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This “anti-Semitic” business is something I’ve thought about going into – so here goes.

Like “racist,” it has become a generic shout-down word – one that works because there are anti-Semitic people, just as there are racist people. The problem is that both words are used to silence people who aren’t either but who have raised legitimate questions/criticisms that the cat-callers do not want to deal with and so they de-legitimize the person to avoid having to deal with the person’s questions/criticisms.

Two parallel examples come immediately to mind:

If a person questions the rightness of formal policies that award jobs to people primarily on the basis of skin color – i.e., what is styled “affirmative action” – he is often cat-called as a “racist” for daring to raise the question.

Similarly, if a person questions the rightness of American taxpayers being made to support the state of Israel, he is is typically accused of “anti-Semitism.” Even when the person objects to American taxpayers being made to support any state.

I consider both of a piece with this business of slandering people who questioned forcing people to wear “masks” as “anti-science.” Note the “anti.” I also think it is not a coincidence that anyone who dares to question “climate change” is characterized as a denier.

As in Holocaust denier.

That latter has been used for decades to shout-down anyone who “denies” the German National Socialists’ (spelled out on purpose, to make an obvious point) systematic campaign of mass murder, which – while focused on people who happened to be Jewish – also included Communists, “asocials” and pretty much anyone who was considered an actual or potential opponent of the regime.

As in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, too.

I have always been leery of this shouting down – and am utterly opposed to the criminalization of “denialism” – not because I am a socialist but because I oppose  the authoritarianism that defines socialism, including policies that criminalize mere expression, even if wrong. Even if despicable. The truth is more than up to the task of dealing with falsehood, if left free (by authoritarian socialism) to combat it.

The centrally dangerous thing about “denialism” – which is in the same basket as “racism” and “anti-Semitism” – is that these cat-call words are catch-all words. They can be used liberally – and inaccurately – and so unfairly.

As well as worse.

For example: It is verging on near-crime to “deny” what is styled “climate change.” The imputation is that to “deny” the predictive accuracy of the computer models being used as the basis for the claim that the “climate” is “changing” – or to question whether a fractional increase in fractional atmospheric C02 levels threatens catastrophic “climate change” – and so on – is tantamount to “denying” that the government of National Socialist Germany sought to murder people on account of their being Jewish.

That is some mighty dangerous stuff.

That is why I am not opposed to leaving people free to say whatever they want to say about the Holocaust – or the state of Israel. About “climate change” and “vaccines.” About anything, at all. Not because I think they are always right. But because they have the right to say it. And if they are wrong – in terms of their facts – then the truth will make that apparent.

And because it is dangerous to stifle questioning – of anything.

It is instructive – it is vitally important – that we remember how truths about “masks” and “vaccines” and the actual danger of “the virus” were cat-called as “misinformation,” “anti” Science and, yes, “denialism.” How those who dared to speak the truth were persecuted and punished – and still are (viz, the recent punishing of Dr. Peter McCullough, the eminent cardiologist, for stating truths about “the virus” and the “vaccines”).

That is what comes of tolerating cat-calls in lieu of conversations, no matter how uncomfortable those conversations may be. No matter how wrong some people may be, sometimes.

If a person is antagonistic toward a group of people on account of race or religion or some other such non-specific attribute, that will become clear enough soon enough – and that person’s arguments or statements can be picked apart on the basis of sloppiness, inaccuracy and disingenuousness (after a pattern has been established, after it becomes clear that contrary facts aren’t acknowledged and the person’s arguments and statements change to reflect the chastening effect of truth). That person’s statements and arguments can then be dismissed as wrong, without resorting to cat-calling.

It is easy to cat-call the arguments and statements of those you disagree with – and even easier, if you dislike them, personally.

With good reason.

It is very easy, for example, to dislike the person of someone as personally loathsome as Dr. Fauci – or the CEO of Pfizer, Anthony Bourla. But it is also easy to deflect and dismiss – and even pathologize – any questioning of their actions, their views, their policies, as being “anti” – including, in the case of Bourla, – “semitic” as simply (exactly the right modifier) motivated by dislike of them personally, or on account of their race or religion. And that – if accepted as argument-ending before there is an argument – confers upon their actions, their views and their policies a kind of blanket immunity from being questioned or criticized.

It serves almost literally as a How Dare You!

And that is not un-related, either.

Well, a free society cannot exist without questioning and criticism, whether right or wrong and however uncomfortable certain topics may make some people feel. A free society requires people who can think – and aren’t cat-called for doing so. Even when what they think – and say – is racist or anti-Semitic. Not placed in air-fingers quote marks because it is a fact that there are such people.

But there are also worse people.

They are the people who use those terms to cat-call people who aren’t those things but who make statements or raise questions they’d rather not address, often because they are true and the truth can be very threatening, to falsehood. We’ve had an object lesson about that over the course of the past almost three years now. The lies told us about “the virus,” which were used to further worse lies about “masks” – and then on to “vaccines” – which nearly led to camps – show us what happens when such lies are protected by accusing those who dare to question them as being “anti,” as being “deniers.”

And there is still the road ahead of us, with a fork in it.

Truth, however uncomfortable – or the suppression of it, in the name of false comfort.

If this Medieval business of cat-calling the mere raising of questions – however difficult, however uncomfortable – rather than answering them with facts – isn’t acknowledged as not merely the easy way out but also the dangerous way forward, then the fork we take will lead us down a road few of us will be happy we took, once it’s too late to turn back.

. . .

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  1. Has anybody been following the latest Kanye news regarding his “personal trainer”?

    Also, anybody following the Kyrie Irving (Pureblood Hero) story? Gargoyle Adam Silver said Irving’s apology and ransom to the ADL wasn’t good enough and suspended him. This was all because he watched a wrongthink film.

  2. the leftist’s hero….lol

    sanger the racist leftist hero, a fabian leftist
    with KKK connections

    Margaret Sanger, the women’s rights activist and founder of Planned Parenthood—the largest abortion provider in America—is a hero to the modern Left. And little wonder, given her outsized role in the founding and promotion of the modern abortion industry.

    Abortion: it guarantees a good supply of body parts and tissues that are sold, making the medical industry lots of money.

    Which raises the question: why would Planned Parenthood, which has gone so far beyond Sanger in its promotion of abortion, eugenics, and population control, still hold her up as a leader of the movement? Isn’t she a bit behind the times?

    Then there was her notorious speech before a branch of the New Jersey Ku Klux Klan, a well-documented event despite the content being nearly forgotten. In that speech, Sanger warned that America must “keep the doors of Immigration closed” to genetic undesirables.

    Then there’s Sanger’s opinion of non-whites, which, if uttered now, would (rightly) cause a conniption among Americans. She considered Australia’s Aborigines compulsive rapists and “the lowest known species of the human family, just a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development.”

    Many Americans black and white are unaware of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project. Sanger created this program in 1939 after the organization changed its name from the American Birth Control League (ABCL) to the Birth Control Federation of America (BCFA).

    The aim of the program was to restrict many believe exterminate the black population. Under the pretense of better health and family planning, Sanger cleverly implemented her plan. What’s more shocking is Sanger’s beguilement of black America’s crème de la crèmethose prominent, well educated and well-to-do into executing her scheme.

    The Negro Project has had lasting repercussions in the black community: We have become victims of genocide by our own hands, cried Hunter at the Say So march.

    One of the parents in the group was shocked when her daughter came home from school with Planned Parenthood material. I never realized how racist those people were until I read the [information my daughter received] at the school clinic, she said. [They are worse than] the Klan … because they’re so slick and sophisticated. Their bigotry is all dolled up with statistics and surveys, but just beneath the surface, it’s as ugly as apartheid.

    The majority of [blacks] are more pro-life than anything else, said Hunter. leftists are directly attacking blacks. (leftists: abortion ok, but bodily choice for refusing deadly experimental injections not ok, they always pick death, leftists are pro death), Blacks, unlike liberals, were never taught to destroy their children; even in slavery, they tried to hold onto their children.

    Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger: “All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class” and “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

    sanger who is connected to kkk. kkk was founded by democrats.

    The current situation:

    The most vaccine hesitant are blacks, indigenous and highly educated people. they were chasing them around sounds racist…

    that is very interesting this gives insight into what liberal/leftists really think about blacks/aboriginal/first nation people. leftists love sanger she is a leftist hero

    The bottom line is, these satanists have decided that the useless eaters on the bottom are an invasive species, the plan? end goal 7 billion cull.

    The billionaires at the top see themselves as a different species than the useless eaters, so they don’t need to be culled. it is called eugenics. the end.

  3. Big dick energy from Eric in this one.

    The game changed for me after seeing “the chart” in 2016. Confirmed when I asked an Israeli Jew I’d met a few times, “So I’ve been hearing this crazy stuff about how the Jews in America control everything. That’s not true is it?”

    He got super serious and said “Yes that is true, we do control everything and that’s just the way it is.”


    Imagine how shitty you must be that you’re absolutely convinced everyone will want to kill you/get rid of you if they’re allowed to talk about your actions…

  4. Let’s not forget that the National Socialist regime was a DEMOCRATIC regime. It was a mass movement “of the people.” And it was Woodrow Wilson and the U.S. which insisted that Germany become democratic.

    • Yeah, Mark, you got that right. There are a few smaller sects of Jews who follow the Scriptures, but the rest follow the Talmud (Or in the case of the “Reformed” variety, they just do a mix of traditions and their own thing).

      There’s a group of one of the smaller sects who run an organization called Jews Against Zionism, who accurately believe what the Scriptures say- that the Jews were cast out of Palestine by God for their unbelief and bad conduct, and that they will never have a legitimate place there until such times as they repent and are re-established by God- and that there presence and conduct there today is just proof of their further rebellion, and that because they are there in defiance of God, they can never have peace.

      And of course, the elite Cabalists are Satanists, whoose only interest in maintaining a Jewish identity is because they think being a member of “The Chosen People” entitles them to rule the world and to subjugate all “the gentile dogs”.

  5. You forgot the Irish.

    September 1, 1939 to September 2, 1945 is six years, the surrender.

    The Nazis in Germany were killing Jews and not only Jews one million each year during the Second World War. 1,000,000/365 is 2739, you are exterminating 2700 people per day, no weekends off.

    More than one hundred people per hour systematically died during those six years.

    Has to be a few ossuaries out there to prove the claim.

    Don’t forget the gypsies, the mentally retarded, the mentally ill, dissidents, sexual deviants that suffered from inhumane deadly treatment by the Nazis, not just the crazy Jews.

    Forget about it all, the covert Covid Holocaust is here and is here to stay.


    • From an engineering and logistical standpoint, NONE of the claims made by holocaust™ promoters is possible.
      –Killing jews with “bug spray” (Zyklon B) is not only impossible, but is laughable on its face. If Germans wanted to kill millions of people, there are more effective methods than using “bug spray”.
      –Transporting inmates (jews) to “camps”, utilizing scarce energy sources, transportation and logistical difficulties only to kill them is not only problematic but impossible as well.
      –Tattooing camp inmates only to kill them is also problematic.
      –If the “camps” were truly “death camps” why would medical facilities, recreational facilities, brothels, movie theaters, and other amenities be needed?
      –If genocide were the aim, why would excellent records be kept and transmitted to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Red Cross representatives had access to all of the camps and most certainly would have been able to observe any mass killings going on. The records at Bad Arelson were released in the 1990s. No reports of mass killings was reported.
      –“Gas chambers” with non-sealed wooden doors and the lack of ventilation systems for such facilities, once again, disproves the claims made by holocaust™ promoters. Doors that “swing the wrong way” would make retrieval of the bodies impossible. Ordinary light fixtures, rather than explosion proof lighting fixtures are claimed to have been the norm.
      –Claims by holocaust™ promoters that gassed bodies were blue or green (rather than bright red) from poisoning are totally false.
      –Claims that the inmates could tell when jews were being cremated by the smell and color of smoke emitted from the crematoria chimneys are patently foolish and false.
      –Let’s not forget “lampshades, wallets, soap and shrunken heads” made from jews is also laughable,
      –Crematoria running 24 hours a day, without “downtime” for maintenance on the muffles and flames “visible out of the crematoria stacks” are also impossibilities. Crematoria are designed to burn “clean” with no visible smoke and definitely no flames outside the stacks would be possible. Not only that, the claims that thousands of bodies were cremated daily are a statistical impossibility as it takes approximately 1.5 hours to cremate a human body. If cremation were used on “6 million” jews, the cremation process would have been operating into the 1950s.
      –The lack of depositories for bodies and ashes is more proof that the “camps” were not “death camps” but rather “work camps” for the German war effort. The jews conveniently sidestep the need to investigated by declaring that jewish “remains” must not be disturbed…because they do not exist.
      –Anne Frank’s “diary” was partially written with a ball-point pen which was not invented till the 1950s. Time travel, anyone? lol Anne Frank’s father was treated in a camp hospital and survived the war. Unfortunately Anne Frank succumbed to typhus. Now what is a hospital doing in a “death camp”?
      Germans were (and still are) excellent engineers and could not have engineered the grievous errors that are claimed by holocaust promoters.
      Follow the shekels…

      • >Anne Frank
        Anne Frank was transferred from (I believe) Auschwitz to another camp, in hopes she would receive better medical treatment. Unfortunately, these efforts were in vain, and she did not survive the war, although her father, Max Frank, did.

        According to the “holocaust” narrative, Anne Frank should have been immediately put to death by gassing, at Auschwitz, which did not happen. So, at least in this very famous case, the “holocaust” narrative is provably false.

        As you have stated, there are easier ways to kill people than what is alleged to have been done. One very simple way would be to deny water to the prisoners. They will be dead in about three days, guaranteed. I once hiked the Grand Canyon, down and back in one day (down Bright Angel, out South Kaibab) without food or water, just to prove it could be done.

        I did that in my 20s, in April, and I was a sick puppy when I made it out, about 5PM. That is ONE day, 12 hours, in moderate temperatures, by a young and very fit male. If I tried that today, no doubt I would die on the trail. So, you don’t need “gas chambers,” which would be a waste of time and money.

        However, the major problem, as stated by Rudolph Höss, who “confessed” under torture before he was hanged, would not be execution, but corpse disposal. No amount of “hand waving” can change the heat capacity of the human body, which is mostly water. Do the math. To measure is to know. and combustion requires fuel.

        I am well aware I am preaching to the choir, so will leave it at that. I would advise a) do your own investigations, b) draw your own conclusions, and do not swallow every cock and bull story which rolls down the pike, particularly stories peddled by those who have a political agenda.

    • Said King Edward (the First) of England, aka “Longshanks”, to his adjutant: “Arrows…cost money. Use up the Irish…their dead cost us NOTHING.”

      Even if indeed most of the purported “sechs millionen Juden” were starving and/or emaciated, that’s still about 40 kg of human flesh and bone per victim. If indeed most of the remains were disposed of by cremation in the J.A. Topf und Sohne “krema”, probably using locally-sourced anthracite coal, that’d be 240,000,000 kg, or 240K metric TONS, of human ash and pulverized bones to dispose of in various sites, not just Auschwitz-Birkenau. And where, pray tell, would this pile of cremains have been deposited? Or was Nazi Germany literally awash in the soap supposedly made from rendered fat of the cremated victims (another disproved hoax). Just imagine, for example, even if some ghoulish purpose had been concocted to make use of the cremains of the Jewish victims; how much rolling stock would have been required to haul those cremains? Let alone the coal necessary to perform the cremations! It should be obvious that even such a grisly task requires extensive logistical planning.

  6. Outstanding article Eric,

    Would be fantastic if it could get some wider play. I’m sure many normals have similar questions/concerns, unfortunately over time they have been terrorized into silence. This article gives all the arguments needed to break through that fear.

    It was almost like having to much to think for a Sunday.

      • Gumption or idiocy? Eric’s nuanced article is great. The pro-Hitler, pro National SOCIALISM wankfest in the comment section, not so much. Some of these comments are a caricature of retarded.

        • Yeah, Funkmeister,
          Though there is some truth mixed in, I must say that I am really shocked to see so many pro-National Socialism comments here of all places….

          But still, it makes it an even better exposition, the likes of which one rarely sees these days. Digging down to such issues can be very enlightening, as long as there are some to posit the truth. To expose all sides of an issue or philosophy, and to examine all sides and possibilities is really exactly what is necessary to test ones beliefs and either make one stronger in affirming the integrity of what they believe, or to abandon it if they come to see that they do not truly believe what they thought they did.

          This would be one of the best things LRC could publish in a long time.

  7. Watch out, next they’ll be accusing you of being Unmutual. Pointing out that Free Speech must be freely spoken or it is not “free”, what’s next, questioning the veracity of Number 2’s orders?

  8. WOW EP ….

    Truth to power…
    Hmmm…..any traffic accidents in your near-term future…..Welcome to our binary world.

  9. Paul Pelousi, is attacked in his guarded fortified mansion. Does that make any sense to you? Here is a more plausible scenario: Nancy is in Washington D.C., and her husband, a Jewish philandering agent, is downtown SFO picking up a male prostitute. Husband Paul takes his gay date home and then things go sour. Of course, that has to be covered up with another narrative.

    Source: Elron Muskrat tweet to Hellery Cliton:
    “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye,” Musk said in his tweet, which shared a post that puts forth allegations that Paul Pelosi was intoxicated and had met the intruder at a gay bar earlier in the night before the attack took place early Friday morning. ”

    Then the FBI is tasked to manufacture a pro-Trump manifesto, which will support the ongoing trials of DJT, on the docket this week, and the whole bullshit story is supported by the MSM to cover up the sexual pervert husband doings of the Speaker of the House husband, who is living off of public largesse in a mansion having illicit gay sex while his working wife is prosecuting the democracy destablilizers.

    What a fucking laugh. Clown world.


  10. The Firings Begin: Twitter CEO, CFO, & Top Censor Escorted Out….best news in 2022…

    the firings have begun with Musk becoming ‘Chief Twit’.

    fired……..this witch banned everybody, mostly conservatives…..Vijaya Gadde, a leftist communist…..the top legal and policy executive, (or censorship czar)…..she is bipoc, she banned mostly whites so she is racist….NOTE: banned Trump….

    As a reminder, having been with Twitter since 2011, Gadde was the key executive in charge of ‘trust and safety, legal and public policy functions’ – described by Politico as the company’s “moral authority.” Gadde holds one of the most controversial positions at Twitter: Her teams decide how to moderate content. Gadde will leave with $12.5 million severance….lol.

    • NOTE:
      this witch banned everybody, mostly conservatives…..Vijaya Gadde, a leftist communist…..the top legal and policy executive, (or censorship czar)…..

      she is bipoc, she banned mostly whites so she is racist….NOTE: she banned Trump….

  11. “Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it”
    Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni tells NPR host how the anti-semitism meme is used to shut down criticism of Israel.

    Note: the Palestinians are being genocided by the Israelis, if you defend the natives you will be called anti-Semitic, when in fact the Palestinians are the Semites and those who are killing them are not. Zionist Jews who moved to Israel mostly came from Lithuanian, Poland, and Russia, they are not Semites.

    Eric, what you know about Hitler and his death camps is not real history – your history lessons in school were written by the victors, who demonized AH and Nazis to cover up their own crimes. For instance, after armistice, Einsehower starved to death 2 million German soldiers after the war was over. Another mega crime of the allies was the fire bombing of Dresden, which was not a military target, but a huge refugee camp.

    The official Holocaust narrative is complete fiction. 6 million is a completely contrived number Jews use again and again, the 6 million number is a magic number Jews use to trick you, they repeat it over and over, and researchers have discovered that the 6 million number has been used by Rabbis and Jewish writers over 200 times before the Holocaust, here are a few:


    1900 – Stephen S. Wise, New York Times, June 11, 1900
    “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.”

    1902 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 10th Edition, Vol. 25, 1902, page 482
    “While there are in Russia and Rumania six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded …”

    1902- Samuel W. Goldstein, New York Times, November 27, 1902
    “PLEA FOR ZIONISM … In answer I would say: Does Dr. Silverman represent the 6,000,000 Jews in Russia, 300,000 in Roumania and the 1,000,000 in Galicia?”

    1912 – Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, New York Tribune, September 11th, 1912, page 9
    “Russia is now asphyxiating the Jews. It does not dare to offend the nations by blood spilling, so it is slowly, but surely grinding out the lives of 6,000,000Jews.”

    1916 – The Jews in the Eastern War Zone, The American Jewish Committee, 1916
    ” … where six million human beings guilty only of adherence to the Jewish faith are compelled to live out their lives in squalor and misery, in constant terror of massacre … estimated at six million or more … of these six millionpeople … a kind of prison with six million inmates … The persons most affected, the six million Jews of Russia … The Jews are loyal and brave, and it is most inadvisable to pursue a policy which might convert six millionsubjects into enemies. … the six million Jews of Russia still continued … nearly three of the six million …”


    Germans put Jews into work camps, not death camps. The narrative about gas chambers and ovens is completely false. Germans did not burn 6 million bodies, not during a war when energy was scarce. CSI of the work camps revels no evidence of the claims made by the victors and post war writers.

    Jews did die at the death camps from poor nutrition and disease, but near the end of the war, the German soldiers were also starving as all the supply lines were bombed. Obviously, during war, POWs get the least in resources. For decades researchers have studied German documents, letters etc. and can not find even one reference in the Nazi high command of any systematic program to kill Jews.

    The Nazis wanted the Jews out of Germany, because most Communists were Jews, and Hitler and his brown shirts were literally in gun battles with Communists long before the Third Reich was even formed. Many loyal German Jews were in the German military, many of them officers.

    At that time Russia had been taken over by Communists, that political movement was the next great thing consuming the world at the time, and the Jewish writers in NYC were all for the Communists and Uncle Joe Stalin. So in Germany, which is practically next door to the Bolsheviks, they felt very threatened and were rounding up the Jewish Communists to save Germany.

    Communism is a theory by a Jew Karl Marx, son of a Rabbi, and Jews admit that the Jewish religion is the source of Communism. If you are a Libertarian, you would oppose such a system of thought, it is foreign to you because it does not resonate with your blood/soul.

    Germans did send tens of thousands of Jews to Palestine, and many thousands to work camps. They also wanted to ship Jews to Madagascar, but they made a deal with the Rabbis not to. The real story of what happened is not taught in schools in police state Amerika, a false narrative is taught just like with everything else.

    Eric, don’t be so quick to condemn Hitler when in fact you live in the New Amerikan Weimar Republic, but has yet to go through the hyperinflation like they did which totally destroyed the middle class. The very first thing the brown shirts did was destroy the Jewish pornography, which is the same disease consuming our nation. I bet they didn’t tell you which books they were burning.

    I will tell you something Eric, if you had been a German in Wiemar Germany when it collapsed you might have been first to enlist in the new reich – which was viewed as the salvation of the Germans at the time.

    • You don’t get the wraith loke look of the German camp prisoners overnight. It takes months of minimal nutrition to get that. If the Germans were trying to kill them all, why give them any water or nutrition at all? They were useless for work in that condition as some of them could barely move. Yet the Germans cared for them with what they could scrape together. The whole holocaust thing is such BS designed to provide a shield of permanent victimhood for the same folks who instigated the war in the first place. David Irving has written extensively on this and has been hounded mercilessly as a result. To know who rules over you, know who you’re not allowed to criticize.

    • Really great post Yukon. The european zionist fake jews actually disdain real Middle Eastern jews and heavily discriminate against them. And while they flood Europe with Syrian refugees they never accepted a single one of them. They have one helluva wall at their border while our zionist controlled press ignores the flood of replacements flooding our wide open border. If you look at every destructive social trend including trans rights, support for the Ukraine War and murder of Christians, these psychopaths are pulling all the levers.

      • I hope everyone finds the time (especially EP) to watch the Bitchute link to “The Greatest Story Never Told” – 6 hours of history revisionism that will forever change your mind on the utter bullshit you were taught in school about WW2:

        I am watching it again tonight, for the upteenth time, just so when I blog and comment I get my facts straight. I am not a historian, but a day laborer who is at least smart enough to realize we are being screwed big time by these self chosen frauds.

        There is one topic I do excel in, and it is comparative mythology, and how the Abrahamic religions are not just total nonsense, but also totally plagiarized retelling of older myths. And you don’t have to take my word for it, just go read Israeli Emeritus Professor of History at Tel Aviv University Shlomo Sand who says the Jewish people is total fabrication:

        Shlomo Sands books:

        Invention of the Jewish People
        The Invention of the Jewish People is a historical tour de force that demolishes the myths and taboos that have surrounded Jewish and Israeli history.

        Invention of the Land of Israel
        The Invention of the Land of Israel deconstructs the age-old legends surrounding the Holy Land and the prejudices that continue to suffocate it.


        What that means, all these people called “Jews” who left home and went to Palestine because of what the Torah/Bible says, are totally and completely wrong about their blood claim to that area of the world. This obsession with Israel, by all these Christian and Jewish Zionists is a mental illness caused by fabricated religious literature.

        That is a fact Jack, and if you believe in the God of Israel, and the Exodus, and King David and all the rest, including Jesus, you have been duped bigtime. The Bible is the greatest literary hoax of all time, and I’m sorry if you believe otherwise, you are wrong.

        Let me quote physicist Daniel Dennett on religion: “There’s simply no polite way to tell people they’ve dedicated their lives to an illusion.”

        The simple fact is this, religious theology is fiction, there simply does not exist a thing call sin. You can not be forgiven by a thing that does not exist. There is no need of a savior, you are on a hell planet run by lunatic theists, you only need salvation from them and their control over you.

        And what does Richard Dawkins professor emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford say about the Bible god?

        “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”
        ― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

        What do I say about the Bible god? Yahweh is an asshole, and only assholes would find such a god attractive and want to emulate him. The great anti-semitic tragedy in Palestine is caused by Zionist Jewish assholes, aligned with Zionist Christian assholes trying to prove their end times eschatology true.

        This belief and wanting of heaven, has become the clawing of humanity by desperate bipedal conscious creatures who fear death and non existence. They have latched onto the most ruinacious theology that could of ever been dreampt into existence. These assholes have taken over western nations, and this horrible evil is called Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOG).

        • A tenet of Satanism and Communism is the denial of objective truth and that everything is relative. You can change your gender just by saying so, crap modern art is the equivalent of hundreds of year old classics, etc etc. There is sin and there is good and evil just as there is objective beauty and ugliness.. There’s a reason the old Cathredrals are so beautiful and he typical Synagogue is a concrete box. Hurting someone without cause is undeniably evil. Deceiving someone to act against their own best interest is evil. Anyhoo, whether you believe the bible ior not, one passage pretty much nails the fake Jews that lord over us:

          Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Rev 3:9

        • We also have to get away from the “judeo-Christian” mindset, as well…
          Using the “Old Testament” for “laws” is wrong. Yes, the Ten Commandments are a good guide which proscribes certain behaviors, but the rest of mosaic law relies on a vindictive, vengeful “god” to exact “punishment” on “his people”.
          That my work fine for jews, as they have their supremacist “Talmud” to rely on, but “for the rest of us”, it won’t wash.
          Judaism is an insular belief system that shuns outsiders, prohibits proselytization, and promotes a form of supremacy, relegating all gentiles (non-jews) to the status of livestock-subhumans with souls, only to be used for the advancement and benefit of jews.
          In fact, slavery (of goyim) is still condoned and encouraged in the jewish Talmud. In addition, the jewish Talmud condones pedophilia, allowing lecherous old jews to rape children as long as they are “three years and a day” of age.
          The barbaric practice of circumcision (male genital mutilation) is also suspect, the mohel fellating
          (metzitzah b’peh) the infant after the “deed is done” passing on (who knows what) STDs to the infant. Sick…
          In fact, every jewish “holiday” (holy day) is based on the celebration of genocide and destruction of gentiles.
          Our present troubles are a result of a jewish cabal taking over political decisions in our nominally “multicultural” country.
          Tying Judaism to Christianity was a clever trick used by the jews to “cement” their claim to the “land of Israel” and of the covenant, to which I reply, “God is not a real estate agent”.
          Jews rejected the covenant when they murdered Jesus Christ. Their covenant with (their) God was then “null and void”.
          It is the flawed Schofield translation of the Bible that elevated jews to the status of Christianity’s “elder brothers”, which was then reinforced by the Catholic (flawed) “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” in the 1960s.
          I cringe when I hear well-meaning people talk about out judeo-Christian heritage.
          Nothing could be further from the truth.
          The god of judaism is a vengeful god, totally unlike the merciful and welcoming God of Christianity.
          Christianity welcomes ALL, regardless of nationality or social status, not true of judaism.
          Jews DID murder Jesus Christ and TOOK FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR DOING SO.
          Sad to say, even the present-day (post-Vatican II ecumenical council) Catholic church has bought into absolving the jews for Jesus Christ’s murder.
          As is the case, even today, the jews got others, the Romans to do their dirty work for them, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
          How can Christians have the same values as the Jews; the very people who denounced and betrayed the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and call for his execution (by others, of course, that is the Jewish way)?
          It makes absolutely no sense at all.
          Jews have no respect for Christianity, for Jesus Christ or Mary, his mother, who are both honored as Prophets in Islam, but instead, Jews spit on hearing their names and do the same while passing a Christian of any kind or a Christian Church in Israel. They have no respect for Christians or any other religion.
          It is time the Jewish lobbies and the dual citizenship American Government leaders as well as the evangelical Christian leaders who mislead the poor American young into joining the military and believing that they are doing something for God and Christianity by fighting Israel’s wars were identified, indicted and arrested and tried for treason.
          In a perverse sort of way, israel’s favorite “war song” is “Onward Christian Soldiers”…
          There…I’ve said it…

  12. “Can’t we all just get along?” – Rodney King

    The Russians have problems with the Ukes these days.

    Jews are the original Stupid Old Adams, they can’t help it. Martin Luther would have agreed. You have to feel sorry for them, pray for the Jews was what my parents said to do.

    The Jews refuse to be apostates, well, twelve of them were, made the decision. Communists refuse apostasy, you’ll be out of luck. The same for the Islamic faith, fealty to the Old Adam ways, stone a few people to death, chop off a few heads.

    “Please kill them,” said the Palestinian, wasn’t happy with the way the Jews treat Palestinians.

    Napoleon wanted to string up members of the Catholic clergy.

    Croats do not like Serbs. “Jesus said to love thy neighbor, I do, I love to kill him,” said the Croat about the Serb.

    Everyone is prejudiced. If you walk down a dark alley that is a dead end and see an old lady in a wheelchair, would you feel threatened? If you saw a black man about 6’6” tall at the end of a dark alley, would you feel threatened?

    “I don’t like Indians,” (the Native American kind) said the mayor of a small city. Got along with the black white man, but not the red man. You’re a racist if you don’t like a person of color, black, red, brown, yellow, or white, doesn’t matter.

    Hindus can’t see eye-to-eye with Muslims. Nobody can see eye-to-eye with Muslims. Level the Burj Dubai, forget about Kiev.

    The Chinks don’t get along with the people of India up there in the Himalayas.

    Seems as though the Jews are good at having everybody at each others throats. Blame them, everyone else is a victim.

    Get everybody hating everybody, make it a blood bath forever and ever.


    Drinking time!

    • somebody made this observation….

      All of the LGBT marxists/democrats/POC who helped to install Brandon

      note….brandon is a ccp tool/shill

      will be the first group eradicated by Xi and friends.

      These people believe they are only targeting Patriots, Christians and Libertarians. NOPE.

      Mainland Chinese people are the most racist people in the world and are not fond of blacks or whites or Indians. They really hate LGBTQ.

      So while these American Progressives usher in Chinese rule, they’re only digging their own grave.

      For those of us who survive what’s coming, we will not be rooted out first once the Chinese take total control.

      • Hi Anon,

        In re: “…will be the first group eradicated by Xi and friends.”

        Yes. Yuri Bezmenov (KGB defector) made this same point 40 years ago. These LBGTQ XYZ POC people will be the first to go down the chute.


          • Exactly. We must do something. You can see the neoCommies at work in the Jan 6th commision, they are prosecuting protestors of the stolen 2020 election calling peaceful protest of election fraud as treason – when in fact the Democrats committed treason when they stole the election.

            Yuri Bezmenov says first the useful idiots get offed because they are loud mouthed activists and would be a direct threat of the new communist state.

            People bash Hitler all day long – but Hitler did something – he stood up and took a stand against the Commies, who were the rabble rousers in Berlin. When the young NSDAP party would have a public meeting, these loud mouthed Communist Jews would immediately disrupt their meeting and turn it into a brawl. So when the Nazis came to power, they of course had a burning hatred for German Communists went after them with a passion, and don’t forget that most German communists were
            Jewish. That little fact has been left out of your history lesson.

            There is a reason that decade after decade Mein Kampf is a best seller read around the western world – because people (Goyim) are catching on to who rules over them, Jews.(I tried to read it and found it awful) If you put yourself in the shoes of a typical German in 1932, you would probably act the same, as the Germans were being snuffed out by the Treaty of Versailles. In the 1920s 75,000 Germans a year were committing suicide because things were so bad. Hitler put them back to work and was viewed as a savior, even as an avatar by some.

            All of that is history, what is the takeaway from that period of history? If the situation in Weimar Amerika goes to hell, like a great depression or hyperinflation or both, and the wars go bad, or a nuclear war – you may well be in the same shoes as the German people were back then. And since we know it was the Jews who promoted pornography, false flags, gun control, censorship, etc, why would we be tolerant toward them>

            In fact, Amerikans are a violent bunch, they may treat Jews with far worse contempt than what the Germans did. And the Jews would get what they so justly deserve for screwing us over.

            • **”People bash Hitler all day long – but Hitler did something – he stood up and took a stand against the Commies, “**

              Yeah…and replaced it with something just as bad- and that is precisely what is happening here.

              • I must disagree with your negative assertion that Hitler replaced communism with “something else”.
                Hitler’s “sin” was the “monetization of labor”–placing “labor” on the positive side of the balance sheet unlike the standard practice even today, of treating labor as a liability–not an asset.
                The idea was the monetization of productive physical labor. Germany did not have any appreciable amount of precious metals or reserve currency, and few natural resources other than water and abundant coal reserves.
                Physical labor is the primary source of all economic value, not what some Talmudic gnome sitting on his pile of gold and silver claims it to be. A true national economy must exist to serve the people, not the other way around.
                No truly sovereign nation would let its citizens starve or suffer degradation and debt slavery simply to appease the lurking market worshiping demons.
                The German people were under no imperative whatsoever to starve or turn back to those supposedly idyllic days when Berlin was the cheap sex capital of Europe and women were often forced to prostitute themselves for a cup of sugar or a piece of bread.
                Hitler’s great crime (other than having lost the war) was that the National Socialist economic policies worked so well. This no doubt horrified the usurious overlords of Wall St. and the City of London, and enraged FDR , whose so called “New Deal” had been totally ineffective at dealing with the depression in the USA.

                • Anarch,
                  Wait…wait…. You are rightly opposed to communism….but not National Socialism, except for how it’s overlord viewed it’s slaves? Wut?!

                  • To it’s credit Nazism seemed to work pretty well for the German people up until Hitler decided to fight the world. I’m sure Hitler was genuinely popular in the mid 30’s, they hosted the Olympics in 1938. At ;least nazism and communism then were honest about what they were, not this pretend “democracy” we have now. Neither tried to replace their own people either although the communists didn’t mind killing them. I believe nazism allowed private property and independent business and communism didn’t except for the connected elite. Between the two nazism is a far better choice and the nationalist version much better than the globalist version we have today.

                    • I mean look at Germany today – ashamed, invaded, at the mercy of the global elite. They should bring back Nazism.

                    • Yeah, Mark, Naziism allowed ‘private property” and “private business”, but, as Hitler said [Paraphrasing] “It shall be so heavily regulated and taxed so as to be private in name only”. Even to this day, with Germany being ‘liberated’…it is a very oppressive place to live- virtually everything one can do is heavily controlled by the state, especially in regards to real property and business- even more so than here- much more so (Althoyugh we are catching-up fast!).

                      You hire someone there to work at your business…you WILL be married to thgem for a long, long time….and you WILL give them a month’s paid vacation in addition to sick days, maternity leave, etc. (Sounds like a better gig working there than being on welfare here!).

                      And then there are all the EU rules on top of Germany’s own……(The EU is so tyrannical it even decrees the maximum loudness an MP3 player must be capped at!)…and the VAT…and…and…

                    • **”I mean look at Germany today – ashamed, invaded, at the mercy of the global elite. They should bring back Nazism”**

                      I guess that’d be fine if ya view a nation collectively. I thought we as Libertarians were all about the individual, and autonomy, and eschewed the very idea of the collective?

                    • Nunz it seems the German psyche resonds exceptionally well to collectivism unfortnately. They have many other positive traits but even today as you pointed out, they live under a tyrannical government that even outdoes our own. At least national socialists seemed to actually like their citizens compared to what the globalists think of us today as annoying C02 spewing, useless eaters. 1930’s Germany was safe, prosperous, and proud. For a regular Joe, probabloy a better world than the one we have today. Oh and the nazis happily killed perverts. Can’t be all bad.

                    • I will say the Nazis got one thing right. Genetics transcends politics. Governments come and go but once the genetics go, that’s gone forever,

                    • It’s the “world” that decided to fight Germany…Hitler admired the British people and stated as such. As to “blitzkrieg”, Hitler was reclaiming territories that were stolen from Germany as “war reparations” from WW1.
                      The “seeds” of WW2 were sown at the conclusion of WW1.
                      Let’s not forget Great Britain and the “City of London” financial district (which politicians and even royalty are forbidden from entering) that made the secret “deals” with jewish zionists in exchange for much-needed “cash”. The Balfour Declaration was the “promissory note” that Great Britain signed which stole Palestine from its inhabitants and gave it to the jews.

                    • Gotta agree with ya about the genetics, Mark. The Nazis took that very seriously, as do the Jews, which I guess is what made conditions so ripe for the notorious conflict, -I mean, ya can’t have 2 races of supermen who think they’re the sole possessors of the world throne.

                      The biggest detriment to all people these days is how they have allowed themselves to buy into the lies of ‘diversity’ [Death to any society which ever practiced it!] and how they have failed to preserve their physical and cultural heritage, and have let their minds, countries, towns, and children to be adulterated by inferior things.

                      Seems I remember quotes from both the Nazis and the Jews to the effect that people who would allow such to happen to themselves deserve what they get and have thereby shown themselves to be unworthy of what their ancestors had given them.

                      On even the most mundane level, no society on earth- including out own of just barely a century ago, would ever have tolerated what we’ve allowed every once-great city in this country to become- steaming disgusting slums and hotbeds of communism. Such is proof that the society which would cause and allow that is in the throes of destruction.

                      And although (of course) I’m opposed to eugenics, even that sort of sounds reasonable sometimes in light of what we have today, what with all of these morons whining about what words ya use top refer to their retards and crack-babies, while taking hundreds of thou$ands apiece in taxpayer money to repair all of the damage that poor breeding did to their mixed-up mulatto mongrel blood-suckers and AIDS babies, ’cause they had to have a go with Tyrone and his big filthy schlong.

                    • Anarchyst said:

                      **”It’s the “world” that decided to fight Germany…Hitler admired the British people and stated as such. As to “blitzkrieg”, Hitler was reclaiming territories that were stolen from Germany as “war reparations” from WW1.
                      The “seeds” of WW2 were sown at the conclusion of WW1.
                      Let’s not forget Great Britain and the “City of London” financial district (which politicians and even royalty are forbidden from entering) that made the secret “deals” with jewish zionists in exchange for much-needed “cash”. The Balfour Declaration was the “promissory note” that Great Britain signed which stole Palestine from its inhabitants and gave it to the jews.

                      Yep. Can’t argue with that.

                  • You make a good point about National Socialism. However, it was eminently preferable to communism.
                    You are correct about Germany’s oppressive government, even today. Homeschooling is expressly forbidden. Actually, everything not expressly permitted is forbidden.
                    It was the Allies (I use that term loosely) that wrote and imposed the present-day German Constitution on the German people.
                    National Socialism may have “warts” but compared to the communists, it was tolerable. No longer were the criminal excesses of the jew-run “Wiemar Republic allowed to continue.
                    As I previously stated, Hitler’s greatest “crime” was throwing out the Rothschild banks and monetizing labor…those were the reasons the Allies went against Germany.
                    Even in other countries within the communist orbit, when German troops arrived, they were greeted as liberators…anything was better than communism. Of course jewish “partisans” went “underground” in order to “save” their communist political system.

                    • Interesting thing, Anarch (Which so many, ‘specially most ‘Muricans overlook) is how the “Allies” -the winners, who were ‘making the world safe for democracy’- handed over half of Europe to the commies. I guess that shows who exactly was indeed calling the shots, and that as usual, WWII, like all wars, was a war for bankers. And we had parades and the obligatory worshiping of the ‘troops’ for their ‘service’ of plunging millions of people into a reign of unbridled communism…and now the overlords we fought for have brought the same to our own doorstep, and to the rest of the world, as we are witnessing the world dictatorship which the Rothchilds et al have so long salivated for being implemented through the auspices of the WEF and WHO et al, as they are cheered on and helped by the propagandists of Hollywood and Silly-Con Valley.

                      Too bad Hitler was what he was though- had he been a Thomas Jefferson or similar, things may’ve been far different now, as the allies would have had a hard time drumming up support for a war against that. Hitler really played right into their hand…as if on cue- and thanks to the help of the Germans who love to follow orders.

        • Hi Eric


          the UN run one world government coming to the U.S., canada, australia, new zealand,

          fascism (combination of government and big business) and riches for the cabal at the top. communism for the people on the bottom, the totalitarianism of the CCP.

          It will have a great abridgement of individual rights—including property rights, free expression, freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of religion, and the free enterprise system

          The Prophecy of a KGB Agent
          a 1985 interview of Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB agent who defected to the West in 1970.

          The interview is about the Soviet Union’s (today china’s ccp style government together with the bankster/wef/un/.0001% great reset, globalist, new world order central government worldwide) strategy to subvert the United States and all countries worldwide. It is eye-opening and I wish to share a quote here first:

          “Marxism-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged or counter-balanced by the basic values of Americanism and American patriotism … The demoralization process in the United States is basically completed already … Most of it is done by Americans to Americans thanks to lack of moral standards.

          As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures. Even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When the military boot crashes him, then he will understand, but not before that. That’s the tragic of the situation of demoralization.”

          What Mr. Bezmenov described 35 years ago is unfolding in front of our very eyes. To me, what is most alarming is that the demoralization is mostly “done by Americans to Americans due to lack of moral standards.” Actually, as Bezmenov pointed out, “for the last 25 years, actually it’s over-fulfilled because the demoralization now reaches such areas where previously not even Comrade Andropov [KGB leader during 1967–1982] and all his experts would even dream of such a tremendous success.”

          According to Bezmenov, only 10 to 15 percent of the KGB’s personnel and resources were allocated to traditional clandestine espionage in James Bond’s style, with the rest going to “legitimate, overt, and open” ideological subversion. He said that subversion happens in four stages: demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and “normalization.”

          The first stage, lasting for about 15 to 20 years, the period of time needed to raise a generation, is to brainwash the public with communist ideology. Manipulation of the media and academia is required for this purpose.

          The second stage focuses on throwing society into chaos, and it usually takes 2-5 years. During this stage, the status quo in economy, foreign relations, and defense systems are changed. The establishment promises all kinds of goodies in order to win people’s support for creating a massive government that is intrusive to people’s lives. Media and academia are also essential to make it successful.

          The third stage instigates a crisis that leads to a civil war, revolution, or foreign invasion. This stage only took 2-6 months.

          This is the stage when the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned. note: this is the interesting part, when the communists takeover, leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated. for one they know too much.

          it happened in Grenada, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and China. “It is the same pattern everywhere,” said Bezmenov. when the communists takeover leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated.

          These three steps culminate in the fourth and final stage of “normalization”—the populace begins to accept and assimilate communism. This final stage can take up to 20 years to complete.

          The amazing book, “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World,” gives a comprehensive analysis of the non-violent infiltration of communism in the West. In 1884, a year after Karl Marx’s death, the British Fabian Society was founded to bring about communism gradually. p. e. trudeau brought fabian communism to canada.

          It encourages its members to advance socialist aims by joining suitable organizations and ingratiating themselves with important figures, such as cabinet ministers, senior administrative officials, industrialists, university deans, and church leaders. Since then, many American intellectuals began accepting communist ideas or its Fabian socialist variant.

          The 1960s counterculture movement produced a large number of young anti-traditional students who were influenced greatly by cultural Marxism and Frankfurt School theory. After graduation, they entered the institutions with the most influence over society and culture, such as universities, news media, government agencies, and non-profits.

          What guided them at that time was mainly the theory of “the long march through the institutions” proposed by Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci. This “long march” aimed to alter the most important traditions of western civilization. As a result, generations of young people have been indoctrinated with the communist ideology.
          Why are Intellectuals So Prone to Communism?

          Intellectuals tend to be fooled by radical ideologies. This phenomenon has drawn the attention of scholars. British historian Paul Johnson found that radical intellectuals share the fatal weaknesses of arrogance and egocentrism.

          Founding Father John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Interestingly enough, a ruthless communist dictator, Joseph Stalin, echoed his point from another angle, “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

          part of the nwo/ccp/who.0001% great reset agenda is to put in place china’s ccp style government all around the world with central control.

          globalist/nwo/wef/who cabal who is in it? the elite nobility/.0001% billionaires and their huge corporations, big tech, big pharma, big oil, big media (all the media, fa//, google, twitter), big banks, china was chosen to lead it. (they believe in slavery, transhumanism, fake science).

        • Hi Eric

          here is a story about one fabian communist G7 leader destroying a country from within….
          brandon and the leftist gang are on the same path…

          The fabian p e trudeau

          blackface senior divorced morality from law.

          Professor Kenneth McNaught, founder of the pro-Red Fair Play for Cuba Committee in Canada, has observed that “ p e Trudeau’s political fate will likely be the political fate of Canada.” American Opinion magazine,observes that

          “a brief examination of p e Trudeau’s background confirms Professor McNaught’s inference that, to the extent that Trudeau extends his influence and is politically advanced, Canada will move toward the Communists.”

          P. E. Trudeau’s story during the 1940s is typical of the rich young leftist — working against military service, against his country, and becoming involved in Marxism under socialist influ­ences at university.

          In 1947, P. E. Trudeau was a student at the London School of Economics, founded by the Fabian Socialists to train Marxists and spread Marxism. Professor Harold Laski, then head of the Fabian Society, was publicly advocating violent revolution at the time.

          We note his presence in China in 1950 when the Reds were taking over. He was in Shanghai when Mao Tse-tung took over.

          ATTENTION: now blackface is in canada when the communists took over.

          Pierre apparently had developed a taste for leading delegations to Communist countries. In 1960 he led another – to Communist China. He participated in a Communist “victory celebration.”

          He met his idol, Mao Tse-tung. He collaborated on a book called Two Innocents In Red China.
          on the 30 million ge noc ide…… Trudeau not only justifies Mao Tse-tung’s mass mur de rs – he applauds them. They are good, he says. They are necessary. They prove Mao’s genius.

          today……blackface and the liberals think this is fine, not a problem. they refused to vote in support of the uyghurs. gen oc ide of uyghurs doesn’t matter. Numerous official sources around the world say the regime is holding more than a million Uyghurs in “re-education” camps. Former detainees who spoke with The Epoch Times revealed that they were being ra ped, tort ured, brain washed, and savagely abused.

          1952 we find Mr. Trudeau heading a delegation of ‘businessmen’ — who turned out to be Communists! — to the Moscow Economic Conference. 1953, we find him barred from the United States, presumably for his left­ist activities.

          so we come to the ‘Sixties, and find Mr. Trudeau in 1960 leading a Communist delegation to Peking for Red victory cele­brations! We find him, also, picked up by the U.S. Coast Guard off Key West, as he tries to row to Cuba in a canoe, and deport­ed back to Canada!

          In January, 1958, a meeting of Fabian So­cialist intellectuals was called in Ottawa to devise a blueprint of Socialist planning for Canada. Financed by the Boag Foundation — a trust left by a British Columbian for “socialist education”

          The Board of Broadcast Governors, the Royal Commis­sion on ‘hate’ legislation, the Bi-Bi Com­mission and many other Ottawa schemes have been loaded with these Fabians.

          MR. TRUDEAU’S contribution to Social Purpose for Canada appears. “Federalism must be welcomed as a valuable tool which permits dynamic par­ties to plant socialist governments in cer­tain provinces, from which the seed of radicalism can slowly spread.”

          Trudeau explains why he inserted a quotation from Mao Tse-tung “on strategy and tactics” on the previous page: “Indeed the experience of that superb strategist, Mao Tse-tung, might lead us to conclude that in a vast and heterogeneous country, the possibility of establishing so­cialist strongholds in certain regions is the very best thing.”

          Mr. Trudeau is a federalist! But to get away from his dialec­tical phraseology, in plain words this means for all the intellectual socialists to infil­trate the Federal Government or bureaucracy, and to “adapt” their socialism to welfare schemes, and so on.

          “He (Trudeau) is also concerned with other aspects of the creative use of law.
          a Justice Department concerned more and more with “planning for the society of tomor­row.” We detect here the concept of a Justice Department not primarily concerned with the up­holding of law and order, but with using law to change and shape the social order. but itself an instrument of revolution.

          religion and law
          We detect here, too, the concept of a new ba­sis of law — a basis of shifting sociological theory and “social acceptability” ethic. This concept demolishes the basis of Western civili­zation — that basis being a Scriptural basis, a concept of Man related and responsible to God for his life and actions, with his guide or law being not any man-made theory but rather the Commandments and exhortations of God’s Word.

          It is impossible to exaggerate the significance implicit in this shift away from the Scriptural and over to the humanistic basis of Canadian law. And incredible is the failure of not only our political leaders but also our religious leaders to speak out.

          And it is out of this new concept of ‘justice’ that Mr. p e Trudeau has spawned his Criminal Code amendments, widening grounds for abortion and legalizing homosexuality.he urged MPs not to mix the sacred and the pro­fane, not to legislate ethical and moral convic­tions upon society. In short: divorce morality from law.

          But the British Chief Justice, Lord Denning, warned that “without religion there can be no morality, and without morality there can be no law.”

          • not to legislate ethical and moral convic­tions upon society. In short: divorce morality from law.

            the satanists say this…do whatever you want…it’s open season…no such thing as wrong…

            the leftist communists say the same thing…the ends justify the means….whatever it takes is fine, good, jusitifiable, so they can attain/maintain power…they lie 24/7…..

            the double-speak involved is intensely characteristic of the reversal of reality practiced by satanists… is white….. up is down….bad is good….

            do whatever you want, go to hell, it is actually fun there….(then when you get there you find out you get thrown in the fire….tricked)

            do as we say not as we do……inversion typical of leftists…the rules don’t apply to them….
            leftists lie 24/7

            Demons invert/reverse all that they touch. The psychopath uses the same trick.
            leftist/communists = satanist.

            Today the church/government/medical system is one huge satanist/communist religious cult.

      • The LGBTQUIAAAPP2++ people are the intellectual class that were eliminated by the cultural revolution. I’m fairly certain the political types wanted them gone just as much as everyone else does, but they’re the useful idiots that will justfiy the uprising, once the revolutionaries get in power. Remember that all the Communist founders were worthless intellectuals themselves, not from the working classes.

    • >Nobody can see eye-to-eye with Muslims.
      That is nonsense.
      My “honorary uncle,” a close friend who died this past August, a few weeks shy of his 95th birthday, was born and raised in Baghdad, educated in the U.S., naturalized U.S. citizen.
      He was a well respected structural engineer, an international businessman, constructor and land developer, who freely gave of his valuable time to see that his adopted home town in the U.S. was developed in an orderly way which preserved its heritage and quality of life, rather than “down and dirty.”

      A man of unassailable character, he was a personal as well as professional inspiration to many people, including me, and I feel honored to have called him a friend. I shall miss him a great deal.

      RIP, Uncle Tariq.

      • Agree…
        Joel Osteen preaches the “prosperity gospel” which is right out of the jewish talmudic “playbook”. I pity the many fools who cannot see through Osteen’s jewish scam. Fat pig Hagee is no better…
        The worship of money is at the root of all evil…

        • I notice you said the worship of money is ‘at’ the root of all evil. Could be worship, could be love but I think we’re on a similar wavelength there.

          Most of humanity has such a dysfunctional relationship with money, thanks to big media and big religion. They both work their wizardry hand in glove, stoking fake narratives all day every day. Who can stand against such dazzling lies and BS? Pretty much anyone who recognizes money for what it is at its core. A simple tool, that can be used for good or evil. much like a hammer.

          Pretty much every organized religion on the planet is the same, not just the jews. Although organized jewry takes the cake for drama and skullduggery. No religion, at its highest levels has ever lived by the golden rule. They all do unspeakable harm and damage to innocents in the name of their God, then cry out in pain when it washes back on them.

          When someone or something exposes their misdeeds they close ranks, protecting the guilty among them at all costs, maybe they fear damaging their brand. Thing is, by never holding their own accountable they’ve destroyed their brand and invited hate on all their members. The supreme religion is government. which sits atop the heap of an evil world. All the tax exempt religious groups emulate the government hoping to one day have a shot at the crown.

          Seems all of humanities little piggies have become herd animals, destined for the abattoir. I’m gonna try to mimic the pack animal, barring that the lone wolf.

  13. I’ve learned some things about “The Jews”. Kanye West and Mel Gibson gave us a lesson in how not to address the problem that seems at first glance to be a Jewish problem.

    Certainly when either of the above stepped out of line there was an overwhelming show of force by Jewish captains of finance and industry. Same for you or me if we had such a big voice. But what or who is behind the curtain?

    I believe the problem is Bolshevism – a revolutionary ideology of Soviet Marxist–Leninist political thought and political regime formed of a rigidly centralized, cohesive and disciplined party of social revolution, focused on overthrowing the existing capitalist state system, seizing power and establishing the “dictatorship of the proletariat”- all for the benefit of the leaders of course. The thinkers behind Bolshevism were Jewish. Today the thought leaders of Bolshevism remain Jewish. All Bolshevics are not Jews, nor are all Jews Bolshevics. Overwhelmingly Jewish yes, but NOT a uniquely Jewish problem.

    So to blame “The Jews” is an undisciplined thought- a fallacy. As thinking men we must place the blame squarely on whom it belongs- and be careful indicting the innocent.

    • Well-said, Auric –

      Defending the rights of the individual is hard to do when – at the same time – when collectivizes the individual. The latter is wrong by definition. And – historical footnote – Plato wasn’t Jewish.

      • When it comes to “jews”, it is necessary to note the differences between the “little jews” and the “big jews”.
        The “commonly accepted history” of pre-WW2 Germany conveniently leaves out the machinations and strife committed by “big jew” zionist leaders against the German people and government. Most people think that Germany “threw the first punch” when it came to the marginalization of the “jews”.
        Actually, it was “the other way around”.
        “World jewry” (not all jews, just zionist leaders) demonized Germany in 1933 (yes, 1933) with its declaration of (economic) “war” against Germany which was splashed on newspaper headlines all around the western world.
        The ordinary “little jews” suffered because of the arrogance and demonic practices of their zionist leaders (the “big jews”).
        You see, Palestine was in the process of being “colonized” (actually stolen) by zionist jews. however, not enough jews were emigrating, A way had to be found to make life uncomfortable for German jews (who had no desire to emigrate), hence, the demonization of German society with the jews’ declaration of “war”. This made ALL jews unpopular in German society, which was actually a “feature”, not a bug as it went far to achieve the zionists’ aims.
        As to Kristallnacht, this was a “false flag” event egged on by zionist leaders to make jews further marginalized. When Adolf Hitler received word of Kristallnacht, he was furious, as it destroyed his plan for the orderly, peaceful emigration of jews. Yes, there were agreements between zionist leaders and the German government for just that purpose.
        The commonly accepted “history”, is not only wrong, but egregiously so…
        This tome does not absolve the “little jews” from their participation in the “troubles” that afflicted Wiemar Germany and beyond to the present day.
        Jewish allegiance is to “jews first”, no matter how right (or wrong) their own policies and actions affect their host countries. This one fact is the reason why jews have been kicked out of countries 109 times in history…

        • The demonic trans agenda can even be traced back to Weimar Germany.

          Look up Institut für Sexualwissenschaft and its founders.

      • You are correct.
        Please keep in mind that German “guilt” has been “collectivized” for the last hundred years or so despite the “official history” being so wrong. Both world wars were started by others and blamed on Germany.
        The so-called jewish “holocaust™” is about to run off the rails as more and more people start to realize what a money-grabbing scam the whole false affair is.
        The German government is still demonized while absolutely nothing is said about jewish bolshevik communism.
        One good thing is that jewish interests eventually always “overplay their hand” and end up being recognized as parasites of the civil societies that they occupy.
        Double standard, indeed.

    • Pyramid of World Power

      at the top the controllers the elite nobility in the background, always hiding, nobody talks about them, the control group. 17 royal families in europe, they are working with the billionaires and others in the commitee of 300.

      one elite example……..Prince Phillip, late husband of Queen Elizabeth II said ….“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” He said the population should be reduced to 1 billion his son. king Charles the 3rd. agrees, he hired Claus schwab to run the WEF. Charles talks to plants.

      2nd level the Rothschild banksters provide financing for the elite nobility
      3rd level more 2nd level banksters

      4th level down the administrators, gates, schwab, etc..

      5th level the political prostitutes in the foreground, corrupt , bribed, owned by the elite
      the politicians just follow orders from their bosses the elite.

      6th level down the enforcers

      at the very bottom the little people, the common people, paying for everything, used and abused.

      part of the great reset agenda is changing over all governments to the ccp/china style government a one world government with central control run by the UN/wef. it is better to have the country under an emergency order and locked down while you do this… less resistance then.

      all taxes will go to new bankster/wef/nwo/.0001% central one world UN government now.

      all assetts, bank accounts, pension funds go to new wef/nwo/.0001% central one world UN/wef government bank account. you might get small ubi.

      the real estate you were obsessed with in 2019? gone….
      you won’t own properties, cars or anything. satan klaus….klaus schwab of the wef says you will own nothing and be happier…the nwo great reset, building back better.

      note: fascism (combination of government and big business) and riches for the cabal at the top. communism for the people on the bottom, own nothing, small ubi for the 10% not culled.

      the Great Reset nwo/un/wef/.001% worldwide UN government features:
      the totalitarianism of the CCP. It will have a great abridgement of individual rights—including property rights, free expression, freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of religion, and the free enterprise system as we understand it.

      5G-enabled smart city surveillance, the equivalent of social credit scores, medical passports, political imprisonment, and other means of social and political repression and control.

      The Origins of the World Economic Forum that runs your new government, Go Back to the Third Reich nazis.
      schwab runs the wef, his family was connected to the nazis in germany.

      the reality:
      they will be turning people left into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

      they implant an operating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job.
      you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

      quote from byrne……….(when you get your new bankster/nwo/ccp/un/.0001% government) “In 10 years, there’ll be prison camps with organs being harvested just as there are in western China,”

      The Chinese regime has been killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs for more than 20 years, according to a panel of experts who attended a virtual conference hosted by the advocacy group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) on Nov. 19, and independent investigations.

  14. Back during the gay marriage debate, which was primarily a legal and tax issue, the slippery slope argument was forwarded. The summary from the anti-gay marriage Useful Idiots™ was “Well, if you allow gays to marry, next thing you know people will want to marry thier pets.” Unlikely but everyone believed it at least plasuable that some damn fool would want the state to recognize his zoophilia.

    The response from the pro-gay marriage Useful Idiots™ was “oh don’t be ridiculous!” While I don’t know of any human-cocker spaniel unions taking place, look at how normalizing gay lifestyles has opened the door for all sorts of kinky activity being reclassified. Not to mention the trampling of the 4th ammendment by forcing small business owners to justify their right to associate with whomever they wish to the supreme court.

    But just mention that a powerful human being just happens to have Jewish lineage and you’re immediately crucified. Any debate is met with visceral hate for even broaching the subject. Much worse is when someone who happens to have Jewish lineage is an asshole. The response from the Useful Idiots™ after pointing out that they’re an asshole is derailed over to antisemitism before any point is made. Seems like the slippery slope people might have had a point…

    As for foreign aid going to one of the most productive countries on Earth (GDP of $42,852 per person, 0.44% of global GDP in 2017), well, that’s just good old fashoned money laundering. Classic Economic Hitman stuff. US governement sends cash with the stipulation they buy US arms and food. They get free stuff, we ship out dollars that come back to connected companies. Downside is China is playing the same game now, and they don’t have to worry about elections.

  15. Long ago I realized the importance of being able to handle any and all questions. I got this from a boss that would ask to see my business proposals for prospects. He would rip them to shreds with questions. Initially I thought he was just a prick but, I realized how he was helping me. It made me look at ALL possibilities. If I could handle him, the customer was a piece of cake.

    After that career I went into new media. It wasn’t long before I realized that anyone that got their panties in a wad over being questioned about their proposals was a boorish, incompetent grifter. Honest people want to be questioned. it gives one the opportunity to inform, enlighten and put aside doubts.

    This is why I knew Fauci, et al, were full of crap from the get go. Never were we to ask questions. Any explanations were done in such a way to impugn the intelligence and character of the questioner. It was never to inform, enlighten or put aside doubts. It was always, “Look you imbecile, I’m in charge and smarter than you. Shut up and do as you’re told.”

    Anyone who deflects questioning should be ignored because they’re up to no good.

    • And that’s the whole point of the scientific method. Float a hypothesis, test and observe, revise hypothesis. Publish results. Peers review (question) and duplicate test. If the test is replicated successfully it becomes theory and is added to human knowledge, at least until someone is able to refute the theory and present a better one. Then the process repeats. Dissenting voices are required.

      • Indeed RK,
        This notion of “settled science” is pure BS, its only use to shut down any dissent/contrary opinions, as in “climate change caused by CO2 is settled science”. No it isn’t but the PTB will use that to shut down any debate, second opinions are not allowed. Remember how ulcers were caused by “stress”, but then it was discovered that they were caused by bacteria? New discoveries are always being made.

    • > I’m in charge and smarter than you.
      because I have *credentials* (M.D., or whatever)
      Appeals to authority and credentials, rather than to reason.

      > “Shut up and do as you’re told.”
      When we want your opinion, we’ll tell you what that is.

  16. Well, in general, ad hominem attacks are the only verbal “weapons” available to those who lack substantive arguments or the wit to engage in logical exposition and discourse. Ergo, consider the source, should any such dung be flung at you, as it inevitably will be should you be foolish enough to waste your time attempting to engage such idiots.

  17. Here’s some more terms that were thrown out there willy nilly in the past 2+ years to “Shut up people”…..

    ELECTION DENIER. Those who question the 2020 election are immediately smeared as “Election Deniers”, even though there’s massive appearance of impropriety surrounding that election. Going by that term, the ORIGINAL “Election Deniers” were Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and Stacey Abrams, but noooooo, to Big Media, the only “Election Deniers” we’ve ever had are Donald Trump, ANYONE who supported him in 2020, and those who are running for office to fight back against the DC Swamp and the Biden regime.

    ANTI-VAXXER: People who raised questions about the COVID “vaccines” or tried to speak out about the issues with them were smeared as “Anti-vaxxers”, as were those who advocated using cheap drugs that have been around for decades such as Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID.

    ANTI-SCIENCE: People who questioned mass mask wearing, lockdowns, mass vaccination, and social distancing were deemed ANTI-SCIENCE., as was anyone who tried to argue the existence of NATURAL IMMUNITY acquired by recovery from a prior infection with the dreaded ‘Rona. “The Narrative” pushers tried to downplay natural immunity, claiming that people who had natural immunity STILL needed to get vaxxed, but since then there have been NUMEROUS studies showing that natural immunity acquired via recovery from a prior infection was long lasting and better than “Vaxx immunity”.

    MISINFORMATION SUPERSPREADERS: Doctors and scientists who spoke out against “The Narrative” surrounding COVID, the government’s response to it, mask wearing, COVID’s origin, and the “vaccines” were deemed SUPERSPREADERS OF MISINFORMATION, even though since then, it turned out that those who’ve been silenced for “Misinformation” or “Disinformation” were RIGHT all along, and the REAL SUPERSPREADERS OF MISINFORMATION were Big Government, Big Media, and the public health bureaucracies such as the CDC.

    CONSPIRACY THEORIST: People who tried to warn about the various agendas being pushed by the Globalist/ Technocratic elite such as vaccine passports, digital ID, a potential call for endless COVID booster jabs instead of just 2 jabs, a Global pandemic treaty, the Great Reset, a war on automobiles, a war on oil, etc., were smeared as CONSPIRACY THEORISTS until governments actually engaged in trying to implement such sinister agendas and those elitists actually BRAGGED about such plans.

    I’m sure there are others.

    • bs, defective, fraudulent, fake science computer modeling is behind these hoax’s…

      a mild flu relabeled as deathly bat germ disease computer modeled to kill 4 billion people…lol…enabling a mandate for forced poisonous injections

      global warming computer modeled to kill 6 billion people……lol

      Just to put a spike in the witch doctor-ery Climate stuff from yesterday, one comment said a researcher got a Nobel Prize for making a computer model the “accurately made climate predictions”. This is so silly. How can someone know that future predictions are accurate?? This makes zero sense.

      The Nobel Prize committe handed out a political award, no different than Al Gore’s and Barak Obama’s. It was dressed up to fool scientific illiterates, and apparently, it worked.

      Real science is testable and falsifiable. Computer models predicting the future are neither, so they are not science. Nobel prizes arising from that work are scientifically meaningless.

      In layman’s terms, I could produce a computer model saying that 30 years from now space aliens will invade. Scientifically, my model is as scientific as the Nobel Prize winners Climate model. Both are untestable and not falsifiable. Because of that, neither are science.

      His was infinitely more profitable though. It pays to please the elite.

      Considering CO2 is only 0.038% of the atmosphere, with a molecular weight of 44 when regular air is 29, it falls to the ground so plants can gobble it up. It’s called the carbon cycle; we need it to survive and feed humanity.

      This is a Fabian Socialist cult agenda to cull the masses into indentured servitude.

      • > I could produce a computer model saying that 30 years from now space aliens will invade. Scientifically, my model is as scientific as the Nobel Prize winners Climate model. Both are untestable and not falsifiable.

        Or, you could produce a computer model, complete with fancy animated graphics, which “demonstrates” a “plausible collapse mechanism” for a high rise building, or two, show off the animation, then refuse to divulge the input to the modeling software, on the grounds of “national security.” {giggles}

      • The hundred plus computer models predicting runaway warming are ALL WRONG. That is because the premise – that CO2 is causal is wrong – but because Wrathchilds banksters wants it proven true for their agenda – the grant money flows to those who say they can prove it true – thus mainstream climate science is an utter farce.

        But what did the great late Richard Feyman say about scientific method? If your experimental results don’t agree with your pet theory, it must be wrong.

        “If it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science. It doesn’t make a difference how beautiful your guess is. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, who made the guess or what his name is. If it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong. That’s all there is to it.” – Richard Feynman

        The guess was that CO2 controls atmospheric temp, it does not, thus the theory is wrong. That is why the computer models fail to predict temp. But no matter, the money is flowing.

        • The scientists grant-seekers all jump on the CO2/Global Warm[onger]ing bandwagon, just as they did the anti salt/butter/eggs bandwagon. They’ll jump on whichever bandwagon dangles the loot- and before long, those yes-men become the foundation upon which all future “research” is based, even that which is done independently. This is how “science” has worked for the last 100 years. You’d think by now people would see it and wake up….but then again, since most of those people have been indoctrinated in the very institutions from which such garbage and corruption flows, there’s little chance of them seeing what’s behind the curtain, even if they become part of the show.

          The elites are the faith-healers putting on the show. The scientists are the ones scrounging up suitable actors to fake maladies which can be instantaneously healed….and the cheering audience is the public who believe that what they are witnessing on the stage is real.

  18. Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, Ernst Zundel and many others have been imprisoned for their beliefs.
    You see, “holocaustianity ™ ” has been turned into a “religion” in which no dissension or honest, impartial investigation is permitted.
    The above individuals have been imprisoned in maximum-security prisons for merely declaring their “freedom of thought”.
    Monika Schaefer and Ursula Haverbeck, both elderly grandmothers have been imprisoned in maximum-security German prisons for merely questioning “that which shall not be questioned”, the so-called jewish “holocaust ™ “.
    In the case of Sylvia Stolz, as a lawyer she was imprisoned for attempting to introduce evidence into the courts system as part of a proper defense for her client. You see, in the “kangaroo courts” that prosecute “holocaust ™ ” “crimes”, TRUTH cannot be used as a defense if it runs counter to commonly accepted beliefs-even if the commonly accepted beliefs can be proven to be false.
    Ernst Zundel was imprisoned in Canada as well as in Germany for his beliefs. Not only that, his Canadian home was firebombed by jewish criminals; no perpetrators were ever found or prosecuted as jewish interests in the Canadian government were not interested in solving this crime.
    We have gone down the “slippery slope” in the uSA with Trump’s declaration that jews are to be considered to be a “race” and must be covered under “civil-rights (for some)” “protections, as well as the anti-BDS movement to criminalize free thought and expression.
    Criminalizing free thought and expression, once considered abhorrent in the uSA is coming to fruition right here in the uSA.
    When laws have to be passed to criminalize certain “trains of thought”, THAT is PROOF that the holocaust is one bald-faced CON job perpetrated on the world by “you know who”…

    • Hi Anarchyst,

      That business is an outrage. I don’t “deny” the Holocaust. But this idea that any aspect of the narrative cannot be questioned is what leads to Holocausts. If what is claimed as true – about anything – is in fact true, then it need not fear being challenged. It is only falsehood that is terrified of being challenged, for it is false and for that reason vulnerable to being challenged.

      And: If they – the government – can get away with putting people in cages for merely challenging something, even if true, then we are all in fierce danger.

    • > Trump’s declaration that jews are to be considered to be a “race” and must be covered under “civil-rights (for some)” “protections

      In that case, they would have to be counted, which is, I believe, currently illegal under U.S. law. What to do???

      Which reminds me of an old joke…
      Q: What is a Jewish dilemma?
      A: Bacon, at half price.

      Just for the record, I know (and will retell) unkind jokes about other ethnicities as well, sometimes to members of those ethnicities who are sufficiently broad minded and thick skinned to not take the jokes personally.

  19. ‘If a person questions the rightness of American taxpayers being made to support the state of Israel, he is is typically accused of “anti-Semitism.” — eric

    ‘Anti-Semitism’ is a soft-focus euphemism coined in 1879 by a German author, Wilhelm Marr, to designate the anti-Jewish campaigns underway in central Europe at that time. It is ‘soft-focus’ because Semites include Arabic speakers too. ‘Anti-Semitism’ thus bizarrely implies prejudice against a broad swath of middle eastern peoples, including both sides in Israel’s conflict with Palestinians.

    The word really ought to be retired. In the meantime, we can ridicule it by pointing out that Israel’s 55-year military occupation of the West Bank, coupled with its ‘Abdul Crow’ segregationist laws making Israeli Palestinians second-class citizens, is the worst and longest-lasting anti-Semitic pogrom on the planet — a pogrom which the US sure as hell should not be funding.

    • Israel practices official “apartheid” to a much greater degree than that of any other country in the world—the former South Africa included.
      Every vehicle driver in Israel proper and in the illegally occupied territories is identified by his or her vehicle license plate as well as personal documentation (identity papers). License plates are coded as to the ethnicity and religious persuasions of the owners, and are used to deny basic “rights” to those who are of “the wrong ethnicity”.
      There are roads and thoroughfares that are designated “for jews only”. “Jews-only” roads and thoroughfares are state-of-the-art, paid for with American taxpayer dollars, while roads used by Palestinians are poorly maintained, with many military “checkpoints” which adds further misery to the lives of Palestinians.
      Any Arab or Palestinian who attempts to use “jews only” roads or thoroughfares is arrested and heavily fined.
      This policy even extends to “footpaths” which are designated by “jewishness”.
      Palestinians and other Arabs are forced to go through humiliating “checkpoints”, even being delayed for HOURS, if they are even allowed to pass, at the whim of the jewish “authorities”. This even extends to medical emergencies, where ambulances are routinely delayed by jewish authorities, “just because they can”.
      In Israel proper, and in the illegally occupied territories, Israeli officials make rules and laws as they go along, ignoring the (official) laws (rule of law) already in place.
      On a whim, any Israeli official can declare that a building, other structure, planted farmland, water wells, and other basic facilities owned by Palestinians are “illegal” and subject to destruction by Israeli forces.
      This even applies to buildings, lands, orchards and crop-producing lands which have been in Palestinian possession for centuries. All the Israeli military has to do is to declare the Palestinian-owned property to be a “military zone”. No other laws or permissions are needed to expropriate land from the Palestinians. Quite often, Palestinians are forced to demolish their own homes in order to avoid being heavily fined.
      Water is heavily restricted in Gaza and in the Palestinian areas while jewish settlements can use all the water they want.
      Sewage from illegal jewish settlements is routinely dumped on Palestinian land without regard to the pollution problems that it causes.
      The old belief that jews poison the wells and farmlands of their perceived “enemies” is actually true, as (illegal) jewish “settlers” routinely poison Palestinian-owned wells and croplands.
      This is a continuing process that is forcing Palestinians off their land and facilitating the building of jewish “settlements” in the illegally occupied areas.
      Let’s turn to the treatment of Christians in Israel proper. In the tourist areas, jewish authorities try to keep the disrespect for Christianity to a minimum so as not to insult their brainwashed Christian zionist tourists. In fact, the hatred for Christian churches, and Christians in general is so pervasive, it is not surprising to see jews “spit” when walking past a Christian church.
      The Israeli authorities plan specific itineraries for Christian zionist groups and American politicians so they do not witness the overt, outright hatred that jews have for Christians, You see, “it’s all for show” when it comes to begging for American dollars from the American taxpayers and from these misguided Christian zionist groups.
      Jews are experts at “graffiti”, calling it “price tagging” which they use to good effect as the authorities generally “look the other way” when the vandalism and destruction of Christian facilities by jews is going on.
      The irony of the situation is that the Palestinians (true semites) who have lived in the middle east for centuries and even millennia are reduced to being unwelcome in their own land while jewish interlopers, most of them who are not even “semites”, from the United States and Europe are overlords in Israel and in the illegally occupied territories.

    • >Semites include Arabic speakers too.
      Exactly right.
      AFAIK, Semitic people includes all those who natively speak a Semitic language, of which there are three, namely, Arabic, Aramaic, and Hebrew.

      Thus, the use of the term “anti-Semitic” to mean “anti-Jewish” denies the existence of non-Jewish Semites, and such usage is therefore itself anti-Semitic. This is not mere solipsism, but a matter of fact. Arabs certainly do exist, and have every right to be considered actual human beings.

      > longest-lasting anti-Semitic pogrom on the planet
      And make no mistake, it has produced refugees, a few of whom I have met. The Ashke-Nazis have opted for a program of slow strangulation, rather than quick mass murder, but their brutal program of ethnic cleansing is very real, nonetheless.

      • ‘Use of the term “anti-Semitic” to mean “anti-Jewish” denies the existence of non-Jewish Semites.’ — Adi Heidler

        It does. Also, it avoids using the word ‘Jewish’ in a negative context, which seems to make Jews queasy. Whereas ‘Semitic,’ a fusty and near-obsolete academic term, draws an obscuring veil of vagueness across a touchy subject. As George Orwell wrote,

        “Such [imprecise] phraseology is needed if one wants to name things without calling up mental pictures of them.

        “The inflated style is itself a kind of euphemism. A mass of Latin words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outlines and covering up all the details. The great enemy of clear language is insincerity.

        “When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink. If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” — Orwell, Politics and the English Language (1946)

        • >“When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink. If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

          Excellent quote, Jim!
          Thanks for sharing! 🙂

          A first step to understanding is calling things by their proper names. Lazy language corrupts both hearts and minds almost as effectively as purposefully deceitful language.

          Moral: call bullshit when you smell it. These days, your vocal cords are likely to get plenty of exercise. 🙁

  20. The ADL and other Jewish supremacy groups have been constantly moving the goalposts as to what constitutes “antisemitism”. Merely pointing out Jewish overrepresentation in certain industries is totally forbidden. You see, they can’t have the filthy goyim knowing the backgrounds of the people who shape their opinions and culture, otherwise it’s another shoah.

    • Let’s look at the history of the “Anti-Defamation League” and the primary reason for its existence:
      The ADL was formed to protect a Jewish pervert and serial rapist murderer, Leo Frank.
      This Jewish criminal raped and murdered Mary Phagan, a 13-year old girl who worked in his pencil factory who reported to him to get her pay. Upon reporting to Frank, she was brutally raped and murdered by him. Frank and his associates attempted to blame the murder on a black man, but he was unsuccessful in his attempt to shift blame for his own criminal actions.
      It is interesting to note that, normally in that day and age, a black man would have been a primary suspect and target. Frank would have been considered an “upstanding citizen” who, in reality was a serial rapist and murderer. Many other women attested to Frank’s perversions and criminal behavior.
      Despite having a top-notch legal team, the best that money could buy, Frank was found guilty.
      The Jewish community, having much political influence attempted to “purchase” a pardon from the corrupt governor. When the townspeople found out, they removed Leo Frank from the jail and gave him a well-deserved “necktie party”.
      Presently there are attempts by the ADL and other Jewish groups to “rehabilitate” Leo Frank, insisting that he did not commit the crimes, but the evidence implicating him is irrefutable. There are thousands of pages of court records that attest to Frank’s guilt.
      The ADL is attempting to “clean up” its image before more and more “goyim” learn of the ADL’s criminal beginning.

      • I actually retweeted a good meme about that yesterday, and my account got banned shortly after. Biggest ban wave since Jan 6. It happened right after the ADL’s threatening letter to Elon. They’re deathly afraid of Nick Fuentes and his followers being allowed back on.

  21. It has struck me for some time how Americans are told they are the virtuous saviors of the world, on a mission to do good. History tells a different story. We are brainwashed in government schools from 5 years old onward.

    Climate, Covid, and every other topic where there is an official narrative are no different. What we can see is the amount of force used to attempt to sustain these narratives. Proof of cracks in the wall.

    And if you want to know who is in charge, look at who you can’t criticize.

    • Dan,
      Thanks for reaffirming my near constant attack on public “education”. It is by far the worst thing that ever happened to us, and the end result is exactly what those who created it openly stated was their goal. A compliant work force. Too bad for them “work” has gone out of style.

  22. “It is easy to cat-call the arguments and statements of those you disagree with”
    And easy has become the “new and improved” American way. Because thinking is hard. Which it isn’t, its just uncomfortable if it reveals much of what you believe is BS.
    I’m sure I’ve posted this here before, since I frequently do in any discussion of censorship.
    Truth can easily withstand any scrutiny, criticism, or argument. It neither needs, desires, nor requires protection by censorship. LIES DO!!!!
    It is curious that many of the “solutions” promote the exact thing they propose to prevent. Affirmative action for instance, is racism incorporated. It creates racism where there was none. Would one expect a white victim of affirmative action not to resent the privileged race? Who knew that Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, which was written as satire, would become the gospel operating manual of the Psychopaths In Charge? Keep people at each other’s throats, and the Prince can do as he pleases.

  23. The new religion of PC wokeness requires you bow at the alter of the current thing. racis-bigot-antisemite-xenophobe are simply today’s modern terms for blasphemer/heretic.

    I notice how none of these vicitm minded accusers ever say that you are WRONG for your statement they just say it’s ray-ciss to point out 90% of the murders in a state happen in a ten block radius of a certain city which coincidentally or not is a (black neighborhood.)
    It’s ant-semitic to say the original numbers coming from the red cross on the deaths in concentration camps was around 150,000- 250,000 not siiiixxxxx miiilllion!
    You’re transphobic for pointing out men cannot ever be women vice versa.

    Victim mentality is a modern currency and the optics of social media have allowed this behavior to proliferate. People are more scared of a bad yelp review about their business than being stomped out by some ghetto thug or going bankrupt, so they go along with narratives.

    However the fiat currency of victim is over valued and reaching hyper inflation it takes more victim nonsense to get the same results and that is disintegrating rapidly
    I see an awakening coming and those who have ridden the victim wave for the last several decades or centuries are in for a serious metaphorical and in some cases actual face punching.

    • Sicilian,
      “the optics of social media have allowed this behavior to proliferate.”
      They have encouraged and facilitated it. Sensationalism as a business model.
      Let’s see what we can get people hyperventilating over today.
      I ignore anti “social media”, since it’s obviously a tool of the Psychopaths In Charge. Joining in would be akin to joining the CIA/MI6.

      • John Kable: Exactly correct. I’ve deleted all my so-chul media accounts about 5 years ago, deleted my companies website since it hadn’t been updated in about 3 years. The extent of my internet communications with strangers I’ve never seen and probably never will involves a few comment sections on a couple of blogs and YouTube channels I find interesting. Social media is, for the most part the exact opposite of what purports to be.

    • > transphobic

      A phobia is an anxiety disorder defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. -Wikipedia

      Don’t know about you, but I know that I most certainly do not “fear ” homosexuals.
      Do you “fear the queer?”

      >the fiat currency of victim is over valued and reaching hyper inflation
      Geez, does that mean those V.I.P. (Victim In Perpetuity) cards are becoming worthless? We can surely hope so…

      • Adi,
        By labeling all disagreement as a “phobia”, they try to put you in a position of fear. Of arguing from that position. Like you, I have no fear of anyone’s sexual activities. I strongly object to insisting I agree with it, or pay for it. Meanwhile we do have a phobia in progress throughout the West. Or so they would have you believe. Russophobia. Fear of a nation that has killed a small fraction of people in foreign lands compared to US/NATO.

    • leftists they are the jackboots of the new world order.

      written by Brandon Smith:
      if you are a leftist and don’t like what he says go argue with him

      They are the ONLY group of people that has consistently supported mass surveillance, mass censorship and deplatforming, mass violence, property destruction and looting as well as violations of individual rights through medical mandates and lockdowns.

      Leftists are afraid to question anything within their own circles. To dissent on the smallest detail is to be a heretic, a traitor to the cause. They use the word “diversity” all the time, like a battle cry, but when confronted with true diversity (diversity of thought), they panic and react violently.

      Leftists don’t actually care about diversity; they only care that you have blind allegiance to the collective. Stray but a little, and the mob will come for your head. They LOVE plantations, they love slavery; as long as they own the plantations and they control the slaves.

      A natural consequence of this Animal Farm mentality is that irony and hypocrisy is lost on the followers of such movements. They project all their shortcomings and crimes on others. The devils they see in conservatives are actually the devils they see in the mirror everyday. That said, the higher up you get in the leftist pyramid, the less it becomes hypocritical and the more it becomes malicious and deliberate.

      The gaslighting, the word association propaganda, the selective memory hole they use to erase historical facts that contradict their ideology, the people at the top and their lackeys KNOW exactly what they are doing. They don’t care that their claims are hypocritical or outright fraudulent. They know they are lying, they know they are gaslighting. They’re not interested in being right, they are only interested in WINNING.

      There is much more going on here than meets the eye. There is a great deal of power and money behind the rise of the hard left ideology and there are certain people that benefit from it’s expansion.

      Leftists like to view themselves as the “underdogs” or revolutionaries fighting against “the man”. However, every resource of global power brokers has been offered in support of the political left. The “Man” is the ally of the leftists; in some ways he is even the creator of the leftist movement.

      They aren’t revolutionaries at all; they are the jackboots of the new world order.

      It was globalist institutions like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation that funded different elements of the feminist movement and “gender studies” movements from the late 1960’s onward. This included the Rockefeller Foundation’s large donations to ‘The Feminist Press’ and the Ford Foundation’s programs to indoctrinate university professors into injecting social justice talking points into their curriculum.

      That’s right folks, social justice activism was paid for and encouraged by the so-called “patriarchy”. This is reality, and it never stopped.

      Even today SJW groups are funded by globalists. For example, as the mainstream media often tries to dismiss or ignore,

      Black Lives Matter was initially funded by the Ford Foundation and George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. BLM coffers were flooded with over $100 million from uber rich white elites.

      Again, this is a FACT that even the dishonest spin doctors at Snopes are not able to deny. Instead, they attempt to use strawman arguments and sophistry to distract from the implication of extreme-left mobs receiving seed money from elitist billionaires.

      But let’s follow this path even further: Who gets the support of the mainstream media behemoths? Conservatives or leftists? The answer is obvious.

      What about Big Tech platforms? Do they enforce leftist ideological standards? Do they censor conservative viewpoints predominantly or leftist viewpoints predominantly? The reality is that conservatives are deplatformed from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook far more than leftists, this is verifiable fact.

      When alternative platforms like Parler are built, are they allowed to simply exist? Of course not! The leftists rampage in an effort to destroy them, but the leftists would have no power without the backing of corporate monopolies like Apple, Google and Amazon. Not only does Big Tech aid the leftists in their Jihad against conservatives, but the government does as well.

      They don’t just go after alternative platforms, they try to go after web service providers. And when alternative platforms move to more freedom oriented service providers like Epik, the leftists get government support in order to intimidate them also.

      Leftists revel in the argument that “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences”; they seem to think it is rather clever. I would say, actually, yes, that’s EXACTLY what freedom of speech means.

      Freedom of speech means that no single group of people is allowed to use fear, intimidation and punishment to compel silence in other groups or individuals that disagree with them. With corporate monopoly and government on their side, it is clear that leftists have appointed themselves the sole arbiters of “consequence”, and this violates the constitution in every conceivable way.

      The collusion between government, corporations and extremist ideological movements is the classical definition of fascism.

      And, just as the Third Reich enjoyed immense funding, investment and industrial support from globalists and corporations in the decade leading up to WWII,

      the political left is enjoying immense support from the global corporate oligarchy today. You cannot be “anti-fascist” while you are colluding with fascists.

      quote from byrne……….(when you get your new nwo/ccp/un/.0001% government) “In 10 years, there’ll be prison camps with organs being harvested just as there are in western China,”

      The Chinese regime has been killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs for more than 20 years, according to a panel of experts who attended a virtual conference hosted by the advocacy group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) on Nov. 19, and independent investigations.
      the track record of communist governments is a horror story:

      They have littered the 20th century with 160 million corpses, not foreign people killed in a time of war, but their own people, killed by their own governments in times of peace.
      Over 66 million slaughtered under communism in the Soviet Union,
      over 69 million murdered in Red China.
      Over two Million killed under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

      The millions more killed under Mengistu in Ethiopia, under Samora Machel in Mozambique, and Agestino Neto in Angola and under Fidel Castro in Cuba.”

      when communists take over: The third stage instigates a crisis that leads to a civil war, revolution, or foreign invasion. This stage only took 2-6 months.
      This is the stage when the leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” are no longer needed, because they would be disillusioned, become obstacles, push back, turn against the new government. They are going to be eliminated, exiled, or imprisoned.
      note: this is the interesting part, when the communists takeover, leftist idealists, or “useful idiots,” who helped the communists are exterminated. for one they know too much.

      • anon1
        “for one they know too much.”
        For two they are revolutionaries and communists in power won’t abide revolution in the very slightest degree.


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