Diaper Report 2/7/22

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After two years of insisting that “masks” – nothing particularly; an old bandana will do – “work” (notwithstanding two years’ worth of evidence that they don’t) all of a sudden I am noticing particular “masks” – N95 rated – being given away at stores such as Kroger where they haven’t been required for more than a year.

It would be good for a laugh if it weren’t so savagely stupid.

One of the many great tells as regards the latter – as regards this whole sick business – was the fact that from the beginning of “mask” madness (and mandates) there were never any mandated standards. It was if the only thing that mattered was the kabuki theater of getting people to cos-play doctor in order to shop, work and so on. This served the two-fold purpose of making it look as if the Black Death were about – bring out your dead! – which served to instill general fear and paranoia. It also served to create a visual of obedience to the narrative, which mattered far more than whether people were actually getting (or giving) sickness.

This had to be so. If it were not so, there would have been standards for “masks” from the get-go. This Faucian business of the “noble lie” is just that. A lie. Nothing was ever “noble” about it. What sort of criminal incompetent in a position of authority over the public would tell the public that wearing just anything over your face – so long as you wore something over your face – protected you from getting or giving a supposedly/potentially lethal sickness?

How is this not like a “mechanic” telling a customer who is worried about the integrity of his car’s braking system to be sure to always wear special shoes, which will assure the proper function of the brakes when the pedal is pushed?

If “masks” were indeed a necessary measure to “stop the spread” then not just any “mask” would have qualified as a “mask.”

Standards would have been set forth describing which “masks” did, in fact, “stop the spread.” If only “masks” that carried an N95 or higher rating could do that – proof of that being a necessary adjunct to any “mandate,” unless we’re back to doctor cos-play – then only such “masks” would have gained people entree to stores and public transportation and so on.

But we all know any “mask” served the purpose . . . of turning the entire country into what looked like a mental hospital, with people cos-playing demented hypochondriacs. This was the sole and only purpose of all that “masking.” Fauci knew it; they all knew it. Millions of hysterics still believe it, too. They believe it so deeply they fight tooth and nail to continue the “mask” tormenting of kids captive in government schools, who are being systematically transformed into demented hypochondriacs. It is a catastrophe of unparalleled and unprecedented depravity.

Now, all of sudden, standards are being talked up. The regime of the sometime-“masker” (another interesting bit of kabuki) has purchased an enormous number of N95 “masks” and it is apparently these “masks” that now appear doorside and inside supermarkets and other public places . . . just in the nick o’ time.

It’s only been two years-plus, after all. Better late than never, eh?

Even so, there are still no standards – that only N95 “masks” will gain you admission to public spaces where “masks” are required, such as airports. Passengers are still free (poor choice of words) to wear any “mask” they like, so long as they are “masked.” It can be the most snot-laden, dirty, porous, ridiculous piece of cloth conceivable. So long as they look like demented hypochondriacs, in order to make the demented hypochondriacs feel better.

And also to make those who aren’t demented hypochondriacs feel worse. As always, the primary purpose being to make people suffer – either from the degradation or via the fear induced and maintained by all this “masking.”

Further evidence to support this claim is the absence of usage standards. Even an N95 “mask” becomes useless after being worn for days or weeks on end. Probably after just a couple of hours – assuming the wearer hasn’t suffused the thing with schnott – which he will, if he’s actually sick.

That’s a final sick irony, isn’t it? The “mask” might serve to keep a sick person’s schnott from spewing toward others. But now that schnott is glazing the inside surface “mask” the sick person is (trying) to breath through. It is like holding the Kleenex you just schnott into right up against your mouth and nose. It’s as disgusting as it is idiotic.

If it weren’t, people would be expected to change their “mask” as often as necessary for the “mask” to serve its purpose. As doctors do in the surgery suite.

And then to dispose of this hazardous medical waste properly – also as doctors do.

No standards for that, either.

Never mind. The important thing is to “mask up.” It doesn’t matter which “mask” – or how or how long.

Just so long as you – as your kids – are “masked.”

Forever, apparently.

. . .

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  1. Man, this is some freaky sheet. Have you seen this? The vax-clot-shot is turning people’s blood into Silly String?


    Is the only reason this isn’t more widespread with more deaths is because sooo many people are on blood thinners?

    I keep thinking of something Allan Stevo wrote, if you wear the mask, you’ll take The Shot, you just haven’t been given the right reason yet for taking The Shot.

    … Don’t. Wear. The. Mask.

    • Exactly, Helot –

      Some will remember the debate between myself and a regular poster here over “masks.” Which I insisted would lead to the Jabs (and worse) whereas the poster didn’t see the connection and wondered why I didn’t focus on the Jabs. Well, as Stevo says, if you wear the “mask” then you have accepted the lie. If you accept the lie, it will be used to compel you to take the Jab. And how will you refuse it – having already accepted the lie?

      The “masks” were the key to everything. If – at the beginning of all this – a third to half the population had refused categorically to don the disgusting things then none of the rest could have followed.

  2. Masks: more weaponized fake medicine to kill you. These masks have to be changed every 20 minutes, or they will poison you (even if you did change them they will still poison you, because of the toxic crap they are made from and added graphene etc.) nobody, anywhere has ever done this, some people wear them for months.

    nobody is wearing masks properly because:

    “As soon as they become saturated with the moisture in your breath they pass on the droplets.”
    Professor Cossart said that could take as little as 15 or 20 minutes, after which the mask would need to be changed.

    This is the dirtiest, filthiest thing they have done. satanic fuuuuuks

  3. Grab all the free N95 masks you can get. They really do work good for dusty construction tasks at home. I had to deal with replacing some insulation under the house and those free N95 came in handy.

    • Well, Anon, there appears to be some interesting content, but I’m really digging the retro site! I’ll bet it’s completely independent as well. SO much cooler and faster.

  4. I just watched this video from Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s bitchute channel. The first 10 min or so is just Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Judy Mikovits arguing about whether viruses cause disease. The rest is fascinating in a horrible way. The argument is made that the “vaccines” are essentially bio-weapons containing graphene oxide that cuts up the surface of your cell membranes, that the injections are meant to spread illness to others, and that this was all foretold back during the 2012 London Olympics with the creepy hospital beds and a big blue coronavirus symbol.

    The patent for the “vaccine” was applied for or granted several years ago and was issued to a Rothschild. Other accusations are that the British Royal Family is working with DARPA to cull the population.

    Also, that graphene oxide is sprayed, via geoengineering (chemtrails) and that it causes respiratory distress in people. I think the speaker suggests that a lot of it was spread during the beginning of this whole thing in 2020 to kick start the plandemic. At the time, it really affected mostly the elderly.

    Not saying I believe it all, but I’ve become a real sceptic about everything I’ve been taught my whole life, and I’m old. If all this is true, it certainly would explain a lot.


    • IF geoengineering is really an attempt at solar radiation management & works in combination with heating of the atmosphere to control & direct the weather, adding graphene oxide into the coal fly ash mixture might be something they want to do? Making people sick might just be ‘collateral damage’ as they say?

      Via radiopatriot: “an electrical conductor, graphene performs as well as copper, and despite being almost completely transparent, remains so dense that not even helium, the smallest gas atom, can pass through it. [combine that with graphene oxide’s] ability to deflect harmful UV rays”

      See also, this bit about High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines:


      • Excellent link, helot – I encourage everyone to look at it, plus the short 7 min video that is included.

        I became convinced that someone is spraying something unnatural in our skies about ten years ago. I was sitting on my deck on a beautiful September day with one of my grandbabies. I look up and see the ‘grid’ pattern referenced in the link. I likened it at the time to a checkerboard. No way was it a natural cloud formation or just jet contrails.

        Our Michigan weather just seems off. This past summer, the grass stayed green all season long which is usually not possible without lawn irrigation (we rarely water the lawn – we let it go dormant). Reason being we had so much rain. I’ve lived here over 20 years and that was a first. I suppose it could be the exception to the rule, but I bet not. We also had many sunless days. It almost seems like we have had more sunny days now that it is winter. Weird.

  5. Ah yes, quite the repugnant post, Eric. I saw on the Ron Paul Liberty Report how stores now had bins full of unpackaged N95 masks for the taking. Just sitting out in the ‘Rona (and cold and flu) laden air.

    Also, update on my condition: I saw the cardiologist yesterday. She was unconcerned anything was wrong with my heart, though I was scheduled for an echocardiogram (apparently as a CYA/money making effort) in a month.

    Her verdict: I had the ‘Rona twice, and I’m still experiencing the long lasting effects (Long COVID?). That is to say, I apparently contracted Omicron about the time it was discovered, and 1 month after having Delta. I somewhat doubt the veracity of that hypothesis. Perhaps, however, what I’ve been experiencing is the result of an errant immune response to the ‘Rona.

    My reflux and associated gastro symptoms have improved, though are still present. Not much in the way of chest pain lately, though completely normal and satisfying breathing has yet to return. I can take a short jog around the yard during my walks, and I haven’t doubled over breathless, so that’s good.

    This cardiologist has said these symptoms will last for weeks or months. We’ll see, though I’m quite ready to be done with them now. The most interesting part of that visit was that she said that her first 3 patients of the day had told the exact same story I had. If true, I am intrigued.

    • FWIW, I had H1n1 influenza several years ago. I was in my mid-40’s in tip top shape and that bug freakin’ crushed me. I mean crushed. No hospital but the second sickest I’ve ever been (Dengue is worse).

      Took me 6+ months to regain my top levels of cardio conditioning. At 3 months I felt fine just walking around but if I pushed hard biking and tried intervals I’d just collapse and feel like I couldn’t get any oxygen even though my breathing was fine.

      Keep pushing slowly, you’ll get it back. After a year I felt perfectly normal.

      And now since the coof, I’ve learned about D3, zinc, and Ivermectin and haven’t really been sick in 2 years despite no masking and absolutely no more “vaxxes”. I was admittedly a habitual Flu vaxxer before covid. Never again, and I feel great.

      • Thanks, David. Yes, something certainly went awry, here. I have improved a bit, so I’m becoming ever more hopeful. I do appreciate you sharing your story, though. It’s important to know that people have gone through similar issues and recovered.

        As rough as it’s been, I hate to imagine what would’ve happened if I would’ve taken the Kung Flu jab. What I do know is that it’s a hazardous world. Always has been and will be. Times like this make me greatly appreciate feeling “normal”, even I’m mired in the daily drudgery.

  6. A maxvaxxed masked comedienne was on stage in Tempe, Arizona promoting vaccine and mask mandates.

    She collapsed on stage.

    A lot of truckers have skedaddled from Ottawa is the word. Left their trucks sitting right there, moved on in pickup trucks, probably are at Windsor, Ontario today.

    Protesters in Alberta have formed a blockade at Coutts, yesterday, farmers with four-wheel drive tractors mounted with front-end blades joined on Monday evening, the protests are not going to stop. Albertans that were in Ottawa went home to Alberta to join the protest/blockade at Coutts. The protest there is huge.

    The protests will grow in Canada until the black-faced idiot is gone, along with the mandates.

    At MacDonalds in Canada, Canadians order a Trudeau special. “What’s that,” asks the MacDonalds worker. “A McChicken,” says the customer.

  7. A year ago or so I sent a letter to our mayor and my councilman about the issue of old used masks littering the city. I brought up that since this is a deadly virus these mask are hazardous materials and should be cleaned up by hazmat teams. The response was crickets.

  8. During the black plague the Pope sat in in an area with open flame around him to *social distance* himself from the disease. It worked! So we all should be in a ring of fire just as Johnny Cash once sung.
    Next we should breathe thru scrubbers to remove CO2 from our exhale.

  9. Curious that it took the CDC TWO YEARS to decide that your bandana was not an effective mask, and now N95s are required. N95s don’t work either, but the metric looks good. As if the CDC were “doing something”. Unless you are in a BSL4 suit with external air supply, you are NOT protecting against a virus. I so often hear “then why to doctors wear them in OR?” Simple. They wear them to reduce chance of BACTERIAL infection transmitted by spitting or snotting into an open wound or incision. Bacteria and viruses are more than worlds apart. As is the CDC and the truth.

    • Ludicrous to see gullible male(?) sheep with facial hair “wearing” a dust mask respirator. Local Pravda actually ran a picture of an obviously used (light blue!) N95 hanging from the rear view mirror of an auto, “for ease of access.” Might as well have it bronzed.

      Lone female member of our City Council (works for Planned Parenthood) tends to “double diaper,” while the council member who is retired from the Fire Department (therefore SCBA trained) practices facial nudity.

      >They wear them to reduce chance of BACTERIAL infection transmitted by spitting or snotting into an open wound or incision.

      Exactly. Intended to protect the “patient” (a.k.a. “victim”) from the surgeon’s ejecta, not vice versa.
      Personal Protective Equipment, by definition, is designed, and intended, to protect the wearer from environmental hazards, as most folks here undoubtedly already know. Many of us have been trained to work in IDLH environments, and know the difference.

      News flash:
      Surgical masks are *NOT*, and were not designed to be, Personal Protective Equipment. Neither are Boy Scout bandanas, once sported by our erstwhile County Public Health Director (M.D.). N95s are the lowest level of approved respiratory protection, commonly referred to as a “dust mask respirator.” These are *disposable* one use items, which require proper fit test for qualification by wearer, as well as a leak check at every use. It is not possible to wear a dust mask respirator, or any other form of respirator, properly if one has facial hair which protrudes beyond the upper lip. End of story.

      • Surgical masks also have the primary function of keeping fluids from splashing into the mucous membranes of the surgical team. The only reason they help the patient at all is that exhaled droplets fall a very short distance from the exhaler, normally of no concern whatsoever, but for a surgical team huddled in close proximity over the patient, a matter of modest concern.

        The definition of efficacy rating is best given as “masks kind of work for what they are intended for, this is a measure of how much they kind of work”.

  10. Recall that the point of the lockdowns and masks (if you couldn’t maintain a six foot perimeter around yourself) was to “flatten the curve,” and give the hospitals a chance to tool up for a lot of sick people. Americans, being overachievers, not only flattened the curve, but pretty much eliminated it. Helps that the “pandemic” has a 99.8% recovery rate, but that’s not important. The hospitals never bothered to ramp up for the onslaught because it didn’t come. The various state-run health entities figured out that if they just kept people away from each other the hospitals could continue to rake in money without earning it. Trump sent a hospital ship to New York City that sat empty. Denver built a field hospital in the Colorado Convention Center. We got news stories of sick wards overflowing, but then when TikTalkers started uploading video of empty parking lots and dancing nurses that story quickly ended. Then there were the overflowing morgues… because no one could hold funerals or bury the dead.

    • Nearly all hospitals are now for profit. Increasing capacity costs money. The state is paying them large bonuses for all things COVID. Test results, admissions, ICU admission, ventilator application, and cause of death. No surprise that hospitals are delivering on que.

  11. Last week I needed a specific medicine cabinet to finish my bathroom remodel. Of course our store was out of stock, so I made the hour long drive up to Flagstaff Home Depot. Sadly the delusion is still alive and well. Right away when I entered I felt uneasy. Every Single Person I saw was walking around NPC like, faces covered. It was very disturbing to my harmony. It reminded me of the early days of the (((Not a Pandemic.)))

    Only one other man in the crowd was mask-less and he was way older than me. It was a disgusting reminder of what true mental illness looks like. The only bright spot, since I always look for the pony amidst the poo pile, was a stunning young lady in her twenties who helped me. She wore no mask, had no visible tats, was skinny yet nicely appointed, beautiful long hair and clear skin, and smart. We had a brief conversation about the sickness Kabuki.

    In other words she was the kind of unicorn I thought had gone extinct. The type that used to be all to common around here.

    • Lots of “science” and governement types in Flagstaff, IIRC. And not too far away are the Sadona goofballs. Clearly the mask hysteria is going to run rampant there.

      • It gives me the sad’s that so many formerly free spirited anti-establishment types have become nothing more than shills for a dying empires last gasps.

        I think I’m getting one of those suicide rings inscribed on the inside with ‘I live and breathe freely.’

    • Norman,

      “She wore no mask, had no visible tats, was skinny yet nicely appointed, beautiful long hair and clear skin, and smart.”

      Seems such a rarity, doesn’t it? There are beautiful girls around, of course, but they are usually besmirched with a flood of cutaneous graffiti, and often have septum rings, Kool-aid dyed hair and other detractors. Such people used to be as you stated, “free spirited anti-establishment types”, but now are only pawns in the drone armies of authoritarianism. Tyranny is cool, now, see?

      • I’m apparently “sexist” because I think only men should have tats if they want them. IMO, tats do not make a woman’s skin look more attractive. Of course, women are free to do as they wish, I’m just stating what I think. I’m sure there women that post here and might have tats. It’s their right, I’m not calling them bad or ugly or anything else derogatory by any means.

        Nor do I have any issues with a woman who has a tat or few that’s easily hidden. There was a time when men who had forearm tats had to wear long sleeves in summer for work to cover them up. They were seen as bikers or old rowdy sailors. These days, tats on men seem like an almost given, but on men, I think it makes men, like then as now, look tougher. He can have the “bad boy” look and many women will be attracted to it.

        Maybe someday I will come around and be able to overlook tats on women that distract from their overall beauty. If you are a female reading this, please understand you are always beautiful no matter your age or body type. Don’t feel pressured about your looks, be you, there’s always a man or few out there who thinks you are the hottest thing going.

        • Hi Jump,

          I halfway agree with you, but I don’t really care for tattoos on guys either. Years ago it used to be only widespread to members of the military and motorcycle gangs, but just about everyone has one now.

          Personally, I am terrified of needles so getting a tattoo, receiving a vaccine, or shooting heroin into my arm won’t happen in this lifetime.

          • If your view mimics mine, then I have no argument to refute you.

            My sisters went and got a “sibling” tattoo and then asked me if I wanted sibling tattoo after the fact. Nope.

            I’m not marking my body. Period.

            • Hi Jump,

              The tattoo thing is one of those things that baffles me. It’s something I would never do yet it seems almost everyone else is doing it. At least, now. When I was growing up, only sailors, bikers and criminals had them; no one else did. So – back then – a tattoo had a kind of outlaw mystique. But now they’re everywhere and have all the mystique of McDonald’s.

              • “mystique of McDonald’s”. LOL I know you were trying to use McD’s as an ubiquitous American everywhere phenomena, but they do actually have a mystique.

                I’m sure by now everyone has seen the happy meal that did not deteriorate on social media, but I experienced it for real not long ago. I had to inspect the cellular antennas on a safe under the desk in the office of a roach infested McDonald’s and found a non-deteriorated “meat” patty behind the safe that was rock hard. If the roaches won’t eat it and it won’t decay, well, there’s a mystique right there.

            • Hi Jump,

              In my family of about 20 of us, my uncle, former military, has one, one of my BIL, and my youngest sister who decided at 28 she needed a “tramp stamp.” She was also the same one that pierced her nose and her belly button. 😳. Never colored her hair a rainbow color though.

        • Hey JumpR,

          Yeah, I don’t mind a decent tattoo, done tastefully, even on a girl. But it’s rarely done that way. Most people appear to get them capriciously and randomly, and quickly much of body becomes besmirched by dozens of meaningless, random, Friday night scribbles, and it looks more like ink-leprosy than art.

        • I used to be a patron of the arts, a connoisseur of the ballet.

          I supported single mothers one dollar at a time in other words.

          Completely gave it up about 10 years ago as the dancers all had way too much disgusting ink to enjoy the show. It’s a shame too since those poor girls usually couldn’t even afford clothes and when they did they were full of holes…

      • Hey BaDnOn, glad to hear your improving. Maybe ask your Doctor about Danzen, AKA Serratiopeptidase. I was having some difficulty with my lungs and I picked some up in Mexico. 20 pills for 10 bucks. Took it for four days and it seemed to clear up the problem.

        I cant decide which is worse, the cutaneous graffiti, septum rings, or hey Kool-aid hair. Taken together its a fairly toxic brew. I used to tell my kids its natures way of telling you somethings wrong. Bright colors in the animal kingdom often mean danger.

        I think I’m a little older than you, but I’m sure you saw it. The majority of young women used to be attractive, many even drop dead gorgeous. Not the rare one off like today

        • Norman,

          Yes, it’s true. The dyed hair and tats seemed a little dangerous back-in-the-day as well, but generally the girls also seemed “fun”. This sort of rebellion was more freedom-loving, light-hearted and mischievous. Today, similar girls just seem hostile. Also, especially as I’ve become a bit older and more experienced with people, I’ve found the more wholesome girls are much more desirable, inside and out. Natural beauty can be complimented if its done modestly, but all of this “artistic accentuation” does little except to raze a girl’s natural beauty, which is tragic.

          Lastly, yep, I’ve seen it. Even in the gym, where the girls are otherwise taking good care of themselves, it’s relatively rare to find a girl not marred by tattoos and superfluous jewelry in strange places.

          • BaDnOn,

            My dad Told me never sleep with crazy when I was young. Although I didn’t always listen, it is good advice unless your just looking for a fun time.

            I can still remember when the two types of tats where Navy blue, and prison black. Now you see every color under the rainbow, like a freaking pack of skittles.

            I have a sneaking suspicion that the colored ink, (probably made in china) that goes into tats, is somehow contributing to all this gender “dysphoria.” Which is just another way of saying bat shit crazy.

      • I knew this nation was in deep trouble years ago when I started seeing Millennials of both sexes with substantial tattoos; supposedly 2/3 of that generation has at least one. Tats represent three things: 1.) mental, emotional and/or spiritual instability, 2.) a nihilistic outlook on life (hence a reception to communism), and 3.) a willingness to submit to needling of any kind.

        • Hey Jim,
          Perfect list on what tats represent. I think you left one off. #4) A surliness born of a hatred towards her father.

  12. I’m a dentist. I’m in people’s unmasked mouths all day long with a useless cloth mask with my nose exposed half the time. No jab, no kabuki, no wuflu and no change in any way I operated prior to the stupidity.. Not one day sick in the last ten (20?) years. Except that Indian food poisoning. 24 hours of fun and I still went to work, Got a lot of colds as a kid though. Ignored state required vaxxes for my employees and never been tested . We never shut down because I thought it was all bullshit from day one. .

    • Mark,

      Are you anywhere near Boston? If not, do you know of any dentists who are? I’m looking for a dentist who is not a member of the Wu Flu Cult.

    • Hi Mark,

      I wrote a Diaper Report more than a year ago about the dentist I had been going to for 15-plus years refusing to see me because I would not perform the Kabuki of putting on a “mask” to walk the appx. 20 feet from the check-in desk to the room where he worked (and where wearing a “mask” would be impossible, assuming he intended to work on me). I thought this guy was rational as well as almost a friend – as we’d been friendly toward one another for 15 years. But he treated me as if I were some kind of plague vector – bad enough – but also in a manner so imbecilic it took my breath away. “Mask” for the walk – but then take it off? Because “the virus” doesn’t “spread” in the exam room? In a way, I am glad he did what he did – because I got to know who he really is. I have a new dentist who does not say anything about my face showing, which says all I needs to know about him!

  13. Another good thing is Joe Rogan. I have just started listening. He is great. Very eclectic guests all over the map. 3 hour podcasts. Would have been better 3 years ago when I was driving 3-4 hours a day. Not so much now. All of you should listen to his shows when you can. Of course because people do they are trying to cancel him. Perhaps Eric can get on his show.

    • Ugg,
      I guess they found some dirt on Rogan, I seems he said nigger too many times. But that’s cool because Rumble offered him a $100 mil to sign up.

    • Hi Ugg,

      I like Rogan also. I’d like to meet the guy. He seems . . . normal. I think that is a big part of his appeal. That and his unpretentious honesty. He doesn’t lecture or talk down to anyone. He is self-effacing and polite. His popularity is a measure of just how desperate people are for that kind of behavior – as opposed to the general sanctimonious assholeness of the “media.”

    • I never cared for him much. Mainly because his podcasts DO take 2.5-3 hours, which exceeds my equine fecal matter tolerance. Few if any CAN talk that long without spewing forth an abundance of it. On the other hand, he has made himself a useful tool, for both the professional censors, and for those who understand that only lies benefit from censorship. I wish he had been a little less eager to apologize. The first round was essentially “sorry you got offended”, but he has yet to quit.

      • Amen, Swamp –

        Ordinarily, I would never think of striking an elderly person. But this elderly person is the sort of person who not only threatens to attack people – and so invites being punched in the mouth, himself – but is exactly the sort of person who would sign orders sending people to camps (and worse) to slake his disgusting thirst for violence. It astounds me that, on the one hand, people like us – who desperately/clearly only ask to be let alone and never threaten others with violence – are portrayed as threats by violence-espousing thugs like Carville. If any of us in a prominent position said what he said, the Left would go berserk; there would be calls for psychiatric evaluations and so on.

        But the Left considers such spittle-spewing threat-making to be no big deal when a Leftists makes the threats.

      • I’ve always thought Carville looked like a literal demon. If I ever meet him I will be tempted to surreptitiously splash a little holy water on him just to see what happens…

        • Hi Ernie,

          He is a Clinton fixer, so that says a lot. But what he said recently says everything. He’s an archetypical political thug; a psychopath, even. The curious – the alarming – thing is he’s intelligent yet also one of these people who holds insane views. And would kill you for opposing them. His is the face of the enemy.

    • I don’t think it’s ‘only’ the jab. Pre-covid, I encountered what seems to be the exact same level of absurd hatred oozing from several people filled with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      I have never seen such hatred before, and especially for someone they’d never even met. It was as if they’d been hypnotized by the TeeVee because they couldn’t really articulate why they had such hatred other than to say something like, “He’s a liar!”

      Such an encounter is eerily similar to the old man I know who was a carbon copy in thought to your earlier description of the Malthusian all A-ok with ‘thinning. the herd’. Warped Socialist minds, there seems to be zero getting through to them at all.

      • Hi Helot,

        I agree – with regard to Trump Derangement Syndrome being evidence that the Left was already out of its mind before the ‘Rona gave it a new focus for its derangement. Lots of very sick (in the head) people out there. I read a piece that tried to dissect the phenomenon. I can’t recall the author (wish I had copied it down) but his essential points were as follows:

        A population characterized by mass anxiety over “x” (real reasons) can be manipulated to focus its anxieties on “y” (manufactured/unreal reasons) for the sake of the political power of those behind the manipulations. It is also necessary for these manipulated people to be binary/compartmentalized “thinkers” – not really the right word – who cannot compute general themes/principles and so are very susceptible to being cognitively dissonant. It’s not that these people are stupid – in the low IQ sense. It is that they have been psychologically and emotionally and cognitively damaged.

    • If it makes you feel better, I don’t believe that “Serpenthead” is well received in the Democrat Party as of late. He has a history of caustic remarks towards the Obamas and worked for Peter Theil at Palantir about a decade ago.

      What Carville thinks really doesn’t matter much anymore unless your kids go to Tulane.

      • Hi Roscoe,

        It’s telling that these old men are making violent threats – which they themselves are largely no longer capable of acting out. Carville approaches 80. He is like Monty Burns in the Simpons, giving “the beating of your life”… it’d be funny, almost, if it were a cartoon. Maybe he is just delusional enough to try taking a swing at someone. Someone who will swing back. Here’s to hoping.

    • The Rogan/Malone interview was the inflection point to this war. The Marxists now see that the momentum has shifted and their ship is going down. They were certifiable before, and now they’re becoming completely unhinged. Expect things will get worse as they descend into total madness and turn violent. Prepare accordingly.

      • Morning, Anon –

        I think you may be right about the Malone interview being the inflection point. I certainly hope so! The moral philosophy of the Left is insane because it runs counter to objective reality, including human nature. It is a form of sickness – of mind and soul. Rage and hate is all they have left.

      • Rogan was indeed an inflection point. The Canadian Truckers are the point of the spear. No economy can even begin to function without material transport. The truckers are holding a Royal Flush. I pray they endure and call all bluffs.

    • Morning, RG –

      The Left (it is mostly the Left) has always been the “party” of coercion – couched in peaceful sounding euphemisms. Your “shared responsibility payment.” Your “fair share.” You are a “customer” of the eyeareess – and so on. And then they have the gall to claim there is no violence behind all of this – just comply and obey!

      I have spent most of my career trying to use plain/direct language to unmask the violence behind what the Left (mostly) advocates. I think once people see it they will come to understand it. And may even decide to reject it.

      • I’ll say it again. Every single government on the planet is founded on the assumption of authority to kill you if you don’t obey. The only difference being what they insist you obey.

    • Carville and his “libertarian” significant other live nearby – fairly modest home for being a Clinton/DNC henchman.

      He looks like the type that enjoys eating dead fetuses.

  14. Masking in Mexico is everywhere. In Nayarit is it tolerable. Most small businesses just ignore this madness. I was suprised and saddened to see masked faced everywhere on my journey to Cancun. Many small businesses refuse you service without the anti-human device!
    Don’t come here if you want to escape.

    • Hi Nasir,

      Do you know what the sad thing is? They are using taxpayer dollars to do this. I personally like the mummy, but I believe the entire body needs to be covered, not just the face. I can only hope they used dummies because no live human being was foolish enough to sign up for this “study.”

    • If it weren’t obvious by now that TPTB are just screwing with us, it should be after that one.

      Is there a particular incantation that is recommended for warding off the evil ‘rona spirits? What about wearing some type of amulet?

  15. Here’s an item that was buried in the back pages of the “news”paper recently: Clowngress is going to form an official commission, like the Warren and 9/11 commissions, to investigate the scamdemic. In other words the PTB are going to get together and decide on what the official story (lie) will be and that’s the final word.
    So get ready for a big lie along the lines of “Oswald acted alone” and the “ 9/11 attacks on New York were pulled off by some illiterate ragheads, no false flag at all”.
    Would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    • So true, Mike!

      ‘Commission’= A bunch of credentialed hired fiends whose job it is to truthify a bold-faced lie. Just like a Youtube ‘livestream’ = a way to transform a 20 minute video into a 2.5 hour video.

    • Don’t be surprised at the next wild switch in the narrative- they may 25th out Biden and serve up Fauci as a Judas goat to suddenly show that the Communists are actually on our side.

      They will of course hang the lethal injections around Trump’s throat and toss him in the drink.

      Of course, first they will want to get rid of Commie LaWhorish, perhaps filling that vital seat with Moochelle O. They will have to get cracking though while they control both House and Senate, perhaps they need to arrange several more Scalia accidents.

      They are going for all the marbles and actual resistance is starting to get organized, so it’s time to shake things up again. Just blatantly falsifying another national election is likely to lead to actual street fighting and they can only handle so many zeks in the gulags before they have to start digging ditches and activating the brown shirts. Not that they mind that, but we’re still too strong to completely pull it off, so they will avoid it for now.


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