Hero Who Shot Innocent Victim “Re-instated”

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No surprises here:

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  1. Even if this narcissistic loser WAS following orders and claims the Nuremberg Defense, he’s still liable including those who gave the order. If someone picks him off, it’ll give the force further “reason” to invoke hostilities against their own community.

  2. This points up my greatest problem with the NAP. Vicious animals like Robert Roche have no place in society and must be removed. As well as all of their enablers and supporters.

    As you can see, I have a hard time wrapping my head around that internal conflict. At what point is the the outrage sufficient to justify putting down a rabid cur?

    • Hi Cameron,

      Under the NAP, a cretin such as Roche would be excised from society; indeed, under the NAP, his victims’ right to defend themselves would never have been questioned.

      And certainly never characterized as “illegal.”


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