)of every age in this country figure it out before there’s nothing left but ragged, starving slaves, a place we’re headed rapidly.

                I just can’t stand the idiotic sparring with clover, a total nitwit and coward. And that’s just on this site. I hate to be reminded of how many clovers still exist and look to big daddy to take care of them. Sorry white folk, black people of the same ilk and you brown people who expect to be supported by someone else also, I’m speaking to ALL of you, go to hell and I’ll help get you there.

                Foreigners who come to this country to make their own non-working country like they just left, you’re tops on my “to do” list. Ok, I’m through and back to melting batteries. Battery donations accepted, the bigger the better.

          • I’m convinced that prominent Reich-wing blowhards do this deliberately out of hatred for libertarian principles. What better way to discredit that which you despise –and that which is clearly the polar opposite of your own ideology– than to align yourself with it and have a large number of its prominent adherents welcome you to the fold?

        • Dear Everyone,

          Just stumbled across a FB link to this great article, by genuine hero cop, former NYPD detective Frank Serpico.

          Absolute must read!


          Today the combination of an excess of deadly force and near-total lack of accountability is more dangerous than ever: Most cops today can pull out their weapons and fire without fear that anything will happen to them, even if they shoot someone wrongfully. All a police officer has to say is that he believes his life was in danger, and he’s typically absolved. What do you think that does to their psychology as they patrol the streets—this sense of invulnerability? The famous old saying still applies: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

          As a market anarchist, I obviously don’t agree with Serpico 100%, but that doesn’t change the fact that much of what he criticizes is dead on.

      • That cop had better hope that the husband is permanently disabled by that accident. If I were that husband, once I recovered I’d be making it my life’s mission for its remainder to get a reckless scumbag pig off the streets.

  15. What I find, I’ll use the word humorous, in a lot of the online arguments about this is seeing the response of the pork suckers who say, “When the police go on strike, you’ll be crying then!”, making the assumption that crime will run rampant.
    Now yes, in large cities you’ll certainly have a spike or in the states that have done their damndest to disarm their residents, but as in the areas subject to natural disasters where The State has hightailed it out of there, people will defend themselves and their neighbors. Neighborhood Watch will now be watching with a 12-gauge and a 1911 so it would behoove the criminals to not try hurting people or taking their stuff. If left on a long enough time line, many people in cities would eventually become fed up and either ‘illegally’ arm themselves or find a way to contract the people in the suburb or rural areas to come help.
    But of course, that’s all fantasy because The State would never allow their highwaymen to be off the job for that long. Too much revenue to collect, too many pockets to line with seized money.

    Now when this anger is turned to the politician, I think THAT’S when things get interesting.

    • Hi Gabe,


      In my neck (rural SW Va.) cops are an irrelevance. They collect revenue for the county, hassle people over victimless (hence, non) “crimes” such as growing/selling arbitrarily illegal “drugs” (which, naturlich, does not include alcohol) but serve no purpose – or rather – are useless – insofar as personal protection.

      If, for, example, someone were to break into my house in the middle of the night and I immediately called 911, it would take them at least 15-30 minutes to get a porker to my place. By which time, the scenario would have played itself out. I’d either be robbed – or dead. Or the scumbag would be.

      Hence, we Edentulites rely on Mossberg, Sig and so on for protection.

      But the fact is such is hardly necessary precisely because it’s known that every home is likely to be defended by well-armed occupants. Plus, there are fewer maggots per capita in rural areas.

      The entire police force could be disbanded tomorrow and we’d all be the better for it.

    • Gabe, it’s interesting that in NYC the cops didn’t actually go on strike this year but simply quit doing their “enforcement” bs. It was quite a tragedy too. The city was more peaceful and the bureaucrats were hurt beyond words. The blood money fell off to a huge degree. Now, that just won’t do. Seriously, they lost so many millions in normal revenue the pols were collectively miffed as to how to make up the loss. No doubt they figured something out.

  16. Recent events over the last couple of days, unfortunately will only increase the “us vs them” mentality at plenty of police departments. I am sure the subject on top of the agendas of most is the “siege” that they think is occurring.

    It won’t occur to police chiefs that they need to back off. That they need to deescalate the situation. For example the cop killed in Illinois, they have cancelled school, told people to stay off the streets, used huge amounts of public resources hunting for the killers. Would they have done that for a private citizen? OF COURSE NOT! So what makes a cops life more valuable then a taxpayers?

    In the past they would “dial it back” a little, maybe write a few less tickets etc. Now, I doubt that is even possible. Maybe some street cops will dial it back because they know they are the ones that will get killed first, but even that is limited. Just look at the NYC PD a few months back when they did the work slowdown to protest the dippy mayor and upper level chiefs. They got clamped down on. The “leaders” are hell bent on doing it their way.

    They can still get away with it, because most people still side with LE yet. Its not to the breaking point yet for most people. I have seen tons of pro cop stuff on the facebook feed.

    Add to it the anti gunners calling for people to call the police when they see someone carrying (legally). Unfortunately, too many departments are shoot first, ask questions later. Not good.

    • People who are pro cop should be ashamed of themselves. Nobody who knows me would act that way around me. They know that they would receive a stern lecture.

    • For example the cop killed in Illinois, they have cancelled school…

      Really? No kiddie prison on account o’ a porko’s demise? AWESOME!

      According to my arithmetic, if someone were to take out 180 more of them, the kiddies would get a whole year’s reprieve from the government indoctrination camps!

      Sorry, I just couldn’t resist …

  17. Recently a 25 y.o. state trooper in here in Missouri radioed in that a motorcyclist had committed an “infraction.” Shortly thereafter his cruiser was discovered where it had gone off the left side of the road, through the trees, rolled and burned. The trooper died. According to the news venue I read, the highway patrol located the motorcyclist, interviewed him and he was not taken into custody. In all likelihood he didn’t even know the cop was coming after him. Of if he did, perhaps he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut. A couple of my coworkers I discussed this with said the feeling they got from the news reports they heard attempted to make it seem like this was the motorcyclist’s fault. Never mind the cop lost control of the car at an apparently very high rate of speed.

    The fact is, you give a 25 year old male a car capable of 150 MPH, cool guns, the legal impunity that comes with a badge, along with a better than thou attitude and you can’t expect good things to come of it. This kid went off the wrong side of the road which means he lost control potentially into oncoming traffic thereby endangering the public he was supposedly protecting. He then went on to kill himself and destroy tens of thousands of dollars in “public” equipment. All over what? A couple of hundred bucks in revenue? They didn’t even announce what the “infraction” was; probably because it would have been something laughable like failure to signal a turn or 10 (maybe less) over the speed limit.

    The solution is simple: No high speed motorcycle chases or better yet no high speed chases period over traffic violations. If the person runs, let ’em go. Most of this stuff occurs over things where there would have been no harm / no foul if the cop hadn’t been present anyway. I’m going to approach my state representative about this very thing. My argument will be “in the interest of officer safety” unless a situation involves life and death (such as an abducted child or real violent criminals shooting up the countryside), there is no reason for a police officer to endanger his life and the lives of others over a damned traffic fine. Here’s one case where I’ll say something I almost never say: “There oughta be a law…” Maybe we can use this incident get one passed to rein “them” in for a change.

    • Boothe, in my younger years early Sunday morning, when no porkers were out and the crutch crowd hadn’t roused, I used to take my car or bike out for a high speed ride. Friday or Saturday was my “tuning” day and spiffing day also. Either one wouldn’t look nor run better than on a Sunday morning. Since my folks lived at the edge of town and my wife and I mostly lived in rural areas, it wasn’t a big deal for me to open my dumps on my rod and tear off down a particularly curvy road I liked for high speed thrills.

      I never had an accident on either ride. I came close to losing control but that was the whole point, keeping it right on the edge. If I had lost it, it would have been only me, my ride and maybe a fence….or an oil tank at the worst that would have suffered or the person with me if anyone chose to go along and many did want to go that I turned down(don’t need somebody panicking or doing something stupid like grabbing the wheel).

      Surprisingly, my oldest sister, a staunch law and order type, loved these runs. I think she had a lot of suppressed issues. I never allowed minors(or anyone younger than myself unless I knew their parents quite well)to accompany me. I won’t tell you what I did wasn’t dangerous because it was, but how would I ever get to the Jim Hall or Fireball Roberts stage without practice? BTW, I detested when they started making fast steering since I could keep one on the ragged edge much better yawing on an old manual steering box.

  18. When a cop is killed, that is one less psychopath around who is willing to shoot an unarmed man or someone’s pet dog. They all belong to the same gang (union) that argues on behalf of cop criminals. The Chicago cop union spent a fortune protecting Commander Jon Burge who put together a cop force that tortured hundreds. I don’t care if the cop is the nicest guy around when he is off duty. He is still wearing the enemy uniform. He chose to be a hired gun for the ruling class. The only good cop is a whistle blower.

    Activism strengthens a person’s self-esteem. It distinguishes him from the helpless.

    • RAMROD, “He is still wearing the enemy uniform. He chose to be a hired gun for the ruling class. The only good cop is a whistle blower.”

      Well said. And the word “enemy” is apt.

  19. Yes, the police has lost some of the public’s trust. Some of it falls on the policeman’s and many on society.
    Plus,the local govt and courts have turned policemen into Revenue Agents, writing all the tickets they can to balance or increase the budget for special projects.
    Photo Cameras and Radar specialist has degraded their image to one of a Used Car Salesman.
    Anything to write a ticket…no common sense or reason.
    You take the ticket to court, you will find the Judge even more unreasonable. Convictions and Revenue are their goals, not Justice!
    Then they stick the screws to you with all the misc. court costs to fill all the others in the background, pockets.

    First, the public should have to vote on all ticket revenue caps and court costs that are added.

    Second, the rules for tickets should be changed. All the policemen are just agents for Insurance companies, giving them more reasons to raise your rates, over nothing. …55mph in a 50psl zone.
    Cruel and unusual penalties Force upon the public.

    Third, remove the ability of Insurance companies to use their greedy arms from raising your rates based upon minor tickets.

    Since the rates are based more upon your Credit Record than driving ability, why used tickets at all? Except to fill the Insurance companies pockets

    The society has gotten more cruel and dangerous. Recently, cop stopped to assist a person that ran off the road, the driver shot the cop in the head with a sawed off shotgun. When the cop hit the ground, driver gets out, tells him he is going to die and shot him in the head again.

    Cop does not know if you a friend of foe. Killer or a robber. The cop blinks and he is dead…or do not go by the rules to protect his Safety.

    If a cop as for ID, give him ID.. It is not a racist request like the Blacks like to claim.
    Asked to get out of the vehicle, do so in a cautioned manner so not to make the cop be alarmed and make him draw his weapon.
    If you carry a Conceal weapon, tell the cop.
    When pull over, keep your hands on the steering wheel so the cop can see them. Also, rolled down the rear windows so the cop can look inside, so he does not feel in danger.
    In your case about the bike ride and being pulled over, agreed you have gotten a warning and not a ticket….but the cop has a quota and city is asking for more revenue.
    And ways to come up with more reasons to add more Photo Camera, invading your privacy and stealing from your wallet.
    Revenues and court costs keep increasing and the Public’s trust keeps Falling.

    The Public needs to make some changes in the system so they will trust cops and the public be more trust worthy themselves.

  20. Somewhere I was reading a comment section on some article somewhere and I saw a comment that struck me as being relevant. If they are going to act like occupiers they should not be surprised if some people start acting like insurgents. It’s absolutely true. This is the game that has been created and perhaps it has been created intentionally through policy or more likely basic seeds were planted expecting something like this to grow of its own accord. I feel there is a greater manipulation going on. The powers that be aren’t so dumb as to not realize this would happen. It appears to have been studied, wargamed, and planned for in various leaked documents. It’s all part of the plan from the top I’m afraid. While falling into it is understandable it just allows the trap to close tighter. Holding to the NAP may be more important than ever. Perhaps going a step beyond to outright non-violence. Then again perhaps it will result in fewer willing to serve the state, but I am not too hopeful since this week there has been an outpouring of cop worship. So long as that exists no matter how dangerous it is made they’ll have bodies they need. It’s the worship of authority that has to be broken.

    Speeding and U-turns. A couple weeks ago I go out in my ’12 and I turn right at the first major intersection from home. A modified new edge mustang pulls out of the corner gas station. I move to the left lane. So here we are two Mustang drivers doing the PSL. I am slightly behind the SN95. After a couple blocks to my left I see a police cruiser’s brake lights come on suddenly then the cruiser dives into the left turn pocket. I know he’s making a u-turn. Other traffic delays him and blocks my mirrors. I know he’s doing a U-turn though because I’ve seen this before. I slow slightly and watch my mirrors. The SN95 motors on ahead. Then there it is… speeding up the right lane, the police cruiser. The cop pulls along side staring at me. It’s a cook county mounty. I so wanted to just flip him off. He speeds on but finds himself blocked by cloverian slightly over the PSL traffic. By the time he reaches the SN95 it is stationary waiting in left turn lane at a turn on arrow only light. Pig drives on. I eventually lose sight of him. And people wonder why I have nothing but contempt for cops.

    • Somewhere I was reading a comment section on some article somewhere and I saw a comment that struck me as being relevant. If they are going to act like occupiers they should not be surprised if some people start acting like insurgents.
      I’ve thought the exact same thing Brent.

  21. All it takes is one person “feeling their authority” to wipe out the goodwill that was built up over decades.

    Organizations like the various police unions and benevolent associations close ranks when one of their members is accused of misconduct. This keeps the bad apple on the job and reinforces the “us vs. them” conflict — the cop feels vindicated (“My buddies have my back”) and the citizens feel helpless (“Can’t do nothing about them anyway”)

    And the pressure builds.

    The Austin PD is starting to recognize this, but I don’t think they’ll do what it takes to restore trust. I’d like to see the short paramilitary-style haircuts go, as a start.

    • Police benevolent assocs. LOL. Many years ago one called me for donations and the guy doing the calling with typical chicago cop accent and language made mafia like ‘it would be a shame if something were to happen’ remarks to try and get me to donate.

      • I got a call from the Idaho state police 7-8 years back. They were soliciting donations for something I don’t recall specifically. Anyway, I told them “I wouldn’t donate a thimble full of piss to you assclowns”. They started some tirade of how they’d be there when I needed them, but I hung up at that point.

        • ancap, I got harassed for years from the DPS. This was after we were charged with various and sundry crimes because my dad died long after winning a lottery with a 25 year pay off, left me the farm and what they thought stupidly would be some real money. Since it was split up in the family there was no significant amount of money and it was paid out every year in minor amounts.

          But they go after farms everywhere or businesses or anyone with obvious chattel of some sort worth, what they deem, some good payoffs for the piggy crowd. So we were raided by every local, state, regional and federal jackoff they could think to invite. We were very nearly charged with making speed because of the chemicals I had on hand to patch fiberglass tanks. Don’t know how that would work and it doesn’t sound very healthy since amphetamine would require esthers and not the VOC’s of petroleum base.

          But they would call often and ask for a donation. They’d use my first name and then sarcastically ask me if I didn’t want to give them some more money and on speakerphone so everyone in the background could have a good laugh too.

          My responses were quite a bit more foul than yours. Then I wised up and turned my phone line into a computer modem/fax line.

          And that call you got soliciting is always for some fund they can use for retirement and immediate remuneration both. It’s nothing but graft on their only non-violent level.

          I was recently hauling a 315C Cat trackhoe, a big sumbitch and passed near where one of them lived. If people hadn’t been waiting for me at a location I thought seriously of stopping off, unloading that bad boy and leaving a big mound where the house had been.

          • Eight,

            If you had a 330C, it would have had the mound where the house was in a timely manner. Loading and unloading would take you more time than the cut and cover.

            • ancap, I reckon you’re right but I don’t have a trailer that big and if I did I’m not that good of an operator. But in case I get that big quad VGN and a 330C, what is your number now?

        • ancap, reminds me of when my parents were sitting around our kitchen table eating pico de gallo and chips. She said something about one of the local LEOshittards, I suppose wanting to elicit sympathy for him. I hated the guy and it hit me wrong. I told her “mama, if I pulled over to piss and found him on fire I’d get back in the pickup and drive a few miles just to make sure nothing got on him to quell the flames”. She looked stunned by it and my dad just had another chip and sauce and managed to never look at her. My dad and I were of the same mind on the subject.

    • chip, all you need are the words of the chief there. He makes it plain they’ll do what they please and the public will pay the price. He even brags about it and denigrates those who complain. He’s another POS looking for somebody to kill him. I hope he finds that person sooner than later.

      Meanwhile, it’s a top down rant to all the cops there they are loosed on the public with no compunction to do anything other than what they wish. Nothing good coming from this, esp. since Austin is now just a bunch of yankees….and that proves I couldn’t think less of them. I don’t know how you tolerate it.

      I play the game and will continue to do so until I don’t. They ain’t gonna like it when my switch flips.

  22. So very true, Eric.

    It would be a start. But a start won’t happen in the short term. Most people who consider themselves “civil”, still believe that they are free. That they “deserve” to be treated in such a way because they “broke the law”. There are many others who still feel it necessary to treat costumed men with respect–not because they are deserving of it–because of the “office” they hold.

    It is totally absurd to treat people with respect because of position, office, ow whatever other lame reason people can muster. What ever happened to earning respect? That’s what I always understood was the reason to respect someone–or not. When you are respectful, you expect it in return. But that isn’t what you get many times in today’s world. So many a-holes now believe that a costume or title relieves them from being a decent human being. Instead they can do what they want–because privilege. It is a learned trait. Schools, churches and almost every other organization you can think of teach it. Until it is unlearned, the schism between people wanting to be left alone and those who want–feel they have the right– to meddle in the every day affairs of the mundanes, to steal a term from Will Grigg–will continue to fester until it implodes.

    I wish it didn’t have to happen that way. But it does. What we are seeing right now is just a type and shadow of more to come. It doesn’t have to be that way. But sociopaths ensure that it will be that way.

      • I met Will Grigg and talked quite extensively in the spring of 2014. We talked about “white privilege” which he is often accused of by people who never have met him. We had some pretty good laughs about it.

        Will is a great guy.


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