Latest Reader Question: Four-Seater Ragtop

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mike asks: Eric, this is an addendum to my earlier ask for your recommended $15k ragtop roadster (Miata). How about if I change the specs and ask you for recommendations on a $15k ragtop with a back seat? I appreciate your  reliably good advice on these matters.

My reply: The first car that comes to mind is a Mustang. But it might be two other cars that suit better: The Mini Cooper convertible and the Fiat 500 convertible/targa. The  downside to the Mustang is that despite its size, the back seats are very tight. The much smaller (outside) Fiat has surprisingly roomy (and so, useable) back seats and the car is a blast to drive – in keeping with the dictum that it can be more fun to drive a (relatively) slow car fast than a fast car slow. Also, the Fiat is so cheap as to almost be a casual indulgence. A good friend of mine recently bought a new leftover 2017 for $15,000 and change.

The Mini will cost you more, probably – and its backseat is tight. But the package is small and the thing is a kick to drive.

You might also consider a Beetle convertible With the turbo engine, these things are quicker than you’d expect – and you might be able to find a TDI one, even.

But the Mustang is “old reliable,” and hard to beat. They made billions of them, almost – and the guts are pretty solid. Plus, it’s rear-drive and you may be able to find a GT with the V8 for $15k.


Keep us posted… 🙂

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