What 911 Didn’t . . . and the “Climate Crisis” Couldn’t

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An economic pandemic is spreading that will kill the livelihoods of millions of Americans – who will soon be unemployed, their businesses bankrupt, their savings consumed.

The American way of life itself is in the balance – not just for a few days or weeks or months, but quite possibly forever.

And quite possibly, on purpose.

The end of free travel. The end of free association. No more gathering in groups – which would include political gatherings. A national “lockdown.” The strong possibility of forced “testing” and forced vaccination – with who knows what’s in those needles. Soviet-style food queues. A Soviet-style police state – to deal with “unrest.” For our saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety!

Cui bono?

It is all congealing – faster than we’ve had time to think it through. It had better be worth it. It had better be necessary.

It had better not be deliberate.

It may already be too late.

This virus – the fear about this virus – has done what pile-driving jets into tall buildings didn’t come close to doing. Except for the airplanes not flying for a couple of days and the  stock market closing for a few days longer, economic life didn’t stop after the “enemies of freedom” struck almost 20 years ago.

A few thousand people sick – almost all of them not dying – has practically shut down the entire country, with the government intimating it will not re-open for months. Do people understand what this means? What the result of this will be?

Here’s one snapshot:

If people stop buying new cars for one week because dealers are forced to close shop – which has already happened in at least one state – or because instantly unemployed people are no longer shopping for new cars – it will cost the car industry $7.3 billion in earnings – and cost 94,400 Americans their jobs. It would also cost the government some $2 billion in taxes.

That’s one week. How about three months?

Ford was already in precarious financial condition before Corona Fever struck. A couple of months of people not buying Fords could mean no more Ford. And no more GM and the rest of the industry, too. Including Tesla, Rivian and the rest of the artificially induced electric car industry, which was even more precariously perched – utterly dependent on subsidies to “sell” EVs to people who otherwise would never have bought them because most of them could not afford one absent the $7,500 per car carrot dangled in front of them.

How will they afford any new car when they’re no longer working? A set of tires becomes an insurmountable expense when you are sweating how to pay for your next meal. 

Will Uncle bailout the industry – again? The whole country?

With whose money?

Ours, of course – assuming we have any left to steal. Better not leave any (if you have any) in the bank. See Cyprus for a preview of what may be coming to a bank near you. Or maybe they’ll just print money . . . making whatever money we have left not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Wait and see.

The only good news is that the cost of gas has already fallen to less than $2 per gallon . . . which would be great if people had money to fill up their cars – and anyplace to go.

All for what, exactly?

About 5,000 Americans have been Corona’d to date. About 2 percent of them –  100  people as of March 15 – have died. This is not Happy News. But it is not the Black Death, either.

During the 2019 flu season, millions of people got sick and at least 1,300 of them died. For some reason, the media did not herald the reaper; businesses weren’t closed – either by government edict or because their customers had been scared away by the media. It was just the flu. Most people who got it didn’t die and most of those who did die were close to dying anyway. The flu merely pushed them over the edge of the end-of-life cliff.

Of course it’s a sad thing if it’s your grandpa – or yourself, if you’re the grandpa. But no grandpa lives forever. Death is a natural part of life once you get old.

What’s not natural is the almost overnight pillow-snuffing of a healthy economy – the best economy Americans have had in years – for the sake of a worst-case what-if scenario that could end up doing no more permanent harm to most people’s health than a bad flu season – and maybe less.

But the very real harm being summoned by the hysteria and the overreaction to it could prove fatal to everyone who doesn’t get the virus and everyone who gets it and who recovers from it.

Instead of death, dead broke. Millions unemployed. Millions ruined.

Of course, the virus could be worse – and maybe it will be – but then, we’ve been told the same about the “climate crisis.”

Perhaps because that didn’t sell, something else was needed.

In a hurry.

2030 – the date set for The End – is getting too close for comfort. Things should be going horribly, obviously wrong by now or at least soon.  If not, people will begin to notice. Then question.

How dare we!

Which would be an entirely different kind of crisis. But not for us.

The whole Corona Thing thing smells wrong. It is too convenient. It is too fast. It serves too many nefarious purposes. It may achieve what nahnlevven didn’t – and what the “climate crisis” seems unable to achieve, despite Herculean efforts toward that end: The corralling of the populace with its fear-addled, lowing consent. The destruction of the economic life of America – so as to impose the elite’s political agenda on Americans.

What H.L. Mencken said 100 years ago wasn’t so much analysis as prediction. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

But lethal, just the same.

. . .

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  1. Hi eric, re: “sweating how to pay for your next meal.” I haven’t been online in quite a while, and this is the second biblical reference I’ve seen in just the last five minutes. I’m really enjoying the $2.00 a gallon gas as well as the light traffic, and short lines in most places I go to now. I didn’t know what was going on until i took my semi annual trip to Costco for supplies and saw people wearing masks, and discovered to my dismay that i could only purchase one bag of dog food.

    There was a book written back in the 80’s which pointed out that these respiratory infections can be easily dealt with by simply inhaling hot air for a few minutes a few times a day. A blow dryer or heat gun (on low) will do the trick. These viruses can withstand extreme drops in temperature, but at around 130 degrees f, they die off almost immediately. I’ve also noticed that if or when i wake up with a cough, scratchy throat, etc., I just pop a few thousand mgs. of vitamin C, and by noon I’m back to normal.

    I’m looking forward to cheaper gas prices as more and more people can’t afford to drive anywhere.

    • Was wonderin’ where you were, Shnark!

      A buck-eighty-five a gallon here… First time in ages that I have a full tank on both my Excursion and F250- over 80 gallons of gas between the two!

      • Hey Nunzio, I’ve been playing hooky on my boat for a while; no internet. Now I’m back planting a garden, and trying to catch up on old email. I had a 1982 lifted Suburban a few years ago which I bought and filled it up. I think it cost me around a $100.00. I had it for three years, and only filled it up that one time. I sold it with the same gas from that first and only fill up.

        I had a lawn mower that wouldn’t fit in the back unless I broke down the handle, but the Toyota Sequoia I bought after I sold that Suburban doesn’t require me to break down the lawnmower. This Sequoia is about the same platform as a Toyota Tacoma, but for some reason even though it’s a smaller SUV, it has more interior capacity than the Suburban.

        It’s smaller on the outside, but bigger on the inside. Go figure.

        With gas this cheap, I feel like just going for a joy ride like some teenager who just passed their driving test.

  2. Agreed Eric. The virus is over hyped. I can see the state is getting their agenda fast tracked through this fear mongering. Universal income. Travel restrictions. Tracking. Spying. Lost of rights.

    • Hi Mooeing,

      And worse. The cratering of the economy will lead to a scenario few appreciate at this point. Imagine almost every small business – restaurant, coffee shop, gym – out of business and everyone who worked there unemployed and unable to buy food, pay their rent. The airline, car, hotel businesses out of business. Possibly a hundred million (or more) unemployed and broke and desperate people.

      For what?

      A virus that 97 percent of the people who get it recover from in a couple of weeks?

      This is a sane reaction to that?

      • Eric, this situation is custom made for their purpose. With nationalism/populism on the rise across the world, the globalist agenda is at risk. They have been pushing their agenda for more than 60 years. They are one of the factions behind the rise of the progressives. While the Progs have been hard at work undermining and subverting western civilization, their globalist masters have been laying the foundations for their one world socialist government. The global central banking cartel, is just one part of that foundation. So is the hollowing out of the west’s industrial base. Think of the potential here. Tens of millions of people out of work (in just the US), the economy in ruins, and then in ride the Masters of the Universe™ to the “rescue” with a Sweet Deal… Get people desperate enough, and they will agree to anything. The next few months will tell the tale of what is going to happen.

      • I’m starting to feel like this was just another “Pearl Harbor” moment. A stock broker I talked to said to not invest in the dip on oil and gas but in near bankrupt Ford because they are coming out with an electric vehicle. Went to Lowes to get supplies for a corona garden and half of the mowers available are electric only now. “Accredited Experts” on TV are saying the layoffs and furloughs in Oil and Gas (affects me) are good because Texas needs to be the energy leader of tomorrow with green technology energy sources. The big majors (Shell, Chevron, BP) can weather this storm. Mom and Pop and smaller shale drillers are done and their properties will be bought for pennies on the dollar (Sound like a familiar exercise?). Maybe they realized we weren’t having any of their future and they decided to force it down our throats. The EARN IT bill from (((lindsey graham))) will destroy any internet privacy remaining and force backdoors to stuff like Telegram, now being rammed through congress while everyone is home diddling on their phone. One of the last bastions of encrypted news, Telegram, for whats really happening in Syria and Novorossiya and other alt-right spheres if you are in to that. Uncle Scam also judges how well their message spreads from “Accredited Sources” and which people became carriers of their message and have no independent thought. Many car dealers will go under (planned win?). Mega Corp will get bail outs of our money again but an unnamed number of small ones will die. UBI will become the norm and rates will go negative from the Fed. Tulsi Gabbard (godbless her, lol) sponsored a UBI bill that would last beyond the crisis i think, i didnt read it all. IT ALL SEEMS TOO CONVENIENT and SCRIPTED

  3. Hey, anyone heard from St Greta and her followers? They must be delighted at all the CO2 emissions that have stopped!!! 😉

  4. A silver lining: I’ve never seen so many kids wandering around streets UNSUPERVISED in 20 years. And this is in Idaho where it hasn’t hit 50 degtees yet and there’s still snow to melt.

  5. Called Wells fargo. He actually advised making no payment for the month on the mortgage if I wanted, he was level 1 support and said they are expecting a bail out or financial assistance from .Gov. Expecting hoards of people to be delinquent and that if we can make any payment it is appreciated.

    Silver sold out online everywhere. Ammo too.

  6. What if people stop buying “their” new cars?

    What if people stop selling “their” old votes?

    (Which is to say stop buying what they’re selling themselves, but, let’s just keep it simple.)

    Cuz congregational voting is the corona halo that always was made of thorns – but now, egad, all those points of light makes right might be dipped in bits & daubs of viral shite.

    Well…so…let’s say the viral revival meeting brimstone is just the velvet gloves being peeled off the iron fists.

    Weren’t the iron fists always there, under the velvet, all along?

    Did the velvet *really* soften the blows all that much?

    But *whose* fists are those, whether the aggression’s naked or donningbrooking we now our gay (homogensexual) apparel?

    Hunt up that first parking lot fight scene between the Narrator & Tyler Durden.

    That’s who.

    As for velvet “pillow-snuffing of a healthy economy – the *best* economy American\ts have had in years…” – c’mon. Even a face punched full of botox couldn’t say that straight.

    But forked faces, a la schizo fight club\beds, “can.”

    At the end, after finally deciding all that punching himself in the face, velvet gloves or no, wasn’t therapeutic after all, he decided to try shooting himself in the face.

    Implied blowing a hole in pretty boy vanity was, finally, curative.

    Of course, that’s still yet more schizoid selling to & buying from hisownself.

    You say vehicle. I say voticle. Let’s call the whole thing off.

    ((Rhetorical: This insanity calls itself off. Knocks itself off.
    But not as fast as it reproduces.

    Agent Smith: “There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. … But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from.”))

  7. I actually see some good things coming from this whole mishegoss…among them:

    1. Increasing acceptance of telework. Now that people are forced to telecommute, companies will increasingly adopt it as a standard MO. In fact, many companies will see their productivity increase as their workers don’t have to come to work already enervated by a tough commute, and for many workers, they’ll be away from the distractions of the office, from nosy coworkers to loud conversations down the hall.

    2. The winding down of the college bubble. Along the lines of #1, attending college online will be increasingly accepted, and will enable instruction with a lot less overhead. FYI, most of the increases in tuition over the years went to building country club campuses with 5 star amenities, not to teaching and research.

    3. As a corollary, the entire model of preK-12 education being called into question. Parents are worried not so much about their kids’ learning, but that their taxpayer-funded babysitting service isn’t available. In fact, kids might learn a lot more away from school — I know parents who are taking the time to teach their kids things like changing oil and tires, cooking, and cleaning…you know, adulting.

    4. A positive proof of the downsides of globalization and outsourcing. This is especially true of critical goods like medications and medical supplies. We need to be self-reliant for these critical goods. Also, we’re seeing the problems with just in time supply chains and overly optimized systems with little or no slack.

    5. A calling for meaningful controls on immigration. There were quarantine centers on Ellis Island for a reason…why don’t we have that today? Immigrants, both legal and illegal, aren’t being screened for contagious diseases, and they carry diseases that make COVID19 look like a case of the sniffles.

    6. A real reappraisal of who and what is really necessary. With basketball and hockey cancelled, baseball delayed, and the same possible happening to fuuuuuutballl, we’re learning that we can live without the bread and circuses…and the real stars are the people who keep the shelves of our stores stocked, our power, water, sewer, and natural gas lines running, our hospitals going, and the trucks, trains, planes, and ships moving.

    • Bryce, those things are all true- but the reality is, that the average jerk has his head so far up his ass now-a-days, that they can’t see reality even when it punches them in the face- if they could, they would have seen it already, because the carnage was everywhere- long before this virus hoax thingy came upon the scene.

      What I think we’re more likely to see, is people complaining that they have to watch their own kids; that they are bored because there are no “spoats” on TV; that they are hungry, because no one knows how to cook anymore, and without bars and restaurants, they’ll be lost…..etc.

      They’ll then be willing to endure any draconian tyranny just to “not have to live like that again”.

      Hell, just reading a partial list of all the cancellations on the local newspaper’s website makes me realize the ASTOUNDING number of utterly worthless, ridiculous, meaningless things people normally waste their time doing! -All sorts of meetings and brunches and shows and committees…..every single thing I saw listed was all BULLSHIT! People just mindlessly wasting their time and resources; delegating their autonomy to groups; virtue-signaling (And it’s not limited to leftists/environazis)…giving awards….having low-level politicians and “officials” speak…..

      Those people will never realize the utter futility and worthlessness of those things….because they are intellectually bankrupt, and need busywork to fill their lives- They will instead miss all of the BS, because they don’t know what else to do.

  8. We are the victims of a manufactured crisis. Quite possible the virus itself was manufactured, and impossible to tell where it might have been manufactured. We are supposed to believe that ANY method of containment of a disease that has killed less than half of the number who die slipping and falling in their bath tub per year is justified. From what I can deduce from the mountain of information/disinformation available, this disease is nothing more than an unusually serious influenza in its effect. Yet the economy of the world has been crashed in response, and any pretense we had of liberty is gone. The deaths related to C-virus are still a tiny fraction of those related to this season’s standard influenza recorded since October, just a 2 month longer period. Lets see where that death toll is in 2 months.

  9. Had no idear that so many here were into “investments”. I’ve always played by the adage that if one abhors bankers….why play their game; and even let Uncle have a hand in/keep an eye on it all to boot? Why be invested in a system which is run by fascists and is diametrically opposed to every other interest of ours and humanity’s?

    • The problem is that whether you or I are invested or not, the rest of the economy is. It matters not if we aren’t invested if practically every other business is, and as they fold their product is no longer available, and those they employ no longer have a job.

      • Very true, JWK- I just find it strange that we should choose to voluntarily participate in the very state-corporate-bankster system which is the antithesis of the very things we stand for. I mean, to finance one’s enemies, and then hope for their success in order to share in the profits and avoid losses; and then complain when we are robbed by the fascism whose crimes we tolerated when it meant some modest financial gain, is akin to contributing to the PBA…..

        • “Is the system going to flatten you out & deny you your humanity, or are you going to be able to make use of the system to the attainment of human purposes?” ~ Joseph Campell, the turkey mythbaster (can be, mostly is, used to inseminate, too)

          True enough.

          But then “human purposes” is just so much rad egal (a flightless bird that reproduces so rapidly it has so far evaded extinction) more often than not.

  10. During today’s session, Ford shares fell below the Maginot Line of five dollars, but were rescued to close at $5.01.

    Below $5 a share, Ford shares would become ineligible for margin lending, meaning that investors could not borrow using Ford shares as collateral in brokerage accounts.

    This evening, West Texas Intermediate crude oil briefly dropped to $26.20 a barrel, equaling its low of Feb 2016. If it breaks $26, chart-huggers foresee the next downside target at $12 a barrel.

    All gassed up and nowhere to go …

    More menacing for auto makers is that as credit markets seize up, subprime auto lending freezes.

    “Buy here, pay here” doesn’t work anymore when those loans can’t be bundled, securitized and sold.

    Lots of new jobs are opening up in repo (cars, not Treasury bills). But it’s not a path to winning friends in the community.

    • Hehe, I was thinking about that song, love your adaptation. I wonder what effect this cheap gas is going to have on the EV industry. Maybe – it’s a dead man’s party, leave your EV at the door?

  11. This is one of 3 sites where this narrative is allowed. What I thought was good people are lockstep with the plan to collapse the economy to keep make sure that 90 year old diabetics dont get catch this cause of numbers on the spreadsheet.

    But lets assume that everyone got a month worth of food: they arent allowed to go to the gym or work. They are going to sit around eating garbage processed food which kills the immune system. they get diabetes or heart attack. Many city people will kill themselves cause of the doom. Those that live will be poor and weak, ready to die of any bug that comes along.

    Plus they are emptying out the prisons to prevent the spread of corona virus. As if having a bunch of criminals rampaging is better than Coronavirus. And as if some of them arent carrying the bug and others.

    Also most medication is made in hubei provence. Much of it isnt comming back online. This includes antidepressants and antibiotics. This is one reason for the extended lockdown. Around 50% of or population is on prescriptions. Imagine how bad things will feel when they run out of anxiety pills in this situation.

    • Ugg, its not just this site. Our Dear Leaders are watching just about all forms of communication that isn’t properly encrypted (even that is suspect, unless you use QC resistant forms). The only thing keeping them from Total Information Awareness, is the GIGANTIC nature of the data stream. But believe me, they are working on that. In most cases, what is said isn’t worth their time to notice. They have much bigger fish to fry. But if someone becomes popular, and starts to rise in influence, they can data mine all past communications. As for their lists, their secret police already have files on just about anyone of interest to them. But they can’t be every where, and they have to be careful not to shred the illusions/delusions that allow them to continue to rule. Those are wearing mighty thin at this point. Every body stay safe, and keep your wits around you, which is the only way most of us are going to get through what is coming.

      • Amen, BJ –

        For myself: I will not truckle to any orthodoxy; I hope I am very wrong about Corona Fever. Because if I am not wrong, the repercussions – to our liberty – will be far more devastating than the virus.

        God help us all.

        • It already has been. Imagine if the corona response was left to private hands, each company doing their own mitigation. No wide spread panic, no empty shelves. Gov destroys anything it touches

    • Not just that. Investigating too deeply into pedophile rings or large money corruption gets you “suicided”. Posting on websites is no threat to them.

      • I think they just care about any truth that might actually be taken seriously, and go somewhat mainstream. A few “loose nuts” whose observations, no matter how accurate, aren’t taken seriously by the brainwashed masses, are of no threat to them. Our obscurity and unpopularity with the majority are such that they need never worry about us.

        On the other hand, someone who might be totally off-the-wall, yet achieves popularity sufficient to be a recognized voice, but outside of the control of the gate-keepers, THEY “must be dealt with”. But not enough will ever take us seriously enough/care enough/want to be bothered enough for anything we say to ever matter except to those of us who already are “off the reservation”.

    • Friend, there is a meme out there that I really like-
      “If you’re not on a government watchlist by now, you ought to be ashamed of yourself…”

  12. These psychopaths will have to put a bullet in my head before I let them put a needle in my arm.

    BTW Eric, I’m guessing you took inspiration from one of my comments?

  13. I don’t know how many of you post else where but be careful. I have been banned by two sites for saying essentially what Eric has said. Basically saying the numbers don’t yet rate the panicked response from governments.
    One of the sites I seriously admired,,, moonofalabama. It appears ‘b’ has bought into the panic and the virus and will ban anyone that thinks governments are too aggressive. The other site didn’t matter.

    Just a warning,,, these people are really panicking and will not listen to reason.

    • I gave up all non-Libertarian, non-free-speech sites quite a while back (The ones I hadn’t been already banned from). If we can’t speak the truth (or even error, if it’s our opinion/observations) and can’t freely communicate; have to walk on egg-shells, and can’t find otrhers who share our sympathies, then who needs those sites anyway?

    • Moderation kills forums. A car forum I used to frequent had a political section that was extremely popular until members brought up un-PC subjects like the The Bell Curve.

      It is interesting how many leftists populate car forums.

      • ….and the ones who aren’t leftists, are lovers of the “troops”…….(And usually former ones, themselves). Ya never get to ask them “Is this the “freedom” you “fought for?” once you’re banned.

        A long-time e-friend of mine is a mod on niggermania.com…. Yeah…..even THAT site has censorship (let’s call it what it is)- Ya can’t say anything anti-Jew, anti-fag, or even anti-coal-burner! Plus all of the little meddlings if someone gets insulted or offended. Could’ve been a fun site…..what a shame.

        • Darn, I thought I had completely deprogrammed myself from using euphemisms!

          I think there’s plenty of evidence showing mainstream conservatives ARE leftists except they’re dumb as shit. Most of them would be outraged by Sam Francis’ writings.

          Niggermania sounds like controlled opposition. The owner probably works for the $PLC.

          • Sam Francis. That name conjures up mixed feelings in me, as he was absolutely a genuine racist of some description, yet at the same time “anarcho-tyranny” is literally the perfect description of modern society, and so many people can’t see it.

            I’ve thought that last one over and the only conclusion I can come to is, the reason people can’t see it is because they’ve been trained to see all the ridiculous little non-crimes – “hate speech”, spirited driving, carrying around a screwdriver without a good excuse, and so on – as being just as bad as, IF NOT WORSE THAN, the actual personal & property crimes the police so regularly fail to prevent, or even selectively ignore in order to prop up a political narrative. They literally see failure to march in lock-step with the latest “woke” dogmas as a direct assault on someone somewhere, maybe worse than if you just went up and punched someone in the face. Their idea of morality consists entirely of government diktats and IPCC reports.

            That’s what’s going to make any resurgence of liberty difficult. It’s not just about erasing bad laws, it’s about overcoming the generations of manufactured opinion that made those laws possible. Speed kills, greenhouse gases will doom us, you don’t need a weapon unless you intend to do evil, etc. etc. etc. all have to go, and they will not go easy.

            • Hi Chuck,

              I knew Sam. Worked with him, at The Washington Times, where he was a columnist/editorial writer. A racist? This term has become almost meaningless as it now means someone of one race who says something a person of another race disagrees with – among many other things. It used to mean – chiefly – a person who regarded people of certain races as intellectually/culturally inferior and sought to “keep them in their place.” A cross burner/lyncher who used force to compel people not to freely associate/transact business – and so on.

              Sam, based on my conversations with him and having read his work, was someone who just preferred his own white (and Southern) heritage; who wasn’t interested in “diversity” and – in a nutshell – wanted to be left alone among his own. He was like Jared Taylor is. And both men are (were, in Sam’s case) a lot like Jesse Jackson or AOC in that respect, but they – unlike them – are/were content to leave others be. He was not a violent man; not the type of man who’d hurt anyone just because they weren’t white. He just didn’t want to be around people who weren’t – which is a different thing. Not a Libertarian thing, obviously. But freedom of association is; also voluntary/free exchange.

              I agree with Jesse (et al) that blacks have every right to have the NAACP, magazines devoted explicitly to things of interest to them, to favor each other in business dealings – and so on. For any reason at all. And I defend the principle generally. I also believe that each individual has the right to live his life as he likes, whether others like how he’s living or not – so long as he isn’t materially harming others. Preferring or choosing not to associate – with anyone/for any reason – does not rise to that bar. Hurt feelings don’t rise to the bar.Sam hurt a lot of feelings. But I liked him. He had a great sense of humor once you got to know him and – whether you like what he wrote about – the way he wrote was outstanding.

              • Hi Eric;
                There is a lot to love about your post. Free association (or disassociation) is a precious right under attack by deconstructionists. As a white man raised in the suburbs of Detroit in the 60s/70s then choosing to move to the South I have long held that blacks are not of themselves meddlesome or troublemakers. Most just want to be left alone, be black, and be at peace/rest. What largely incited blacks into violent racists was the poking and prodding they received from Bolsheviks beginning in the mid 1800s and growing worse each year. Control freak deconstructionist Stalinist Marxists “Revolutionaries” had a singular goal: Deconstruct America as founded. First wreck the representative republic by turning it into an inherently unstable democracy. Then get the “melting pot” of peoples worked into a frenzy. Pass family and society killing laws and policies and thereby shred/burn the fabric of our society.
                As a young man I “hated niggers” but then realized that they are being manipulated just as i was. Now I “hate” (fight against) any one or any thing that steals, kills, and destroys The Good. For now that’s the Bolsheviks in Media, Government, Education, Organizing.

                I might add that all leading Bolsheviks were (still mostly are) Jews. HOWEVER not all Jews are Bolsheviks. Hating Jews because many are bad actors is just as ignorant as hating Blacks because many are bad actors. Ditto any race. All have a group of evil in them. It’s not the race that’s the problem It’s the idea.

                • Amen, Auric –

                  And: This is a time that well test us all. The good ones especially. Any man – or woman – of any color is my friend if they are a friend of liberty. Just as any man – or woman – who is an enemy of liberty is also my enemy, no matter the color of their skin.

                    • Hahaha! Handler!

                      “They” hated Rothbard just like they hated Christ, ’cause if there’s one thing the Kosher-nostro hates, is one of their own who opposes the Sanhedrin, and who preaches that which would enlighten the plebes and be the elders undoing.

                      They’ll gladly embrace every communist, tyrant and sociopath who espouses anything, from the absurd, to death and ruin…..but someone who plainly speaks the truth they will not tolerate, and especially when it is one of their own.

          • And if it’s not, it couldn’t be anything else but a calamitous dumpster fire. I’m not in a hurry to check it out either way.

            • You’d be surprised. I haven’t been to the site in years (It tends to be repetitive)-but a lot of it’s members were NOT the moronic Skin-head types (Although naturally, there were some) but many people who live in these crumbling blue cities, who continually witness the savagery and violence which is so typical of a certain culture whose members can usually be identified by their physical traits, speech, actions, and style choices- and well as being victimized by the liberal policies of their locales.

              The site made a good counterpoint to the MSM’s angelicizing of the species, and their constant portraying of them as “victims” and recipients of “racism”, while blaming their problems on “de ebil white man”.

              Most people who have to live and work in the aforementioned cities, and who must use the transit and walk on the streets in these heavily ‘diverse’ places, can appreciate these things, as they see the disparity between the popular narrative and the reality- while people who live in areas where the ‘diversity’ is not yet overwhelming, and who use private automobiles for daily transportation, and thus do not witness the carnage, are often completely unaware and naive.

              Case in point: My friend who lives in the Gay Area (He is very straight!): Been mugged twice (and of course, no option of carrying any protection without subjecting one’s self to a lengthy prison term- while of course, no such disincentives exist for the muggers who not only possess, but actually use such weapons offensively); [The perps were jigs, in both cases]

              Then he had to endure a summer in an office with no A/C, because the building’s HVAC was scavenged multiple times within one year for metals to scrap.[The office is in Oakland, where white people can not even walk the streets at night]

              Then he witnessed multiple “Chimp-outs”- like one going nuts and becoming violent when his fare card, which was apparently empty, did not work on a bus, and therefore “The driver was racist for not letting him on” which of course gave the jig the right to inflict violence on multiple people, and damage the bus until he was finally subdued by the fuzz.

              Having been a resident of NYC, I can fully commiserate. Up in Ak where these is no ‘hood’ and not large concentrations of them….all you likely knoiw is what is portrayed in the media, and by politicians and gov’t skools.

              One has to ask one’s self: Why is there no such thing as a low-crime all-black neighborhood, or low-crime predominantly black city or town? And now with these filthy Somalis becoming ubiquitous in many places, the crime and filth is getting even worse.

              The sad thing is, that even among us, people have been so prejudiced by the liberal narrative/propaganda, that even they choose to ignore the reality, and paint those who are unafraid to do so as “racists”- which is the exact effect that the popular narrative was designed to achieve.

              • OK- I’m a racist.
                Now, please sire- do explain to me what a racist is?
                In fact there is no definition- it’s a chimera to vilify a normal aspect of human psychology. The survival trait which tells us that this flame is not to be trusted after we’ve been burned by it.

                • Amen, Ernie! It’s sad that they’ve got the entire first world thinking that anyone who acknowledges the blatantly obvious truth is somehow mentally deranged and evil; but that those who refuse to acknowledge reality, and who vilify those who do, are somehow enlightened compassionate souls.

                  And “race” was just the model for a whole slew of other causes which they deemed necessary to replace traditional values with; So now they have waged a similar war against those who are repulsed and morally opposed to faggotry, and who have the “audacity” to not believe that someone who possesses or possessed a dick is not a woman, despite them claiming to be and acting the part [puke]…..and ditto if we feel that we should not have the money extorted from us used to aid and encourage third-worlders who do not share nor even respect our cultural values and ideals to flood the country….

        • Most of the mods on Niggermania are jews themselves and only allow criticism of porch monkeys. If you out Jews or Spix, you get banned.

          This is the Jew way of allowing us White Americans to let off steam when we get pissed at their foot soldiers, while they continue their evil agenda.

          • So true, Bob!

            I remember back in the early days of the interwebs, there was a notorious NeoNazi site or some such- Stormfront.something….that turned out to be owned by a Jew (The site was retarded, of course- but I remember back then, actually looking up the site registration info myself to confirm that it was indeed Jew-owned. Then after that became common knowledge, he switched it to a corporate name).

            But yeah…it’s funny- but these Zionist’s tactics are pretty cut and clear once you recognize the pattern. Censor (Blatantly and Without apology, no less!); protect their own from so much as an inkling of criticism; and I’m sure that they happily send a list of IP addresses and any other user info they can collect to their servants in the relevant political offices.

            Much like NSA surveillance though, they’ll only catch the real morons- ’cause what sane person would tolerate such censorship- much less the absurd rules of such sites?

            Such sites are basically just humor- not just at the expense of whatever group the particular site lambasts, but at the expense of most who post on them as well.

            I tried searching niggermania via Google T’other day, for a vid I had sent my friend, which he posted there, entitled “Why Niggers Shouldn’t Smoke On The Subway” – It showed this heavily drugged-up jig who had fallen onto the tracks of the NYC subway….he was walking around on the track bed in a stupor, and then he laid down and rested his head right against the third rail…and got an instant 600 volts….as horrified commuters (NYC libruls!) looked on, as smoke emanated from the guy as he fried himself. My search brought up nothing- apparently, they had removed the vid.

      • Hi Handler,

        Yup. The death of free speech – including loathsome speech – is the death of liberty. Being able to discuss anything, openly – and subject to criticism, on the merits – is probably at least as important as property rights. Without these things, you live as a slave – or in fear – which is the antithesis of being free.

  14. The annoying thing about the panic buying is that once one person starts doing it, then everyone including YOU has to start doing it, or else you’ll run out of something before the panic ends and then you really are in a bad situation. Yesterday, between literally 11 stores, I managed to piece together entirely too much paper towel along with some D and AA batteries, a big pack of bottled water (in case TPTB decide to push this one as far as staged power outages), some kleenex, and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. TP and rubbing alcohol are still out everywhere including the podunk little towns that should have no reason to know or care about Coronacircus, but it seems that the farther you get from Anchorage the better your chances are of finding a high-demand item. Eventually the panic buying will fade, but I hope that happens before I have to start cutting up bath towels for TP.

    • Chuck, you could always use ass-wipes. (Well, if you could tolerate having Biden and Bernie and Hitlery et all in your bathroom….)

  15. The jews…I mean bankster…I mean jews no doubt shorted the markets prior to Wuhan and made a killing to the tune of trillions….crushing boomer retirement 401ks and such. Now they’ll be able to buy everything for shekels on the dollar. Remember it is far easier to destroy and swoop in and buy on the cheap than actually work and toil for it. It’s the same story over and over again. America has been bled dry by the parasites. It’s just a matter of time before the corpse America takes its last breath and the sheeple actually notice, only it will be too late for them too.


    he sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews, according to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the head of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages and a senior Sephardi adjudicator.

    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” he said in his weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbat.

    According to Yosef, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews.

    “In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.

    This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” Yosef said.

    “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.

    That is why gentiles were created,” he added.

    Read the rest

    • LOL! Another phony christian crawls out from under its rock!

      Hey boy, anyone with even a few neurons firing realizes that the people responsible for killing Jesus (the Romans being the ones who actually did the deed) are dead and turned to dust. No one alive today is in any way responsible, no more than any white folk alive today are responsible for slavery. That’s not even getting into the fact that christian dogma holds Jesus still lives and the body magically disappeared. So if one believes this, then Jesus was not even killed, and could not be killed by men, being the son of God! (Of course reason, logic, and common sense are unknown to phony christians like this guy.)

      So if we are to believe you source (questionable) some asshole religious nutcases (like yourself but on the other side) says nassssty things? Bad joooo! Bad jooooo! Of course there is no shortage of good white christians going around saying nassssty things as well, thinking that they are the Master Race when it’s obvious they really believe that’s what the jooooos are, given the allegations of their vast world-conquering accomplishments.

      This crap really gets old. I really wish someone would come on here and start talking trash about how Mormons, or Unitarians, or the Irish (it is St. Paddy’s day after all) are evil monsters plotting to take over the world. At least it would be a little variety.

  16. Hi Eric.
    A nice common sense article! Nowhere on the net can you find one except Lew Rockwell’s site every now and then.

    Ever since September we have been hearing about the REPO situation the FED was trying to save. Today they are still funneling billions into it. I’m guessing it was/is a fail. Now they’re stuck with letting the bubble pop. The virus was a godsend to them as they are now blaming it all on CV which is why they HAVE TO hype it up.
    Normally governments will do everything to calm the herd but here we have corpgovs everywhere (especially the WEST) feeding the fear frenzy. China tried to calm the herd but Western hype stopped that. Russia is pretty calm. Only the West is hyperventilating.
    The numbers make no sense. They do not have reliable test kits to locate the virus and the ones from the CDC are showing false positives like over 90% of the time. People with the flu are going into the hospitals by the thousands and the test kit is calling it CV.
    Also sending your tests to the CDC which calls it CV is like the BLS calling low unemployment and no inflation. EVERYTHING from government is bs and the CDC is government. Also as a added twist the CDC’s budget was lowered this year by Trump. Now anyone coughing has CV. Coincidence? It should be noted that until recently the CDC refused to test anyone unless they just returned from Asia.
    I personally believe the whole thing is cover for their complete destruction of the economy. How many now are gonna die from starvation once the food chain is broke,,, doesn’t matter if you have their funny money or not. With everyone hiding in their homes, not farming, not distributing, not driving the supply trucks, food will disappear and there is NOTHING corpgov can do. Most will starve and it doesn’t matter if they have a year or even more of emergency food,,, eventually they will run out. It will only take a few months to kill food production but it will require YEARS to bring it back. Even China did not shut down the whole nation.
    Your theory about MMGW holds water as well. They were getting nowhere with that nonsense so it’s possibly a twofer. Pop the bubble and starve 2/3rds of the population.
    People are panicking and I don’t think there is any way of stopping it even if they wanted to.
    Saddest thing I have witnessed in my entire life. Over 70 and with Bloodtype ‘A’ I am a walking CV victim according to CDC. Well, if I go because of it, it’ll be better than starvation and/or dehydration or worse,,, government tyranny.

    • PS,,, I am more fearful of the vaccine coming out soon than the virus. The vaccine will likely be forced on the small percentage of ‘aware’ citizens but most will line up around the block and beg for it.
      Note, Even Ron Paul says this ‘pandemic’ is a hoax.

          • Cancer will be one- but then, who could tell, with all of the other vaccines they already take which have the same effect?

            The number of people who’d get some form of cancer 100 years ago was 1 in 44. Today it is greater than 1 in 2 (:o !!!)- if one plots the rise of cancer on a chart alongside the rise in the use of and number of vaccines whiuch have steadily increased over the years….the upward curve is identical…..with just a gap of 20 years or so- representing the time it takes for all of the filthy vaccines to do their dirty-work (As it’s not like one gets a vaccine then immediately comes down with cancer).

            And why has no real “research” been done on that? Well…we know why- but you’d think that the av erage schmoe would wonder why no such long-term research or simple observation of such readily-available data has been done or even talked about!

              • Dear goodness! Ozy’s starting to make sense to me now….better take my temperature!

                “Can(do)sir”….I like that…)

                • I know someone who works with stored in warehouses seniors. She told me the newest diktat is that family isn’t allowed into the warehouses to see their relatives. But therapists, etc, are allowed in. &, of course, back out into the larger warehouse that is the world.

                  She told me about a dementia client whose daughter got in dutch for beaking the latest laws.

                  And she tried to rationalize dutch ovenry by claiming the wretched Ratched’s were “just trying to be responsible.”

                  My question was who was being responsible, the people who did exactly as doc Maslow told ‘em to do – charging to 450v, sir, yes sir! – or the ones who said f.u.?

                  Nuremberg defense is norm – out to 3 standard deviant•machinations, at the least.

                  The good turn, this particular story, is the mother had to be hospitalized – prolly from the stress of being denied her relatives — & when the menegele’s are done with her (assuming she survives), daughter’s taking her home, not back to the warehouse.

        • Hi Anon,

          Just curious, do you think evidence of the dangers of vaccines is made more or less credible in the minds of others by your fact free claim that the “whole vaccination scam is a jew run scam against humanity?”


    • Pfffft! Yeah…the stoopit CDC would have us think that the Corona virus is more common than a mountain in a Bob Ross painting!

      Personally, I’m waiting for the dollar to become as worthless as terlit paper, so that I’ll have something to wipe my ass with…..

  17. What will probably save us is that it will be a real short recovery in China if the US doesn’t turn around quickly. Why were people eating bats in Wuxan? If it wasn’t sexual potency (always a possibility), then it was a food shortage which probably hasn’t gone away.

    The Chinse might own Smithfield, but a lot of US-owned and staffed infrastructure is necessary to get the product on the boats.

    It is interesting what kind of stories are flying under the radar right now — such as another Tesla driving through a store front prompting more calls for NHTSA action. Or the media’s preferred (in a big way) Socialist candidate for FL governor self destructing less than 18 months after the election.

    • The bat eating is a red herring/shiny object of distraction. This was probably a bio attack by insane actors of the deep state, and the Chinese reaction makes sense as they figured this out quickly.
      We have lots of time to think about this, putting together multiple data points like our ponzi economy slowly seizing up and increasingly ineffective efforts to keep it moving past the US election, and apparent Russian non response to repeated aggressions and insults, and a thousand other glitches in the matrix.

  18. Fascism is in vogue. I’m about to plant a garden during my lunch break at “work from home”. Might drop the dough to get that M1A Tusker too to keep the wolves at bay, those who are slow witted and slow to act hoping to take from the Fam. Always be ahead of the curve and think about what people will want next.

    • M1A is a great toy, but you can get much more bang for your buck with a lot of other ones. I love my Garland, my M14, and my BM59, but 5.56 is a lot cheaper to stock and there are lots of cheap M4 variants available. Or something innocuous like an “old deer rifle” Remington 742 (big mags available, much lighter and less attention getting than something that looks military).

      • I am a huge fan of my SKS 1954 Tula. Also have a new Norinco one for plinking so I don’t burn out the Russian. They won’t let us have AK’s up here in Canada but these are still pretty nice. Our mags have to be pinned at 5 shot but a pair of vice grips will get rid of that pin if the rules no longer matter. 30 and even 150 round (just silly) mags are also available. Top load stripper clips are about as fast as a mag change anyway.

        Wood stocks too, so they don’t look like “scary” black guns.

        Ammo (7.62×39 1964 surplus) has doubled in price since I bought my last 2 crates of it but is still pretty cheap. Around $400cnd for a crate of 1500. Why plink with a .22 when you can use a center fire for a few pennies a round more?

        • SKS and AK are both good cheap shooting choices. Agreed on the stripper clip reload, I got rid of my 30 and 40 round SKS mags as they were less reliable, much slower to load, and screw up the balance of the sweet handling SKS.

  19. FEMINIZATION. That’s a big part of this overreaction. We have become a nation of pussies. Whiny, over reacting hysterical women. It disgusts me.

  20. The stock market needed a correction. Interest rates needed to rise, but it was impossible for the FED to let them come up. There’s a communist running for President.

    This fixes a lot of things. A global reset, if you will. Nice bonus that it lets Americans see what a central planner dictatorship would be like. And there’s really no threat aside from the virus being slightly more deadly than the seasonal flu for imunio-compromised people. And the last thing Trump wants to see is a bunch of Biden-Clinton 2020 ads showing dead people “because Trump did nothing.” Not to mention all those former Bushies looking back fondly at 9/11 and the 90+% approval ratings.

    Remember Bush sending everyone $300 after 9/11? Well, Trump can beat that (actually Romney, but same thing):
    I’ll probably do the same thing I did with the last check, give it to a charity. But really it should be thought of as a tax refund I guess.

    • Hi RK,

      $1,000 … hilarious! What is the average person’s monthly nut? Mortgage/rent, car payment/insurance… this takes care of maybe a third to half of the average person’s cost-of-living for a month.

      How much value has the average person’s 401k lost in the past week?

      • If you listened to the “experts” who loved to bash actively managed funds you probably took a pretty big hit. If you actually took the advice of a fiduciary advisor, who in my case recommended a low fee date targeted mutual fund and an IRA outside of my 401(k), not too bad. And because I made sure to pay off debts when the times were good I’m in a pretty good place to start bottom fishing. Silver is getting hammered again, if it goes to $10 I’m backing up the truck. WYNN went from $158 to $54, that’s starting to look like a bargain (and they hold the shareholder meeting at Wynn LV, so if you go you can get a massive discount on rooms). Airlines and travel overall are looking interesting. Might be a great time to diversify on the cheap.

        • Texas Precious Metals folded this week, ran out of stock of silver and supply chain is toast. Provident and apmex are also getting f-ing raided on silver. Fees are outrageous over spot.

        • In regards to silver, I’d love to back up the truck. But I can’t find anyone who has stock available. With all of the paper silver thats being dumped into the market, the only wonder is that the price isn’t even lower. Physical and paper are heading for a decoupling, and the sooner the better.

      • A $1,000 ? Uncle will have to take it from me in order to give it to me ( in more ways than one)! My 401k has gotten the shit kicked out of it and no sign of hitting bottom yet. I fear what I may have left will some day be heisted by Uncle to bail out Social Security. I envision my ” golden years” spent living under an overpass warming myself to trash barrel dining on a fine gourmet bowl of watery oatmeal after all I have worked for heisted by local, state and federal mafias aka government. Maybe I might be over reacting, but then again, I may have a clear vision of the future.

        • You’ve got that right. Government has no resources of its own. Everything the state has it has stolen, to quote Nietzsche. (Also as he correctly observed, everything the state says is a lie.)

          For government to give someone a dollar it has to be stolen at gunpoint. I have no interest in their stolen goods.

          • Not to mention that they take their cut before they give it back, so they take more than 1000 from you to give you 1000 back.

      • If they are stupid and don’t pay attention probably a lot of money was lost. I moved 100% of mine on the second day of market grumbling to the stable fund. It has slowly gained some money, never gone down. My other funds that i had are down 30%. I don’t feel sorry for the uninformed or the careless.

        • I feel bad for the uninformed or more accurately the misinformed. We as a people have been lied to about damn near everything for so long we think lies are true. “We” meaning the body collective trying to succeed and be comfortable by working hard, doing without immediate gratification in exchange for a better tomorrow. Some lies that we ALL fell for at one time or another:
          Your house is your biggest investment
          Mortgages are a great idea because interest is tax deductible
          College graduates earn far more than non-graduates
          Going into debt for 30 years for college is a smart move
          The FBI protects us from bad guys
          The CIA protects us from bad foreign actors
          The Government is here to help you
          Policemen are your friend
          Banks are a smart place to keep your money
          Bankers are able to help you build your wealth
          Your broker has smart inside stock information and shares it with you
          The Federal Reserve smooths out the untamed markets
          The Federal Reserve is Federal
          The Federal Reserve protects savers
          FDIC insurance protects your deposits
          Safety belts save lives
          Recycling saves the earth

          Shit I’m getting ill typing these. I quit.

          • The college lie is understandable because, until recent years, it was true. College grads made bank back in the day! Why? One, college was rigorous, so a degree meant something. Two, degree holders were rare. But yeah, I heard the lies all my life about how college grads do better…

    • I remember that check- I invested it in a whole bunch of ammo. But FYI popular calibers are selling out like toilet paper.

      • I’m still overstocked with hand loading components from the last time components and ammo were in short supply. As soon as they became available at a reasonable price, I bought a shitload.


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