The Irony of Saaaaaaafety

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It is said – we are told (lectured) – that “speeding” is “unsafe.” This dictum is regularly enforced by cops who “speed.”

Often, they “speed” to a much greater degree than the “speeders” they go after – in order to catch up with them. And – sometimes – they incite the “speeder” to make an attempt to get away from them, for the same natural reason any prey animal with an instinct for self-preservation will “attempt to elude” a predator.

A video of such an incident was forwarded to me by a friend. It is of interest because it’s not often you can actually see cognitive dissonance in action.

The video was taken from within a cop’s car. It begins with a night scene of the road ahead. The road is empty, other than the cop’s car – and a motorcycle that appears, in the opposite lane, passing the cop’s car. The rider is apparently “speeding.” Which is to say, he is riding his bike above the posted speed limit. This is a crime in the moral sense like stepping on a sidewalk crack – and thereby breaking your mother’s back. Your mother’s back is fine, of course. And no one hands you a demand note for money – i.e., a “ticket” – because you stepped on the crack and didn’t break her back.

But “speeding” is different in that it is a “crime” – or at least, a ticketable offense – as far as the law is concerned. The rationale is, however, similar, in that it doesn’t matter whether you didn’t break your mother’s back – so to speak. Only that you did what the sign says you may not.

If you do, then the enforcers of the sign’s dictum are given the green light to do exactly what the sign says is “unsafe.”


As you can see in the video – and it is one of many such – the “speeding” goes from not much to a whole lot. After turning his car around to pursue the motorcyclist who just passed him, the cop achieves speeds well over 100 MPH to catch up with the bike. Were you or I to “speed” to that degree – for any reason at all – we’d be getting a lot more than just a “ticket.” In many states, exceeding the speed limit by more than 20 MPH is considered “reckless” and the person who does so risks arrest, having their vehicle impounded and their state-granted privilege to use the public right-of-way taken away.

The “speeding” escalates from there. Also the use of the opposing lane by the motorcyclist and the pursuing cop, both of whom continue to “speed” for nearly half an hour before the guy on the bike loses control and wrecks. He ends up paying for more than just a “ticket.”

You may say the fault lies with the motorcycle rider, who “attempted to elude.” Would we say the same about a gazelle who sought to avoid the cheetah?

The first premise is that it’s legitimate to prey on people who “speed.” Just because they “speed.” No other justification is needed. Well, no other fact is required – such as the “speeding” having resulted in someone (or even something) being harmed. It is an interesting premise to consider, this punishing of people for no other reason than their having disobeyed a rule, which is what this amounts to.

Not fundamentally different from the one about not stepping on sidewalk cracks.

But “speed kills!” comes the retort. Translated from the infantile emotive tense, the saying means that driving faster than whatever the sign says increases the chances you might harm someone else – or something else. And that is the reason why it is not permitted and why it is punishable when it is done.

Well, let’s assume for the sake of discussion that the above is true. That “speed kills.” Does it not also “kill” when it is done by cops “speeding” twice as fast (and sometimes, faster) than the sign says?

Following their logic, of course – it must.

Yet it is not only allowed it is policy. What an irony! The same cop who hands you a “ticket” for “speeding” was probably doing the same (or more) just to catch up and hand you that “ticket” for doing what you’re not allowed to.

Well, comes the response, the cop is trained and therefore it is safe for him to “speed.” This is bogus, of course in that many cops have had no particular training in high speed driving techniques nor demonstrated capability – while even having an SCCA road racing license, which objectively establishes the holder has demonstrated precisely such capability – cuts zero ice in court or by the side of the road.

So it’s not about who is “safe” to “speed.” Nor is it about “safety,” at all. If it were, then all “speeding” would be illegal, including “speeding” performed to catch “speeders.” But it’s not, because “speeding” is really about mulcting. It is window-dressing for the taking of money via the “ticket” and all associated mulctings, such as those performed by the insurance mulcters that use “tickets” as the window-dressing for “adjusting” what you’re forced to pay them.

In other words, it;’s just another scam, window-dressed with unctuous sermons about saaaaaaaaafety. Much the same as the ones about “health,” which many have accepted precisely because they’ve been conditioned for generations now to reflexively say amen – and obey – whenever they hear that word, saaaaaaafety.

. . .

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  1. Back in 1976 I had a ‘73 Toyota Land Bruiser. I lived in a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills back then before I had the sense to vacate CA. I took the roof and doors off for the summer. Two of my buddies were standing up in the back holding onto the roll cage with one hand and a beer in the other hand as we passed through the small town of less than 1000 people. We were young and dumb at the time, but sure had a lot of fun. It so happened that the only police car (a Fury) happened to be coming from the opposite direction, took notice of our fun and turned around and gave chase. I put my Land Bruiser in 4wd and headed up an embankment which was so steep I had to stand up to see over the hood. The Fury was spinning out trying to catch us. At the top of the hill I became airborne for a second and landed in someone’s garden. The tomatoes were flying as we drove through someone’s yard and then headed for the creek for the rest of the day. Never got caught, but never did anything like that again.

    • Hmmm, “Never got caught, but never did anything like that again.”

      You became a good slave then? An obedient one?

      Pity, that.

      • No, helot, Dr. grandpa smartened up and learned his lesson. No one got hurt, not too much damage, and no fleecing of the public took place.

        Apparently, helot hasn’t learned his lessons yet, but there’s still time, so we’ll see…

  2. Newly Released Bodycam Footage Shows Moment Before White, 25-Yr-Old Was Fatally Shot By 5 Salt Lake City Police During Traffic Stop [VIDEO]

    “The officer told Allan, “The reason you were stopped today is there is no registration on your vehicle.”

    “I don’t need registration, and I don’t answer questions,” Allan responded.”

    If it had been a mexican who no speaky english, no license, no plates, it would not have been a problem.

    The white police officers killed a white male, for no reason besides he was not following their orders.

    Bottom line? The police are the enemy. Sorry if you think otherwise, you are wrong.

    Mark Passio – Order Followers who keep the system of slavery in place

    • It was always about control… it has never been about safety.

      Never register or license anything, the only ones breaking the law are the federal, state and local governments creating and enforcing unconstitutional laws. Car registration/licensing was only for commercial drivers (paid/for hire) at some point in the mid-20th Century they decided the definition changed just like the individual protections of the 2nd Amendment did

      The AGW’s no longer honor their oaths and haven’t for a very long time are upping their taken oath violating to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights by continually physically violate citizens as often as possible, now they are not just going around the absolute laws of the land, but now also directly increasing the harm that their violence will cause.

      Are cops constitutional? Clearly no, and it’s incidents like this that highlight that fact.

      Police work is often lionized by jurists and scholars who claim to employ “textualist” and “originalist” methods of constitutional interpretation. Yet professional police were unknown to the United States in 1789, and first appeared in America almost a half-century after the Constitution’s ratification. The Framers contemplated law enforcement as the duty of mostly private citizens, along with a few constables and sheriffs who could be called upon when necessary. This article marshals extensive historical and legal evidence to show that modern policing is in many ways inconsistent with the original intent of America’s founding documents. The author argues that the growth of modern policing has substantially empowered the state in a way the Framers would regard as abhorrent to their foremost principles.

      Are Cops Constitutional? By Roger Roots

      We Do Not Want To Be Hunted by DH Gans

      Police typically say that their top mission is to protect “public safety.” That’s the lingo

    • Hi Brent,

      On a basic human level, I have always had difficulty understanding how any normal man could justify to himself acting as a state-sanctioned bully and thief – harassing and collecting from people one has to know have not harmed anyone over “offenses” one regularly “commits” oneself, such as “speeding.” I think it accounts for the much greater incidence of alcoholism, divorce and spousal abuse among “law enforcement.”

  3. “We will claim you owe us money…” I thought at first this was a reference to the odious practice of what is called “civil forfeiture.” In many parts of the country, police pull drivers over and confiscate any cash — often tens of thousands of dollars — the occupants may have. The occupants then have the burden of proving the seized cash is not related to illegal activities. Although it would seem to be patently unconstitutional, and life-destroying, many elected officials look the other way apparently because it can be so lucrative for state and local governments. Never carry significant amounts of cash on road trips.

    • Hi Bill,

      The fact that mere possession of cash is actionable – i.e., that, by itself, this is legally sufficient to justify simply taking the money and obliging the person it was taken from to prove the money is not “drug” money to the satisfaction of those who stole it – is perhaps the single most defining metric of the outlaw nature of the government we suffer under. Atticus and others may say there is “redress” via the law but this does not address the fact that the law permits this in the first place. Simply seizing money without any pretense of due process or even probable cause – beyond the fact of possession of “large” amounts of money – is something completely outside the boundaries of anything that could be described as other than strong-armed robbery done under the color of law.

      It is my opinion that one has a moral right to defend oneself against such by any means necessary.

    • Bill,
      A nearby small city of about 100k has Asset Forfeiture written into its annual budget.
      Deemed “Constitutional” because it’s civil action against the property seized, not criminal action against you. WTF!!!!
      “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”
      I see no distinction between civil and criminal action there, nor between action against the property vs action against the owner..

  4. Just stop and let the law enforcers do their job. You know they’re going to go all Putin on ya. It’ll be a special operation, chase until you drop or are apprehended.

    Might as well give them a run for the money. If you have 20,000 dollars in cash on you, it’ll be gone in 60 seconds when the cops discover where it’s at.

    Zelensky’s forte, gone right now, and it’s gone.

    The cops will make sure the money is confiscated, for your safety. The tyranny is for your own good, you should thank the cops. Don’t have to worry about getting robbed by someone else, come on. Do it for the children.

    You can do the fast and furious, the fear factor rules. Run like hell.

    Good idea to wear your helmet.

    A drunk victim of an alcohol arrest demanded to place a phone call while in custody. When the cops allowed the drunk to place a phone call from the cop shop, he ordered a pizza.

  5. I’ve seen traffic cops get super mad when they post speed traps and someone alerts drivers ahead of the trap to slow down. I mean if safety is the point then that’s good right? Unless it’s not about safety and instead it’s about money for their budget.

    • There is one straight stretch in my neck of the woods(north/south) in the middle of nowhere, no trees, no homes, etc. (perma frost area), that eventually turns into trees on either side of the road. Right before that, there is a wide turn off on the one side, where people pull over to off-load snow machines and dog mushing equipment, as there are multiple trails along the flats there. As I crest from the north side at the top of the hill, before driving down the hill, I can often see a state trooper tucked right there by the trees way off in the distance, waiting to catch an unsuspecting speeder from the south, heading north, as you cannot see him until you pass. The speed limit in that area is 50 mph. No one in their right mind is going 50 mph on the flats in BFE. Well, one day I saw the state trooper way ahead of time, and slowed down, passed him, and then speed up a bit. Saw a trucker not too long after travelling the other way, and so I flashed my lights at him. He waved at me as he passed. Yeah, he knew what I was trying to tell him-hee hee hee.

  6. This reminds me of the question how is the government different from the mob?

    They both create & enforce arbitrary rules for the “good of everyone”.

    But those rules are really just keeping everyone scared of enforcement.

    Govt Mob
    Don’t comply = shot Don’t comply = shot
    Talk back = kneecapped Talk back = kneecapped
    Don’t pay up = shot Don’t pay up = shot
    Trespass = shot Trespass = shot
    Break generic rule = Break generic rule =
    beat, shot, kidnapped beat, shot, kidnapped

  7. Might be time to talk about another kind of saaaaaaafety: bank safety.

    For a year, Wall Street has been saying that the Federal Reserve will keep hiking interest rates “until something breaks.”

    Today, something broke. Shares of Silicon Valley Bank, a lender to high-tech start-ups, got slaughtered by about 60 percent, as it panic-sold assets and raised capital on loan-shark terms. From ZH:

    ‘Silicon Valley Bank CEO Greg Becker on Thursday told top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley to “stay calm” amid concerns around a capital crunch that wiped nearly $10 billion off the bank’s market valuation.

    “I would ask everyone to stay calm and to support us just like we supported you during the challenging times,” he said.

    ‘On a call, Becker said that “calls started coming and started panic.”

    ‘He added that the bank has “ample liquidity to support our clients with one exception: If everyone is telling each other SVB is in trouble that would be a challenge.”’

    Oh, my! When a bankster says ‘don’t panic,’ the best thing you can do is grab your cash and RUN LIKE HELL.

    • Roscoe – I remember when the first nonstop Austin to San Jose flights were inaugurated — Silicon Hill Country to Silicon Valley.

      Silicon Valley Bank shares closed at $106, but fell to $81 after hours — a greater than 70% drop from the beginning of this week. Horrorshow stock chart:

      Small depositors’ accounts are 100% covered by FDIC up to $250,000. But corporations with multi-million-dollar deposit balances have to look to the bank’s credit rating, and the potential recovery in the event of forced liquidation.

      ‘An email thread of more than 1,000 founders from Andreessen Horowitz [a legendary Silicon Valley venture capital firm] was abuzz with the news Thursday, with many encouraging each other to pull cash from the bank.’ — ZH

      Say it ain’t so, Joe! These glitches in the Matrix — stark Depression-style bank runs, via invisible, but swift and deadly electronic funds transfers — shouldn’t be happening in our resplendent rainbow republic.

      Alexa, roll my SIVB checking account into T-bills!

  8. In the early 2000’s, the NMA estimated Speeding was a National 16 Billion Dollar a year industry. This is why I have no problem with Defunding The Police. To paraphrase the late Sonny Barger: The only good Traffic Cop is a dead Traffic Cop.

    • Hey Doug,

      In many ways, of course, I’d have no problem with defunding the police, but it’s not really any kind of strategy.

      One problem you’ve already delineated: People think that by defunding the police that the police will stop dicking with them and perhaps only attend to important matters. But as you’ve said, just the “speeding industry” nets many billions of dollars.

      If the police are simply “defunded”, they are going to even more vigorously chase down traffic violations and other “crimes” which are low-risk and high monetary reward. They’ll look to fund themselves.

      High risk, low monetary reward (actual) crimes, such as murder and rape, will be left unsolved. Maniacal armed psychopath breaking into your house? You’d better be armed yourself, because defunded cops will have no interest in tangling with THAT guy. He’s dangerous, and not carrying any money.

      No, police reform needs to be carried out in a more comprehensive manner, and probably best starting with a “no victim, no crime” policy. If we’re to have police in their current form, perhaps they can be like firemen, who don’t come unless summoned. That would be a good start.

      • >Maniacal armed psychopath breaking into your house? You’d better be armed yourself

        Yeah, so? IMO, that is already the case.
        Self defense is *YOUR* responsibility, not that of government employees.
        In case a Charlie Manson type decides to stop by, along with some of his “evangelical” followers, and introduce you to their “family values,” it will be up to you to indicate your disinterest in their “belief” system.

        In that connection, I submit that it may be useful for you to enlist the rhetorical assistance of such noted public speakers as Messrs. Smith, Wesson, Colt, and Mossberg, in order to speedily and candidly inform Mr. Manson and his acolytes What The Thunder Said.

      • BaDnOn,
        “perhaps they can be like firemen, who don’t come unless summoned”
        Which is much how the Sheriff’s department in my poor rural county operates. They don’t do traffic patrols. The only time I see them on the road is at an accident.

  9. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. Was really pulling for the bike guy, but so many questions.
    Why did he not pull off onto a side road?
    Thought the bike was ‘hot’? Low IQ red neck?
    He’s laying on the road stunned/maybe dead (probably not), but get him on his belly and get those cuffs on him, don’t look for any injuries, he’s a real danger to the cops at this moment.
    Ya’ll were just doing your job, he was a good ol’ boy for sure.
    Are all EMT’s overweight?
    Thank goodness they got that neck collar on him as soon as the wreck happened, oh wait, it took a while didn’t it.
    The cop had stopped him before for speeding, so why didn’t he stop? He should’ve known it was the same one.
    And yes, the whole thing was stupid, the cops speeding (at night) to catch one little guy on a motorcycle. They were doing it for everyone’s safety of course.
    And now I’m ‘posting too fast’, guess I’ll get a ticket from Eric. How is that even possible?

    • Hi Elaine,

      I support leaving people alone unless they’ve done something to cause harm. This business of “enforcing laws” – just because they’re laws, irrespective of harms not caused – is mindless, arbitrary and tyrannical. Especially when the “enforcing’ results in actual (and more severe) harm. What would have happened if the cop had not turned around and “pursued” the biker? Probably nothing at all.

      • Eric–I’m with you 100%, I fully agree. Nothing would’ve happened. Was I not clear? ‘Ya’ll are just doing your job’—-or something close to that, I was quoting him.
        I’m sure many, many people bragged on the cops for protecting everyone from the speeder. I imagine there was a lot of backslapping among all the cop departments in the counties involved or even the whole state.
        This country is infested with rules and laws.

  10. One of my pet peeves was being passed by AGW’s driving waaaaaay above the “speed limit” when it was obvious that they were just in a hurry to get home.

  11. If we’re not meant to speed, why are modern cars made to be faster and able to handle the speed? What modern car cant handle 80+, especially sportier ones?

    I always wonder how people drive just the “speed limit”, my Bronco would hate me if I drove “just 65” on the highway.

    Also, cops are dangerous because they disrupt traffic, ever notice how it suddenly slows to a crawl because the AGW is waiting in ambush and everyone kneejerks to the “Speed Limit”, feel thats a recipe for a pileup right there

  12. Once they get used to being above the law on the highways, it’s a short step to enjoying a 5 finger discount while looking for evidence. It’s OK though, they’re pilfering from a criminal. Just like they’d never speed unless in persuit of a speeder, right?

  13. We’re also told, ad nauseam by the politicians, that “no one needs an assault weapon” because they “have no purpose but to kill people” and therefore must be banned.

    So why do all the cops “need” them?

    Maybe Daniel Shaver’s widow knows the answer…

    • X,

      (Greta Thunberg impersonation) “How dare you ask that question!”
      Don’t you know only the government and cops should have assault weapons, because they “know best”? (Sarcasm)

      We could also ask why “Keeeeeeeeeeeev!” needs all those weapons the Biden Thing has been shipping them while at the same trying to DISARM their own citizens. Try asking an anti-gun zealot that and they react with something like “Shut up!” or, if they also “Stand with Keeeeeeeeeeeeev!” will say “Shut up Putin bootlicker!”

    • X,
      Had this argument many years ago from and avid hunter. “No one needs a thirty round magazine”. To which I replied, “unless the criminal kicking your door down has one. Then it isn’t big enough.”

  14. If speeding “kills”, then driving at a turtle’s pace is torture and disruptive to normal flow of traffic. The clovers that obstruct the roads are causing potential accidents when trying to get around them. The AGWs would be better “public servants” if they were to ticket these people for obstructing traffic!

  15. At the height of COVID hysteria, there were police officers around the world AND in the U.S. who arrested people for breaking draconian COVID rules set by authoritarian governments, be it not wearing a face diaper in public, being in large gatherings or protesting lockdowns. Even in the U.S., there were governors, such as Oregon’s former Queen Kate Brown, who encouraged their citizens to snitch on those who didn’t “Follow the rules” for SOCIAL DISTANCING or SMALL GATHERINGS. If there isn’t some serious accountability for those who’ve destroyed countless lives with these draconian measures, they WILL try to do it all over again, be it for “The next pandemic” or “Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimate change”.

  16. Saw one of the armed & costumed goons blazing through a school zone just this morning –without his flashing lights & siren no less. If you or I had done that, we’d be in the county lockup.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yup. And it is not uncommon for these badged clowns to demolish cars (and people) that get in their way. When it happens, they are almost never charged with so much as a seatbelt violation, either.

      • 1. A number of years ago, a Michigan State Trooper was killed in an rollover auto accident. The concern for this trooper was not only lavish but was also effective in removing blame from himself for his own actions.
        I posed a question on various sites about this incident with one simple question” Was the trooper wearing his seat belt?”
        The vitriolic responses I received for posing such a simple question ranged from mild to outright threatening. To wit: “How DARE you question the trooper’s actions. He’s DEAD”.
        This is merely more proof that the “sheeple” have been conditioned to accept their third-class status.
        2. Here in Michigan (as in many other states) one is required to change lanes (if possible) and slow down when an emergency vehicle is at the side of the road (freeways).
        A favorite tactic of Michigan State Police and other agencies is to have the back end of their vehicle sticking out into traffic, even when it is clearly possible to pull their vehicle completely off the roadway, thereby INVITING an accident.
        3. A Michigan State police stakeout team (in plainclothes) ran a stop sign and “t-boned” a driver who had the right of way. The first thing they did was to handcuff the driver of the car they hit, showing no regards for injuries that the driver may have sustained. They were attempting to blame the driver for their own actions. Thankfully, there was a building mounted video camera that recorded the whole event, proving that the cops were in the wrong. Mysteriously, the case disappeared. Hopefully, there was a cash settlement pad out to the driver of the car that they hit. Too bad the cops could not be held personally liable for their actions.

      • >it is not uncommon for these badged clowns to demolish cars (and people) that get in their way.

        Or attempt to.
        Notice to potential recruits:
        Tin star plus government regulation costume do *not* create a force field which neutralizes the laws of physics for your benefit. If you drive your G.I. motorcycle on the wrong side of the road, and smash it head on into an oncoming motor vehicle, YOU WILL LOSE, probably fatally. Try as they might (and they will try), it is unlikely your colleagues will be able to blame the wreck you caused, and which caused your own demise, on the guy you hit. Probably the best they will be able to do for you is chisel your name on a “wall of heroes” somewhere, and present your grieving widow with a neatly folded flag, to “thank you for your sacrifice.”

        So drive safely, friends.

        A guy whose pickup got hit by a police motorcycle driving on the wrong side of the road, many years ago.

        PTSD is very real, and very ugly. Only time heals those wounds.

        The law is not allowed to play the “what if” game.
        Go measure the skid marks.

    • Immunity has given police not only a “free hand” but absolves them of crimes that they themselves commit.
      Behavior that would get an ordinary citizen thrown in jail is routinely “excused” for police officers by “rubber stamp” grand juries and police-friendly prosecutors.
      Let’s look at the difference in the way police officers and ordinary citizens are treated after a “justifiable” use of self-defense resulting in death.
      The ordinary citizen will immediately be arrested and handcuffed. Most likely he will be taken to the station and harshly interrogated, police being allowed to lie in order to “trip up” the citizen in order to elicit a compromising response. He may spend time in jail until “bond” is assigned and bail paid. He may or may not be charged with a crime by a zealous prosecutor, depending on jurisdiction.
      In an identical situation, the police officer will be assigned to a desk position or be given a “vacation” with full pay, will not be arrested, and will have a union-supplied attorney to “coach” his story. In fact, he will be given 72 hours in which to “formulate” his story with help from his fellow “brethren in blue”. If a grand jury gets the case, it is automatically “no billed” (dismissed) with the “help” of a compliant, police-friendly prosecutor.
      When it comes to “equal justice under law”, until things change and official immunity is abolished, there will always be a “double standard”.
      The honest citizen is the loser…

      • While exactly the opposite standard should apply. That AGWs should be held to a HIGHER standard. After all, they are the ones with the open carry firearm on them at all times. A thing which would likely involve you in an interrogation if you did it.

  17. This used to happen a lot in my locality but we developed an eluding mechanism; any time a cop startes a chase and you are on a motorbike you take the next available narrow trail or footpath thereby effectively blocking any pursuit. After the cops realised they cannot engage a motorbike in a chase they let us ride as fast as we care to.

    • Hi Espico –

      Excellent advice! I have followed it, myself, a number of times. Also Tom’s (below). You have a moment – those precious seconds of advantage – just after the cop sets his sights on you and begins closing on you. Hit it. Right now. Get out of sight – and you are almost certainly home free. On a bike, this is much easier because a bike can go where cars can’t. Just head off into the woods and shut down and shut up. Stay there for several hours at least before attempting to make it back home.

      • Excellent Eric!
        A bike does have the advantage of going where cars can’t. I wouldn’t be surprised nowadays if the cops have drones with IR cameras to catch anyone pulling that move.

      • got another one. when he turns around, you do too.
        in today’s wacko world though they might know you double crossed them and ram you dead. But I heard it done before when things were more sane.

  18. Maybe he didnt recognize, or see, the cop once the cop started to turn around. Otherwise, the biker would have recognized, THAT ONLY AT THAT MOMENT, he had he *drop* on the cop. Once you realize this, you have max 20 seconds to bust your move. (e.g. disappear). One of my fondest memories is of this happening to me. I saw him in the median, looked in my rearview as I passed, saw him turn his car on, it was THEN that I realized I had the tactical advantage for a vanishing 20 seconds. (to disappear into the traffic, and take the off ramp that was only 500 yards ahead…) Immediately then, I DECIDED, that I COULD get away this this stunt, so I was gonna do this! That decision and execution was such an adrenalin rush! Yeah, he was coming after me…

    And BTW, I will NEVER pull this stunt again! – a “one and done” bucket list thing…

    So, after the biker was out of view FOR THE FIRST INSTANCE, he should have dove off the main road, either onto a sideroad or into the woods, and turned off his bike, as to not have any lights illuminated. (I guess you need the ability to turn off ALL your lights: brake lights too, in order to make any type of disappearance at night.)

  19. The cops are their own worst enemy when it comes to public relations and their own behavior. They appear baffled by technology that now records their behavior, and they seem not to be aware of it.

    My advice to anyone wearing a blue uniform is the Marxists are using your own bad behavior to advance their Marxist agendas. If the Marxists want to have a de-fund movement in your jurisdiction, protest by stop righting tax revenue tickets that support these Marxists. You guys are union, talk to each other and start a protest.

  20. The latitude / longitude coordinates show that the cop made his initial U-turn on state highway 27, two miles northeast of Murfreesboro, Arkansas.

    Once had that same sickening feeling — watching a sheriff’s patrol car U-turn purposefully behind us — on a rural road about 100 miles to the southwest, with a girlfriend and a male friend named R.J. along. The deputies caught up rapidly and pulled us over.

    I yelled ‘lock the doors’ as R.J. attempted to swallow a joint in his possession. One of the deputies went berserk, seeing R.J.’s jaw working through the passenger window, and began slamming it with the butt of his flashlight as my girlfriend shrieked in terror. R.J. yielded and opened the door. They hurled him to the ground, jumped on top of him, retrieved the partially-chewed joint from his mouth, and carted him off to jail.

    Incredibly, two opened, brown tallboy bottles of Budweiser sitting in plain view on the dash were of no consequence — the girlfriend and I drove away unmolested, without even being searched.

    R.J. ended up paying a ‘connected’ lawyer named Friedman about $7,500 in today’s fiat FRNs to get him off on probation.

    Today, nothing has changed in God’s green Bible Belt, except that the g.f. and I would have been arrested too for violating MADD’s open caaaaaaantainer ‘laws.’ Obviously, I am unrepentant. *swills another gulp of suds for breakfast and burps loudly*

    • Jim H:

      I had a very good friend that I would occasionally smoke pot with when we were teenagers. He was an all-around great guy. He later became a cop and was trying to impress me with some war stories over a couple drinks. He bragged about how he busted a 19 year old kid with possession of marijuana. He said with a proud smile that he taught him a good, hard lesson for being a wise ass by “roughing him up” during the arrest and ripping his expensive jacket in the process.

      He was clearly expecting me to join in his glee, but I was visibly shocked and immediately reacted with utter contempt for him. I said something like: “What the fuck? You used to smoke pot? Why the fuck are you arresting and roughing up a kid for doing the same fucking thing you did?” He tried to move on with conversation but I lost all desire to talk to him anymore and left. He called me a few days later with an apologetic tone saying he really hated himself for what he did to that kid. He also said he hated being a cop, but had no choice because that was the best money he could ever make. I begged him not to ruin other people’s lives in the process. He agreed, but we really haven’t talked a whole lot since.

  21. Watching the armed goon turn around to chase the motorcycle reminds me of an episode I experienced. On a river bottom road, where one could see for miles, of course I was “speeding”. Met an armed goon, and he tried to turn around and chase me. And backed off into the ditch trying to. He was then too busy calling a tow truck to bother with me. I thought about turning around and driving by him with a big grin, but decided he had already humiliated himself enough.

  22. “speeding” is really about mulcting.”
    And to keep you in practice being submissive.
    Governments are by far the most dangerous entity on the planet. Any dedication to safety would see them disposed of. That government would even discuss anyone’s safety is peak hypocrisy. Compared to government, most other “criminals” are just a nuisance or an inconvenience.


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