ALPRs for Uncle

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Quid pro quo, Clarice.

The words of Dr. Hannibal Lector, the serial killer psychiatrist played so chillingly by Anthony Hopkins in the movie, Silence of the Lambs – spoken to FBI agent Clarice Starling. The estimable Dr. wanted something in return for the information Clarice was seeking from him.

The principle is sound – and applies in reverse.

Uncle – the government – is recording and collating the minutia of our comings and goings and many more things besides via automated license plate readers – known more generally by the acronym, ALPRs. These ALPRs are being installed everywhere; and what they do is quite literally Orwellian.

They watch us – without blinking – 24/7, automatically culling personal data about our travels, every time we travel. The government not only knows when and where we go and how long we were gone, it can predict where we’ll go in the future, using “data points” to make inferences and construct accurate patterns about our daily lives, preferences and habits.

Specifically our lives – as the “data points” are tied to us as individuals, via our license plates – which tie our cars to us. This means everything that is tied to your Social Security number – never to be used for identification purposes; remember that one? – as that is tied to your driver’s license number, which means practically everything about you and your life, all in a great matrix of Ones and Zeroes stored in perpetuity, built upon continuously and over which you have no control whatsoever.

We don’t even know exactly what data they’re collecting – or who they’re “sharing” it with, in the argot of modern government-speak. Probably the insurance mafia – the better to dun you with, since the ALPRs can narc you out for “speeding” as well as for driving where and when the mafia prefer you not. But it’s much more – and much worse – than just the mafia.

A recent audit of ALPR use in California discovered that “data points” were being “shared” with more than 1,000 entities.

Not a typo.

They certainly didn’t ask our permission to collect or “share” all this data.

Our “consent” is implied – which is kind of like she-was-asking-for-it when it comes to rape – except one’s considered bad form while the other is entirely legal.

We might as well lay back and enjoy it.

Ostensibly, it’s all for our own good – to make it easier to identify, track and presumably catch bad people such as car thieves, kidnappers and so on. The problem, of course, is that it catches everyone – the majority of whom are not even jaywalkers. Electronic dossiers are kept just the same – apparently, just in case.

You never know who might want to know.

And the APLRs are used for much more than identifying people who’ve done illegal things. They store data that could be very helpful when the government decides to make new things illegal in the future – for example, buying a gun. Legal today; maybe not next year. Don’t be surprised when an armed government worker knocks on your door next year – because the government knows you went to a gun store last year.

Quid pro quo, Uncle.

If we are subject to real-time monitoring on a just-in-case basis, then why not government – that is to say, government workers? Who knows what they might be up to.

And especially since they are at least allegedly working for us and so presumably we have a right to keep track of them – while they have no right to keep track of us.

How about ALPRs for Uncle?

Every government car – including the Decider’s car – fitted with a monitoring system that enables us to keep track of them. Open sourced, so anyone who has access to the Internet can pull up a screen shot of their favorite government worker’s vehicle any time they like, just to keep track. Where was he yesterday? How about two months ago? Let’s gather up all the data points and see whether there’s any pattern there.   

Of course, such logic never applies to government – much less to those who work for the government. Which is to say, who do not work for us – even though we are the ones forced to pay for their work.

It makes me want to eat their livers with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

. . .

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  1. I register my cars to an out of state LLC as “leased” vehicles. Same fees, no home address. Ditto my DL it’s my face but not my home address. Our state does not ask for ss# for a DL application (yet). I’ve had a Hut! Hut! Hut! visit by a the Sheriff’s department once in my young life (I had a bad check for under $2 and an arrest order was issued for me) and that event so humiliated and pissed me off that I made a decision to keep me and my personal house unlinked. That went for my cars too. I used dealer plates for almost 20 years until the great state of NC decided to link the dealer tag to the VIN. Well crap! There went my one plate fits all plan. Uncle is getting smart thanks to the help of the Tech Nazis who are more than happy to aid and abet GoveMint.

    Anybody have an opinion on those smoky plastic license plate covers that are said to make plate reading difficult?

  2. Anyone with two or more brain cells that get along with each other knows that government is not their friend. It is the largest criminal enterprise in the history of the species. To expect moral behavior would be grounds for compelled psychiatric care. Especially since government is almost totally populated by sociopaths. Its a perfect fit for them. They legislate royal treatment for themselves, they surround themselves with sycophants, they decide their own salaries and hours of “work”, they lavish themselves with perks, they legislate the method of their own election while preventing any competition from third parties, they sell there illegal authority to the highest bidder, they exempt themselves from the very “laws” they force on their tax slaves, they routinely gather up the suckers who enlist in armed forces and send the around the world to murder for profit while risking their lives and psychiatric health, ETC!! To suspect they would NOT collect data on us tax slaves would be delusional.

    • Hi JWK,

      “Especially since government is almost totally populated by sociopaths. Its a perfect fit for them”.

      Years ago, a libertarian, maybe Robert Higgs, added an addendum to the famous Lord Acton quote, “power attracts the already corrupt”. Most people, not being sociopaths, cannot understand that government is essentially a “safe space” for sociopaths. Those who seek and wield political power, either directly or behind the scenes, are criminals smart enough to realize that government provides them something raw power cannot, legitimacy. It is the currency of their power. The widespread belief in the legitimacy of political authority precludes the emergence of a free society. Thus our task, as Murray Rothbard noted, is to “debamboozle” the public.


  3. Gosh, imagine if we tracked all guv employees, and had 24/7 audio recording of the high ranking ones. HAHAHAHAHA imagine what they say in their special meetings. Planning to do all sorts of crimes against the people I’m sure.

    Sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that they ARE being tracked — on some spiritual level, and they are racking up bad karma. Haw ha! The joke is really on them.

    • That’s wishful slavelike thinking. Expecting that there will be some sort of metaphysical post-life punishment on evil people is exactly how they keep you in check.

  4. I’ve always wondered how you can get a red light camera ticket if they can’t see who’s driving?
    Why would I get a ticket based on a photo of my license plate, but not who’s actually driving?

    • Hi Chris,

      The presumption is the registered owner of the vehicle was the one driving when the camera took the picture; and it is generally the case that it is your obligation to prove that it wasn’t you driving . . . by pointing the finger at someone else.

      • But that presumption is ignored when it comes to insurance. Can’t have insurance by the person but by the vehicle because some else who isn’t insured might drive it. But if some else can drive it then the theory of camera based ticketing fails… heads they win tails we lose.

  5. It’s the corporations coming up with this crap then selling it to a liberty eating government. Like the red light cameras and speed cameras where they get a cut of the take. Many ‘citizens’ out here are as dangerous as government,,, they’ll sell their mothers for a gov contract. They should be hung on lamp posts along with their ilk in government. But no,,, Americans buy their stock.

      • Hi Zane,

        Here’s what I do: Rear plate is hidden by the tailgate, which I keep down… to save gas, doncha know. Front plate bent under the lower bumper just slightly and creased with dirt. Hey, it’s a truck – and I live in the Woods!

        • Get some light machine oil and spry or wipe your rear plate with it. Drive down a dry dirt road. Obscured.

          Best to coat the whole bumper too, just so the plate does not look obvious.

          Around here, 4 months the plates are coated with mud, road grit or snow anyway. Summer it is dust.

          Of course if too many do this you know the transponder requirement laws are coming. Probably just a chip in the plates with old cars, but any V2V vehicle will do this anyway.

          Towing someone a borrowed utility trailer obscures thing well too.


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