Speeding AZ Hero Kills Elderly Man

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Hero driving in excess of 80 MPH in a posted 40 zone, without emergency lights or siren, T bones and kills elderly man making a legal left turn:

If any civilian had done the exact same thing, they’d be facing felony manslaughter charges  – and serious prison time – at the very least. This Hero, though, will likely go on paid vacation for a while and – perhaps – lose his job. He’s being sued civilly by the victim’s family, but even if they win, their loved one is still dead – and the taxpayers will pick up the tab for his killer’s actions.

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  1. The phenomenon known as the ‘Seatbelt Effect’

    It might be time to expand our revelations and apply them far more widely throughout our absurd uptight control freak society.

    Forcing you to wear a seatbelt in a car against your will is ludicrous. Is it also not ludicrous that women are demanded to wear safety devices on their breasts just to leave their own homes.

    I mean, what the fuck is everybody so afraid of.

    “Officer, I saw a woman’s unrestrained bosom the other day and I became flush and overcome with the testosterone vapors. Please write this young woman a ticket and force her to wear a bra and put on something a far more modest.

    How can I be expected to go about my important duties as an Exceptional American with such dangerous and inflammatory breaches of the peace and hive morality in the public area where children might be about.”

    Seriously, every single one of us needs to man the fuck up and stop being so easily bothered by noises, smells, sounds, and sundry unexpected variances and other people generally not giving a single fuck about our sensitivities and pet peeves.

    If you live in a friendly area with manners and such and its peaceful and welcoming great. But if any kind of norm is required of you or your loved ones, then to me, that seems like a statist shithole place to be, no matter what the going price is for the surrounding McMansions and manicured ScottsGuardLawns.

    The thing is, our brains are all cloverized, its time to reach in their and start pulling wires, and ripping out all the control mechanizations you’ve let them install inside you over the years.

    The Science of Inside Out

    clover is pathetic sure, let’s say he’s 99 percentile in the clover continuum. But what about the rest of us. I’m pretty sure there’s hardly a one of us anywhere near zero on the Live and Let Live continuum.

    What if the day finally comes when we’re freed and then we all start whining for centralized control of our daily lives because we have no idea how to live under heightened levels of anarchy and widespread laissez faire.

    We all have severe statist syndrome brain damage. We each need nearly a total declarative memory lobotomy and reprogramming of some sort. Our procedural and implicit memory is fine. We need all our skills and automatic abilities.

    But our whole world view is skewed and severely twisted and useless outside the statist cocoon we’re all forced to inhabit most of our lives. We need to each destatify ourselves and begin the healing process. Over time our emotions and responses to trauma and pleasure will return closer to their pre-police state status. But this of course will take time.

    Memory pathways

    We should start being the people we’re going to be after our liberation starting today. There’s no need to wait another minute. Start being the person you would be if you weren’t under the thumb of millions of control freaks and hive minds.

    And also start taking the serious self-remaking steps that are going to be needed.

    You’ll need to be able to earn and to keep yourself alive without the state or its vestiges. You’ll need a new communication method that isn’t decipherable by statists and the people in charge. You’ll need places to hide your wealth and necessities that the hive is unable to know about.

    You’ll need the steely reserve to do absolutely everything that is necessary without hesitation should the time come. The three S’s are a mind set just as much as they are a skill set.

    I live in a 2 million person metro area with all kinds of strangers. I am hopeful I would hardly blink if I had to leave some statist writhing on the ground in mortal agony if there were even the slightest possibility I would get jammed up by rendering aid and keeping him alive. They’re not my fellow men any more, not after all the shit they’ve done over the years.

    If it’s time to go Selco on somebody, no matter how nice they may seem to be, then that’s what time it is. FT&FTFHs. Der Tag ist für mich kommt.

    IMO, it’s not going to cut it, being more moral and reasoned than the clovers. We have to get back to our pre-1913 World War Central Bank roots and at the same time embrace all the future technologies we find helpful both at the same time, all the while keeping body and soul together and in top notch running order.

    We’re going to need to be part John Conner and part Neo and part Palladin and Mencken and Heinlein and a whole mess of other uber-protagonists and supermen philosophers all at once.

    It probably won’t be all that hard, as long as we first make room by removing all our clover conditionings and self-limiters first and really let ourselves run unfiltered and without all the anti-individual social controls.

  2. So the seat belt and airbag failed to save this man. Perhaps a lawsuit directed at appropriate gov’t agencies is the real solution. The failure of 2 or more safety systems means that the systems failed and are a detriment to the general public.

  3. “History repeats itself”
    Roman Empire.
    China (pick a dynasty)
    Feudal Japan
    Nazi Germany
    East Germany
    Soviet Russia


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