On the Wheaties Box – at Last!

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Like many guys, when I was a kid, the idea of my face being on the Wheaties box appealed. But I wasn’t a big enough or strong enough or fast enough guy to make the cut – and make it to the pros. Much less become one of the best of those already-best.

But now, as a middle-aged guy, I can get my mug on the box. All I have to do is change how I feel. Then others will be obliged to pretend my feelings alter biological reality. As I type, my feelings tell me that I am not a middle-aged guy who is still pretty strong for a middle-aged  guy but rather – like that guy who swims for the University of Pennsylvania – I am an exceptionally powerful “woman.”

One of the strongest in the world.

Maybe the strongest.

I can bench press about 300 pounds. One, maybe two reps. For a middle-aged guy, this is pretty good. But there are still many middle-aged guys who can also do it and at the elite level of competition, 300 pound on the bench is a warm-up set, almost.

There are guys – actual ones, born with a pair between their legs – who can press more than 1,000 pounds  – and it is improbable to the extent of impossibility that anyone who wasn’t born with a pair will ever come close to that, no matter how “she” feels about it.

Because testicles – which infuse the male body with male hormones that make the male body not just a little but a lot stronger than the average female body. Heavier bones, more muscle mass; more built-in ability amass a lot more muscle. It is a DNA-level thing which no post-facto surgery or hormones can fundamentally alter.

Bruce can bend his gender – but not his biology. Even now – 50 years after he won Olympic goal – he is probably still competitive with elite-level actual women.

A strong bench press max (one rep) for a woman works out regularly but who isn’t an elite-level athlete is around 95 pounds. That’s one 45 pound olympic bar and two 25 pound plates. Occasionally, very rarely, you will see a woman – the kind capable of having a period and babies  – at a gym who can hit maybe 135 or so for a couple (2-3) reps.

This is the usual warm-up set (10-12 reps) for an average guy in his 20s or 30s of very average strength. Average guys – far from Arnold-sized guys – routinely bench 185 pounds and 225-250 is nothing to see here. Many guys who lift weights regularly can do that, without steroids. There are high school guys on every high school football team who can do that. It is not a big deal. Getting to where I am – in the 275-305 range, repping the latter weight once maybe twice on a good day, is also nothing you won’t see at almost any gym in the country on any given day.

The big guys are pushing a lot more than that.

I’m just one of many meatheads, in other words. But I could transition into exceptionality, if everyone would accept my feelings about not being a middle-aged guy in pretty good shape for a middle-aged guy.

I could be one of maybe six women in the entire world who can bench 300 pounds. I could perhaps become the strongest “woman” in the world!

Worthy of the Wheaties box, at last!

I’m being snarky, of course. But somewhere out there, a guy is thinking seriously about that Wheaties box. A guy like that dude who has been shattering every record in women’s swimming by claiming that his feelings make him a “woman,” which he is as much as any other guy born with a pair also is.

Which women aren’t – because they weren’t – no matter how they feel about it.

But why stop there? It is inevitable that some old guy – like the one who Tele-Prompts from a set designed to look like the Oval Office – will announce that he feels like a young guy again. A very young guy. A teenager, even. Young enough to date very young women.

Girls, even.

Why not?

If sex is fungible on the basis of how one feels about it, why not also age? I’d like to collect some of the Social Security money I was forced to “contribute” before it’s all gone – or worthless, courtesy of the old kid sniffer.

I feel 65! Where’s my check?

Why not color, for that matter? The way forward on that has also been pioneered by Rachel Donezal, who is a woman (biologically) but not black (objectively) but decided she felt otherwise and was accepted as such – as the head honcho of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Who needs affirmative action – and racial bean-counting – when anyone can be any color they like at any time? Or rather, how would you keep track of it?

Snark off.

Because it’s serious, like cancer.

Which is exactly what it is. The “feelings” of those who want to pretend they are something they’re not can be indulged only so long as no one else is expected to believe them. Once that Rubicon is crossed, objective reality ceases to exist in principle and once that happens, it is no longer possible to rely on facts as the basis for anything. Including objecting to anything, however absurd – or evil.

It is all about how people feel – an unquantifiable metric – and these feelings must be respected, they tell us.

Note that this precise lingo was used during the height of the Face Diapering pandemic to tamp down objections to the wearing of the vile rag. We must wear it to show respect for the feelings of others.

No, thanks.

That guy who swims for the University of Pennsylvania may just make the Wheaties box.

But I won’t be buying it.

. . .

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  1. Eric “let me tell you how great I am” Peters

    The Imaginary Eric Peters

    Legendary automobile test driver
    6′ 3″
    220 lbs.
    — Bench presses 300 lbs.
    — Drives a 2022 Dodge Hellcat at 160mph
    — Passes every other car on the road
    — Gives one finger wave to cops
    when blasting past themClover

    The Real Eric Peters

    Legend in his own mind
    5′ 3″
    320 lbs.
    — Once rolled a 300lb. barbell across a room (downhill)
    — Drives a 1986 Yugo at 49mph (top speed)
    — Once passed an old man with a walker
    — Cries and begs cops for mercy
    when pulled over to be given a driving too slow ticket

    • Richard,

      What the heck are you talking about (again)?

      You have this singular talent for missing the point. I mentioned my height/weight and what I can bench in middle age to make the point that a middle-aged guy of better-than-average strength (but nothing you can’t find at any gym on any day anywhere in the country) has strength comparable to that of elite-level actually female athletes – in order to make the point that a man who pretends to be a “woman” can devastate actual women in contests of strength. But against elite-level men, I’d have my ass handed to me.

      PS: Nothing “imaginary” in anything I’ve posted. Unlike you, I actually state facts. You may not like them. But facts, nonetheless. Which reminds me. I did not drive the Hellcat 160. I drove the Caddy CTS-V 147 (in fourth). Once again, get your facts straight before you post your gibberish.

  2. I’ve run a 15k once and beat all the women. Placed 30th overall. If I wore a bra during the race and claimed to be a woman, I could have gotten that 1st Place Women’s medal. Damn…

    Then I would have taken it out back and used it for target practice.

    • Hi Andrew,

      My brother in law is a retired Marine captain; he tells me about the differences between men and women in terms of injury ratios; i.e., which sex is more prone to knee/hip/back issues after say a 5 mile run with a heavy pack. Which do you suppose it is?

    • Hi Andrew,

      Yup. My GF is younger than me and in great shape, but she can’t keep up with me on a run, either. And when we work out together, it’s the typically lopsided male-female strength split. It’s not just a little difference. It’s a huge difference. This isn’t just us, either. Take any two people, one male and one female of about the same age and the male will almost always be at least twice as strong as the female in terms of upper body strength. It’s just biology. Men have the advantage of male hormones, which change their bodies beginning at puberty. Once can see this as kids hit around 10 years old. Up to this point, the boys and girls are similar in terms of build. But then – boom – the hormones hit and the boys begin to become men and the girls, women – with all the usual strengths and differences.

      It’s both obscene and ridiculous to allow biological men to compete as “women” with biological women in athletics.

      Why not also let the varsity football team play against the junior high team?

  3. If I were to walk into a room and declare myself an elephant, demanding everyone feed me peanuts up my nose, they would all rightly label me mentally ill.

    Yet, if I claim to be a man who can be pregnant, or a woman who grew up trapped in the body of a man, millions will praise me and affirm my claims.

    It is still a mental illness. Why is it being encouraged and celebrated?

  4. There are human beings who have only one sex chromosome, an X. They are XO, are sterile, have physical features of a female. They will be mentally deficient.

    I suppose one could identify as a female with only one X chromosome and pretend you are absent a Y chromosome. You’ll have to fake being unable to add two numbers and come up with a correct answer, but that happens a lot in the real world anyways.

    If you don’t have a womb, you are not a woman and can never be one. A uterus counts the most. You can’t play unless you have a uterus, thems the rules. One qualification that will eliminate those without a uterus. Problem solved.

    Some humans have multiple sex chromosomes, an XXYY can exist, aka Klinefelter syndrome. Always male with infertility problems.

    The Heaven’s Gate eunuch Applewhite had a lot of balls to castrate himself. lol

  5. I remember some of the summer Olympics back in the 80’s. The East German team in particular. Those women athletes in weight lifting and shot put looked like they had five-o-clock shadows and a muscular physique that looked out of place. Maybe they were 40 years ahead of us and now a few here are repeating it here.

  6. Anyone remember 1973 and the “Battle of the Sexes”, between 55-year-old Bobby Riggs, who’d been retired from competitive tennis for about 20 years, and Billie Jean King, who was 29 at the time? King, who could have easily passed for a man, at least by facial appearance, is a lesbian, it was at the time a poorly-kept secret, like Paul Lynde’s or Charles Nelson Reilly both being gay. There’s substantial evidence that Riggs actually threw the match, as he’d likewise faced Margaret Court, only a few years older than King and still in her prime, and handily beaten her. Riggs was substantially indebted to questionable characters due to his compulsive gambling and there was substantial “action” on the highly-publicized match.

    Some twenty years later, in 1992, Jimmy Connors, in decline in his career at 40, and Martina Navratilova, not much younger at 35 but still more or less the top female tennis player in the world, squared off in “Battle of the Sexes II”, and Connors beat her soundly. Promoters had tried to get then 18 year-old Monica Seles to face Connors at first.

  7. Female athletes could put a stop to this immediately. All they would have to do is to “go on strike” by refusing to participate in any women’s competition that permitted biological men. Either forbid participation by biological men or just end women’s sports entirely. The reason they probably don’t do this is that they have been morally disarmed by a belief that trans women are really women and that it would be immoral to discriminate against them. In that respect, these female athletes deserve what they get, since they voluntarily comply with this insanity.

    • Hi Martin!

      Going on strike is a kind of self-punishment; why should these women just stop doing the sport they love and train hard to excel at?

      Female athletes ought to just form their own “athletic clubs” – for women only. Of course, the problem there is that some (pardon my language, but it’s sometimes appropriate) piece of shit “trans” person will attempt to use the courts to force themselves in, screeching “discrimination.”

      To be clear: I don’t hate “trans” people. If a guy wants to pretend he’s a woman or a woman she’s a man, that’s not only fine – it’s his/her right. But they have no right to force anyone else to pretend they are a “woman” – or a “man” – nor to associate with them. Which brings me to…

      The only real long-term solution to this and so many other problems is to return to freedom of association. If a “trans” person wants to play on the girls’ team – and the girls’ team agrees – then, fine. But under no circumstances should girls be forced to play sports with boys – and vice versa.

      If freedom of association were respected, we’d not have had the past two years’ of insanity. The insane would have been free to not go into stores – and work – and the sane equally free to do the opposite. Store owners who wanted to open their doors free to do so; those who don’t want to, free to shutter them.

      I fume with rage at people who feel they have a “right” to force themselves (and their beliefs) on others…

      • Hi Eric,

        By “go on strike”, I was specifically referring to them refusing to participate in organized women’s sports in which biological men are permitted to compete. For example, organized college sports which permit trans “women”. Similarly for the Olympics. Imagine if all of the female athletes at the Olympics had refused to participate in any of the Olympic women’s events if biological men were permitted to compete against them. The Olympics would either have to give in to these women’s demands or cancel all women’s athletic events.

        Of course, women should, if there are no other options, form their own women’s only sports leagues. But this is easier said than done. Most sports facilities are owned by the very institutions, such as universities, that are permitting biological men to compete against them. They own the football fields, soccer fields, basketball fields, Olympic size swimming pools, etc. So if women wish to form their own sports leagues, they would have to find alternate facilities.

        I agree with you completely that absolute freedom of association is an essential aspect to liberty. But, unfortunately, the government has deputized corporations and large institutions such as universities to enforce their tyranny. So trying to live life independently of this tyranny is becoming increasingly challenging.

    • Hi Martin,

      I don’t mean to throw my own sex under the bus, but this is karma coming full circle. A handful of women began forcing themselves into male dominated groups over the past several years (The Boy Scouts, Augusta Golf Course, etc.). Instead of being proud of being a woman and focusing on our own accomplishments we felt the need to invade male associations and groups. There is nothing wrong with men having their own alliance and women having theirs. The two do not have to constantly compete with each other. Now, other women are paying the price of foolish feminist conquests. The men have now invaded our space and are destroying records and feats that we have held for years. We allowed this to happen. We forced ourselves a chair at the table and the fallback is our just desserts.

      • Amen, RG –

        One of the great mysteries of this to me is this business (this idea) of forcing myself where I’m not wanted. What sort of person does this? Uses the courts to make people who don’t want to have anything to do with him have to deal with him? Or her? If I’m not welcome, fine. I’ll go where I am. Man or woman, black or white.

        But there are people – of both sexes – who cannot respect this basic rule of civility, without which civilization falls apart.

      • Also… women can do things no man ever can, such as give birth. This is an awesome thing and ought to be respected by men and women alike. We’re not better or worse. We’re different.

        And that’s good!

        • Hi Eric,

          Giving birth is biological and not something we electively selected. I was referring to chosen accomplishments…career, financial, relationships, etc. Some women have a tendency to strive to compete against men rather than assisting and lifting other women up. We strive to get a seat at the guy’s table instead of concentrating on what would make us more successful as females.

        • Besides having a baby, the most important role for women is to civilize men. It’s called the Trained By Wife degree. My wife has been trying for 45 years — but not making much progress. I tell her the only time a woman can change a man is when he was a baby, wearing diapers.

          I never try to change my wife.
          My first theory is that a man should never criticize a wife’s faults, because they may have prevented her from getting a better husband.

          My second theory is to always admit when you were wrong, but keep your mouth shut when you were right.

          My third theory is that it is impossible to prove anything. But I can’t prove it.

      • Hi RG,

        Forcing their way into the Boy Scouts was particularly ridiculous. The justification they used was that the Boy Scouts had better outdoor activities than the Girl Scouts. But what was stopping the Girl Scouts from offering the same outdoor activities offered by the Boy Scouts?

        • Exactly, Martin. The feminists have gotten what they asked for and maybe they are realizing actions do have consequences. The same maneuvers can be made on us and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. The sabotager becomes the sabotagee.

    • Good stuff, FP!

      For some real fun, let’s open up the NFL (and hockey; I used to play) to trans “women,” too … better call amberlamps!

      • I suppose there have been a few, *ahem*, FEMALES, that could “strap it on” and do battle on the field or the rink…but they’re FREAKS.

        To be fair, today’s “Monsters of the Midway”, being that they’re the products of extensive training and nutrition regimens, and, be honest, a LOT of the “roids”, would cream the average man, no matter how well he trains. Given how many available spots on in the NFL (1972, of which 320 are on the “practice squad” that doesn’t play in a given game), and considering how few “graduate” from the college ranks to the NFL (about 0.4 percent of each “graduating” class, out of a field of about 81,000 players at all four-year colleges (not counting junior colleges with football programs) though the majority don’t actually graduate from college, and the fate of many after their “college” careers is a scandal of its own), it’s obviously one very SELECT group that even dons an uniform and ever plays a down in the NFL.

        As it was put in the 1998 movie “Armageddon”, when the NASA doc relates the results of the physical and psychological examination of oil driller Harry Stamper’s (Bruce Willis) crew:

        Dr. Banks: [going through the roughnecks’ medical reports] Fail. Fail. Depressively fail! One toxicology analysis revealed ketamin, that is a very powerful sedative!

        Harry: Sedatives are used all the time, doctor.

        Dr. Banks: Well this one’s used on HORSES.

        Harry: Some of these guys are pretty big.

  8. Eric,

    I’ve had the same feelings about this gender thing. If that can be “fluid”, then so should age. And, as such, I “identify” as a 70-year old man and should be able to collect my social security payments NOW (and be able to keep working as well, of course).

  9. “I can bench press about 300 pounds. One, maybe two reps. For a middle-aged guy, this is pretty good.”

    No, Eric, that’s REALLY good for a middle-aged guy.

    Now, I think you’ve written in the past about transitioning to a giant lobster, and I fully support your efforts on that matter. Mostly because I want to see a giant orange lobster driving an orange Trans-Am. But to ease your psychological strain as well!

    “That guy who swims for the University of Pennsylvania may just make the Wheaties box.

    But I won’t be buying it.”

    From what I’ve seen and heard, neither will be the lady swimmers, even those from the U of P. The advantage “Lia” has is absurd, as in winning by 3 pool-lengths absurd. No one with 2 X-chromosomes will ever top those records once they are in place.

  10. I knew this would happen eventually- which is why I always ate Frosted Flakes… Can’t go wrong with a real man, like Tony The Tiger! Had no interest in looking at some sweaty game-player while I et breakfast.

  11. My impression of the media fuss around this circus is that the real women of the UPenn swim team are now waiting for an evil white man in authority to step in and right what is clearly wrong, someone willing to take on the media’s accusations of whatever -ism applies.

    Ladies, it isn’t going to happen. You will have to take care of business yourselves. The old fashioned way. There are 20 (?) of you and one of *him*. No matter how strong he is, you have the advantage of numbers. Use it.

    • “now waiting for an evil white man in authority to step in and right what is clearly wrong, someone willing to take on the media’s accusations of whatever -ism applies.”

      Perfect summation of what is wrong with society today. Hopefully no white man will allow himself to be used in this way.

      These young women need to carry their own water, so to speak. Maybe if that happens enough, it will put an end to this madness.

      • If all of the women quit the team and let the owners know why, things will change. Of course, the government could get involved and declare that those with transgender mental illness to be a “protected class”…

  12. Mental illness has been legitimized, laws being passed protecting “gender fluidity”. When will the madness stop??
    It started out with decriminalizing homosexuality.
    We were told that all homosexuals wanted was to be respected and left to form their own relationships. Almost no one had a problem with that, but when militant homosexuals finally had political clout, they exercised their power with a vengeance, demanding that those of us who do not agree with their behavior be silenced.
    Harassment of the Masterpiece Cake Shop for refusing to bake a “gay-themed” cake by Colorado state officials is a prime example of state abuse of power. The homosexual lobby purposely chose the Masterpiece Cake Shop as a target, even when they could have had the cake baked by other bakeries. The head of the Colorado commission who persecuted the cake shop is himself a homosexual.
    It is FACT that homosexuals “recruit” impressionable young boys whose sexual identities are not yet “set in stone” and are vulnerable to the disgusting machinations of adult homosexuals. These adult homosexual predators are called “chickenhawks” whose criminal activities result in many damaged and lost lives among young impressionable boys.
    Homosexual “poster boy” Harvey Milk was a prominent chickenhawk predator who bragged about introducing young boys to the “lifestyle”. Sad to say, the U S Navy named a ship after this homosexual criminal predator.
    This homosexual lobby is so powerful, that in some states, “conversion therapy” (reversing homosexual tendencies) is now illegal.
    It gets worse…the slippery slope indeed…
    There are calls to decriminalize pedophilia, redefining criminal pedophiles as “minor-attracted adults”. this decriminalization of such damaging behavior started out with the legitimizing of homosexuality as a “lifestyle”…

    • Hi Anarchyst,

      Ruefully, I agree with the essence of what you’ve written – because I must. The libertarian in me holds no ill-will toward homosexuals; or – better put – I would never advocate they be harmed merely for being homosexual. And I regard the private/consensual activities of adults as none of my business – or the government’s – as such.

      But, that does not extend – should not extend – to condoning or being made to “accept” activities one finds repellent.

      I have argued for decades that the underlying problem which created most of these problems is the attack upon freedom of association which commenced during the “civil rights” era. I maintain that no one should be forced to associate with – or do business with – anyone they do not wish to associate with or do business with. For whatever reason. Most normal people agree – and regard this as one of the most fundamental of all human rights, for if a man can be forced to associate with or do business with another man, then in a very real sense, he is a slave to that man.

      Freedom means being free to say, no – thanks. I’d rather not be a part of this. I’d rather not deal with you. This makes you upset? So be it. There are others who will deal with you, on terms acceptable to both. If not, then – again – so be it.

      Freedom is worth that.

      • Per the late great Walter Williams, “The exercise of your rights requires no action on my part”. A simple means of determining what is a right and what is not.

    • Hi anarchyst

      In some places male sex offenders are saying they identify as women so the government transfers them to women’s prisons, they then rape the women, the government does nothing about it.

    • anarchyst

      In the job market if you are a white male or worse an old white male you might not get a job, if you are a black transgender female you will get all the jobs, to get a job tell them you identify as a black transgender female, if you don’t get the job sue them.

  13. Respect. Honor. Trust. These things cannot be granted. They must be earned. And not by pretending the delusion de jour is real.
    It’s a simple question. Do you want to have women’s and men’s sports separated, or do you want to pretend that one’s sex is fluid? If a man can be a woman because he wants to be, there is no point in separating them.

  14. I still shoot hoops at the park from time to time. At almost sixty I’m not bad, for almost sixty. Still have a decent jumper from 20foot range and some nice turn arounds and fade aways. If I get into a 3 on 3 with younger guys I can mostly hold my own.

    I know damn well I could still whip the ass of most girls in the WNBA. Maybe I could say I just feeeeel like a gurl, with out doing anything to look like a gurl. Would that count. If they refused to give me a tryout could I sue them for discrimination?

      • Not to worry Eric, there are abundant really ugly women that were actually born women. Most appear to be politicians.

      • Welcome to the revolution Eric. The signs were right there for all to see. Talk about a movie foreshadowing the future.

        I feel that if all the girls could just stop and feeeel that I feel their pain, and look beyond that regressive science called biology, I can be an all-star.

        I could dunk until I turned 40, now I can hardly touch the net. Still, I’m sure I could break a few records in the WNBA.

        Welcome to clown world for the newly arrived.

    • A case in point. It’s been some time sense I paid attention to such, but when I did there was only one woman in the WNBA that could dunk a basketball. I can see that at most high school boys games.

      • Why the recent fracas over a “WNBA” star being arrested in Russia for possession of hashish oil (for her vaping pipe), one Britney Griener, is amusing (well, obviously not for HER), I’d have to point out that if you assembled an all-star WNBA team and pitted them against even a hum-drum JuCo team, they’d get massacred. Nothing wrong with women playing basketball among themselves, but women’s professional sports are typically a JOKE, and they’re certainly not competitive with men, on the court or field and definitely not at the box office. BTW, Britney’s “wife” is worried…pardon me if I indulge in a few guffaws.

  15. I’ve decided that I am a male-lesbian. A woman trapped in a man’s body who likes other women. Where is my victim’s group to speak out for me?

    Eric “Once that Rubicon is crossed, objective reality ceases to exist in principle and once that happens, it is no longer possible to rely on facts as the basis for anything. Including objecting to anything, however absurd – or evil.”
    This is just what the Soviets did in a different way. Once you accept the ridiculous premise of an argument so over the top false then you will accept anything the Soviets say just to get along with life and accept their ideology.

    • I have some distant in-law relatives whose millenial age daughter is married to a man who now thinks he’s a woman and who jointly describe themselves as in a lesbian relationship. I have never met these people but the parents and aunts/uncles all play along with this and say cloying, propagandistic things like they are “allies” and “love is love.” Sodom and Gomorrah says me.

      • That seems to be the problem, us normies playing along with their mental illness rather than telling them that they’re nuts. Can’t hurt their feeeeeeelings, whether it’s about gender or face diapers, we’re supposed to agree to all this BS.


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