Latest Radio: Kate Dalley Show 10/29/2022

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Here’s the audio of my appearance on Kate Dalley’s show yesterday. We talked about the why the oil industry isn’t investing in producing, the possibility of diesel shortages looming and a number of other related topics!

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  1. Eric, you make a good point if they make diesel scarce, then they can sell their electric cars. There is just one BIG problem with that tactic, there is not enough electricity to get everyone driving EVs.

    I do not know the exact agenda, but I can deduce if they make diesel scarce, the price will go up, the supply chain will be put into chaos, and that would serve the immediate agenda of killing us off by any means possible.

    They can not be expecting us all to drive EVs because there is simply not enough energy available for that, they would have to build 500 nuclear power plants for everyone to drive EVs. The agenda is electric cars for far fewer people.

    I offer this latest Ben Armstrong radio show as evidence:

    Government Data Shows Bodies of Dead Babies and Children Piling Up

    and this story as evidence:


    and this essay:

    Globalists making final push for depopulated one-world order: How do we resist?

    “Are you still trying to make sense of all the insanity in the world, or maybe trying to help a friend or family member make sense of it?

    Drag queens in schools, libraries, even churches and other settings targeting children and families.
    The seemingly unhinged attacks on everything that is good and necessary for a healthy society and the celebration of everything that is evil.
    Food prices rising out of control, with whispers of famine on the horizon (See here, here and here).
    The suicidal war on so-called “fossil fuels” like coal, oil and natural gas, when it’s becoming obvious (look at Europe) that no nation can survive without them.
    The fact that the U.S.-led NATO and Russia-China are on a collision course toward World War III, with both sides threatening nuclear strikes.”


    Diesel fuel scarcity is being engineered on purpose to add to the kill off totals, making food expensive or scarce will kill people, and that is the goal. They are literally doing everything they can to kill us off, including nuclear war. I have studied this agenda for decades and the one big takeaway is that they want the planet for themselves, and they are willing to pay any price to get it, including having to wait for the radiation to dissipate.

    • Indeed, Jack –

      I personally know no one who died of “the virus.” I do, on the other hand, know of several people (some of them very young, such as the 20-year-old friend of my niece) who died after being “vaccinated.”


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