The Inevitable Arrives

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The inevitable usually happens – and so it has come to pass (literally) in the state of Washington, where a bill has just been passed that outlaws the sale of non-electric new cars beginning with the 2030 model year. This is five years sooner than the similar ban that was passed in California back in 2020 that bans the sale of other-than-electric new cars beginning in 2035.

It will result – inevitably – in several things. 

The first thing being the ramped-up disappearing of other-than-electric cars years before 2030. Whatever’s still available now is likely to be all that’s available, going forward – because it takes several years to bring a new car design from the blackboard (well, computer screen) to the production line. Why expend the effort – and the money – designing a new-design non-electric car for the 2027 model year, say, that you know ahead of time you’ll only be permitted to sell for three years in at least one major non-market?

To be followed shortly thereafter by the biggest non-market in the country, i.e., the People’s Republic of California?

Each year that passes brings us one year closer to the dates after which making other-than-electric cars amounts to the same as keeping a popular Chinese buffet stocked with fresh hot food that no one’s allowed to buy, as during the forced closing of sit-down restaurants during the “pandemic.” 

It also brings us that much closer to another inevitability – the banning of older cars that aren’t electric cars in places like Washington and California.

Probably, nationally.

Some people have difficulty seeing this inevitability. They are the same people who didn’t see that “masks” would inevitably lead to Jabs. They are conceptually myopic. All they see is what’s right in front of them. They do not understand what will be in front of them, inevitably – having accepted the thing placed in front of them right now.

It’s just a “mask,” some of them said.

Some of us said that by wearing the “mask” they have accepted the reason put forward for wearing it and if that is accepted they have already accepted that Jabs must be accepted, too. 

Conceptually myopic people have difficulty with such things, even when they are explained to them. 

Well, let’s try to explain it to them – again.

States that have banned the sale of new cars that aren’t electric cars will inevitably ban those that are not from being used. In the first place for reasons of practical necessity. So long as it is possible to avoid the high cost and hassles of owning an electric car by not buying one, many people will not buy electric cars.

It will not be just a few people, either, as millions of people cannot afford to spend the $30k-plus it takes to buy even an entry-level electric car. These people will  – what’s the word? – cling to their older, non-electric cars and this will be treated by the government much the same as the farmer was treated by the government (Wickard v. Filburn) back in the era of the New Deal, when he had the audacity to grow wheat on his own land for his own use. This was held by the government’s court to “affect interstate commerce,” since the farmer wasn’t obliged to buy the wheat grown by someone else, somewhere else – thus reducing “demand” for it. 

Do you see?

It will be said that people who continue to drive their pre-2030 (and pre-2035) non-electrics are “reducing demand” for electric cars. Which is true in the same way that a popular Chinese buffet that people go to in preference over the place across the street that sells soy burgers people aren’t lining up for “reduces demand” for them, too.

So the governments of Washington and CA will say, at any rate.

They will also say the same thing that made this EV push-down-our-throats inevitable in the first place, which is that older non-electric cars must be banned for the same reason that EVs are being mandated.

The “climate” is “changing.”

For the benefit of the conceptually myopic:

If one accepts the premise that electric cars must be mandated because non-electric cars are causing the “climate” to “change” alarmingly, then one has already accepted that nothing except electric cars is permissible, whether new or old. There will not be any grandfathering of pre-2030 cars that aren’t electric. There will be a growing chorus of noise calling for their banning years before then. It will not be long after then that this comes to pass.

For it must. It is an inevitability.

Motorcycles, too. Also inevitable – if it is accepted that any vehicle that isn’t electric causes the “climate” to “change.”

All made inevitable, incidentally, by Republicans – 52 years ago.

By one of them, specifically. Richard Milhous Nixon. He didn’t merely create the federal apparat that became the enforcer of “emissions” regimes at the national level; he legitimized the whole intellectual – scratch that, the emotional – underpinnings of the “environmental” movement that made all of this inevitable.

He enshrined in law – and in psychology – that Combustion Bad! no mater how good. It doesn’t matter that current combustion engines are nearly zero emissions cars. Only “zero” emissions will do – even if they aren’t, actually.

So long as they aren’t at the tailpipe.

And once the tailpipes have been eliminated, electric cars will be, too. For the same inevitable reason. Because they, too, cause the “climate” to “change” – or so it will be said, once all that’s left are electric cars.

It’s follows as inevitably as the wearing of “masks” led to Jabs. Perhaps the conceptually  myopic will see it, at last.

. . .

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  1. At least she’s an obvious joke, Chief justice Roberts was supposed to be “conservative” and then decide obamacare was in fact a completely lawful “tax”. Huh? This after two woodshed beatings from Obama during the state of the union address. What a clownfuck the institution is. We’re ruled by hardcore satanists. With the Laquesha confirmation at least its more obvious what a farce it all is.

    • Hi Mark,

      I, too, am less alarmed than indifferent about Jackson-hyphenated-whatever-she-is. It is clear we are on the Titanic about two hours after she struck the iceberg. At first, all seemed ok. The lights were on, business carried on as before. But after an hour or so, you could tell the ship was down by the bow. In another half hour, it was clear something was badly wrong. Thirty minutes later, as the water began to lap the forecastle, it was clear that the end was nigh. The plunge followed soon thereafter.

      Once the ship is gone, the survivors will have a chance to start over.

  2. Kelp beds/forests in the open oceans drink a lot of carbon dioxide. Roger Revelle, an officer in the US Navy, the oceanographer out in California who studied the effects of the nuclear detonation at Bikini Atoll, the hydrodynamics of ocean waters, wrote it all down on paper. Had an idea of what was happening ocean wise.

    He more or less decided that excess hydrocarbon emissions due to humans burning coal and crude oil, the carbon emissions can be absorbed by the oceans. Wasn’t too concerned about emissions due to hydrocarbon use.

    Crude oil is heated kelp from millions of years ago. Crude oil is the greenest resource on the planet, if it goes gone, civilization will collapse. There is nothing wrong with burning hydrocarbons, saves forests and whales. More vegetative growth due to more carbon dioxide, more happy whales not hunted to extinction.

    Josef Priestly was the scientist who discovered the element components of water and carbon dioxide. Invented carbonated water.

    The first 80 years of the Industrial Revolution burned enough coal that all of the natural carbon dioxide in the atmosphere prior was replaced by coal emissions emitted by factories all across the northern hemisphere. Have to stop cutting down forest to burn wood, the Cedars of Lebanon were first managed ca. 1200 CE.

    You exhale one kilogram of carbon dioxide each day, 50,000 ppm with each breath. If you didn’t exhale carbon dioxide, it would poison you, you will die.

    7,900,000,000 kilograms entering the atmosphere each day from humans alone.

    Studies have been done in controlled atmospheres, grow labs, the observation is concentrations of carbon dioxide below 180 ppm, plants suffer, growth is stunted.

    Hectares of greenhouses in Spain push 4000 ppm for the super plant growth you get with excess, not really, carbon dioxide there inside those greenhouses.

    The Carboniferous Period had carbon dioxide concentrations of 4000 ppm to 20,000 ppm. 300,000.000 years ago, plants were taking crazy pills.

    How do you think there was an abundance of flora on the planet?

    Must have been a warmer climate than today’s.

    The Laurentide Ice Sheet finally melted back into ocean waters only 18,500 years ago. Remnants of the Laurentide Ice Sheet still exist on Baffin Island.

    Has to be a cooler climate and even earth today than during the Carboniferous Period.

    Biden drove a truck for 25 years, so it must be okay to burn hydrocarbons with Biden’s blessings and approval.

    Apparently, according to the gospel of Biden, diesel-fueled engines in trucks work just fine.

    Beam up Biden, nothing left to do.

  3. Elections in the U.S. are completely rigged. If the Deep State wants Nuisance in the White House, he’ll get there, even if there is a zero percent voter turnout, or if 100 percent of the actual vote goes to his opponent.

    • One has to credit Musk for being an excellent marketing exec… for himself. I won’t lie – the man is an enigma to me. He says or post something and I think “this guy is brilliant”. Then he posts something else, and I think “WTF.” He is a puzzle. Is he a true believer in free speech and really doesn’t connect with the oligarchy or is he a supporter of the WEF? If anyone could shut Twitter down it would be him, but will he, or won’t he?

      I would love to see the day where an actual free spirit with enough wealth tells the rest of the world to go to hell. I am not holding my breath.

    • They’re just paving the way for “2 weeks to flatten the curve Trump” to get back on Twitter ahead of the ‘24 election.

      • I don’t believe Trump is running. I expect the award for the next President of the USSA to be neo con Nikki Haley and her Veep Tim Scott.

        Personally, I would like to see DeSantis and his Veep Gabbard to start a whole new party and tell both sides to suck it, but that isn’t going to happen.

          • I’m sick of voting for candidates who sound OK and then get assimilated into the borg as soon as they set foot in D.C.

            I’m voting for myself in 2024. I encourage everyone else to vote for themselves too, especially if they are natural born American citizens who are at least 35. Who could anyone trust or agree with more completely than themselves, anyway?

        • He may or may not run but I think he fancies himself (as well as others who would trick the rubes again if they can get away with it) a red team kingmaker of sorts. As such, his bloviations must be twittered. I had a convo with a guy in a let’s go Brandon hat in the supermarket the other day and nothing I said could convince him Trump is a fugazy. His mind was right about a lot if things but he was all in on Trump in ‘24 with DeSantis as VP.

          • Ha. fugazy, had to look that one up.

            “Fugazy or fugazi in the sense of “fake” is strongly associated with Italian communities “…

            “A portmanteau formed from the words “f*cking” and “crazy” which means “f*cking crazy”” …

            Both meanings seem to apply.

            • The best example of the term used in context is in the movie Donnie Brasco. The FBI mole character infiltrating the mafia uses the term to describe a fake jewel being passed off as real, which was a sort of test to prove to the mafia guys he is ok or could be trusted.

          • Hi Anon,

            Another thing about Orange Man: He’s 75 years old; will be 77-pushing-78 in 2024. Would be 82 by the end of his putative term, if (s)elected. America is becoming Soviet in more ways than one. A gerontocracy runs the joint, or fronts it.

            Even if Orange Man is vital right now, time marches on. He’s just too old. I like that DeSantis is a young man with the energy now – and tomorrow – that attends youth.

            • Agree about age and DeSantis. However, as you know, OM has some kind of hold on the minds of some otherwise politically solid types. He’s versed in NLP and persuasion tactics and is a kind of media creation perfect for putting “the opposition” in a trance. They know, like Lenin said, the best way to defeat the opposition is to lead it. After everything that has happened some folks are still making excuses for him. It boggles the mind.

        • DeSantis can do more good as governor of Florida. We’ve got to quit pretending that anything will be fixed in Washington DC.

          • I agree. The swamp is way too deep and way too toxic. The Orange Savior found that out too late.
            But as long as the Dominion machines are in service no election results can be trusted. The mainstream GOP is as much in on it as the Loonies. That is why all those old campaigns to “throw the bums out” always failed. Its been rigged for decades.
            When Trump overwhelmed the system they made sure that would never happen again.
            I want DeSantis right where he is.
            Trying to clean up DC is a waste of time. I think it needs a Putin Style “cleanup in aisle 4” operation. That’s not going happen with the ballot box.
            Frankly I would only shed a tear for the loss of all the beautiful art work at the Smithsonian, if DC experienced a “hard rain” the rest, well it might be worth the trade.

        • Hi RG,
          I’d vote for that combo in a heartbeat; Gabbard knows what a scam the Pentagram is, which is why she’s been marginalized by the PTB. I actually made a donation to her campaign back when she was running for president, first one I ever made.

          • Hi Mike,

            I like her. She doesn’t seem to feel the need to fall in line and will say things out loud, where other people are only brave enough to think it.

            I just like the combo because it would put both establishment parties on notice that they are not needed and could quite possibly be defeated.

  4. People won’t put up a stink until the ban is in effect and they cannot afford the BEVs and the BEVs don’t meet their needs. By then it will be too late. Just like with light bulbs. The means of production will have been scrapped. The people with the knowledge fired. There will be no going back.

  5. In my small Oklahoma town, I see more and more charging stations going up (no doubt at my expense). I’ve never seen an EV being charged at one of these stations. They sit vacant, like one of those modern art installations they put in parks that no one except pigeons has any use for.

    I have contemplated “tampering” with these, but nobody would even notice, I’m sure.

    One thing is certain… if I found one of these out on a trail in the middle of nowhere, I would destroy it. I feel that I would not get a chance to do that, as there are many like-minded individuals in this part of America.

    • With you, Philo –

      There was a book popular with Lefties called Monkeywrenching... the time has come to use the same tactics against the Left.

      • I agree, but I wrestle with the anti-NAP implication of such tactics. Do we become the monsters we wish to destroy?

  6. Is the EV using more fuel, polluting more then the ice powered vehicles?

    On the electric-vehicle side, the EPA’s efficiency rating for EVs — called “MPGe”, for miles per gallon equivalent — gives consumers an idea of how far an EV can travel on 33.7 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of charge.

    Why 33.7 kWh? That’s the amount of electricity that is chemically equivalent to the energy in a gallon of regular gasoline.

    The average MPGe rating for 2022-model-year EVs sold in the U.S. is about 97, so driving 100 miles in that hypothetical average vehicle would use 34.7 kWh of electricity.

    travelling 100 miles in an EV uses 1.03 gallons equivalent of fuel = 34.7 kwh of electricity
    (under not ideal conditions this can easily double).

    travelling 100 miles in a 50 mpg diesel uses 2 gallons of fuel

    Power plants – coal, natural gas, petroleum or nuclear – work on the same general principle. Energy-dense stuff is burned to release heat, which boils water into steam, which spins a turbine, which generates electricity. The thermodynamic limits of this process (“Damn that rising entropy!”) mean only part of the energy in the raw materials actually make it onto the grid in the form of electricity.

    Thermal efficiency of power plants using coal, petroleum, natural gas or nuclear fuel and converting it to electricity are around 33% efficiency, natural gas is around 40%.

    Energy loss in transmission = around 6% average in the U.S. (some states are 9%). Some countries, like India, have losses pushing 30 to 60 percent. Often, this is due to electricity thieves. More of that will be happening soon.

    Fun fact: Transmission and distribution losses tend to be lower in rural states like Wyoming and North Dakota. Why? Less densely populated states have more high-voltage, low-loss transmission lines and fewer lower-voltage, high-loss distribution lines.
    So they are pushing everybody into big cities which have higher energy loss in transmission, which wastes more energy, complete morons.

    Thermal efficiency of power plants using coal, petroleum, natural gas or nuclear fuel and converting it to electricity are around 33% efficiency, natural gas is around 40%. Then there is average 6% loss in transmission, then there is a 5% loss in the charger, another 5% loss in the inverter, the electric motor is 90% efficient so another 10% loss before turning the electricity into mechanical power at the wheels.

    33% – 6% – 5% – 5% – 10% = 25% efficiency for EV’s. (under not ideal conditions it might be 12% efficient).

    An Ev is 25% efficient in turning original source of energy, petroleum in this example into mechanical energy to push the car down the road.

    So to end up with 34.7 kwh of electricity which is equivalent to 1.02 gallons of gas to push the EV 100 miles down the road 4.08 gallons of fuel were burnt to generate the electricity in the power station, remember net 25% efficiency.

    travelling 100 miles in a 50 mpg diesel powered ice vehicle uses 2 gallons of fuel, it converts chemical energy, the fuel, into mechanical energy inside the engine, to turn the wheels.

    the average cost to charge an EV to go 100 miles = $5.00 (in some states it is $9.68) (not including battery cost).
    Under not ideal conditions the EV efficiency drops a lot, might use twice as much energy to go 100 miles, driven at 10 tenths on a track the tesla used 80 miles of range in 8 miles, a 90% drop. Using the electric heater and the rear defroster and wipers in an EV reduces range. In very cold conditions ther battery range can drop 50%. If the range drops 50% it costs twice as much to go 100 miles, maybe it costs $20.00 to go 100 miles (not including the battery cost).

    There is an additional cost: the tesla $22,000 battery is used up, worn out in 100,000 miles. this works out to $22.00 per 100 miles it is costing you for the battery.

    In an EV there is a very expensive wear item in there, the battery, it has to be replaced at around 100,000 miles. Amortize this cost to get the real cost per 100 miles driven.

    In the EV In addition to the $5.00 (or $9.68) per 100 miles for fuel cost, ( under not ideal conditions the cost per 100 miles could double), there is the $22.00 per 100 miles it is costing you for the battery, so the real cost to go 100 miles = $27.00.

    travelling 100 miles in a 50 mpg diesel uses 2 gallons of fuel @ $4.00/gal. = $8.00

    So the EV used twice as much fuel (in ideal conditions) to go 100 miles. (four gallons burnt at the power plant, causing global warming THEY say), causing twice as much pollution, wasting twice as much resources.

    A diesel ice vehicle is 50% efficient,Ev’s 25% efficient at turning fuel into mechanical energy to turn the wheels in a vehicle. EV’s are more wasteful and cause more pollution (twice as much fuel was burnt). If all ice vehicles are converted to EV’s total fuel consumption will double.

    Another problem with EV’s is thay have to be driven very slowly or they waste even more energy, a tesla was driven at a race track at 10 tenths it used 80 miles range up in 8 miles. This makes them more useless.

    An ice vehicle has free heat, the engine provides heat, the EV’s free heat was lost back at the power station when the fuel was burnt to produce electricity, now it has to produced a second time, very wasteful.

    It took some really fancy talk and lots of lies to promote the lie that EV’s are cleaner and waste less energy then ice vehicles it sounds like their germ bs lies.

    In reality the EV’s pollute more then the ice vehicles. The emissions from the smoke stack at the power station is higher then what comes out of the ice vehicle’s exhaust pipe, causing global warming THEY say, haha.

    The power station/EV energy conversion model also uses twice as much energy as the converting fuel into energy in an ice vehicle engine to make mechanical energy to make it move down the road.

    If the net cost of the 2 gallons of petroleum turned into electricity, then transmitted and put through a charger and into the EV batteries, then turned into mechanical energy to move the EV x distance down the road is less then the cost of 1 gallon of diesel to move the ice diesel x distance down the road…….. this means the power station gets it’s petroleum at a low price, which could be subsidized by taxpayer’s money, also the cost of the power station, transmission and distribution lines and chargers are probably subsidized by taxpayer’s money.

    Plus the EV owner pays no road tax, the ice diesel owner is paying for the road tax, in some places the tax is 50% of their fuel cost. Taxpayer’s are footing the bill for EV’s. Lots of tax dollars are used to try and make the EV competitive with ice powered vehicles, in reality they cost way more.

    The purchase of the EV is often subsidized by taxpayers too. EV owners are free loaders, the something for nothing paid by someone else gang, they are also enabling the rulers to pull this off. (this is the same gang that is pro injection and pro war). Ask EV owners how it feels to be a freeloader

    So why are they pushing for high fuel economy in ice vehicles? Are they worried about conserving fuel? Then why are they pushing EV’s that burn twice as much fuel?

    They say they are worried about global warming and emissions, that can’t be true because the emissions at the power plant (used to produce electricity for EV’s) are higher then the emissions in the exhaust of the ice powered vehicles.

    They are lying to us, there must be a different agenda, they think we are too dumb to figure it out. The real agenda restricting, controlling mobility, freedom of movement.

    They are banning ice powered vehicles, after the conversion to EV’s they will admit they are twice as wasteful and polluting, then they will ban them too, you will walk and own nothing. Gates will still drive his 959 Porsche.

    • Hydro power is green?

      However, building a dam in a river is similar to building a roadblock in the middle of the highway; it disrupts the flow of traffic in both directions. This “roadblock” can disrupt species populations, water quality, the river food web, and the surrounding environment. Declining fish populations can result in major complications for communities that are dependent on fishing for food and income.

      The reservoirs can also cause floods which can force communities to relocate. Although hydropower is labeled as “renewable,” specific forms of hydropower and its effect on the ecosystem must be explored before we continue to develop more dams.

      River systems around the world are fragmented by dams which can affect fish assemblages throughout the river. Impoundment facilities contribute to the biodiversity crisis by disrupting the river ecosystem. The physical impacts of changes in freshwater ecosystems include riverine fragmentation, sediment retention, enhanced evaporation, and increased greenhouse‐gas production [4]. These impacts must be addressed when designing and developing dams.

      In addition, impoundment dams facilitate the introduction of aquatic invaders into freshwater ecosystems. Invading species are 2.4 to 300 times more likely to occur in impoundments than in natural lakes [4]. After combining information on the boating activity, water body physiochemistry, and geographical distribution of 1080 sampled water bodies (combination of natural lakes and impoundments), Figure 3(a) depicts that the invasion likelihood of impoundments exceeded that of natural lakes.

      The most common non‐indigenous species include zebra mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil, and rusty crayfish. According to Figure 3(b), impounds are also more likely to support multiple invaders. These findings suggest that reservoir construction and conversion of lotic to lentic water stream conditions may have promoted the spread of invasive species across the landscape.

      the trend in more developed regions like the United States and Western Europe, where new science is driving efforts to dismantle existing dams. (Dams for hydroelectric plants) Aging reservoirs have become inefficient, local ecosystem and habitat impacts can be profound, and accumulating research suggests that hydropower reservoirs may be a much larger contributor of methane — a greenhouse gas roughly 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide — than previously realized.

      In a recent study published in the journal BioScience, researchers found that reservoirs may produce as much as a billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalents — the majority of emissions coming in the form of methane — each year, more than the total emissions from the country of Canada.

      “It’s not just about snails and fish,” Rozman says of the projects. “It’s about people, because we depend on the rivers.” Organic materials build up behind dams, consuming oxygen as they decompose. This sedimentation can create oxygen-free dead zones, where no river life of any kind can survive. As water stops flowing, its temperature rises. Even a few degrees can be life-threatening, since most aquatic life is highly temperature-sensitive. Sedimentation also gradually lowers the storage capability of the reservoir, reducing the amount of electricity generated.

      The area downstream of a dam is obviously impacted by reduced water flow — the Colorado River, for example, no longer reliably reaches the ocean — but also by the lack of stones, logs, and sediment. “Downstream of a dam, the river is starved of its structural materials and cannot provide habitat,” according to the Hydropower Reform Coalition, a collection of 150 environmental groups. “Most dams don’t simply draw a line in the water; they eliminate habitat in their reservoirs and in the river below.”

      Hydro power stations are expensive:
      Capital costs
      For power generation capacity capital costs are often expressed as overnight cost per watt. Estimated costs are in dollars:
      Conventional hydropower $2752
      Combustion turbine (petroleum) $710

      Estimate in dollar cost $/MWh energy production at power plant in 2015. exclusive of tax credits, subsidies, or other incentives

      coal 95.1 natural gas 72.6 nuclear 95.2 offshore wind 196.9 solar 239.7
      (if a natural gas power plant is converted to solar source power plant source of power the price of electricity triples)

      Capital costs
      For power generation capacity capital costs are often expressed as overnight cost per watt. Estimated costs are in dollars:

      Gas/oil combined cycle power plant $1000
      Combustion turbine $710
      Onshore wind $1600
      Offshore wind $6500
      Solar PV (fixed) 1800
      Solar PV (tracking) 2000
      Battery storage power $1380
      Conventional hydropower $2752
      Geothermal $2800
      Coal (with SO2 and NOx controls) $3500–3800
      Advanced nuclear $6000
      Fuel cells $7200

      • Hi Anon,

        It is eerie you mention dams. Hubby and I sat and watched documentaries last night on the disrepair of US dams. I did not realize 1) how many we actually have (90K), and 2) what bad shape they were in. The Barker and Addicks dams in Houston are very concerning. If those dams break, we are looking at losing half of Houston.

        Also, I am amazed by the number of homes they (cities and towns) build near these dams and the crazy ass people that buy the homes! Los Angeles County for instance. The Army Corp of Engineers was showing pics from the sky and the number of houses surrounding these dams is in the thousands. Did I mention they have earthquakes on top of this? Nothing like a few fault lines surrounding your aging dams.

        Of course, being boring old people with nothing better to do then watch the historical lives of dams; I raised the question to hubby, “If a country wanted to destroy another country why wouldn’t they take out their dams? You kill their water supply.” Hubby piped in “and their electrical grid.” Not to mention several of them would be a mass casualty event as millions of cubic meters of water flow downhill.

        Of course, the US is not the only country with this problem – China, India, Brazil, the list goes on and on. Also, several of these dams have busted over the last 5 years which means has many of these become older (I think 70% of US dams are almost 50+ years old) seepage, disrepair, and heavy rains will continue to take their tolls on these ancient bits of infrastructure.

        • Hi, RG,
          >“If a country wanted to destroy another country why wouldn’t they take out their dams?
          They would. During Second World War, British developed special “bouncing bombs” expressly for that purpose. Bombs were dropped downstream of a dam by aircraft headed upstream. The bombs were designed to skip off the surface of the water and impact the dam above the downstream waterline.

          • Turtle,
            If I remember correctly, after the bomb made contact with the dam, it sank a bit then blew up. But yeah, The Dam Busters.

        • Hi RG

          Dam Removal
          More than half of the dams built before the 1970s in the United States are reaching or beyond the end of their 50-year expected lifespan, part of the country’s decaying infrastructure.10 Dam decommissioning and removals have increased as the economic benefits of older dams wane while their environmental costs mount. Dam removals, though infrequent, have been habitat success stories, with rapid renewals of migratory fish stocks.

          Instead of rebuilding infrastructure the politicians stole the money.
          Note: Dr. Marc Faber says all governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

          • The leftists say it is green energy, more lies…

            the trend in more developed regions like the United States and Western Europe, where new science is driving efforts to dismantle existing dams. (Dams for hydroelectric plants) Aging reservoirs have become inefficient, local ecosystem and habitat impacts can be profound, and accumulating research suggests that hydropower reservoirs may be a much larger contributor of methane — a greenhouse gas roughly 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide — than previously realized.

            In a recent study published in the journal BioScience, researchers found that reservoirs may produce as much as a billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalents — the majority of emissions coming in the form of methane — each year, more than the total emissions from the country of Canada.

            and they are banning near zero emission ice vehicles…

            • The goal is to impoverish people and make them dependent. To cut off their access to energy. To make it scarce and expensive. I’ve been saying for probably close to 20 years now that if wind or solar ever worked the environmental problems with either would immediately come to the forefront and all work would be stopped and they would be banned/limited/etc. They are presently pushed because they don’t work.

            • Around 100 years old, way past a dam’s life expectancy of 50 years, getting dangerous. The politicians just steal tax dollars never fix infrastructure.

              More than half of the dams built before the 1970s in the United States are reaching or beyond the end of their 50-year expected lifespan, part of the country’s decaying infrastructure. Dam decommissioning and removals have increased as the economic benefits of older dams wane while their environmental costs mount. Dam removals, though infrequent, have been habitat success stories, with rapid renewals of migratory fish stocks.

              Opponents of dam removal state that the estimated demolition cost of $3–10 billion is a poor investment, especially in regards of the resulting loss of renewable hydroelectric power, which would have to be replaced by polluting fossil fuel generation. Although there are several options available to replace San Francisco’s water, none are of the purity currently supplied by Hetch Hetchy.

              which would have to be replaced by polluting fossil fuel generation. Another lie……..

              In a recent study published in the journal BioScience, researchers found that power station reservoirs may produce as much as a billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalents — the majority of emissions coming in the form of methane — each year, more than the total emissions from the country of Canada. They say they are worried about CO2…hahaha….

              They want to ban ice engines (where you convert 2 gallons of diesel inside the ice engine to go 100 miles instead of this very complex, very dirty centralized, controlled, power station/electrical grid mess), so you are dependent on crappy electricity sources like this polluting non green hydro power.

        • Hi, RG,
          You might find this program interesting, if you have 4 hours or so:

          First segment is about Wm. Mulholland & LA DWP, and shows collapse of St. Francis Dam, among other things.
          Note that Mr. Mulholland did not have an engineering degree.
          Second segment is about control of Colorado River.
          According to the video, Hoover Dam is designed to last a very long time.

          The major point of the video is that without large scale water engineering, the western U.S. as we know it could not exist.

  7. Just an FYI on what is coming down the road…forced saving…in the stock market.

    This bill will very likely pass the Senate and be signed by Biden. It automatically enrolls employees into their employer’s retirement plan when they become eligible (usually around 90 days). The employee contribution begins at 3% but can go as high as 10%.

    Can the employee opt out? Yes. How difficult will that be? We have yet to find out. I am concerned about this since most employees never really read all the paperwork when starting a new job. I can see many not being aware that this will occur and all of a sudden, they see 3 to 10% less in their take home pay. How long will it take for HR to put a halt on this? Usually 30 days. You want your money back? Well, you will need to pull the money out of your retirement account, pay federal and state taxes on it, plus a 10% early retirement penalty unless you are over 59-1/2. Seems like a great cash cow for the IRS.

    • smart….more tax dollars to steal, haha….

      Unfunded pensions, depopulation agenda.

      Catherine Austin Fitts says the agenda 2030 ho…ax is to cover up a financial crime, around 1995 during globalization money was looted, went offshore, all the pension funds were looted, there is no money left. all there is left is massive debt.

      In 1998 they knew the numbers wouldn’t work for actually paying the promised pensions.

      They said in 2005 there would be a big population drop between 2021 and 2025, 2026 is an important date that is when the money really runs out, no money for pensions, so cull them.

      No pension money left means there has to be population reduction. It is like a cattle rancher, when there is not enough resources for the herd you cull the herd, first you have to corral the herd and stop their movement before herding them down the chute.

      The depopulation agenda is focused first on the countries with government pensions, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Great Britain.

      Note: Dr. Marc Faber says all governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

      Then along came the magic germ, they can now say there is no money because of the magic germ problem. this is easier than trying to explain where all the money went, a distraction from the real problem.

      Now some people are thinking this trucker thing is another instigated scam to bring in the emergency acts.

      Now a war as a cover/distraction?

      Politicians and their helpers were very well paid to go along with the agenda 2030/ho…ax crimes.

      The government has 1000’s of programs, if you ask where the money went, they won’t tell you.

      There is nothing left, all looted, just an empty hulk, massive debt,

      Depopulation? starvation is another tool, check out the supply chain issues.

      gates said if injections are done right the population can be reduced by 15%.
      They got a good start, the ones that didn’t get the placebo are sterilized and dead within 3 years, lots dead already.

      Stolen money:

    • This bill will very likely pass the Senate and be signed by Biden. It automatically enrolls employees into their employer’s retirement plan when they become eligible (usually around 90 days). The employee contribution begins at 3% but can go as high as 10%.

      Can the employee opt out? Yes. How difficult will that be? We have yet to find out.

      A lot of companies are already doing this. The company I joined last year automatically enrolled me in a 401K plan, even though I absolutely want no part of one. The problem comes in trying to find a tax-deferred alternative to a 401K that is outside the Bankster Con Game and that the IRS approves of. Needless to say, that’s almost impossible to come by (I wanted a Precious Metals IRA with tax deferred status, but AFAICT no such thing exists).

      Of course this is nothing but another tax to subsidize the Eall Street banksters, allowing them to steal more of our money. Nobody will ever see a dime of the money they’re putting into 401Ks, and even if they eventually do, the ravages of inflation will have destroyed its value. There isn’t going to be any retirement for most of us. Our forebears of the “Greatest” [BS] , Silent, and early Boomer generations made damned sure of that.

      • Hi liberranter,

        Have you looked into a self-directed IRA? I would advise going through a brokerage firm (who specializes in these) for the setup. There are certain rules that have to be followed but it allows the retiree to control more of their retirement and to contribute to more unconventional investments like precious metals and real estate.

  8. I read the article. I read the comments. The funny thing is that TPTB don’t want to realize that unless you replace the entire electrical grid with new transmission lines and new power plants their dreams will not come true. Unless of course the “Jab” kills off most of the population by 2030 and then it will work, oh wait the only people left will be p*ssed off Libertarians and their diesel burning F350’s and Dodge Hellcat’s. Should be interesting.

    I wonder if it would be even legal to ban older vehicles or would they just ban fuel sales? I would think there would be lawsuits over the loss of value in regular or collector cars.

    PS- this is not the future I ordered. I want my flying car and interstellar space craft or at least a cheap droid to pull weeds in my vegetable garden…..

    • Pissed of libertarians and a bunch of diesel burning pick up trucks doesn’t sound half bad. 😉 I could survive.

    • Send all the EV’s to iran and Cuba, they have low electricity prices. has since updated their cheapest electricity prices in December 2019, and it shows some of the cheapest electricity prices in different countries as (kWh, US Dollar):

      Venezuela – 0.00

      Sudan – 0.00

      Ethiopia – 0.01

      Iran – 0.01

      Cuba – 0.01

      Zimbabwe – 0.01

      Libya – 0.01

      Angola – 0.02

      Bhutan – 0.02

      Low gas prices:

        • In Venezuela one U.S. gallon 95 octane gas = $0.10 U.S.

          Not anymore. Venezuela’s petroleum industry completely shut down about three years ago due to corruption, neglect, mismanagement, and deterioration of infrastructure, as well as international sanctions against the Maduro Regime. The country is now IMPORTING oil and gas from Iran, Nigeria, and Russia and there have been chronic shortages for the last two years. My in-laws tell me that gas, if it can be obtained at all, costs well over $5.00 USD per gallon on the black market. My wife’s uncle is a retired engineer who worked for PDVSA (the Venezuelan national oil industry) and says that it will take at least a decade to get the industry up and running normally again.

          Ain’t Socialism wunnerful?

  9. Eric, just heard yesterday on a podcast that Governor Gavin Nuisances’ next goal is to run for POTUS, and he is angling for getting the democratic nomination for 2024 as Brandon certainly wont be able to make it…. Should we all start worrying ?!?!?! Fine if there were “free and fair elections” I dont think he’d stand a chance…. but… you know.

    • Hi Nasir,

      In better times, an authoritarian fop such as Newsome would get about as far in national politics as an anvil floats. But these are not better times and probably half the country would love to be ruled by an authoritarian fop such as he. These WEF “young leader” types are alluring to effeminized people who pine to be led – and to see others forced. I hope I am wrong about this and just feeling gloomy but I think it is inevitable that things will come to blows. Us – or them. There is no possibility of reconciling – of coming to some kind of reasonable accommodation – with the Woke Left. They are relentless and will not stop until their worldview is imposed by force on every human being the world over. We must, accordingly, be even more relentless and implacable in our opposition to them. We must regard them as – and deal with them as – the cancer they are.

      • Leftism and wokeism is worse than “muslim terrorism” could ever hope to be. The right in this country was focused on the wrong thing for at least 2 decades. We cannot coexist with this group. I choose to operate as an outlaw.

    • Hi Nasir,

      Gavin will be as popular as another famous Californian, I believe Kamala is her name. He, too, will wind up with about 1% of the Democratic vote.

      Here is what is going on in the NY governor’s race right now.

      That so many are undecided is bad news for Hochul. They aren’t undecided, they just don’t like her and refuse to admit it.

      Do I believe they will cheat? Absolutely. The problem is if you have enough of the American public that is so disgusted that they vote for the other side (not they are any better), but you can’t come up magical votes if one side is at 60 and another at 40. Last year’s election in Virginia I believe Fairfax County was going to try it. Around 9 PM that night the rumors started swirling that votes were missing and they (the county) may have to recount them the next day. Fairfax County is the largest population in Virginia. All of sudden Chesterfield came in red (usually purple, sometimes blue) followed by Virginia Beach. At that point it did not matter what Fairfax County did there wasn’t enough votes to overturn it. They didn’t have enough registered voters.

      This is what has to be done in every state and every county and every town in this nation come November.

      Personally, I hope we kick both sides out and just start anew.

      • “Personally, I hope we kick both sides out and just start anew.”

        That may involve pitchforks, tar and feathers, and lampposts.

        • So be it. 🙂 Jefferson believed a battle was needed about every 20 years. I would say we are long overdue.

          “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

      • Hi RG, I hope you’re right. But the problem is – despite people not liking her – Kamala somehow IS the VP as we speak! so it doesn’t really give much hope that Nuisances wont make it !! Especially if you throw enough money behind him, which Im sure there will be….

  10. I say let them suffer. There is an old saying about that if you cannot be anything else useful you can always serve as a bad example.
    There is zero constitution authority for such a move and several ones prohibiting it. I know this will not be an obstacle, so I say do it. Call it “aversion therapy” let them suffe, not all states will follow and after the inevitable results fewer still will sign on to such idiocy.
    As far as the federal government goes, the current glide path suggests that it won’t even be a viable entity by 2030.

    Если нет, то мы можем научиться говорить по-русски.

    • As far as the federal government goes, the current glide path suggests that it won’t even be a viable entity by 2030.

      I don’t think it will take even that long for the collapse to happen. Multiple events are in play right now that will render Rome-on-the-Potomac irrelevant before this decade is even half over. One prime example: the impending confirmation of Judge Shaniquah (or whatever the fuck her name is; it’s hardly worth remembering) to the SCOTUS. That body has been a sick, corrupt joke for decades now and adding this creature to its roster of black-robed retards will rob it of iui ts last remaining shred of credibility.

      • I agree, I hope they conform the idiot, I know they will. It will show everyone what a farce the Supreme Court really is, this will help usher its move to the dustbin, meanwhile the Empire of Lies will lose what friends it has when the Europeans demand their gold back,you know the gold they need to but gas from Russia to keep from freezing to death next winter and they fond out that the gold sent to the US Fed for “safe-keeping” has long been sold,leased or whatever and they ain’t getting it back.

    • The end of U.S. hegemony has already arrived….what you see is simply the twitching corpse. To me, it’s actually a good thing. Since Woodrow Wilson came to power, solidifying the Hamiltonian position, it has all been downhill for any hope for liberty. The death of the U.S. petrodollar is the endgame. It’s actually pretty entertaining in a sick way how exposed the political “leaders” in the EU have been due to their support of U.S. sanctions against Russia….now…big doses of humble pie and paying for raw materials in rubles…..Putin has actually outsmarted the scumbags of the deep state and the neocons are having hissy fits….it simply did not have to end up this way. The PtB could have taken the peace dividend from the collapse of the USSR and created a free market trading partner, but talk about being hoisted on their own petard. Of course the real victims are citizens, both those who are aware of what’s happening and also the dozing sheep who have bought the propaganda, really for the last 100 years at least…..hell, Rothbard, in my reading, shared Spooner’s view that the U.S. Constitution was pretty much invalid from the get go….I concur.

  11. I can destroy “global warming” with 4 words — “space is a vacuum”. That means that heat does not convect or conduct to space, it only radiates. This means that all planets in the entire universe cannot get any hotter than they already are — because they already are greenhouses. And any “gasses” that hold heat would just make it take more time for the planet to change temperature between day & night, but Earth is a water planet so we already have alot of water vapor which holds a ‘zillion’ times more heat than any “gasses”.

    I don’t suppose they’re teaching kids this in the dictator schools.

    • wow that’s awesome crazy harry. I was not taught anything like that in engineering school, nor was it implied, and it makes sense to me. I’ll ask my kid to ask his professors. He’s in a fairly high end engineering program right now. I’m curious what he will find.
      could be a game changer in my anti-warming message.

      • Yeah, and furthermore, that means that space is an insulator. It’s not really “cold”, it’s just a vacuum, a spacecraft will lose all it’s heat by radiation so therefore become cold, unless it’s near a sun in which case it’ll heat up. That’s why the space station needs a cooling system, they don’t need heat.

    • That’s not completely true, because if the rate (in) is greater than the rate of heat (out), the temperature would still go up.

      But you are correct, in that all models of global warming consider the earth to be a closed system that is being heated—which it isn’t—and which guarantees a warming result.

      • But the rate of energy/heat going into the Earth is the same — it’s based on the distance any planet is to it’s sun — as long as our distance to the sun stays the same, and the sun stays the same, then there’s no more heat possible.

        Also, why would a hypothetical “greenhouse gas” allow energy in, but not let it out? Nothing is a one-way device (except for some electrical computer parts like diodes etc), so if the energy went through the “gas” to reach the Earth, then it would go through the “gas” to leave the Earth. Any kind of ‘blanket’ type effect in our atmosphere wouldn’t affect the total amount of heat, it would just buffer the time it takes to change temperature… the only way a gas could affect a planet is if that planet had little to no atmosphere already, and alot of gas/atmosphere was added, then it would seem like the temperature went up a little, but not really, it already was that hot, but cooled off so fast maybe no-one noticed much, but the added atmosphere would make the warmth last longer before it cooled off. The atmosphere is just holding onto heat like a battery, it’s not raising the overall temperature. The same amount of heat radiates back out into space. The planet is getting the same heat input and having the same heat output.

    • All that is a factor, but the fraud becomes clear when you realize that we are the LOWEST level of atmospheric CO2 in 259 million years and CO2 GREENS the planet.

    • Climate has been changing ever since there was one. The notion that such change can be stopped is ludicrous. Peak hubris. Very few have even the slightest understanding of how it works. After all, it is powered by the the most dynamic object in the Solar system, called the Sun. The notion that such pitiful efforts as reducing CO2 will have significant impact is delusional, or serves some other purpose not related to climate. Gee, I wonder what that other purpose might be?

      • co2 bs = insanity. another nutcase theory for low iq leftist morons
        This professor completly dismantles the climate change lie, worth watching, these leftists pushing this climate change bs are the biggest liars in history.

        Climate change just like covid is purely political and religious, based on fake science. Climate change, the new GAIA cult religion, like it’s brother covid, a big favorite of the communist, reset, one world government, satanic cult freaks, chasing you with the nazi needle to exterminate you.

        Don’t lose sight of the fact that the whole scam is being used to hide a financial crime, they looted the place.

        No pension money left = need depopulation now.

  12. “a bill has just been passed that outlaws the sale of non-electric new cars beginning with the 2030 model year”

    “Free country,” LOL

  13. In CA, they’re cracking down really hard on OBD-II era gasoline cars, with the intent to annoy people into electric cars, at least this is my belief. Anything really old is not subject to any emissions controls, while OBD-II cars are so clean that they can take in smog and let water and CO2 out the tail pipe – they clean up smoggy air!

    Anyhow, these days, they will fail your emissions tests for aftermarket fuel lines, or aftermarket air filter, or any kind of “tune”. If you ever flashed a new tune into your car, you will now fail, and there’s no way to make the car legal other than going to a dealer and returning it to being stock in every way.

    My car has a poorly designed fuel tank, so I had something known as a “surge tank” in it, a second little tank with its own fuel pump that ensured good fuel pressure. This doesn’t change emissions one bit – makes them better in fact, because fuel pressure is stable, but this system made me fail emissions testing, despite no change to emissions! So, I had to spend a pile of money getting a new tank fabricated (which is illegal too, but a tank is hard to see in this car). I think annoyances like this will make some people give up on their gas car if it’s simply a driving appliance.

    • Hi OL,

      You may be pleased to hear that I am getting ready to eliminate the catalytic converter in my truck without triggering the OBD system – details/article to come. It is long past time to hoist the black flag and begin doing you-know-what….

      • Yeah, you can remove the catalyst and get a little shroud for the post-catalyst O2 sensor to make the ECU think the catalyst is doing something. The engine keeps oscillating between rich and lean mixtures and seeing how that affects the pre-cat O2 sensor, and as long as the post-cat O2 sensor shows a “smoothing out” of the lean/rich oscillation, the ECU thinks the cat is working fine. I’ve cracked apart many ECU’s, Eric, I can always help diagnose things like this if you run into issues.

        That being said, I’d not bypass the catalyst in my own car 🙂 In modern cars, they don’t rob power, and they do work, they remove that unburned fuel smell completely, which I don’t enjoy. I grew up with too many leaded fuel engines puffing in my face and I can’t stand that smell anymore.

      • Way to go Eric hoist the jolly roger …..This whole ev thing can`t crash and burn and end up in scrap heap of history fast enough for me.

      • Greetings Eric,

        I removed the converter on my car (1990 525i) years ago. She is a little louder than stock but she’s getting about 10% better fuel economy (22 daily driving in the mountains 33 highway) because she is breathing a little better. It didn’t mess with the engine computer or anything like that. (Car only has one O2 sensor) It just worked.

        I also deleted the airbag because of it’s age.
        I don’t trust it and I don’t want it popping in my face.

        I hope you have a great rest of the weekend.

        • Excellent, Adam!

          I have the head pipe for my truck on order; the one that connects to the manifold and which has the screw-in fitting for the 02 sensor just ahead of the cat. Something special will be screwed into that fitting before the 02 sensor is screwed back in. Then, straight pipe all the rest of the way back. I haven’t decided on a muffler yet. I am inclined toward a Flowmaster, not so much for performance but for quiet. I expect there will be a significant uptick in noise sans the cat and need to counteract that, with the goal being a sound not too far removed from stock, so as to not arouse unwanted attention. I am going to do an article about this whole process.

          Like you, I expect to see an uptick in mileage – in part because the truck is 20 years old and so is its cat, which no doubt is much more restrictive now than it was 20 years ago.I also know I will save about $200 – the cost of a new cat – and that’s a satisfying way to “rebate” some of Let’s Go Bandon’s costs imposed.

          The time has come for mass resistance and mass disobedience. The government – national and local – is actively opposed to us, acting to oppress and impoverish us. We have the right to defend ourselves against this.

  14. Hi, Eric,
    As far as I am concerned, they could tow Manhattan Island out in the Atlantic, and let the U.S. Navy use it for gunnery and bombing practice.

    As the economists say, a free market seeks the “highest and best use” of a resource.

  15. ‘Combustion Bad!’ — eric

    That’s a rallying cry not unlike the Bolsheviks’ “Kill the Landlords!”

    It brooks no opposition.

    Americans living in Washington state’s interior — Spokane, Yakima, Pasco-Kennewick, etc — face an outright assault on their way of life.

    One can debate whether trying to overturn the state’s coming combustion engine ban is more or less difficult than seceding.

    After all, kindly old Ape Lincoln established that secession is punishable by mass death under our total-war, yankee-doodle-dandy regime.

    Nevertheless, courageous citizens need to make clear that co-existence is impossible with coastal Bolsheviks who would just as soon as clear the countryside east of the coastal mountains of inhabitants and restore it to pristine wilderness.

    Give me combustion, or give me death.

    • so true, but most likely way worse than that in interior WA, OR, CA. Big farming there. What are the farmers going to use to get parts for their equipment to produce?
      Farmhand/Son: “I’ll be back in a few days to get the spark plugs (etc) in Seattle” hahahaha.
      They may have to drive their farm tractors to ‘market’ to get parts, etc… to run their farm, and then they will break down with no repair in sight because of the current Tier4 diesel crap they are being force to use.

    • Jim,

      If combustion is bad, why do they keep burning cities down?

      Why do we have to compensate for their ridiculously large “carbon footprints”?

      I submit that it would be much better for the environment if all of the the “mostly peaceful” protesters got jobs.

  16. There aren’t enough raw materials on earth to make enough EV’s to go around. What they’re doing is banning cars for everybody but party members. By 2035 the left coast is going to look a lot like north korea. Better get that dmz in the works, and soon.

  17. Jeep plug in hybrid:


    Energy for a whole new adventure. Harnessing the power of the sun, the Jeep® Brand is installing solar-powered charging stations near key off-road trails across the country so you can always keep exploring new frontiers.

    Picture of a Grand Cherokee hybrid parked next to a solar-powered charging station out in the wilderness, obviously an “artist rendering.” I get a lot of FCA preroll ads on YouTube, one of which shows a GC hybrid next to a very Tesla-looking charger out on a mesa in middle-of-nowhere southern Utah, no power lines to be seen anywhere.

    If any of this stuff really happens it will be a boon to the Navaho Nation. They can wire up Tuba City for charging stations. Then sell the tourists some turquoise and fry bread while they wait. Heck, set up a couple of slot machines too!

      • 6000 lbs towing capacity. LOL. My 2016 regular Cherokee with the V6 is rated to 2000 lbs max. Sure, the hybrid motor has all that low end torque, but only has a 25 mile range. Try taking it up any of the high passes with an Airstream and you’ll run out boost-juice pretty quickly.

  18. This 2030 No Motor *goal* which soon will be law is tyranny of the slight majority and idiots.
    Washington and Oregon are similar states in that Washington is dominated by King County (Seattle) and Olympia (state capital) about a 60-mile stretch. This is where these kinds of ideology become reality with these Marxist. The rest of the state would like to be left alone.
    Oregon similar with Multnomah county (Portland) going 60-miles South to Salem (capital). Same thing, when you leave these areas it is predominately votes the other way.
    California also similar with the coastal regions being Marxist and the Valley and North and other.
    Time to reserect the idea of the *State of Jefferson* and break away from these states that no longer represent our morals, liberty nor humanity. Of course the Marxist will want to add Puerto Rico and WDC to maintain their control.

    The only other way they’re going to get this thru is another pandemic to which people will go along with anything to get part of their freedom back including be restricted to electric cars.

    • So odd that the west coast turned out this way. So much of the activity that built the west was “dirty.” Mining, logging, then shipbuilding, aerospace and technology. The men who build the west sent their kids to college, where they learned how to get away from dirt. And now the grandkids are even further from the dirt, and curse their grandfathers for existing, becuase they have no idea what the world was like before last week.

      • Hi ReadyKilowatt,
        I wrote this about 15 years ago and saved it because I knew it was coming:

        “Recent thoughts about my Country….
        As I worked, slept at night peacefully and provided for my family, sent my children to public school and paid my taxes for the defense of my county and freedom, I awoke one day to find my country no longer free. In the not too distant future my children and their children will live in first poverty and then tyranny. This happened…not upon a lost battlefield… but as a planned and sustained campaign starting within the public school system to indoctrinate and dis-inform my children of the tools to be free people. In lieu of teaching self-reliance and how economies work, they taught them to hate achievement, fear unfounded stories of manmade doom about the environment, and celebrate debauchery. All designed to convince our children to turnover control of their lives to others who have only designs for power and to then distribute plunder to their corrupt friends.”

    • Hi Hans,

      I sometimes muse about nukes going off in every major U.S. shitty. All of them, gone – in a moment of glorious, righteous fire, hotter than the surface of the sun. Would the rest of the country be better off? Probably so.

      What was it Mr. Kurz said?

      Oh, yes.

      Exterminate the brutes…

      • Hey Eric!
        I have a similar fantasy, but instead of nukes, which would rain radiation all around, I envision a giant meteor strike on DC. Hopefully big enough to also take out the Pentagram, Langley, and Fort Meade.
        P.S. Thanks for the reminder that it was tricky Dick Nixon who established the EPA, more proof of his evil reign, along with empowering Kissinger rhe Anti-Christ.

        • A hard rain of a dozen or so 3M14 Kalibrs on the inner beltway wouldn’t break my heart. Just make sure congress is in session.

          My wife started to watch a series called Designated Survivor. In it a bomber blew up congress, killed almost everyone down to the Secretary of Education.

          I told her it was a ridiculous show because the action was all about trying to rebuild the federal government. I told her that would be like the Nazi’s prisoners in Auchwitz trying to repair the barbed wire fences after the allied troops showed up.

          I also told her it was unbelievable. I asked after the government was wiped out, where were the nationwide celebrations?

      • I think a better analogy would be to place Schwab/Gates/Soros (and maybe a few other Globalists) as little Kurtzies.

        It is frequently alleged that their desire is both to “enlighten” (via trans humanism) and to exterminate…they do seem to despise us peasants…

        They do also seem to be drunk with power.

  19. This demonstrates that the “slippery slope” is not a fallacy, but the inevitable logical conclusion when you allow evil idiots to rule over you.

    ICE workarounds will continue I think as some others have stated. Everyone who doesn’t want a plug in drone box as transportation will be in a HD truck, (which have become the new Cadillac) complete with leather interior all the comforts and massive engines/HP. All if this will of course come with massive taxation. Whether direct or indirect it will price most people out of luxury trucks who are unwilling to sign on for $100k+ of indentured servitude aka car loans.

    I don’t see so much a universal car type in the future as much as I see a balkanization of different types of transportation for this who can and can’t afford the penalties doled out, and a larger divide between the income and lifestyle gap of the our inbred globohomo “betters” and the rest of us.

    • Fabian Socialism – slow, incremental decline instead of Marxist revolution. The British Fabian Society’s logo was a turtle.

      The problem is that the old timers are dying off and want to see their Utpian plans fulfilled before they burn in hell, so they have to step up the pace a bit. Hence the obsession with 2030 and banning of the old technologies.

      The funny thing is, Washington state will likely benefit from climate change. If the atmosphere warms up, it means more moisture, which can only improve the eastern deserts of the state. Heck, might even make it viable farmland without a lot of irrigation.

      • Just for the record, RK, I am *NOT* a Fabian, or any other kind, of socialist. 🙂

        >If the atmosphere warms up, it means more moisture
        Not sure how much of that moisture will make it to the eastern part of Washington. When I visited my brother and sister-in-law who live in Pierce County, years ago, they showed me a place on the eastern shore of Puget Sound which is a (non tropical) rain forest.

        Storms come in off the Pacific and dump enormous amount of rain on that particular location. The amount and type of vegetation which grows there is astounding, and markedly different from where they live, on the Peninsula.

      • There is no such thing as anthropogenic global warming. Climate has a lot more to do with sunspot activity and atmospheric weather patterns.

  20. I have a bunch of coworkers who are just over the moon about their new electric lawn care tools. I’m glad they like them, but I personally have never had good luck with the electric weed eaters & prefer my gas powered stuff.

    They think I’m a idiot. I don’t really care—my mower will most likely still be running in 10 years.

    • Hi Publius,

      These people you know with electric mowers must have small yards. If you have acres to mow, forget about it. This speaks to the whole underlying mentality, which is that of “urban hipster” types. Such people will do fine in the electrified world of the WEF as it is not much different from their current lives. But this is going to devastate anyone who lives in a rural area, has land, etc. Which is exactly what the WEF intends.

      • Everyone has exactly the same problems. Therefore, everyone has to implement exactly the same solutions. That way, we know it’s safe and we all feel validated. If you do something different, I go into an existential crisis. And you don’t want to be responsible for that, do you? You’re a big meanie…

      • Hi Eric,

        How would this devastate someone in a rural area? Will it change it? Of course. But the small farmers are going to be able to implement this and adapt quicker than the large farming corporations.

        Which brings us to the next question. How do the large corporations adapt to this? I cannot believe Tysons, Perdue, JBS, Cargill, and others are not whispering in the WEF’s ear stating, “If you do this, we will make sure you do not eat.” Then you have those fuel companies, oh like, Saudi Aramco, Exxon, Shell, PetroChina, etc. Will they sit back and say nothing as trillions of dollars of market commodities are erased and they are forced into bankruptcy?

        Right now, it just seems everyone is throwing pasta at the wall and seeing if it sticks.

        • That’s exactly it RG. They’re throwing it at the wall. I’d bet large sums, that these utopia ideas don’t happen at 2030. Not even close.

        • RG, I just don’t know. All those big corporations have their HR GRRLZ and their diversity departments. They THINK they’ve gotten away with being disconnected from reality for decades now.

          Small holders like myself have fewer options, the last couple years have eaten very heavily into the reserves. I cannot visualize the way the changes will actually happen, but I guarantee they will, and not in the way either the insane left or us in the old guard think they will. And if Bill gates comes along offering $20,000/acre for our stuff, it will be well nigh impossible to turn it down.

          • Hi Ernie,

            Will some sale? Sure, but where do they go? Land (well, at least fertile land) provides vegetation, acres for gardening, and raising one’s own food. If that land comes with a river, pond, or lake that is even better. What does money buy when the fiat currency is worth nothing? One can always print more money. Land? It doesn’t spring up every day.

            I just cannot believe that the elite are so forgone that they don’t see the impact that this is going to have on their businesses and their lives. If they can’t realize it, then they are stupider than I gave them credit for.

            Maybe I am naive, but do we believe all of them share the same values, that they are all pro climate change, twenty-seven different genders, and everybody deserves a trophy? Could it be a possibility that it is to show us that the above disrupts and bankrupts’ civilizations? That societal decay can only be brought forth by the human mind and one’s immortality? That good can defeat evil?

        • RE: “But the small farmers are going to be able to implement this and adapt”

          I used an electric weed eater when I lived in The City on a postage stamp sized lot, the damn thing(s) didn’t work very well compared to gasoline powered, but more importantly, it’s service life was measured in months, not years or decades. That kind of thing is important to the bottom line, especially if you’re a small farmer, …now imagine that factor multiplied for larger & more expensive equipment.

          Seems like a built-in bankruptcy codified into law. Doubly-so for anyone who tries to use this crap equipment to, “implement this and adapt”.

          Dust, dirt, mud & grime, ice & sub-zero freezing rain – the stuff of farming… & the destruction of electrical motors & batteries. YMMV, I suppose. But, I doubt it.

          • …Just thinking about this a step further, how will the average consumer “adapt” when the price of buying new electric equipment & re-buying short service life replacements is passed on from the farmer to the consumer?

            $10.00 head of lettuce? $20.00 or $40.00 per pound for ground beef? …How will the average consumer, “adapt”?
            By buying imported products grown by small & corporate foreign farmers who don’t have to use electric battery powered motors? …Then things go full circle, bankruptcy for the small farmer, codified into law. It’s like, it’s a plan, or something.

            • Helot,

              There seems to be confusion between adapt and adopt. I did not say that small farmers would adopt and use battery operated farm equipment, but they would adapt (and solve) the problems that need solving.

              A small farm or an individual has the ability to change with the times quicker than a large company does.

              My post below mentions going back to the Dark Ages, which is what many of the elite are hoping for. A smaller farm will likely have the skills needed (or relearn) the ways of earlier cultivation. A large company would implode and not survive.

              I am not condoning the pushing of the leftist agenda just a way of adjusting to get around it.

          • I should not have used the word implement. I see how it reads when I review it. My intention was not to agree to the NWO just a workaround to evade it.

            I am sorry for the confusion.

    • Every thing has its place…”horses for courses,” as the saying goes.
      Back in the day, a Homelite Super XL Automatic (oiler) was one of my most important framing carpentry tools, and served me well.

      These days, however, I don’t do carpentry for a living, and, for occasional use around my own property, a corded electric Stihl better suits my needs. The key word is “occasional.” My experience with 2 cycle engines is that if they sit around unused for any length of time, the carburetor is likely to gum up. Also, fresh 2 cycle mix is preferable to old stuff.

      NF to have to rebuild a carburetor, or pay someone else to do so, just to cut up a downed tree limb every now and then.

      Obviously, what makes sense for me makes absolutely no sense for a professional arborist, logger, or timber framer, who uses his equipment daily, works at elevation (above ground level), and requires (much) more power.

      • RE: “rebuild a carburetor”

        The shop I used to work in didn’t rebuild them, they tossed ’em and put on a new one. $$$.

        Every day, I looked at this giant pile of bad carbs… seemed like there’d be something better to do with ’em than scrap them out.

  21. The solution, IMO, is the dissolution of the U.S. as a political entity. It seems inevitable to me. Look at how many of the productive people are heading for the exits in places like Washington, Oregon, California, New York, Illinois etc. As acts of illegitimate government become more and more tyrannical, more people consider parallel solutions that don’t include government by diktat. Jim Rogers predicted this years ago…..he speculated that Washington, Oregon and perhaps British Colombia would unite into an entity called Olympia….BTW, this tendency to rule by diktat is driven by urban dwellers who will die by the millions soon enough….just saying.

    • Most of the non-native population living in Puget Sound never venture west of the Snoqualmie Pass on I-90.

      Likewise, you would be hard pressed to find someone living in Vancouver, BC or the Wilhamette Valley (Portland) who had ventured over the mountains east of their respective urban areas. Portland may venture out to the end of I-80 before it climbs out of the Gorge headed to Idaho, but that’s generally the limit.

  22. Costco execs must see a future for the company in selling the cheap Chinese EVs which will inevitably be imported to WA State in 2030. The current Governor has been their chore boy going back to his election in 2012. Freshly inaugurated, Inslee literally allowed the Costco lobbyists to write the WA State liquor deregulation rules which briefly resulted in sights such as Jack Daniels endcaps on the pet supply aisle at my local Kroger.

    (Gotta wonder what data mining was behind that placement. Wish I had taken a picture.)

    We are at a weird inflection point in auto history where most people believe that a magic battery technology is “just around the corner” which will make EVs practical while, simultaneously, a clever F&I room can put a household with a take home of $2000/mo into a $40k vehicle with a little creativity.

    Okay, a lot of creativity. But I see it all the time here in Texas with the big trucks in the Walmart parking lot. Dad wanted that truck, but Mom insisted on no more than a $500 car payment. “We’ll make it work, but no more than that.”

    I still believe that the F150-class vehicles will be the EV Waterloo. However, I very well could be wrong because there is a chunk of the population, mostly Y chromosomes, who will spend anything to live that Ford commercial where the lights are out in the neighborhood but the EV F150 house has power, much to the delight of the wife.

    Cue Tim Allen grunts.

  23. Wickard v. Filburn is the very foundation of all government intervention in the market. Regardless how absurd its proclamation. The Commerce Clause has been used to “legalize” more tyranny than any other. Every single thing you do has an “effect” on interstate commerce, including how many sheets of TP you use per wipe, or per day. Or both. Yet the SCOTUS has never bothered with reviewing Wickard v. Filburn, and in fact will reject any case that might call for such review.

  24. No, they’re not nuts; they’re doing what their WEF/UN overlords TELL them to do! They’re implementing UN Agenda 2030. Notice how WA State picked the year 2030 to ban ICEVs? Notice how CA picked 2035? Look for CA to move up their ban to 2030.

    Oh and BTW, what are people in rural CA and WA supposed to do? Once you get outside the cities in both states, there are rural expanses. In WA, once one goes east of the Wenatchie Mountains, there’s desert out there; there’s desert in CA too. Gas stations are tens of miles apart! Are there any EV chargers out that way?

    And yeah, what are contractors supposed to do? Even landscapers will be impacted! While a cordless, electric snowblower works fine for me; while an electric lawn mower would work fine for me; they won’t work for a landscaper. I only have my property to worry about, and it can be done on one charge with juice to spare. OTOH, a landscaper has to do many properties, and he has to do them in rapid succession. If he uses gas equipment, he can refuel and be ready do the next property in two minutes; if he has to wait for his stuff to charge up, he won’t be able to do as much work, which means fewer $$$.

    Then, there’s the matter of GETTING to the jobs! With an ICEV pickup, this is easy. The tank likely holds enough to do a day’s work, if not more. Will the EV hold enoughu juice to do a day’s work, particularly outside the cities?

    These people aren’t that stupid. Only someone as dense as a rock would fail to see the impact these policies will have on people. No, they’re EVIL! Let me repeat: these people are EVIL! They’re carrying out their orders from their CFR/WEF/UN, et al overlords; they’re implementing UN Agenda 2030. THAT’S what’s behind this…

    • “No, they’re not nuts; they’re doing what their WEF/UN overlords TELL them to do!”
      Which means they are indeed NUTS! They fail to realize that they are included victims of this insanity. That somehow, since they so faithfully supported domination of the world by a handful of oligarchs, those oligarchs will give them privileged status. Sucks to be you, if you think so.

    • Hi Mark,

      It isn’t electric vs fuel injected it is about Americans not having mobility. If the government can mandate electric cars knowing that the majority of the population cannot afford them AND they restrict freedom of movement then the majority of Americans will move closer to the city. What’s in the city…cameras…everywhere. Big Brother can easily turn his eye to you and where you are going, who you are meeting, what you are doing at work, etc. Cameras on sidewalks, in buildings, on buses, on trains, hell even in our hands.

      The seers of today may advise two horses and a buggy as future modes of transportation.
      Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a design for a phaeton carriage or a good blacksmith? The Victorian Era is returning.

      • Raider Girl,

        I just fitted out a small outdoor forge and anvil and workbench for that very reason, to pick up some basic blacksmithing skills.

        I suggest others do the same.

        • You are right on, AF. We need to go back to working with our hands and learning the trades. Not quite sure how far the WEF wants to push us back – maybe the Dark Ages? Think I will head over to the antique mall and see if I can get my hands on a copy of the “American Cookery” circa 1796. Maybe pick up a butter churner while I am there.

          • Certain religious communities will fare better than the great unwashed. Of course, they will not be safe if the PtB focus on them after the easily cowed have submitted. Worth noting, this is an implementation of the Hamiltonian vision…..the Jeffersonian vision died with the War Between the States. In terms of learning old skills, if you are in Texas….have a look at…..this is a community north of Waco that teaches classes in black smithing, wood working, gardening….all sorts of stuff. I took woodworking classes from them back in the early 2000s and they were brilliant. They also have a craft fair after Thanksgiving every year that’s a very fine event.

    • Hi, MarkyMark,
      I doubt that fluid fueled vehicles will be made illegal to own, just more difficult and expensive to fuel.
      Step by step:
      1. Raise the price of gasoline and diesel by artificially restricting the overall supply.
      This is already happening. I paid $5.87/gal for 87 octane Mobil in ZIP code 92882 on 2 April. I fully expect to see $10/gal within the next 2 years, although I hope I am wrong about the speed of the price increase.
      2. Create ever more onerous environmental regulations which impose a burden on fuel station operators, which will tend to drive the independent operators out of business.
      3. Predatory pricing by major oil companies to independents who sell their products. Independent Chevron dealer here in town tells me Chevron charges him more per gallon than what they sell it for at the large company station 2 miles away. He was advertising 87 octane Chevron @ $6.39 yesterday, 2 April. Ninety one octane was $6.89.

      Net result in the long (or not so long) run is likely to be fewer petrol stations and much higher prices. Good luck getting from San Berdoo to the Colorado River, or the Colorado River to Phoenix, on fluid fuel ITLR, unless you bring it with you.

      Which will be entirely possible, of course, because fluid fuel is portable fuel, unlike electricity, which can only be transported using electrochemical conversion, a.k.a. “battery power.” As anyone with an eighth grade education knows, fluids include liquids and gases, however produced…

      Fluid fuels represent freedom, because they are portable.
      Electric power is tethered power, no matter how long the leash.

      At least, that is how I see it.

  25. I was at the gun club for a work day yesterday. Someone drove a Tesla – which got us talking.

    No one in the group I was in was in favor of electrics as a primary vehicle, for all the same reasons that have been highlighted on this article.

    I don’t imagine this whole EV thing will end up going over well.
    In concept many agree with EV.
    That will change when you tell them they are the ones that will have to buy one.
    Kinda like taxes.

    Nixon’s fault – yes.
    That’s just a republican fault. They think they will win democrat votes by adopting their agenda.
    Republicans never learn, which is why they are worthless.

  26. This all coincides with UN Agenda 2030! Notice how WA State used the year, 2030, for this ban? The UK has a similar ban, BTW. The ICEV ban was slated to start in 2040 in the UK; that was moved up to 2035; then, it was moved up to 2030. SHAZAM! Look for CA’s ICEV ban to be moved up to 2030 as well.

    I wish gov’t would GTFO of the way! There are promising developments. Scotty Kilmer talked about a new rotary engine (not the Wankel) that can run on HYDROGEN! H2 would be the ultimate, zero emissions fuel! The only byproduct of this engine’s exhaust is water vapor. If the gov’t GTFO of the way, the free market could solve the emissions problem; in fact, it largely has…

  27. Do they include light duty trucks with these laws too? If so, there’s going to be a lot of very pissed off contractors. If not, then a lot of ICE trucks are going to be sold to people that don’t need/want a truck. Unintended consequences of a new truck owner getting 15-20mpg vs the corolla they needed getting 30-35mpg.
    Washington and CA are very large states with mountains. Go to any hotels outside of the metro areas on any weekday night and the parking lot is filled with contractor trucks.
    And these EV trucks loaded down with gear, trailer, will be lucky to get 80 +/- miles to a charge. So way more time lost to charging, that guess what? We all pay in the end.
    If the new law does include 1500 trucks, then all will go to 2500, and so on. Just like a lot of us did when the large sedan was eliminated and we all went LD trucks.
    These people are absolutely nuts. There will be a unintended response to this.

      • Which means a lot of work being done now won’t get done, because of the exorbitant cost of such work to be done with EV trucks. You can expect a bill for a plumber coming out to cost you $100 or so. How quick will you be to make that call if it costs 2 or 3 or $500?
        The state does not care if its edicts work or not, as long as we kneel.


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