“Revenue Collection” … in Reverse

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It’s not possible to do much about income taxes, or the taxes we’re forced to pay on “our” property in order to maintain the fiction we – rather than the government –  “own” it. These taxes eviscerate the “freedoms” which “the troops” are purportedly fighting for and make a mockery of the annual summer celebration whose name I will not mention – much in the same way that sitting on Santa’s lap and dragging a pine tree into the living room makes a mockery of another day.revenue 1

As the late great social critic George Carlin once put it, you have the freedom to chose Coke – or Pepsi. Chevy – or Ford. And that’s pretty much the extent of your freedoms. What “the troops” are fighting for is something rather different. You might consult Smedley Butler (see here) to learn about the what.

But there are ways of fighting back – without actually fighting. That – actually fighting – would be stupid at this point, in the same way that it would be stupid for most of us to get into the ring with Brock Lesnar. I’ve come up with a better way – a passive way.

Let forgetfulness be your ally.

And – use their own “laws” to your advantage.

I simply stopped renewing/paying the “registration” fee (another of the state’s euphemisms for “tax,” which is itself a euphemism for legalized theft) they insist I “owe” each year, endlessly, in order to maintain the fiction that the vehicles I paid for are actually mine to own and operate. This keeps roughly $60 per year, per vehicle in my pocket – which adds up when you have several vehicles, as I do. Several of these mostly sit. And of course, I can only drive (or ride) one at any given time. Yet, they expect me (and you) to pay, pay, pay just the same.oink one

And here’s some good news: Unlike declining to pay the income or property tax, “forgetting” to renew vehicle registration won’t put your life in peril. The very worst that may happen is that one of the state’s collectors of revenue (i.e., a cop) will notice an out-of-date registration and issue you a befehl – and order to pony up what you “owe.” You will – usually – not be caged or killed for this “offense.”

If you’ve managed to avoid paying the tributum for several years before you’re noticed, the math adds up in your favor – particularly in the case of people who have multiple vehicles. The cop might notice the one you happen to be driving that day – but the others are safe, assuming they are in your garage and away from prying eyes.

Just be sure to keep your insurance up to date – as there are severe repercussions for “forgetting” to renew that. And, they actively check. With out of date tags/registration, you may be able to go years without a worry.antique tags pic

Or, go “antique.”

In some states – my home state, for instance – one can buy permanent registration Antique Vehicle tags for a car that is 25 years old or older. There is no annual registration renewal fee. The tags are valid (i.e., your permission slip is good) in perpetuity.

Even better, in most cases, vehicles with “Antique” tags are exempted from the obnoxious rigmarole required of everyone else – you know, being forced wait on line once a year and then hand over “your” car to a stranger with an air gun and greasy paws, so that he can “inspect” it for “safety” and “emissions.” After which you “owe” him another $20 or whatever the “fee” happens to be.

Get antique plates and you’re free of this albatross – legally free.

There is a catch, of course. Technically, you’re not “allowed” to drive a vehicle with “Antique” tags on a regular basis; e.g., as your daily to-work-and-back car. But as a practical matter, it is pretty easy to bob and weave the law. Just avoid driving the same route regularly – and be on the lookout for the revenue collectors (i.e., cops). And of course, don’t drive a Panther Pink AAR ‘Cuda, either. Go for something low profile that will blend into the crowd.farm use tags

Or, just get “Farm Use” tags.

These are even better tags than “Antique” tags, for two reasons: First, they allow you regular use – ostensibly, “to and from the farm, to pick up farm supplies” – and so on. Second, they fit better if the vehicle is old and beat up, an old beat up truck, especially. And what qualifies as a “farm”? It can be as little as a backyard vegetable garden or chicken coop. Anything that is plausibly agricultural. You use the vehicle to pick up/deliver seeds or plants, or bedding for the chickens, or eggs – and so on. Work it.

As with “Antique” tags, “Farm Use” tags may require as a condition of obtaining them that you have another vehicle that’s registered normally. But – inside tip – the “vehicle” can be a motorcycle. Or even a scooter. A 1982 Honda CB550 is as  much a “vehicle” – as far as the law goes – as a 2014 Honda Accord. But guess which one costs less to register (and insure)…. ?

Speaking of old cars – driving one (antique-tagged or not) is a fantastic way to dodge – or at least, greatly reduce – the fleecing you’d otherwise face for the privilege of being allowed to temporarily possess and operate a new car. If you live in a state that has a “personal property tax” on motor vehicles. This is typically assessed annually – and based on the current retail market value of whatever you happen to be driving. If you happen to be driving a brand-new $40,000 SUV, you could dunned for several hundred dollars every year, just because you happen to have a new(er) vehicle in the garage. This can easily amount to thousands of dollars over a period of several years.car tax pic

If, instead, you go out and buy an older car – especially a “beater,” a downtrodden older car – your annual tributum will be much lower. And – here’s the good part – this tributum is not based on the actual condition (and thus, value) of your particular older car.

Do you see where I am going with this?

If you’re mechanically hip (unlike most Clovers) you could buy a distressed older car for a few hundred bucks (and pay next to nothing in sales tax, by the way) and then discretely fix it up in your garage. Even if you were to replace the entire drivetrain with brand-new components, restore the body and interior to as-new condition, as far as the cowheads at the DMV are concerned, it’s just an old whatever-it-is . . . and the tax will be the same (low) hit you’d pay for the same car in barely-operable “beater” condition.

This, folks, is a start.elephant pic

We can’t fight them openly – yet – but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight them in our own way. Which brings up a story.

After World War II, a German general described the Wehrmacht’s fight against the Soviet Union as akin to a mighty elephant battling a horde of ants. The elephant might trample millions of “ants,” the general explained. But in the end, the ants will overwhelm him just the same.

It’s a lesson we “ants” could learn from.

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  1. Yes, a man can only do what he can do. I have not yet tackled the auto registration and DL issue except to “register” one of my more expensive conveyance in much more tax friendly state.

    Some years ago, I did figure out the “income” tax thing with the help of some friends. I have not had a “federal income tax” liability for a number of years.

    You can learn a lot by spending about 1000 hrs on these 3 sites:


    Another 1000 hrs or so in a good library also helps. Naturally, don’t believe everything you read on the interwebs but once you understand the fundamental nature of the “income” tax, and the rules of evidence, you can probably free yourself of that burden. However, that will not work if you are actually liable for the “income” tax. Liability can flow from multiple paths and the tax authorities will always presume liability if someone sends them testimony, no matter how much in error that testimony is. Think form 1099 or 1040.

  2. It has been 3 decades since I last drove a bike, but 2 weeks ago I bought a ’92 Yamaha Virago XV1100. The bike started right up just fine, but it does need repairs before it will pass the Missouri vehicle inspection. I am presently in the process of replacing the tires, brake pads and shoes, stator, right handlebar switch assy, and I have everything I need to rebuild the front forks.
    I bought it because it will burn less fuel than my F350, is fun to drive, and can very quickly pass slow pokes and clovers on these crooked and hilly Ozark Mountain roads.
    I bought the bike in Oklahoma where I am presently employed as a truck driver transporting trucks from oilfield to another oilfield, so I had to go to the Mo. DMV in order to get the title in my name. Missouri is also one of the states that has a license reading gun. I know that because about 5 years ago my ’92 Saturn with new plates bit the dust and I put the plates on an ’87 S-10 4X4 that I had just bought. I passed by a cop on my way to a laundry mat that was only about 3-400 ft away. That cop actually tried to hide from me by driving around a corner of a neighboring building, and he stayed there until I finished washing and drying my clothes. Since I lived 15 miles out of town, I had to just bite the bullet and drive off, hoping that he was actually waiting on someone else. Nope! He promptly pulled me over and gave me a ticket.

  3. Take a page from the RVers and register your pickup (used to pull your camper, of course) in a RV-friendly state.

    Get your DL there as well, register to vote, etc.

    Sure, you may own property back in your home state, but you’re a full-time RVer, right?

  4. Eric,

    None of this works in the People’s Socialist Republic of Kali, where I am currently serving time. Tardy registration results in ever-increasing “fees” until you owe the thieves even more than if you would have complied in the first place. Bummer.
    We do have a “non-op” category which means that the vehicle cannot be operated on any public road, but I even got in trouble on this one when I TRAILERED a restoration vehicle to LA!
    In my business, like in the days of piracy, we just figure loss of certain revenue to the predators as part of doing business. Sooner or later, in Kali, if you deal in vehicles you’re going to have to pay the piper.
    Looking to move my entire operation to a free state, I remain

    Your faithful servant,

    Uncle Bill

    • California used to do the NonOp differently… when I lived there, you could simply fill out a little chit of paper and attest the vehicle had not been driven or allowed to stand on public right of way since certain date…. and that it was stored off public right of way at such and such an address. Ten years, no matter. You only paid for the current run for the plates/tags. Now you have to arrange it all beforehand, telling them the date it will be put up, and where. Don’t forget to “transfer” that non op permit if you relocate the car.. even if it i trailered. Penalties are double what the “rent” would have been if paid on time. That’s what drives a LOT of vehicle donations to Goodwil, Sally Ann, etc. Somehow the charity can sell it with the arrears wiped clean.

      The best way out of that is to sell it to an out of state buyer who will then transfer the title to his state of residence. I’ve gotten some screaming deals that way, as my state don’t give a rip what California thinks is “due” them. When relocating such vehicles out of California, its safest to use a fully enclosed car trailer… no one knows what might be inside it.

  5. I got befehlficht in the Live Free Or Rent State a few years ago for zipping about with expired tags. Fine was a hundred clams. My only hope to save a week’s pay was to plead Not Guilty (which was pointless) so I could get before the judge and plead that I was a poor slob from out of state (which was true) and had misunderstood the way they did things in the Granite State.

    While I was waiting for my trial date, I got a notice from the local Fleece Department that said that since I’d been such a good little clover all these years, with such a good driving record, if I’d take a day-long brush up driver’s ed course and if I managed to stay out of trouble for the next three months, they’d forget about the citation.

    Sign me up! Turned out the driver’s ed course wasn’t about driver’s ed. It was about how to have a better attitude. Not about driving but about life! We took that idiotic Myers Briggs analysis (the one where if you’d rather stay home and play video games than do the macarena at the club they tell you you’re an introvert instead of an extravert) and then another ridiculous psych assessment after which we owned up to our crimes and said we wouldn’t misbehave in the future. We also viewed a video in which an actor pretended to be a guy serving a long prison sentence for drinking and driving and getting into a negligently homicidal accident and another film about some poor mom whose SUV had gotten crashed into and her baby had been killed in his car seat by some guy who was texting and ran a stop sign and, by the time the day was over, we were all repentant and had confessed our sins and so were absolved of our presumptively lousy attitudes.

    There’s more to the story having to do with the merger of church and state but that’s for another time. This is the place where the Free Staters are hoping to find Shangri La, provided their vehicles pass a rigorous annual inspection. I hear the motto on the plates is about to be changed to: Rust not, Want not.

  6. You’ve let the cat out of the bag , Eric! I’ve got 3 motorcycles with antique tags and have “forgotten” to licence a utility trailer or two before in my time. I always wait for the next month on inspections with the grace period allowed. A friend uses Montana plates on his Hercules vinduro bike because some events require a valid tag. I don’t know how much longer these might last, though, since I see that the EPA is using swat teams to confiscate old Land Rovers. http://libertycrier.com/homeland-security-agents-raid-home-seize-land-rover-violation-epa-regulations/

  7. Eric, You do know that in many states now (Such as NY, where I formerly resided) pig-carriers (cop cars) are equipped with license plate scanners? This means whether you are driving your car or merely have it parked on the street or in your driveway, a passing pig will be alerted to the fact that your reg is expired, and will ticket or even tow your vehicle?

    Also, unless you live in a rural area where beat-up farm trucks are common, by driving something old and beat-up, you are inviting profiling by the pigs (They can’t pick on you if you’re black or Moozlim, etc. but for some reason, they can profile you if you appear to be white and poor…).

    As a practical matter, you want to invite interaction with the pigs- as you will always be the loser in that scenario- just financially if you are lucky- or far worse. I drive older vehicles…but always nice ones, in good shape and that look newer than their age.

    When you live in a police-state, you do not want to invite scrutiny or attention by the state’s official mercenaries- who are too busy to be bothered with actual crimes; but who seem to have no lack of time to persecute you for not dotting an “i” or crossing a “t”.

    The advice in this article is foolish, IMO. One interaction with the fuzz can ruin your entire life and bankrupt you- more-so if you are 100% innocent- because we are the ones whom they covet, as have the most to lose; assets to confiscate; and are often the ones from whom they are most successful at collecting revenue from.

    Forget about any “rights”. We no longer have any, as we have no way of holding the tyrants accountable, nor of forcing them to uphold the laws by which they should be abiding. Until such time as we can physically extricate ourselves from this police state, our modus-operandi should be that of keeping a low profile and avoiding any interaction with the state’s mercenaries- in the long-run, that will be far more valuable than trying to save $60. (In places like NY, far from just giving you a simple ticket for expired reggie; they will fine you for each DAY that the reggie has been expired; and if they don’t impound your car, they will at least dictate that you leave it and have it towed, because they will not let you drive “an unregistered vehicle”. )

    Anyone who practices the advice given in this article, is in for a rude awakening, sooner or later. You’re as good guy, Eric, and mean well; and I like your articles, but I must say, that in this case, you are being rather irresponsible by giving out such advice.

    • Hi Mole,

      Of course, your mileage may vary.

      I’ve had no problems pursuing this course of action. Admittedly, I live in a rural part of Virginia – and things might be very different in New York or some other place.

      As Wilfred Brimley used to say, do the best you can with what you’ve got!

      • I hear ya, Eric. Same here where I now reside in KY. you can “get away with” a little more than in the nanny-states of NY, OH, IL,NJ, MA, CA, etc. [Read: “preserve more of your rights”]- but I’ll tell ya, some poor schlepp tries this in NY or Taxachusettes…they won’t last a day.

        Keep up the good work, Eric!

      • I live in Oregon and got away with not keeping tags current on my old Jeep for a couple of years. Finally I decided to sell the car and bit the registration bullet as a means of attracting potential buyers and putting myself in a better negotiating position.

        To my absolute shock, they only charged me for the current tag cycle and not the previous cycles that I had ignored (Oregon registration is good for two years). The DMV guy told me that there was no law on the books that mandated collection for prior registration years. I’m sure THAT will be fixed by our tax gluttons someday soon.

          • eric, I just found out yesterday that the largest nanny state in the union, Tx., has added their twist to speeding so that 25mph or more above the PSL is automatic jail time and impounded vehicle. I almost puked.

            So I was heading S on highway 70 and took the bypass around Sweetwater, Tx. to get on I-20 heading west. As I get near the 180 degree entrance ramp I see the DOT in the west bound barditch pointed perpendicular so he can get harass any direction. Of course he sees me, my 40+ plus nemesis as well as the company he dislikes so it’s a two-fer. Naturally he creates havoc getting into the west bound lane but he makes up for it with a heavy foot on that B&W Yukon with the big wheel/high speed tire setup(damn, I hope they all manage to wreck when it’s wet or icy…..what am I saying? they don’t get out when it’s like that). He gets up about 100 yds behind me in the passing lane and holds there so everybody is forced to get down to my speed before I get up to speed which really doesn’t take too long since I never lifted. I reached up and made a point of turning the stereo up when I went by him just so he’d know. I proceeded to run my speed limited 76mph and pass every damned thing out there since everybody slowed down simply because he was “there”. What dolts and I treated them as such. When he got close enough he could observe me in the cab, I made a point of turning the stereo up again and taking a big drink of bottled water. I’d been sweating my butt off so I really was thirsty. He remained in that spot, intimidating everybody but me, for 7 miles. It was about 105 and I’d already blown one tire so I was hoping I’d blow another and it would come off and hit him(ever trying driving over a 11R 24.5 at speed?) I don’t want to. So everybody but me was avoiding him and for reasons known only to clover 4 wheeler drivers, they had all slowed down even though they weren’t speeding. I guess it was too hot or he didn’t feel like it would be worth it since it was a given about the ensuing conversation(howya doing, I’m busy so get to the point…..I am not rude to anyone). He cut off a driver and exited so everybody gets back to speed except me since I had never let off.

            Here’s the deal though, I do get tired of that crap. He got to see all my lights flashing every time I changed lanes although I never used my brakes. I flashed my running lights for another driver who flashed his headlights to let me know I could pull back in. It was ridiculous, the whole thing, the 4 wheelers slowing down and getting in the way of drivers who were hauling loads, his taking up the passing lane and my constant lane changing I did mainly just to jack with him(hey, if you’re back there and want around, then go ahead….although that wasn’t his thing).

            The stupid games they play. So then I had a most delightful rest of the day of having another flat, blowing a coolant hose and having to wait for help to get another and new coolant and then leaving my gloves on the fuel tank, ripping off two mudflaps and getting stuck 4 times on a construction site. But that cantaloupe I bought from a guy on the side of the road is great.

          • RE: “But that cantaloupe I bought from a guy on the side of the road is great.”

            Wonderful (!) free market ending to a torrid story, Eightsouthman.

            Tor was mentioning cuckoos, dang if the people in that story of yours didn’t seem like they were doing some kind of bird-dance.

            …No wonder so many wild men (indians, et al) wore feathers in their headdresses. Even the so-called “civilized” bunch with fancy hats had a plume on the side. It seems like most people (all people?) are just upright featherless birds.

          • Helot, you got it. A farmer, a guy who probably picked his own for a good price, a consumer and something’s not quite right here, oh, the govt……didn’t get a friggin dime since it was all cash. And some people wonder why I rarely use a card. BTW, I can just see the look on the guy’s face if I’d whipped out a Visa.

            It’s kind of amazing, 3 places I sometimes get a burrito or similar take nothing but cash. I try to move business their way.

  8. > If, instead, you go out and buy an older car – especially a “beater,” a downtrodden older car

    Here’s the scam with vehicle valuations.

    The county doesn’t use market value for issuing you your yearly “bill” — they subscribe to one of several vehicle valuation services. They tell the county what a 1995 Corolla is worth, and they use that value to issue your tax bill. Your pristine example is worth the same as one covered with hailstone dents.

    Now, these firms are in competition with each other. And one of the sales tactics they use to get county government to sign with them, is they tell the county rep: “We will get you more valuation on the vehicles registered in your county.” So they’re inflating the value of your vehicle in order to get business with your taxing authority.

  9. “Just be sure to keep your insurance up to date – as there are severe repercussions for “forgetting” to renew that. ”

    I sold my car almost three years ago since I am only a few blocks from where I work and have been biking or taking the bus everywhere , so I have have been paying no auto insurance fees.

    Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a car from a co-worker – when I went to get insurance quotes, I was completely shocked.

    I was paying about $50 a month on my 94 Lincoln before I sold it, now since I haven’t had a car or insurance for this long, the best rate I can find is $137/month.

    I told the petty functionary on the phone that someone with a DUI on their record would pay less.

    No points on my record, nothing – yet I have to pay nearly 3X as much for insurance now due to the fact that I “opted out” of the system for 4 years.

    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Bill,

      I’ve heard about this happening to people. It’s of a piece with what sometimes happens to people who pay as they go, never using credit (or paying off the entire balance each month) discovering they have a “poor credit history” – and end up being charged a higher rate in the event they ever do try to get financing for a car loan or home.

      Some possible suggestions/tips:

      Assuming your car is paid-for, you could try a liability-only/state-minimum policy. Another possibility – if your state has this – is to pay the “uninsured motorist fee,” which lets you drive legally without an insurance policy. The cost – last time I checked (in my state, VA) was about $500 annually, which would save you a lot of money.

      But, remember: If you wreck, you won’t be “covered.”

  10. When state inspection is due, wait till the last day of the month. Call your mechanic and ask if you can park your car overnight at his shop and have him inspect it the next day. If he agrees to it, then the next month’s inspection sticker will be slapped onto your windshield. This will give you an extra month to get your car inspected the next year.

  11. Being plausibly a resident in two or more states opens all manner of snare escapes. Sort of like a domestic version of the Sovereign Man of multiple passports concept.

    How about that big sky governor Steve Bullock who art in Helena. He’s a doing a heckuva good job officer, don’t ya know.

    Also corporate veils can be blessed burkas that save your bacon. As best you can, avoid answering any questions of where you reside and work and so on.

    When the heroes see out of state or corporate shell owned, they aren’t quite as cut and dried confident anymore.

    Just cryptically claim you’re “not allowed to discuss things with them.” Maybe it’s due to your job, your corporate overlords, your wife. Let them think what they will, but don’t volunteer info, stay vague non-committal or best of all totally silent if you think you can get away with it.

    State troopers and big cities have far better computers and more info than local yokels. They’ve ticket multiple jurisdictions that very day. Be careful, you never know which hero is a super-sow. Possessor of great insight into your life, by dint of their fusion center database uplink.

    Let’s say you have an RV in Nevada. For various reasons, it’s far more advantageous to keep Montana plates on it.
    If you want to go all the way, file paperwork and create a Montana corporation and let that corporation own the RV.

    This is just second hand ideas for a jumping off point on your journey becoming a State Escapist Houdini. I’m not a proprietor or expert on any of this whatsoever.

  12. I had a funny “revenue collection in reverse” incident happen to me about four or five years ago. I was driving in the city and sitting at a dead stop at a traffic light. A cop on a motorcycle was behind me, apparently not paying attention, and bumped the back of my pickup truck.

    It wasn’t a serious accident by any means. It just knocked him off the bike and dusted him up a bit. I felt a light thump and went out to see if he was okay. Good guy that I am, I told him not to worry about it since there was no visible damage to my truck.

    Of course, since he was a cop, he insisted on filing an accident report. I had to show him all my papers, license, insurance, registration, etc. as though I was getting a ticket. A second cop in a police cruiser came by and took pictures of a tiny little not even one inch long scratch on my rear bumper as well as a few similar scratches on the first cop’s bike. After a few minutes, the cops gave me a case number and told me to get a few estimates and file a liability claim with the city, which I did.

    I got a check for a little over five hundred bucks out of it, but that wasn’t the best part. The best part was that when the cop rolled his bike, he landed right on top of his radar gun. The two cops pointed it at a couple of passing cars while sorting out the accident and couldn’t get it to work. Damn it all to hell.

    • Qh yeah, Dan M.
      You made The Day for a lot of people, I think.
      Radar: “Out Of Order”.
      Nice story.

      I only wished we lived in a truly free country and this sort of shit didn’t have to happen. ….None of it.

    • Hi Dan,

      Whew – it’s a good thing you were incontrovertibly stopped at a red light! Otherwise, the Hero would have claimed the accident was your fault.

      I’m kinda surprised he didn’t, regardless.

      • Hey Eric;

        It was midday, there was quite a bit of traffic, there were pedestrians. Several people saw the accident.

        Not only that, but the cop openly admitted that he had been distracted by a couple of attractive women on the other side of the street when he hit me. Of course, if I’d hit him and made an admission like that, I’d probably have more points on my license right now than LeBron James scores in a whole season.

  13. Montana has permanent plates for any vehicle 10 years or older.

    In the peoples Republic of Florida it is a criminal offense (last I checked) to have plates that expired by 3 months or more.

    • InalienableWrights wrote, “Montana has permanent plates for any vehicle 10 years or older.”

      That_sounds_so_nice. … if It just wasn’t so f*&^$*^ cold!

      ..But I guess a Winter coat and a bad tan are easy trade offs for being a bit more free.

      • Helot you don’t have to live there. Use a friends address to get the plates or just get them on a vacation there. Also get MT insurance and DL if you can.

        If a cop ever pulls you over you can either just say that you are visiting or you can claim that MT is your domicile and that the state that you got pulled over in is just your residence.

        All sorts of permutations such as putting the vehicle in a friends name that lives in MT and just say the car is borrowed if you ever get pulled over. Use your imagination but think it through.

        • Dang! That’s good to know! I’ll have to copy that down for the morning.

          Now if only it included this:

          “Protect yourself and legally carry in 35 states. (29 states for non-residents)”


          [I’m kinda wary though. That isn’t some kind of rip-off website, is it?]

          F&%! The whole world is a rip-off vampire.

          ‘Cept,… there are islands of, ‘Little House on The Prairie’, and, ‘The Walton’s’,…. a.k.a. Libertarian/Anarchists.

          Thank goodness for them!

          If ya don’t mind: God bless ya.
          If you do: all the same. No skin off you.

          • Statist hack: assume all advertisement and sales activity is at least of some benefit. There’s a human being present, not a mere sales bot.

            Readjust your thinking and terminology to put the statist thuggisms in the place of dishonor. Avoid religiously their false commerce – their bullets with butterfly wings.

            I swear, you’re even better reading the sales literature of the Sovereign Men and White Nationalist hucksters. Because however wrongheaded and unappealing, its still an attempt at voluntary commerce.

            Maybe we all need larger penises. To enjoy tobacco with e-cigs. To learn how to make money working from home. The point is to learn how to be a good Agoran. A shopper in the free market, broadly and robustly imagined.

            Stop agreeing with the statist impositions even in the slightest. The spoonful of statist shit in icecream must no longer be swallowed. A little bit of arsenic and saltpeter in our public school lunches makes them not kosher.

            We are NAP-Hebrews. We keep KOSHER by religiously avoiding the state.

            SNAFU – situation normalized aggressive force used

            Seek out the force in EVERY situation. Sorry Grandma, can’t come over for Thanksgiving, you try to indoctrinate aggressive force in my children.

            No more SNAFUs. Without feeling the bile and bitter anger at them. Ever.

            Example: every domain with a .gov is worse than a ripoff. It’s a jack the ripoff. A serial killer montage of brutalisms and mind-eviscerations that convinces us that somehow the government has any rightful place on the internet, or anything whatever to do with useful communication of information.

            Example: all medical care is a ripoff. The state has destroyed the doctor patient dynamic to the point where no market exists.
            In a world where going AMA-against medical-croniest advice is

            Example: every time you are on the public road, keep it in the back of your mind, that what you are doing is against your deeply held convictions of NAP Kosher Keeping. Go ahead on drive on them.

            But feel the way a Jew feels, whenever he’s given a FREE HAM. He can’t help eating it due to the financial windfall, and his deeply felt love of the good deal.

            Agreeing to engage in any commercial transaction tainted with government force is the reason the whole world continues its degression into a jack the ripoff vampire.

            Only the Statist World is a Vampire. They’re a whole normal world within that world that is NAP Kosher, and avoids that violence religiously.

            The Statist World Is a Vampire

            Jim Carrey statist puppet anti gun vampire celebrity. Should one still listen to him, because he has to earn money, he’s faux market, but better than no market?

            The Statist World Is A Vampire

            Bullet With Drone Butterfly Wings”

            The statist world is a vampire, agents sent to drain.

            Secret destroyers, hold you up to the markets in flames
            And what do you get, for my enslavement and pain?
            Betrayed desires, and the false life of being a piece in their game

            Even though I know – I suppose I’ll show all my cool and cold age – like old job before the state’s eternal Yahweh.

            Despite anarchist rage I am still just a rat in their cage

            Then someone will say freedom is lost we can never be saved

            They keep me naked, nothing but an animal
            But I can no longer fake it, not going to do even one more show

            And what do you want?
            I want to change

            And what have you got, when you feel the same?

            Even though I know – I suppose I’ll show all my cool and cold age – like old job before the state’s eternal Yahweh.

            Despite anarchist rage I am still just a rat in their cage

            Then someone will say freedom is lost our world’s a government maze and I can never be saved

          • Permit? I give myself permission to carry any such device that effectively repels aggressors. Why would I have it documented with the state that I carry an aggressor repelling device? So that the state’s aggressors know to disarm me of said device upon any interaction? Ha!

        • trouble is with that plan, if the car happens to get impounded, in a wreck, broken into, stolen, etc, then the REGISTERED OWNER, not you, is the “party of interest” as far as the state is concerned, and that can get dodgy at the least. SO.. use your friend’s address, have him write up a rent receipt, maybe take out a PO box, use his mailing address as though you LIVE there.. then YOU have proof the car is yours, can insure it yourself, and still dodge all the gummint madness. And your friend is permanently off the hook.

      • I’ve been to Montana several times – gorgeous place . . . but the winters.… .

        I know, I know… natural Clover Repellent. But, I’m a guy who likes to ride motorcycles and really dislikes freezing my ass off for 4-5 months out of every year. If you’re not into skiing (and shoveling/plowing snow) then Montana and other states in that category are out.

        If only Antarctica could be warmed up somehow . . . a whole continent… empty of Clovers.

      • > They throw you in jail… for having expired tags?

        But you don’t need liability insurance on your motorcycle in Florida if you have no note due.

      • I used to play this game in Utah. Got harassed once in a while and forced to renew but usually got 2 or 3 years out of a 1 year “pass”.
        Now if it’s expired more than 6 months its a class C misdemeanor and they impound your car.

  14. When the 55MPH Speed Limit went into effect and Nevada discovered what a money-maker it was , I began the registration tax-dodge. I purchased and registered cars in States with no sales tax and low registration fees then dual-registered them in a State with low registration and insurance fees. I’ve had cars registered in the name of a phoney trust, a person who did not drive or a corporation. I was never without at least two driving licenses from different States as well as a license from a foreign Country.
    I’m out of the States now so I don’t have to screw with their legalized corruption any more.

    • Hey, Doug.

      If you don’t mind my asking, where did you go?

      ////Maybe I go there too,… someday?

      …Ha, and maybe you don’t want anybody following you there?

      but seriously.

      The guys were talking on another thread about a better place than on an icy cold island controlled by France. …And I thought of an article I read about some islands near Venezuela (the Mosquito islands? Where dumped drug shipments wash up on shore frequently.) …I could see you there. …How I Never made it there myself, I don’t know. bad fucking luck, I guess/

      • Since I love cars and driving, I moved to a Country which shares my automotive philosophy as well as my Libertarian thoughts and privacy principles. Sales and gasoline taxes are high but driving to, say, Berlin at a speed the driver feels is regarded as a freedom as basic as free speech.
        My Wife is not from here and is usually cold so we spend the late Fall through early Spring in her birth Country. The privacy laws are much more stringent than in the States (where everything is Public Record or available for sale) but what laws are in effect are generally not taken too seriously. Jalisco also seems to have escaped the problems the surrounding and border States have had.

  15. Excellent article Eric! I’ve been wanting to get a street bike for awhile now. This just sealed the deal for me. This just made my day. Thanks!

    I have a old F150 with collector plates on it. The bastards here require me to have another vehicle with regular registration in order to have them. Which I do, on a Civic. Well, I’m keeping the Civic for awhile and it’ll qualify for collector plates in several years. But I can’t keep two vehicles both with collector plates and nothing else. Like you stated, this is where the motorcycle will come in.

    For some reason it never registered to me that a motorcycle qualified as a motor vehicle (dumb I know) and would satisfy the collector plate requirement. This is good info to know. The collector plates cost 3x as much initially but in the long run is less money they can steal from me.

    Like you said, the cycle registration is much cheaper and here it is good for two years. Not that we should have to be paying for any of this anyway but you already touched on that.

    p.s. Another asinine rule for collector plates here…..we can’t operate said vehicle in the month of January.


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