VA AGWs Hut! Hut! Hut! Over Slightly Old Inspection Sticker

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Here’s video taken by a guy who was Hut! Hut! Hutted! by a pair of Virginia armed government workers – forced to submit to a search of his vehicle – triggered by a state sssssssssssssssssssssssafety inspection that was four days out of date.

The man’s real offense, of course, is Failure to Show Deference. The AGW who pulled him over – that is, used the threat of murderous violence to compel the man to stop his vehicle and submit to an interrogation and “papers, pleasing”- is clearly miffed when the man politely inquires as to whether he is legally obliged to answer the AGW’s questions about his destination, where he was coming from, etc.

This results in more AGWs appearing – over an out-of-date inspection sticker (but not really, of course).

The AGW then demands to “run his dog” around the man’s car – this being the performance art used by AGWs who need to create probable cause where it doesn’t exist. This is done by having an animal trot around the car, whine, cock its head or sit – any of which serves as “proof” that there are “drugs” in the car, thus enabling the search of the car.

So the man is obliged – being at the mercy of armed thugs – to let the animal snuff around his vehicle, scratch his car’s paint – and so on – for the performance art to confect the probable cause.

The man is subsequently arrested for “obstruction of justice” for declining to facilitate the searching of his car. He is cuffed and taken to jail.

No “illegal drugs” were found and the man was eventually released.

. . .

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  1. How do you protect you rights against these armed meatsacks? How do you protect your rights when you have the equivalent of a sling shot against a standing army of Crown Vic driving thugs who have enough firepower in their possession to sustain a medium sized urban/suburban ground war for months on end? Come on. This guy did about the best you can expect and they harassed him till the end. The government has been at war for more than 100 years and we pretend it’s peacetime.

  2. Hell of a fat gut on that badge slob. It’s about the size of Hermann Göring’s gut, come to think of it.

    Face it, people, you don’t live in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” You live in Nazi fucking Germany.

  3. We have an out of control government, Federal, State and Local. Out of control Law Enforcement, Federal, State and Local and an apathetic electorate that doesn’t want to be bothered with “other peoples problems”. Very little change in government can be done in this situation. Voting? Everyone running are promising free stuff and higher taxes,,, no one running is concerned about constitutional issues like Free Speech, Gun Rights, Search and Seizure, etc.

    The person in the video knows what his “rights” are but the cops flagrantly violate them anyway because they know they won’t be held responsible. And they’re right. Nothing can be done here as well. Sure, a lawsuit can be won after months/years of litigation but the taxpayer pays here as well,,, not the perps, not their supervisors and surely not those elected to control them.

    If Americans are not willing to protect their rights then they don’t deserve them.

    • How do you protect you rights against these armed meatsacks? How do you protect your rights when you have the equivalent of a sling shot against a standing army of Crown Vic driving thugs who have enough firepower in their possession to sustain a medium sized urban/suburban ground war for months on end? Come on. This guy did about the best you can expect and they harassed him till the end.

      • Hey Swamp,

        Exactly! The, “if you don’t protect your rights, you don’t deserve them”, mantra is just another piece of statist propaganda, akin to, “we are the government”. Both are designed to maintain the fiction that “we” control the government. Thus, anything bad that the government does is, ultimately, our fault. It baffles me that so many libertarians, while understanding the idiocy of the latter, embrace and champion the former. Also, if it’s ultimately our responsibility to protect our, and others, rights (it is, of course), an institution that possesses a massive power advantage over any individual, in terms of physical force and perceived legitimacy, is an insurmountable obstacle to that end. This begs the question, why, exactly, do we need the State? Nothing short of violent revolution will challenge such a beast; violent revolutions rarely end well.


  4. Just wait until the Communist (democrat) party takes over the Virginia legislator this coming year. With more laws being passed thet guts with what is left of our rights, the Hut- Hutters will be in nirvana to our detriment .

    • HI Allen,

      Yeah, I know it… and dread it. I absolutely love where I live (SW Va) and my friends and the rest… but it may soon be time to vamoose … to where, I have no idea.

      • I know where you coming from as I myself live in the northern Shenandoah Valley. These large population centers in Virginia are corrupting everything in this state and too few of us the rural areas to defeat it. The Dekotas are looking better and better than here save for freezing the “family jewels” off in the winter. Until then hunker down and resist the crap coming soon!

      • Oklahoma is okay. Decent housing prices. Low cost of living. Cops are bad, but not like that. Texas is higher cost of living but cops aren’t quite as bad. Higher speed limits.

        The women in Texas are second to none and Oklahoma, well, it takes getting used to. Better to get foreign born here.

        Bad part of OK is the winter. It’s the plains and the weather gets bad. Sometimes it stays that way. Sometimes it isn’t that bad.

        Texas has a more temperate climate.

        Either state is good. Oklahoma is not as urbanized as Texas (in general), so the corporate crawl isn’t what it is in Texas. That keeps housing cheaper.

        I’m not the type to run up to Idaho and be alone with a hunting knife waiting for the end of the world. I would prefer to be in a nice island somewhere where the women are straight and fine

      • Eric, move to San Antonio. Some friends who live near there were just speaking of it. I had to drive through it at walking speeds when I went to see my dying friend.

        I didn’t recognize most of the country except west of Boerne and nothing along 46 that runs east/west north of Boerne and south of Blanco. Two small towns that are on the verge of being eaten up, esp. Blanco where it used to be just pasture.

        A friend said a huge new development south of Blanco has acreage going at $90K/acre. Other developments are cheap houses jammed together. But the whole part of that area has become so crowded they can’t build the interstates fast enough. I swore I’d never go there again. As I left Boerne and hit I 10(ahh, the traffic on the east bound side was stacked up for 4 miles west of town.

        And the great part is from Comfort north there’s over 100 miles of road construction that should have been done decades ago. It’s a main truck route to Junction and I rarely used the route to Comfort but now that’s the least amount of construction.

        Ah, it was great getting back into west Texas where the roads aren’t crowded and every person you pass says “how are you?”. Believe it or not, we still have manners…..even the young-uns.

          • Jason, ever been to Austin? There used to be clubs(old houses)all the good folk played in the area. I’ve been down trails that I wondered if I’d have an exhaust left to get to non-visible places from the road or much of anywhere.

            They could almost be called honky tonks but they were where the long hair crowd like me hung out. I recall buying the album of that name in 71 and Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen(Lost in the Ozone) among others. My old college crowd thought I was daft but they were soon dyed in the wool followers.

            There was a record store on University in Lubbock that had a great deal of eclectic music. I’d later see nearly every group somewhere.

            Asleep at the Wheel really got their start in Austin. I rolled into town after delivering a load of cotton in Galveston and went with my best friend to the Armadillo World HQ’s to see Asleep that turned out to be a live album entitled: Asleep at the Wheel, Live at the Armadillo World Headquarters. It was a sing along with 1000 other fools like me and recorded. It’s the only record I ever cut.

            • 8, I have not been to Austin. Really have only been to Texas a handful of times over the years. I have friends in the Dallas and Houston areas, in both cases escapees from the over-regulated Communistic northeast. (Back in the day I used to fly out there to visit without any ID on my person at all! Imagine that!)

              Love Asleep at the Wheel, will have to grab a copy of that album if it’s available and listen for you! 🙂 Or maybe you were there for this:


              (It may rankle a few feathers on some folks here to say I also enjoy Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys. Who can forget the lilting melodies of “We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to You” and “The Ballad of Charles Whitman”?)

  5. We need to put and end to the War on People Using Some Drugs, which causes more harm to people not using drugs than any drugs ever did.

  6. Aside from the absolutely corrupt justice system this appears to be a case of acute boredom among the Buena Vista coppers.

    I commend the young man for his equanimity throughout this humiliating farce.

    • He did a great job. I would have told the cops that I’m just out for a drive and am going nowhere in particular, looking for the nearest inspection station.


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