You Can Never Be Free When You Cannot Own

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The most evil of all taxes – the tax on property – is evil not so much because it takes but rather because of what it precludes. That being even the possibility of ever owning your home and land. Which is of course precisely what this tax is meant to do – the money-stealing being an incidental benefit to the government which steals it. 

The real benefit – to the government – is establishing the principle (and the fact) that no one will ever be able to fully, truly own their home and land. That the government owns all land. The property tax establishes the proper relationship – that of renter and landlord.

The government being the the lord of the land.

This analogy is historically accurate as the property tax dates back to feudal times, when the lord – the medieval era’s equivalent of a county supervisor today – sent an assessor to gauge a landholder’s ability to pay. This was based on the value of his land and other holdings. Thus was the principle established that the lord – and not you – fundamentally owned the land. Which you were permitted to retain possession of so long as you paid the taxes demanded, establishing your status as a tenant. 

This loathsome business migrated to Great Britain’s American colonies and – startlingly – it was not done away with when the colonies became independent from Great Britain. Like chattel slavery, the property tax was not confronted by the founding generation as preposterously antithetical to the core ideas expressed by the Declaration of Independence. 

Well, implied by it.

And therein lies the rub.

The Declaration is poetry, not straight talk. Jefferson wrote beautifully but imprecisely. The “pursuit of happiness” sounds wonderful – but what does it mean, exactly? How does one reach a state of happiness when one is perpetually beholden to the lamprey that is government? How can one object to the ugly practice of owning human beings when the government lays claim to the property of human beings? Put another way, if it is wrong to own another human being, then how can it be right to assert ownership over another human being’s property? 

Are they not merely different expressions of the same principle?

The slave is owned, physically (and legally) possessed by another person – his owner.  The tax slave is also possessed – just less obviously because less immediately.

He is permitted the illusion that he is his own man  – mark the italics. But he is denied full ownership of anything that would establish that he is a free man, i.e., his home and the land it sits on. If he is denied the right to own such property – as by being compelled to make regular payments of money to its in-fact owner – then what does he own, exactly? 

His physical person?

This is a fiction, though perhaps a more palatable one. He is free, it is true, to move about at will – though even this degree of freedom is being systematically taken away. But of what use is this freedom when he can never call even a single square foot of dirt his own to stand on, beholden to none?

He is free – to work. He is not free to keep that which is produced as the result of his work. The only distinction between this state of affairs and the position of the chattel slave is that in the case of the latter, the lord/master steals everything the slave produces while in the case of the former, the “free” man is permitted to retain a portion of the fruits of his labors.

The slave is in some ways more meaningfully free than the “free” man. He does not own the hut he sleeps in – and knows it. This being a manifestation of psychological freedom. He does not have to pay “taxes” in order to be allowed to live in the hut, which is also freeing in a way.  

The “free” man is in bondage – to the fiction that he owns the house he occupies.

He is deluded by the trappings of ownership, such as a piece of paper that says it’s his. But what is the worth of such a piece of paper in view of the fact that no matter how much he pays in “taxes” on that house, his obligation to continue paying as a condition of occupancy never ends? 

This is how the tax on property differs from the tax on income – which ends when one no longer earns a taxable income. Which happy state of affairs would be possible to reach if one were not obliged to continue paying property taxes on one’s home and the land it sits on – without end. Which obliges one to earn income in order to pay them.

Chattel slavery – the obvious form of slavery – made many of the slave-owning founders (among them Jefferson) uneasy. For they understood the contradiction – the hypocrisy – of writing poetry about freedom while denying it to some people.

What they did not understand, most of them (Jefferson may have) was that by carrying on the British feudal tradition of taxing a man’s home and the land it sits on, they denied real freedom to everyone.

. . .

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  1. Hi Numberone,
    I’m familiar with that site; what the city of Waltham has done is an abomination, never mind the outrageous cost to their tax cattle when it’s finally finished. I’ve been to retreats there, and our kids went to summer camp there, many years ago. Was a quiet, bucolic place for getting close to nature and now it’s gone forever; may a plague be on the heads of the city politicians.

  2. Eric – your posit that property “taxes” are tantamount to collection of rents by the landlord of “last resort”, the Government, for “services” that are undefined, unaccountable, and perhaps not even wanted, is well-taken. Certainly the “Government”, by assuming this de facto role as “landlord”, has, in effect, seized ALL so-called “private” property, it simply permits its use (which is often subjected to unreasonable and capricious restrictions, a subject for another thread) as long as the “rent” is paid in a timely manner.

    This also segues into another issue, that of “Eminent Domain”. It was first used to justify taking of lands for “publick” utilities such as highways and roads, and RAILROADS, on the theory of “public benefit”. Of course, this gave enormous potential for profit by outright banditry, as often lands stolen via the eminent domain process have been, once said highway or road is built, are sold to real estate developers. And never mind the history of railroads, who, like Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame, realized at some point they weren’t really in their ostensible business, that of running a rail line, but the REAL ESTATE business, as such notable outfits as Southern Pacific (which spawned Sprint Communications) are some of the nation’s largest players. Nothing like that railroad “right of way”, made of property taken via seizure from their former owners, to make a fortune out of! But why should railroads “sop up all the gravy”? The most overt form of this government-sponsored theft was demonstrated with the Kelo SCOTUS decision, where that gaggle of nine magistrates ruled, that yes, a municipality could exercise Eminent Domain not merely for ostensibly “public” objectives like a sewage plant or freeway, but to foster “economic development” that would foster overall greater economic activity and increase tax (property and/or sales) tax revenues to said municipality. So, a “holdout”, especially some elderly person who simply wanted to live out their lives on THEIR property as they saw fit, could be robbed by their governments to benefit others. The message was simple: you hold “your” property at the SUFFERENCE of the PTB until “they” decide a “better” use for it, and be glad for what they deign to “compensate” you with. Who says “Feudalism” was part of Medieval history?

    And, Eric, if the process of taking or infringing “private” property has, in effect, rendered it null and w/o protection of the law, then what of the INCOME tax? If the Government decrees that it has a legal right to your earnings as you acquire them, then, in effect, the 13th Amendment prohibiting “slavery” is also rendered null, as the question becomes merely to what percentage you’re working for the Government instead of yourself.

    Yes, there will be those that say that taxes are a necessary evil, but they’re still ‘evil’. And why are they NECESSARY at all? What “services” does Government actually render that cannot also be provided in the private sector in a market economy? It seems that when this country got started, the involvement of Government at all levels was quite minimal compared to what we have. And yet our forefathers risked everything and fought His Majesty’s soldiers over the “Intolerable” Acts. Amazing what we “tolerate” these days.

  3. Allodial titles did and do exist in Virginia. A property was recently sold on the James River with true Allodial title. It was also brought up in federal court in regard to a property here in Bent Mountain. This property was a land grant from the King and had been in the family continuously. The pipeline and the Commonwealth won the easement because the rights were said to have been vacated by the woman’s grandfather when he voluntarily began paying Roanoke County property taxes decades before.

    • Hi Ben!

      Yes, I recall discussing this. I cannot imagine anyone voluntarily paying property taxes, but I suppose there are people who feel obliged. Regardless, how that vacates the title rights mentioned eludes me. Of course, it only matters that the government declares it to be so. Then it becomes “the law” and so much for that.

      Great to have you with us!

      • Hi Eric

        Maybe the rulers pushed everybody into putting all their money into real estate is because:

        The money can’t leave the country, it is trapped, if it was in gold, it might leave,

        it creates a huge amount of revenue through taxes,

        it is easy to confiscate, the owner doesn’t really own the real estate, they get only fee simple title, not allodial title, so it can be confiscated.

      • The “Commonwealth” would have found another excuse. Likely that all grants from the King of England, or, after 1707, of Great Britain and Ireland were null and void once Virginia had declared its independence from same, and successfully concluded the treaty in 1783 (note: the other 13 “colonies” did same, all were recognized as separate NATIONS, we also often forget that Vermont stayed an independent country until 1791).

  4. Then there’s property tax assessment. The value of something is established only when a buyer and seller agree on the price. Some jackass comes along and says the home you paid $100k for forty years ago is now worth $500k because…reasons. Horseshit.

    And of course the least legitimate level of governance; the HOA. Don’t get me started.

    • I’m ok with the HOA, only because it’s voluntary. You don’t like the rules or the monthly payment? Well, you know about them beforehand, so don’t buy a house there. Unlike property tax, you have a choice and you can choose to not participate.

      • It is difficult not to “participate” in a HOA in Florida. The choice land is bought up by developers who then gouge home buyers using their semi-monopoly. When moving to FL I expected to find a lot and build a custom “dream” home. That’s what I was able to accomplish up North, but not here. My experience with HOAs has lead me to warn folks moving here to avoid if possible – unless one is enamored with the idea of another layer of government. Got to run now – have to respond to The Board for my “dirty sidewalk”.

        • libertyx,
          You are totally “right on ” with the FL HOA garbage.
          I’m blowing out to the Dominican Republic very soon.
          No property tax on property up to 200k US….over that 1% of assessed value annually.
          OK I get that the WEF is out to destroy the remaining middle class and they can “buy off” the DR gov with bags of money at will, but in the meantime I will practice my lifelong habit of “cost avoidance”…
          Furthermore the place has beaucoup Local Supply Chains….Salcedo area eastern Cibao Valley….Rocks!

          Ps.. Check out the roving vegetable sellers coming out of Imokalee ….you can score a pickup truck bed of tomatoes for 50 bucks!….
          Spend the next 10 hrs processing them and you have Awesome tomato sauce for the season.
          Good luck.

    • The value of a house depends on how much the bank figures it wants to lend on that house, usually the bank’s risk is backed up by the government (taxpayers) so they could care less how much they lend, they collect interest and fees, push the values to the moon (usually with government…..taxpayer paid buyer incentives), who cares, a huge ponzi scheme.

      Maybe the rulers pushed everybody into putting all their money into real estate is because:

      The money can’t leave the country, it is trapped, if it was in gold, it might leave,

      it creates a huge amount of revenue through taxes,

      it is easy to confiscate, the owner doesn’t really own the real estate, they get only fee simple title, not allodial title, so it can be confiscated.

    • Oh, it gets even better. Due to the recent run-up in property values, there’s actually been a scheme floated to ALREADY collect this “capital gain” on YOUR property as ordinary taxable income. The other scheme to tap into higher property values is to devise a “fair market value” for the “RENT” you’d otherwise be paying for your home! However, from WHOM would it be presumed that you’d be “renting” from? The idea would be to levy that incremental difference between your mortgage interest and property taxes combined as taxable income. And see how insidious this legal flim-flammery is? If the state is the ultimate landlord, then the “income” devised is the money you’ve been “stealing” from them! If it’s still you, then it’s “unreported income”. Comes down to the socialist notion that private property is an oxymoron.

      And if you protest this, well, there was twenty square meters of living space in your master suite…if anything, “The Committee” was overly ‘generous’ with you!

      • you don’t even own the bloody property, they don’t care they will rob you anyways…….the owner doesn’t really own the real estate, they get only fee simple title, not allodial title………..get a boat and anchor it, (no property tax), you are better off, a 40 ft. sailboat can go to anywhere you want, (escape), plus free food (fish)……

        • Only if said vessel is capable of navigating the high seas to GTFO. At least the wealthy of Havana, when Castro (long before he knocked up the Canadian PM’s wife and produced the bullying brat infesting the PM’s residence in Ottowa these days) and his men took over, had boats they could run to on New Year’s Eve and make it to Key West.

          • The record is sailing around the world in a small boat is in a 21 foot sailboat.

            There is lots of 40 foot sailboats that can sail anywhere, something like 50 feet and up is probably more comfortable.

            The reason for a sailboat is for one fuel savings, a power boat burns too much fuel, you would need a larger power boat to have the stability of a sailboat.

            Sailboats are built stronger, they ride better in heavy seas partly because they have deep keels for stability. They are real freedom, you can go anywhere in the world, the only way to escape.

            Buy a sailboat, learn how to sail. Anchor it, live on it, no property tax or rent.

            Power boats are useless, burn huge amounts of fuel, what if you can’t buy any fuel?

            The most extreme sport in the world sailing around the world in a ten foot boat…..


            • A 60 foot Hatteras power boat gets 0.4 miles per gallon it has a 1750 gallon tank, so it can go 700 miles, now you see the problem, you would need a huge power boat carrying over 7000 gallons of fuel to go 3700 miles from the U.S. to Hawaii, it is 6000 miles to Asia from the U.S., without refueling you would need over 12,000 gallons of fuel, diesel weighs 7 lb per gallon , that is 84,000 lb of fuel about 42 tons of fuel, the boat only weighs 74,000 lb, 37 tons.
              12,000 gallons of fuel, if diesel costs $3.00 a gallon that is $36,000.00 for fuel.

              Forget about it, you can cross the Pacific in a sailboat with zero fuel.

  5. We’re taxed for making money (income),
    We’re taxed for spending money (sales), and depending on what we buy,
    We’ve taxed yearly for having made the purchase (Home, car, registration, etc).

    Now, I like knowing someone will show up to put out a fire, or handle a traffic wreck, and any follow on court cases, and make sure where I’m eating is clean and not serving dog. For these reasons, and others, I understand the need for taxes. Just not multiple types of taxation.

    There will be disagreement, but I suggest eliminating all but the income tax — while removing many of the “breaks”. Why? Because those making the most money and benefiting the most from our economic system should be the ones to support that system the most.

    • BlahBlahBlah:

      I believe you are bit misguided. The government does not effectively “put out a fire, or handle a traffic wreck, and any follow on court cases, and make sure where I’m eating is clean and not serving dog.” The government charges (through taxes) an enormous amount of money and does a very shitty job of these things. It’s sad to say that the best work the government does is likely through the Post Office. To get this service, you have to also pay for it through postage.

      • Don’t see where I’m “misguided”. Never said the government performed these tasks “effectively”. Just that, “I like knowing someone will show up to put out a fire, or handle a traffic wreck, and any follow on court cases, and make sure where I’m eating is clean and not serving dog.”

        We are better off having these systems as they are, than not having them at all. Hence, we need to pay taxes in some way. Property taxes establish Emminent Domain and sales taxes punish buyers so the seller can be taxed again with income taxes. I just cut out the middleman in my suggestion, eliminated property and sales taxes, and settled on one form — income tax.

    • Blahblahblah,
      The government has not built the economic system which creates wealth- they just hobble it and take from those who participate in it. Why should one man who manages tro earn $14 Million have to pay several million dollars in taxes, even though he is only one man, and if he has a big house or big fambly or a business, he pays a lot to support those entities- while a guy who makes $50K a year and is only one man gets to pay our overlords “only” maybe $15K…while the guiy who does NOTHING gets to have the wages of others distributed to himself and his children for their support?

      Think about it: If you are responsible and support yourself and what is yours, and provide opportunities for others by creating wealth…you are punished by having your wealth confiscated- and it is considered a “CRIME” to keep what is yours…but if you do NOTHING, that is just fine, and you are rewarded with free use “of the infrastructure and economic system”, and given a reward to support the sprogs you should never have had- though you contribute nothing, and create no wealth, but on the contrary, are a drain on society. That is SICK!

      And why should it be any of the government’s business as to how much we earn? What gives them the right to make such an inquiry? That right there is a violation of our Fourth and Fifth Amendment right- requiring that one narc on themself on pain of economic and physical punishment.

      If you can not keep what is yours, and not even have the privacy to keep such financial information private, you are just as much a slave as any nigger on a plantation in 1840….

      • The reality of what the government does with taxes……

        something you have to understand about governments everywhere, they are thieves stealing taxpayers money, they have their hands on the money coming in from taxes, fines or money they borrow, so they steal some and never get caught, they are in control, untouchable. money ends up in their offshore accounts and accounts of friends and family.

        Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

        mullin’s quote
        people refuse to believe that we are governed by criminals. I refer you to the opinion of one of the most famous FBI agents, Charlie Winstead, the man who gunned down John Dillinger. In his book, “The Bureau”, William C. Sullivan quotes Charlie Winstead as saying, (P.27),

        “When I investigate a man and prove he’s a criminal, if he doesn’t already work for the government, they’ll hire him. If he already has a government job, once they hear he’s a crook they’ll promote him. The criminals in Congress only feel comfortable with other criminals.”

        We could not ask for a more qualified source, nor for a more apropos phrase than “the criminals in Congress.” The criminals enact into law program after program to reward their fellow-criminals, and to rob and enslave the workers of America. Anyone who gets in their way is disposed of by the “majesty of the law.

        • I use to work for the government. Why anyone would want to give more power to the same people that work at the DMV is beyond me.

          • The “kind of people that work at the DMV” aren’t the types that run for or get elected to public office. A great deal of them are LAWYERS, GREEDY lawyers, who seek to rob the public Treasury for their own benefit, b/c, like famed bank robber Willie Sutton, they know WHERE the MONEY is.

      • The 16th Amendment, until it is revoked, states: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

        I don’t like it either, but now it’s part of the Constitution.

        To address your other points. Rarely does someone build their wealth by themselves. They use knowledge from previous generations, tools created and shipped from elsewhere, roads and vehicles to distribute their products, etc, etc, etc. Paying part of their profit to build, support, and protect these systems shouldn’t be a problem. What seems to anger you is that the government is using money taken from individuals labors and giving it to those who don’t labor — but that’s a different subject and should be addressed under misuse of government funds.

  6. Although in principle any taxing of property is wrong, I doubt I would think much of it if not for the fact that almost all of the ransom I pay (half a dozen bills from the county every year) goes to finance crappy schools for other people’s kids.

  7. If you do not have alloidial title do you really “own” that house or property

    What we have is Fee Simple title.

    The “Fee” refers to ‘fief’. We’re Serfs.

    Property taxes exist for the same reason zoning laws exist…because no matter what you ‘thought’ you owned, you don’t actually own anything!

    The term is “Alloidal Title”. It means that the owner of such title has first claim on ownership of that land preceding all other claimants.

    In the United States Alloidal Title is retained by the Government. So you can forget all that “Here, Sir, the people rule” stuff. Furthermore of note, you might understand that this indicates the government is sovereign …and not the people, as widely proclaimed.

    So, what kind of title do you have in the United States?

    With a few exceptions you have what is called “Fee Simple Title”.

    It means that the orignal owner, the sovereign, NOT YOU, may encumber your temporary possession of the land with any number of demands.

    The Sovereign may demand rent. The Sovereign may demand taxes. The Sovereign may restrict the use of the land to only a few (or a single) use. Or the Sovereign may demand military or domestic service such as a draft…or registration thereto…in return for tenancy. And the Sovereign may take back the land at any time (see Emminent Domain). In historical contexts Sovereigns have even demanded sexual services for themselves…and for their supporters, officers, and bureaucrats (see Prima Noctus).

    But what does the term “Fee Simple” mean?

    Well…and you probably won’t like this… the “Fee” part refers to the nature of the estate which holds the title. Fee refers to a feudal fief.

    The second part “Simple” refers to the type of ownership interest the estate holds: Simple or Simple Conditional.

    So, if this clashes with what you learned in school about the American Revolution, “Of, For, and By the People”, immigration for “Free Land”, “Popular Sovereignty” and all that… Perhaps you should challenge those beliefs. Alternatively…the government has some explaining to do.

    Regardless, in the Colonial period and until the 1840’s real property was held much as other property – and could easily be traded in its entirety free of traditional encumbrances. Since then? Yes…but, as noted, with encumbrances by the property’s “Ultimate” owner…which is not the person who purchased it.

    Now that there are passports and travel may be restricted for taxes…

    Well, it appears that…


    satan klaus…..claus schwabb the nwo says you will own nothing and be happier
    ( but already don’t own).

  8. BaDnOn,

    I’m opposed to vouchers too, because it’s still taxpayer funded, i.e. $$$ stolen from people to pay for it. I’d like to see schooling returned to private hands. Whether that’s by home schooling, a community cooperative, private schools, or religious schools, I’d like to see the public schools eliminated.

    I don’t think that’ll ever happen, considering Carnegie, Rockefeller, and the other TPTB of the time were behind public schools. Not only were the schools designed to create obedient workers (George Carlin); they were created as a long term tool to usher in the NWO, or The Great Reset. The whole system is set to condition people. If you read John Taylor Gatto’s book, “The Underground History of American Education”, it’s an EYE OPENER! Once you dig in to the history behind gov’t schools, you’ll never look at things the same again. Once you see the puppet strings, you can’t unsee them…

    • Gatto is a magnificent read- I’ll second you on that! Well worth the time. At one time you could read it for free a chapter at a time on his web site.

    • Back in the day, circa 2005 or so, I was on a Miata forum discussing school shootings. Of course the liberals were under the impression that school shootings were on the rise.

      I was able (at the time, but data has since been removed from the interwebz) to show the data suggested that there has been no increase or decrease in school shootings SINCE, wait for it, wait for it, compulsory government schools.

      • Hi liberty,

        Yup. Government schools are a foundational cause of the problems which beset us. The kids are alienated from their parents, indoctrinated and conditioned by strangers – and the parents (plural) made to finance it through taxes. If freed from these taxes, the one-earner household would be much more feasible again and parents could raise and teach their kids rather than government agents. Families – communities – would be stronger again. People would feel less disconnected and alienated. And once again, people would be encouraged to look after their own – and have the power to do so – rather than looking to the government, over which they have no power.

        • Kids would actually be EDUCATED if their parents were directly responsible for said education. Presuming that they’d grow up ignorant brats is the same arrogance to justify the “need” for a “service” of dubious worth, neither requested for nor the proficiency directly accounted for. It’s no different that presuming that parents would tend to fail to properly house, feed, and clothe their offspring, and not give them proper supervision.

          Have parents been known to fail in their obligations? Of course, and since the dawn of time, the accountability was resolved largely within the families themselves or within their local communities, usually the Church. There were such things as orphanages and “foundling” homes for children either abandoned or left with parents unable or unwilling to care for them. And I don’t recall that before we had this enormous bureaucracy of schools, with the attendant burden of taxation falling largely upon property owners, that professions lacked for educated, qualified personnel. If anything, the present Government-run system has supplied an EXCESS of CREDENTIALED graduates, and as for their “education” and/or proficiency…well, compare even an Eighth-Grade “Grammar School” final examination (to obtain a certificate of graduation) that today, many high school SENIORS couldn’t do! My favorite, just to give an idea that the primary and secondary school systems were once expected to do their job, was an ENTRANCE examination, from 1946, into the prestigious Moscow State (yes, THAT ‘state’) University…ergo, this was what, at the time, and just after the travails of the “Great Patriotic War”, that the Soviet Union’s “educators” expected of an eighteen-year-old kid coming out of THEIR schools?

          Methinks the entire education system in the USA has, especially with the mountain of student loan debt, become an unsustainable “bubble” that either must be “popped” under somewhat controlled conditions, or it’ll “explode” ANYWAY.

      • Indeed, mandatory public education is the longest running and most successful psyop in history. The founders themselves openly stated their purpose of creating a docile obedient work force.

  9. The schools seem to be the root of many evils. Recently we had a meeting in our community where the PTB were proposing a new 5g cell tower. The first part of the presentation consisted of some sad sack mommy crying how her kid couldn’t do homework during the lock down. How she had to sit outside in the cold to get wi-fi, or how they had to leave their front door open for a cell signal. Cry me a river.

    Even though about 80% of the community vehemently spoke out against the tower, the county has decided to let it proceed. The county ignored their own zoning, ignored requirements for a variance on an L1 overlay and will be putting this tower up next to a gas station and propane filling station. Meanwhile we plebes aren’t allowed build with shipping containers, or any other type building material that doesn’t meet their definition of ‘Site built.’ Meaning a pile of sticks that cost a fortune, and rots in the humidity of our riparian climate.

    The 5g tower will pay the landowner about 7k month, if what I read is true. He ran for commissioner and lost. No doubt he donated copious amounts of filthy lucre to the (s)elected officials.

    At this point I don’t know whether to proceed with what I want to build, basically raising the black flag, full on and going to war, or just look at other places. This is what happens when a place fills up with blue state refugees. It’s a cautionary tale for those of you who still live outside the reservations.

    And yes I have paid through the wazoo. 20k over ten years in property tax, for a small house on five acres that cost me 100k. Meanwhile turd worlders filling up my state pay nothing and receive everything, for free.

    White men better unite and realize they want us all dead. No other way to put it. I’m guessing about 50% have realized this. Which is better than the the five percent of us who have known this for decades. We still need to get to 90%. At that point we hold the power. Nothing to lose once our backs are to the wall, All the useless eaters really seem to like their modern civilization and conveniences. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it.

    • Norm,

      It sounds like you had one of those professional “facilitators” do the meeting. These pros can make you feel included, like you have a say, all while guiding the agenda to get what TPTB want. This is common, particularly for implementing Agenda 2030 items. Since 5G is part of that; since it’s part of the “Smart Cities” vision; it wouldn’t surprise me that one of these “facilitators” came in to do this. The fact that the tower land owner and the local pols benefitted is icing on the cake for these a’holes…

      • Marky,

        The pro side did have the feel of a professional production. Had we realized that it was a lead pipe cinch, many of us probably wouldn’t have been all civil like.

        My bigger problem is should I sue the county, just ignore them and do what I want, accepting the consequences, or leave? I’m within 1/4 mile of this proposed abomination. They haven’t broke ground yet so maybe a Seldom Seen Smith will appear.

        They would deny me what they give the big boys with a wave and a nod and a slap on the back. I’m pretty sure I have some standing. The issue seems to be a lack of equal justice under law. We all know what a joke that has become.

        • It is long past time to start using guerilla tactics against these f*$kers.

          Perhaps an extended environmental review will find spotted owl feathers or snail darters on the site of the proposed microwave irradiator. Or they could discover that the whole area is a sacred burial ground.

          Fight dirty or leave. There is no middle ground any more- I doubt there ever has been. And I recommend the dirty fight. They’ve been doing it to us for roughly ever.

          My 2 sandwich fiat quarters worth.

    • nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% lockdowns, cgi v…….s, 5g

      5G Roll-out Facing one Trillion dollar Class Action Lawsuit

      The very essence of the 5G roll-out, as well as the manner in which 5G is currently being deployed across the USA and worldwide, are patently illegal, unlawful and illicit according to many generally accepted legal principles and standards.

      This extremely dangerous interstate deployment of 5G is being conducted in such a way that it clearly violates the U.S. Constitution as well as various federal laws, state statutes, county codes and city ordinances. Such an inherently harmful power grid also transgresses international law, natural law, universal law, divine law and scriptural law.

      KEY POINT: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION: Why is the UN’s health watchdog allowing humanity’s health to be put in such great danger with 5G and other EMF assaults?

      the WHO is run by the china/ccp and gates, makes billions from 5 G rollout.

      Every country in the world signed on with the WHO, the WHO controls all health regulations in your country, that is how you end up with masking, lockdowns, forced experimental injections, etc., your politicians were bribed a lot to go along with this. the WHO is run by the china/ccp and gates, these bastards are running your so called health care system ….

      The foisting of 5G digital cellular networks on cities and communities throughout the United States is likewise a clear violation of human rights, civil rights, constitutional rights and natural rights.

      In other words, 5G in it’s current form is a “A Clear Violation of Everything”!

      An interesting point is insurance companies will not insure 5G, they are uninsurable. what do the insurance companies know?

      they are rushing to install them before the lawsuits take all their money.

      getting 5g installed is the first priority for the nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% reset

      because 5g is being installed for total 24/7 surveilance when hooked up to satelites, and to connect you to the cloud to data mine and control you.

      hitler used zyklon b gas. gates is using deadly inj//ec…..tions. plus 5g

      These new v……s are not v………s, installing gmo mrna technology, chips, nano wires, nano metal particles. is not a v………e

      the combination of injecting metal nano particles and then applying high intensity 5g emf which makes the metal move around inside your organs to cause shearing (shearing rips apart your organs).

      So when one of these injected idiots is driving down the road and gets hit with 60 ghz 5G, gets shearing in it’s organs, brain, drives head on into your vehicle….. they did warn there is a depopulation agenda….

      so use a fake pandemic as cover and to dodge liability. the germ made people sick, not 5g you can’t sue us.

      only three causes of sickness: toxins, deficiencies and trauma

      toxicity and oxygen deficiency can be caused in humans by 5G @ 60GHz.
      the 60 GHz band (used by 5G) affects oxygen. oxygen absorbs a very high percentage (98% on one website) of 60 GHz waves,

      Dana Ashlie explains in this February 2020 video that when the O2 molecules absorb the 60 GHz waves, it affects the spin of their electrons. Changes to these spin frequencies in turn have impacts on human biology.

      It reduces the oxygen molecules’ ability to fully bind with and saturate the hemoglobin in our blood, thus preventing us from fully uptaking oxygen, thus depriving us of fully oxygenating ourselves. (remember the so called cv19 victims couldn’t get air)

      this 5g affect is similar to The effect of zyklon b gas (hydrogen cyanide).
      it is based on the fact that it paralyzes the respiration of every individual cell in the body. Oxygen can no longer be transported from the blood through the cell walls into the cells. As the vital cell functions are thereby starved of oxygen, the animal or human being suffocates. hitler used zyklon b gas.

      and it is easier to install 5g when people are locked up. reason for the lockdowns.

  10. Great article, Eric.

    Also, following this same ideology are building codes. Dictates are passed about what you can and can’t build on your own land, regardless if there is any complaint or not.

    Exactly whose land is it when someone can tell you how it is used? Also, I don’t want to give you plans for what I may build. Why? None of your goddamned business, for one. But two… Private security. Same reason I can’t have plans to the White House. It might jeopardize “national security”, right? Well, giving you details of what I’m doing will jeopardize MY security. Some might learn how to easily break-in, destroy my buildings, etc. So no. I’m not telling you what I’m building.

    • Thanks, BaDnOn!

      One of the things I am grateful for is that I live in a county with no zoning laws. But I still am obliged to seek permission to – as an example – put an addition on my home. Or to dig a septic field – on “my” land. Which affects no one else’s land.

      I pray I live to see the day when enough people decide that a man has a right to own that which he has paid for.

      • In 1989, on the way back from my current county courthouse where I married my now former wife, I spied a property in that county for sale, and bought it. I knew it would have fewer restrictions and lower taxes than the adjoining county where I lived. The first real estate tax I paid on 80 acres, an old house, and a couple of outbuildings was less than I paid on my truck in the neighboring county. When I had a new house built on it, I had to constantly remind both the general contractor, and the subs that there is no building code here. I would ask for a thing, and they would say “that’s against the code”. At which time I would say, “You’re talking to the inspector”.

    • I second that heartily! My property taxes are about $12k/year; considering I only paid $34k for the house in 1974 I’ve probably paid five times and counting the actual cost of the house. I’ve often thought about doing an actual tally of how much has been extorted to date but I’m afraid the result would make me go postal…….not even counting how much was extorted by the insurance mafia during that time.
      Once again Eric, great article regarding our permanent serfdom.

  11. Even in Ancapistan you would likely be paying recurring, contractually agreed to fees for things like private property titling services, private courts, private trash hauling, private police, private fire, private schools (homeschool expenses), etc. You might be able to not acquire such services ever and the cost might be less to a greater or lesser degree based on your circumstances and “competition” to provide such services (competing gov’ts, competing police forces! yeah! uh… wait…hmmm…) but you will still be paying for something like what it represented by property taxes. All that being said, I’ll take my chances in Ancapistan.

    • Anon, that’s called ‘The free-market’- You pay for the services or products you choose to buy, and there is no requirement to buy them or penalty for not buying them. You pay for only that which you actually need and want; and since competition is not restricted by idiotic regulations or the inequalities of politics, you get a good deal (As you are free to choose who you get said services from, or if you get them at all).

      The idea of private courts is not really feasible though, and is one of those ideas being pushed by libertarians which makes libertarianism look ridiculous to many mainstreamers. Think about it: A private court would have no power over anyone who did not voluntarily submit to it- and even if they did voluntarily submit, they still couldn’t be forced to be abide by such a court’s ruling if they didn’t want to- and those who would play nice, would be the ones who wouldn’t need [or want] a court to tell them what to do in the first place.

      Justice in a libertarian world would be effected by the balance of power in a society in which all could be equally armed and free to protect themselves; and by the actions of communities, or by ostracism, etc.

      The picture that some people paint of a libertarian world that would essentially be the same as the one we are now living in, except with CEOs running the show instead of elected politicians, and ‘corporations’ [which would not exist in a truly libertarian world] providing ‘security’ and ‘justice’ and infrastructure, would be no different- and likely even worse than what we now have (Have you ever dealt with private security; HOAs, mediation services; government contractors? Hint: They often make politicians look good by comparison!)

      A true libertarian world would be one in which people deal with nature and each other on an individual, familial, or community level- as opposed to a ‘privatized’ version of the garbage we already have. Trouble is, such a world is not desired by most- not even most libertarians- because it entails responsibility and pays direct consequences or rewards for one’s actions- and does not always provide the luxuries and conveniences which we have become so accustomed to at little or no cost.

      • You are going to rely exclusively on dealing with “family” and “community” to do all of those things? Some, maybe. Imagine having every single transaction in your life run though that lens? Trash hauling, courts? Fuzzy. Very fuzzy. It also stops working at some point.

        My point wasn’t to necessarily debate the particulars of a zero gov’t society vs. gov’t but rather to point out you’re gonna pay either way. The notion that every cent in property tax you paid over forty years is not offset in any way by things you may have needed to acquire from non-gov’t actors in the absence of gov’t or property taxes is oversimplified just not accurate.

        • No one is saying zero Government. Legitimate Government responsibilities should be funded with a tax. Either sales, income, or property. Certainly paying all three, the streets should be paved with gold.

          Legitimate functions of Government; Defend our borders (FAIL), Provide courts to settle controversies over X number of dollars (FAIL), keep the roads in good repair (FAIL).

          Maybe a couple I forgot. Certainly not the draconian overreach we have toady.

          • Hi Norman,

            I think the “nut” of it isn’t so much legitimate government – a subjective term – but rather how government functions are funded. I expect most if not almost all people would support a system for adjudicating disputes/establishing (and defending) contractual agreements and for dealing with the relative handful of actually criminal acts – e.g., physical violence, theft, extortion. The key is to finance such via anonymous and avoidable sources of revenue. The tax on motor fuels being a good example of what I mean. No paperwork; no invasion of your private financial affairs. And you don’t have to pay the tax (or can adjust how much you pay) according to how much gas you buy.

            A few such taxes would cover the legitimate functions of government.

            • Hi Eric.

              You’re right, it all comes down to how it’s funded. Sales/consumption tax seems to be an honest, straightforward, and accountable way to fund Legitimate government activities.

              This only works if all the other taxes are eliminated. Unfortunately you also need an honest populace. Not the 75%-80% we have today, who always want something for nothing.

            • That’ll be $1,500 a gallon, sir, including $1,496 in taxes. And if you want or need to drive, like you might want or need a home, you’ll pay it. But you’ll be “free” or something then.

              • Thats just silly, 1500$ a gallon gas. In that instance we would all brew up our own fuel, or go back to horses, or something.

                The only reason the gift of limited government failed, was the lack of diligence by our fathers and grandfathers. And yes, maybe Zero government could be feasible, if we all went back to caves again.

                And thats the problem, it seems we are forever offered only two choices on the extreme ends of the spectrum. I don’t know what they call that, but it goes hand in glove with controlled opposition.

                • People years ago would’ve said the same thing about $1500 or $15000 annual property taxes, which are common amounts depending on where you live. People could choose homelessness to avoid that, but they don’t. Go figure. Point being, though, the gov’t is going to get it from you somehow. Per Mises, the middle of the road always leads to socialism. In the US, the evidence bears this out.

          • Why not zero gov’t? Look at how the experiment in limited government has worked out. Either you believe in the free market or you don’t.

            The libertarian is also eminently realistic because he alone understands fully the nature of the State and its thrust for power. In contrast, it is the seemingly far more realistic conservative believer in “limited government” who is the truly impractical utopian. This conservative keeps repeating the litany that the central government should be severely limited by a constitution…. The idea of a strictly limited constitutional State was a noble experiment that failed, even under the most favorable and propitious circumstances….No, it is the conservative laissez-fairist, the man who puts all the guns and all the decision-making power into the hands of the central government and then says, “Limit yourself”; it is he who is truly the impractical utopian. – Murray Rothbard

        • Exactly, Randy. There would be zero difference, because such is what we already have. In a true libertarian world, there would be no corporations, bnecause there would be no government offer protection from liability, subsidies, and government contracts to these ‘businessmen’.

          As you can see by just some of the above discussion, most people, even many who advocate freedom, do not actually want a world of strict liability where we all must do for ourselves on a local level. They want the freedom, but not the actual ways that guarantee and produce freedom.

          The elite and the Fuckerbergs et al know this well…so they keep all supplied with bread and circuses…err….gadgets.

          • It’s true that in a zero gov’t world there would be no opportunity for cronyism. Humans would still cooperate and possibly organize into large entities or institutions that could wield outsized power in society.

            It’s important to keep the plumb line definition of libertarianism in mind. It has nothing to do with morality, size, scale, local, foreign, etc. Those are additional conceptions that seem to reflect the zeitgeist of this site.

            –Libertarianism is not and does not pretend to be a complete moral, or aesthetic theory; it is only a political theory, that is, the important subset of moral theory that deals with the proper role of violence in social life. Political theory deals with what is proper or improper for government to do, and government is distinguished from every other group in society as being the institution of organized violence. Libertarianism holds that the only proper role of violence is to defend person and property against violence, that any use of violence that goes beyond such just defense is itself aggressive, unjust, and criminal. Libertarianism, therefore, is a theory which states that everyone should be free of violent invasion, should be free to do as he sees fit except invade the person or property of another. What a person does with his or her life is vital and important, but is simply irrelevant to libertarianism.

            It should not be surprising, therefore, that there are libertarians who are indeed hedonists and devotees of alternative lifestyles, and that there are also libertarians who are firm adherents of “bourgeois” conventional or religious morality. There are libertarian libertines and there are libertarians who cleave firmly to the disciplines of natural or religious law. There are other libertarians who have no moral theory at all apart from the imperative of non-violation of rights. That is because libertarianism per se has no general or personal moral theory. — Murray Rothbard

      • Every single government is predicated on its assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. They cannot function without that authority. How is it that a private court, that both parties have contractually agreed to abide, is inferior to a government run court? Where no one asks if you agree to abide, they just hold a gun to your head and force you. Are there abundant problems in a government free system? Of course. There are far more abundant and far more serious problems in a government system. The thing is, people left free to think tend to solve problems without a gun to their heads.

        • But that would only work if we were in caves! Such extremism suggests you are controlled opposition like Mr. Libertarian. I mean, who would lock us down when someone got the sniffles? Or go to war to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine?

          • Were you talking to me? Cause I’m the furthest thing from controlled opposition. The point I was trying to make is libertarianism only works with a self sufficient populace. It needs to a resounding majority of the populace as well.
            The power elite would rather kill us all, dragging us back to the Stone Age (caves) than cede one ounce of their power. The only way it ends is one side or another is exterminated.
            They won’t be happy to simply let us walk away.

            • You said zero gov’t could be feasible if we all went back to caves again. You should study up on libertarian doctrine. Some smart folks have been thinking’ on this for decades now. Check out Harry Browne’s anti-freedom traps as well.

              • I actually voted for harry brown, back when I voted. I have no problem living in a libertarian society, it would be far preferable to anything we’ve had since the civil war. Problem is you need a paradigm shift in human nature to achieve it. Maybe the poison injections are the black swan we need. Time will tell.

                • Any society can work, and likely work well, as long as membership is voluntary. Whereupon you have people living agreeably together under rules they can at least tolerate. It’s that gun to the head thing that screws it up. The vote of one’s feet and wallet cannot be fraudulent.

              • Indeed, Trending –

                The fallacy-criticism of libertarianism is that it promises utopia; a “perfect” society. I know of no serious libertarian who says so. Rather, we say it would be preferable – better, morally as well as actually – that bad things happen sometimes to a few people rather than bad things happening to everyone, systematized and bureaucratized.

                Risk (bad things happening) will always exist. Tt also exists – pervasively – in collectivist-authoritarian societies because the presumption of risk (that something bad may happen) is used to justify the imposition of bad things, absent them actually happening. Ticketing people for “speeding” being one of many examples I’ve used to make the point. The “masks” (and Jabs) being just a more rabid elaboration of the same.

                In a libertarian society, it is possible my neighbor will steal my chickens. But I’d rather run the risk of dealing with him over that than dealing with the government which steals my money and lays claim to my land and my life.

            • Hi Norman,

              I admire Jefferson (and Paine) most among the founding generation because of their idealism – which I think should always be kept in mind as the goal, even if it is never reached. I think many of us would be ecstatic if the clock could be dialed back to 1990, even. More sanity – and liberty – being always preferable to less. The conundrum is that what Rand styled a “mixed” system inevitably trends toward less sanity and liberty. It may well be a binary thing – a function of the acceptance or rejection of certain principles, such as whether it is ever ok to “tax” someone compulsorily. If it is, then it is inevitable such compulsion will wax until it encompasses everything – as it has.

              I think we’ll only recover the sort of liberty (and sanity) many of us desire in the wake of a moral awakening. When most people accept that no one has a claim on anyone else. That we each own ourselves exclusively – and all that follows from acceptance of this principle.

              • Hi Eric,

                I agree with what you said. The kinds of systems we talk about here are only suitable for a moral people. Sadly, moral men in America are rare. Not that we don’t exist in significant numbers, we do, we’re just scattered by the wind, too busy chasing out our destinys to organize IRL.

                I think this is slowly changing as the coming storm will require some level of cooperation and organization in order to survive.

                The men who tamed this continent had the desire to live and breathe free. Putting it all on the line they waged their lives, honor, and sacred fortunes. Its unfortunate there is no new frontier. We have to make it here.

                I would gladly give up everything I own to go back to 1990. There were always work arounds back then.

      • One town, I think it was in Mexico, threw out all the government workers, politicians, enforcers, the whole works, then they just ran everything themselves, policing, etc., it worked far smoother and the crime rate went to zero.

        • IIRC, Mexico’s president has also cancelled all convid bs.

          No wonder the demons running the media want to castigate Mexico.

          Notice also, no “blockades” at the US southern border.

          • what’s with this? the leader must have the best security in the world………..

            nicaragua is doing great with no lockdowns, mandates or masks, it was the freest nation in the world no lockdowns, no mandates, no injections, nothing.

  12. My property tax is creeping up to the level that used to be my mortgage payment. Meanwhile county employees (our property tax is paid to the county) have a retirement plan that most of us can only dream of. I can move, but the house won’t and some other poor soul will be stuck paying. We are all serfs.

  13. “The Declaration is poetry, not straight talk. Jefferson wrote beautifully but imprecisely.”

    We lawyers call this tendency “constructive ambiguity”…or, when being less charitable, “weasel words“. The Constitution is worse: chock-a-block stuffed with weasel words, but without the poetry!

    The very worst, of course, is the Bill of Rights, which is positively swiss-cheesed with back-out clauses and trick trap-doors.

    Fact is, the “Founding Fathers” had no intent to “liberate” anyone but themselves, and notwithstanding the lofty rhetoric of their movement, their driving motive was to simply take ownership of a tax-farm–not to unyoke the livestock. (The Articles of Confederation came too close to “re-wilding” the beasts, and had to be quickly “fixed”.)

    • “The pursuit of happiness” just like “Make America Great Again” is politician-talk: Words that have no absolute meaning, but which sound good and conjure positive images in the hearer’s head via whatever meaning he imagines; whatever imagery the words conjure in the hearer’s head.

      Man! Just think of all the stupid campaign slogans predicated upon such linguistic bullshittery! From “A chicken in every pot” to “Yes we can”…LOL.

      I’ve always heard that originally, it was supposed to be “Life, liberty, and property” -But I guess that was changed for obvious reasons.

    • I’m familiar with “weasel words”, my employment contract spelled out what my working conditions would be “when practicable”. Guess who got to decide what was practicable? Hint – not me.

  14. I bought some tax-free land a few years ago.
    It was a cemetery plot in a private cemetery.
    I later learned that the county was attempting to levy a property tax on private cemeteries, the reason being that some people were being buried on their own land, then claiming tax exempt on whatever number of acres, thus cheating the government.
    How do you tax dead people, some of them dead for several centuries.
    The owners of the cemetery had to deed it to a local church to avoid the tax.

  15. A couple of Quotes from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn regarding when we become truly free:

    “Freedom spoils, lack of freedom teaches.”

    “then the time has come to reconcile yourself to general work. To tatters. To torn skin on the hands. To a piece of bread which is smaller or worse. And perhaps…to death. But while you are alive, you drag your way along proudly with an aching back. And that is when-when you ceased to be afraid of threats and are not chasing after rewards-you become the most dangerous character in the owl-like view of the bosses. Because…what hold do they have on you?”

    When the day comes that tyrants like the love child of Castro running the great white North takes away your bank accounts and throws the truckers in prison, they have nothing left but their freedom of their souls. That is when the revolution gets really nasty for the tyrants.

  16. In my state, if you own a home you have owned to retirement age and your income doesn’t reach a threshold in dollars, you can file paperwork to be exempt of property taxes personally, the state pays the tax. It’s legislated. You need some help, you’ve lived long enough to deserve some help from somebody.

    After working to age 65, you might not make it to 66 at that age, you take your social security payments, benefits, you paid the tax, the insurance premiums, at that point, you are entitled to the money you paid in to social security, fica.

    Your wages/salary funded the social security monies, not the gov. The gov makes you think you are a burden and are to blame, no, ya nitwits, you are, the gov thieves. Where do you think it all started?

    Yeah, SS is a more of a scam than a legitimate going concern, I don’t care anymore. You roll with the punches for years on end, then the rug gets pulled out from underneath you.

    Lodging tax, beverage tax, property tax, retail sales tax, fees, licensing, municipal services monthly billing, banking fees, it never freaking ends.

    Give me a break.

    What is really galling is when the policeman’s association cold calls you and want you to donate for causes for the police. Don’t I pay taxes to fund the police? Why do you need more money? Huh?

    I keep them on the phone and never commit, never state a reason to not contribute. The next call from them followed, another representative was wanting a donation. In the background I heard another voice ask, “Who are you talking to?” The caller answered my name. “Fuck him, he never gives anything,” were the words I heard. Why should I, you’ve been paid with tax money, you’re funded until the cows come home, dumbasses. Don’t hear too much of anything from them anymore.

    I have good hearing, I’ll hear it if you are standing 100 feet away.

    If you have three trash bags full of trash each week, the public works hauls away 156 trash bags per year. In ten years, you won’t be able to navigate your yard with 1560 trash bags strewn here and there. It will pay to pay to have trash hauled to a landfill.

    Defund municipal services, no trash collection, no municipal water systems! A burn barrel will do.

    Defund fire departments! Not that many fires, have a bucket brigade.

    Defund education! A damn good idea.

    Defund the Canadian truckers!

    Burning and looting and murdering doesn’t stop for months on end. Carte blanche funding, monies going to the BLM leaders who then buy new cribs. Mostly peaceful protesting doe pay.

    They came for the truckers, finally, don’t have to speak up, doesn’t do any good. Peaceful partying, shoveling snow, feeding homeless people, singing, dancing, getting along, all discounted. No good filthy swine truckers in Ottawa gotta go.

    First they came for the unvaxxed for covid, but I didn’t speak up.

    Then they came for the purebloods, meaning everybody, only those knuckledragging Canuck truckers spoke up. Canuckistaners need some serious recognition for doing what is right, deserve that much.

    Justin Trudeau is now one marked pantywaist-ed, pencil-necked geek, effete snob nonpareil. Another obvious dumbass who needs to quit while he is behind. One useful idiot who doesn’t know he is THE useful idiot. Canada deserves better.

    Looks like he is being played by Fauci and Klaus and Bill and George and the Chinks and anybody who can baffle him with bullshit. Looks like all a setup, in the final analysis.

    It’s all the truckers’ fault, haul them away. Keelhaul the trucker pirates!

    Nicht so schnell, still standing, looks like it from here.

    Darling, commit me, before it’s too late – Steve Earle

    • Hi Drump,

      I thought about personalizing the article a bit by relating that in the appx. 20 years I have “owned” my home I have paid about $40,000 in rent to the county. This is a huge sum in itself as well as proportionately – relative to what I paid for this place. If it weren’t for these taxes – and if I had that $40k back – I could live for 3-4 years without having to earn a cent of income to provide myself with necessities such as food and to pay my legitimate bills, such as electric and phone.

      In another 20, I’ll have been fleeced of $80,000 – assuming no increase in this noxious tax (unlikely). If I had that sum – plus the 15 percent of every dollar I earn that’s been taken for FICA – I could retire. Or at least, not have to work in order to live.

      How does on get rid of a tick that you cannot remove?

      • haha, that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Here in the NE, 20yrs = approx. $200K in property tax. Less for a hovel, more for a above average 3-4bed house.
        More than we built the house for 25yrs ago.

      • The worst part about property taxes here is that it is the source for funding the government screwls.

        I have to pay for the horrible educations (indoctrinations) for children I have never had.

        • Yeah…the indoctrination of those that will either let the “thugz” that assault and rob you on the streets go free, because, well, “reparations”, or, worse, those that place undue levies on your property to finance their wild-assed schemes, or to outright dispossess (i.e. STEAL) it from you.

      • More like about $100K, considering, that even if the investment instruments had been of modest risk and return, over the past 20 years, you could have built those property tax payments into.

        Of course, the counter-argument is that it went into the “community”, and you “benefitted”, so your property value increased more, and, BTW, shut up, you “racist pig”, you.

        Never mind how much better the “community” would have been had you been able to simply KEEP your money in lieu of paying the taxes, and invested or spent it as you saw fit. Either way, likely the increase in economic activity and opportunity would have provided far better for others in said “community”, enough that instead of relying upon the Government, including for those schools, other families could have PAID for what they needed or wanted for THEMSELVES. But that’d imply that folks would be self-reliant, and not NEED their Government, RIGHT?

    • Drumph,
      When I get those calls, I tell them: “I wouldn’t piss on a cop if he were on fire” -And maybe fart or belch in their face, if the timing just happens to be right. After YEARS of such calls…I think they’ve finally taken the hint…it’s been a while now. (Most of those calls are not even ‘legit’ and have nothing to do with the pigs nor actual pig ‘charities’- “Charities”- har! Why would people who make good money and get big pensions, paid for ALREADY via money extorted from us, need ‘chairty’?! It’s like they’re saying “We’ve mulcted you already via taxes and tickets…would you like to give us even more so that the fat buzz-cut prick’s slut of a wife can get a few extra bucks when the asshole offs himself or gets blown away by some guy who’s had enough of his BS?”.

      • To mildly digress, the streaming consciousness never stops.

        The police have gone wild up in Ottawa, the poor lost souls that they’ve become need some real help.

        Justin Trudeau is one mean-spirited, cruel inhumane human bully who has the blackest heart in the history of humanity. A WEF super-soldier, power is so cool, until it corrupts and corrupt it will.

        Actions speak louder than words. Trudeau’s actions have deeply wounded Canada and her people. He will be brought to justice, there will be punishment.

        Trudeau’s political career is over, the self-inflicted political wound will be Trudeau’s downfall. You can’t do that! Stick a fork in Trudeau, he’s done.

        Pride goeth before fall.

        He gets to burn in hell forever, there is always some consolation for the injustice.

        Joe Biden is going to burn in hell along with Justin the Village Idiot up there in the Big Village. Satan will never give either one any freedom whatsoever. They’ll remain crispy critters forever and ever.

        Ain’t gonna be much fun for Justin the Hypocrite when all gets said and done.

        Nobody has to lift a finger, Trudeau has fallen on his own sword.

        • Hi Drump,

          I thank God daily that the would-be autocrats are effeminate little man-children like Trudeau (and senile old hacks like Biden, the American Brezhnev). God help us if a charismatic or truly capable man should emerge from the pit.

        • Every country in the world signed off on following WHO directives, they are in total control, your government and politicians have zero control, (but were very well paid for going along)…….WHO runs the pandemic response in your country, masking, lockdowns, lethal injections, etc.,

          The WHO is controlled by Gates, the CCP and GAVI,

        • I’ve seen many a post or tweet from a self-professed “Progressive”, howling for blood of these trucker protesters. When push comes to shove, the murderous nature of these shitheads comes out, no matter how much they’ve tried to brand themselves as “compassionate”.

    • In some countries if you are low income your property taxes can be deferred till you die, then when you die the house is force sold to pay the deferred taxes, or whoever inherits the house has to pay the deferred taxes, no escape from tax.

  17. Perhaps just a bit less insidious is the fact that such tax forces you to participate in the fiat dollar economy. You could do every other economic thing in your life through barter or alternative currency, but that property tax must be paid in Federal Reserve Notes.
    Article One Section Ten, in part, No State shall “make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”. So Constitutionally, property taxes cannot be collected in other than gold and silver coin. Nor can your property be assessed otherwise. Nor can any other State fee or tax be so assessed or collected. Just in case you weren’t aware of the criminality of government.

  18. I’m going through the annual mindfuck of income taxes as we speak. Property taxes are hidden in my mortgage which is auto-drafted i.e. outta sight, outta mind. How much is enough for the consumer class? More. Always more.

    • Indeed, Mike-

      Bad enough that we’re forced to pay. What irks me endlessly is the verbiage; i.e., being told I “owe” such and such a sum. A common street mugger has more integrity.

  19. Spot on.

    Property tax is my most hated tax, followed by income. Both are a taking of your labors.

    I’ll give some leeway to property tax at a time when only those who paid that tax could vote. And I could mildly stomach it if that were still the case.

    Though none of this would be a problem if government was kept to merely providing a structure to protect our liberties.

    But no, everyone wants govt to do everything for them.
    Clothe the naked
    Feed the hungry
    Provide retirement
    Control everyone I disagree with

    Taxes in general have morphed from a funding mechanism to one of control.

    If you are given enough to survive, but never be independent, you have to continue being a cog in the machine.
    If you can never own your land, house, or other effects, there is always a way to control you.

    It won’t stop until the eventual collapse of the current govt. Then minor changes and it starts all over.

  20. Eric,

    I’ve told this story before, but I’ll tell it again. I got into a discussion with people on Nextdoor, the neighborhood SM website, about taxes. I objected to property taxes using the same reasoning; I especially objected to paying the school tax, as I don’t have kids and don’t use the schools. One said that I benefit from school taxes, because doctors and other professionals I use attended schools. Another woman accused me of being a whiner.

    The person who said that, even though I don’t have kids in school, that I still benefit from people educated in public schools still helped me, thus benefitting me. He cited the example of going to the doctor. Of course, it was never stated that there’s no guarantee that my doctor attended my local school! It’s possible, but not very likely; AFAIK, my doctors all lived in different towns and/or states prior to practicing in my area. Also unaddressed was the fact that I was paying handsomely for a service I did not nor ever would use. Where’s the fairness or justice in paying for something you don’t need or use?

    Then, there was the woman who accused me of being a whiner. She started off by saying that there was nothing more American than paying taxes! I reminded her of the fact that the War for Independence had largely been fought OVER taxes! I also reiterated the fact that, because you pay property taxes, you never truly own your home. She insulted me (called me a whiner), then proceeded to tell me about her grandmother.

    She said that her grandmother did what she had to do to survive. When she (her grandmother) could no longer afford to pay the taxes for her house after becoming a widow, her mother moved out to an apartment. Then, grandma moved to a smaller apartment. This woman painted her as heroic, tenacious, and indomitable. Why? Because grandma did what she had to do, and unlike me, she didn’t whine about taxes. Can you believe it?

    I then pointed out to her that she’d MADE MY POINT FOR ME! She hadn’t intended to do that, but she did. I told her so too; I went on to say that her grandmother shouldn’t have been forced to move out of the family home due to taxes. She didn’t like that too much either. I think she insulted me a bit more, but the discussion was basically over at that point.

    What astounded me was how ACCEPTING people are of property taxes! I was like, WTF? Are you serious? Not only do they accept property taxes; they chide you for bringing up these points, i.e. you never truly own your home and what that means. They can’t even SEE it! I didn’t know what else to do but shake my head. Anyway Eric, you’re spot on when it comes to property taxes.

    • That is the trope the govt school lovers always drag out.
      If we extend the logic, then we should pay for everything we get a benefit from.
      – Local business security cameras, even though we may not shop there.
      – College for DRs, philosophers, computer scientists, etc
      – people who put up great Christmas lights

      Indirect “benefits” are no argument for forced confiscation.

      It also assumes your local kid prison is the reason for success instead of an impediment to it.

      But we will always have citizens out there protesting for teachers to make ever higher salaries coming out of your pocket.

      I wonder if they learned this while attending govt schools?

    • Best arguement I’ve heard in favor of school taxes is that they lock the little hoodlums in a building for 8 hours while you’re at work. This way they can’t break into your house and break shit.

      • Hi RK,

        Yeah, but if they were at home – with responsible parents teaching them – very few would become hoodlums. It is government that creates criminality – as cancer metastasizes in the body.

        • But then the governement would lose the extra taxpayer that they have now in sending both parents to work. Not that there’s so much more revenue, just that they can put up mom and dad as collateral when issuing bonds.

        • And if WE are at home when the “little shits” try to break in and steal, we can SHOOT them. At least if the “Gubmint” actually respected things like private property and the Second Amendment, which I wouldn’t count on.

          “Gawd” help you if these would-be juvenile “burglars” are black, and you have to shoot them, or they KILL you. You may as well save a round for yourself, it’ll be quicker and less painful.

    • I know that story, Mark –

      I made the mistake of objecting to property taxes at a Tea Party meeting years ago. The eyes narrowed, the lips pursed. But the schools! Well, I don’t have kids so I resent being made to fund the education of other people’s kids. After all, they chose to have kids. Why does that decision impose an obligation upon me? You are selfish and hate kids! No, I like kids. I just don’t understand why their existence – the existence of anyone – entitles them (or a proxy) to put their hands in my wallet and a gun to my head.

      The irony is that if parents weren’t paying all these taxes, one would probably not have to work and so could care for their own kids – and educate them – without needing government schools.

      • Eric,

        What got me was the woman though. She not only said there was nothing more American than paying taxes; she failed to see how the story of her grandmother MADE MY POINT! Her grandma couldn’t afford to keep the family home after her husband died. The woman meant to insult me while making a point, while failing to realize that her story of the heroic grandmother MADE my point. How do people get to be so stupid?

        And it’s ironic you’d hear that at a TEA Party meeting! Do you remember what TEA stood for? Taxed enough already. You can’t make this up…

        • Indeed, Mark –

          A common denominator running through this stuff is the cognitive dissonance. People oppose this tax – but not taxes, as such. They support a tax for this – but not for that. No guiding principle. Just their feelings. Very much the same phenomenon with regard to “speeding.”

            • Hi BaDnOn,

              I have given a lot of thought to Socialist Insecurity. I recognized the immorality of it as a high school kid. I recognized the fraud of it around the same time. I concluded that while I am forced to “contribute” I should be smart enough to assume those “contributions” are gone, forever – and to make provisions for myself, accordingly. I have also decided that if – in the unlikely event SS “benefits” are available when I am eligible, I will use them to offset the other taxes I am obliged to pay, such as the property taxes on my place. The thieves can finance themselves, so to speak!

              • Eric,

                Since Uncle Sam STOLE my money for SS, I’m going to get some of it back! I’ll be eligible to collect in two years. I don’t know if I collect just then or wait till I reach full retirement age, but I intend to get some of the money back. After all, it takes more funny money to buy the same things than it did a short time ago, a trend that doesn’t look to end any time soon…

                • Totally with you, Mark –

                  Some regard collecting SS as participating in theft. I used to be one such. But the fact is the “benefits” are paid with manufactured money; the money stolen from today’s “contributors” goes to finance the government. I don’t intend to use the SS I get – if I ever get any – for anything other than handing it right back to the government as payment for the current taxes I am forced to pay.

            • Not this particular antique. Damn right I will collect every dime of SS I can from the largest criminal organization on the planet. At the same time, I would come out of my voter withdrawal and vote for any politician that intended to dispose of SS and had a plan for doing so. Guess what Billy Gates is eligible for. Yes indeed, he is eligible for SS.

          • I’m totally opposed to property taxes, because they mean you never truly own your home. If taxes are needed, then make them anonymous, like fuel taxes or sales taxes. The property tax needs to GO!

        • The responses you got from the other neighbors reveals their deep seated, unconscious collectivist mindset. “Well, WE ALL BENEFIT, from [fill in the blank for the GovCo program funded, at gunpoint if necessary] so you should just shut up and go along with The Mob.”

          The idea of a Free Person is beyond their ability to think. Their ability to reason was beaten out of them long ago by the GovCo minimum security indoctrination center.

    • MM, they love their servitude.

      Talk about ‘accepting’, it BOGGLES my mind how MILLIONS of people will compete to pay TOP DOLLAR to live in the environs surrounding NYC and such places, where quality of life is zilch…and gladly pay $10-$20K+ per year in just property taxes! It is utterly astounding. This is why there will be no revolution- even if/when these places devolve into virtual Detroits- just as their was no revolution when Detroit devolved into Detroit.

      As Von Goethe observed: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free”.

      And these things are true of the Conservatives, who say they value freedom…yada yada…. Then we have the leftists who openly oppose any vestiges of liberty…. We’re screwed no matter how ya slice it, because the vast majority do not value liberty- or even know what it is (And if they learn what it is, they hate it even more).

      • Well said, my NYC friend. The property taxes out on Long Island are just obscene. $12K/year=$1K/month, which was greater than my ENTIRE mortgage payment! Even with taxes included, my mortgage payment was less than what Long Guyland property taxes are. How can people be okay with having that much STOLEN from them? That’s what I don’t understand…

        • Same here in Boston, much of that money goes to pay the six figure salaries of our municipal minions. GD cops get a bigger pension than I made working, same with teachers, who I like to remind are only part timers – they get summer off along with all the school vacations and snow days. Nice work if you can get it. I’d be outa here yesterday if I could only get the wife to agree.

    • You have it, Marky. Nothing seems to make you unpopular more quickly than telling people that you have no obligation to pay for THEIR kids. At least no more than you have to pay for their car or their house or their dog food. This applies to both schools and taxes (“tax credits”). You’ll often hear about the “social contract”, as well as the claim that public education benefits everyone. Not if it’s done poorly! Not if the kids are indoctrinated as prisoners-in-training and taught to hate you, themselves and freedom!

      Some of the smartest people I’ve known in my life were home-schooled. One is a quite successful IT Director who makes loads of money. Why? Because he spent his time at home learning computers, rather than being at school, getting bullied and channeled around like a steer. And he is MUCH more of a benefit to society than some of the buffoons with whom I graduated.

      • BaDnOn,

        I’m opposed to vouchers too, because it’s still taxpayer funded, i.e. stolen from people to pay for it. I’d like to see gov’t schools abolished. I don’t think that’ll ever happen, considering Carnegie, Rockefeller, and the other TPTB of the time were behind public schools. Not only were the schools designed to create obedient workers (George Carlin); they were created as a long term tool to usher in the NWO, or The Great Reset. If you read John Taylor Gatto’s book, “The Underground History of American Education”, it’s an EYE OPENER! Once you dig in to the history behind gov’t schools, you’ll never look at things the same again; once you see the puppet strings, you can’t unsee them…

    • I’ve often wondered for the sake of discussion, why property taxes aren’t abolished in favor of sales taxes on the property. The amounts would be similar, could potentially be financed with annual payments, etc.

      But with that scenario, you would eventually actually own your property. And that is the crux of the problem- it’s all about control.

    • I had my NextDoor account “disabled” for “violating community terms of service” back in the fall when I responded to several comment threads about the use of “eminent domain” to steal and destroy the Stigmatine Fathers Catholic retreat (the Espousal Center) in Waltham, MA to build another hideous ziggurat to the Public Fool System (the new Waltham High School) on the site.

      In one of the threads, neighbors had been objecting to the noise and damage to “their” houses/foundations from months of blasting that had begun about a year ago. Every single tree and building on the site was bulldozed, all wildlife was thereby evicted. They next spent most of 2021 removing about half of a large hill, blasting through the solid granite bedrock forming the hill. The site is now a barren moonscape – an open pit mine from which no useful goods/minerals will ever be extracted – but only “bads,” that is, indoctrinated kids, will ever come from this “mine.” There is a state program called the Massachusetts School Building Assistance Fund, which enables boondoggles such as this. This thing will clearly cost hundreds of millions of dollars when it’s complete, all cleverly extracted from the tax slaves all around the city, state, and country (it’s being funded with fiat fake money).

      When I objected to the hypocrisy of the total destruction of this once-beautiful and peaceful site to create yet another mind laundry for young people, I was immediately jumped on with downvotes and an, “Oy vey.”

      I was “deplatformed” by the NextDoor app shortly thereafter. Since they were clearly unable to respond to my arguments with a logical, reasoned response, they instead chose the puerile tactic of unplugging my microphone.

      I certainly struck a nerve here!


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