Can I install a New Steering Wheel from the E-class in My Old Mercedes? 

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The steering wheel is a crucial component of the vehicle because the way you drive depends a lot on it, and that, in the end, is safety. In this article, we will tell you about redesigning the steering wheel on the following bodies: w216 w221 w220 w164 w166 w207 w204 w230 to more modern steering wheels, for example, w205 w222 w213 w238. If your Mercedes is older than 2001, you can install the steering wheel from Model 205 and Model 222, and if it was produced after 2003 (they have LIN data transmission), you can install the steering wheels from Model 213 and 238. 

Today, the steering wheel is one of the most demanded parts, because it loses its marketable appearance the fastest. Why might you need a Mercedes Benz steering wheel replacement for such models as a w221 w216 w164 w166 Mercedes? The fact is that over time, the steering wheel rubs off, scuffs, and loses its aesthetic appearance, and after driving a new car, you want the same comfort in your last generation and for a more harmonious design look. In addition, for example, the steering wheel from 213 Mercedes real delight touches joysticks, which is so convenient to manage the various functions of the car, and many owners of older models are very willing to put on Mercedes steering wheels.

The new M-Class and S-Class debuted in 2005 with updated equipment: the automatic shift lever moved from the center console to the steering column.

The E-Class was the first automobile in the world in 2016 to have touch buttons installed on the steering wheel. Without taking your hands off the driving wheel, you may use them to swipe your finger to control the full infotainment system.

Touch-sensitive buttons allow the driver to operate all functions of the infotainment system simply, logically, and intuitively. Pressing the touch buttons triggers the function selected by swiping gestures.

That’s why many Mercedes S- CL- ML-class owners want a new steering wheel design and a steering wheel more pleasant to the touch, or it’s done in preparation for the car for sale.

The benefits of a w205 Mercedes steering wheel:

  • new steering wheel paddle technology,
  • the new steering wheel is cheaper,
  • the buttons are more tactile,
  • neater to look at,
  • overall the steering wheel looks like a sporty steering wheel.

In general, the steering wheel from the 205 and 213 Mercedes is more attractive in appearance, but the problem is that the interface and connectors do not match. The airbag connectors and the button connector may not match, nor do the commands the steering wheel sends to the car match. We can make the commands match and the 205, or 213 steering wheel “recognize” the older car. In older Mercedes, the space for the steering wheel in the seat between the steering wheel and the steering column module is larger, so when you install a steering wheel from a new car, there is a gap there. The gap can be eliminated by installing a spacer ring. In some cases, it may be necessary to mill the steering wheel seat cage.


The innovative E-Class now comes with a new generation of touch steering wheels with hands-free sensing. Within the steering wheel rim is a dual-zone touchpad. Now there are touch-sensitive buttons built into the spokes of the steering wheel.

The mechanical work surfaces are minimized as a result. Similar to how touches on a smartphone are registered and assessed, touch sensor technology enables intuitive operation by using gestures and tapping on common symbols. All these features are worth to be tried.