What Used to be Just Caught a Cold

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I caught a cold about two weeks ago. Something as noteworthy – once – as forgetting your keys. Just something that happens to pretty much everyone, every now and then. No big deal. You might mention it in passing to a friend. It didn’t move the needle much, because it was a normal part of life, like gray hairs.

Then it became something to Freak Out about. Because people were encouraged to Freak Out about it. It became almost a badge of honor to announce that one had caught a cold. It became de rigueur to Get Tested! And then make sure to announce to everyone that you had done so – and what the results (always “positive”) were.

Thus was hypochondria normalized.

People who’d previously understood that people get sick every now and then and that it’s almost always nothing to worry about began to worry obsessively about getting sick – and whether those in their vicinity might also be sick. It became the main topic of conversation – in the way that elderly people, who are almost always sick, constantly talk about their sicknesses.

The after-effects of this acute spasm of national hypochondria are now chronic and widespread. One can no longer just catch a cold. When one does, one almost cannot help thinking it might be something more than just a cold. When one mentions that one caught a cold to others, they often can’t help asking whether it’s more than just a cold.

Whether you’ve been “tested.”

I didn’t get “tested” – because I know, intellectually, it’s just a cold. Or at least, I’m rationally/reasonably confident that’s all it is because that’s all it ever was – including during the event marketed as “the pandemic.” Which was marketed much the same as the drugs that didn’t “stop the spread” were sold to people as “vaccines.”

That is to say, dishonestly and maliciously.

Rather than telling people the truth about “COVID” – i.e., that it was a cold you might catch that was extremely unlikely to kill you – people were told it was a ferociously dangerous plague that could kill on a Black Death scale.

Naturally, this terrified people who assumed that what they were being told was true.

Of course, it wasn’t – and that became obvious within a couple of months of the official launch of the event that was marketed as “the pandemic.” The bodies were not stacking up like cordwood; the hospitals were not “overwhelmed” – though some were understaffed. But rather than adjust course based on rational evaluation of the situation, the course was set – for several years to come. People were coerced into playing their role in Sickness Kabuki, wearing the accoutrements  of the pathological hypochondriac and so becoming themselves exactly that. Which is exactly what happens when you play a role for too long. It becomes part of who you are.

Or, rather, it replaces who you were.

The astounding thing – for me, personally – is that even I am affected by what I experienced. And I never once played the role expected of me. Not once during the entire “pandemic” did I “practice” any of the rituals of pathological hypochondria; nor did I wear the accoutrements of the pathological hypochondriac.

And yet, when I felt that scratch in my throat and my nose began to run a little but, I found I could not help thinking . . .

This is a measure of what’s been done to many of us – probably most if not all of us. Can anyone of us just catch a cold anymore without thinking, just a little bit, that it might be something more than just that?

Can we mention to anyone that we caught a cold without them thinking – even if they don’t say so out loud – that it might be something more than that?

God damn the people who did this to us.

. . .

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  1. Anti allopathic doctor….

    This guy started out as an allopathic doctor…his father was also one…then he saw the light…

    He started looking at diet as a way to improve his health….he heard a Jordan Peterson (who had health issues)..podcast about how he improved his health with the Lion diet….so he started researching….now he is famous….

    Hippocrates: ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’


  2. One of the most surprising thing is the extent to which people will just forget what they are seeing with their own eyes and focus on what the media tells them…. as you describe all the concern and awareness of “the cold”. but not a word about all these fairly young and mostly healthy people who “died suddenly”.

    A school friend of mine posted one such case of a colleague just now – early 40s, very athletic guy… died suddenly of a heart attack….. but nothing to see here

  3. The children in my household carried the covid home from school. I got it mid Feb. I couldn’t get enough air. My legs wouldn’t hold me up. I collapsed. Came pretty close to learning what it feels like to die. When I woke up, I was in the emergency ICU at the local hospital. Recovery is slow. I imagine my case is worse than most, but it is what it is, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  4. The allopathic medical system…big pharma… is weaponized against the slaves….making them sick for profit….an occult system founded by a satanist…

    The food industry is weaponized against the slaves….keeping them weak and stupid….so they can be controlled……and making them sick to provide customers for big pharma….

    The diet guidelines published by the slave owner’s government….is designed to keep the slaves weak and stupid…easier to control….

    That is behind the push to ban meat and push a vegan diet…and eating bugs….
    To be healthy and strong the slaves should be eating meat…the lion diet….

    The allopathic medical system is satanic…it looks like the food industry is too…..so is the control group….

    Entering a doctor’s office is entering an occult temple…..the grocery store is looking the same…..


  5. It’s great you bring this up! Whenever I get a cold, I’m sick of being asked, “is it Covid?”. I now simply say, “Don’t know, don’t care.” It’s amazing to see people’s eyes get big when you say that, haha.

  6. Most of my hockey team was sick this week. Not one dude suggested it was the Plague.

    A couple suggested that a few of the guys’ dating habits should be scrutinized, however.

    No one died.

  7. The government gave a monopoly to one type of doctor…through regulations, licencing and funding…..allopathic doctors….. all the other doctors practicing alternate competing types of medical care were banned

    Allopathic medical monopoly brought in by rockefeller..

    Natural and herbal medicines were very popular in America during the early 1900s. Almost one half the medical colleges and doctors in America were practicing holistic medicine, using extensive knowledge from Europe and Native American traditions.

    In the early 1900’s there were a variety of doctors and healing modalities in America. Some of the medical specialties included chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, holistic medicine and herbal medicine.

    Note: All non allopathic forms of health care have been banned….this is very dangerous….

    Result of the monopoly……..500,000 doctors at the time, 2/3 disappeared, replaced by “new allopathic medicine”…nobody talks about those doctors losing their jobs…..

    when you give one business a monopoly…rockefeller’s allopathic medicine….big pharma using allopathic theories…they can charge whatever they want…some drugs have 10,000% profit margins….you end up with countries spending 20% or more of their GDP for so called health care…..a lot of it stolen…

    There should be a free open market for different types of health care…this would reduce costs enormously

    there used to be multiple different types of health care before the 1900’s people could use….

    All the control group politicians talk about is how billions more dollars should be given to the current allopathic medical system……so big pharma/ccp china can make billion of $$…..they get huge kick backs for promoting this, so they love it….

    ATTENTION: Most of the ingredients for drugs and injections come from china…this just benefits china….anybody pushing this is a ccp shill…..

    Rockefeller tried to get an allopathic monopoly in China……. it failed and the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine was preserved for centuries to come…..china now gets rich from supplying the allopathic system …….. Most of the ingredients for drugs and injections come from china

    ATTENTION: the biggest lie of all…they say it is science based…lol….
    what you think is modern……our rockefeller monopoly allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to rockefeller, is no better than medievel witch craft. it is more like astrology, there is no science involved…..they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it

    Rockefeller’s father William was a snake oil salesman posing as a fake doctor, pedaling fake cures, he was also a horse thief and was indicted for rape in 1849.
    pedaling fake cures….allopathic system…the same thing….

    the modern allopathic medicine uses poisonous injections and drugs made from oil that gives people cancer, they can’t cure any chronic diseases,

    wonder drug…..after you take it you wonder if you survive…
    miracle drug……after you take it…. it is a miracle if you survive…..

    see at 8:40 in video….
    the now monopoly health care system uses lots of expensive surgeries, lots of drugs and NOTE: long hospital stays…the other banned health care treatments didn’t use these very expensive methods, so was 100 X cheaper….now allopathic medicine is bankrupting nations….all the money goes to big pharma and china….

    see at 8:40 in video….a lot of the money that goes into allopathic health care is stolen….

    see at 10:32 in video….a frankenstein element to allopathic medicine…

    NOTE: see at 11:08 in video….cancer treatment was invented by a sadist…Dr. sims…

    Note rockefeller who started the allopathic medical monopoly didn’t use it…he used homeopathic medicine and lived till 98 years old….king charles the 3rd and his family use homeopathic medicine too….the queen lived till 96 years old.


  8. “– that it might be something more than that?”

    This has been going on for a long, long, time. Way before the “covid me-too freakout.” How long has the cancer industrial complex been harassing us with “tests” – mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopies, prostate, etc, etc. You always have cancer, and the torturers will keep reminding you constantly until you submit to their torture.

  9. Had a bad cold a few weeks ago and everyone wanted to know if I “tested positive”. Ugh, I do not “test” myself; sick is sick, had a sore throat, runny nose, and felt miserable for a week. It ran its course as if always does, no hypochondria necessary.

    • There’s a reason why antibiotics’ regimes are 7-10 days and the bioweapon shots are not “effective” until after 14 days. Because the body NATURALLY expels viruses and bacteria infections in the 7-14 day span. The medical industrial complex knows that and is just fudging the numbers pretending that the “medication” does anything other than poison you.

      • I have to differ in opinion on the antibiotics. Any woman who has suffered with a UTI for a week can testify to the near instant relief obtained as soon as they take two or three doses of antibiotics.

        • Sure, but that’s a bacterial infection. There is absolutely no reason to give them for viral infections. Well. except money.

  10. Recently, a group of Google employees staged a demonstration while at work inside Google offices. Some of them had to be escorted from the premises by police. 28 of them were terminated by Google. Watching the video of this incident, I noticed that every single one of these idiots was wearing a face diaper.

    • I don’t think it was an EV fire.

      Why, you ask?

      Because I can clearly see what used to be a radiator.

      EV’s don’t have/need radiators.

      • The radiator isn’t necessarily a disqualifier for an EV but that 4 inch exhaust pipe exiting under the back bumper pretty much does. Odd for a school bus to burn like that though, the bodies are a steel sandwich with fiberglass insulation in between.

  11. As the quality of food drops….the slave’s health gets worse….

    @9:28 in video….there is 60 harvests left…60 years left…because of destruction of the soil, through industrial farming, etc…..then starvation….

    60 harvests left…..so the control group wants to reduce the slave population so they can hog the small amount of food that is left?….

    reduce the slave population how?…war, starvation, injections…..

    Sperm counts in indusrialized countries are down 60%….33% of males are infertile…there is 80 years of human fertility left….then gone….extinct….

    All the pension funds are unfunded, so there is no money to give the old people the money they are owed…


  12. Eric, I just want to say thanks for being among the ranks of us who did not give one damn inch and never submitted not even for a minute to their silly and evil charade! I can not even fathom how any rational person could possibly think that the scamdemic was real. Much more if they did think it were real that they could believe that those ridiculous charades would in any way save them.The scariest thing to me about it all, is not the political aspect (Although that certainly is terrifying) but rather how easily the vast majority can be fooled by nothing more than some talking heads, and by seeing people wearing silly paper masks.

    After such success, I wonder how much worse the next charade will be? Maybe drop a few bombs on our own people and convince everyone via TV that it’s WWIII and we’ve been nuked? Who knows? But after 9/11 and C19, anything is possible. It’s just a matter of when.

  13. ‘Thus was hypochondria normalized.’ — eric

    Whereas America’s death rattle is no hypochondria. It’s emergent and fatal:

    ‘The 2020 infant mortality rate in the U.S. — 5.4 deaths per 1,000 live births — was the highest of all the countries analyzed. Norway had just 1.6 deaths per 1,000 live births, for comparison. Maternal mortality in the U.S. was also three-fold higher than most other high-income countries.

    ‘In the U.S., life expectancy is also three to five years lower than that in other high-income countries.’ — Dr Mercola at Lew Rockwell’s site this morning

    ‘The United States is having a hard time selling longer duration notes and bonds. Very notably, this is the historical pattern of countries suffering from a sovereign debt crisis. They are increasingly forced to finance their debt short-term, because no one will buy their bonds due to the inflation risk.

    ‘Our conclusion: the Fed and its banks will provide more monetary accommodation or the entire debt structure will collapse. That is just math. Now, they will do everything they can to mask it, deny it, or create programs that they claim are not “money printing.”

    ‘But they will have to print money or else the system will collapse. Gold and bitcoin price [rises] demonstrate that the markets know this.’ — Lawrence Lepard, quoted by QTR’s Fringe Finance at Zerohedge this morning

    ‘American leadership is failing: That is the argument of a new book that since January has stood near the top of France’s best-seller lists. It is called La Défaite de l’Occident (“The Defeat of the West”). Its author, Emmanuel Todd, is an historian and anthropologist who in 1976, in a book called The Final Fall, used infant mortality statistics to predict that the Soviet Union was headed for collapse.’ — NYT


    Turns out, mafia health ‘care’ and endless lost permawars can turn even a rich country into a poor, sick, impoverished and violent shambles.

    Victory in Ukraine! /sarc

  14. Not one supposed “virus” has ever seen by human eyes. None,,, Zero,,, nada. It’s a figment of scientific imagination. If they can’t figure it out, it’s a virus. And many times it’s their treatment that makes the disease fatal. AZT for Aids, the VAXXecution for Covid, Chemo and a list for drugs that would fill an encyclopedia for Cancer for example.

    No,,, I am not saying they do not exist although there is no definitive proof they do. So exactly how does one go about reprogramming a virus to be more virulent when they have no clue of its makeup,,, only a computer mock up model programmed by those that never laid eyes on one single virus? Your guess is as good mine.

    [“FYI: With the CDC, NIH and Health Agencies warning of the next Pandemic, ie Bird Flu, it is worth mentioning that these same agencies – have been in collaboration with the CCP/Wuhan to diligently find a way for this virus to be transmitted to Humans – with a 100% fatality rate.”]- Helena

    This writer has her shit in order,,,, IMO, all her articles are five star.


  15. One of my nephews has the flu and it is a bad case. There is some kind of crud going around, in a day, you are congested and coughing. You are not sick sick, you just don’t feel 100 percent.

    About five days worth of unbearable suffering, not really, and then you feel okay. Buy Kyolic and take two, per day, every two days, it won’t hurt you and it helps to chase the wolf from the door. Kyolic is garlic without the flavor. You can just eat garlic, that works too.

    Statistics are used to track the Medical Industrial Complex and the mistakes it makes.

    An aunt was treated with the wrong medication, she died soon after.

    Windier than hell today and the temperature is near freezing. Crazy weather for the past three days.

    I worked on the railroad
    I worked in the fields
    I’m a steeple jack and it’s a fact
    I drive anything on wheels
    I can frame a house drive pilin’
    Pour that wet concrete
    Take a weldin’ rig and build a bridge
    And I can do it in my sleep
    – Guy Clark, Jack Of All Trades

  16. “And I never once played the role expected of me.“

    But we did. The evil genius of a psy op is that it affects everyone. It works as intended on everyone under a certain IQ, and many above that IQ if they have been properly prepared/indoctrinated. The rest of us can be depended on to fight it, or to waste time explaining it to those who believe in it and thus cannot be convinced otherwise.

    The whole point of the psy op was Donald J Trump, and more importantly the growing, angry, popular resistance to the growing satanic slave state. Trump, for all his flaws is a focal point for that righteous rage and resistance. For a few short years they had to shelve their schemes and put every effort into fighting this rebellion. They’re still doing it. Thus the ludicrous and obvious election theft, the ludicrous and obvious law fare against Trump and high profile supporters like the martyrs of January 6, the ongoing bum rush against the second amendment and the private transportation, against civilized norms of behavior, sexual and in general, against the rights of conscience and speech.

    It’s awful but they will not win. Unless by winning they count the wholesale destruction of the USA and western civilization as it was. The damned fools don’t really know what they are trying to do, they are simply consumed by hate and a desire to destroy the opponent. We didn’t used to be their enemy, but we are now. And when it’s finally done they will have forced us into an older and higher standard of being. With institutionalization for troublemakers and helicopter rides for leftists.

    Guard jealously the public liberty, the only thing that will preserve it is force.

    • ‘Trump, for all his flaws is a focal point for that righteous rage and resistance.’

      You’re not kidding, Ernie. Every day the Lügenpresse — which doesn’t look like America in its ethnic composition — fairly bristles with tendentious trash like this:


      What Jail Time Could Look Like If Trump Is Found Guilty

      New York Slimes

      Maybe memory fails, but I do not recall such lurid speculation from ink-stained carney barkers about clapping Richard Nixon into a jail cell in 1974. No one thought it possible, desirable or good for the country. Even Nixon’s opponents were solely focused on removing him from public office.

      Death to the Lügenpresse.

      • These people worship the law as a false God. They don’t realize that the law is a widely agreed upon fiction which is tolerated only so long as the vast majority see it as righteous. It hasn’t been righteous for a very long time.

    • Ernie, we have been the enemy for a long long time and they know exactly what they are trying do, which is reduce the population to more easily managed levels. You play into their hands assuming this is all unintentional and accidental.

      • Mus, I didn’t ever say it wasn’t intentional and deliberate, only that they had no idea what they are doing. They are Barbarians smashing stained glass windows in a cathedral to stop the magic they don’t understand. They are arrogant rapists who think there will be no reckoning. There will be a reckoning.

        • Vignette from my western town this morning: a slender 30-something woman is strolling down the frozen food aisle, with a large-caliber pistol holstered on her hip. A silver-haired, 60-ish woman in her Walmart uniform approaches her: ‘Thank you for your open carry.’

          Not gonna see this in the DemonRats’ imperial capital.

          • Not a fan of open carry generally, keeping potential adversaries guessing is a better policy. But on a good looking woman it’s hard to argue against.

            Red hair and blued steel, my favorite color scheme…

  17. Theres a soup my wife makes, keeps it frozen for when its needed. Chicken bone broth, about ten whole roasted garlics, five pieces of shredded ginger, five pieces shredded turmeric, five chopped onions, all mixed together to simmer, then put in fridge overnight until it gels, then frozen in single size servings. Tastes like shit. Need to add chicken lottos salt and pepper to even gag it down, but it works wonders when consumed at the first sign of any respiratory ailment.

  18. Rand Paul has received some emails from a whistleblower which might have some goods on the fraud doctor, saint Fauci. Doubt Fauci will pay any price, but the truth might have it’s boots on now, and we might find out evidence that this bioweapon was released in cahoots with NIH & China to get the Orangeman out of office.

  19. Among a population, many of whom are outraged by someone’s speech making them briefly “uncomfortable”, it’s no great surprise that a cold sends them into a panic, since they will REALLY be uncomfortable for a couple of weeks. And censorship won’t fix it.

    • All of the speech that is worth listening to, is provocative enough that it makes some listeners squirm in discomfort.

      If speech doesn’t do that, either it’s pabulum or it went straight over the audience’s heads.

    • Can you imagine these same people itching and scratching for a week with the chicken pox the way the rest of us did when we were kids? Or have the mumps, even? It was almost a rite of passage, really, the “chicken pox parties”. Now, people freak out over a cough, wear masks alone in their vehicles, and are offended by everything around them. I have serious doubts about this nation’s future, if these same, highly offended people are our future.

  20. All I take for a cold is the Wally World knock off cold and flue stuff. It seems to help and after a week or so I’m back to normal. I’m so old I even remember when it was frowned upon to not go into work even when you were really sick. No paid sick leave but just a matter of having enough people to do the work.

    Now of course pandelerium would ensue if you showed up hacking and coughing…..

  21. I’ve never seen society at large more upside down than the reaction I see at the mention of COVID vs one being diagnosed with cancer. The panic that sets in when someone has Fauci’s lab virus is the stuff of insanity in people. When a cancer diagnosis has been established, a reaction of “oh well” is common place anymore. Can sanity be restored to America? It’s possible, but highly doubtful seeing the mental illness that has consumed people. It’s nuts that you have to fake being well when you catch the occasional bug these days that no one used to think about a time ago.

  22. Managers panicked because of the supposed aggressive nature of the dread virus. What were they to do if 1/2 the staff was out sick? They aren’t gonna make their quarterly bonus running on half staff. Start bitching to HR to build up the exception case, then maybe senior management will make the budget adjustment. Multiply this by every department in every company full of middle managers. All of whom are highly networked together.

    Back in the olden times, OTC cold pills were sold on television. Dristan, Contac, Niquil. One of the big selling points was to get you back to work. We all knew it wasn’t a cure, but at least we could function (poorly thanks to the decongestant’s side effects). You showed up and punched in. And someone would probably cover for you if you’re taking longer than usual breaks.

    The pandemic changed all that. Now it was a badge of honor to test positive. And you got a week’s paid vacation! Odd thing, suddenly Robitussin didn’t suppress cough, even though it was the go-to cure for certain minorities (at least according to Chris Rock).

    Scary thing was, the COVID playbook was borrowed by the DHS contingency plan for a bioweapon attack… but COVID wasn’t grown in a lab of course. The real scare is that DHS has a bioweapon contingency plan. We pay our taxes to some consultant to sit around and imagine how one might release bioweapons. A real life Dr Strangelove.

    And now we even have the “long covid” sufferers, people whose lives were forever changed due to a chest cold. Really? So now, even though you seem like you’re able to function well enough to dress yourself and go about your day, you mustn’t go out into the world without your covering? I was standing in line at the grocery store behind someone who could have been planning a bank heist: Mask, head scarf and dark glasses. Looked like the female/trans Unibomber. She was paying with a check of course, so plenty of time to loudly proclaim to the cashier (and the rest of us) that she suffers from “Long COVID” and has light sensitivity and poor circulation. From a chest cold. You know what’s a great treatment for light sensitivity and poor circulation? Going out side for a walk! Get the blood pumping, get out in the sunshine. Yea, the light hurts your eyes at first, and a body at rest tends to stay at rest, but once you get the heart started it opens up the circulatory system. And bathing yourself in sunlight is a fantastic mood enhancer too. But trap yourself in your house for 3 years and things tend to ossify.

    • No RK, the scariest thing (in my mind, anyway) is the fact that their contingency plan for a bioweapons release was that freakin’ stupid. That was the best they’ve got, folks, you’re on your own. Meanwhile, the germ warfare research continues effectively unabated.

      • There’s lots of stuff that scares me more than think tank monsters. Inept regulators cause far more damage to people than someone sitting around dreaming up schemes. And the lapdog media who won’t utter a disparaging word about the senile old coot because he represents the status quo.

  23. One thing I found crazy was when China was doing ANAL tests to test people for the dreaded ‘Rona, in addition to bolting doors shut to confine people who were suspected of having Rona. Given the rampant hysteria surrounding COVID in the U.S. in 2020-21, it’s a wonder such insanity wasn’t being done here, though there were calls for severe punishment for people who saw through the nonsense and refused to play along. However, dark forces may try using bird flu to bring back the mass insanity we saw in 2020, and perhaps even use it to kill millions of chickens in an effort to create severe food shortages.

    • In addition to your chickens in your backyard, they’ll come for the family parrot too and burn your house down with you in it for maximum virus containment. History records enlightment ages and dark ages and the sun is getting pretty dim now!

  24. Perhaps, the first step is to realize mammals do not, “just catch a cold”, rather, they build them.

    ‘Virology’s Event Horizon – Executive Summary of a Must-Read Essay’

    … “This essay, if widely shared, will greatly contribute to the end of the public’s blind belief in the virus and contagion myths – and thus can eliminate the root cause of the tyrannical oppression we all have recently suffered.

    Please share widely.”


  25. To this day I remain proud of my late wife. She had spent her career in the medical field and saw the scamdemic for what it was. She was already terminally ill and told the maskholes and vax nazis to go to hell. The looks on the masked faces were priceless when she did so. She’s been gone for two years now but I remember it like it was yesterday.

    • Sincerest condolences, Mike.

      I too lost my wife about 2 years ago. Pancreatic cancer. Even when she knew she was terminal, she tried, to no avail of course, to warn her friends about the covid madness and made damn sure that I never even thought about getting the jab. Before her illness, she always cooked foremost for health, at least twice twice daily, even when she was working. During the evil lockdowns, we continued our ballroom dancing practices maskless in a clandestine locaiton with a teacher and a few fellow dissidents in a very blue county next to DC.

      Pancreatic cancer is a silent killer. By the time she was diagosed at Johns Hopkins, it was too late. She refused chemo and radiation, so I took her to a small wholistic hospital in Mexico which offered therapies that were illegal or unavailable in the U.S. The doctors there were able to give her a 3-week respite from the physical suffering, but after her discharge her decline resumed. It was quick and brutal. She was a true Stoic, the kindest and gentlest soul I ever knew. Never once complained and approached her death with grace and courage.

  26. Back in the early 90’s I was in college, married, w/2 kids. One semester there were 2 cases of meningitis in one of the on-campus dorms. We had our own home off campus, but I got a 24-hour bug around that time. My (now-ex-wife) insisted I had to be tested for meningitis at the hospital. The hospital staff informed me that ‘testing’ meant a spinal-tap, which I outright refused, knowing I had nothing more than a 24 hour bug. My Ex was furious but could do nothing but drive me home, as she seethed with hatred. Her departure was nothing short of liberating! Unfortunately, she continued to use our 2 children to further her Munchausen-by-proxy for outside attention.

  27. Thanks Eric, this point needs to be made continuously. It’s why I have noted my own colds on here as well. People get sick and get better. Sometimes they don’t, especially when old, frail, or subject to any number of co-morbities. None of this has changed from time immemorial.

    The whole scamdemic narrative was/is full of holes that the pushers don’t even try to patch. Like how the shots needed cryogenic storage but then you could get them at a McDonalds. Or how the “variants” were carefully delineated, with scary sounding names, then they weren’t. Today, we’re back to just “Doofy-doof.” Notice the “19” has been dropped as catching a cold from FIVE!!! years ago is totally, facially ridiculous.

    Despite all this, folks persist in the superstition. Those that benefit from it in some way, perhaps. To paraphrase a saying, I fear some who are pretending to be asleep will never be awakened. Sometimes I have the will to refute them, sometimes I don’t, and sometimes I just don’t feel like it. I know I can’t retain the necessary level of outrage and I’ve got better things to do.

    • Thanks, back, Funk!

      I agree on the necessity of never letting this go- so that it will never (hopefully) happen again.

      PS: I’m over the cold now. Just like always.

    • The control group wants to keep the slaves stupid and weak….if they were strong and could think straight, they would be dangerous.

      If you make the slaves sick, you can get rich off them in the allopathic medical system…..

      ban all meat…part of the cull….make them eat insects….

      The history of the anti meat agenda…


    • Heck anonymous, my doctor said the clinic he worked in was not equipped to handle a cut on my forehead and said I should go to emergency! All they used was some crazy glue and one of those tension bandages to hold it in position, some doctor I got.

      • For, ‘next time’:

        Herbal Stitches

        [Can’t post a direct link, ya gotta scroll down]

        “We have blended Natures organic material to create a blood stopping Wound Care powder!

        This is a proprietary blend of : Comfry Root Powder, Slippery Elm Powder, Myrth Powder, Bayberry Root Powder, Garlic Powder This blend has shown extremely helpful in many a wounds that may have needed stiches.

        This is a dry pack product, meaning you just pack the powder on the wound and apply pressure until it stops bleeding. Then wrap if necessary, wrapping larger wounds could help in healing. Apply daily or as needed. Do not mess with the powder already in / on the wound. This mixture has shown to be extremely beneficial in the care of large and small wounds without stitches.”



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