“Climate Denial Kills” . . .

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A rat is most vicious when it is cornered – which you may have noticed last week during the LBGTQSUV left’s failed effort to emote Brett Kavanaugh from becoming Justice Kavanaugh. This is not a defense of Kavanaugh’s politics or even of him personally. It’s an observation about the unhinged hysteria of the authoritarian left at this moment in history.

Because for the first time in a long time, there’s pushback.

The derangement of the left has gotten so bad, there’s no alternative – other than accepting what the crazy eyes left demands.

And so it is finally not being accepted.

The left responds with even more carpet-chewing hysteria. God help us if these people ever actually win a major election (or majority) again.

Another example of the left’s unhinging is on display – literally – in New York City, where official-looking (and officially-backed) roadsigns have been put up announcing that “Climate Denial Kills.”

Also “End Climate Injustice,” “Abolish Coal-Onialism” and “50,000 Climate Refugees.”

These “Climate Signals” are oleaginously intended to mimic road-hazard signs – such as Accident Ahead – and will be on display for the rest of the month at the behest of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is a climate hysteric as much as he is also a leftist authoritarian – the one serving the purposes of the other.

Not uncoincidentally, there is also a frantic “report” all over the media – which is controlled by the same people whose nervous ticks about Kavanaugh suggest a need for heavy meds. It practically leaves claw marks on the well walls. Shrieks that “the world is rapidly running out of time to scale back greenhouse gas emissions” and asserts that unless the use of fossil fuels “is aggressively phase(d) out to meet net zero emissions by mid century,” there will be “catastrophic planetary changes.”

We have this heard before, of course. But it’s now over-the-top, like the Kavanaugh hairshirting

This hysteria is a function not so much of dangerously rising C02 or sea levels – both exaggerated to a ludicrous degree, so as to alarm the boobs watching TeeVee – as it is a freaking out over the  rising of disbelief in the climate catastrophism being peddled by these apocalyptos.

They know the jig is up.

After decades of demanding “wrenching” (Al Gore’s term) changes to our (but not their – including de Blasio’s) lifestyle in order to prevent the sky from falling, it never did – and won’t.

People have noticed. They are tired of the chicken little routine and no longer buying it, either.

Just as happened with Kavanaugh, the apocalyptos pushed too hard, too fast – and made their unhinged fanaticism plain pretty much everyone.

We’re supposed to roll over and accept a kind of modern peonage of sacrifice and scarcity – always for us, never for the ones shrieking most shrilly about “climate change” – in order to stop the sky from falling just ten years from now.

It’s as plausible as Ford Blasey’s brummagen emotings about what may or may not have happened to her almost 40 years ago, which she can’t recall much about but insists we accept as mathematically true because she feeeeeeeeeeeeels it to be so.

The same with regard to “climate change.” It must be believed as an article of faith because its peddlers are “sincere,” as BF was. Which is why raising any question isn’t questioning or even skepticism.

It is denial.

As in Holocaust Denial.

It is meant in exactly the same way – as a term of opprobrium meant to end questioning by characterizing any questioning as morally despicable.

Thus the “reporting” (which is not even disguised as other than hysterical editorializing) about the Intergovernmental Panel in Climate Change’s dire warnings, now doubled down on.

We have just ten years! Then the sky will fall.

What’s making the world bureaucrats of the IPCC and the ranks of the “climate change” believers meltdown like Chernobyl  is  . . . Trumpism. Him personally, too. But also the pushback he embodies.

Whatever Trump’s flaws, one of his great merits is that he does not believe. And has acted accordingly. He pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords, for instance. And he has dared to put in doubt the imposition of a 50-plus MPG mandatory minimum fuel economy fatwa based on the not-coincidental conflation of fuel economy with emissions control.

For the left, this is intolerable. Trump may as well don a Dr. Evil suit and nibble his pinkie. Maybe he ought to.

Since new cars produce almost no actual (or actually harmful) emissions – ending the mission of the EPA –  a new “emission” was confected by the waning left, aided and abetted by their fabian fellows (the Never Trumpers) on the right. By categorizing harmless, inert carbon dioxide the same as unburned hydrocarbons and so on – the things which actually do cause pollution. But don’t anymore because cars made since the ’90s hardly emit any such.

But they do emit carbon dioxide. A trump card. Except for Trump.

He questioned – which gave others the backbone to do the same. Now the rat senses the walls closing in, bares its yellowed fangs and lets loose the anguished cry… denier! 

In flashing yellow, by the side of the roads – and probably funded with your tax dollars, too – if you have the misfortune of living in Manhattan.

But take heart. As with the Kavanaugh scheisse show, their hysteria is a measure of their desperation.

A fight is fiercest just before it ends.

. . .

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    • Ohhh puuuullllleeeeeeeessssse!!!!!!!
      Name one single national political candidate from either of the 2 entrenched political parties who campaigned on restoring freedom by rolling back government policies and the police state in the last 2 decades! Damn! I don’t even hear any crickets!!!!

  1. As flawed as the Republicans are, I’d much rather have them running the country than these evil, psychotic leftists.

    • Hi ‘The Handler’ There really isn’t much difference between both branches of the same socialist political party. Each branch strongly opposes individual freedom in differing areas. Neither wing of the same dodo bird obeys the entire Bill of Rights or the spirit of the Declaration of Independence! The member of both branches are real block heads, and both are intentionally blind when it comes to anything outside of their favored party’s talking points!
      The right wing of that dodo bird would indeed be more friendly to car ownership, but is never satisfied with the number of people locked up in prison for petty crimes! The right is chock full of wanna be coproach cocksuckers!
      I am oftentimes ashamed of being a human being thanks to the likes of the majority of people who are dumb statists in this world!

      • I should have added the final sentence to my previous post: The entire dodo bird is going to become extinct again! Do you insist upon being a feather on one of its wings?

      • This global right-wing populist movement is what will destroy the dodo bird. Murray Rothbard would be thrilled. The Republican Party is clearly being transformed into a populist party. No, I don’t support mercantilism and a police state, but that’s small potatoes compared to what the evil left believes.

    • Well, if Ford has their way, I am pretty sure they will be prying phones from ‘cold dead hands’.

      Search : ford-patent-would-turn-autonomous-car-control-into-a-mobile-game

      “your device’s accelerometer and gyroscope would guide the front wheels.”

      Facepalm isn’t even close to adequate for this. Pothole? Phone slips out of hand?

  2. I should get my ’84 Hurst/Olds back out on the road with a magnetic bumper sticker on the back that reads ” Killing the climate 1 mile at a time”. That outa piss off the chicken littles !

    • Allen!

      I love your car… last of the real Oldsmobiles… even though it was just a 307, it was still an Olds V8. And thus, that car was not just a skin-jobbed Monte Carlo. Has yours got T tops?

    • Allen,
      I have a client with an old diesel VW Rabbit pickup with some clever stickers. On the back window is a sticker that says “Genuine High Emissions Volkswagen” (and it’s all official looking with the VW logo) and right above the tailpipe (which is pointing out to the left side right behind the left rear tire is a sticker that says “Prius Repellent”!

  3. I’ll never forget in the early nineties, Ted Danson was out bellowing about how in 10 years, the oceans would be dead. Nothing could live in the oceans unless some drastic bullshit was done to clean up the oceans.

    These people NEVER pay a price for their outrageous lunacy.

  4. Why’re these people so deadset on preventing the sky from falling anyway? Sky was here first, therefore has dibs on future of planet. Buckle up, buckaroos!

  5. Did you see the latest? The temperature record and its treatment by the priest class is even worse than was already known:

    It’s just plain fraud. The adjustments they do, which are done through computer programs that detect supposedly erroneous data and then ‘correct’ it apparently didn’t see gross errors of temperatures in the wrong units. This reinforces the evidence that the adjustments are simply designed to impose a warming signal where there is none.

  6. Oil (hydrocarbon products) are abiotic in nature and are constantly being created by yet unknown processes, deep within the earth. Russian (and other) oil interests are drilling oil wells miles into the earth, well below the depths of “decayed fossil plant and animal material” and are coming up with oil. In fact, many of our old, depleted oil wells are “filling back up”, oil IS migrating from the depths.
    The term “fossil fuel” came into being in the 1950s, when little was known about the dynamics and origin of hydrocarbon products.
    The “peak oil” proponents and others who HATE hydrocarbons being a “renewable resource” are livid over the concept that oil is constantly being created deep within the earth.
    Observations by scientists of other celestial bodies note that some of them are showing evidence of massive hydrocarbon deposits.

    • Come on man, everyone knows that it’s old dinosaurs. And spicy foods cause ulcers.

      I’ve been to Dinosaur National Monument in northwest Colorado/Utah. It is one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world. IIRC I didn’t have to descend thousands of feet below the surface to see them either. They were about 20 feet or so down from the top layer of sandy soil.

  7. If environmentalism restricted itself to truly caring for our natural resources, I would have no problem with it. However, with the secret science and questionable funding that these environmental groups taints the whole barrel. It turns out that many claims that environmentalists make have no basis in fact and are not based on good, honest, scientific investigation. This is why environmental scientists have to hide their data, as it does not fit their agenda. A good example of this is the so-called global warming crap, now renamed climate change. For one, the climate is always changing. The East Anglia University emails in which data was purposely falsified by climate scientists comes to mind. Not only that, the climate scientists purposely installed temperature monitoring sensors in cities, contrary to manufacturers recommendations and good scientific practices, in asphalt-covered parking lots, and other heat sink areas in order to prove their (faulty) hypothesis. This is scientific dishonesty at its worst.
    It turns out that the solar system is in a cooling cycle due to decreased solar activity. There are two long-term solar cycles that reinforce themselves when in phase and cancel themselves out when out-of-phase. Look up the Maunder minimum. There are no SUVs on Mars or other planets, yet they are also experiencing the same solar variability.
    Environmentalism has been the method used to impose communist principles on western society, especially in the USA.
    Environmentalists are not content with promoting clean water, air and land, but are hell-bent on controlling human behavior, and yes, promoting extermination plans for much of humanity as these anointed types consider mankind to be a pestilence (except for themselves) to be reduced in population by any means necessary.
    Environmentalists HATE the God-given concept of private property and have imposed government-backed and enforced land use controls on private property owners without compensation clearly an unconstitutional taking of private property. If environmentalists want to control land use, let them purchase it themselves-not by government force. Today the only method of negating government-imposed land use restrictions is shoot, shovel, and shut up.
    If environmentalists had their way, the earth’s human population would be reduced by approximately 90%, with the remainder to (be forced) to live in cities, in soviet-style high rise apartments, utilizing bicycles, buses and trains for transportation. The use of automobiles and access to pristine wilderness (rural) areas would be off-limits to us mere mortals, and would only be available for these anointed environmentalists.
    The endangered species act is another abuse of environmentalism. Species are always changing, to adapt to their environments-survival if the fittest. In fact, the hoopla over the spotted owl (that placed much northwest timber land off-limits to logging) turned out to be nothing but scientific misconduct and arrogance. There are virtually identical species in other parts of the northwest.
    More scientific malpractice occurred when government biologists attempted to plant lynx fur in certain areas to provide an excuse for making those areas off-limits for logging or development. Fortunately, these scientists were caught, however, no punishment was given.
    In a nutshell, today’s environmentalism IS communism like watermelon-green on the outside and red (communist) on the inside.
    It is interesting to note that communist and third-world countries have the WORST environmental conditions on the planet. Instead of the USA and other developed countries spending billions to get rid of that last half-percent of pollution, it would behoove the communist countries to improve their conditions first. Here is a question for you environmentalists: Why is there a push for restrictive environmental regulations, but only on the developed first-world countries, and not the gross polluters such as India and China?

    • I spend a fair amount of time in national parks. If I’m going to get financially raped I might as well try to enjoy it, right? Lately not only have they seem to have become overrun with crowds, more than usual. I say “seem to” because there’s lots of places in the parks that have no people around at all, even at peak times.

      My inner little conspiracy nut tells me the reason for the overrun of parks is just so in the long run they can remind us of the overpopulation problem. Of course if they’d just let people off the designated trails and maybe open up a few more parking spaces it would fix most of the problem, but then the “pristine wilderness” would be gone. Oh but if you’re working on your doctoral thesis (or putting in time as a research assistant) you can go wherever you want. For the rest of us it’s “look, don’t touch.” And get back on the tourbus with the smelly tourists…

    • Whether AGW is true or not is irrelevant. What matters is what the sycophants will do to violate our negative rights to try and fix this fake problem.

  8. The prophets of gloom and doom have been getting headlines for as long as humans have had written records. Now, some of them have a patina of Science! – as said in the true-believer voice of the old scientist in Thomas Dolby’s, “She Blinded Me With Science” video. This confuses people who refuse to use high school-level logic and science to question news reports.

    Eric, the same use of unverified models and dubious proxies is rampant in both climate science and government pollution regulatory agencies, as you have covered.

    It’s just another method for those who want to control the lives of others.

    • Hi David,

      Yes, indeed. What interests me lately is the sudden frantic “reporting” – along with the frantic Must Do Something Now Timetable, which suggests desperation hysteria.

      They’re losing.

      As per Kavanaugh.

      We may truly, finally be at that fulcrum moment where the future will be decided – for good or bad. Either it will be coercive collectivism based on emoting hysteria about sexual identity and race and “the environment” – or perhaps these people will be beaten back.

      It may not be possible to do it peacefully.

      God help us – and them.

      • They are very afraid. And clueless. The more they cry the more the rest of us laugh.

        Of course to the left we’re living in pre-war Germany and Hitler has come to power. This is all ridiculous of course but to them it’s every bit as real as the chemtrail and fluoride BS that our side believes.

      • Peaceful? NO.

        Go to Psychology Today and read what psychologists are posting regarding the SC hearings. These are the same that will be assigning your ‘social credit score’.
        It will be reeducation camps for you and the rest here.

        Sadly, I think our only hope is a catastrophic event that destroys civilization as we know it, starving and freezing these flakes.

        If only the internet would only go down for a week. The problem ones would all kill themselves after three days without being able to TwitFace. One can dream.

  9. I’m glad that they are doubling down on the hysteria – every time they have another outburst, it makes more and more people look at the “science!” with a critical eye. The fact that they’ve gone from “Another Ice Age!” to “Acid Rain!” to “Global Warming!” and now a totally non-specific “Climate Change!” is absolutely hilarious.

    Perhaps I am just cynical, but I might take a little bit more of “science!” seriously when these government funded universities and “think” tanks can come up with something resembling a coherent explanation of why virtually EVERYTHING is known to the state of California to cause cancer, but we’re spending all of our money and resources that should be used for cancer research to determine the effects of Viagra on 3 legged field mice on the west side of Third Street in downtown Albuquerque.

    It’s time for “We the People” to start holding the “Science!” industry accountable for their failures. I know that if I spent 30-40 years and trillions of dollars to come up with absolutely nothing tangible, I wouldn’t have a job. I’d long ago have found myself pontificating my theories to the deep fryer at McD’s.

    • The priest class has escaped such a fate for most of the six thousand years of known history so I wouldn’t expect them to be held accountable.

  10. Digging a little deeper into the UN “End Of The World As We Know It Report”:


    This is nothing new and it is something the Malthusian Left has been hollering about for centuries now, forever predicting Apocalypse Now due to man’s activities, even though we affect a tiny percentage of Earth’s surface.

    It boils down to one simple premise for the globalist elite: Not enough of them, Way too many of you.

    What is new, is this “carbon footprint” angle. At no time before in mankind’s history, has there been the capability to monitor and control and track every single human being on the face of the earth, every second of every day, over every square inch of the planet.

    That capability now exists, and the cover for applying that technology is man made climate change.

    This IS the “prison planet”, right here, right now…allowing this to take hold, across the globe, will be the end of any form of individual human liberty as we know the term, perhaps forever.

    What are any of us prepared to do to stop that?

  11. It is really simple. If you absolutely believe that ‘humans are killing the planet’, or such, there is only one solution an individual can morally make. KILL YOURSELF.

    But nooooo, that won’t happen. Look at fuckwits like DiCaprio. Private jetting to Eco-confrences to tell others they need to do without to save the planet.

    A couple I know are self proclaimed ‘greenies’. They just pooped (oops popped) out their fourth child. Any questioning of how producing more humans is green is met with hysterical, “You can’t tell us what to do. Children are our right”.

    The stupid are winning, simply by out breeding the not so stupid.


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