Live From Corona Country, Part 13

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Here’s the latest “on the street view” from SW Virginia, my part of what has become the Corona’d States of America – where the bodies are still not stacking up like Cordwood.

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  1. Ya know the scariest thing? This scamdemic is uniting the populace- NOT against the tyrants…..but for them, and against all who do not believe and obey! Much like WW2 in the 40’s, when everyone “came together” to support “the war effort”, or 9-11 when everyone gladly threw away their liberties to “prevent terrorism” (“They hate our freedom”- of course, we know who they are…)

  2. There’s some kids in my neighborhood … I saw a parent with an infant child at the store the other day… makes me feel sorry for them — imagine how the parents with kids feel right now … this country being ruled by 1000 Hitlers & Maduros … we’re all just slaves to corrupt gov employees … and the people just sit around instead of uniting together … what kind of future do their kids have? They must feel pretty scared & angry & sad right now. They thought they had some kind of life going on, have some career, had plans, maybe were even going to go on vacation. Were going to have birthday parties, good times, maybe a wedding or two, made memories… now the whole country just falls apart based on a ridiculous imbecile fatwa based on LIEnce from unseen lord(s) somewhere, and the people have NO SAY in anything. Kinda ruins your whole day, and maybe whole future. So much for the American dream.

  3. My son and I hopped a locked fence today, and played baseball on the baseball field – for two hours! Warm sunshine, cars driving by. Felt F’n-A fantastic. Shove it up your ass, cringers!