NY Hero Body Slams Completely Innocent Man

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NY Hero Cop (with multiple “priors” for excessive use of force) attacks tennis star James Blake over mistaken case of credit card fraud:

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  1. There are hundreds, if not thousands of cops out there, that have multiple excessive force complaints against them (never figured out what the amount of force “excessive” is). The guy in the video has at least four (probably now five) complaints which I assume have cost hundreds of thousands of tax and insurance dollars.

    Most likely, this cop will be back out on the street again in a matter of weeks. He likely won’t even lose his pay over the time he is not “working”.

    The question is, why is this allowed? Just the insurance and taxpayer costs should be enough to keep someone like this off the street and without employment with the city. Why doesn’t the liability insurance company say, “we will not insure this individual guy”?

    These guys need to be removed from the cop business.

    • So that was excessive force? If the cop thought it was a bad guy? I have the football game on and the hits are a hundred times worse than what was in the video. I had to laugh at the guys in the video. So if a bad guy sees you and you show your badge then they are going to be good? The bad guys use their libertarian rights and take a swing at the cops if they do not have their guns handy. What was in the video would be a legal wrestle move at every level including grade school.Clover

      • In this case, excessive force was ANY force used, since he was completely innocent.

        This will probably rattle your feelz a bit, but Mr. Blake, if he was so inclined, was perfectly justified in using defensive force against his attacker.

        • Brian L the courts determine if you are guilty not a single person. I guess that bursts your bubble. If you are told to stop by a cop because he thinks you are the bad guy they are after then it is your responsibility to stop and not resist arrest. That is the law.Clover

          • Hi Brian,

            So, submit and obey – period. In other words, cops have absolute authority, never to be questioned. They may do to us whatever they like and it is our obligation to not “resist.”

            That is “the law.”

            Holy Clover – we have a new customer!

          • Hey, it’s me 10 years ago! Ignorant, statist, incoherent, illiterate, morally defunct, indoctrinated, wrong. You’re going to love the future you!

      • Once again our dear Clover can’t compute the difference between voluntary (signing up to play football) and involuntary (getting tackled by a cop for no apparent reason).

        • Brent the cops were after a bad guy. No apparent reason? So you are saying cops just decide to tackle innocent people for the fun of it? Brent you are stupid.Clover

          • Clover,

            They bum-rushed/tackled a slightly built innocent man … who offered no resistance, posed no threat to them… over a mistaken non-violent (credit card fraud) offense. They could have approached the innocent man, explained who they were, talked to him. Determined he was not the person they were looking for. But, no.

            They simply assaulted him, violently. It was completely unnecessary, unprovoked, gratuitous.

            I will not mourn the day you find yourself kneeling in front of ditch, wondering how this could have happened to you.

            • At least our pheroes have not yet reached the point where they force one to dig one’s own grave before putting a bullet in the back of his head.
              Oops, I hope I haven’t given them an idea.

              • PtB, they don’t need to do that. If they want you buried, they’ll conscript anyone they please to perform that chore. If they complain they’ll simply make them dig a hole big enough for two….problem solved.

            • Had a non-cop done that to this guy, that person would be arrested for at least battery, maybe even assault. The police should be under the same standard IMHO, and should be charged with a regular crime. Even if done “in the line of duty”, if anything a higher standard should be. Until police officers know they could be charged the same way a regular person is, we will see things like this.

            • Another point to note is the phero never identified himself before tackling the guy out of the blue, not that doing so would give him the right assault someone. Too bad the victim wasn’t a martial arts expert; would love to see that video with the cop getting his ass handed to him instead.

              • Yup, for all he knew, it was just a regular street thug attacking him. Well, it was a street thug, but one with a badge. He had every right to fight back and defend himself.

                But the point still stands. This cop keeps doing this crap over and over. He is at least victim number 5! That is insane! He needs to NEVER have a badge ever again.


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