The Car Guy Who is Also a Tool

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It’s a shame about Jay Leno. He is without question a Car Guy. Not merely because he has a vast collection of cars; that is something anyone with the means can acquire. Jay also has a vast knowledge of cars – and there’s no question he loves them.

Which is why it’s sad to see him used by a guy who wants to destroy them – and who has the power to do it, too.

That person being Joe Biden, the (s)elected Jefe of the United States. Who, to demonstrate his commitment to forcing you and I into EeeeeeeVeeeeees had his ’67 Corvette (not just combustion-engined but completely lacking any “emissions” controls whatsoever) flown or trucked or however it was transported from wherever it is kept to a Secret Service test track in Laurel, Maryland – there to glad-hand with Jay over EeeeeeeeVeeeeees force-fed to you and me.

“A whole new era of innovation” is coming, Jay’s voice-over exclaims – as the Jefe’s motorcade of V8-engined SUVs and the Jefe’s limo appeared on the tarmac, the combustion-engined helicopter whirly-gigging in the background. And it is coming courtesy of the Jefe, who is “a man on a serious mission to make electric cars America’s future.”

Italics added.

And indeed he is. Just that. Determined to make electric cars “America’s future.” He means yours and mine. Not by persuading you and I that EeeeeeeeVeeeeeees are “the future” but rather by using the power he wields to make it the future. Put more finely, this Jefe will decide what our future is – and make it so.

Jay, being a Tool, doesn’t parse this out.

Instead, he claps like a trained seal as the Jefe rolls up in his ’67 Corvette, four barrel carbureted and sans catalytic converters.

“Like it or not, we’re in the middle of an electric car revolution.”

But it’s a “revolution” unlike most (in a free market) which arise from the bottom up – to shake up the top. Like the revolution that occurred when Henry Ford – the anti-Musk – introduced his Model T more than 100 years ago. It revolutionized everything, organically. People bought Model T Fords because they wanted them. Because they could afford them.

Because they were better than what they replaced. Less expensive. Less hassle. No one had to be “made” to buy a Model T.

This a “revolution” from the top down.

Less – for more.

The Jefe decrees people will buy EeeeeeeeVeeeeees like the Model 3 and never mind whether they can afford them or not  . . . want them, or not. That is the “revolution” the Tool tells us we will “like it or not.”

“The U.S. has recently set a goal,” the Tool continues “for 50 percent of all cars to be electric by 2030.”

Italics added, again – to emphasize the Tool’s disingenuous seal-clapping for what isn’t true. The “U.S” hasn’t set a “goal.” The government is imposing a ban – on the sale of any new cars that aren’t electric by 2030. Being a Tool, Jay doesn’t question the Jefe about that. Nor about the putative reason for “setting” the “goal.”

He and the Jefe go for a ride in the Jefe’s Corvette, emitting actual air-fouling pollution as they ride, as opposed to the harum scarum “emissions” of chemically non-reactive carbon dioxide, the “emissions” that are used in the manner of “the virus” to scare people into believing there is a “crisis” – and submitting, willingly, to whatever the Jefes tell them they must submit to in order to “solve” it.

“40 percent of all C02 going up is from the tailpipe,” says the Jefe to the Tool. “Imagine if we could just change that.” Of course by “we” he means you – and I. The Jefe will still have his Corvette. And his entourage of V8 SUVs and limos and gas-turbine-powered whirlybirds.

The Tool does not parse what the Jefe means by “40 percent.” As in, of what?

Or where.

He might have asked the Jefe what 40 percent of 0.04 percent is, the latter being the percent of the Earth’s atmosphere that is C02 – and how a fraction of that fraction, up or down, creates a “crisis.” Also how many percent “goes up” from the utility plants that “emit” the dread gas by combusting natural gas, as well as oil and coal – in order to make the EeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeee go.

Also how EeeeeeeeVeeeees will go if those sources of power are shut down, on account of all their C02 “emissions,” which they’d have to be if you agree that C02 “emissions” are causing a “crisis.”

And if they are shut down, what will replace them? How will solar panels, wind farms and so on produce the megawatts needed to power EeeeeeeeeeVeeeeeees without “emitting” the dread inert gas?

But that is perhaps too much to expect from the same Tool who also did a ride-along in the new Corvette with a GM exec – both wearing their obligatory Face Diaper, to “stop the spread” of a sickness neither had and which their “masks” wouldn’t have prevented them from getting – or spreading.

A non-Tool Car Guy would have refused to pretend – for the sake of a ride.

“This president is also a huge Car Guy,” says the Tool. The Jefe then explains that his dad – who owned the largest Chevy dealership in the state – “didn’t have a lot of money,” but was able to scrape enough pennies together to hand the young Jefe the keys to a brand-new Corvette back in 1967, as a wedding gift.

The pair then sidle over to the shell of a’78 Ford F-truck, underneath of which is what the Tool says is “the future of hot rodding.” Except there’s not much to “hot rod” when all there is under there is an electric motor and a battery pack. It’s more like a gutting – and replacing.

An expensive one.

The Tool doesn’t explain that, either.

“All us kids who grew up on internal combustion engines we liked to hot rod . . . but you’ve got a whole new generation of kids who grew up with computers and iPhones and they’re hot rodding electric.”

Really? How many “kids” can afford to buy a classic truck – in the first place – and then afford to spend the  $4,340 Ford (in this case) charges for a “crate” electric motor? And then the battery to power it? The cost of which the Tool doesn’t mention, but which is more than twice the cost of the “crate” electric motor?

Leaving aside the fact that even if a kid could afford it, what would be the point of it? An “electrified” classic truck (or car) being exactly like every other electric car or truck.

The whole point of owning a classic car is to own something that isn’t the same as everything else. That isn’t built by someone else – as this truck was. That has personality. Quirks. Makes engines sounds – not sewing machine whirrs. Also, Hot Rodding was about giving the Finger to the Man. Not bending over for the Man.

You’d think a Car Guy would get that.

But this one also happens to be a Tool.

One who recites the obligatory mantras – “zero carbon emissions” – which is only true if you do not take into account the “emissions” emitted at the utility plant as well as the battery plants and the mines and leach fields where the lithium is evaporated.

“What do you think of this idea?” asks the Tool. “I think it’s incredible,” the Jefe replies.

And indeed, it is. In the old-school meaning of that much-abused word.

As in not credible.

To hear someone like Jay – who does know cars – go along with what he has to know isn’t credible. Something anathema to everything a Car Guy ought to care about. Manifested in the hair-plugged person of the Jefe who is himself anathema to cars and determined to make Americans give up theirs.

But not the classic Corvette he gets to keep – and drive.

. . .

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  1. As I reluctantly left space for an EV to enter the roadway from a side road out of “courtesy” to allow the EV to enter the roadway when the traffic signal turned green today, I realized I hate EVs.

    The last 3 EVs I had seen had specialized plates. For my state, they generally get the “green energy” plates. However, the personalized ones on the last two had me wanting to just flip em off and act like a blue haired Karen as I passed them. One had “MOD3L X”. The other “ELETRIC”. I’ve never needed Dramamine on land, but it appears I now need to keep a barf bag in my vehicle because it makes me sick to see human beings so freaking privileged and so freaking stupid at the same time.

  2. For the sake of the hobby, I wish someone would break into his “garage” and burn up his collection. I’m sick of looking at that guy. He used to be funny, too.

  3. leno the car guy supports this……

    banning ice cars….destroying businesses

    California’s gas-car phaseout brings turmoil to mom-and-pop gas stations

    Indeed, for a mom-and-pop owner, McDonald said the installation of a fast DC charger typically costs about $150,000 including construction and infrastructure work, so installing them makes no sense, would not be profitable…

    “Most of the independents will be put out of business — completely out of business,”

    • An independent Chevron dealer of my acquaintance tells me the company stations sell fuel for less than what Chevron charges him for the same product. Appears to me the refining companies are already intent on driving independent retailers out of business.

  4. ‘Joe Biden, the (s)elected Jefe of the United States’ — eric

    Yesterday, at a rally for Michigan Dems, Hussein Obama took the podium.

    And — Lo! — the crowd broke into a chant of “Fuck Joe Biden!” … to his immense consternation.


  5. I watched Bill Maher interview Jay Leno a few months ago, and Jay inadvertently mentioned he dined with CIA Director Gina Haspel. You should have seen Bill’s reaction.

    • Hi Handler,

      Maher seems ok. A liberal, certainly. But he comes across as a human being; a mensch. Real. Someone you could talk with. I like people like that. Leno? He comes across as a phony. And his actions bear this out.

      • Bill is ok for a liberal, but you can tell he’s totally owned. He had evil Yuval Harari on his show Friday. Last Friday, it was Netanyahu.

  6. Remember, there’s real Jay and NBC Jay.
    This looks like it the CNBC “Jay Leno’s Garage” so that’s NBC Jay who does what NBC wants done.

  7. Jay Leno is not a true “car nut”, at least when it comes to the ability to do his own repairs.
    I realize that he has enough money and can pay the “best” mechanics and restorers, but there is nothing like working on one’s own vehicles and feeling the sense of accomplishment that comes from being to say “I did that” or “I repaired that” or “I improved that”.
    Jay Leno will never be a true “car nut” (enthusiast).
    I’ve been on this earth for over seven decades and still do my own repairs. From rebuilding engines, transmissions, other drivetrain assemblies and chassis and alignments and adjustments, I still “do it all”.
    I would still like to drive a Chrysler Turbine car just once…

    • Hi Anarchyst,

      I agree with you. I think that truly defines a “Car Guy” is whether he wrenches – or not. I don’t think Jay does. He likes neat old stuff and knows a lot about neat old stuff. But he’s more akin to the rich guy who likes paintings – and buys the work of the great masters – but cannot himself paint.

    • Re: leno can’t wrench

      that means he isn’t a real car nut, which is true, some people buy cars as investments or as jewelery, not as driver’s cars.

      can’t wrench so hates kit cars….maybe because wrenching is required

      Another problem with leno is he doesn’t like kit cars….he is a rich snob…

      the kit car world is very cool….but it is never covered by auto journalists…

      for a smaller amount of money you can buy a very cool, fully analog (real cars), kit car…

      everybody can’t afford a $150,000 Porsche

  8. I have given up debating EVs on the — which most members are against, but not all.

    For probably 30 years now I’ve been asking the question, which many are now finally asking: How is the electric being generated, that is being transferred, to power these cars? Of course we know the answer, but the vast majority of people (95%?) don’t think about it; they have been propagandized to overlook that crucial point. And HARDLY ANYBODY understands the difference between the free market responding to demand and the government FORCING things upon us. Seriously, I’m out of the debate — people deserve the shackles they ask for and are going to get.

    The focus among Corvette guys is “EVs are gay.” Or “Evs are an appliance, not a car.” Ok, ok, but nobody thinks about the fact that GOVERNMENT is distorting the market with subsidies and laws, artificially swaying demand towards EVs for purely political reasons. With enough propaganda, people will gladly give up their liberties without even knowing it.

    I keep going back to “The Law of the Conservation of Energy, which states: ” . . . energy cannot be made or destructed in any process. It may, however, be changed from one form to another. The overall energy contained in the isolated system remains constant when all kinds of energy are considered. This law applies to all kinds of energy.”

    FWIW, the universe is considered to be a closed system.

    • Dang, I forgot about the actual subject of this thread — Jay Leno.

      Screw him. I actually liked him when he took over The Tonight Show in 1992, but he’s shown himself to be just another leftist mouthpiece.

      • Another fundamental thing about all this that annoys me. People have just bought into the whole premise that there is some “problem” with gas cars and never question it — we just have to move on.

        I just got done listening to a local Car Fixer Guy on his Sunday radio show, who seems pretty normal otherwise. He just said something like: “I don’t care much for EVs, but I think hybrids are part of the solution.”

        If you’re looking for a solution then there must be a problem. What it is? We are not running out of oil, and modern gas cars are not killing the planet with pollution. What problem are you trying to solve?

        Today’s car mags are unreadable, they’ve bought into the whole thing. My buddy gives me a couple every month when he’s done with them and they’re a joke. I would never spend one penny to buy one. I thumb through them, hopefully finding a test on a fast IC sports car.

        • Hi Bruce,

          Exactly! I’ve been trying to get this through people’s heads for years. The key to all of this is challenging the premise. Not accepting it.

          Oil is plentiful. Gas and diesel-powered vehicles “emit” negligible pollution. C02 is not a pollutant. There is no “climate crisis.” It’s all predicated on fatuous assertions.

          Just like the “pandemic.”

    • Most people are now hopeless.
      That’s what a 120 years of modern schooling has done.

      I don’t even claim to have made it through unscathed, merely damaged.

    • Hi Bruce,

      There’s another important (because revealing) question to ask these people: How has “climate change” affected you? Be specific, please.

      They have no answers – because there aren’t any.

      • Eric,
        If they DO give an answer, it will be weather, not climate. A few years of drought or flooding is weather. The end of the Ice Age and the accompanying transformation of the Sahara from savannah to desert is climate change. In case no one has noticed, climate is unstable. It always has been. The notion that it can be stabilized, and preserved, is a BIG pile of Unicorn fart fairy pixie dust.

        • To piggyback on that, the shrinking of Lake Mead is chalked up to climate change. Yes, it has been dry for a while in that territory. But more than that, the population has more than doubled in a short period of time.

          • Correct. The upper Colorado states have been using their allocation of the river, where as in the past they have had large excesses that California got used to having available. Now that people are fleeing the golden fleece state for the upper compact states, California and the Bureau of Reclamation are creating a crisis.

            We are in a pretty severe drought now. But I’m fairly certain this has happened before, even within the time that the territory has been part of the United States. Very few weather records are being broken, and those that are date back from the 1920s and 30s, which was also a time of drought. Flood plains are rated by likelihood of flood in X number of years. That means rainfall is probably cyclical. The Colorado River compact has been criticized for overasumption of stream flow and snowpack because the initial measurements were taken during a time of heavy moisture. Ten years later the midwest was in a dustbowl. All of the major dams overflowed in the early 1980s. Now we’re in a drought.

            But don’t dare mention any of that! Just like the mass of the boomer generation acted like they were the first people to ever do anything (including such hits as have children or own a home), no one has ever seen this level of “climate change.”

      • Eric and John: A few years ago my 60-ish neighbor was yammering about “climate change.” I told him that 15-20,000 years ago, right where we stood (upstate NY) there was a 1-2 mile-thick ice sheet covering the land.

        He just mumbled something; I’m pretty sure he never heard that before. I rarely see him, but he’s never brought the subject up again. Maybe he’s still thinking about it.

        • Indeed Bruce,
          Thank God for climate change. There’s a reason we have advanced so much and so rapidly over the last 10k years. Better weather, as in warmer. Warmer is better.

          • That’s the truth. Indeed, history bears this out: Warmer periods led to greater human flourishing, as in the Roman and Medieval warm periods that made for things like the Italian Renaissance; cooler periods lead to greater human diminishing, as in the Black Death and Irish Potato Famine. Even on a micro scale: the cold 70s was a tough economic time, but a little discussed reason why things turned around and boomed in the 80s and 90s is that those were warmer decades.

        • >upstate NY)
          Not just upstate, either.
          Both my parents were born and raised in Rockland County, where the evidence of previous glaciation is everywhere. I’ve been told by people who hail from Nebraska that remains of glaciers exist there also.

          Yet, there are large coal deposits in Wyoming, which mean there were once lush semi-tropical forests there. Th Permian Basin, in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, was once under water.

          The Sandia Mountains, a block faulted mountain range east of Albuquerque, New Mexico, are pink at sunset because there is pink granite, an igneous rock, exposed on the western face.
          But at the summit, just over 10,000 feet elevation, you will find limestone, which is sedimentary rock, containing ancient marine fossils, such as ammonites. Which means what is now at 10,000 feet was once at the bottom of an inland sea.

          So, not only climate, but the morphology of the Earth’s crust, is always changing. Geologists tell us there is an enormous volcano under Yellowstone National Park, and someday it is going to blow. Anyone remember when Mt. Pinatubo blew up? Mt. St. Helens? These are not human caused events. The best we can hope to do is survive.

          • Adi,
            “Th Permian Basin, in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, was once under water.”
            Hell, almost the entire Midwest was once under water, witness the Lime stone caves here in Missouri.

        • Along those same lines, Bruce, I went to college in western Massachusetts. One of my electives was botany, and one day the professor took us on a field trip behind the school, where there were fossilized palm trees. This would indicate that at some point in the past, New England had tropical weather. Who the hell are these people to decide what the “correct” climate is for the planet?

    • V8 owners against EV’s group on facebook has 100’s of posts against EV’s…a very unfriendly place for EV pumpers…..

  9. “The U.S. has recently set a goal,” the Tool continues “for 50 percent of all cars to be electric by 2030.” — eric

    And so has EeeVee Mary of General Morons:

    “General Motors is temporarily suspending advertising on Twitter after the social media platform was acquired by Elon Musk, the head of rival automaker Tesla.

    “GM said Friday it’s talking with Twitter to discuss how the platform will change and will stop advertising until it has a better understanding of what will happen to it with Musk now at the helm.”

    Another reason to flush GM down the toilet forever. This company no longer reflects my values. GM is the enemy.

  10. …and when all of us little people have been forced to public transportation Jay and his will still have the great cars. It’s a win for them either way.

    Same thing happened with the Class III weapons. Boy did those prices go through the roof and still are. There are those who openly fight against re-opening the registry and walking back what Reagan did simply because of a loss of value and elitism. Not much difference IMO.

    • Manse,
      Ain’t the state a grand thing?
      I think I have this right, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it is illegal to make a class III weapon in the US, and has been for many years. In fact, though it may not be a legal matter, I believe the personal full auto military weapons are all made overseas. The M4, and whatever the “new and improved” personal weapon is called.
      My oft repeated 2A mantra, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Since each and every gun law is by definition an infringement, each and every one of them is illegal per the supreme law of the land.

      • Anything made before ’86 is ok if you have a Class III and want to drop serious coin. Nothing new allowed. It is illegal to make a fully auto but making semi’s is fine as long as it’s for personal use and never sold. There is usually a famous machine gun shoot twice a year that brings out fascinating history. I think that’s over now.

        • “Anything made before ’86 is ok if you have a Class III and want to drop serious coin.”

          Yup, “Land of The Flea”.

          “Shall not be infringed” <- meaningless, nowadays.

          A crumb for thee – If – you wanna, "drop serious coin".

          Screw you, if you're a poor serf.

          … Just thinking out loud.

      • We keep losing on second amendment and other things because we are reactionary–we react to proposed infringements, so the bar always moves Left (see Eccl. 10:2). We need to get PROactive and fight to destroy those unConstitutional laws. Currently, they are enforced and “conservatives” talk about how this weapon or that is “fully legal.”
        People ARE waking up and FINALLY bestirring themselves to act as adults and take care of the nation (mostly by local action) and not exclusively their own little bitty selves.
        We are DESTROYING the grip of the evil-doers such as the monsters Eric always complains about. We are slowly winning, and that needs to be emphasized more.

  11. Jay Leno has an amazing vehicle collection. Hopefully someday it will become the basis of an amazing car museum. I truly hope its not split up and auctioned off when he kicks the bucket (too bad it’s in California, which will likely lower the chances of that happening). He knows plenty about cars including the history of them and more importantly how they work. He has collected important historic vehicles that most museums have not bothered with including many dead ends like steam and electrics. It’s unfortunate we are not learning from the failure of the early electrics as most of the problems of them still remain.

    He should know better. And he has made his money and could speak out about the destruction of the private car. But he doesn’t. Why?

    The more I learn about Jay Leno the less I like him. He isn’t well liked by other comedians and comics. You would think he was very likable from his stage presence, but that is what it is an act. He stepped on a lot of toes on purpose as he rose to the top of that field. Letterman (who is also a creep) is just the most well known instance of that. So knowing that, it’s easy to see why he is doing what he is doing with El Presidente.

    • Leno like Schwarzenegger like Ventura are sellouts when they didn’t have to be. You’d think approaching your golden years you would be more free to speak out because what the heck your days are numbered. Nope. Just bend over for the “current thing” and take it in the ass even though you have millions. Baffling. At least Kanye and Laura Logan said fuck that and tell it like it is. Props. Too bad white guys can’t.

  12. Like Foreigner and Starship are corporate rock, he’s corporate comedy. He still entertains millions of people at training seminars, management retreats and shareholder meetings. When Johny Carson stepped down it was assumed Letterman would take over. But NBC was worried they wouldn’t be able to control him, so they went with Leno instead. The safe bet who takes orders.

  13. Everyone in Hollywood is a tool, many groomed from childhood, or products of special breeding programs, and most are transgenders – like Charlize Theron – the transwoman often has a male name or two first names – there is a whole transinvestigation community on the internets – check it out – almost all the actors are transillusions.

    Biden is also a tool, pedo poopy pants is to senile and stupid to direct any agenda, he is a tool of the agenda – and in fact it is so bad and obvious that even our elected reps are questioning who is really running the show. (Hint: Jews and Israelis) It is a conspiracy theory that Biden has been replaced with an actor, or man in a rubber mask or suit. His granddaughter third cousin said he died 3 years ago.

    Michelle Obama is a tranny. Was born Michael Robinson, he was Barak Obama’s high school gay lover, played Oregon football. Look it up. Obama kids are stand ins.×0.jpg?fit=scale

    I’ve read that even Victoria Secret models are trans, that’s why they have such thin hips. But I do not know for sure, but it is all coming out thanks to Al Gore who invented the internets. If you see it on the tube, it is for sure some kind of fakery. And it has been going on since Greeks put on plays, men pretending to be woman, or even on TV when you see some british baking queen Julia Childs is really a man. (with a very fake woman voice)

    What they are doing is fooling your mind down to the subconscious level, they want you to believe the perfect woman is a trans without you knowing it consciously. This is the path directly into our bio-electronic future of robots and eventually transferring our consciousness into doll bodies.

    The leader of trend is author Ray Kurzweil, director of technology at Google (I call it Goolag). He says in his books that by 2045 humans and robot android humans will be indistinguisable. His predictions are based on exponential growth – which is why you can’t believe the rate of progress at this point in history. Hard to believe, right? Watch out, we organic biological humans are being replaced in this century.

    Also take a look at who Elon Musk fired at Twitter. None of them are white Americans. Many of them come from socialistic or communist countries and have no idea what freedom is, or care, and do not vibe with us Amerikans. What Eric Peters wants and what they want are opposites. In fact they don’t even want to allow you to voice your white Amerikan opinion.

    First Amendment rights? They never heard of them, to them such ideas as free speech are part of a vast right wing conspiracy and have no future in their vision of the future.

    • The Firings Begin: Twitter CEO, CFO, & Top Censor Escorted Out….best news in 2022…

      As the bell tolls for the end of the first chapter of Twitter’s life as a deep state narrative-enabling machine, the firings have begun with Musk becoming ‘Chief Twit’.

      fired……..this witch banned everybody, mostly conservatives…..Vijaya Gadde, a leftist communist…..the top legal and policy executive, (or censorship czar)…..she is bipoc, she banned mostly whites so she is racist….NOTE: banned Trump….

      As a reminder, having been with Twitter since 2011, Gadde was the key executive in charge of ‘trust and safety, legal and public policy functions’ – described by Politico as the company’s “moral authority.” Gadde holds one of the most controversial positions at Twitter: Her teams decide how to moderate content. Gadde will leave with $12.5 million severance….lol.

    • The political system is rife with corrupt players, and there is reason to suspect that the latest “event” that roils the District of Criminals is a staged event. We are told Paul Pelosi, who is living in a guarded mansion in San Fran, is attacked with a hammer by some lunatic.

      We are told Paul Pelousi is hospitalized at ‘Saint’ Zuckerberg Memorial Hospital

      News: “A statement from Nancy Pelosi’s office read: “Mr. Pelosi was admitted to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital where he underwent successful surgery to repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hands. His doctors expect a full recovery.” ”

      This “event” is immediately politicized, and lawmakers demand something must be done to protect themselves, the elected scum, from attack. Seeing how bad everything is and how it is getting worse, and seeing how public sentiment toward public officials could get violent, it is plausible that someone would attack political scum, maybe even try to kill them.

      But the key this is a false flag attack is that the deranged attacker, with a hammer, was yelling “Where’s Nancy” which is exactly what the Jan 6th committee says Trump’s deranged followers did – had a hammer and were yelling “Where’s Nancy”.

      What evidence do we have that Paul Pelosi is attacked, and I don’t mean a costume with bandages qualifies, and it is Halloween afterall. Anyone can put on some bandages to prove they were attacked. It is clear that the Left will portray the attack as from a Trumper. And Trump is in the docket.

      I, for one, do not believe a word in the MSM press, because I have no evidence that anyone was attacked or actually hospitalized, all I have are a bunch of stories, touting this narrative, when those telling the narrative lie and lie and lie. So why would I believe a single word from any MSM source? I would have to be a fool to do so.

      BTW this is the main contention with the Sandy Hook hoax. There is not one shred of evidence that any child was killed. No photos, no videos, no open coffins. Not a damn thing. If you think some kids died at Sandy Hook school shooting please post your evidence because there ain’t none. Then to defend the (false) narrative Alex Jones gets sued for a billion, then a trillion dollars. The message is, don’t you dare question the narrative.

      AJ was sued bigly, and let me tell you why – (((they))) are planning a false flag dirty nuke attack in Ukraine. Russia says this formally to the US gov’t, the US denies it and says Russia is going to do the false flag.

      News: Russia’s army would be ‘annihilated’ by the West if Putin uses a nuke in Ukraine, senior EU official predicts

      So the situation to escalate to nukes is set up, if a nuke goes off in Ukraine, Russia will be blamed, and the US will be justified to nuke Russia.

      • Do these US and EU officials who threaten massive retaliation against Russia if Russia uses nuclear weapons think that Russia would not retaliate if attacked? It appears that Ukraine is indeed planning on setting off a dirty bomb as a false flag, in order to drag Nato into the war. If this happens and Nato uses this as an excuse to launch massive attacks against Russia, what do these officials think that Russia would do in retaliation, given that Russia is in possession of thousands of nuclear weapons which could completely annihilate the United States? Are they planning on hiding out in their bomb shelters while the United States is destroyed and not coming out until the radioactive fallout has dissipated?

        • Hi Martin,

          I agree. I try not to think about this too much.. and yet, one must. This business of risking a nuclear war – which would be all out almost by axiom – over… Ukraine? It is insane. While I sympathize with the hardship being dealt with by the people in Ukraine, it is madness to risk immolating the world over Ukraine. Historical amnesia plays a role in this madness. All too many people forget – or never knew – that World War I, which resulted in mass death all over Europe, tens of millions of people killed… was begun over Sarajevo. The world rued this, in the aftermath.

          And the world may be obliged to do so, again.

          It also begs am important question. Several of them, in fact. Why is “keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev” so important? To whom is it so important?

          • Eric,
            “Why is “keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev” so important? To whom is it so important?”
            The Bidens, and any others using Ukraine’s money laundering industry, which is their primary export.

            • Hi John,

              Yup. And – cue insanity – how does it ameliorate the sufferings of the Keeeeevians to ignite nuclear war? The Keeeevians will be the first crisped.

          • Hi Eric,

            I actually think that our military “leaders” think that they can defeat Russia, weakening it to the point that it will submit to military domination by Nato and the US. Ever since the breakup of the USSR, they have imagined the eventual breakup of Russia itself. Gorbachev was promised by James Baker, secretary of state at the time, that the US would not seek to expand Nato to any of the former USSR republics. They lied, adding one nation after another to Nato in order to surround Russia. The US was almost certainly planning to admit Ukraine to Nato, completely surrounding Russia. This would enable Nato to install nuclear weapons to within about 10 minutes of striking Russia. Finland has just indicated a willingness to have nuclear weapons installed there, right on Russia’s border. I think that the idiots who run the US foreign policy establishment really believe that Russia will just meekly submit to this and eventually be broken up so that its resources can be exploited by the US. It’s part of their dream of a unipolar world in which the US dominates the globe as the world’s sole superpower, after Russia has been eliminated as a threat. While all this is going on, Ukraine is planning of launching a dirty bomb in eastern Ukraine as a false flag, in order to drag Nato further into the war.

            A really good article was just posted on this subject at the Lew Rockwell site.


            • Hi Martin,

              I think you’re right about that. And I think it shows just how crazy – how psychopathic – the warmongers are. Many people have no understanding of the devastation Russia could send our way via just one Typhoon class submarine. If that boat launches her arsenal, most of the U.S. is laid waste in less than one hour. Even if half the incoming SLBMs are intercepted and shot down. How many nukes could Russia deliver by ICBM? Via bombers?

              God help us.

        • bomb shelters for brandon but not for you….

          Nuclear war

          Russia has built a large number of bomb shelters, in a nuclear war a higher percentage of the population will survive because of this, so maybe pushed to the wall it isn’t totally unthinkable… least they gave some thought to protecting the little people..

          China isn’t as concerned, they figure they can survive a nuclear war because they have a huge population, so there will be survivors.

          If your leaders are going to get you into a nuclear confrontation at least they should build some shelters for you first.

          In G7 countries less bomb shelters have been built, in some almost none have been built, except a few for the government and military leaders,

          but…… the globalist/satanists at the top will be safe 400 feet underground in their bomb shelters in New Zealand.

          Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

          So instead of building bomb shelters they just stole the money, great leaders.

    • Hello, Yukon Jack. I read Kurzweil’s book, “The Singularity Is Near” a few years ago. I had to really slug through the first few chapters, but the rest proved to be most interesting. He firmly believed humans would one day merge with machines. Albeit, he did admit he was not sure what happened to ones spirit in the process. On a side note-and I know it is off-topic from this particular thread-I have often wondered if there is anything in the COVID “vaccines” that help the transhumanist agenda along, in those who have taken such a jab? That is, for those who have taken the jab, does it (or will it) make people less human? As the C&C Music Factor song line says, “…things that make you go ‘hmmm’ “…..

    • Al Gore said he coined the term “information superhighway.” He DID coin it, I remember and I hate that term because I hate Gore.
      A whole lot of Great Awakening stuff in your post, Yukon Jack, congratulations.

      As a Jew, it is my duty to clarify on the anti-Semitism, though. About a year ago, I finally learned where such ugliness is coming from: there really are “those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan (Rev. 13).” Horrible monsters have been hiding behind the people of God for a very long time indeed. The Papist church and big Protestant megachurches are afflicted with this as well, and don’t kid me there is no holiness in those churches. And I saw a horrible video about adrenochrome in which a Saudi prince said it “makes pure mescaline look like ginger ale.” Adrenochrome is a youth-prolonging drug from the blood of tortured or murdered children. Awfully hard to face that.
      All this horror has to be exposed before being destroyed–but it IS on the way out and we Jews won’t have to endure anti-Semitism any more when the process is finished!

  14. Jay has been a no-talent worthless cunt his entire adult life.
    He’s a perfect match buddy for Buy-dem the tyrannical traitor.
    Impale them both on cruise missiles in the national mall, and let the birds snack on their rotting corpses.
    For good measure, impale the rest of the appointed and elected feds in DC with the sole exception of Rand Paul.
    The American people would be better off if DC was a radioactive glass swamp.

      • Jim,

        Ditto for Senator Ron Johnson. He had the “Covid-19: A Second Opinion” hearing earlier this year where doctors, scientists, ordinary people, etc., told their stories of seeing vaxx injured patients, injuries they or loved ones got from being vaxxed, faulty protocols in hospitals, etc. As a result of that hearing, there appears to be a MASSIVE effort from the drug companies and pushers of “The Vaxx Narrative” to make sure he doesn’t get another term.

      • Spare Chip Roy, R-Texas!

        He’s great, he gets what is going on and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

        In all, I would save 5-6 total in DC.

        Someone mentioned Twitter above. The only time they spanked me (12 hour ban) was last spring when I said everybody in Washington were traitors and should be hung.

    • Oh, hell ya. I have wished that Putin would launch and hit that place first. Capital Hill and the WH are a bigger threat to this country than the Chinese madman.

  15. Xiden’s handlers are keeping him miles away from anyone asking him real questions:
    “President Xiden, how will you transfer energy production away from oil-based gas and diesel to electric grid based? Wont the electrical grid need to be increased with carbon producing energy plants and new transmission lines to increase the grid? Are wind and solar dispatchable power sources? If not, where will the energy come from especially if nuclear power is unpopular? If none if these obstacles have been contemplated, how can you advocate for a total transfer over to electrical grid?”

    I would have had a lot of respect for Jay if he had only hinted at some of these questions.

    The Red Barchetta by Rush was prescient.

    • Hi Hans,

      Leno mystifies me. He’s both rich and old – so why does he kiss so much ass? He doesn’t need to – and yet, he does. I wanted to like the guy, because he does know cars and seems to really like them. But this disingenuous (because he knows better) fawning makes me despise him. He is in a position to correct Biden – and the bullshit – because he does know cars. Instead, fawns over Biden and pretends EeeeeeeeVeeeeees are an organic result of “innovation” and a good thing for us all.

      • Eric, he doesn’t need to – and yet, he does, because he wants to. He’s with them. Which is why he participates in making the propaganda. He wants us disenfranchised, impoverished, and/or dead.

      • I heard he made a joke about obama and got in trouble over it (was replaced?)….since then he sticks to the leftist narrative, including EV’s and nazi needles/bat germs …..very sickening….

        how stupid is he?….lol

        he still works the comic stand up circuit?…maybe he is scared he will be banned….

        seinfeld says he (himself)….only talks about cars, nothing else….to stay out of trouble

      • Jews have the dirt on all these assholes. He probably fucked some kid in a set up honeypot. All those cars won’t help him in Hell.

        • By Jews I’m assuming you mean Massad, the folks doing the dirty work for 5 Eyes? Because I’m pretty sure my friend doesn’t have any dirt on anyone.

  16. BTW, I’ve lost track of how many stories the Biden Thing has told about the circumstances of his receiving the Corvette gift from his father. I doubt even Slow Joe remembers the truth at this point.

    • Second that Roscoe,
      If his father owned the largest Chevy dealership in the area there’s no way in hell that “we didn’t have much money.” I dated in girl in HS back in the 60’s whose dad owned the local Ford dealership and they had a summer house on a lake that was twice as large as the house my family lived in. To cite two examples of dealer/owners around here, Ernie Boch jr. has a gigantic mansion on Martha’s Vineyard along with a private jet, and Herb Chambers has a penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton and a yacht the size of a battleship. I wonder if selling EV’s will be as lucrative.

  17. OK Jay, so now stop driving those classics you tout in your Leno’s Garage YewToob vids. They are MURDERING BABY SEALS with all those ICKY EMISSIONS, EWWW! Not even on second of runtime on those icky old ICE’s in your garage! You hypocrite!

    Leno’s Garage was interesting when Jay showed us a little-known or long extinct corner of automobilia. He is dead to me now. Sleep with commies, you get up with Marxism on the brain. Rather watch I Do Cars tear apart a blown-up engine, it’s actually interesting and has no taint of Marxism.

  18. “A whole new era of innovation” is coming”
    Innovation is devoid of morality. It can be very good, or very bad, and all permutations in between. This one is not even an innovation. Which is defined as “The act of introducing something new”. Which electric cars are not. In the US, censorship is an “innovation” we would be far better off without. Along with most other “innovations” inflicted upon us by the psychopathic criminal organization called the FedGov.
    Leno did not get where he is by refusing such opportunity to grovel at the feet of a person in power.
    I don’t like Leno. I never have. In fact, he is personally responsible for me stopping watching the “Tonight Show” and going to bed at a more reasonable hour. I regard his occasional showing off of his vehicle collection as an in your face “Look what I can afford, and you can’t”. Just like Brandon and his Corvette, limousine, helicopter, and private jet. All publicly owned except the Corvette. Not to mention bodyguards.

    • Hi John,

      I didn’t get into it much in the article because the article would have been twice as long, but can you imagine the fabrication work involved in converting that poor ’78 F-truck into an EeeeeeeeeeVeeee? They didn’t even spare the poor thing’s interior, which might as well be a Tesla’s interior. I hope someone can rescue the body and restore that poor thing to its proper configuration at some point down the road.

      I’d shoot my Trans-Am, to put it out of its misery, if someone “electrified” it.

      • Didn’t a Ford engineering facility do the pickup conversion to prove the concept of the “crate” motor kit?

        I’ve seen that pickup before, possibly at the announcement of the F150 Lightning.

  19. Tim Allen is another “car guy” sellout, on the payroll of Disney for another “Santa Clause” sequel and hoping for a revival of “Home Improvement”.

    Still, the last episode of Allen’s “Last Man Standing” is interesting if you feel an era is passing. It is obvious Allen gets it even if he won’t be direct about the situation.

  20. There’s also video of Jay Leno, along with Nicole Kidman and other celebrities, practically bragging about how cool it is to eat bugs, as that’s something else the Technocratic elite wish to FORCE upon the masses, claiming that it’s necessary because eating MEAT causes “Climate Change”…

    The Climate Change zealots are also going after pet ownership, claiming that owning a pet causes Climate Change as well. These people are absolutely insane if not evil……

    • The Climate Change zealots are also going after pet ownership

      cool…that is the only thing that will get people to push back…..people’s pets are more important then anything to them…

      pets live in million dollar houses and eat steak, sleep all day…..the homeless sleep on concrete and starve….lol…..this country is insane…..

      one estimate was a dog from when it is born till it dies will cost you $100,000….that is insanity…..

      • anon1,
        Those of us of European descent have a symbiotic personal relationship with dogs that’s thousands of years old, including me. Most of the rest of the world would rather eat them. So I do understand the attachment to dogs. Though none of the many I’ve outlived ever ate steak unless it was burned or rotten. A rare thing, no pun intended.
        The rest of the pet herd, I do not understand. Cats are useful as mouse police, but so is a mouse trap, and some dogs.
        I’m pretty sure I have not spent 100k on all the dogs I’ve outlived, which I think is about ten of them. Unlikely half that.

        • Morning, John!

          I have (and enjoy having) both beasts. The latest beast being a dawg. He is a half lab, half German shepherd. Dawgs are more closely social than cats – but cats are also social and personable, once they get to know you and trust you. This is a primary difference between cats and dogs, I think. For example, when a visitor comes over that my cats don’t know, they are wary and often not visible. They watch and wait – and may eventually come out to see. But the dawg? He is excited to meet and greet.

          When a cat loves you, it’s closer to being loved by another person.

          • Eric,
            I hate to disabuse you, but neither are capable of love. They operate on instinct. Your dog “loves you” because you are a member of the pack that it cannot live without. Your cat “loves you” because it sees you as a protector. A new and improved mother. A cat won’t die for you. A dog will, but its because of the pack thing, not because of any conscious decision. And that conscious willingness to die for another has always defined love for me. But perhaps that’s just a man thing.

            • Hi John,

              That may well be so. And yet, I hope it is not! I’ve lived with dozens of animals over the course of my life and the personal bon (affection) seems real enough – though I take your points and understand the tendency to anthropomorphisize animal behavior. Still, some of my cats (and dogs I have had) seem to regard me as more than just a protector – and I’d like to believe it’s so.

        • Hi John

          Re: The Climate Change zealots are also going after pet ownership….they better think twice about that……

          ……Those of us of European descent have a symbiotic personal relationship with dogs that’s thousands of years old, including me.

          That is my point…people put their pets (usually dogs) above anything or anyone, some people sleep with their dogs/pets.

          Anybody going after their dogs will get huge pushback.

          This is a lot different to the no pushback against the attack on people the last 2 1/2 years, people don’t give a shit about other people, probably hate them.

          Some grocery stores would take the end cuts from cooked roasts, hams, turkey’s, etc., in the deli department, cut it up, package it and sell it at a far lower price then cooked roast. I would buy these. One day they disappeared, the deli dept. says they just throw it out in the garbage now. This forces people to pay full price for roast beef…….they also told me people were buying this for their dogs….dogs eating garlic flavored roast beef…..and the poor people eat dog food….lol….

          Dog costs:
          veterinarians…..multiple vaccinations, dental work, surgeries, some people paid for $4000 surgeries then the dog died anyways…

          dog walkers, grooming, dog hotels, dog food

          dog food….the healthiest diet for a dog is raw meat….nothing else….this would be very expensive……

          dog hotels….a dog is a 24/7 commitment like a baby, they can’t be left alone (way out in the country you probably could) so you need a dog sitter or a dog hotel if you go on a trip. more$$$$

          ….. Climate Change zealots are also going after pet ownership….there will be huge backlash, hell to pay..

          Climate Change zealots are insane….CO2 is plant food…..

          • anon1,
            “dog food….the healthiest diet for a dog is raw meat….nothing else….this would be very expensive……”
            No, it is not. Cats thrive on it but your dog will be dead in a year of that’s all it eats. Dogs in the wild are to the carnivore side of omnivore. They will eat berries and nuts, and anytime they kill something, they eat the whole thing, guts and all, especially stomach contents, to keep from dying.
            I incurred practically none of the expenses you list for dog upkeep. A rabies shot was about the only vet bill Incurred, and gave those myself until the vets got together and outlawed it
            My dogs got median priced dog food, and thrived on it. I’ve seen several dogs NOT thriving on the high end stuff. Most of their non lethal injuries I took care of myself. Put one in a kennel once for two days. Loved my dogs, but they were dogs, not people. And yes, when I kept them, I would have reacted severely if someone tried to hurt or kill one, or take one away from me. They are an excellent security device. They can see quite well in the dark, and will die for their pack. In my house their job was to take the first bullet.

            • Hi John

              “dog food….the healthiest diet for a dog is raw meat……this statement came from a very high level veterinarian, who probably knows more then the average dog owner….it is very contraversial….most people don’t agree, most haven’t heard it….a friend I told this to said their vet told them to buy the very expensive dog food the vet sold….lol….some people say they follow this raw meat diet and it works very well….

              the healthiest diet for a dog is raw meat…seems logical, that is what wolves eat (the dog’s cousin), they thrive on it…

              none of the expenses you list for dog upkeep…..I have friends who spent many thousands of dollars on surgeries at vets…one friend gets lots of vaccines for their dog….their dogs always get weird diseases and die after they spend a fortune at the vet, probably the damage from all the vaccines,

              in the old days this wasn’t true….I don’t remember any vets anywhere, now there are thousands of them… vaccinations, special foods, dog walkers, dog hotels, nothing, when the dog got old and sick it was put down, the end, very few expenses, cheap to own, you got dogs for free back then, now they cost thousands of dollars………

              Dogs are great for protection or as an alert to intruders, in some countries with no 2A they are used as an alternative…..for old people with declining senses dogs are good to alert them of what is around them.

              ….. Climate Change zealots are also going after pet ownership….there will be huge backlash, hell to pay……they don’t know how explosive this is……..taking away your dog is the same as no 2A….taking away your guns…..the globalists will take away all your protection…

              • anon1,
                I’m not an average dog owner. I’ve lived with them for 65 years of my 68 years of life. And I have seen more than one dog killed by their owner feeding them meat alone. It causes kidney failure because of excess protein. As I mentioned above, dogs in the wild do NOT eat meat exclusively. They eat the offal of what they kill, and they do eat fruit and nuts. Take it from one who has discovered a couple of his watermelons destroyed with coyote tracks all around them.
                Aside from that, I have always adhered to what you describe as historical attitude toward them. Though I do love dogs, I understand that they ARE dogs, not children, and I’m not going to spend thousands, or many hundreds on vet care for them. There are too many healthy dogs looking for a pack, or else getting euthanized.

  21. Jay is great on cars, but he is completely detached from reality. He is enamored with over-engi eering and continuously talks about the EV push from his perspective. “It’s great! You drive the EV shitbox all week so you can go to the warehouse and drive your real one(s) for fun on the weekend.”
    The fact he continues to do puff pieces with the dessicated kiddie sniffer doesn’t speak well for his character. I’m guessing outside of them dragging his corvette out every couple years for this crap, Joe ain’t driven a car in 40 years. I’m also sure he kept it in concours like condition on a Senator’s salary.

      • John I was wondering the same thing. I don’t normally go off the deep end on conspiracy theories like there being Biden actors, but it sort of makes sense when you compare videos of the shuffling, staggering, falling off his stopped bike, tripping up the stairs Biden who angrily shouts at reporters, touts the 54 states in the US and
        introduces dead people and shakes hands with thin air to scenes of him running to catch Air Force 1 (really?) and driving a Corvette. How can this possibly be the same person? Maybe it doesn’t even matter much since he is clearly not running anything anyway, but I don’t think it is. Does the real Biden have a cleft chin as in this picture?

        • RS,
          No stand in is needed. His real image can simply be pasted over whomever is driving the car. The cleft chin would be an editing error.
          If there is one thing that the movie industry has done well, it’s the graphic special effects. There is no limit.

          • Some of you need to make more careful comparisons of images of Joe Biden, Vice President vs Joe Biden, fake President. Very close facial structure but the ears CANNOT be the same man, nor the difference of the length from nose to upper lip, nor teeth. Eye wrinkles very unlikely.

    • Hi Mr. Bobo,

      Yup. I think the best spin that could be put on this is that Leno’s so out-of-touch (being as rich as he is) that it just doesn’t occur to him that a $50,000 new EeeeeeVeeee or a $50,000-plus conversion of a classic car to an EeeeeeeeVeeee is simply impossible, financially, for most people (especially young people). Because $50k – for Jay – is like 50 cents is for people like us.

      But then, I think: How can a putative Car Guy get excited about EeeeeeeeVeeeees? They are homogenous, soul-less appliances. And maybe that’s fine for people who regard cars as appliances. But Car Guys don’t regard them as appliances for the same reason that men who like women don’t regard store mannequins as “women.”

      • Hi Eric

        Another problem with leno is he doesn’t like kit cars….he is a rich snob…

        the kit car world is very cool….but it is never covered by auto journalists…

        for a smaller amount of money you can buy a very cool, fully analog (real cars), kit car…

        the best driver’s car on the planet is a super 7, leno never tests them, doesn’t own one, won’t talk about them…he is too fat to get into an original narrow body super 7….lol

        but he does own an ultra light…a rocket car by mclaren…not a kit car…

        I bought a super 7 clone, it is a fantastic, would rather drive that then any other car because it is more fun…..

        the super 7 is too anti establishment for leno….lol

        The super 7 was the ultimate anti nanny state car, (that is why the prisoner drove one in “The Prisoner” series), give the finger to the nanny state buy one.

        they are small, very light (1200 lb.), tube frame construction, the frame weighs 100 lb., no air bags, ABS, no safety features of any kind, mechanical art made for one purpose to go fast, the closest thing to an old F2 car for the street, very fast, more fun then any other car.

        The super 7 gets more attention, more thumbs up, gets photographed more, then any other car, partly because it looks so different plus it gives a finger to the nanny state.

        (a super 7 clone a Donkervoort had the record lap time for street legal cars at the Nurburgring in 2003, 2004). 50/50 weight balance, some had engines with no computer, just points and condensor,

        no power steering or power brakes, some no heater, no doors, some had no windshield, no roof (some had a convertible top), the ultimate analog driving experience, buy one. You are the prisoner now.

    • > I’m guessing outside of them dragging his corvette out every couple years for this crap, Joe ain’t driven a car in 40 years.

      I hadn’t watched this video, thinking it was the one done back in 2017 when the senile sundowning shithead was fresh off the veep gig. (Apparently it isn’t.) I remember him saying in that video that he was still a few months away from the Secret Service letting him drive himself on public streets again. Whether he eventually got back behind the wheel, I couldn’t say. Knowing what we now know about him (can you say “non compos mentis,” boys and girls?), I’d hope not.

    • Jay is great on cars……..

      His overall knowledge on cars is great…..but

      His knowledge on VW products, particularily the older stuff isn’t great.

      The GTI is one of the ten best cars in the world at any price, he owns none, doesn’t talk about them, he is a rich snob, the GTI is the poor man’s daily driveable Porsche.

      His knowledge on Porsche products, isn’t great. he admits he was late in collecting Porsche’s, he doesn’t know much about the transaxle Porsche’s

      His knowledge on super 7’s isn’t much, he hates kit cars anyways. The Super 7 is the best driver’s car, he doesn’t own any, never talks about them, never drives them, he is probably too fat to sit in an original narrow body super 7. ….but he does own 2 super lights…..

      • Hi Anon,

        I very much regret that I didn’t buy a Lotus kit when I was in a position to afford it. Now, I’m not – and doubt I ever will be, again. I am grateful I still have my TA and old bikes, though!

  22. ‘It’s sad to see [Leno] used by a guy who wants to destroy [cars].’ — eric

    Leno made the fortune to buy his classic fleet as a media personality. Thus he’s obliged to adopt the Leftist media’s prejudices and preoccupations in order to ‘remain viable within the system,’ as the ethically malleable Bill Clinton used to say.

    Kanye West has just demonstrated what happens when one pointedly confronts the media chiefs: a total, coordinated freeze-out and impoverishment.

    Could Jay Leno simply have declined to appear with “Joe Biden”? Sure. But by all indications, he’s absorbed the warped worldview of the Mainstream Media and actually believes in it. Folks like us can simply pull the plug his conventional-wisdom, libtard yammering.

    Personally I’ve never seen Jay Leno on TeeVee. I only know of him through articles about his car collection.

    When gasoline vehicles are outlawed, only elitists will own them. Same idea as kings having their own game preserves, while keeping the public strictly out. FJB with a fractured con rod.

    • Jim,
      “When gasoline vehicles are outlawed, only elitists will own them.”
      One of which will be Jay Leno. He’s made his living demonstrating he is among them.

    • Kanye is a great guy, but like many rich people, surprisingly short sighted. If I were getting ready to make noises against the establishment, I would have built my own brand of clothing and maintained control of manufacturing, for instance. Maybe invest in a shoes plant here in the United States while I had the money so that when you decide to cut the cord, you already have something going.

      Unfortunately, that’s the way you have to play. Decouple and detach.

      I somehow think West will be okay either way.

  23. Ideas so good they are enforced at gunpoint.

    Of course the rich are in favor. It won’t effect them. They can afford EV or the required permit to use ICE (which will come at some point).


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