Calling Dr. Fauci?

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One scans the news in vain for any sign of the little doctor who – just a few weeks ago – was the news. All the time, everywhere.

Now, nowhere.

Because now it’s Putin Bad! Urkaine Good! 

Which it isn’t, really – either way. What’s very good – for Dr. Fauci and everyone responsible for the psychological and financial abuse heaped upon millions of people over a “pandemic” that – just like that – seems to be cured – is that Putin Bad! Ukraine Good! is keeping the fish school moving in the appointed direction. That being away from the old crisis and onto the next. At least, ideally, for long enough to maybe hush up and sweep-under-the-rug such inconvenient truths as those to be found within the leaked Pfizer documents regarding their own, internal estimates of the efficacy and safety of the “vaccines” they have been pushing.

The becoming-impossible-to-suppress data about a terrifying uptick in unusual deaths, perhaps not unusually coincident to the foisting of “vaccines” that do not immunize upon millions of people, many of whom were essentially forced to take them.

That people have been showing their faces again.

It didn’t look good for Dr. Fauci and the gaggle of white-coated menaces, whose number may finally be up. Or would have been, were it not for Putin rearing his head.

Forget Ivermectin. Forget monoclonal antibodies. The best cure for “the virus” is Vlad.

And now, the chickenhawks are coming home to roost – again. These belligerent armchair warriors can always be counted upon to “stand up”  . . . when there’s nothing on the table for them to lose.

Their lives, for instance.

Just unwrap the flag – and sound the call. Yesterday, Iraq. Today Ukraine. When useful, it will be something else. There is always something else.

Provided someone else goes.

The typical chickenhawk is an older bird. Too old – to “serve” – but never too old to insist that others do. And almost invariably, when it was a young bird and could have “served,” it was not to be found. There is always a reason for this – except for the actual one, that being reluctance to “serve” (and possibly die) in some foreign sinkhole for the sake of some geopolitical game.

Nonetheless, the hawks are out in force.

Many of them the same ones who perched quietly in their coops, fully “masked” and obsequiously accepting of being “locked down” within their coops. But wave the flag – and let Putin rear his head – and just like that, they’re ready to send someone else to fight for the “freedom” they so easily surrendered here, somewhere else.

Wherever the TeeVee says they should be sent. Mark that. Not because they are outraged over what Putin Bad! is doing to UKraine Good! Rather, because the TeeVee has directed them – programmed them – to be “outraged.”

Because, of course, it is safe for them to be “outraged” when the TeeVee says it is. They have been told it’s approved for them to be “outraged.”. To be ready to “do something.” Or rather, insist that someone else do it.

Chickenhawks are very tough birds – when it’s allowed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci. Wither has The Science gone?

Perhaps to the same underground bunker, no doubt plushly appointed, to which the other “elites” (meaning, the ones with money) are probably repairing to, so as to shield themselves from the Holy Fallout which seems to be on deck to replace the Holy Rag.

What can one say about this, except perhaps what Charleton Heston’s character in the original Planet of the Apes said when he stumbled upon the half-buried ruins of what had been the Statue of Liberty.

You finally, really did it. God damn you… god damn you all…

. . .

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  1. So…Pootin’ Putin decides to invade Ukraine, just as the “pandemic” was coming to an end. How convenient! Gee, it’s almost as if the “war” was a deliberate attempt by the elite to create a diversion from the “pandemic”, as well as an alibi for the rising fuel prices. Man, those darned elites are always “Russian” to take advantage of a crisis at a moment’s notice! Okay, I’m done.

  2. It’s easy to deride those that didn’t serve as “Chickenhawks”, the hypocrisy reflecting a problem of having a military DRAFT but having widespread exemptions from service which typically meant the boys from wealthier families avoided military service. And you gotta wonder about some of those medical reasons why Donald Trump or the late Rush Limbaugh were considered “unfit” for military service. Sure, as OLDER men, many of these guys beat the war drums…and by then, with the draft a historical relic, they typically didn’t have to worry THEIR sons being in the line of fire, because, oh no, they didn’t do the military “thing”.

    But at times this gets ridiculous. For example, many derided George W Bush, aka “The Chimp”, as a CH, because he served in the Air Guard after he graduated from college and his deferment was up. He joined the Texas Air Guard in 1968, and trained in the F-102 “Delta Dagger”. However, that aircraft was already recalled from Vietnam and Europe by that time, and the very fact that it was issued to a Guard unit meant it was in a secondary role; no matter Bush’s flying skills (which were average), he’d not likely see combat. As it was, relatively few Air Force officers that were rated on various aircraft actually did. Bush was also accused of failing to perform his part-time service obligations, but it must be pointed out that by this time, the Vietnam War, at least on the USA’s part, was being wound down, and he was discharged from the Guard and placed on inactive status one year earlier than his original commitment. As quite a few officers were wanting to stay in, or needed the last few years to make their minimum retirement amount, like my Dad did at the time, the Air Force was more than willing to allow these early releases. FWIW, GWB’s primary accuser, one LtCol. Burkett, also a Texas Air Guard officer at the same time, later admitted he’d fabricated much of the accusations against Bush. Texas politics, even within the same party, can be rather vicious.

    I might also point out that about 16 million men served in the Armed Forces of the US in “Dubya-Dubya-Two, Da BIg One”, out of an estimated 140 million Americans in 1945. Of course, not all of them were in all at the same time. But how many actually served in a “combat” unit (infantry, armor, artillery, fighter and/or bomber aircraft, anti-aircraft, or on a naval vessel or submarine). Answer? Just under THREE million, which is still a LOT of fighting men, even by mid-20th century standards! If a man was in uniform, typically he was a construction worker, clerk, cook, mechanic, or truck driver. And it’s not that the service of these men were any less valuable, indeed, it was the support personnel that kept the combat arms in business! At times, like in the Battle of the Bulge, where the Germans had broken through our lines and their panzers were on their way to the Meuse river, these support personnel were pressed into service, and obviously their “combat” skills had rusted somewhat since basic training. As the otherwise historically-questionable 1965 movie, “The Battle of the Bulge” put it, when an Army officer, MAJ Wolensky (Charles Bronson), is ordered to put up a defense of the Belgian town of Ambleve with available troops, to cover the retreat of the rest of the division, he goes about, rousting up the troops wherever he can find them. He goes into a kitchen where the staff, still wearing their aprons and chef hats, are about to go down into the basement to wait out the shelling. The Major asks them, “Wait…where are you men GOING?” The Sergeant in charge answers, “To the shelter! We’re cooks!”. The Major retorts: “Lunch is OVER! Grab your rifles and follow me!” Once they’re sent to fight, he sees another soldier with just his garrison cap on, and hands him a spare carbine. The soldier protests, “But I’m in the Air Corps!”, to which the major replies, “you’re in the INFANTRY now!” However, such cases are few and far between. In the 1970 movie “Kelly’s Heroes”, which, given the mood of the times, was a sort of anti-war spoof, a “heist” film set in September 1944 in France, when the “gang” has, thanks to Oddball’s (Donald Sutherland) getting help from First Sergeant Bellamy (a cynical man who initially think’s Oddball is living down to his nickname..”Hey kid…they don’t have you back on that ‘funny farm’, do they?”) in getting a temporary bridge built after USAAF P-47s blow up the one he and his platoon were about to cross, had both Bellamy and a BAND (hinted at being all homosexuals who otherwise would have been deemed unfit for military service, but certainly can march and play their instruments and wear uniforms) in tow. A battle with the Germans ensues, and only Kelly, the survivors of their platoon, including “Big Joe” (Telly Savalas), and the lone surviving tank, Oddball’s, of course, darkly, no mention as to whether the men of his tank platoon, who’d cheerily been lazing out the war only a day or so earlier, with plenty of French girls to consort with, had bailed from their mounts. Since they’re not seen, it’s implied that they’re also dead. As General Colt (Carroll O’Connor) and his HQ listen in on the radio traffic, they’re amazed (“Get away with that (his breakfast), Bonzer, we’ve got the ‘game’ on!”). Not understanding the renegade GIs using their “handles”, and the communications officer (who General Colt lambastes for being UNABLE to “communicate”) interprets it as some sort of improvised “code”. When Kelly tells Bellamy that they’re pushing on with Oddball’s Sherman and their men, as they’re the only ones to make it across thus far, Bellamy screams into his mic, saying, “You can’t do this alone, Kelly, we’re all in this together!”, which Colt interprets as “fighting spirit”, not Bellamy and the bridging unit being double-crossed in the heist. Colt then hears someone from the “Graves registration unit”, and he’s incredulous, saying, “Holy cow! They’ve even got the damned grave-diggers on this!”. Colt them directs his HQ staff to get he and themselves on this “penetration”, derided them for not even knowing where the “action” is, it being thirty miles BEYOND where they’d THOUGHT it was. Of course, they’re clueless that this entire “brilliant” military action is the product of an chancy bank heist by disgruntled soldiers in the first place!

  3. This is pure crap. I love those people on both sides of the aisle who call for the boycotts and sanctions as part of some moral response in a moral debate, making a moral argument. I say bullshit. There is nothing moral about paying for $7.00 for gasoline, disrupting the supply chain for food, fuel, semiconductors, precious metals and other crap that we need to function. There is nothing moral about hurting the Russian and American people with this.

    Especially in the light of what these hypocrites purport to stand for. They ignored the atrocities that Saudi Arabia creates in Yemen and the hegemony over its surrounding coutnries. They ignore the human rights abuses in China while buying their latest gadget, shoes or clothing articles.

    Screw them and their moral arguments in light of paying $7.00 for gas Fuck them.

    • The same people on both sides of the aisle also supported/promoted lockdowns, face diapers, and vaccines. Now, their self-flagellation has migrated to the gas pump and their heating bills, food, and more to come. Destroying their livelihoods, bodily integrity, and future. Not morality, but insanity. Unfortunately, we are along for the ride on the crazy train.

      And a huge thank you to those who were calling to ban purchase of Russian oil/gas – with no contingency or backup in place. You got your wish. Hope you enjoy what’s coming.

      • That whole “recall” thing in the once-Golden State was the product of “Gabbing Nonsense” (Gavin Newsome) and his cronies living it up at some posh Napa Wine Country French restaurant, not even wearing the holy face diapers, while most dining establishments were shut down or very restricted, and a lot of hard-working ordinary restaurant workers were thrown out of work thanks to these dodgy “Fatwas”. Of course, even though a viable replacement, Larry Elder, ran, the recall question was soundly defeated by a 63 to 37 percent margin. While I’ve little doubt that in an HONEST election that Newsom wouldn’t have prevailed anyway, I’m highly dubious of those results. Given all the “heavy hitters” from the Dummycrats that weighed in on the questions, plus some last-minute “freebies” which would more benefit those that’d likely vote Democrat no matter what, and some very questionable things about the ballots themselves (namely, that if you voted “yes” to recall the Gov and checked “Elder” as the contingent replacement, both marks were VISIBLE in the envelope holes (usually intended to keep it flat for mail-handling machines) if you folded it one of two ways. There was at least one instance of a sack full of ballots for a heavily GOP precinct that was found dumped and no mention from the USPS as to what carrier had done that! Again, while I’m certain that Newsom would have at least narrowly won an “honest” election, I think there was a “message” being sent: Don’t even THINK about voting out those we want installed in office, that is, YOUR “Vote” is a SHAM. Not that it’d be the FIRST time.

  4. So…the “worldwide pandemic” just went away, everywhere, overnight. Ah yes…happens all the time!

    The only “pasndemic” has been the pandemic of brainwashing, which has reached a new height heretofore unknown. I’ve noticed lately, that people who watch TV news and who do not already have a firm grasp of the realities of our current world, and who do not do their own research and or consider information from all sides and sources, seem to all be in lockstep now, be they Dumbocrap, Repugnantcan, librul, CONservative, theist, atheist, whatever- believing whatever the MSM narrative tells them as ‘fact’; and are thus becoiming more united in a common paradigm, and thus more easily manipulated and controlled as a [w]hole. THAT, in-turn bolsters the power of the state by bolstering the unity and consent of the peons, AND [here’s the important part] that makes US an even smaller minority, as the rest of the world unites around a common narrative and common beliefs.

    It’s gotten to the point where I can predict the responses a person will give me based on hoiw much media/mainstream news they consume- and vise-versa: I can tell how much media someone consumes based on their views of current events. Doesn’t matter if they’re D or R, or whatever. I know ‘conservative Republicans’ who have taken the clot shot, and predictably now condemn Russia, yada yada….. The gap between the two parties is getting much smaller- and why not? That was the very plan behind the act known as the “Two Party System”: To create a Hegelian dialectic in which few will object to what the slave masters do.

    WE are more alone than ever, because even those who used to be somewhat tolerable to us and towards us, are now becoming more intolerable and intolerant as they unify more among themselves around the common narratives which are broadcast 24/7.

    Sadly, even most of the alternate media has fallen to this and is complicit with it- even sites like LRC- I mean sheesh- we’ve heard nothing even from these sources for the last two years except “COVID”…and now they’re doing the exact same thing with the Ukraine. They may offer some truths and good things….but the constant harping on the courses set by the MSM, practically to the exclusion of all else, is really helping to kill the very ideals for which they are supposed to exist. Pretty soon the technocrats won’t even need censorship.

    • Well said. I have relatives. Some would describe themselves as “progressives”, others conservatives. Within their circle, they probably consider themselves very different from each other.

      I, from the outside looking in, can see that they’re both basically the same, with a couple of differences. Yeah, one might have a different opinion on trump or whatever. But on stuff like rona and vaxes, on ukraine, they’re all the same. The common denominator is consumption of corporate media.

      To be fair to LRC, the rona hoax is/was the biggest assault on liberty happening at the time, so I don’t blame them. I also understand your struggle in that, no matter how hard I try, I can’t avoid the “news”.

      • Well-said yourself, Brandon (As usual!).

        See my reply below to FP. (And as an addendum to that: Think: How much more absurd and shocking and utterly ridiculous would it be if we were not constantly desensitized to the craziness of a very small minority who disproportionately push these agendas? But just constantly hearing oif such things- e.g. tranny “rights”; socialism; toleration of looting, etc. -normalizes such things, regardless of whether what we are hearing is pro or con- just the fact that it becomes so much a part of our consciousness and daily thought.)

        On the lighter side:
        I was watching the latest Curious Cars video earlier- Bill says: “I carry a mask in my bag, just in case we end up needing them to protect us from the Soviets” 😀 (I was thinking of you when he said that! )

        • Curious Cars is literally one of my favorite YT car channels! Of course, some dildos might find it a little “too American”. 😅

          • Blue & Handler,
            Yes, I need my “fix” of Bill! I’m only interested in the old domestic cars…but I end up watching his vids about cars I’m not even interested in, just to get my fix! Ever see the one about the Tesla Model Y?

            For the uninitiated:
            The Tesla Model Y is an Immature, Overhyped, and Over-Glorified Toaster Oven.

    • Allow me to sort of defend LRC along similar lines as Brandonjin does:

      Frankly, since 2020, I personally haven’t had patience for any commentary other than that pertaining to the biosecurity nightmare-tyranny of Covidism. Because really, nothing else matters one whit. That’s how they’ve already destroyed Humanity 1.0, and that’s how they’re going to usher in Humanity 2.0.

      Meanwhile, much like the Summer 2020 “Floyd Riots,” the Ice Bear Putin-vs-Zio-Klown Zalenskyy kayfabe match is just an auxiliary program. The “B story”. The side-show. (But also just like the riots, it has to completely displace the Scamdemic in the news cycle temporarily, to ensure total saturation of the global Psychodrome of the new narrative-point.) Even if they go full-bore hot-war World Wrestlemania III with this kayfabe, the injections and the nano-bio-surveillance are going to be the dual mechanisms of our deaths, which will always be there lurking and waiting.

      The shape of the emerging biosecurity electromechanical control grid is the image of our very demise. How could you even maintain your attention on anything else? Would you rather LRC covered the Olympics?

      • I hear what you’re saying, FP- and I don’t mean to dump on Lew, as I think he’s a great guy- I just question this business of essentially helping to propel the mainstream narrative. I’m not saying that such should be avoided entirely, as voices of truth are invaluable- but I do believe that the alt media should dial it back a great deal- and really, what a great opportunity to broadcast all of the other stuff which is being so overlooked.

        And how much better are our own lives if we largely ignore what the MSM harps on? (HINT: MUCH better -said as one who manages to ignore most of it, other than what I hear second-hand).

        That which is supported by Biden/Clintons/MSM/Globalists=Bad
        COVID=Most who could not see the lies from the very beginning, likely never will/never will believ e the truth tellers.

        • My entire family is vaxxed and boosted. They have heard little of the counter- are stove and believe none of it. They wear their masks everywhere, and hate it that I don’t. They believe most of what the MSM says. They are cheerleading the Ukrainians, and the sanctions, and probably want further US involvement.

          They cannot understand why we are not on good terms right now, and practically called me evil and a traitor the last time we spoke.

          If you ask them, I’m the crazy one.

          If you ask me, willingly getting jabbed with a brand new, untested, genetic technology and cheerleading us into WWIII is what’s crazy.

          I guess we’ll all find out who’s right soon enough.

          • I had to laugh yesterday, Publius. I have a cousin who is ‘fully vaxxed’, and who does all the other Kabuki…and who has basically become a hermit in her apartment, not wanting to ‘go near anyone’ (What about that vax that is supposed to be protecting her?).

            Yesterday, my 97 year-old mother says to me: “I want to see if [cousin] is finally going to go out now? I doubt it”. (Same cousin thinks Rand Paul is a ‘kook’….).

            There’s no hope for these people- They have let the irrational fear of an innocuous natural illness prompt them to inject themselves with a very unnatural, dangerous and potentially deadly substance which they admit by their own actions has no power to protect them from the innocuous natural illness, which they don’t need to be protected from in the first place since they are in perfect health.

            And that a 97 year-old can see the lunacy of this….but the younger can’t! (My mother doesn’t watch TV- thank goodness- which protects her from the braindeadening).

            If only the eyes of the vaxholes were able to be opened wide enouigh to realize how pathetic and ridiculous they are….

            • You want to be a hermit in your apartment, fine. If you’re happy living the life of living death, that’s up to you.

              But get the f—- out of my way, and stop trying to start WWIII.

              Life belongs to those who show up ready to play.

      • PS.

        **”Frankly, since 2020, I personally haven’t had patience for any commentary other than that pertaining to the biosecurity nightmare-tyranny of Covidism. Because really, nothing else matters one whit.”**

        That’s exactly what they want us to believe (That nothing else matters except the current ’emergency’ being promoted. See? It works! 😀 )

        I mean, when Trump gave the MIC the biggest budget EVER in the history of the WORLD, anyone paying attention KNEW something was coming…and is coming- as they will not let this go to waste. But since everyone, -even many among us- were so focused on the plandemic, the obvious was virtually ignored. As was the obvious truth illustrated by such, that regardless of which sector of the crowd the actors are pandering to, they are all doing the same thing in the things that impact us and our liberties the most; and all working for the same overlords.

        That is the exact tunnel vision which we should strive to avoid, because it is precisely that tunnel vision which they seek to afflict us with.

        • And watch: The Trumpsters will soon be hailing Trump as our ‘great protector’, rather than as complicit with the past and current actors in creating this very thing…..

          • Morning, Nunz!

            I thin you’re right regarding Trump. There is a cohort that believes in him as deeply and as blindly as another cohort believes in “the virus” (and “masks”). I have gone from hopeful tepid support to frustrated depression to outright contempt for the Orange Operator. Fool me once and all…

            • Same here, Ricky Ricardo (“Thin”?)….err…Eric :D.

              Even I had some hope for the Donald in the very beginning, despite knowing who and what he was, and where he came from. Too bad they weren’t eligible for Oscars…..

        • “That’s exactly what they want us to believe (That nothing else matters except the current ’emergency’ being promoted…)”

          That’s the thing, neither I, nor the general editorial slant at LRC, believe in the “emergency” that “They” want “Us” to believe in. The real threat is FAR uglier and more terrifying, because the threat is the very same “Them” who are able to wield false narratives and hold the masses under the sway of flimsy lives with ease. And that true threat is (in principle/more-or-less) what LRC commendably covered during the entire pseudopandemic farce. Calling out a satanic lie is far more vital than covering the Olympics, or whatever it is you think LRC could or should have focused on.

          When Cthulu rises from the Deep…Old Free_Phi, for one, is going to look at fucking Cthulu! Take in the grandeur and the terror for all it’s worth. Free_Phi’s not gonna say, “Cthulu doesn’t have power over me if I simply look away.” Because 1.) That’s not true. Cthulu has power whether you choose to look at him or not, and Cthulu will squash you like a bug whether you’re looking or not; and 2.) If we squander our chance to see the mighty and awful Cthulu…then what have we been here for? Subsistence farming? Fuck that. I’d rather glimpse Cthulu’s horrific visage for a fleeting moment than to toil over dry rocks, eking out five decades of drab, hardscrabble labor.

              • You’d think that, but you’d be wrong.

                One of the first things you learn in the practice of law is that typographical errors do not become visible to the naked eye until a pleading is filed with the court. It’s the law.

    • Having ruined their ‘pandemic’ narrative, i wouldn’t be surprised if the PTB used Russia as cover to shut down the internet in the near future, then gradually bring it back only for sites that have some kind of government “authorization” (all for “cybersecurity” of course)

      • Vince, this Russia thing has been in the works for several decades….just look all of the shenanigans that The Clintons, Bidens, and a whole slew of politicians have been involved in for the past several decades with regard to Russia and The Ukraine. “We” even have biolabs in the Ukraine- and quite a few at that. It’s not as if this “crisis” just sprang up out of the blue (And it’s only a “crisis” because “we” demand to be involved, since we want to determine the outcome, to be good little workers for our globalist masters)…and because the TV says it is (Which is in fact how it will really become one which involves us).

        The ‘Rona was just the first phase, a test-run, if you will- of the ultimater social control mechanism. Many more ‘pandemics’ will be manufactured; they literally admit it. Just wait till the 5G is fully functional!

    • The pols are all on the same fucking team . I would think Canadcuck would be iniitiating a draft to fight bad Vlad. To save dummyocristy (faggotry and diversity)

      • Hi Nova,

        Wouldn’t it be grand to gather up people like Trudeau, Graham and all the other chickenhawks – suit them up in BDUs – and parachute drop them into the Ukraine to fight for “democracy”?

  5. My theory is that D’s had to move off covid. They utilized the Russia/Ukraine issue (partly manufactured by USA) to do it.

    The word went out, and TV obliged.

    they want you to forget, but what they forgot is secondary effects. The effects on the economy could worsen the already mounting problems, which will still bite them at election time.

    What do people hate more? Covid restrictions or $5 gas and 50% higher groceries?
    They may have shifted in the wrong direction too fast.

    • No to mention the current huge increase in the vaccine death toll as published by life and health insurance actuaries.

  6. getting sucked into a trap?

    Another scenario:

    What if Russia and China have a plan….suck the west into a war, as soon as one nuck is launched they together launch everything, take out the whole G7, flattened, then they take over the whole planet. They both have voiced a dislike of the globalists…what if they exterminate them?

    The globalists….

    A description of globalists:
    these fabian communist leftist/globalist, the ones that tortured you for the last 2 years with the reset/hoax, are very weak, they are all transvestite, purple haired, pedophile freaks, wearing a dress, easy to beat.

    did china set this war up? remember china influences msm, elections and has infiltrated governments. ccp using their influence inside msm and governments (check out how many people inside your government are ccp controlled),

    The plan: to suck the U.S. and the G7 into launching just one nuck, then they will be totally annihilated. maybe your ccp controlled/compromised moron politicians are being used as useless idiots to get you wiped out.

  7. Interesting that the same Fauci acolytes and the “screw your freedoms“ types are the ones so hell bent on risking it all to give “freedom“ to Ukraine. We live in bizarro world.

  8. Number One Chickenhawk is Dick Cheney – superpatriot who managed to get five deferments when he could have actually gone to Vietnam. Of course the Chimp, Clinton, Trump, etc. were no better but Cheney sticks in my craw because he got deferments while I was being enslaved, i.e. “drafted” along with a few friends who came back in body bags.

  9. Don’t Look Back, Covid-1984 was used to destroy individuals, families, small businesses and enrich large corporations. Poof! And, now:

    “It’s clear that the Biden Regime is committed to sadistically collapsing the United States, with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm all saying over the past week that the world war simmering in Ukraine will not derail the WEF’s genocidal Green New Deal.

    They will continue to block US energy independence and not restart US energy production. Instead, buying oil from Iran is now “on the table.”

    Complete Upside Down World.

    Ice Age Farmer, Christian Westbrook is back with news about the inevitable front in this war: the engineered global food crisis.” …

    I wonder if RG had the right idea about this:

    “There are those who say there is no stage right or left, only the globalist stage, but they might be wrong. There are differences. Why orchestrate a coup in Russia if Putin is a WEF player? We must entertain the possibility that Putin is playing the WEF, that those appearances at Davos were to give the impression of a team player willing to bend Russia over for the Schwabean order only to turn the tables now that he’s seen the future they’re designing and wants no part of it.

    In an hour long podcast episode with James Delingpole, the Ukraine/Russia expert and former GCHQ analyst Alex Thomson surmises that Putin is not with the global cabal despite his past pretenses. Assuming this is true, and James Corbett is wrong, that makes the enemy of our enemies Putin? It makes sense when you see who the media is portraying as the villain.” …

    Some things, to ponder.?

  10. If you are ready to meet Dr. Fauci…simply look at your reflection on the screen of an off TeeVee set and say his name three times. The TeeVee will turn on, and his grinning dwarfish mug will be the last thing you ever see!

  11. Washington, DC is a likely target for some kind of attack, happening right now digitally, cybernetics or something.

    I dunno, but I would be heading for the hills if I lived in and near the mega-metropolis nestled along the Potomac.

    If the elites are in their bunkers, they are basically locked down and will have some time to do some soul searching. Be a bit more kind-hearted, not have such an in your face take it or leave it attitude. No joy in that.

    Nancy must be drinking Harvey Wallbangers by now. Putin is making her nervous, that’s good.

    The Dow is near a ten percent correction, it don’t look good for those guys.

    If you bought XOM at the 33 dollar mark and held, you’re doing real good.

    If you bought US Steel at 10 dollars or less, you’ve made a good choice.

    If you have a patch of ground to plant, even better.

  12. I love the fish school analogy Eric. Also this one, “and just like that they’re ready to send someone else to fight for the “freedom,” they so easily surrendered here, somewhere else.” That there sums it up very nicely. Pure gold.

    I am growing tired of arguing these exact points, with idiots IRL. So my new go too when the estrogenic laced arguments of ‘saving people’ and ‘doing something’ come up is a loud and resounding, Not my pig, not my farm

    • “Also this one, “and just like that they’re ready to send someone else to fight for the “freedom,” they so easily surrendered here, somewhere else.” ”

      That which comes too cheap is easily surrendered. Those who gave up the freedom that had been won for them by others are utterly unworthy of it, and in no position to pontificate about anyone else’s freedom.

  13. The epitome of the Chicken Hawk is Lindsay Graham. Yea, call for the assignation of Putin then double down on it. Great idea from a sitting US Senator. Instead of advocating help to the Ukrainians or suggest resolving the conflict with calm deliberations, let’s amp up the game and call for Putin’s head. (Hey Lindsay, assignation is supposed to be illegal for governments to engage or encourage.) It would be a bonus if Putin returned the favor and spared us more of his endless moralizing on immigration, wet markets caused the virus, and everything other idiotic idea runs thru his brain. Linday is the quintessential useful idiot for the democratic Marxist Party of the USA.

    • Hi Hans,

      Yup. Call for the murder of a foreign head of state… which he might – you know- take as a threat. And respond accordingly. Brilliant. Which it is, of course, if your goal is to start a war.

      • Can you imagine the reaction if Putin called for the assassination of a sitting US President/congressman (let alone actually did such a thing)?

        The howling and stamping of feet in rage would reach a 10 on the Richter scale, and that’s *before* any of the nukes were launched.

        Of course, this kind of behavior is okay when we do it.

        The hypocrisy is appalling.

      • He seemed to start feeling his oats after John McCain died. It was like McCain had something on Graham, and with McCain dead and buried, Graham no longer had to worry about being outed.

  14. Putin Bad! Ukraine Good! is keeping the fish school moving in the appointed direction.’ — eric

    Indeed it is. Several weeks of war agitprop already have boosted the Biden Thing’s sub-basement approval rating by a dozen points.

    It’s as simple as shaking a pair of big bosoms in front of a man on the make. What follows is purely visceral — no thinking required.

    And like the old in-out, in-out, unifying against an external enemy works every time.

    After covid mutated into an endemic illness that’s literally ‘just the flu, bro,’ it no longer suffices to spook the herd.

    But the threat of nuclear destruction concentrates the mind wonderfully. Thus the propaganda volte-face.

    As they say on Wall Street, ‘Buy the mushroom cloud! Nowhere to go but up.’

  15. We really do need to realize that most of those with political power are clinically insane. Sociopaths if not Psychopaths. Sane people do not seek that power. I’ve often heard the notion that “all men seek power”. Bull Shit. We may seek power over ourselves and/or our domiciles, but sane people do not seek that power over their neighbors. We may wish that power when our neighbor does a thing that annoys us, but we don’t seek it. Who in their right mind would ever assume authority to kill you if you don’t obey? All governments do. They cannot function without that authority.

  16. Via CFP:

    Dr. Naomi Wolf: “This Could Be Conspiracy for Murder”

    “The fact that people like Rochelle Wolensky, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Collins… said ‘safe and effective.’ This is criminal charges. This could be conspiracy for murder, and [E. Dowd] said the media could be accessories to murder.”

    — The Vigilant Fox 🦊 (@VigilantFox) March 5, 2022

    And then there’s this other bit:

    … “China will become the new Financial Capital of the World post-2032.

    The West is committing financial suicide. This spills over into corporations making long-term decisions based upon the demonization of Putin, ignoring even the fact that Kamala Harris publically told Ukraine to join NATO and violated the neutrality of Ukraine agreed to in the 1991 Budapest Agreement. We are witnessing the decline and fall of the world economy as we have known it. Those who have hated the dollar, always calling for its crash, will see a future where even cryptocurrencies will not survive. The false belief that somehow crypto will bypass the central banks and end fiat is such a joke. […]

    So welcome the New World Order, but it will be NOTHING as even Schwab expected.”

  17. I think the one thing that Vlad can do to royally screw over the west and its establishment (if that is his intention) is to just withdraw now….. what will the media cover then? What will the excuse be? how long can they say there is a war and threat when there isn’t one…. its almost as if our society is ready to rip itself apart and needs these distractions to keep it from doing so… and after every distraction it just gets worse.

    • Then it will become another Iraq. Remember after Gulf War I™ and Saddam Hussain became the new Hitler? Even after the Bush family was overturned by the Clinton family Iraq was covered by a “no fly zone” that gave Ol’ Bill an excuse to bomb them when he needed a distraction. So that’ll be what Ukraine will devole into. When O’Biden shits himself, well, there’s always “unrest” in Ukrane. When Kamala gets the stoner giggles at an inappropriate moment, go find some human interest story about some poor kid who lost his dad to the Russian forces. Then when it has outlived its usefulness, send in the drones to rubblize.


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