The Pope’s Political Science

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It’s hard to criticize the pope. It is like criticizing your mom. She means well, probably. But that doesn’t mean she’s not wrong sometimes.VATICAN-POPE-AUDIENCE

This time, the pope is wrong – even if he means well.

He has been urging governments around the world to enact taxes and impose draconian new regulations on energy use (such as a pending law in CA that will require a 50 percent reduction in petroleum use by 2030, to be achieved penalizing motorists who “use too much” gas or “drive too often”) in order to  address what he styles “the urgency of climate change” and the need for “sustainable” development.

The problem is that while “climate change” – the new catch-all euphemism for catastrophic alterations in the world’s weather patterns – is conjecture, the taxes and regulatory restrictions advocated by this clergyman are very real indeed.

Specifically, the effect such will have on the world’s poor – for whom affordable electricity, warmth in winter and food are very real concerns.vatican interior pic

Perhaps Francis takes for granted the lights that come on at the flick of a switch in the Vatican; that there is always food on the table. Hot water coming out of the tap. Millions of people around the planet, many of them in the so-called “developing” world (Africa in particular) do not take such things for granted. The “sustainable” development urged by Pope Francis as he jets around the world means real sacrifices for real people – most of whom have never travelled by 747 or even Cessna.

And don’t wear Prada, either.

The pope is here in America now, to tout his political agenda.

This is an odd thing, when you stop to think about it a little. Pope Francis is a spiritual leader, a man who has spent his life studying the Bible, not chemistry, or atmospheric science. For him to pontificate about “climate change” is as inappropriate – as silly – as a politician pontificating about eschatology.

This is not just a “pope problem,” either.Pope Francis sets off for Brazil

Many of the people urging radical steps to deal with purported “climate change” are, like the pope, not scientific experts in the relevant field. Many are layman. Often, laymen with political power – like President Obama.

It is telling that the language had to be altered to suit the inconvenient truths. It was not all that long ago these “experts” were sounding the alarm bells about an impending ice age and “global cooling.”

A planetary deep freeze.

A heat wave during the ’90s made this idea seem preposterous.

Enter “global warming.”

But then the same problem arose – only in reverse. The weather began to moderate. Cold winters returned with a vengeance to much of North America, for instance. It became hard to sell global warming when much of the country was experiencing a deep freeze, as during the winters of 2013 and 2014.climate change pic

A new – more flexible – catchphrase was urgently needed.

Enter “climate change.”

Since the climate constantly changes, no more worries about explaining away hot summers – or cold winters. Anything could be attributed to “climate change.”

This is telling.

We are dealing with a political thing, not a scientific thing.

As Orwell observed, “political language is designed to make lies sound truthful… and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Normal fluctuations of temperature, a heat wave, a tough winter – can now be characterized as ominously abnormal – something that requires a solution – on the foundation of the bizarre idea that the climate is not supposed to change.

That a static, unchanging climate is – somehow – normal.

This is as dangerous an idea as it is bizarre.chart image

The climate is and always has been in flux. It will continue to change, regardless of the pope or the activity of the seven billion people on this earth.

For instance: Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide were much higher than they are today 250 million years ago – well before the age of industrial activity. How much higher? Five times higher than current levels, according to the National Academy of Sciences(not the Republican Party or the Koch brothers). This was the era of the dinosaurs. The Earth was much warmer and more humid than now and the high C02 levels spurred the growth of vegetation, which fed the great plant-eating dinosaurs such as Diplodocus – who in tun fed giant meat-eaters like Tyrannosaurus.

Conversely, the era preceding the current warmer era was much cooler – the so-called LIttle Ice Age, which began in the mid 1300s and lasted until the mid-1800s. Winters grew longer and much harsher.

The climate changed – but due to natural processes, not human activity.

Recently, the weather has warmed again. Mostly, during the ’90s and early 2000s

But the data indicate it is cooling once more.climate change 2

“Climate change” theory evades and quibbles; it ignores facts that don’t match the narrative.

For example, the much-touted shriveling of the polar ice caps. It’s true the Arctic (north pole) caps have retreated somewhat; but at the same time, the Antarctic ice (south pole) has increased. Cumulatively, polar ice has not declined at all, according to NASA (see here).

There is also the inconvenient truth that tornadoes and hurricanes have lessened in frequency and severity (see here). It is only because of 24-7 global media media coverage that such natural phenomena seem to be more happening more frequently – and with greater severity.Dr. Goebbels pic

Another inconvenient truth: So-called “warming” data has been called into question by the discovery that many of the temperature readings used to back up the assertion of abnormally rapid, unnatural warming were taken in cherry-picked locations (such as concrete-paved cities) to goose the numbers in the desired direction.

The deeper you dig, the more you find. Keep in mind the stakes, too. It’s easy enough for affluent Westerners – this includes the pope -to glibly talk about “sustainable” development, because they will not pay the price. Millions of lesser humans will – and they deserve more from the spiritual leader of the world’s largest Christian denomination.

It is certainly possible that industrial activity plays some role in the weather. It is probably the case. But attributing all change – and imputing catastrophic and looming change that requires people stop driving cars and using electricity to light and heat their homes is political science – not science.

Pope Francis may mean well – and probably does. But he is not a scientist.

And should stop trying to be a politician.

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  1. As some of the old books I’ve read have advised, “beware of Popish Plots”! Maybe the “Climate Change” could be halted if dissenters were burned at the stake, as in the distant past, rather than burning petroleum products in our vehicles and coal in our power plants.

  2. If the Pope, or anyone else, sees ‘income inequality’ as a problem in need of a solution, he is displaying economic ignorance. If he is calling for those who have more than they need with those worse off, then he is correct, and within his purview. If he is calling for gunvermin or anyone else to coerce that sharing, then he is violating Scripture, which is supposed to be his guide.
    I very much doubt that he wants to participate in ‘income equality’ himself. The only way that can be achieved is by lowering everyone to the least common denominator.
    Under a free market, there will always be some who have more than others. But the market economy has led to a situation where the poor man today lives better than any king in the Middle Ages. A rising tide floats all boats.

  3. Global warming is a political issue with government agendas. I don’t believe that it is a scientific issue because there should not be a controversy about taking world-wide temperatures and noticing changes. Global warming should be as uncontroversial as world-wide changes in oil prices or lifespan. This issue has deliberately been made non-understandable.

    If an ocean is rising, point out the dry land that was covered up. Point to anything as the best example of damage caused by global warming.

    • They do so, Ramrod. E.G., “coastal erosion” on the MA and NJ shores – where a natural island is “moving southward” a few inches or a few feet every year.
      The island will cease to exist in its current location by 2026 or something…. Unless we “DO. SOMETHING. NOW!!!!!!!!!! TAXES!!! MORE TAXES!!! SAVE THE LIGHTHOUSE!!! ”

      FTAFTFH. Force-feed them, until they choke to death.
      The “erosion” process these idiots wish to stop? is what BUILT the island. This is a natural process.
      These scum would fight continental drift, if they could… (I have no doubt they’re working on it.) The wealthy LIKE a stratified society and stratified planet gives them stratified society. As does the entire concept of stasis, making stasis desirable – TPTB stay on top, the stratified layers of society live the lie of “upward mobility,” and TPTB change the rules, divert attention from real solutions, and make money off the whole process.

      I’d rather “help” evolution. It’s past time to stop the creature this country has become. We can’t do it by peaceful means – jury nullification is de facto illegal (Google, “Man arrested for jury nullification,” for example. People have been PROSECUTED for suggestion nullification in the jury room, where the proceedings are supposed to be PRIVATE.)
      Elections are first off, “selections” – where candidates are bought and sold, and only the most electable sycophant of TPTB appear on the ballot anyway.
      Secondly, who counts the votes…? How honest are they? Let’s see those “lost” military votes from the past several elections….? The ones we found were delayed, you might recall – but military always votes “Conservative” for some reason, so they need to be “lost” so the Machine can continue. Always need meat for the Grinder….

      And with Googhoul and FaCIAbook under gunvermin control…? The Internet as public utility, regulated by Das Gunvermin? Back-doors built into routers and switches, and your personal computer? The FedGov even operated kiddie pr0n sites (snagged Jared of Subway fame; now going after everyone else they can find, including husband of a friend – full FBI SWAT entrance, into a “dangerous pedophile’s” home – he’s 70+ and downloaded material TPTB produced and put on a server and operated for years….

      So we’re being censored, actively. I had a friend on FB specifically ask me to remove a response to his post, to make sure his friend didn’t lose a security clearance….
      Others have written about this, usually WRT the Stazi of East Germany, and how the people “self-censored.” Couldn’t even TALK about things, because you never knew who would see a chance to advance somehow at your expense – and they had no moral compunction, “Everybody does it…”

      We’ve achieved the same, and need to respond. The cornered animal has no recourse BUT violence, per JFK:
      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.”
      They KNOW what they’re doing, they KNOW it’s evil – but they’re profiting right now, and that PROFIT is what matters. So you get cancer, or fired (and might starve), or WHATEVER…. Who cares? “I got mine!”
      Symptoms manifest per 8SouthMan’s response elsewhere, on people too doped up on painkillers to do their job… but they’re “present”…. Or people working with broken limbs, because not working means termination….

      You are being ATTACKED, DAILY….. Yet you do nothing.

      At least be human and dump Karo syrup in the gas tank. Or put some vile-smelling cheese (roquefort) on the radiator. Or burn the house down with them in it…. Etc.

      I’ve been collecting info on the various Po-Po I’ve been living amongst…. Personal vehicles, apartments, spouses…. Pity they all seem to be decent people, but then again – so were the Nazis, they were “just following orders.”

      How is that different from the psychotic who was “ordered” by the voices to burn down the house? He was “just following orders…”

      The people SEE the Great and Powerful Oz behind the curtain – they just don’t care. We need to stop that Oz, one way or another. If the People want to be sheep, we have to allow them. But we cannot feel remorse if one gets eaten by wolves. It happens. The sheep WANT it to happen. The herd or flock or school is to confuse the predator, and ensure the SPECIES – not the individual – survives.
      So, we either eradicate the sheep, or we allow them to survive, under our “guidance.” I do mean guidance, too – no reason to control sheep, they lived wild for centuries I’d guess, before agriculture. Like Yak, or Bison, or cows… Leave them be, but remember they need to be “directed” with a cattle prod now and again.

      Lemmings are another good example, running off a cliff – Disney stampeded them, BTW, pushing them into that configuration. The ones at the outside can see the cliff, the ones inside cannot see, and you cannot change the direction of the herd as a result. BTW, Native Americans used the same technique on the plains to hunt buffalo…. Stampede them off a cliff.
      Maybe the same must be done to Cloverian Sheeple (Ovis Clovaris) as well? If so – whether it be 1929, WW1, WW2, or Bubonic Plague or Spanish Influenza, we can only watch… And remind the Ovis Clovaris to wash hands, practice proper sanitation, and limit contact with the infected…. and roll the dice. It’s life, things happen, you are NOT God’s Anointed, and no unique snowflake is irreplaceable.

      Bear in mind, what’s happening now is the same thing – Glo-Bull Warming and “Climate change” (and shoreline “erosion” that moves an island a few feet every year…) are all the same. Sheep stampede off that cliff willingly. Most we can do – redirect the herd, MAYBE, if we act early enough; and ensure we’re outside the circle of events affecting the herd. (Sound like an elitist, don’t I?)
      I don’t see a problem with being an elitist, though, provided it’s based on ability or MERIT. ACTUAL ability, E.G., a MASTER mechanic tells the Journeymen what to do, until they become masters themselves. Not someone who saw a motor once, and is therefore given authority over the Master Mechanic and orders the Journeymen around, AND the Master, and painstakingly tells them to wind the copper wire around the camshaft…. Never comprehending they’re working on ENGINES, not MOTORS…. But oblivious to the detail there, and uncorrectable because of his “Awe-Thor-I-Tay.”

      Destroying such filth is removing parasites from the human body politic. It is necessary and essential, lest the fleas attempt to control the dog they ride on…. (Exactly what they are doing now…)

      “Play it again, Sam.”

  4. During the recent flap over the Clerk of Courts in Kentucky HufPo had a tweet that “destroyed” the clerk. It was, in essence, “don’t use government to shove your religion down our throats.” the same can be said of the enviors.

  5. Catholic bashing has become a subject of interest here in EP Autos. Just a few articles ago contained such. I am willing to overlook such foolishness because I understand that everyone can’t comprehend everything. Maybe someday, scales will fall from your eyes as they did mine several years ago. For the most part Eric does a fine job here but he should stick to what he knows best and leave the christian bashing to someone else. The last thing Eric wants to be known for is doing just what he accuses the Pope of doing, sticking his nose where is doesn’t belong. If you folks are interested in a clear article of what the Pope is saying and what it means to catholics read on. If not, enjoy the sand.’s-environmental-encyclical-13-things-to-know-and-share

    • Well… I’m a Bible bashing Protestant, and I’d usually be up for “Catholic bashing”, except that here it wouldn’t be about theology which would be what I’d want to bash the Catholic “church” for :p

      Let me suffice to say that the pope is indeed wrong here. That does not mean, however, that pastors have nothing meaningful to say about the political realm (and that’s the bigger issue here). The pope isn’t much of a pastor though.

      • Any pastor who operates his church under a 501 c can’t say much of anything in the political realm–unless it’s state aproved propaganda–if he wants to keep his tax exempt status.
        It’s why Utah held off for so long on passing an lgbt anti-discrimination ordinance. Enter the Mormon church on the side of the ordinance……it passed easily after the Mormon leaders signaled their members that fill the Utah legislature to do so. Now my state of Idaho will likely pass similar anti property rights legislation because most of the republican legislators here are Mormon. As the predominant Christian religions in each area go, so goes “the law”.

        If there is a god, he endowed me with my body(property). If so, any “man of god” would recognize property rights as divine and most important for harmony among his creations. If Jesus is that gods son, god clearly believes in the NAP, since Jesus did the “will of his father”.

        How can all the “men of god” doing so many different things, really be men of god? I say they can’t. They are just spouting their opinion of what they think god would do. And those opinions seem more and more to align neatly with the god of this world, not coincidentally keeping their tax exempt status intact.

        If god is worried about tax exemption, climate change, and state recognition of sodomy as “marriage”, then god is no different than a high dollar prostitute hanging around on Wal street. Just waiting to give somone what they want.

        The god I want to have faith in would tell “his men” to speak his message without caring if its politically correct or affects tax exemption.

    • Please do not offer the false argument that criticism of the Pope equals “Christian Bashing.” The majority of the world’s Christians are not Catholic. And the Pope Does Not Speak For Them.

      I read the link. Perhaps the Pope as well as everyone else has a right to express his concern about perceived damages to God’s creation, the earth.

      What I find interesting is the Pope doesn’t voice one single word of concern about the unspeakable risks caused by Hadron Collider experiments, or the unmeasurable ongoing damage to the earth caused by the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe. Is it just a “coincidence” that the globalists want discussion of those subjects suppressed? 😉

      • All day, every day, the Earth is bombarded by energetic particles that are much more intense than anything ever created by man in a particle accelerator, even the LHC. If you believe the LHC is capable of destroying the Earth, you’d be better off believing in global warming.

        As for Fukushima, please take a few hours to educate yourself as to the real impact of nuclear “disasters.”

        I know that the Libertarian view seems to be anti-nuke, possibly because the state has so much control over the technology. But I am of the opinion that nuclear power is the ultimate expression of the free market: a far better, cheaper, safer (yes safer) way to make electricity. I also think the reason the state maintains so much control is because it is such a drastic change in energy markets, so it must be curtailed and controlled. Because if it were unbridled the state would be less necessary and therefore even less relevant to society. Besides, as long as there’s a dollar-oil relationship, the folks who drill holes in the ground will have all the influence in Washington.

        • “I know that the Libertarian view seems to be anti-nuke”
          I am anti-nuke in regards to weapons, since they cannot be controlled enough to avoid collateral damage. As for power, I would like for the market to be able to determine whether it is practical or not, including the risks. Apart from stealing tax dollars to fund the Manhattan Project, which is in the past, what has gunvermin to do with nuclear power?

    • Hi WB,

      I tried hard not to criticize the pope on theological grounds; my issue – my bone to pick – is with his tub-thumping for the “climate change” shibboleth.

      That’s all.

    • I am a Catholic. And I try to be a devout Catholic..However, Francis is about to lead all unsuspecting Catholics astray and into the New Work Order.

  6. The Pope has finally come out the closet, to reveal himself as another puppet of the evil globalist overlords.

    Previous pontiffs have at least pretended to be taking their orders from God. That is obviously no longer the case. (Unless, that is, God has suddenly taken an interest in the details of laws restricting energy use, destroying national sovereignty, and advancing the homosexual agenda.)

    Not sure how to interpret the globalist motivation for this. Perhaps they believe they are now strong enough to destroy all Christian resistance to their evil agenda. Or maybe they are getting desperate, and this is their equivalent of Jumping The Shark.

    Either way…it’s Big.

  7. Pope’s favor power. “Climate Change” is about centrally managing our lives. And what it is, is an ancient climate scam. Today’s intellectuals adjust, modify, massage, cherry pick, and do whatever it takes to show warming. This is a priest class that is there to scare us and for us to defer to its intellectual authority. Intellectual authority to support political authority to whom we are supposed to obey and sacrifice.

    No matter how cold it gets it will continue to be the hottest this or that and be the warmest year on record. Why? Such a large portion of the global temperature is estimated they can make it whatever they want. Large hunks of the planet are estimated data and we are dealing with changes in the hundredths of degree C. It violates rules of scientific data use I was taught in grade school. Oh well. So it Goes.

  8. “Many of the people urging radical steps to deal with purported ‘climate change’ are, like the pope, not scientific experts in the relevant field.” (emphasis added)
    That includes most of the scientists that have drunk the Kool-aid and signed on.

  9. I doubt the Pope means well on anything.
    he’s demanding we protect the Muslims, who wish to kill us. This goes a bit beyond “Love your enemy,” BTW: We must protect the poor benighted heathens from themselves (send money), and from climate change (which they are too “simple” to understand, apparently), and we must welcome them into our homes (countries) as well – provided we are white Christians.
    Japan took in SIX refugees last year… SIX.
    Meantime, supposedly Saudi Arabia has the capacity to take in hundreds of thousands – tent cities are there, so it’s possible… But they’ve taken ZERO refugees.

    But America? Australia? Germany? Et Al? Must destroy themselves by diluting the country’s base (Christian; white) And these animals do not assimilate. (I know of only one who did, and she would be stoned as an apostate, because she divorced her husband and raised her daughter herself. Very Western. So she’d be seen as an apostate.)

    We’re past time for watering Jefferson’s Tree….
    I think people are becoming aware, but no one wants to do anything – so we’ll end up destroyed by invaders without anyone realizing it.

    • jean, you have fallen for exactly what the MSM via George Bush and criminal crew want everyone to believe. “muslims” do not want to kill anyone. They want to live life in peace as the Quran states.

      It’s the radicalized men who basically have nothing to do who want to destroy the people who defile their land as they see it. Mecca is off-limits to any non-Muslim. But the ruling Saud family consists of differing opinions.

      In the 70’s they were very progressive. They then had to align themselves with cleric to hold their positions without a holy war amongst themselves.

      And the Muslims in various countries are seemingly represented by still other groups such as the Taliban, a radical group helped greatly by the US during the 70’s for no purpose other than to cause the USSR grief. They started as no more than 5% of the population that was literally at war with them.

      You might read The Secret Soldier by Alex Berenson to get more of an accurate view of the middle east and of Islam itself.

      • Problem is, 8SM, that their religion calls for creation of “paradise on earth,” the third Caliphate, I think it is….
        And they believe that killing us is the way to do it (anyone who is not part of the Dar al-Islam is part of the Dar al-Harb, the house of war.) Those who do not ascribe to the Will of Allah, as pronounced by the Mullahs, is an apostate or an infidel, and must be converted or killed.
        And this isn’t the first time for that crescent to sweep across the land….

        We’re just being pussies this time. Pershing knew how to deal with them…. But the Head Muslim N_gger In Charge is actively pursuing destruction of the Western world – because there’s profit in that. Political, social, economic power and profit.

        I’m in IT, worked with a LOT of Muslims. Very few problems. But since they’re commanded to kill me, I’m not too social….
        And most of the ones I have worked with without a problem? would be stoned as apostates….

        Something to keep in mind, they’re allowed to lie to us. Christians are called to live and preach their faith – even to death. Our martyrs die for their faith (without killing others). Their martyrs die TO KILL OTHERS for their faith.

        I see a problem here. I see no peaceful resolution, unless they integrate into our (mostly worthless) existence. But I can’t see a way to assimilate with their existence, when they might murder me in my sleep, “for Allah.”
        I feel no such compulsion against them, nor do I see a justification for it. But since it’s already an insurgency and an invasion, and his “holiness” wants us to embrace our enemies, literally, while we are knifed in the back (also literally, in some cases)?
        I guess I should renounce my Catholic heritage….
        But it’s not the Catholicism I grew up with, and I grew up post Vatican 2.

        • jean, more Faux bs. Christians(a great deal of them)lived side by side with Muslims for centuries and still would were it not for US funded radicals that are armed by the US to just create problems to enrich the military/industrial complex and the politicians who help them help themselves to our money.

          You might want to read these series of articles, very enlightening.

          I’ve lost the comment but HARM is exactly what I was speaking of. How could I forget the name? Just put that baby on “auto” and turn it on. They have a manual setting but I don’t discriminate, just have them set up for Ka band.

          • Christians(a great deal of them)lived side by side with Muslims for centuries and still would were it not for US funded radicals that are armed by the US to just create problems to enrich the military/industrial complex and the politicians who help them help themselves to our money.

            Well, YEAH, that part is self-evident…. 😉
            If we kept our corporatist noses out of other people’s business, it’d be MUCH easier… There would likely be a few million fewer who want to kill us, in any event.

            Given that, though, what’s your take on this article? (More of a puff piece, be aware.)

            WhoWhatWhy is blocked from here…. (I’m in the belly of the Beast, Truth isn’t much appreciated…. ) I’ll have to read it later. I’ll see if I can get on the computer after I get home. (Odds are against that, I’m afraid, I “abandon” the woman far too much as is, according to her…. I tried to explain that if she stopped trying to be a man, I might be more interested in continued association…. I’m glad she got the new couch, it’s good she has someplace warm to sleep when she gets PO’ed. 😉 It’s right in front of the electronic hearth, so she’s happy… )

            • jean, I was beginning to think CloudFlare would never not consider me a DDoS attack but it finally let me load it when I allowed every little script they had. I have no argument with much of anything in that article.

              I’m sure you know that the radical clerics have now made Mecca a death sentence for anyone caught there not of the Muslim faith and that’s just more of the same stuff as related in the article.

              I’m not sure we should prioritize anything except letting those people get their oil out of the ground themselves, something the huge Saud family would consider beneath them, labor, yecht. I can guarantee there was hell to pay to some of the royal family when others were implicated in 9/11. There’s a rift in that family big enough to drive the WTC through.

              But I recall in the 70’s and 80’s when they were keen on being just as progressive as the people in the US. Hell, their average income was greater and they didn’t have jobs……and that’s part of the problem now too, rich princes with nothing to do.

              Most of the trouble in the ME started with France saying they’d help some gain their independence and then conscripting them to fight in their army and fight against their friends for their opponents. Britain did the same and in the middle of WWll, the US took over the whole thing with the Brits all crying “The Empire is dead” and indeed it was. Socialism, the very thing Britain is based on along with the Catholic church simply can’t compete with a relatively free country(back then)that had more than 2/3rds of all manufacturing and virtually all of sophisticated manufacturing.
              Back to the ME though. I went to college with those guys(no women)and they weren’t as wild as we were but basically had the same things on their minds I don’t need to enumerate.

              I had a couple friends majoring in engineering(virtually all of them)who dreaded having to go home for anything and did whatever semi-illegal thing they could to stay here. Two women friends married a couple of them, on paper only, just so they could remain in this country. They seemed eager to catch up to us in the party dept. They were nicer and had much better manners than the people such as myself.

              “electronic hearth”, got a laugh outta that. The woman needs a J O B. Welcome to the real world.

              • ““electronic hearth”, got a laugh outta that. The woman needs a J O B. Welcome to the real world.”

                Yeah…. She been temping for about 10 years, on and off. Somehow they never want to hire her…
                Vacation = we go somewhere I can work remotely.
                And the most we’ve had in the bank to date is $5K.

                Need to lose 260# of dead weight. Not like I haven’t told her why…
                I weigh 240, about – less when I’m on a contract and she’s not there (down to 220), and more whenever she’s around….

                And I’m realizing at 40 – I will NEVER have the opportunity back, the time is gone.
                And meantime, she’s doubling down on being bossy, bitchy, and needy. I guess that’s what she sees women as. I thought _I_ was a misogynist…

                ANYWAY: the Who What Why link.
                Yeah, it’s essentially the post-“Lawrence of Arabia” politics.
                People wonder why I’m jaded, and so quick to jump to a final solution?
                If you give a politician time to talk, he’ll talk you into cutting your own throat. Kill first – apologize later if you erred.
                Sending them to Hell is to charitable.


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