You’re an “Anti”!

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When a Leftist or a Rightist wants you to shut up he tries to make you ashamed. He will accuse you of being “anti” whatever it isn’t.

“Anti” meaning opposed to, of course.

Except not really.

The political meaning of this prefix encompasses other meanings. If, for example, you are opposed to a policy (any policy) or action (any action) of the government of Israel, then you are “anti-Semitic” in the eyes of the Right, which has become what you might call philo-Semitic – that is to say, an unconditional lover of the policies and actions of the Israeli government and its willing accomplices embedded in the government of the United States.

In neither case does the “anti” necessarily dislike or oppose people who are Jewish. Just the same as people who dislike their minor children being exposed to men dressed as women twerking in front of them in school are not afraid – i.e., “phobic” – of men who dress like women.

They are opposed to their children being exposed to mentally ill degenerates.

But the Rightist who unconditionally love and support the policies and actions of the government of Israel – having been well-paid to have and express those feelings (or who are very afraid of expressing contrary feelings) want to frame not unconditionally loving and supporting the polices and actions of the government of Israel as being “anti-Semitic.” That is, motivated not by legitimate opposition to the polices and actions of a government but rather by opposition to a people, based upon their religion or ethnicity.

This sort of thing is much more despicable than the well-known saying about patriotism being the last refuge of scoundrels – which by the way it often is. Ask the Reichsmarschall.

Ask The Chimp.

But it is one thing to question someone else’s patriotism for opposing the policies and actions of politicians; that is to say, of the government. It is a worse thing to impute race-hatred to a person who has expressed opposition to the actions of politicians and governments.

It is, of course, also a very effective thing – which is why it is done by both the Left and the Right to shut up not just the opposition to their policies but even to any questioning of them.

The Left serving as the mentor of the Right, which used to oppose Left in theory but found itself unable to do so in fact (for reasons we’ll get into shortly) and so decided to pick up and use the same weapon, itself. The most egregious example being the “Patriot” act that, among other things, turned every American who wants to take a commercial airplane flight into a presumptive “terrorist” and created a Homeland in place of what had been country. If you questioned the act your “patriotism” was questioned.

Anyone who questioned the imposition of the policies enabled by the act was an “enemy of freedom” and “with” the “terrorists.”

These now control the government and use it to terrorize us. And they have just done so again, just now – by passing legislation that threatens to criminalize any questioning of or opposition to the policies and actions of the government of Israel as “terrorizing” people who happen to be Jewish. This being the latest-and-inevitable etiolation of the already well-established doctrine that it is “racist” to question or oppose race-based polices as such, as opposed to defending them when they advantage one race over another. If one shrinks away from the podium when someone in the audience yells “racist” then it is all-but-certain the person will shrink away from it when someone yells “anti-Semitic,” or “phobic” at them, too.

It works really well.

And the Left as well as the Right use it for just that reason – but also for different reasons.

The Left wants power, which requires submission and submission requires not-questioning anything the Left says must not be questioned. “Racism” is thus not fundamentally about race but rather a means to an end. By suppressing questioning of a thing the Left acquires power over those who are afraid to raise questions. Initially, this is done via guilt-tripping and shaming. If it is not questioned then the Left will inevitably acquire the power that will make questioning the Left something that might just land you in prison – or worse.

And that is why it is so vitally important to question – to oppose – this weaponization of language.

Back to the Right. Which wants to be liked by the Left above all.

It also saw the success the Left had not just getting power but getting it at the expense of the Right, which seemed to always lose to the Left. So the Right reasoned that it would be smart to use the Left’s tactics, which it has done and is getting as good at doing as the Left.

But this is not why the Right loses to the Left. The Right loses to the Left because it seems to always agree with it. Obvious examples include the Left endowing the government with the power to force people to buy health insurance – i.e., Obamacare. The Left legalized this. The Right amen’d it. The Right pretended to want to replace – but not repeal – it.

And don’t you dare touch Social Security!

The Right has been agreeing with the Left for so long that it no longer has any sound basis for opposing it. So – instead – it has joined it. Become a kind of fun house mirror reflection of it.

But don’t you dare say it.

If you do, you must be phobic or anti . . . and you’d better just shut the Hell up.

. . .

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  1. Great article and comments, I ought to chime in. Does Israel have the right to exist? I say no. Actually I say HELL NO. The reason why I will explain, the Holy Bible is the greatest literary hoax of all time, and it is fiction from cover to cover. No Abraham all the way to the resurrection, all completely false. No god gives a shit about us, no god died for our sins, it is all horrible bad myth.

    Since Abraham never existed – no God gave no land in some Covenant, then all these fake Jews from Eastern Europe, Russia, Poland, etc. should get the hell out – go back home and leave those poor Palestinians alone. Bibi Netanyahu’s parents were both Polish, last name Milieikowsky. Not blood Semites, and Semitic is a language not a blood line.

    But they won’t ’cause they believe. Oh they believe the holy bullshit, especially the part that says God choose them. People who believe the Bible true are demonic, they literally become demons in the flesh because they have been converted to a hell religion, an Abrahamic hell religion, where the god of the Bible tells his people to kill everything, again, and again, and again.

    Kill the men, kill the women, kill the children, kill the dogs, burn the crops, chop down the olive groves. Killing everything in the name of God is the story of the so-called holy land. More people have been gutted in Jerusalem than any other city on earth, and these horrible evil believers call it the holiest place. What a damn laugh, they are patently insane. The most evil vile place on earth is this “holy” land.

    The holy bible is what I call a “super-myth”. Myths from around the Middle East were cobbled together to form a big myth, which successfully captured men’s minds for two millenia. Take for instance Genesis – stolen directly from the Sumerians. Israel is a world play on three Egyptian gods, ISis, RA, and El (or Elohim which is plural – which are the aliens that created the human race).

    Abraham was lifted directly out of Hindu mythology, Brahma married his sister Sarasvati, which became Abraham married to his sister Sara. Sarah’s maidservant is Hagar (think Sammy Hagar) the Ghaggar river is in India. King David a play on the Dravidian speaking peoples of south India.

    But pay no attention to such trivialities, believe Goyim, you should believe the myth, to get right by god, ’cause you gotta get into heaven. There is no proof of heaven, or afterlife, or any of it. So you gotta believe and support Israel! What no one says is the fact that FAITH in the holy bible is making HELL on earth. Not Faith Hill, FAITH HELL.

    I first heard about Gaza thirty years ago working on a ranch owned by a Black Ethiopian Jew named Leon Atkinson, a world class classical guitarist. I did not know a thing about Jews, or Gaza, or any of it. This employer of mine, a wealthy black Jew from NYC went to Israel, cause he said all Jews were supposed to go see Israel at least once, so he did, and being black he was treated like shit, then he visited Gaza and was horrified. He told me all about his vacation to the holy land, and I only cared when he was going to pay me next.

    Like most Amerikans, what did I know about Israel, Gaza, real Bible history,. or any of it? I didn’t know shit. And guess what, at the time I didn’t care about some fucked up nation way the hell on the other side of the planet, and I still do not care, and I hope all those horrible people die horrible deaths because it is obvious they are real evil assholes. It is a choice not to get along. Bomb all of your neighbors then they want to bomb you back.

    Unless you are a drooling moron, Oct. 7th was Israel getting exactly what it deserved for killing the natives for 8 decades.
    Israel is a evil place run by evil people. If you love Israel you must be some kind of major asshole, and evil too. I think Bibi Netanyahu is THE anti-christ. I notice that ALL evangelical Christians love him, especially that fat bastard John Hagee. I notice that nearly every Clowngress WHORE is saying finish the job, etc. It is obvious the USA is whorehouse run by Jews. Amerika is like those ants taken over by a mind parasite:

    Parasitic Mind Control | National Geographic

    I am sick of Jews, sick of hearing about Gaza, sick of watching our un-elected Zionist whore puppet Genocide Joe lie about stopping Israel doing genocide. Why aren’t we bombing Israel off the map – Israel did 911 for Christ sakes! Why in the hell are we supporting those Jew terrorists?

    Our society is run by evil psychopathic liars, Zionist whores, Rothschild cutouts, gays, pedos, trannies, scum, hyenas, jackals and pit adders. Fuck them all and everything they stand for, and no I will NOT be voting for any of them. They only thing that could make me happy about Israel if it got nuked out of existence. Now that might make me think there is a god.

    • I plan on taking my disdain and hatred for that evil cult a step further and I suggest that others do the same. I have carefully vetted all political candidates who will be on the ballot in November and will not vote for any candidate who takes jewish money. That limits my choices.
      That being said…
      I will use the write-in portion of the ballot and vote for HAMAS for every candidate position.
      If even 20 million of us do this, a message will be sent…

    • Whoa, YJ….

      Have you been “nippin” your brand name while typing??
      Just an editing comment….

      Genocide Joe????…..I always thought “it” was referred to as

      “The illegitimate krash test dummy, camel ho regime”

      …I must be missing some current event stuff…please correct..

      Semper Fi.

      • Genocide Joe is a euphemism for Joe Biden who is underwriting the Gaza genocide. Every bomb dropped by every airplane was made in the USA and paid by the US tax slaves. We are the ones paying for this slaughter. We are as guilty as Israel.

        Joe Biden is an accessory to genocide, thus the name he was earned for himself. He is aiding and abetting mass murder – thus equally guilty and deserves a hanging at the Hague ICC.

        It’s re-election time and Biden is feigning distancing from Israel, as his Leftist base is fuming about his policies. He is not actually trying to stop any genocide. If JFK was president, rest assured no monies would be going to Israel. No money = no war.

        If the USA cut off funds to Israel it wouldn’t exist in a matter of days. The entire horror show is supported by us because Amerika is a sick nation run by lunatics, including Trump. There is no rational reason why we support Israel. They have no oil, they do not produce anything we consume, and Israel is causing the USA to suffer in the eyes of the world.

        So why oh why does USA support Israel? Jews have bribed our elected whores, simple as that. And it is treason. Our elected reps are acting in the interest of another state, that is treason by definition, and the penalty for treason is death. The entire Zionist owned Congress should be literally strung up down Pennsylvania Ave. for what they have allowed to happen – the undermining of the nation by a foreign interest.

        Meanwhile 50 million illegals have poured across the border, and the national debt is increasing at the horrific rate of 1 trillion every 90 days. That spells long term disaster and everyone knows it.

  2. In November make it a point to vote.
    Let me suggest that instead of voting for treasonous israel-supporting politicians, write in your vote for Hamas.
    Millions of votes for Hamas would most certainly send (((them))) a message.

    • Well…
      POTUS must be a natural person, not a legal “person,” and must be native born U.S. citizen.

      So, I say that if you intend to cast a vote for (not a “main stream” candidate), then it should be cast for an individual who is actually eligible to hold the office. Voting for Hassan Nasrallah might “send a message,” but Mr. Nasrallah is ineligible to become POTUS, so such a vote would be wasted.

      Hence, your search for an alternative candidate should focus on those qualified to hold the office. My first choice would be a native born U.S. citizen of Arab heritage, whether Muslim, Christian or neither. There have been a few of these in the past, but I cannot think of one who is currently active (i.e. holding public office), that I would vote for.

      At this point, my preference is for Tulsi Gabbard. You may have a different view. Jedem das seine, as the saying goes.

      • quote: “Voting for Hassan Nasrallah might “send a message,” but Mr. Nasrallah is ineligible to become POTUS, so such a vote would be wasted.”

        Obongo was born in Kenya. And that black homo Marxist became POTUS. And fuck those lying fact checker who say otherwise, “Barack Hussein Obama II, illegal President, was born August 4, 1961 at the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.” Here is the billboard in Kenya proudly proclaiming Barak Obama as being born there:–scaled.jpg?fit=2560%2C1920&ssl=1

        Anyways, the idea of writing in HAMAS for every candidate would send a message to the god damned Jews who think they control our minds with the anti-semitic cannard. They may be stealing the vote, they may have bribed the scum politicians, but they do not control my mind, and any Hamas freedom fighter is better than any Zionist WHORE any day of the week.


        Anti-Semitism is a trick – we always use it …

        “On August 14, 2002, Amy Goodman interviewed former Israeli Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni on the radio and television program Democracy Now. During the interview, Aloni said:

        Often when there is dissent expressed in the United States against policies of the Israeli government, people here are called anti-Semitic. What is your response to that as an Israeli Jew?

        Shulamit Aloni: Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. And the organization is strong, and has a lot of money, and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are strong in this country, as you know.”


        Dr. Kevin Barrett, who I recommend, who does False Flag Weekly News, says the meaning of Semitic is language, not a racial group.

        Wiki – Semitic languages

        The Semitic languages are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family. They include Arabic, Amharic, Aramaic, Hebrew, and numerous other ancient and modern languages. They are spoken by more than 330 million people across much of West Asia, North Africa,[a] the Horn of Africa,[b][c] Malta,[d] and in large immigrant and expatriate communities in North America, Europe, and Australasia.

        Anyways back to anarchyst idea of writing in Hamas. I find it hillarious and maybe even effective to the wonks who think they control us. Since I do not vote, I will miss the opportunity to write in Hamas – which I would as protest to a thoroughly corrupt system far past the point of repair. You can not fix 35 trillion in debt. You can not fix 300 million Amerikans fully duped by the Holy Bible. And you can not fix the 7 million Jews infesting this nation – who are running it into the ground because they are mad hatters.

        IMO voting is a severe delusion – the idea your vote counts, or that the system can be fixed. Government is a criminal syndicate claiming it has the right to rule over us. If I do not vote then they have NO jurisdiction over me. I do NOT recognize their claim to authority – which they have established with the vote (and prior to democratic voting they claimed legitimacy from their holy book). It is all a fraud, government is a monumental fraud established with the god meme (see Romans 13), the singular monotheistic claim of one all powerful god – which intentionally is their singular federal power – the eye of Sauron. One power – one group of Satanical evil power brokers who rule the whole earth. Jews.


    • The answer is to have Palestinians move to New York City and the New York Jews can provide housing, food, clothing to repair the damage done.

      One Palestinian family could live with one Jewish household. 2,000,000 Jews in New York City, 2,000,000 Palestinians in Palestine, one possibility to consider.

      Congress needs to pass a law that all Jews welcome Palestinians into their homes.

      Might get dicey, but it can solve a housing problem for those poor picked on Palestinians.

      In all fairness, the Jews can at least stop the slaughter.

      • >Congress needs to pass a law that all Jews welcome Palestinians into their homes.
        Great idea. Let’s have a “cultural exchange” program, see how the other guys live.
        I greatly admire this organization:
        Its founder, Jeff Halper, is an American born Jew who moved to Palestine/Israel, didn’t like what he saw, and took steps to oppose the depredations of the Israeli government. Jews and Arabs work together to thwart the evil Israeli government.

        As a carpenter and builder, I like it. As someone who believes in equal rights for all, I like it even more.

        • My neighbor had a retaining wall replaced with a new concrete wall 12 inches thick that was beginning to lean and had a crack in it after only a few years.

          There were supposed to be four deadmen concrete ballast behind the wall so it didn’t start to succumb to gravity, earth slump, but they didn’t.

          I cut out a section of concrete deck about 30 inches wide and eight feet long, you rent a concrete saw, dug down three feet to make a pit for a concrete deadman to keep the wall from falling over.

          Drilled two holes through the concrete wall about six feet apart, then 3 inch angle iron on the face of the wall, drove two 7/8 steel rods through the holes drilled through the concrete wall. First things first, you have to go to the finished steel section of the steel/metals/salvage business.

          Hired a welder to bend the two steel rods to tie into the rebar cage. Also was at a metal fabricator/welding shop to have the steel rods threaded so the angle iron on the concrete wall was secure.

          Ordered enough concrete to fill the hole I had dug, filled it up with concrete so the retaining wall didn’t further deteriorate.

          Had to have some help doing that.

          Used some of my pea brain and all of the brawn I had at the time.

          Can’t do that today, too old, back to simple chores and tasks.

          Don’t know how I did that now, wonder where it’s gone…
          Shoot the moon right between the eyes I’m screamin’
          Take me back to sunny countryside
          – John Prine, Clocks and Spoons

  3. Anti car …stand with Greta…

    All hell is breaking out at Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg on Friday as hundreds of woke Marxist anti car extremists storm the property.

    Why Tesla?….because all ice will be banned soon and Tesla is the replacement?…
    because they cause far more environmental damage then ice cars and burn way more fuel?…EV’s only 25 mpg….

  4. A Republiclown senator proposes cancelling the First Amendment:

    ‘According to legislation posted on Senator Marsha Blackburn’s website on Wednesday, S.4274 will require the US government to place campus protesters on a no-fly list. A press release from Blackburn and her Republican colleague Roger Marshall explains, “The No Flights For Terrorists Act, would put any individual including: students, faculty, professors, or paid agitators, on the No-Fly List if they have called for violence against Jewish people, pledged allegiance to US-designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations, or have been subject to disciplinary action by the institution of higher education related to such action.”

    ‘Blackburn has also called for campus protesters to have their student loans revoked and supports a separate bill that would prevent the activists from having federal student loans relieved.’

    Let’s call this what it is, in plain words: a pogrom carried out by the Jewish Lobby against those who dare to protest Israel’s murderous pogrom against the Gazans.

    • So, is there a refundable tax credit for those who advocate for the mass murder of Arabs, including women and children?
      Oh, wait. Don’t give the Congresscretins any ideas….

  5. “Racism” is thus not fundamentally about race but rather a means to an end.’ — eric

    One such end being Diversity. Spot what’s missing in this report on the train wreck of New York’s Office of Cannabis Management:

    ‘The state has lost months and millions of dollars that were spent developing several software systems that could have been adapted from other agencies. Responsibility for vetting license applicants is spread across four units of the agency, each with its own spreadsheet for tracking applications.

    ‘At least nine staff members touch each cannabis application. But no one is responsible for seeing them through to completion. Eight senior officials report directly to the executive director, who leads the agency. But the bulk of the agency’s operations, including enforcement and licensing, fall to just two of them.’ — New York Slimes

    What’s missing, you ask? Not a single quote from the agency itself. (The incompetent stenographer herself is diverse.) Take a look at the agency’s management, though, and relish the diversity — diversity out the wazoo:

    These diverse clowns make the DMV look like the Manhattan Project by comparison. Reportedly, air traffic control has gone the same route. Keep your eyes peeled for falling aircraft!

  6. All 535 members of Congress are being driven to distraction and have gone mad, cuckoo’s nest time. When all they do is spend money constantly on war, they all need their heads examined.

    Not a clue, led astray by Judas Goats. The wretches have fallen from grace, pride goeth before fall.

    Lenka is a talented songwriter from Australia. She is beautiful, catch her song The Show.

    Margot Robbie looks good too. Australia does something right.

    A movie to watch is Amsterdam, Margot plays a role in the movie.

  7. I read that HR 6090 (Antisemitism Act) caught the stupid party by surprise and now many Rs are furious about the fallout. I called my congressman’s DC office and talked with someone about his YEA vote. The office had received other calls too. Had my congressman read the bill? He didn’t know. Had he read the bill? No. So I invited him to review the bill with me, and we did. Did he think I was an antisemite if I read a Scripture with content that violated the outsourced definitions of antisemite to IHRA? He didn’t know, but didn’t think so. Did he see that HR6090 is a clear violation of the first amendment? And so on. Bottom line, these guys don’t read the bills, they exempt themselves from them, and they leave the rest of us with the mess. This is business as usual.

    I finally told the office that I recommend that if the congressman wants to be a good one, do what Tom Massie (R-KY) does.

    I’m told I love Putin if I oppose the US involvement in Ukraine/Russia war. I’m told I’m an antisemite if I note that the US should not provide any military aid to Israel. I’m told I love Hamas.

    I’m ANTI everything when the thing means sending money and weapons overseas for military meddling, bombings, and killings.

    • Hi Howard,
      Number of laws is so big I would ban adding more text to laws. Curent text amount is huge. Writte better all encompassing laws instead of writing laws on case by case basis.

  8. Hi Eric,
    People that stand with Israel and worship Israel should be deported to Israel . Any self proclaimed Jewish Zionist can only be a spy or a subverter.If you believe all Jews should live in Israel and you are still in US the only option is that you are some sort of foreign agent acting in interest of Israel and Israel alone .

    • I agree, Pupet –

      All these people who “stand” with Israel – and Keeeeeeeeev – really mean you (and I and others) must “stand” with Israel and Keeeeeeeeev. I favor those who “stand” with Israel and Keeeeeeeev going there, to actually stand with Israel and Keeeeeeeeeev.

      • Yes indeed. And any congressman who is a dual citizen should be forced to give up dual citizenship. That means those Israeli citizens in our Congress should be forced to give up Israeli citizenship or face immediate deportation.

      • > I favor those who “stand” with Israel and Keeeeeeeev going there,
        I am in favor of so-called “Christian Zionists” moving to Israel. Try applying for Israeli citizenship, meatheads. See how that works out for you. 🙂

      • I pissed off Ben Shapiro because I put on his website an admonition that if he was so “Gung-Ho” about Isra-Hell, he should avail himself of his “Right of Return” as Jew, and once there, enlist in the IDF, take the training, get issued a Tavor or Galil assault rifle, and stand a post. But leave ME and my kids and grandkids OUT of it! Of course, I got the usual shit about being an “Anti-Semite”, “Israel’s our ONLY ally in the Middle East”, and if we don’t support the Zionist state, the “A-rabs” will come gunning for we Goy Yanks next.

        I say let ’em both kill each other, and we can send in the Marines later, once the fires have gone out and the radiation has decayed to a tolerable level, to bulldoze the ruins into a big parking lot, and paint the lines on it.

        • >send in the Marines later, once the fires have gone out and the radiation has decayed to a tolerable level, to bulldoze the ruins into a big parking lot,

          Actually, that would be the SeaBees.
          The Marines break stuff.
          SeaBees build things.
          So it goes…

          • Are you saying that you’re a warmongering Neo-Con here, and wish death upon innocent people?:

            “The way I figure it, Tel Aviv should long ago been turned into a vast expanse of Trinitite.”

            Is the only, “good indian” A, “dead indian”?

            • Israel seems bound and determined to make its opponents so desperate that Tel Aviv being nuked will be the unfortunate outcome. Of course, you have heard of the “Samson” option, right? The Yids won’t go out ALONE…

        • > if we don’t support the Zionist state, the “A-rabs” will come gunning for we Goy Yanks
          How to twist the truth.
          In reality, if we support the criminal Zionist state, the Arabs will hate our guts, and with good reason.

          Death to Zionists.
          Allahu akbar.*

          *Buy your t-shirt.
          Wear it with pride.

          • As a more USEFUL Yid (the late Leonard Nimoy) put it in his most famous role (and the guy DID have others, folks), “Captain…I believe I already said that!”

            You have to give “dem A-rabs” credit…it seems that most of them see the distinction between “Joe Six-Pack” versus our corrupt, presumptuous “leaders”, and despise the latter, but still like Americans.

        • I’m looking for a libertarian position in this statement, but all I can see is warmongering WEF type shit:

          “I say let ’em both kill each other, and we can send in the Marines later, once the fires have gone out and the radiation has decayed to a tolerable level, to bulldoze the ruins into a big parking lot, and paint the lines on it.”


          • I said that because the belligerents seemed bound and determined to kill EACH OTHER. Why STOP them? Sure, I’d RATHER they sought a far more PEACEFUL solution to their respective dispute, but being “peaceful” and “reasonable” isn’t in either of their playbooks! The important part is that America needs to GET OUT of it, get OUT OF THE WAY, sit back, and watch the fireworks!

        • Hi Douglas
          I pissed off Ben Shapiro because I put on his website an admonition that if he was so “Gung-Ho” about Isra-Hell, he should avail himself of his “Right of Return” as Jew, and once there, enlist in the IDF,

          What he would have told you if you were his tribe would be that he is far more useful to izrael as conservative pro jewish propagandist than as a soldier. Since you are not the answer is just deflection.

        • Good stuff, Douglas!

          I dislike Shapiro, who has shown us his cards. His treatment of Candace Owen was despicable. People who characterize disagreement as “anti” whatever are etymological thugs who don’t want to discuss facts. Or even opinions. They just want to shut you up. If that’s “conservative” then I want no part of it.

    • Pupet,

      All Yukon Jack and “anon”….prior excoriations of the small hats…are valid points, however they should be relegated to “footnotes to the Financial Statements”…..because let’s keep in focus… “Big Shots” and the misinformed types only want the bottom line!….

      Details are for the bean counters and other assorted minions …

      So here goes… substitute the accurate and precise word “Parasitic”…when addressing any
      USA USA small hat issue….

      and when the USA tax funded assholes want to go after you…which they will, with a vengeance….Play the “Jonathon Pollard Card” and watch the fucks, faces go blank!!!

      It will Definitely shut the assholes up…Even beats the USS Liberty Bitchslap. Case closed.

  9. Anti car…stand with Greta….

    The slaves favorite thing is their ice cars…the slave owners have been ruining them and will ban them….no fun for the slaves…

    Walls closing in on fun ice cars…..

    Make it too expensive to drive….
    You Could Get an $800 Fine From NYC Authorities For Your Unmodified Loud Cars

    NYC traffic cameras are targeting loud cars that exceed 85 decibels (dB)…a Porsche Cayman GT 4 RS hits 104 db….completely stock….

    After a vehicle triggers the camera, the owner receives an $800 citation for the first offense. However, if drivers get caught exceeding the noise ordinance twice, they can expect a $2,500 fine.

    A Porsche owner with a bone-stock 997-generation 911, not what you think of when you think “loud cars,” netted himself an $800 fine for accelerating past one of the NYC traffic cameras. The unmodified flat-six-cylinder mill and stock exhaust system were enough to trigger the camera’s noise-detecting equipment.

  10. I like the picture Eric. It so aptly describes our Uni Party: Both connected at the ass. And because of that, they can only crap out of their mouths.

    • I don’t like it at all, Shadow.

      The State is a vicious, bloodthirsty, bird of prey, with two wings. That image Eric has makes it seem harmless & maybe even friendly. Like it’s, Dumbo. Very deceptive.

      …I was gonna attach a link to an image of that bird of prey, but it seems that when I do an image search now, those are gone. …If that tells ya anything.

      • Ted Bundy seemed nice to his victims too, until he was not and ruthlessly killed them. Because he could. Ironic the similarities.

        • That’s how the serial killer Bundy suckered in his victims. The few that escaped his clutches pointed out how “charming” and a GOOD LOVER he was. The A-hole did have a way with “wimmings”, and he used it for the ultimate NEFARIOUS purpose. And given that “Teddy” kept conning everyone, even right as he was being taken to “Old Sparky” at the Florida State Prison in Raiford, we’ll probably never know how many women he murdered. What’s really sad, aside from the carnage and the suffering inflicted on the victims’ families, is that this killer was highly intelligent and disciplined. His talents could have gone for good, but obviously his CHOICES were as EVIL as it got.

          So why we support the EVIL of a psycopathic nation, perpetually in conflict with other distantly related psycopathic peoples, escapes me, save that we’re as gullible as the many foolish females that were unfortunate to cross paths with one Theordore Robert Bundy.

  11. ‘If you are opposed to a policy (any policy) or action (any action) of the government of Israel, then you are “anti-Semitic” in the eyes of the Right.’ — eric

    Scott Adams is massively irked about H.R. 6090, the Antisemitism Awareness Act of 2023. This twisted, un-American screed got whooped through the House of Ill Repute by a 320-91 margin on May 1. (That’s actually pretty scary for the Lobby, which used to demand and get a minimum of 400 Yea votes on red-meat ‘I stand with Israel’ resolutions.) Adams:

    ‘I want to know the full list of what I’m not supposed to f***ing say. I’m going to say everything on that list every day. Give me the list. Give the f***ing list of what I’m not supposed to say about Israel. You make that illegal, I’m going to say it every f***ing day. And, I am anti-Israel, PERIOD.’

    Well, Scott, today the New York Slimes supplied The List of seven antisemitic ‘tropes’ [see post below]. We can’t say S*r*s. We can’t say L*bby. That’s hate speech, Scott. Clowngress, in its drunken venal majesty, says so. *downs another shot of Stoly*

    • Big J,

      Please congratulate,…..Klowngress, on their EXCELLENT choice of Vodka!!

      “Stoly”…is actually distilled at the “Melnais Balsams”..Distillery in Riga, Latvia.

      Black Balsam is the Latvian Equivalent of Jagermeister, but less sweet and more “root” tasting…..Even Buds who Don’t “drink” slurp the stuff…and experience a delightful episode.

      Support Latvian Products!

      Time to Go…I’ve been summoned by my unit to report to my beloved country’s common border with Russia…..”Along the Russian Front”!!!

      And so it goes…

    • >We can’t say
      Sure we can.
      “We hold these truths to be self-evident”
      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      IOW, I will say what I damned well please, and all ya’ll are welcome to kiss my ass, regardless.

  12. It’s all groupthink.

    In the case of Israel, it is the groupthink of ignorance. Israel of the middle east is not the Israel of the bible. Same name, different folk.

    There are a lot of details, but the short of it is most of the bible are stories from other cultures.

    The first Talmud was written in Greek, not Hebrew.

    Most of the people and events of the old testament never happened or existed as written.

    There is a difference between genetic jews and the jewish converts from Europe, who now inhabit and control the state of Israel (even the name Israel is named for the god EL, and names like daniEL, ezekiEL, etc get their spelling to relate to EL).
    The white, European jews are not ethnic jews.

    Current judaism is younger than christianity.

    Effective biblical mass marketing of ignorance makes many well meaning people believe that the bible has something at all to do with a map.

    Bonus – Philistines were Aramaic speakers. Arabic has no F, so when the Aramaic language died off, became Palestine. But hey, there never was a Palestine.

    • Monday when I parked beside the highway to hike, I found a couple of pages ripped out of the Bible. They were from 1 Kings 6 of the Old Testament, supplying extensive engineering detail on the construction of Solomon’s temple — e.g., ‘In building the temple, only blocks dressed at the quarry were used, and no hammer, chisel or any other iron tool was heard at the temple site while it was being built.’ And so forth.

      But despite the best efforts of archaeologists, no trace of it ever has been found. As best we can determine, it is an ornate myth.

      My name is Solomandias, king of kings:
      Look on my writings, ye Mighty, and despair!
      Nothing tangible remains. Round the decay
      Of those lost papyri, boundless and bare
      The lone and level sands stretch far away.

      — Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ozymandias [edited for context]

      • >no trace of it ever has been found.
        In particular, the site which Jews claim as their “Temple Mount ” is actually the remains of a Roman fort, called Fort Antonia. The Jewish Temple is actually about 600 yards away, at a site known as the City of David, which houses the only natural spring in the area (to this day), and has archaeological features which indicate animal sacrifice and the pressing of olive oil for ritual anointment.

        The natural spring would have been important to the priests for purposes of ritual cleansing, and is thus a natural location for a religion which requires such a ritual.

      • >those lost papyri,
        I can hardly wait for the discovery of the Colorado River Scrolls, which will “prove” that ancient Hebrews lived in what is now Riverside County, CA. Moses meets Joseph Smith, if you will. Actually, I will not.

        I have good marketable title to my domicile, as referenced by a policy of title insurance (ALTA lender’s policy) issued by a reputable title insurance company. Any Jew, or anyone else, for that matter, who tries to wave a bogus “land title from God” in my face will have the privilege of meeting my friend Oscar, and will quickly learn What The Thunder Said.

          • >From nothing, for nothing, to nothing?
            From nothing, to nothing, for nothing.
            Life has no meaning, except that which we assign to it.
            Which implies that no one has anything to lose.
            Or in other words, complete freedom.
            As the popular song puts it, freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
            IOW, do not f*ck with me. You will lose.

      • Likely the account lifted, centuries after the fact, if indeed Solomon’s Temple actually existed, from Herodotus in his description of the construction of the Giza pyramids.

        FWIW, there is no archaeological evidence that the Israeli kings David, or his son Solomon, ever existed, nor that if they did, that their “kingdoms” were as extensive as one might suppose from the pages of any Biblical concordance. Due to the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie, another of the Jew Spielberg’s lurid fantasies, many have this idea that the Egyptian “king” (Pharaoh) “Shishak” did conquer Judea, in support of the (rump state) Israeli king Jeroboam against Rehoboam, Solomon’s son by an Ammonite woman, as described in II Chronicles.

        The opinion of the majority of scholars, especially Egyptologists, is that “Shishak” was in fact Pharaoh Shoshenq I, and there is some accounts of his military exploits into “Canaan”, but no mention of attacking Jerusalem (and there’s also dispute that the so-called “Holy City” was anything significant in those days) at all. Since Rehoboam’s mother was a non-Israelite, there is speculation that, in fact, Shisak or Shoshenq did not have to “conquer” Jerusalem at all, but that whatever treasures, IF ANY, that it had were given up as TRIBUTE to spare it, a common diplomatic practice of ancient times. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the size and meaningfulness of the Israelite “kingdom” of David and Solomon has been greatly exaggerated, as well as what “wealth” was purported “stolen” from them, but nearly 3,000 years later, it’s being used as a LAME excuse to pull off one of the greatest CON jobs ever foisted upon humankind.

  13. The problem with being “anti-Israel” vs. “anti-Jewish” is that according to Jews, both Jews and Israel are sometimes one and same (hence, anti-Israel = anti-semitism) and sometimes completely separate (hence, “we don’t always support our government”, don’t blame all of us.”). Just as they are White and not White as it suits their purposes. These words, “racism”, “anti-semitism”, “homo-phobia” etc. were created by Jews for the very purpose of labeling themselves and their proxies “victims”. And so on. So, it’s they that need to decide if anti-Jewish = anti-Israel. And it looks like they have made that decision. The “long march” is almost over one way or another.

    • > labeling themselves and their proxies “victims”
      Sorry, folks. Your V.I.P. (Victim In Perpetuity) card has been cancelled. Your existing card is no longer valid. Please cut it up and dispose of it. No new card will be sent.

      • From an engineering and logistical standpoint, NONE of the claims made by holocaust™ “survivors” and promoters is possible.
        –Killing jews with “bug spray” (Zyklon B) is not only impossible, but is laughable on its face.
        –Transporting jews to “camps”, utilizing scarce energy sources, transportation and logistical difficulties only to kill them is not only problematic but impossible as well.
        –Tattooing camp inmates only to kill them is also problematic.
        –If the “camps” were truly “death camps” why would medical facilities, recreational facilities, brothels, movie theaters, and other amenities be needed?
        –“Gas chambers” with non-sealed wooden doors and the lack of ventilation systems for such facilities, once again, disproves the claims made by holocaust™ promoters. Doors that “swing the wrong way” would make retrieval of the bodies impossible. Ordinary light fixtures, rather than explosion proof lighting fixtures are claimed to have been the norm.
        –Claims by holocaust™ promoters that gassed bodies were blue or green (rather than bright red) from poisoning are totally false.
        –Claims by “gas chamber operators” that they retrieved the bodies as soon as the “gassing” was complete are false. Decontamination which takes hours is never mentioned. Retrieving the bodies without decontamination would have killed the “gas chamber” operators.
        –Claims that the inmates could tell when jews were being cremated by the color of smoke emitted from the crematoria chimneys are patently foolish and false.
        –Let’s not forget “lampshades, wallets, soap and shrunken heads” made from jews is also laughable,
        –Crematoria running 24 hours a day, without “downtime” for maintenance on the muffles and flames “visible out of the crematoria stacks” are also impossibilities. Crematoria are designed to burn “clean” with no visible smoke and definitely no flames outside the stacks would be possible. Not only that, the claims that thousands of bodies were cremated daily are a statistical impossibility as it takes approximately 1.5 hours to cremate a human body. If cremation were used on “6 million” jews, the cremation process would have been operating into the 1950s.
        –The lack of depositories for bodies and ashes is more proof that the “camps” were not “death camps” but rather “work camps” for the German war effort.
        –Anne Frank’s “diary” partially written with a ball-point pen (by her father which was not invented till the 1950s. Time travel, anyone? Lol
        –Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank was treated in a camp hospital and survived the war. What the hell is a hospital for residents doing in a “death camp”?
        Germans were (and still are) excellent engineers and could not have engineered the grievous errors that are claimed by holocaust promoters.
        Follow the shekels…

    • Hence why in 1933, when German President Paul Von Hindenburg appointed the head of the NDSAP, Adolf Hitler, as “Chancellor” (head of the German Reichstag, their “Parliament”), “Judea” (the collective(ist) bunch of Jewish organizations purporting then to speak for worldwide Jewry) declared “War” on Germany! Their initial push was to have other countries boycott Germany, which, as the German economy was export-dependent, in theory could have hurt them, the Nazis declared a ONE-DAY boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany. Guess which event gets more publicity.

  14. “And that is why it is so vitally important to question – to oppose – this weaponization of language.”

    And to that add the bastardization, corruption, distortion, abuse, and the dumbing down of the English language. It’s bad enough everyday when we see over-used words and phrases, which is a habit many/most writers fall into. But even worse is that we truly live in a bizarro world of 1984.

    Word usage today would have driven my high school English teacher right up the wall. And why not? So many words have been twisted and distorted into something which they were not meant to be, words like “iconic,” “safeguarding,” and “wrongdoing.” What do these boring words actually mean, specifically ? Right, Ugh!

    So just for fun, let’s talk about some of the more popular useless, over-used, and mind-numbing words/phrases we find so common in today’s writings:

    Break down/breaking down, e.g., We need to “break down” the story to get to the facts.
    Translation: My listeners are so stupid and unable to figure out what’s going on in the world, so I’ll simplify things for those lame-brains by explaining it in terms that even they can understand. And I’ll look real cool and use another overused slang term like ‘breaking it down” to really impress them.

    Unpack, e.g., We’ll “unpack” this report to get to the bottom of the situation.
    A cousin to the above, it’s another overused, trite & irritating word. It translates into meaning the speaker who uses it thinks he’s so smart & superior to his ignorant listeners & fans that only he has the intelligence to understand whatever the subject is he’s talking about.

    Pivot, e.g., the Fed is going to “pivot” on interest rates.
    Translation: I want to be considered modern and hip, but I have no idea what the Fed is doing. So instead of saying the Fed is reversing its interest rate policy, let’s wow-em with the “they’re gonna pivot” phrase. Now, show me the money.

    Nowadays it seems like whenever someone changes their mind or reverses their opinion, they have strategically & smartly executed a pivot. Dummy ole me, I used to think that a pivot was a basketball term.

    Cancel(s), Cancelled, e.g., Youtube to “cancel” conservatives because of hate speech.
    Translation: Let’s use a new pseudo-sophisticated (and politically correct) word to let people know that we are kicking you off our website. After all, we don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. Now take your stupid opinions and get out of here.

    Fake News, e.g., Their report was considered more “fake news.”
    Translation: We don’t care for that report, and since we can’t refute it, we’ll take the easy way out and just call it “fake news,” that old, worn-out, tried & true chestnut which is guaranteed to refute what someone’s claiming without having to come up with any hard facts.

    Parabolic, e.g., Govt debt has gone “parabolic.”
    Another overused favorite by both the lamestream media & everyday click-bait bloggers. Everything now doesn’t just increase a little, on no we can’t have that. Let’s exaggerate the situation and say it’s gone parabolic.

    Granular, e.g., The economy is becoming more “granular.”
    Webster’s dictionary describes this concocted all-purpose word as this: consisting of or appearing to consist of granules: Grainy

    This term is one of the more recently contrived b*llsh*t terms by wall street and the lame stream media, and its use is becoming more common by those idiots who blog nothing but horse manure. And that’s because their brains are becoming granular.

    Pathway, e.g., Today The “pathway” to success is paved with modern education.
    Translation: The fools you’re addressing are too dumb to suspect you’re trying to bs them by suggesting modern edumacation is the smart way to go. Besides, using an old-fashion term like route, road, journey, or even “the way to success” is just so 1990ish, and so unhip & unsophisticated.

    • Let me add “Horrific” and when people now regularly “speak to” certain events rather than “speak about”…..

      Drives me nuts.

    • Add:
      “Exponential” used by people who do not understand the mathematical concept, but use the word to mean “really large.”
      Failure to use the comparative and superlative, i.e. -er and -est, which are simpler than using more and most, though those are also correct. Sometimes using both at once, as in “more larger.”
      Failure to distinguish between less (for a continuous variable) and fewer (for discrete, countable objects).
      Confusing discrete with discreet.

        • “Decimation”
          killing of one in ten.
          I despise decimocentrism.
          There is nothing inherently superior about base 10.
          In fact base twelve is superior, for many purposes.
          Twelve is divisible by three, for one thing.
          Have you ever seen a package of ten eggs? Ten cookies?
          Of course not.
          Why do surveyors divide a circle into 360 parts?
          As opposed to any other number.
          Why do we divide a day into 24 hours, not 10, or 20?
          Why does a clock face have twelve digits, not 10?
          There are good reasons for all of these choices. They are not arbitrary.

          When I was in college, my roomie referred to our IM (intramural) hockey goalie as the “Ancient Mariner,” because “He stoppeth one of three.”
          Sad, but true.

        • Doesn’t Decimate refer to a 10% loss of an original Roman Legion’s ranks?
          Where as destroy confers ……anything?

  15. Does anyone sense a mega-sized, false flag, black swan approaching? Can you guess who the “victims” will be depicted as being, and who will be framed as the “bad guys?”

    Now, going just slightly off-topic, which actress do you think was hotter, Linda Hamilton in “Terminator II,” or Sigourny Weaver in “Alien?” There is no wrong answer.

  16. ‘If you are opposed to a policy (any policy) or action (any action) of the government of Israel, then you are “anti-Semitic” in the eyes of the Right.’ — eric

    It wasn’t always this way. Here’s how it went down:

    ‘George H W Bush clashed periodically with Israel. In a dramatic September 1991 press conference, Bush said he was ‘one lonely little guy’ facing ‘powerful political forces,’ after 1,200 Israel activists lobbied Congress seeking loan guarantees to help Israel resettle emigrating Soviet Jews. Bush feared the money would help build settlements.

    ‘After Bush’s controversial press conference, Shoshana Cardin, chairing the Conference of Presidents [of Major American Jewish Organizations], met the president privately. Cardin explained that talk of Jewish lobbyists outmuscling the president echoed traditionally bigoted exaggerations about Jewish power.

    “Mr President, I think you need to understand how deeply American Jewry was hurt by your statement,” she said. [i.e., cries out in pain as she strikes him — JH] “Because of your statement, you drew blood and the sharks came swimming.”

    ‘Bush pointed out that he didn’t use the word “Jews.” Cardin explained he did not have to. “Everyone understood that the people you were referring to were Jewish. That’s why the White House switchboard lit up with so many messages from anti-Semites.”

    “I never intended to hurt anyone,” Bush said, teary-eyed. “Or give encouragement to anti-Semitism.” He then apologized to the American Jewish leaders gathered to meet him.’ — Gil Troy, Moynihan’s Moment: America’s Fight Against Zionism As Racism, pp 245-246.

    I opposed those loan guarantees to Israel in 1991 for a more fundamental reason than Bush: that resettling people from one foreign country to another has absolutely nothing to do with American interests.

    But Bush’s retarded son George W, observing that his daddy lost his bid for re-election in 1992, told his people upon taking office in 2001 to ‘just give Israel everything it wants.’ So it has been ever since in the R-party.

    Today ‘Biden,’ having ‘paused’ a shipment of bombs to Israel, faces the same drama as George H W Bush did in 1991. Already Uniparty stalwarts Mitt ‘Judas’ Johnson and Mitch McClownell have sent ‘Biden’ a stern letter, while Israel’s leaders contemptuously sling poop at the country that just handed them $26 billion.

    Shoshana Cardin died in 2018. But her successor Harriet Schleifer at the Conference of Presidents doubtless will extract the same groveling apology from ‘Biden’ as Cardin did from Bush. ‘Biden’ is just one lonely little guy, up against a thousand lobbyists. But he dare not say so — that would be antisemitic, that’s for sure! /sarc

    • >you are “anti-Semitic”
      Yeah? So?
      “Anti-Semitism” just means “criticism of a Jew, a group of Jews, or the Jewish State of Israel.” That is a working definition of the term as currently used by many people.* As such it is descriptive, not pejorative.

      *The esteemed Ron Unz (HTBJ) has pretty much stated the same, or very similar, in one of his recent articles. Look it up, if you are interested.

      • ‘Left wing cancel culture exists to shut down anyone criticizing diversity, immigration, equity/equality, gays, transgenders and feminism.

        ‘Right wing cancel culture exists to shut down anyone criticizing those responsible for all of it.’ — Karen Berger

        F*ck the Uniparty.

      • AN “Anti-Semite” is someone the Jews hate. They don’t give a flying Fook for your opinion, Goy Boy, you’re dumb cattle to them. Sez so in their Talmud.

    • Just as Orangeboy.2 sure aint gonna be yr big brothers Trump.

      Anyone else see a plannedslide being carefully engineered.

  17. It’s absolutely insane, isn’t it? I’ve had (purported) anti-war libertarian friends call me antisemitic because I think what the Israeli government is doing is plain wrong. I really didn’t have an appreciation for how deep the dispensationalists got into our society. Any scrutiny of ancient (pre-schism) theology pretty much torpedoes their ‘chosen’ propaganda.

    But regardless, the more you know about the history of Israel/Palestine the easier it is to look past the propaganda and harder it is to put the situation into neat little boxes. For those interested, Darryl Cooper at Martyr Made has done some amazing work on the subject. His “Fear and Loathing In New Jerusalem” was amazing, even though it’s almost 24 hours long. He did a shorter piece for those not up to the full length piece:

    • Israel is a more proficient “Fascist” nation than IL Duce’s blackshirts or Hitler’s Brownshirts ever were.

      The ragheads are nothing to write home about, either, but most of them LIKE Americans. They just don’t care for Washington’s cozy relations with the Zuonist state.

    • Since when does criticism of our ally suddenly constitute anti-whatever the government wants to call it? I think it is possible point out what they are doing wrong and still be allies. It does not make us anti anything just awake and aware of what is really going on. Thanks to Congress free speech will not be allowed.

  18. Patriotism…lol. Flying Medevac I saw many bleed out before we reached the hospital. Hell, we had to fight our way in and then fight our way back out which took precious minutes. The look in their eyes was not patriotism,,, not happy to die for their nation, fighting for freedom and other bullshit rather it was a look of complete surprise.

    We will soon be fighting Ruskies in Ukraine if the Western powers have their way. France is already volunteering. More young dead patriots? Those Russians are tough hombres! By supplying Ukraine with more weapons we are allowing a genocide of Ukrainians. It ought to be a capital crime killing off those Ukrainian women!
    Genociding Palestinians is just as bad, I am not against Israel nor Gaza, I am against genocide. We are supposed to be more civilized then Genghis Khan.
    Kudos for bringing in Social Security and Medicare. I’m a little unsure where People get the idea Medicare is free as we are paying $400 per month for it. The medical costs are ridiculous. Good chance of losing our property. Probably some poor deserving “newcomer” will pick it up on the cheap.

    • Hi Ken,

      The neocons pushing all this war believe that “superior” military technology can trump everything. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, we are seeing that the U.S. MIC’s wares are inferior and costly…who knew?

      The fiasco in Viet Nam finally ended because of the anti-war movement and so many young men returning in body bags and so many more virtually ruined psychologically. They believe that by not committing American boots on the ground that their actions have no consequences. Further, they behave as if we have unlimited resources. I remember and was part of the anti war movement in the 60s. The response was exactly the same by the government forces….remember the DNC in 1968 and Kent State. The propaganda was the same. Eventually, the results, barring nuclear war, will be the same. Johnson, may he burn in hell eternally, put out the same message about guns and butter that Biden is putting out. The U.S. economy has finite resources and the recovery from Viet Nam took decades.

      In any case, I predict that this is the last gasp of the neocons and more importantly the NWO elites transhumanist movement. Due to the actions of the U.S., U.K. and E.U. governments the “West” is becoming despised around the world. Personally I resent that because what was done in my name is not my responsibility.

  19. If you are a communist, you are also an atheist, no apostasy allowed. Makes you anti-God.

    There are 10 commandments, one is not to kill. There are Seven Deadly Sins, greed is one.

    You’ll rue the day if and when you do it all wrong. No redemption for you and that’s no lie.

    Martin Luther pegged the Chosen 500 years ago.

    • “one is not to kill”

      You may have noticed over the last decade or so that it’s now being promulgated not as Thou shalt not kill but, Thou shalt not Murder. As best as I can ascertain this idea came from Jewish talk host Dennis Prager.

      It sure makes killing your enemies and calling it “self defense” that much easier.

  20. A big pet peeve of mine is when foreign policy non-interventionalists are called isolationists. They seem to think that if you are against foreign coercion, you must want to be isolated from the world? As if cooperation is not an option.

    The power of deceptive language is incredible. It’s a tool used very effectively by demons.

    • Hey Philo,

      Due to the actions of the neocons/Zionistas, the “West” wasted a golden opportunity at the fall of the Soviet Union to create a free trade environment in which all parties could interact. Instead we have a world where political entities waste scarce resources cock blocking each other. In the U.S. and in Europe, the PtB have de-industrialized whilst asserting that we can survive as a “service” economy….it’s all a house of cards and the Covid psyop further destroyed the productive output in the “west”. I observe a malevolent force in the world…..hopefully it will end in good over evil but a lot of evil actors will need to be addressed for that to happen…..stay tuned…..gonna be a bumpy ride….

    • I’m not an “Isolationist” in the sense that America can just ignore the rest of the world and hope, in naivete, that we’ll be left alone. I’m a “let’s mind our own fooking business, friendship and free trade with all, untangling ‘alliances’ with NO-ONE”-ist.

  21. Most people are unaware that in 30 or so AMERICAN states, in order to procure a state contract or to do business with the state, one must sign a loyalty oath to israel.
    Failure to sign this loyalty oath to israel or “lining out the phrase will result in the contractor or business being denied the ability to do business with the state.
    When did israel become a part of the USA?
    Since when does a foreign country have sway over what AMERICANS do?
    It would seem that any loyalty oath to ANY foreign country, not just israel would be null and void.
    Such practices that states are using to blunt criticism of israel should be declared null and void…

    • One pet peeve of mine is people with dual (or multiple) citizenship being allowed to hold responsible positions in government. Now, we know that our host is eligible to hold a Swiss passport. No problem, per se, but, hey Eric, if you ever decide to run for, and get elected to, public office, or take a high position in the U.S. State Department, then I say you should be required to renounce that right. No man, or woman. can serve two masters.

      (Yeah, I know, Eric is probably among the least likely to get involved with da gummint. But, it is the principle which counts.)

    • small a,

      All DoD contracts require ” USA, USA Contractors”…..Unless you happen to check out contracts under the “Baker Amendment”…..for some reason a small mideast country gets to “carte blanche to all USA, USA contracts”… Guess who?

      Facts Are Facts Jack…”Tell that to the Marines”….I’m listening pussies…

  22. The jewish “rot” that exists in the U S government must be identified, outed and excised.
    The first step is to publicly identify any American public official who “stands with israel”.
    The majority of future presidential candidates all “stand with israel” and would be a good start in the identification and marginalization of those who put israel’s interests over that of the USA.
    Publicly call them out for their approval of genocide and verbally attack them in public venues and at public engagements.
    If you have a business that caters to the public, refuse to serve them. This also goes for their families as well. Let them know why.
    Use every means of social media to identify and “out” them.
    When they cannot appear in public without being called out on their criminal support of israel and its genocide in Gaza and in the West Bank, just maybe they will get the message.
    It’s a start.
    As to voting. I have vetted every candidate that supports israel. I will write in my vote rather than voting for any candidate that supports israel. I will write in “Hamas” as my candidate of choice. I urge all others to do the same.

      • Yes, Hamas was created by israel itself as a foil to blunt the popularity of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization).
        As to Oct 7, the event was pre-planned and was a military operation conducted by israel itself.
        Ever hear of the Hannibal Directive? This “directive” allows the killing of innocent civilians (even jews) in order to achieve a certain political outcome.
        October 7, 2023 was such an operation. Some of the jewish survivors of the attack bravely reported that it was IOF (IDF) forces themselves who perpetrated the attack. Blaming Hamas was merely the false flag part of the whole operation, giving israel the excuse to go into Gaza.
        Most people are unaware that the same situation was in play at the 1968 Munich Olympics where the PLO was blamed for the killing of israeli athletes. The mossad was embedded in that operation as well which also garnered much sympathy for israel and perpetuated the (false) impression that israeli athletes were being attacked just for being jews. This deception also succeeded with flying colors.
        When it comes to political objectives, jews will murder their own people…talk about a sick cult…

        • Readers of history … are STUNNINGLY aware of that fact…
          Quotes about how Hebrew Leaders would sacrifice 1/2 of the European jewish population in order to garner sympathy for the establishment….of a Homeland in Palestine…No kidding!

            • All three buildings were wired for demolition. Jewish WTC complex owner Larry Silverstein was paid off handsomely for the pre-planned demolition. Remember all of the jewish art students in many malls around the country? They were mossad, a part of the whole operation. Contractors were in and out of all three buildings wiring up all three for controlled demolition.
              As to planes being hijacked by Arabs with box cutters (whose flight lessons involved landing Cessna 172s) steering heavy jetliners on impossible trajectories into buildings, if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.
              The media coverage of the planes striking the buildings were CGI generated as it is easy to see that the planes went straight into the buildings, seemingly disappearing into the building structure. Even the Pentagon strike is questionable as the hole in the side of the Pentagon is too small to have been a jet. A (planned) missile strike is more likely.
              Alan Sabrosky a well-respected military and defense analyst (who himself is jewish) stated that israel did it and if that the world ever found out who the real perpetrators of the attack were, israel would cease to exist and no one in the world would give a damn.
              The Alan Sabrosky video is still available on the internet…

              • >All three buildings were wired for demolition.
                The molten steel pouring out from the upper floors gives it away. That, and many other “anomalies.” Great word, that.

            • Hi Myles, WTC 7 which was not hit by an airplane fell into its own footprint at free fall speed. So, all the support columns failed at the same time and the government said it was because of office fires which never happened before in the history of steel frame buildings.

    • The only Jew (more properly, a Judean) is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, one Yeshua bin Nazareth, which transliterated from the Greek is our Lord Jesus Christ.

      BTW, according to the Book of Mormon, the Only Begotten Son of God came to the “Oith” (Earth in Bugs-Bunny Brooklynese) in the meridian of time, to the Jews, because no other people would crucify their God (II Nephi 10:3).

  23. It’s ok to have friendly diplomatic relations with Israel. I’m in favor of that. Maybe even allies (maybe).

    I just think we should be as neutral as possible when it comes to the Israel-Palestine thing. Both sides have some legitimate complaints, and both sides are guilty of atrocities.

    Furthermore I think that USA foreign policy should prioritize USA interests. Not those of any foreign country or entity. Including Ukraine, Israel, NATO, the UN, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, the WEF, the WHO, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, climatological pseudoscience, or anyone else. Nothing personal, simply business.

    People try to twist things into racism or other forms of bigotry and prejudice, because bigotry and prejudice are particularly socially repugnant. If green cheese had the same effect, those same people would find a way to shoehorn green cheese their rhetoric. That’s all it is. Most people will never see or question it, though. They just go along merrily with whatever they are told.

      • If every WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom vet did that with their issued rifle, maybe our Government wouldn’t do some of the things it does. I can name one Jap Admiral who cautioned his more bellicose fellow flag officers about the folly of invading the USA and going up against a widely-armed civilian population.

        • I believe the statement was to the effect,
          There is a rifle behind every blade of grass.
          A friend who was classified 1-Y (qualified to serve in time of national emergency) asked the local draft board, “What qualifies as a national emergency?”
          He was told, “Well, Richard, when the Red Chinese Navy steams into Long Beach Harbor, that is a national emergency.”
          His response was, “I’ll be there.”

    • Ditto.

      I’m personally leave me alone and get off my lawn here, you solve your own problems and stop asking for money

    • >even allies
      You want the U.S. Government to ally itself with a country which attacks a U.S. warship on the high seas and kills U.S. sailors and other personnel, then duplicitously claims it was a “mistake,” even though their own radio traffic proves otherwise?

  24. The problem is that jews believe in collective guilt, collective responsibility and collective punishment but only for gentiles, never for themselves. Jews themselves insist that “not all jews are bad” (and they’re right) but at the same time impose collective guilt, collective responsibility and collective punishment on the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of those of us (gentiles) in Germany and other western societies. This is why Germany (and the rest of the western world) has been demonized for the last 80 years for “not doing something” about their phony “holocaust “. Any criticism of jewish practices is met with accusations of “annudah shoah”, the victimhood mantle being successfully applied.
    This also goes for “multiculturalism and diversity” which jews push for everyone else but themselves.
    Their declaration that jews need their own country–a jewish “homeland” flies in the face of what they demand for “the rest of us”. Flooding every other western country on earth exposes their “plan” for “the rest of us. Forced homogenization and weakening of cultural ties of gentile countries is a jewish desire. It’s all by design.
    In fact, the “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society” is the largest organization that is facilitating the introduction of “illegal aliens” into foreign countries. They have a massive “land bridge” operation that is responsible for getting these illegal aliens across from South America through Central America into North America.
    In order to resolve the Gaza genocide, extreme pressure will have to be put on American jews…
    Of course, the jewish caterwauling screams of “anti-semitism” will be heard throughout the land, but so what?
    Most American jews are not “semites”.
    It is interesting to note that the same people who were protesting on college campuses in the 1960s are now running the campuses and are attempting to shut down the “free speech” of those who they disagree with.

    • >This is why Germany (and the rest of the western world) has been demonized for the last 80 years
      Longer than that.
      Government sponsored anti-German hate campaigns began as part of the effort by U.S. and British governments, as well as U.S. banking interests, to get the U.S. involved in the Great War in Europe, contrary to the wishes of the American public.

      Woodrow Wilson got himself re-elected using the slogan “He kept us out of war,” then almost immediate initiated a government sponsored campaign of hatred directed at all things German, including Americans of German heritage, which includes many of my ancestors. I regard this as an infamous chapter in American history. Unfortunately, having our government lie to us, and take actions which are manifestly *NOT* in our best interest is not any new thing.

    • >a jewish “homeland”
      A place to which they can flee without fear of extradition when the local authorities are after them in other countries. Happens al the time.

    • Hi Anarchyst, et al,

      You state “The problem is that jews believe in collective guilt, collective responsibility and collective punishment but only for gentiles, never for themselves.” This is a collectivist statement about a group of individuals. The media in the U.S. would have you believe that Jews, a religious group, have some sort of unique genome….e.g. race. The state of Israel was formed from European Jews fleeing repression in Europe…as an aside, many of them being Bolsheviks from Russia. These are Ashkenazi Jews and essentially are not even Semitic peoples. My point is, even in Israel there are supporters of peace with the Palestinians, and like here, they are either ignored or suppressed. The reason the PtB want to ban TikTok is that young people in the west are seeing the results of Israeli government carnage on that platform and are seeing through the lies and therefore it must be banned.

      I realize that I am being a bit pedantic, but if one supports a libertarian, individualist PoV, I don’t find collectivist assertions to serve much utility.

      • > Jews, a religious group,
        Jewish is tribal affiliation, not a religious confession. If not, the term “secular Jew” would have no meaning, but we hear it all the time.

        >supporters of peace with the Palestinians, and like here, they are either ignored or suppressed.
        Yep. the case of the late Uri Avnery is one such example. The Israeli government di not like what he was saying, so they smashed his printing press and burnt his office. Didn’t matter that he was a decorated war hero of the Israeli war of independence (war to throw the British empire out of Palestine).

        So much for “civil rights” in the JSI (Jewish State of Israel).

        You know why the Israeli government is always whining “Stop the terrorism?” Because they know that terrorism works. The State of Israel was founded by terrorists, such as the infamous Menachem Begin. Terrorism, closely allied to “la guerrilla” (the little war) is how the little army takes on the big army, and sometimes wins, because the big army decides the cost isn’t worth it, packs up, and goes home. See, e.g., Vietnam. Twice. Also, Cornwallis at Yorktown.

          • Zionism is a bankrupt 19th century political ideology based on a logical fallacy, which had its origins in the miscarriage of justice known as the Dreyfus Affair, in which Captain Alfred Dreyfus of the French Army was wrongfully accused, and wrongfully convicted, of espionage.

            An Austrian Jew, Theodor Herzl, was witness to this infamous transgression, and reasoned as follows:
            Major premise:
            A. Captain Dreyfus got shafted.
            Few would dispute the truth of this statement.
            Minor premise:
            B. Captain Dreyfus got shafted specifically and exclusively because he was Jewish.
            Questionable, but let us assume its truth for purposes of argument.
            C. No Jew can ever get a fair trial in a Gentile court of law.
            Das ist falsch. Elementary failure in logic, known as “generalizing from a specific.” Gets you a failing grade on your Logic 101 problem set.

            And what happened in the long run? Captain Dreyfus was vindicated, restored to rank in the French Army, with a promotion to Major, and served honorably in the Great War, after which he retired. Certainly, no one can give him back the ten years he spent on Devil’s Island, but, in the long run, justice was done, thus exposing the Herzl Fallacy.

            Did the French Army give a rat’s arse what became of Captain Dreyfus? I suspect not, but somebody realized that, having got the wrong man, there was still a spy active, so they had no choice but to ‘fess up, in order to cover their own asses. Typical bureaucracy at work. Yawn. Nothing to see here, folks. Just an old, old story.

            • Oy Vey!
              Let’s not forget the creation of the ADL which was formed to protest the lynching of a prominent jew serial rapist murderer. Leo Frank raped and murdered 13-year-old Mary Phagan when she came to his office to pick up her pay.
              There’s much more to the story…
              Although Leo Frank had a top-notch legal team, his guilt was not only obvious but a jury of his peers (yes there were jews on the jury) found him guilty. He tried to blame it on a black man (which should have been easy in that day and age) but was unsuccessful in pinning his crimes on the black man.
              Jewish money was pouring in to various politicians coffers in order to spring Frank.
              A (bought and paid for) pardon from a corrupt governor was in the works.
              When noted public officials found out about the fix using their considerable clout, they took matters into their own hands. The rest is history. Frank was the guest of honor at his necktie party.
              To this day, the ADL insists that Frank was wrongly convicted in an attempt to rehabilitate him.
              Keep in mind that it is a major faux pas for a jew to be tried and convicted in a gentile court. THAT is the major complaint that jews have held on to, to this day. According to the jewish talmud, jews cannot be tried in goy courts but only in rabbinical courts where crimes committed by jews against goyim are not considered to be crimes under talmudic law.
              If Frank had been tried in a jewish court, Mary Phagan would have been convicted, not Frank.
              This is why the ADL was created…

      • I am merely using the jews own collectivist attitudes against them. Turnabout is indeed fair play. Make them adhere to the same standards they impose on the rest of us. Saul Alinsky, indeed…
        At this stage of the game, I don’t care if there are good jews out there. There aren’t enough good jews to make a difference. The USA is owned lock stock and barrel by israel firsters and their American political lackeys.
        That being said…
        A good example of jews turning on their own is the recent child sacrifice tunnels under a jewish synagogue in NYC that was quickly covered up.
        Blood-stained child-size mattresses, toddler high-chairs and other child-size items were found in these tunnels by NYC authorities.
        You see, these NYC jews were protesting the Gaza genocide so their fellow jews turned on them and outed them. There is an old saying among jews: two jews, three opinions…
        If not for the child sacrifice aspect of their tunnels, seeing jews scurrying from underground like rats made for top-rate comedy. There are videos of this…
        When it comes to interaction with others, I treat ALL people I come in contact with respect. That is the human thing to do…

  25. ‘If you are opposed to a policy (any policy) or action (any action) of the government of Israel, then you are “anti-Semitic” in the eyes of the Right.’ — eric

    Dreaded antisemitism now sneaks on little cat feet in the form of ‘tropes’ which can entrap the unwary. The New York Slimes explains:

    ‘The Times used a variety of methods to examine the extent to which federal politicians have used language promoting antisemitic tropes.

    ‘Reporters examined official press releases, congressional newsletters and posts on X (formerly Twitter) of every person who served in Congress over the past 10 years that contained the words “Soros,” “globalist” or “globalism” — terms widely accepted by multiple historians and experts on antisemitism as “dog whistles” that refer to Jews.

    ‘The Times also examined congressional press releases, newsletters and posts on X for words and phrases that experts said could have antisemitic implications when used in conjunction with discussions of Israel. These included “from the river to the sea,” and variants of “colonial,” “Nazi” and “lobby.”’

    Seven banned words and phrases. No longer dare we utter the name of S*r*s. No longer can we talk about c*l*nialism or the L*bby. The 9,000-pound elephant in the living room with an Israeli flag draped over it is a figment of your overwrought imagination. Seek psychiatric help today!

    • Wait. . .I thought Soros was funding the anti-Israel protests? I can’t keep the narrative straight. Is Soros anti-Jew or pro-Jew? Of course, the answer is he is whatever they want him to be at the time. Above all though, we must remember to remain distracted by all the bickering and NEVER mention the genocide that’s occurring in Gaza.

      Sorry, wanting the murder of Palestinian Semites by Israelis to end is just so anti-Semitic.

      • It’s said Israel created/funds Hamas. Similarly, my understanding is that Soros is funding the “protestors” with the desired end result being the criminalization of such protests as well as any criticism of Israel. If you look at any red team sites you see how it works.

        On another note, two days ago I saw on IW that there was an assassination attempt on MBS in SA. Supposedly a large number of his security guards were killed but he survived. Have not seen another peep about this anywhere else since. I also saw there was a failed assassination attempt on Zelensky around the same time. Not much reporting in that either. Spicy times.

    • > “dog whistles” that refer to Jews.
      The latest euphemism for “Jew” appears to be “counterprotester,’ as documented by the L.A. Slimes when reporting on Jewish (evidently non student ) thugs who beat up UCLA students who were peacefully expressing their disapproval of the mass murder being committed by the Israeli government on the Arab population of Gaza.

      Where is the Arab Pablo Picasso, to give us the Gaza version of “Guernica?”

    • I thought it was shit, piss, fuck, cunt, motherfucker, cocksucker, tits.

      I miss those days.

      Sometimes I wonder what George would have had to say about all this (besides “I told you so!”)

  26. Isn’t it ironic our great friend and ally gets thrown under the Biden bus? Ha ha, they were used like a cheap ho to force the Ukroid bailout bill down our throats. A bill which north of 80% of Americans were against. And the cherry on top, TPTB gets some vague new, anti-Semitic hate bill thrown in to boot.

    It is good Israels part of the deal is now on hold. All the 500/1000 pound bombs they were supposed to get wont be delivered until they come to the table and negotiate. The damage done by our bombs, to civilians in Gaza, is cowardly AF and should make us contemplate what it means to be called Americans.

    Neocon warmongers are all worked up about the Palestinians “committing genocide” against our great friend and ally. They brazenly spew these lies, as video runs in the background, showing Palestinian neighborhoods turned into absolute rubble. The old saying, ‘They cry out in pain as the strike you,’ has never been more truthful.

    Would that all these weaklings be exposed for the pig fuckers they are. This left/right game only flourishes because the blackmail operation run out of TelAviv, Langley, and London. Oh well, at least hard times approacheth, and the good part of the cycle can begin again.

    • I love how Israel and Ukraine are our “allies”, aren’t allies supposed to help each other? In those cases WTF do they do for the US other than blackmail Clowngress and suck up a steady stream of taxpayer money? I’m hoping the Supreme Court will swiftly slap down these blatantly unconstitutional “laws” but I won’t hold my breath since DEI judge Katani Brown-Jackson has already expressed her concern that the First Amendment “hamstrings” the government. Duh! That’s exactly what it’s supposed to do, and this person is a Supreme Court judge. It’s still morning, but I think it’s time for a drink.

      • The US has no real allies, only friends who hate our guts. Its all insane and its starting to really piss me off. I will join you in that drink and raise you a smoke.

        • With blood-sucking, back-stabbing “friends” like “Yew-Krane” and “Isra-Hell”, why do we NEED “enemies “?

      • Ukraine is being prepped to becomeisrael 2.0 It is no secret that most European jews HATE the middle east climate and culture, which despite European jewish incursion still has a distinct middle eastern flavor, something that European jews loathe.
        The climate and topography of Ukraine is more amenable to jews than present-day israel.
        Not only that, their criminal base of operations will be much closer to their markets. From international prostitution, pedophilia and child abduction to organ harvesting and sales, to reams of criminal financial schemes and scams, Ukraine is ideally located to keep their jewish criminal rackets going.
        Jews are using their European and American lackeys to support the war in Ukraine against Russia.
        The seeds of WW3 have been planted…

      • >blatantly unconstitutional “laws”
        The entire “concept” of “hate speech” is pure *BULLSHIT*, IMO.
        What part of “shall not be infringed” do these clowns not understand?
        How about “inalienable,” or “endowed by their Creator?”

        According to the founding documents of the USA, freedom of speech is a God given right, not a government granted privilege.

        You don’t like what I have to say? FU. That is *your* problem, not mine.

    • >‘They cry out in pain as they strike you,’
      Old joke:
      An Egyptian tank an an Israeli tank meet in the Sinai.
      The Egyptian tank commander opens his hatch, raises his hands, and says “I surrender.”
      The Israeli tank commander opens his hatch, grabs his neck and says, “Oh my god, I think I have whiplash.”

  27. Over the past few years, people who refused to become guinea pigs for Big Pharma were also called “ANTI-VAXXERS”. That term was even expanded to include people who aren’t against vaccines per se but merely oppose vaccine mandates. And with establishment media apparently having moved on from frightening people about COVID to now trying to frighten people about CLIMATE CHANGE, it’s a wonder establishment media, along with the Biden Thing and climate change zealots, didn’t resort to calling people who see through that fear porn and refuse to do what these people are demanding as “ANTI-ENVIRONMENT!” or even “ANTI-PLANET!”

    The establishment has also framed opposition to whatever they’ve been doing the past many, many years as “PRO _____!”. Examples include “PRO PUTIN!”, “PRO SADDAM!”, “PRO GRANDMA KILLER!”, “PRO DIRTY AIR & WATER!”, “PRO BIG OIL!”, etc.

    And yet another term the establishment has used to shut down questions about what they’ve been doing is “_______ DENIER!” Examples of that include “Science Denier!”, “Election Denier!”, “COVID Denier!”, etc.

  28. I agree that this antisemitic legislation, (like all legislation) is a bad piece of poorly written law which was as usual unnecessary. I thought we were graced by our creator with free speech and our founders told the government they had no business telling us otherwise.

    Why these RINO’s play this game? Shummer was laughing recently that Johnson capitulated on everything without even trying to negotiate some small carve out for the republican base. Shummer knows the game, these idiots don’t.

    Frankly, the republicans if they were smart would not pass any laws until after the election…because all it takes is buried in the bowels of a 5000-page document is four words: *Trump is an insurrectionist* and according to the Supreme Court in the Colorado case, congress can declare the ex-president ineligible to run under the 14th amendment.

    • [I agree that this antisemitic legislation, (like all legislation) is a bad piece of poorly written law which was as usual unnecessary. I]- Hans

      Any law passed that does not conform to the constitution is NOT law… it is the color of law punishable under US Statutes. Probably over 90% of laws passed this last century are unconstitutional but here we are…. It’s so bad that our representatives are now called “law makers”.
      And the 14th amendment was never properly ratified. How can a state that is not in the United States ratify any US amendment?

      • You are correct. Thank you for your concise comment.
        I would like to suggest a way out for anyone who is brought up on charges under this (illegal) civil-rights violation (anti-semitism). Anyone who is charged with “anti-semitism” should demand that his accuser(s) PROVE their semitic ancestry by providing a sample for a DNA test. As most American jews are not semites, they would fail spectacularly. No semitism, no charge…

        • And I say that your “suggestion” is evil nonsense, because I assert my Divine right as a human being to criticize anyone I care to, at any time and for any reason, including no reason at all.

          Are you saying you are in favor of making it illegal to criticize a group of people for who they are, rather than what an individual did or said? The only caveat being they have to prove they are a member of said “protected” group? I regard that sentiment as un-American.

          • “I assert my Divine right as a human being to criticize anyone I care to, at any time and for any reason, including no reason at all.”

            Amen to that!

          • No, not at all. Don’t forget that the American legal system is corrupt as hell. The J6 defendants are political prisoners who committed no crimes but are yet being held under special circumstances.
            I agree with you that hate crimes and restrictions on free speech are unconstitutional.
            My suggestion is for those who DO get caught up in the legal system under jew attorney general merrick garland (nee garfinkle). Look what garfinkle did to traditional Catholics…
            Just sayin’

            • And I say, stick to first principles.
              Basic application of the KISS principle.
              The moment you demand that someone prove membership in a “protected group,” you have lost, because you are playing their game, on their home court.


        • I’ve heard variations on this (Khazars, Arthur Koestler’s 13th Tribe, and so on). Is that what you’re saying?

  29. “There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program” – Milton Friedman

    Remember The color code alert system? Remember how someone painted the Terror Alert chart up at Pittsburgh International Airport? Remember how they just painted the dial indicator at “orange,” as if we’re just going to be at “orange” forever? Good times if you were selling x-ray scanners and metal detectors.

    Soviet Union collapses, NATO remains. Osama BinLaden is dead, but we stuck around Afghanistan an extra 15 years because it was a good spot for hemming in China, and brought back heroin too. Good for funding your little off-budget projects, but that’s another story.

    Everyone is happy with the status quo of the 20th century. Everyone knew how it worked. These days, who knows? The octogenarians (and increasingly, the nonagenarians like Warren Buffett) holding on to power… they won’t retire, won’t step aside, and for sure don’t trust anyone to replace them. They’re obsessed with holding on until Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity moment, when computing power will surpass the human brain (how?) or “science” will figure out how to extend life indefinitely (again, how?). This is all speculated to happen around… 2030.

    There’s that year again. Same year the oceans will boil and the land will become a dried out husk if you don’t destroy your life and embrace the bug eating tiny house lifestyle. Because someone did the math and figured out that if everyone’s a Highlander there’s not going to be enough room for all the centenarians. My guess is even if the Singularity moment happens there will be so much infighting that they’ll just destroy each other. Or if they’re uploaded to the Matrix, someone will just happen to forget to pay the electric bill and… poof! Sorry grandpa.

  30. In August of 1925, the Ku Klux Klan had a parade in Washington DC, 40,000 Klan members marched down Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Must have been a nice day for a parade.

    Maybe they could be in Chicago for the Democratic convention.

  31. Unless Democrat is a race, very little of what they call racist has anything to do with race. Likewise, antisemitism, since most Jews are NOT Semites, and in fact Muslim Semites outnumber them by orders of magnitude, including in Israel, has nothing to do with Semitism.
    It’s just lie upon lie upon lie, as politics always is.

  32. I thought about this for a long time: In terms of demographics, Islam is poised to supplant Judaism as the second most dominant religion in the United States—In Michigan and Minnesota, two swing states, it already has. Sleepy Joe is poised to lose at least Michigan in this year’s election, if only by a cat’s whisker.

    As Islam grows in numbers and in political power, what will that mean for support for Israel? What will that mean for Jewish people?

    Notice that first, few people are talking about this, and even fewer Jewish people are talking about this.

    • Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is a former board member of HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society):

      ‘HIAS congratulates Board Member Alejandro Mayorkas on being named by President-Elect Joe Biden to be the new secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. If confirmed, Mayorkas would be the first Latino to head the department that implements and manages U.S. immigration policies.’ — HIAS, Nov 23, 2020

      You shoulda seen my double take upon reading ‘the first Latino’ bit — definitely not the aptest ethnic descriptor that comes to mind. Maybe they meant Ladino.

      ‘HIAS stands for a world in which refugees find welcome, safety, and opportunity,’ says its website. Indeed — ten million of them during the ‘Mayorkas’ regime. To the Senators who approved his nomination: What the hell did you expect??

    • Demographics is destiny.

      But it shouldn’t matter very much, due to things like freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, free exercise of religion, and separation of church and state. …Right?

      …We still have that, don’t we? Don’t we? Bueller?

    • >Islam is poised to supplant Judaism
      Religion has nothing to do with it.
      A Jew is a Jew (enrolled member of the Jewish tribe) whether or not he (or she) practices the Jewish tribal religion. If that were not true, the term “secular Jew” would have no meaning. But we hear it all the time. Jewish is a tribal affiliation which reckons membership by matriarchal lineage, as do many Native American tribes. Diné (Navajo, as the Zuni call them) are one example. And the “Book of Genesis” is nothing but the creation myth of the Jewish tribe. The Jewish war god, Yahweh, is not my weh.

    • Hi Bryce,

      Dont you worry US is a great Islamist empire. Every single war in middle east they backed Islamist instead of nationalists. They wont replace Jews because Jews are highly literate and love reading while Islam is based on illiteracy and obeying the scholars. They will increase crime and mass murder for sure.

  33. The craven subservience to Israel and the bootlicking of the Jews by American politicians and “conservatives” is positively sickening. It’s no exaggeration to say they are more concerned about a foreign country than they are about the United States.

    Jim Traficant called it, years ago. Nobody ever said it as plainly and honestly as he did:

    • Jim Traficant had a lot to say. You can understand that his opinion was not well-received.

      Hannity stopped up his ears.

      Keelhaul Hannity, the only answer.

      • One of the biggest shills for jews, israel and the “deep state” is Sean Hannity. On Hannity’s radio show, a caller asked him about the deliberate israeli attack on the USS liberty (AGTR-5) on 8 June 1967. Hannity abruptly cut off the caller and declared that “israel is our “friend” and never would have done such a thing”. I dam near fell out of my chair when I heard THAT.
        On another front, 8 June 2017 was the fiftieth anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5). Normally, the fiftieth anniversary of any event rates at least a mention in the mainstream media. Not so for the USS Liberty (AGTR-5). There was not a peep from the so-called “mainstream media” about this “act of war” by our “friend and ally”, israel.
        This is merely more proof of who owns the “mainstream media”. Hint: It isn’t gentiles…

  34. I hold these truths to be self-evident:
    1. Arabs are human beings.
    2. Arabs are Semitic human beings.
    3. Arabic is the most widely spoken Semitic language.

    Ergo, anyone who uses the term “anti-Semitic” to mean “anti-Jewish” either:
    1. Denies that Arabs exist,
    2. Denies that Arabs are human beings,
    or both.

    Either way, that misuse of language is itself, by definition, “anti-Semitic.”
    In any case, we do not need specialized vocabulary to describe various forms of bigotry and prejudice. Those two general purpose words serve admirably well in all instances, and require no substitution nor further embellishment.

    Somewhat ironically, one of my best friends is prejudiced against Chinese people, based upon his previous dealings with Chinese in the computer industry. He says many of the same things about Chinese that some people say about Jews, based on their prior experience. Specifically, he asserts that Chinese are a) sneaky, b) untrustworthy, and c) preferentially look out for their own kind.

    Why ironically, you ask? Well, it turns out my friend is a mischling, a devout Christian born of a Methodist mother by a Jewish father. Adolf Hitler would have had him arrested, unless, like Erhard Milch, he had managed to gain der Fuehrer’s favor. Even AH believed there were *some* “good Jews.” I’ve even heard that *some* Jews believe there are *some* “good Germans.” Who knows?

    And yet, my friend manages to “compartmentalize” his anti-Chinese prejudice. As a former school teacher in San Gabriel, CA, which has a large Chinese-American population, he proudly brags on the achievements of his former students, many of whom are Chinese ancestry. And that, as Paul Hervey would say, is the rest of the story.

    • Asian culture doesn’t punish deviousness, as long as you don’t do it to your own. Same with the Jews.

      Or as the big joke from the Star Trek franchise goes: “A contract, is a contract, is a contract…but only between Ferengi.”. Rule of Acquisition number 17. Kinda interesting that, with the notable exception of Liquidator Brunt, FCA (Jeffrey Combs), virtually all Ferengi characters were cast to Jews, pet Gene Roddenberry’s wish…sorta his departing joke.

  35. There is no hope for America. It has been co-opted by high dollar oligarchs, illegal aliens making demands of the taxpayer, and the batshit crazy (e.g. trans movement, covid cult). Waving the uke flag in the “people’s house” and 99% voting to “stand with genocide” by criminalizing free speech.

    The middle eastern “democracy” will bleed the US dry. The parasite will kill the host. All the while the politicians who were paid for with 30 or fewer pieces of silver and the evangelical zionists praise God.

    We are neither the land of the free nor the home of the brave.

    • We’ve run out of ideas. This happened before, it will happen again. I remember the ’70s before the digital revolution. Products were either incredibly high end (think audiophile stereos) or disposable toy junk (think plastic 8-track players). Very little in between, often the cheap junk with faux wood grain panels. It took the rise of microprocessors and Japanese manufacturing to bring us out of our funk.

      The ’60s drug culture led to the excess of the 70s stoner and 80s addict. The sexual revolution led to the hedonism of the 70s, then after everyone got bored with casual sex in the 80s it went to tableau behavior pushed underground (and offshore, if you had enough money).

      Politics follows culture. Political types don’t have any new ideas either. Besides the only new idea would be to push power out to the edge, but no one is having any of that, no sir! Much like The Great Stink led to the London sewer system, it’s going to take a catastrophic collapse for anyone to really change anything. I had hoped it would have been Trump, that maybe someone in Congress would realize that it is insane to give anyone the kind of power the President has, but no, just get “their guy” -the one that takes orders, back in the Oval Office and everything will be fine.

  36. Hi Eric, there is no difference in principle between liberals and conservatives, they both support the welfare state and the warfare state they just use the power for different purposes. It’s the same with political parties the Democrats and Republicans are controlled opposition and do not provide a real choice. I used to live in NYC which is a one party town. Whoever wins the Democrat primary is almost certain to win the general election. In many areas of the city the Republicans didn’t even bother to run a candidate.

      • Likewise.

        I just want the govt to be shrunk down to size to just deliver the mail and protect us from threats, nothing more. No 3/4 letter agencies, stop with the taxes upon taxes upon taxes, I don’t need to lose my properties (house/cars/etc.) because I didn’t pay some fee and I’m not funding generational welfare if I had the option to.

        No busy body nameless, faceless pencil pushers telling me what I can and can’t do with my life, no this or that, just leave me alone.

        Sure a lot of you share the same sentiment there

        • Previous to the War of Northern Aggression, the united States federal government was an umbrella organization holed up in Washington DC and had very few enumerated powers. Constitutional responsibilities of the federal government were limited to coining lawful money, running a post office, and assembling troops to quell foreign invasion, nothing more.
          A person residing within a particular state considered himself to be a citizen of that state, NOT an American citizen. A person residing within the state of Virginia considered himself to be a citizen of Virginia, NOT a citizen of the united States. Notice that the word united was never capitalized, defining the states as holding the ultimate power.
          That all changed after the War of Northern Aggression was concluded. The federal government obtained powers not granted to it by the Constitution. It was all downhill from there.
          We would be better off if the several states told the federal government to take a hike and restore the powers that the states have always had, the federal government being subordinate to the states.
          It’s already started with the legalization of marijuana in many states, in contradiction to the federal ban which still exists.
          Repeal of the 16th and 17th amendments would be another good start…

          • > A person residing within the state of Virginia considered himself to be a citizen of Virginia
            Yes, and Robert E. Lee, a great American, refused to make war on his fellow Virginians. I personally have never read anything which suggests that General Lee was a racist, unlike his adversary, Mr. Lincoln.

            In fact, General Lee is on record as stating, shortly after the failed War for Southern Independence, that he believed slavery as an institution was on its way out, worldwide. He was making an observation, definitely *not* bemoaning it.

      • The late George Wallace, great but obviously imperfect American, long said there wasn’t $0.10 worth of difference between the Elephants and the Donkeys. Look at what happened to him in 1972, at least Arthur Bremer was a lousy shot.

    • Hi Rik, Eric, et al,
      Once one realizes that most positions involve collectivism, it’s a simple matter to draw conclusions that no real differences exist in principle. Robert Heinlein succinctly covered this in the following quote….

      “Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.”

      I once observed to my extreme left leaning sister, “You do not oppose slavery in principle, you just want to belong to the party holding the whip.” It’s the same with dyed in the wool Trump supporters….and why I don’t vote.

      Unfortunately, I see a very rough patch ahead for Americans, and if we all survive the conflicts around Israel and Ukraine, a very bright future for Russia. Ain’t I a ray of sunshine.


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