Fauci is Science – and Science is Fauci!

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It has a familiar ring – to those who’ve heard it before.

Rudolf Hess said it of his boss, many years ago. Hitler is Germany – just as Germany is Hitler!

And now, again. Not quite the same but eerily similar.

This man Fauci considers himself “the science” and to question him, personally, is an affront to “the science.” It’s dictatorial umbrage.

How did this man become the oberbefehlshaber of “science”? He was anointed as such – by the Orange Man; by the corporate press (owned by the pharmaceutical companies, among other corporate interests) and by the Orange Man’s selected successor – also owned by the same corporations that own the Orange Man.

They installed him at the tribune and gave him an open microphone. Heil “science” – as embodied in this man and his pronouncements.

“Masks” don’t work – and then wear two.

Practice obedience.

Never question “the science” – as elaborated by Fauci.

This is the power of the system, which can take an obscure, priggish bureaucrat and transform him into a klieg-lit leader, his every word received with a kind of reverent hysteria. He has spoken! It must be so!

The “science”!

Even when the “science” is suddenly something else. As in the war with Eurasia now being a war with Eastasia, the war with Eurasia never having happened.

Unsere Fauci flattert uns voran!

But one can also hear – if one listens – another tune, echoing an older one about Der Fuhrer’s Face.

One heard it toward the end of the late unpleasantness in Europe, when the man with the funny moustache had lost his charismatic hold on the volk – and was about to lose the war, too.

His power waned as ridicule of him waxed.

And so it may be, with any luck, as regards Fauci. Many still hang on his every word – but not as many as last summer. There is a certain skepticism afoot. Would you buy a used car from this man? Many are thinking twice about his “guidance” – especially as regards injecting themselves (and their kids) with a “vaccine” that Fauci and those he’s fronting for are selling just a bit too hard.

It is causing people to wonder what they might be buying.

Dr. Rand Paul has been magnificent as a palliative measure. Unlike “Dr.” Fauci, Dr. Paul actually practices medicine. He also practices verbal jujitsu, pinning the evil little “Dr.” publicly and painfully.

It has been restorative to watch.

Politicians have meekly deferred to the “sexiest man alive”- who has been able to shut them up by pointing to his name tag. I’m a “Dr.” and thus the “science” and who are you to question me?

It is almost like that scene in the movie, Braveheart – about William Wallace – when Wallace goes to parley with the queen, acting on behalf of Edward I, “longshanks.” The queen’s flunkie begins to speak to her in Latin, assuming that Wallace is an ignorant barbarian who will not be able to understand the conversation. But Wallace knows Latin. And French. And shuts up the flunkie, just like that.

Just as Dr. Paul has shut up the evil little “Dr.” – who cannot shut him up by touching his name tag.

He has made the shadiness of the little “Dr.” apparent – and once that is seen, it is much easier not only to question “the science” – which ought always to be questioned and not be afraid of questioning since science can hold up to questioning, unlike dogma  – but to ridicule the creepy little man who thinks he is “the science.”

With any luck, he will soon be something else.

An object of general contempt, one hopes. Criminally charged, one prays.

But no longer “the science.”

. . . 

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  1. Isn’t it kinda like back in the middle ages, where you couldn’t challenge the priest or other appointees from the church. Except the church has been replaced by the state – and its own version of “science”

  2. Let’s back up, for just a minute, to March of 2020. At that time, we were told “we just don’t know…”. In fact, many people — even those against this voodoo lockdown, social-distancing, mask-wearing nonsense — still concede… “we just didn’t know back then”.

    Oh but NOW! NOW we know it’s a fraud.

    I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit and two fronts. First, the “we” that are at least high school educated. Yes, we did effing “know”… we knew everything we needed to know QUITE OBVIOUSLY as this is nothing more than your average cold… regardless of where it came from. Where it came from is inconsequential with respect to who elected to do what.

    Secondly, we are being asked to believe that the very same people that create DESIGNER corona virus for fun and games… shits and giggles… gain of function… that they “just didn’t know”. The same “experts” that have been doing this for ETERNITY (Fauci is what? 80 years old?) that they “just didn’t know”.

    These same people… the same people that are “THE SCIENCE” (by their own “estimation”)… they “just didn’t know” about the thing that required nothing more than high school biology to “know”, that they’ve spent their lives studying, with which they create genetic modifications for WHATEVER purpose.

    They just didn’t know. We just didn’t know. But NOW we know. But it doesn’t stop. This is psychosis and Fauci needs to be tried for crimes against humanity along with whomever assisted him in his evil plot.

    • Hi Eure,

      There were several obvious indications of an agenda at play early on. As when the bodies were not stacking up at hospitals. In the early months of 2020, I violated the “lockdowns” and went to see for myself – at the regional hospital in my area that serves most of SW Virginia and adjacent portions of NC. It was dead – but not many dead lying about. I checked almost daily, for weeks. Nothing unusual. Others around the country were reporting the same. But the media wasn’t reporting any of this. Instead, they were frantically reporting on the “cases” – never explaining to people that a “case” is generally not considered medically significant unless medical care is required. They never explained the difference between infection fatality rate and case fatality rate, either. This was purposeful, as it went on for months.

      Then the Diapering. Everyone had to cover their face. Not necessarily with a medically useful device – any old bandana would do. So long as their faces were covered. In other words, so long as they obeyed – and degraded themselves, thereby.

      All of this was clear by early summer of last year. By that time, Orange Man could and should have fired Fauci and called out the fear-mongering governors and media. Instead, the fear was allowed to fester and percolate and people like Fauci and Orange Man are the ones responsible that.

      • “I checked almost daily, for weeks. Nothing unusual.”
        That’s the question I ask: If not for the nonstop media freakout, would you have suspected that anything unusual was going on? Just based on the people you know and the things you saw with your own eyes.
        Most people seem intellectually incapable of doing this simple thought experiment. They’ll say, “But I know so-and-so had it, and he was really sick!” OK, but that wasn’t the question. Would you have thought anything unusual was going on just because somebody you know caught a nasty respiratory virus during flu season and felt lousy for a week or two? I think not. Happens all the time.
        One person I knew is said to have died from (or with) it. But he was 80-ish and had other health issues. I wouldn’t have thought anything earthshaking was afoot. But if I say that, the covidians go nuts. “You don’t care! You just don’t care!”
        Of the others I know who supposedly had it – and there are a lot – I doubt I would have even known they were sick. Why would they tell me? Why would it be broadcast all over that my neighbor missed work for a few days or his kids had the sniffles?

        • Daughter’s bf went to Army boot camp last August. He was reared in a Branch Covidian household, so was a True Believer. The guys all had to “quarantine” for 14 days upon arrival at boot camp- doing nothing but video games.

          Once some of them started “testing positive”, and he did not, despite being side to side with them in training (also none were ill), the scales began to fall from his eyes. Now he is anti all of it.

      • Oh I agree about Fauci and Orange Man! And I am speaking in hindsight but specifically doing so such that we can correct our thought processes. Because, yes, though we didn’t know it at the time, we *did* know everything we *needed* to know about yet another mild cold virus. But I’m not blaming the victims or the suckers that can’t give it up.

        We got lied to and we all got jacked. The only reason people doubted themselves was because they were specifically given the lie that “we just don’t know”.

        “We just don’t know”… is not remotely a possibility… looking back. That is asking me to believe that the “author” (Fauci) “just didn’t know” what he wrote in his own “book” (i.e., gain of function studies on corona).

        Yet another crazy thing… certainly does also tie back to Orange Man. He has the gall to try to distance himself from Fauci AS IF he didn’t allow Fauci free reign to destroy all of our lives KNOWINGLY. Now he wants to backtrack and just blame Fauci?!! Yeah, no, to coin a phrase… “You’re fired…” (Trump)!

  3. When the snooty little bastard was called out for changing his tune on masks, he claimed that the only reason he discouraged their use initially was that he was valiantly conserving the supply for healthcare workers.
    Baloney. Look at how he said it in the 60 Minutes interview: “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” You don’t say it that way unless your intent is to ridicule. His voice was dripping with disdain for the ignorant rubes who, unlike The Great Fauci, Scientist, “walk around with masks.”
    Here, Reuters “fact-checkers” make excuses for him: “Video shows Fauci’s remarks at early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic when masks were not yet recommended by the government. As of the publishing of this check, Fauci recommends the use of face masks.”
    So I guess masks were invented in 2020, and Fauci couldn’t possibly have known how effective they were against respiratory viruses until the CDC told him. Never mind the dozen or so randomized controlled trials that concluded they were useless long before this was dragged into the sewer of politics.

  4. I believe we’ll see fauxi put up against the wall sooner rather than later. His usefulness is played out. The powers who should not be have proven that a vast majority of the US are slaves who love being slaves.

    They’ve nearly perfected warfare. They corralled an entire planet with an insanely small amount of jack-boots enforcing the wishes of these evil bastards.

    Yuri Bezmenov’s interview with G Edward Griffin in the mid 80s plays like a script or a prophecy. The full interview can be also found which is absolutely worth a listen if you have an hour or two you can spare. This short clip summarizes very well where many are, and how they got there.


    These brain dead and spiritually dead golems bow down to a goblin in a lab coat and a mask because the 3″ screen in their hand told them to. All of this slavery is of course decades if not centuries in the making. I don’t think there is a quick way out. (If people even want it) I think it could take a generation or two for the programming to be undone.

    It’s not hopeless but there’s a helluva lot of work to do.
    For all his faults I tip my hat to Rand Paul for the ball busting he’s done on that sawed off little Jesuit sodomite.

    • Fauci will be allowed to retire with a very generous government pension and then everything will be declared fixed and anyone who brings up how things worked over 40ish years of Fauci’s control will be dismissed because he’s gone. Never mind the institution’s nature and function will remain the same, the same as it was before Fauci started his government career, before he was born even. It will become a way to dismiss those of us who see how things actually work.

      How do I know how this will go? Because that’s essentially how it always works.

      • Yes! How many “evil little bastards” have come and gone, faded from memory, who bore the blame for what the system was set up to accomplish so smoothly? It’s always “a bad apple”, an anomaly.

        It’s infuriating that only the tiniest percent of the population seems to understand that most of the collective problems we face as a society are systemic, and not the work of singular or even small groups of actors.

        These fall guys are put in place to take the blame so that the progression towards totalitarianism can continue unabated. As a slap in the face, they usually retire to lives of comfort and excess financed by their victims, us.

  5. One of my co-workers has an MBA. One of the dumbest people to ever walk the Earth. It has become routine to have to explain even the most simple job tasks to “them.” We always have to go back and redo whatever measurements or notes they take because they are always wrong. And I’ve been told they immediately run to HR over anything that is perceived (by them) as harassment.

    I’m attempting to hide their gender because I don’t wish to stereotype. The point is that credentials don’t make the person an expert, knowledge does. Just because Fauxchi has been punching a clock for decades doesn’t mean he knows anything. Especially since that time clock is in a government organization. You can bet that some of his closest associates are CIA plants (look it up, spooks are in just about every governmental agency) but he’s too ignorant to know it. Or he’s been “read in” and shown that other Warren Commission report, that other 9/11 commission report, and the rest. Once you play ball, the rest is easy. The highest paid bureaucrat in the land doesn’t keep his job by bucking the system.

    • HR depts. We’re largely nonexistent prior to the infusion of diversity hires

      Tighten up or leave pal. If you can’t do that we don’t need you.

      There are very few fields and professions where this is even possible.

      Once anything other than raw competence became a goal, and embossed stationary from a college became the new IQ/aptitude test, it’s been mostly downhill in just about every sector.

      • It use to be called the personnel department. It was renamed human resources to more accurately describe the modern condition of what people are considered. Personnel makes it seem like people are individuals while human resources is much more demeaning and more like people are fungible and replaceable.

    • Fauci could have been or very well *be* the expertest expert that has ever been an expert. But, if he truly is, then how can you explain the so-called “top expert” being wrong. Every. Single. Time.

      He’s self-admitted that, the very thing to which he’s dedicated his entire career, that he “just didn’t know” about it to the extent that his recommendations were always ineffective and wrong.

      He’s a “medicine man” on par with the worst caricature of voodoo witch doctors. He’s shaken his bones, rattled his guards, spread the tea leaves, and every single time is wrong. But he is “THE SCIENCE”.

      THAT?! That… is…. THE SCIENCE? Voodoo… is “the science” apparently.

      And while I’m at it… hard pills to swallow… apparently people just don’t want to admit that they GOT JACKED! I knew it was a fraud from the start because I’m not a naïve idiot. The people that tell themselves “we just didn’t know” are just papering over the simple fact that they got jacked and can’t admit it to themselves.

      They believed the informercial… they (somehow) truly thought that the “widget” would make their lives better… they called up the shopping network and bought two this week and they threw one in for free! Now that it’s been delivered… that awful sinking feel of “I GOT JACKED”… keeps sinking in.

      But THERE MUST be some explanation! Some way to placate the fact that we GOT JACKED! So, yeah, we just didn’t know. He just didn’t know. Did you know? We didn’t know. (Yes, we effing did.)

      • When this junk first started, I was in an elevator with a middle aged businesswoman from another office in the building where I worked.

        Small talk ensued as we discussed “this thing” that was being reported.

        My main comment offered was, “I remain skeptical of the seriousness of this thing”.

        Her face lit up. Barely containing her enthusiasm, she replied, “no, no, this is HAPPENING!”. She was very apparently excited about the prospect of a disruptive quickening to her dull life.

        Soon thereafter, I began seeing the masks materializing on the faces of everyone around me. Behind every mask was a face such as this woman’s, enthusiastically embracing the “quickening” washing over their pitifully dull lives.

        Those who still choose to wear the damned rag are holding on to that fleeting feeling. They will not easily be convinced to go back to dull normal.

        • That is an interesting point! I never thought of that. I just bet there really are lots of people, not *just* busy-body types, that wanna be part of “the war effort”! Because normally, that wonderful govt. they love so much, is just busy killing people aboard instead.

          And where’s the fun in that?

          Now they’re “saving mankind” from the savage carnage of a 0.02% virus fatality rate. Next, they’ll be saving us from climate change… whether we need saving or not.

  6. He needs to wake up with a horse head in his bed. He is no more a Dr. than his partner little titan the needle dick. He gave up being a Dr. when he became a filthy (aids) merchant for big pill and big jab.

    Poor little Toni, he might start playing the victim next. He may grimace and cry out in pain as he demands more submission, and more shut downs, all in the name of (cue Thomas Dolby) SCIENCE!

  7. Here in NC the govking just offered a federally funded lottery for 4 people to win a million or free education (for the youngsters) for getting the experimental gene therapy. Russian roulette for a 1 in a million chance lotto ticket, gee that just completely changes my mind, which way do I steer!… /s. At the same time he sneakily continued the state of emergency until August 24th. I called my state rep (we have an R majority legislature that’s completely useless) for the 15th time to complain and, among other things, described the govking as “wicked” in the evil sense. The guy on the other end said he couldn’t agree more…

  8. I keep waiting for fraudchi to say “I am the senate” to Paul in one of these questioning sessions. Bottom line is there are still many who blindly beleive whatever this snake oil salesman is saying. Ny post did a poll and 71% of liberals still to this day beleive that healthy people should continue to stay home and not venture out. You can’t fix or reason with this kind of brainwashing.

    • i would never trust a so-called “man” who cannot throw a baseball properly.
      My *sister* can throw a ball better than Tony Baloney.

      • Hi Turtle,

        Indeed. And I have nothing but contempt for a man who uses his pulpit to instill mass panic. He had innumerable opportunities to calm things down and instead aided and abetted what is arguably the most comprehensive and vicious con ever perpetrated upon the people of this country.

        • “Pulpit” is right. The man who would be Pope.
          Jesuit educated, A.B. in classics, not biology nor chemistry.

          >vicious con

          • You can get into med school with any major, but you have to take about 2 yrs of biology, 2 yrs of chemistry, & 1 yr of physics to get in. You also have to have excellent scores on the MCAT.

            Many schools don’t actually have a “Pre-med” major, but if they do it’s usually only 1-2 classes different from a biology major.

            At least when I was in college, the med school admission rates for history majors was (statistically) higher than for biology majors. Biology (or maybe a double major with chemistry) was definitely the most popular track, but a few did a double major in the humanities or something to differentiate themselves from the crowd. A lot of them took Spanish, figuring it would come in handy.

        • Not to mention the outright murder of millions by his suppression of safe, effective, widely available, and CHEAP alternative treatments. Would that he was just a liar, instead of the capital criminal he is.

  9. It’s obvious that the “coronavirus” epidemic is a sham of the highest proportion. It is totally political in nature, with “blue state” governors perpetuating business-damaging “lockdowns” in their respective states.
    Both professional and political arrogance is responsible for the present state of the world economy and world population as well.
    A common annual “flu virus” was promoted as a “pandemic” by the “smartest” and “best and brightest” people in positions of power, both in the USA and in the rest of the world. It’s actually a “plandemic” foisted on the American public to bring down the Trump administration. It will fail…
    These “best and brightest” convinced political “leaders” to impose mandatory business closures, “lockdowns” and “quarantines” on healthy populations, which is contrary to every common sense and scientific principle.
    These “business closures” were not imposed “across the board”, but were picked by political hacks as “winners and losers”. Liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, lottery retailers, and certain “big box” home improvement and sporting goods stores were permitted to remain in operation, while churches and just about all small businesses were forced to close.
    In some states, the political arrogance was so great, plant nurseries, seed distributors, and other businesses were deemed “non-essential” and forced to close. Even “big box” stores were prohibited from selling lawn and garden supplies. Many restaurants were also put out of business by these clearly unconstitutional edicts.
    Imposing “quarantines” and “lockdowns” on healthy people does nothing to insure public health, and in fact delays necessary herd immunity.
    Public health is further damaged by business closures, especially small businesses whose owners rely on continuing business as a means of making a living, both for themselves and their employees.
    A major problem is that these “best and brightest” and political “leaders” are so arrogant that they refuse to admit that “they screwed up, big time”. Instead, they “double down” and inflict further pain on the public by refusing to insist that “they were wrong”. None of them will pay personally for their arrogance, stupidity, and just outright dishonesty and criminality.
    All one has to do is look at the “coronavirus hospitals” that were created to handle the “overflow” of coronavirus patients which never materialized. These “hospitals” were a waste of taxpayer dollars and did absolutely nothing to promote public health.
    At the same time, local hospitals were required to cease admissions, even for those of an emergency nature. Although not specifically stated, people with real health problems were covertly “encouraged” to avoid hospitals at all costs because of the phony “coronavirus” claims.
    On another note, coronavirus, as is with any annual flu virus IS potentially dangerous to those who are “medically compromised”, such as elderly residents in nursing homes and extended care facilities.
    Guess what?
    Blue state governors purposely placed coronavirus positive patients in nursing homes, endangering the lives of present nursing home residents who were already in a compromised medical state.
    Not only is that medically unethical but does constitute wanton criminal behavior-murder.
    Why were nursing homes used as “dumping grounds” for coronavirus patients instead of the specially-built “coronavirus hospitals” which remained unused?
    Health professionals are also responsible for the current state of affairs, also refusing to admit that “they screwed up, big time” as well, and continue to insist that this annual flue is a “pandemic”.
    Then we have the “heavy hitters” with money, such as Bill Gates and Stephen Fauci who claim that they have “solutions” to our (artificially contrived) health problems. Gates is so arrogant the he feels that he can get away with genocide by using mandatory vaccinations to “cull” the world population.
    Gates “vaccination” programs in third-world countries failed to adhere to good medical practices, and the Nuremberg principle that “informed consent” must reign supreme in the administration of all medical procedures.
    Gates’ “vaccination” programs introduced polio into children in India for which he and his program were banned from the country. Gates’ African “vaccination” programs surreptitiously introduced sterilization and birth-control compounds as part of their vaccination program without gaining “informed consent” from the recipients.
    According to these moneyed types and even so-called “health care” officials, we are to be branded, tagged, and treated like cattle with no means to make informed choices about our health or health care decisions.
    The COVID vaccines being introduced are “game changers”. No longer are they weakened viruses designed to provoke a immunological response, but are DNA-altering substances that will require frequent “boosters” just to stay alive. DON’T TAKE THE VACCINES…especially if Bill Gates has anything to do with them. Besides, when did Bill Gates become a doctor?
    Wearing masks and “social distancing” are no different than the “security theater” that we experience at airports with the TSA.
    It’s “medical tyranny” at its best and scientific dishonesty at its worst.
    There are no valid reasons for “mask-wearing” or “social distancing” for healthy people. In fact, in the coming months, look for an increase in respiratory illnesses affecting mask-wearers, especially those who are forced to wear masks for extended periods of time. In hospital settings, masks are supposed to be worn for only 10 minutes at a time before they are replaced.
    “Lockdowns”, “business closures”, and “quarantining” of healthy people is being used for “control” and nothing more. The “powers that be” are desirous to see “how far they can go” to get the world population to accede to their demands.
    Fortunately, there are a lot more of us than there are of them. We (still) have the power of the internet to bypass the “filters” that they put in place to keep us from seeing their “real” motives.

  10. Fauci is simply a mouthpiece/figurehead. It’s why he can’t get his story straight. He just plays a doctor on TV.

    Reminds me of the clown Police Chief Moose, back in the early 2000’s, chasing snipers in a white van around Northern Virginia. A media darling on TV every day and night, whipping people into a frenzy that every contractor vehicle was suspect and had a shooter at the wheel. While all along the perps were two bums driving an old blue Caprice.

    You don’t have to be smart or correct, just appear authoritative on TV by believing your own bullshit. The media and sheep will take care of the rest. And you can sleep well at night knowing that you’ll never be held to account.

    • Oh, I remember this….Fall of 2002. Talk about being terrified. They hit everywhere from Bowie to Ashland. Every white guy in a contractor’s van was a suspect. Just another event where fear drove the public. I can admit that this one worked on me. When they start mentioning places that you have frequented it is a little scary. One felt like a sitting duck.

  11. Yep, that little Napoleonic bastard thinks he’s Judge Dredd, paraphrasing “I am the Law!”.

    As an ACTUAL scientist, Fauci calling himself “The Science” makes me cringe, and it punctured me every time some said we must perform some idiotic rite because “The Science says!”. It became the new “Simon Says”, and it was just as fatuous and childish.

  12. You can brainwash some of the people all of the time, you can brainwash all of the people some of the time, obviously, you can’t brainwash all of the people all of the time, not going to work.

    599,000 deaths so far from Covid-19, the pandemic is going as planned, more deaths, please.

    The estimated body count was predicted to be around 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 in a year’s time. The deaths should number about 1.5 million at least by that measure to date.

    Far short of the estimated number of deaths. Enter the emergency use act and an orgy of vaccine hell.

    Dr. Fauci is a hero, he has prevented more than one million deaths at the very least so far and more than likely has prevented 2.4 million poor souls from shuffling off from their mortal coils.

    Who does body counts? Not Tommy Franks.

    Unless the numbers come close to the estimate, then Dr. Fauci would be even more revered, his estimate was right on the money, of course, and the suffering would be all worth it, the great Dr. Fauci would be the Pope of Medical Science.

    Rope rhymes with Pope. lol

    The right kind of propaganda to propagate more lies will work.

    Mask up, vaccinate up! Yeah, right. Gettin’ purdy tough to tolerate the obvious baffling.

    Rise up, raise awareness.

    Kill for Peace by the Fugs is worth a listen.

    • >You can brainwash some of the people all of the time, you can brainwash all of the people some of the time
      But to succeed in politics, all you have to do is mislead enough of the people, enough of the time.
      Poly = many
      Tick = blood sucking insect

  13. As lacking as Sen Paul is – he has been excellent on calling out the lies & doublespeak of the covid pope
    though I wish he would be even harsher on the health fuhrer

    Remember, it was Fauci who gave us the belief that AIDS could be spread by casual contact in 1983 – even after it was known babies were contracting AIDS from their mothers, not through household contact

    Why would anyone listen to him based on that? He is a flunkie & a charlatan
    He cares not for, or disseminates scientific understanding to the public, but is a politician who engages in propaganda for his own benefit

    He should be tried for fraud, manslaughter, misuse of govt funds, inciting panic, official repression, and corruption

    Now, to another item.
    yesterday in PA, the legislature has voted (subsequent to constitutional amendments passed in May) to end the kind of PA’s never ending state of emergency

    it won’t change much, since most have progressed to ignoring the “health” mandates anyhow, but it is good to slap the king in the face and rub his nose in the disdain he has wrought

  14. I don’t know if the Third Reich is the best analogy here. Say what you will about the fact that they whipped up the mobs and created a cult of personality around the Führer, but their science was pretty damn good.

    I think the better example of science perverted by politics is Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union:


    • Hi X,

      I use the Nazi parallel often because I think it’s the most apt. The mass hysteria, the pariah-ization of a certain class of people (in our case, those who question “the science”).

      Also, while the Germans were incredibly proficient in terms of developing technology, they also let their idiot ideological fixations severely gimp what could have been their nuclear weapons program.

      • Well, certainly. I’m not denying that, or defending them. But they’re hardly the only ones to have employed mass hysteria and pariah-ization. That’s my point: the Soviets did the same thing by making pariahs of “capitalist pigs” and “Trotskyite counter-revolutionaries” — and they were probably WORSE in terms of the body count.

        But we hear less about the the communists because they were our ALLIES.

        Odd, isn’t it, how we joined with a communist dictatorship to fight against a “democracy” — yes, National Socialist Germany WAS a democracy. Woodrow Wilson insisted upon it, and Hitler was appointed Chancellor elected fair and square after his party legitimately won enough seats in the Reichstag.

        The more one studies history, the more one discovers how much of it is pure lies…

        • If it were not for the “great progressive” Woodrow Wilson getting us involved in World War 1 it is probable that there never would have even been a World War 2, and Der Führer could have stuck to painting. (I understand that he was quite a painter and could do an entire apartment in one afternoon, two coats!)

          • Yes, you’re absolutely correct. The U.S. indirectly created Hitler by castrating Germany at Versailles, forcing the Kaiser to abdicate, and exposing Germany to the threat of Soviet communism.

            The NSDAP was formed directly to do battle in the streets with the KPD, and they won enough seats in democratic elections (just as Wilson had insisted!) to legitimately take power.

            We should have stuck to the Monroe Doctrine and continued to mind our own business on this side of the Atlantic as our forefathers widely counseled.

            But noooo— eggheaded college professor Wilson insisted that we go to Europe and kill Germans to “redeem the world” and “end all wars”… and the gullible American public lapped it up.


            • Woodenhead Wilson was definitely a three kegger*, IMO.

              *Peters units.
              “Some deaths are worth a kegger” (paraphrased)

          • Hey Jason,
            Great points, also Wilson’s administration was responsible for the Fed and the income tax besides going into WWI after promising to stay out of it. My candidate for worst president ever.

      • > let their idiot ideological fixations severely gimp what could have been their nuclear weapons program.
        With due respect, Eric, I do not believe that is accurate.
        From what I have read, Werner Heisenberg advised Hitler that a nuclear weapons program was unlikely to produce a usable weapon before 1946, by which time the war was likely to be over. So, the Third Reich devoted resources to rocketry, which they figured, correctly, had a shorter development timeline.

        Whether rocketry was a good strategic use of resources is another question. Some have suggested they would have been better off developing long range heavy bombers, which they never did. So, in that sense, the “big Nazi dick” which was the A4 (a.k.a. V2) was a foolish act of national hubris, i.e. folly.

        The biggest challenge of the Manhattan Project was the manufacture of fissionable material, a challenge ably met by General Groves. The U.S. was barely able to pull it off. Had the Germans attempted such a program, I suspect their enrichment facilities would have been vulnerable to U.S. & British bomb attacks, particularly late in the war.

        By contrast, Robert Goddard was more or less a “prophet without honor” in his own country, and the U.S rocket program was boosted by the cadre of more than 1600 German rocket scientists & engineers brought to the U.S. after WWII, code name Operation Paperclip.

        Werner von Braun and his German engineers went to the Moon alright: they only had to do it with U.S. funding, and under a U.S. flag.

        • Hi Turtle,

          Well, there’s that!

          Of course, the regime’s fixation with Jews – and “Jewish science” – led to an exodus of a lot of talent that could have proved useful. Maybe the Reich wouldn’t have been able to develop atomic weapons in time. But what if? Philip Dick explores this interesting alternative history in The Man in the High Castle.

          Another of several interesting What If scenarios:

          What If Germany had developed the long-range Ural Bomber urged by (IIRC) Walther Wever? It might have gone badly for Stalin.

          What If Germany had focused its resources on the jet-powered fighter – which was flying in 1943?

          One of the most intriguing scenarios I’ve come across – partially fanciful but not entirely so – is What If Germany had built the six-engined (jet engined) Amerikabomber conceived by the Horten brothers (who built the actually flown Horten twin-engined batwing fighter) and had the bomb it was intended to carry to New York?

          It’s a good thing Hitler was erratic and prone to letting his emotions cloud his judgment – unlike Stalin. The latter was a cold mutha and always put business first.

          • The “American History Channel” in the USA should be renamed the “American Hitler Channel” for all the falsehoods and propaganda that it portrays and disseminates about WW2, Germany and Adolph Hitler.
            According to programs on the “American History Channel”, Hitler was a drug addict, impotent, riddled with syphilis and other STDs, possessed highly technical “superweapons”, possessed “alien technology”, advanced flight and anti-gravity technologies, and yet could not “win” WW2.
            Anyone with an open mind who watches the Hitler lies and fabrications on that channel can easily see that it is all BS, especially when the so-called “holocaust™” is inserted into just about all of these programming “gems”. The same old photos of emaciated typhus victim bodies are constantly being paraded around to remind “us” how evil Hitler truly was. (Yeah, right).
            Germany was much more advanced than even the USA of the time, hence “Operation Paperclip” commenced in which the USA snatched up Germany’s greatest scientific minds after the summation of WW2.
            Looking at the big picture (which is usually ignored), the “German state” was attacked by the rest of the world, and “held on” to its principles for far longer than expected.
            Hitler’s greatest “sin” was the monetization of labor (giving labor true “value”) and going against the Rothschild banks. Going against the jew-run banks made him “enemy #1”. He also KNEW that there was a subset of jews who were fomenting communist revolution within Germany. Most people are unaware of the secret agreements that he had with the zionists to “encourage” jewish emigration to what was then known as Palestine. THAT aspect of history is never mentioned on the “American Hitler Channel”.
            If those of “the greatest generation” could see the world of today and what it has become, being jew-controlled, they would have thrown off their American uniforms and fought on the side of the Germans…

            • Ah, Annie, you are so mercifully free of the scourge of critical thinking. You never disappoint, keep the laughs coming! Watch out for those nassssty joooos hiding under your bed and in your closet!

              Now, since you bring it up, let’s get down to brass tacks, we have unfinished business you and I. You still have not answered the following questions:

              1. Why do you continue to deny your participation and involvement in the notorious neo-nazi site the Daily Stormer? Since you despise jooooos and love Hitler you should be proud of it. You and I had some pleasant exchanges on the ol’ Stormer, though it was pretty funny that you didn’t recognize me. (I on the other hand have no problem admitting that I have an account there.) Or, is it your position that someone there stole your screen name and lifted some of your screeds from this site word-for-word to post there?

              2. Have you convinced anyone who was actually there that the Holocaust didn’t happen?

              For “some reason” you keep evading these simple, direct questions. Anything but direct answers shows you up as a liar and a coward, which is pretty typical for bigoted a-holes.

          • Hi, Eric,
            > regime’s fixation with Jews – and “Jewish science” – led to an exodus of a lot of talent that could have proved useful.
            No kidding. Check the roster at Los Alamos during the war.

            I am a big fan of P.K. Dick, and like “alternate history” fantasies.
            Here is one I have never heard explored:
            Suppose Clara Hitler had *not* died of cancer when young Adi was in his early teens, but lived to nag him to do his homework and graduate from high school. With his high school diploma in hand, AH would have been offered admission to architecture school in Vienna.

            Who knows? He might never have gone into politics, but lived a comfortable, and rather obscure, life as a moderately successful Austrian architect.

            >Hitler was erratic and prone to letting his emotions cloud his judgment
            Particularly so late in the war. Between Parkinson’s disease and the dozens of drugs Dr. Morell was shooting him up with, AH was seriously impaired, and should have been removed from office. But, the only way to remove an absolute ruler is to kill him.

            Which was tried. Unfortunately, all such plots failed, and the plotters were executed for treason, as we all know.

            • Indeed, Turtle!

              Here’s another example to highlight Hitler’s emotional reasoning vs. the lizard-like calculation of Stalin (and for that matter, Churchill):


              Hitler had the BEF at his mercy. But Hitler didn’t want to crush the British. He wanted – desperately – to reach an amicable understanding with them. So he didn’t exploit his advantage and destroy the BEF, using tanks and the army he had at his disposal. Instead, he let Fat Hermann harass the exodus by air.

              Had the BEF been annihilated or captured, it is probable the England would have either surrendered or sued for the peace Hitler sought, to give him a free hand in Europa.

              Stalin would have destroyed the BEF.

                • True, X!

                  I’ve read that, after the war, Churchill said something to the effect that “we stuck the wrong pig.”

                  In no small sense, he was right – in that what was the end result? Germany occupied half of Poland, all of Czechoslovakia and most of the balkans, etc. Well, some five years later, the Soviet Union occupied all of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the Balkans as well as half of what had been Germany, too.

                  I agree with those who think Patton should have been given leave to push the Soviets back to the borders that existed in ’39.

                  That might have made the whole thing worth the effort.

                  • Have you read “The Politician” by Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society? It lays out in great detail a lot of the suspicions, at least, about the motives of Eisenhower specifically and the U.S. gov’t generally with respect to actually promoting the Soviets and communism at the end of and after WWII.

                  • I highly recommend Pat Buchanan’s “Unnecessary War.” He argues that Churchill was no hero; to the contrary he botched pretty much everything.

                    As to the question of Poland, let me point out an interesting fact:
                    Poland was invaded by BOTH Germany and the USSR. Britain declared war on Germany for invading Poland… but allied itself with the USSR.

                    Interesting, innit? Betrays the fact that the British never hand any real interest in Poland, they were just using it as a pretext to go to war with Germany.

        • The US also had a bunch of brand new dams producing electricity, and owned by the TVA and Bureau of Reclamation (ie: Uncle). That’s the reason why Hanford and Oak Ridge were the locations chosen to refine the uranium. Without free electricity running the hundreds of calutrons necessary to separate out the u235 would have been too expensive.

          • You probably know that the wire for the calutrons was silver, “borrowed” from the U.S. Treasury. Copper was too precious, needed by the rest of the war industry.

            And the calutrons were only part of the brand new city of Oak Ridge. The gas diffusion plant was the largest building in the world when it was built. Either of these structures would have been prime targets for bombing attack, whether the U.S. plants, or a hypothetical German equivalent.

  15. Slightly O/T, was in the store yesterday and found some goodies on Kovid Klearance – hand soap (NOT hand sanitizer, never use the stuff)…the watery soap was being sold for $5, now marked down to 25 cents.

    Also saw packs of masks, once also sold for $5, now marked down to 5 for $1. Couldn’t bring myself to buy them, even at this bargain price, as we still have plenty of toilet paper at home, and they may clog up the septic system. 🙂

    As Fauci’s star wanes, perhaps there will be even more evidence on store shelves.

  16. Public education at work again. Apparently they don’t even teach the scientific method in school, just fill the students heads with its preferred science and insist it not be questioned. Even thought science is the ongoing questioning of EVERYTHING. The notion that any of it is “settled” is oxymoronic.
    Apparently, as regards COVID, the scientific method was NEVER applied. To this very day any real science is quickly silenced. Millions of lives could have been saved if not for the intentional suppression of the positive effects of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Dr Fauci’s “science” is the cause of those deaths. He is personally responsible, along with many of his supporters.

    • Interestingly in re your statement – my son’s science textbook clearly states that “science cannot prove ANYTHING.” Yet, this conclusion is routinely ignored.

      There are scientific laws – repeatable, measureable, and objective…that are openly defied in favor of theories, e.g.,the Theory of Evolution, which contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics (Entropy). Same thing with the notion of CO2 being a pollutant, and viruses being capable of attacking (when they don’t even meet the 4 criteria for life)…I could go on, but I know I’m preaching to the choir 🙂

      • PS – my son is homeschooled. This shouldn’t be relevant, but I suspect that the propaganda is strong in other schooling institutions (not just public), where the truth is hiding in plain sight, and students are actively discouraged from speaking it or acting upon it.

        • My girls went to a highly regarded public school in an affluent area. My girls science class showed Algore’s climate propaganda movie as fact.

          I wrote this 10 years ago…
          “As I worked, slept at night peacefully and provided for my family, sent my children to public school and paid my taxes for the defense of my county and freedom, I awoke one day to find my country no longer free. In the not too distant future my children and their children will live in first poverty and then tyranny. This happened…not upon a lost battlefield… but as a planned and sustained campaign starting within the public school system to indoctrinate and dis-inform my children of the tools to be free people. In lieu of teaching self-reliance and how economies work, they taught them to hate achievement, fear unfounded stories of manmade doom about the environment, and celebrate debauchery. All designed to convince our children to turnover control of their lives to others who have only designs for power and to then distribute plunder to their corrupt friends.”

          • This is today’s headline. A prescient warning to those of us who weren’t quite awake back then.

            10 years ago, my kids were in elementary (public) school, and I was just beginning to see the darkness they were enveloped in. We took action to confront the school board and school officials regarding curriculum that was characterized as “personal body safety” but in reality was turning children against their parents and teaching them that only school teachers, coaches, and administrators had their best interests at heart.

            We left the system shortly after, and have never regretted it.

    • John, et al,

      It’s not only public school students, but also middle aged and elderly people who have, in the past, acknowledged empirical methodology, that have gone absolutely bonkers over this politically motivated event. As I told my sisters, there is no such thing as “The Science” and their bleating that meme demonstrates how clueless they actually are…..the hatred is strong in those folks. I am old but I recall in my youth how people wondered at how the German people could fall for the Nazi propaganda…..my reply now is “Look around you….this is how it happened.”

    • Question everything…except us. The Science has spoken! All hail Science!

      You would think this would be a satire, but it’s real life.

      • Hi Moose,

        Good stuff!

        This “science” worship is really authority worship, repackaged. “Science” gives it a veneer of legitimacy – one must defer to the “science.” But this contains an obvious paradox. Real science stands on its merits. One does not defer to the authority of gravity. It just is gravity. But Fauci – et al – claim to be floating, in defiance of gravity and you must not question the “science” of Fauci.

        • It contains an obvious oxymoron as well. Settled science. Science is the ongoing never ending questioning of every thing. The very instant it becomes “settled” it’s no longer science, but a cult.
          The earth is flat, and the center of the universe. That’s settle science. Galileo was nearly burned alive because he said “wait a minute, what about this?”


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