Reader Question: A New Enough (But Not Too New) Truck?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

David asks: I’m in the market for a full size truck. I’ve owned a Toyota 4Runner since 2005 and my current version is a 2007 with 211,000 miles on it. I’ve replaced the transmission in this particular vehicle. My work and family lends itself to a truck for the bed and ability to carry two kids, a dog and the Mrs.

The plan I’ve had is to wait until 2017 Toyota Tundras have depreciated slightly (4 years old) and look for one with the items I want: 4×4, CrewMax, spray-in bedliner, 1794 or Platinum, less than 100,000 miles.  My reason for this is to try and make my next vehicle as new as possible without buying a car with all the saaaaaaaafety features like lane-assist and adaptive cruise.  I despise both having driven a Volvo XC90 on raining day down a two-lane highway and on the Interstate.  I’m also trying to get a vehicle that will last as long as possible, before I have to succumb to buying a vehicle with all the mandated features. Not to mention future mandated options. My question is would you recommend another vehicle/truck? What holes can you punch in my argument?

My reply: I’m a huge fan of the Tundra – because it isn’t new. The current model is more or less the same as the past several years of Tundras; no direct injection, ASS or driver “assistance” tech. Toyota – bless ’em – has been extremely conservative in adding such things to its vehicles, probably in keeping with its swell policy of building vehicles that are durable and reliable over the very long haul.

I would also have a look at the Nissan Titan – for the same reasons. One more for you, too: The Ram 1500 Classic – which you can still get new but it’s the old model. The Ram – especially with the Hemi – would be high on my personal list. Yes, they have some cheap plastic interior bits that are prone to come unscrewed and loose, etc. But the driveline is top-shelf.

I doubt you’d be unhappy with any of these – but get ’em while you can. Or rather, get ’em before the price gos through the roof. Which I am betting will happen as more and more people figure out that anything new will be afflicted with things many of them do not want, such as direct-injected engines, ASS and driver “assistance” tech.

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  1. Had a 1500 classic as a Rental, loved it

    Definitely a good little toy compared to my 5th gen, and they’re cheap too.

    That said, always wondered how a Trd Pro drives

  2. Anon, I had to haul plywood Saturday. As usual, I cussed hell out of it. At least I have ratchet straps to hold it in. But my old Chevy had those indents to hold 2X so you could fill the bed with 8′ lengths and then put something else above on those 2X’s. I’ve mostly had sideboxes and right now have only my 2nd crossbox. I’ll go back to side-boxes when I fix Blackie. In fact, you can hold more than just a bed full with side boxes and it doesn’t affect the length.

  3. I’m a huge fan of Toys too… long as they don’t have to carry a load or pull a trailer and as long as I don’t need to boost another vehicle and have those sorry gas struts that hold up the hood, not hold up the hood. MY old Chevy may have a bit of noise from the hood springs but it stays up when I need it to do so.

    • Yeah, or you need an 8′ bed. At least you can still get one in the full size if you special order.

      I’ve been looking online at used pickups up to about 2006. Trouble is everything is a crew cab short bed and/or has 200K++ miles. I already have two vehicles with that many miles // roll eyes


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