“Environmental” AGWs Hut! Hut! Hut! Boys on Dirt Bikes

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A group of four boys riding dirt bikes on private property – with the permission of the property owner – were Hut! Hut! Hutted! and fined thousands of dollars – by environmental armed government workers.

The Hampden, MA teens were confronted by the AGWs – who “cited” them each $250 for “operating an unregistered recreational vehicle” and then $500 for “operating without the required safety certifications.”

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety first!

Now stand and deliver.

One of the boy’s mothers, Melanie Beck, told local local media: “My son was very upset when he was approached by the officers. All the boys had respect for the officers and after 2 1/2 hours of standing there being questioned, having to show VIN numbers, and writing citations for each kid, that’s 2 1/2 hours. They were very upset, they left my house and, honestly, I feel like it’s pushing them further away from being kids and hanging out in the woods and having fun riding dirt bikes.”

Which fun is no longer allowed in what’s become of America. Not even on your own property.

Not unless you’ve got the necessary permissions and stickers and had the necessary “training.”

Soon, you’ll need the government’s permission to go for a walk in your own backyard – and probably be required to wear an electronic monitoring device of some kind, too.

For saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety. 

Speaking of which. Four boys are now very aware of the threat to their safety posed by armed government workers. Who probably would have shot the boys if they’d had the audacity to make an attempt to “elude” the AGWs. Who then would have screeched that the boys had been “resisting” and “threatened” them with their bikes.

Luckily, the boys aren’t in the morgue. But they are probably very aware that one or all of them might have ended up there. The AGWs disabused them of any silly notions about Officer Friendly, who isn’t.

It’s the one good thing to come of this despicable authoritarian pantomime.

. . .

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  1. hope they fight it in court,
    no fucking way I would pay this without a fight.

    in my state you can request a jury trial for a traffic ticket
    and the kids have learned to, next time, just ride away, the cops cant catch a dirt bike

  2. The communistwealth of massachusetts is a wretched pit loaded with brainwashed anti freedom scum. Fuck that place. The whole northeast megacity is a vortex of evil. Avoid at all costs. Escape if you can.

    • Amen, Anon –

      Yet, I feel terrible for those kids, as I have great memories of being a kid myself and doing just what they were doing – but without being Hut! Hut! Hutted! My friends and I went from chopper bicycles to dirt bikes and had a blast ripping through fields, up hills and so forth.We had no fear . .. of AGWs. Because back then, there were just cops and they had better things to do than harass a bunch of boys having god clean fun riding dirt bikes. Christ, it pisses me off.

      • eric, I feel the same way. Once I had to drive(not having a DL, just having to drive) the world was my oyster. I was always armed too. I bought my first handgun, mail-order, at 14.

        I find it amazing that every damned pickup in the country had a rifle rack in the back window yet nobody was ever shot. The only guy I recall getting shot was getting some nookie and his wife caught him and filled his butt with birdshot. If the presence of guns endangered anyone, I’d never lived to grow up.

  3. Silver lining (maybe):

    So now the cops won’t arrest anyone unless they are really really bad. You can get away with victim-less crimes I guess. 🙂

    OTOH, the really bad guys will be long out of sight by the time the cops put on their PPE. Be careful out there!

    Or maybe the cops will just shoot everyone from at least six feet away ?????

    Me, I’m staying home to avoid catching the Moron Virus – LOL

  4. So in other words, having fun on your own property is illegal now? Gee, what’s next? Being gunned down for washing your car at home?

  5. If interested,,,
    Below is a link to explain this bs. It’s all about money and saaaffety but mostly a money grab. All the States are broke.

    IMO there is no such thing as private property. I have no a clue why people today say this is the land of the free.
    How in the hell can a parent always be within sight of these bikes on 5 acres or more. And how could they prevent a accident? Those thugs make $70,000 a year of taxpayers money just to harass——- taxpayers!



  6. When these “Environmental Police” in my area began years back they consisted of a fat female in a Prius. They were not armed. Today they drive those big SUV’s we pay for, have big huge stars on their doors and they’re armed. They claim they are like Park Rangers and are allowed anywhere, private property as well. They pick the most rabid of the rabid environmentalist for the job.

    I remember as a kid riding my dirt bike on a friends property,,, they had about 100 acres. This was desert, (Phoenix AZ), and many cops would drive by on an adjacent road and wave at us.

    The nation sure has changed.

  7. Just how does this square with the need for a warrant for any government agent to trespass on private property? The 4A clearly states so. The first thing anyone should do when a federal or state agent comes on their property without a warrant and refuses to leave is call your sheriff, and tell them you have trespassers who refuse to leave. You may be fortunate enough to have a sheriff who would properly escort them off your property and charge them with trespassing. A number of years ago, a Dept of Ag agent pulled into my driveway while I was outside, and proceeded to question me about my neighbors activities. I immediately asked if he had a warrant, and when he produced none, told him to leave, which he did.

  8. They need to fight it. If on private property with permission the cop has no authority. The bikes don’t need to be registered to use on private property. Not sure about safety stuff like helmets, but I doubt it, on private property.
    I guess it’s possible the town has ordinances, but again, I doubt it, on private property.

    • Hi Chris,

      I was astounded to discover that I am required to have government permission to hunt on my own land; that I am only allowed to hunt certain animals at certain times of the year . . . on my land. That I may only use certain kinds of weapons to hunt. And that armed government workers – styled “game wardens” – may lawfully come onto my property to “check.”

      Because, of course, it is not my property. I am merely allowed conditional use of it, so long as I pay – and obey.

      • “Because, of course, it is not my property. I am merely allowed conditional use of it, so long as I pay – and obey.”

        There ya go.

      • I’m indifferent about your hunting examples and I’ll tell you why. We have the same as you in the most densely populated state (TMDS). A lot of them were created by hunters. A lot of them come from wildlife conservation/management.
        I know for a fact that if some of these laws/rules didn’t exist in TMDS, there would be zero wildlife in TMDS.
        My area is rural in the TMDS so I live this issue surrounded by millions and millions.
        I can’t comment on your location and what would happen if there were no rules on hunting.
        BTW in TMDS any farmer can get exemptions from most said rules.
        While I agree with you in premise, I think some rules are necessary for conservation/management of wildlife.
        I also have a second home in one of least populated states, and there are hunting rules there too. If there wasn’t, there would be no moose, elk, etc…
        An example is our bear hunt. Countless prior governors canceled it under pressure from weirdo’s. We were being overrun by bears, and then they started becoming a problem in suburbia and even small cities. We eventually got a half-decent Governor and he opened up the bear hunt. It worked and we don’t have a bear problem anymore. The hunt is only one week a year and only with shotgun. Sounds silly, but it worked, big time, I know I live it.
        ps: one winter became a very late winter, the bears woke up to no food. They attacked my chickens, destroyed my fairly hardened chicken coup and ate all my chickens. Not anymore. There are still a lot of bears, but not way too many anymore. I believe our FG&W dept. has managed this issue very well, as long as it’s not used as a political issue, which it does from time to time.
        I had a hillbilly living near me, he had no regard for any rules. There is one of these hillbilly’s in every square mile in TMDS. This one killed dear out of season, shot his shotgun at birds with the shotgun shot landing on my barn, absolute idiot, and dangerous. The FG&W eventually caught up with him with help from local cops. What they found was bad, 4-5 rotting non-harvested dear carcasses under a tarp, etc…. Many more examples.
        Most state FG&W depts are run by hunters and fishermen. They almost always to the right thing for their states situations when not controlled by politics.

        • Hi Chris,

          This seems to me to be a property rights issue. If the land is mine – if I bought it and paid for it (no lien) then as I see it, the trees and plants and animals on it are mine. If the government – that is, other people who have badges and titles – can tell me how I may hunt on my land then I see no logical reason why they mayn’t also tell me how many trees I can cut (or plant) and so on – as the principle is the same.

          Conservation isn’t the issue. Or rather, those who wish to conserve – deer, trees or fish – are free to do so on their property and I defend their right to do so. I deny they have any right to tell me to conserve anything that is on my property for the same reason that I reject their telling me how much gas my car may consume – und so weiter.

          Mind, I wouldn’t kill every living thing on my land for the same reason I wouldn’t cut down every tree on my land, either. But if my neighbor decides to do these things on his land, then that’s as much his right as it is mine to tell him to stay off my land.

            • Hi Chris,

              I’m aware of my many deficits! Which makes me humble and careful – to limit my mistakes to myself. I would never presume to make mistakes for others and want no part of the responsibility for the consequence my not-so-great decisions might cause others. This is why I could never be a politician!

      • Neither does the state pay me grazing fees for the wildlife that graze on my land, drink out of my water troughs, and get into my haystack.

      • eric, I received this missive when I bought my hunting license, don’t even remember how, that I could now legally hunt coyotes on my own land…..without a permit. It verily was news to me. I’ve only been doing it for 60 years and have hunted coyotes any place I had permission for that same amount of time. It didn’t mention coons or skunks or any other varmint seems like. Hell if I can remember since it’s been months ago but I’m almost sure it said “coyotes”.

        These high=handed aholes better have backup if they’re going to enforce shit like that. It chaps my ass to have to pay for deer hunting since I could turn the entire place into a pit where nothing could live. At least the last I knew pits weren’t controlled by “permit”.

        So, like Anon said, I need to charge the state for “their” animals that graze on my land and drink out of my tank, one of the few places they have to get water for miles around. Maybe I’ll catch deer and everything else I need a license to hunt and install a flowmeter on them, front and rear. I could charge for intake and output.

        • Yeah, and then they turn their damn grizzly bears and transplanted Canadian wolves loose on us.

          It’s okay I guess on national parks and forest, but once they set foot on private land then in my estimation it is an unconstitutional taking of private property for public use without compensation.

      • Sorry you are just finding this out about eminent domain, it is something I have known for decades. Fortunately, my ex had the best story I’ve heard, which was Camp David, MD, (the presidential retreat) was built on land that had been in her family for generations. When King FDR, or one of his underlings, found the land to be ideal for the fed’s needs, an offer was made to her family to sell the land. Her family said our land is not for sale, period. Uncle Sam said Yes, it is, because of eminent domain, here’s some fiat money for it, and we are taking the land, like it or not, there nothing you can do about it, because the fed owns everything in the US. And so the family took the money. What else could they do? Start a revolution? or just get whacked by the King’s Men. We can all thank Abraham Lincoln for this result, courtesy of the (un)Civil War.

  9. If they were on private property then how the frick did the cops even know about them, let alone have any reason to care?

    • Hi Chuck,

      Because they have nothing better to do.

      The bastards – AGWs – look for such things. And you can hear dirt bikes (just like the sound of a rifle during hunting season).

      • eric, like I’ve called them forever, costumed predators and I consider them to be “fair game”. I could hang them on the fence beside the coyotes. And how would I know how they got there? They can’t cut my fence so their pigmobiles would still be on public roads. State poleez? I haven’t seen any state poleez. Don’t know how they got hung on my fence, haven’t been to town in a month.

        Well, the neighbor is a phenom with a bow. I’m decent with one myself and the only reason I don’t use one is because of my shoulders(woke up last night with my left one screaming at me). I’m considering a crossbow now that they’re legal.

        I flat don’t get how they think they can enforce laws on private land. We’ve had enough shitties with the game wardens hereabouts they don’t jack with people on their own land……anymore…..or at least I haven’t heard about it. We have had some shipped off ASAP for getting into it with landowners. One of the worst, a little Mexican with a real bad attitude and known to break gates did so one night and busted into a deer camp on the 666 Ranch near me. He didn’t know when he drew his gun he’d be facing Secret Service agents with full auto weapons. After a huge ass-chewing by the top dog of the TPWD who was hunting with Colin Powell and others, he was removed by another agent and his house was cleaned out and he was gone the next day. He’d already pissed off some of the more powerful people out here and that was the final straw. What I would have given to be that proverbial bird in the bush.

        We had one young DPS trooper who liked to spend his time pulling over high school girls. He jacked with the wrong 3 girls one night and the next day it looked like a state meeting of the Southwest Ranchers Assc. at the courthouse. He was sent to Houston the next day.

        Of course he was accustomed to dealing with just “regular” folk he viewed as his “subjects”. I heard he was shipped to south Texas. Nobody mentioned if he was alive or dead.

        • You mean 6666 (FOUR sixes) ranch ????

          I don’t have much respect for the wildlife enforcers anymore, not since somebody shot a deer in my driveway from the county road, and then let it run off to die across the crick on somebody else’s land, and FWP couldn’t be bothered about it. I guess I have to chase them down and try to get a plate number without getting shot at …

            • Forgiven 🙂

              I remember us driving by the iconic barn at least once when I was little. And they are a sponsor of the Red Steagal “Cowboy Corner” radio show. Western Horseman had a big write up about the ranch and the family owners a few months back.

              The poker game thing is apparently a myth 😉

      • Their heads would explode if they saw what goes on here in Alaska. Snowmachines, dirt bikes, even souped-up lawnmowers ripping up and down 25PSL subdivision streets all freakin’ year. Some people find the noise annoying but it’s been going on for years and the police have never cared. (It is one of the few roads in the universe where you probably will see a pedestrian before you hit them while doing that, so I don’t feel guilty for walking my dog there).

  10. There’s “environmental police” now? OMG what a joke. Meanwhile all the failed nuke plants of America are seeping radioactive waste into the ground & water. Sounds like those police are STALKERS and HARASSING people.

    • Definitely! I hope the kids parents fight the tickets, but the “just us” system will undoubtedly side with the cretinous AGW’s. If it were my kids I’d track those bastards down and torch their vehicles.

  11. That’s some kind of BULLSHIT! They weren’t even on public land, let alone a public road; they were on private property minding their own business. SMH…


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