Diaper Report 6/10/22

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Here we are, mid-way through the year and almost three years into the Weaponization of Hypochondria era. You’d think this endless obsession with getting sick might cause those who continue to get sick to question the “effectiveness” of the “vaccines” they have taken – which have not prevented millions of them from getting sick.

In some cases, repeatedly.

Instead, we hear them say they are grateful they didn’t get as sick as they otherwise might have. Emphasis on “might” because how do they know? Is it any different than someone claiming they got over their last cold faster because they wore a vial of gypsy tears around their neck?

Instead, they just believe – a have-faith characteristic of this strange new cult that flowered out of the old cult, that being the one defined by its obsession with “safety,” which neatly morphed into this new obsession with “health.” Which is often obsessed over the most, interestingly enough, by those who are the least healthy. Who are sedentary. Obese. Often, both.

It is ironic that the same people who are unwilling to make dietary and lifestyle changes to improve their health – so as to reduce the chances of getting sick and to lower the degree of sickness if they actually do get sick  – have seemingly endless faith in supposed palliatives, which is what these drugs styled “vaccines” are, in fact.

And maybe not even that.

How do you prove that these palliatives make the sickness they don’t prevent people from getting actually do palliate? Has there been any double-blind study to establish the fact, as opposed to the assertion? One group of people who didn’t take the drugs. Another that did. How many in each group actually got sick – and how sick did they get?

It is probable that it’s as it was – and remains – with regard to the “masks” that peddlers of gypsy tears such as Dr. Fauci continue to push, sans any evidence that they serve any purpose, palliative or otherwise – other than to establish that he and those like him with power have the authority (his word) to force people to just wear them. Just over their faces rather than around their necks.

Just because.

Note that the bad doctor has not modified his stance that everyone who boards a commercial flight must be made to “mask” – notwithstanding the fact that , after going on two-plus months of most not “masking” (because they no longer have to, in order to be allowed to fly on a commercial flight) there has been no correlative “spike” in the number of those getting sick.

Ordinarily – if we weren’t dealing with a cult – this would constitute happy evidence that wearing “masks” was not necessary. That is to say, medically-epidemiologically necessary. But such happy facts make people like the bad doctor most unhappy, because it drains away the asseverations of bad people like Dr. Fauci, who understand that contrary facts are very effective at countering those asseverations.

It is why he insists on “masks” – forever. It is why the Thing that wandered out on Late Night TeeVee the other night was wearing one, though he took it off as soon as he sat down, not “socially distanced” from the host of the show – who also loves “masks,” when the proletariat is forced to wear them.

But let’s circle back to basics. To definitions.

It is not a “vaccine” if it doesn’t keep you from getting sick. It is especially not if the “vaccinated” can give sickness, to others.

Perhaps there is no harm in taking these drugs – or whatever they are – in the manner of taking various supplements. But no one should be forced to take them. More precisely, no one ever should have been pressured to take them. Especially given the known risks of them, carefully and deliberately suppressed before these drugs were even pushed as well as after – all the way to the now.

Whatever your stance on the merits of vaccines, these drugs aren’t. And for that reason, there can be no legitimate argument – based on “science,” in the name of “public health” – to continue pushing them. The argument in favor of pushing them being even more specious than the prior asseveration that Smith’s wearing of a “mask” protects Jones – and vice-versa.

No, it doesn’t. Whether “mask” or Jab.

It might make you feel better, in the case of both. But feelings are subjective and frequently the result of emotional state. These people who took the “vaccines” maybe feel a little better when they get sick. But are they actually less sick because they took the “vaccines”?

Or is it just a case of emotional asseveration?

That seems to be the defining element of all cults, wherein belief has the same internal veracity as external fact.

. . .

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  1. Here we go again:

    ‘Pfizer plans to stop enrollment in a study of its COVID-19 drug in patients who aren’t at high risk of severe disease after the pill didn’t help alleviate their symptoms, a major setback for broader use of the treatment.

    ‘The decision comes after the study failed to demonstrate that the drug reduced COVID symptoms among relatively healthy patients and wasn’t able to show a statistically significant reduction in hospitalization and death.’ — time.com

    This, after the US clowngov issued a $5.3 billion contact for the first ten million doses of Paxlovid.

    HOW MANY TIMES does Big Pharma get to steal us blind, with dangerous gov-sponsored covid drugs that don’t work worth jack shit?

  2. Yesterday was Londons annual naked bike ride (yes there is such a thing out here). And you wont believe it there were some people on their bikes – butt naked, except for a nappy on their face…. 🤣 🤣 🤣

  3. Sure it’s a small sample but most people I know who were adulterated with the “Jab” got it; while I did not. Coincidence perhaps?

  4. The Jews pull shit all of the time, nothing new under the sun. Lie, cheat and steal is their mo.

    Everybody should know that by now. The CEO of Engulf and Devour, Inc. has to be a Jew. God said so, the Chosen are the guys in charge.

    Aren’t they also atheists and communists who become organized, form political movements like Bolshevism?

    “There’s an oven for you, Jew!” – Don Rickles, belted out the words on the Johnny Carson Show ca. 1990. You can always count on a comedian to find humor in anything.

    One thing about the Jews that they have in common with the rest of humanity: they all are going to die too. It’s just a matter of time. Chances of survival beyond a maximum expiration date is zero.

    Your nose and ears continue to grow as you age, so Methuselah must have had the biggest hooked nose ever. God has his vays.

    Gotta make fun of Chuck Schumer too, he’s not only Jewish, he is an idiot. Not that difficult to make that determination.

    You have to poke fun at every single group on the planet. Especially the Norwegians and those drunken Native Americans. Laugh and point at them all, no matter the religion or ethnicity.

    Might make a few folks angry, but at this point, what difference does it make?

    My bil and sil went covid nuts, had vaccines, masked to the hilt when required, then boosted.

    My bil now has covid, can’t smell, can’t taste.

    Very puzzled about it all, if someone is vaccinated, then a year later, contracts covid, what good did the vaccine do? Nothing is the answer.

    Mass psychosis evidently breeds massive denial. The entire population of the world has to be in some kind of denial that is unrecognizable and that is why there is massive denial, hypnotized by propaganda.

    Blinded by the light.

    Had a neighbor back in the early 90’s who studied the existence of satanic cultures.

    Published a book, received threats. Packed up his wife and kids and moved far away.

  5. Saw a video of a baby,,, looked to be about 3-4 months old getting 4 vaccinations at once. One in each arm and one in each thigh. Literally made me want to throw up. It’s no wonder Autism and other diseases are so prevalent today.

    Could not locate that video but went to the CDC sight and found out they approve and actually suggest multiple vaxxes at once.

    After the last few years of the fake viruses, fake plandemic, fake killer vaxx I wouldn’t trust anything the sicko’s at CDC or their co-conspirator, government’ has to say about health and medicine.

    “Giving a child several vaccines during the same visit offers two advantages.-CDC
    First, children should be given their vaccines as quickly as possible to give them protection during the vulnerable early months of their lives. Second, giving several shots at the same time means fewer office visits. This saves parents time and money, and can be less traumatic for the child… ”

    “Getting multiple vaccines at the same time has been shown to be safe.- CDC
    Scientific data show that getting several vaccines at the same time does not cause any chronic health problems….. ”


    • Hi Ken, that is absolutely deplorable. “First, children should be given their vaccines as quickly as possible to give them protection during the vulnerable early months of their lives.”

      Protection from what exactly? Normalcy? Maybe the hockey stick spike in quack-zines the last thirty years corresponds to the level of gender confusion/insanity.

    • Hi Ken,

      This is beyond despicable. If there’s any good to have come out of this dirty business, it is that (perhaps) more people than ever no longer trust anything the White Coats have to say.

    • Yeah my friend and i were just talking about this, they thought that the ones that the infants in their family were receiving were at least just the same as the ones we had as kids, but I would bet the ingredients are not actually the same these days. I guess they figured we turned out OK, and it’s true that we may not be autistic, but our health problems are certainly vast and unexplained, asthma and autoimmune shit, and likely stemming from our gullible parents believing they were doing what was right for us as babies by letting the “white coat of trust” authority figure inject us with shit that we’d never have consented to if we had known the truth behind what their whole agenda was.

  6. Now that outside temperatures are once again uncomfortable and HVAC systems are recirculating indoor air, the “cases” are back up again. Now that people are traveling to places that require a clean test, the “cases” are back up again. Now that you can get tests for free or really cheap at any drug store, the cases are back up again. Now that there’s a primary, the “cases” are back up again…


    I know a few people who’ve had it more than once. This time, so they say, is much more mild than the version they had in 2020/21, and almost went unnoticed. The spring pollen hasn’t been too bad this year due to the drought, but I did have a few days of light cough (and the usual reduction in alertness thanks to the various allergy potions), so I may have had the latest “strain” and not known it.

    • This is why my “fitness” regimen is to WALK, OUTDOORS, every Gott-Damned day, TWICE on the weekends or my regular Friday “off”.

  7. Diaper Report Update Central KY:

    As some of you may or may not know from the last diaper report. I refused a contract from a client that we have done multiple projects for due to Requesting I be masked for the pre construction walk thru. ( see Diaper Report 05/31/2022). It’s a little lengthy to re-post again

    The GC texts me 3 days later and wants to know the status of my bid.
    – My response “All things considered I won’t be doing the project. Remember?.”
    -Phone rings 20 seconds after I hit send.

    He then explains to me how the clients daughter was visiting from out of town and was the driving force behind requiring masks for the project. Please, please , pretty please don’t make me find another Electrcian for this project it’s 11:59 and they’re ready to go, they’d really like you and your guys to do the project etc.

    I proceed to tell him there will be no compromise on masking on my end at all. I’ll do the project so long as everyone understands we don’t mask for fake pandemics. I’m requiring 50% non refundable deposit for materials/mobilization prior to arrival to jobsite. If I’m there 5 minutes and somebody wants us to diaper up, we’re leaving and never coming back. The deposit will not be returned the permit will be canceled and he’ll need someone else to finish the job.

    My level of respect I had for him is in need of serious repair. I’m not sure how many more projects we’ll do together. The fairly lengthy convo we had was very revealing regarding what a cucked weak person he really is.

    • Way to go switchblade, I salute you.

      Don’t have any employees relying on me, and saved plenty of ‘money’, so that makes it even easier to reserve the right to refuse mentally ill assholes.

    • Sic, Yours is the most comforting and encouraging example of character and resistance to evil that I have encountered since this whole thing began. People have been trained from childhood to cave immediately where money is involved- and the more so when “social pressure” is involved. The whole world is against us, and only the very strong stand firm; and you sir are among the best of ’em! Very inspiring and comforting.

      • Well to be fair have a few different reliable GC’s who use me almost exclusively, I do a wide variety of projects and I turn down proably half as much work as I take on, so I can reasonably tell one or two of them to go to hell and still survive. It would possibly impact the cash flow, and ease of my workweek, but I’ve spent the last ten years really focusing on being anti-fragile, having zero debt with the business and solid relationships. There was a time in the beginning of my business opening where I was willing to go along with all kinds if nonsense. I realized the dollar is a is vicious master and an impotent god. At the end of the day principles matter, and people respect direct honesty more than I ever expected.
        People are also way more cowardly and weak than I suspected. I look like more of a boss than I probably perceive myself as, not because I’m so alpha or whatever I’m just not a total cuck when it comes to conflictn and I don’t lie for money.

        At any rate I’m glad to inspire!

          • Helot:

            Alan Stevo was in the top five of my go to reads along with Ericpetersauto, voxday, lewrockwell.com during the scamdemic.

            People who I could relate to were so sparse it was downright discouraging. I’m thankful for those I’ve never met face to face for helping lift me up.

  8. I just watched ‘Soph’ talk about the ‘Shady Hoax’ fiasco from many years ago, and just noticed that two of the officer’s names were “Mudry” and “Parrber”. Do those even sound like plausible last names? LOLOL I gotta give some of the cops credit though — during that entire scam, they walked through part of the school and took a video and actually released it to the public — the video showed that the school was very unkempt, unused, unmaintained, broken in many ways, and it obviously has not been occupied for years LOL, so thank you cops for giving us that clue, even though no-one needed it anyways.

    All the good honest cops can come work for us when we are ready to hire them. We will suck the personnel out of all sheriffs/police & military… and we’ll pay them a bonus, and they won’t have to worry about ever getting ‘burned’ by their bosses or lose their pension, plus they can actually be proud of themselves instead of working for criminals, plus they will have a much better work environment without having to lie & fraud the public, plus the people will actually LIKE them for once, plus they won’t be overworked, plus they will actually have fun and enjoy their job, plus they will actually be part of building a positive good future for everyone in a real sustainable society. Unlike the way things are now where they have to work for disgusting criminals frauding the public, and wracking up bad karma.

  9. This is so beyond words now. No-one would or could make a horror movie of this real-life events, because it’s too weird for that… I guess it’s a cartoon of complete nonsensical ridiculousness.

    Off-topic, my car insurance is due soon. The bank owners get to print $trillions for their war campaign against all humans on Earth, but we peasants have to pay car & home insurance. Insurance should be a society service, paid for by free printed money, that we people voted to do. I am so sick of these criminal bank owners printing all the free money they want for whatever they want, yet we people live & die by every dollar. We put our blood, sweat, tears, energy, & life into earning our money, yet these money-printers just ‘slap us in the face’ with their mansions & cars & yachts etc — they haven’t worked a day in their entire lives. And most of us people are fairly poor too. We live in a world of modern technology and riches, yet most people on Earth are dirt poor. Something is wrong with that. The JIG IS UP. It’s time for us to take over.

    • Hi Harry,

      I have despised mandatory insurance since I was a young man, in part because I saw how it impoverishes the young as a device meant (yes, meant) to further hamper the accumulation of wealth via bleeding it away. But now, as a middle-aged man, I hate it even more when I reflect how much of my money has been stolen via this business and how much better off I’d be right now if I merely had that money back, leaving aside the money I might have made with it had it not been extorted from me. Lately, I begin to seriously consider just not paying it. The money I waste on insurance would make up some for the money I have to waste (thank to Brandon, et al) on gas and food, which at least have some value to me. The rules no longer apply; it’s time to raise the black flag.

      And what I pay is relatively little because I am “low risk” (as if I didn’t know that and base my hatred of being forced to pay insurance on exactly that fact as well as the fact that I resent being punished for harms I haven’t caused). I can “get away” with this because I own old stuff that’s not valued highly. Even so, the total cost is high because I have one old truck, one really old car and some old motorcycles (the newest is 20 years old).

      But even if it were only $100 to “cover” all of them, it’d still be enough to make me furious if I am told I must pay it.

      • Eric,
        Not to mention that if you do make a claim, or are liable for one, the insurance mafia expects you to pay that back in the next five to ten years through increased premiums. Which they can “force” you to pay through insurance requirement.

      • Eric, imagine a world where intrest rates were set at market rates. Now image an mutual assurance fund (insurance) that was managed like an endowment, like Harvard University or most churches, for the fund members. Over decades of investments either they’d go bust or be self-sustaining. Members might have to pay a token amount for adminstrative purposes, but a well-endowed fund could easily provide coverage, especially if they fought over fraudulent or punitive tort payouts.

  10. What if their long game is to strengthen the resolve of the naturally non-compliant to NOT mask, in order to kill off scores of us during their next lab-created virus release?

    Think about it… they want compliant sheep to keep around. Those of us who are not compliant are now more resolved than ever to not wear those damn things or inject those damn things next time around.

    Are the non-compliant now primed for a large kill off?

    • Hey Philo, I really don’t think “virus release” is a real thing, but it’s rather a Hollywood Predictively-Programmed narrative that was used to prime the public for fake pandemics. I suspect the militaries of the world have tried and tried to create bioweapons that spread by diffusion like they do in movies, but that it proved impossible. That’s why they had to resort to the psuedo-pandemic illusion of “COOTIES-19”. Also, “masking” does absolutely nothing. The government isn’t so stupid that they actually believe that the masked will be “protected” but the unmasked won’t. That’s not just fantasy, but cartoonish farce only fit for the dumbest goyim, all of whom are already fully compliant with every level of the scamdemic.

      They’re going to kill off or neutralize the refuseniks by much cruder, long-proven methods of using lawfare, criminalization, mass arrests, extrajudicial detentions, and economic siege.

      Eventually, when they fake a war with RusChina, they will fake some nuclear detonations (also an imaginary technology) that will justify rounding up huge swathes of the populace into concentration camps (on account of the “Fallout”), where everyone can be forcibly injected, refusenik or no. Under the panic-spell of “thermonuclear war” the authorities will have full carte blanche to simply shoot anyone who refuses to evacuate, or refuses to be injected.

      • Ha FP you are probably correct. It’s always such a joyous mental exercise to contemplate the atrocities that can/will be committed by the most evil (and empowered) among us.

    • I don’t know what these inverted sick freaks really want, but I’ve also considered they ARE eugenicists. Usually the most physically weak, ugly, and least likely to be the epitome of good genetics. Imagine Bill Gates looking in the mirror and thinking “If the whole world doesn’t look and think like me we’ve got to cull it.”
      It’s entirely possible they want to eliminate everyone dumb enough not to see what they are doing, or those who run too contrary to their goals. Farmers cull based on usefulness and temperament. If you’re not useful enough you get the blade if you’re too much trouble same.

      • Sicilianswitchblade, it’s worse than that. Not only are they all a bunch of Neo-Malthusianists, they believe in a few years they’ll no longer need other humans at all. They look at all the fortune tellers’ charts that show productivity going hyperbolic and think that will continue forever. Funny thing is these massive epoch-level changes always look like that. Taming fire led to intelligence. Intelligence led agriculture. Agriculture led to metals and mining. Mining led to industry. Industry led to information. In every case the growth curves were logarithmic. The “low hanging fruit” of productivity gains were made early on, and it became harder and harder to sustain the rate of gain over time. Occasionally there can be an indivdual event that causes a large incremental jump (guano fertilizer, turbine engines, zippo lighters) in efficiency, but for the most part it gets harder to move the needle as the epoch continues. There’s no reason to believe the information age will be any different, but try telling that to Ray Kurtzweil and Amory Lovins. They think linearly and believe everything will continue forever.

      • Bear in mind, SSB, that “eugenics” is just a misleading euphemism, too, for any type of sociobiological engineering the Masters might fight expedient. They don’t want to “improve the human race” as a whole, since They don’t even believe in one unified human race. They already live by the motto, Homo homini lupus (“Man is wolf to man”), and now they want to go further, to make Jew farmer to goy. They are stratifying the human race into a docile, trusting, permanently subservient under-race, and a biotech-enhanced over-tribe. Going even further, They are employing culling—unnatural selection—and coerced genetic manipulation to bring about a true speciation, into Homo deus (Them) and Homo servius (the Noahide slaves). They want to make the slaves reproductively incompatible with Them so that Their bloodlines are forever kept uncontaminated by goyische blood. This will give Them more latitude with Their Noahide sex-slaves, when They no longer need worry about impregnating Their playthings.

        • RE: “Jew farmer to goy”

          I see that idea/concept thrown out quite often in your comments,… and elsewhere by others.
          I think it’s a false basis/conclusion.
          Brandon Smith (and as I recall, The Daily Bell) have repeatedly shown how the make up of The Power Elite structure does not reflect your position.

          …Just something I think about when I read your comments.
          With the exception of the very above, ya got A-lot to add, I always find your insights interesting.

          Also, what’s a, “Jew” anyway? Lotsa rabbit holes, there.

          • helot: “What is a ‘Jew’ anyway?”

            Laurent Guyénot adopts the “nominal” definition as follows: “A Jew is a person who considers him/herself a Jew and is so considered by others.” (First articulated by Raphael Patai.)

            That’s reasonable and I’m happy to employ that as a working default definition, subject to certain rhetorical and circumstantial exceptions. The key factor, to me, is someone who subscribes to the spiritual, historical, ethical, or legal authority of the Jewish Torah and the Book of Isaiah. This is complicated when you have certain classes of wannabe Jews—confused, Judeomaniacal cranks like Christian-identity, black-nationalist Jews, Anglo-Israelite theorists, etc., who claim to revere the Torah, but then contradict that avowed belief in their deranged, heretical historical and scriptural interpretations. (Those people obviously fail to meet the second criterion of the “nominal” definition above, in that they might consider themselves “The Real Jews,” but others do not so consider them.)

            You’re right that there is no shortage of “rabbit holes” in the topic…all by design. However, in the end, Judaism is a tribal-nationalist movement that constitutes the inner-circle cult of the Machine on Earth, and has ceaselessly worked toward world domination for at least 2,000 years. YHWH = The Machine.

            I’ve never heard of Brandon Smith, and your comment doesn’t contain any hint of his substantive argument, or why I might credit it. Sounds like a typical shabbos goy running interference for the Jew. You can disbelieve in the Jew all you want, but that very denial and willful blindness (born, as it is, of fear of Jewish reprisal) only enables them further in implementing their enslavement of the goyim. It’s a simple matter to document that all governments are in the thrall of Kabbalistic Jews (Chabad Lubavitch) all working tirelessly toward the fulfillment of the bloodcurdling prophesies of the satanic Book of Isaiah.

            “Kings shall be your nursing fathers, and their queens your nursing mothers: they shall bow down to you with their faces to the earth, and lick the dust of your feet; and you shall know that I am YAHWEH; and those who wait for me shall not be disappointed. …I will make your oppressors eat their own flesh, and they will be drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine. Then all flesh will know that I, YAHWEH, am your Savior, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.”

            As Linh Dinh so pithily summed up: “Buddha never preached anything so bloodcurdling. https://www.unz.com/ldinh/plastic-recycling-and-jousting-jews/

          • Jew FARMER? An oxymoron. Even Israel’s famed Kibbutzim more or less went over to HIRED labor, i.e. the despised Palestinians. As was said in George Lincoln Rockwell’s short story, “The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens”, the “hens”, when they were asked what they’d do to earn a living in the ducks’ town, said, “We’ll buy, sell, write, sing, and entertain.” Ergo, produce NOTHING of VALUE except their own bullshit.

            • It’s called a metaphor, Doug. An analogy.

              If you want to be literal, then put it this way: Jew is slavemaster to the goy.

              For anyone interested, please look at this deep dive into the Jewish religious belief that the goyim are commanded by YHWH to be Noahide slaves to the Jews, to the tune of 2,800 goy slaves to each Jew. Pay particular attention to the section starting at 1hr20min, regarding the widespread, man-on-the-street belief among observant Jews in Israel that gentiles are biblically commanded to serve the Jew, and the Jew is correspondingly commanded never to work.


              • Freelance knows what’s up.

                An Israeli confirmed it when I asked him if the Jews run everything.

                I bring this up again because it IS important. Commenters and EP (much respect to him) have said it isn’t fair to collectively blame people, but WE DO THAT HERE all the time, and rightfully so.

                Cops, soul-diers, gov parasites, masktards all have gotten the middle finger here, when I’m sure “not ALL of them are bad.”

                Yes, not all of “da Jews” are baaaaad, but it is IN THEIR RELIGION that non-Jews do not have souls, are on the same spiritual level as animals, and are meant to be YHWH-ordained slaves for the Jews. Among other things. I’m sure some of them ignore those teachings, but some of them take them very seriously.

                Here, they even say it themselves:
                (These articles are taking the perspective that “Oh we shouldn’t be so mean to the goyim,” but it illustrates the fact that a good chunk of Jews BELIEVE this about you, whether you like it or not, acknowledge it or not, or keep your fingers in your ears or not.)

                Their religion is NOT the Old Testament, but the Talmud which is their go-to these last millennia and the collected “wisdom” of the Pharisees who became the Rabbis.

                And on a more mundane note, you’ll see that EVERYTHING now destroying the West: Fiat currency, endless wars for Israel, welfare, immi-vasions, p0rnos, Hollywood, Wall St, media, Covid is commandeered by Jews and if not, then the “commander” is surrounded by Jews.

                Plus they’re the one group of people you CAN NOT criticize. So there you go.

                • Your attachment to the idea that the Jews are the all-powerful Masters of the Universe lacks evidence & is much too similar the “Q” nonsense crowd.

                  Some bits from Brandon Smith in the comments sections & articles:

                  “It is likely that a small collection of globalist families control the underlying policies of central banks but this still remains theory. A more provable conspiracy is the BIS factor; it has openly admitted it dictates global central banking policy and has done so since the 1980s. The BIS is the bank that helped fund the Nazis and laundered money for them. It also handled some of the Third Reich’s gold holdings.” …


                  That hardly seems like the work of, ‘the Jews’.

                  …”Mostly corporate monoliths controlled by globalists (who are majority Anglo). If you are insinuating that the Jews “run everything” then you are sorely mistaken. There’s a lot of them in Hollywood, but they are middle men for the shareholders and corporate giants. The old “blame the Jews” rhetoric is designed to distract people from the REAL culprits, most of whom are not Jewish and practice a far more secretive religion.”


                  … “These people are the top threats to any given civilization. They are moderators of chaos and they actively conspire to supplant free society. They are what I would call primary organized psychopaths and they do indeed work together for mutual gain, much like a pack of wolves. They represent the 1% of the 1% (i.e. the globalists).” …


                  • Helot…So…….this Smith guy’s argument is “it’s not the Jews because it’s the central banks”?

                    Who on Earth does he think runs the central banks? That is the most pathetic half-hearted “look-a-squirrel!” argument I’ve ever read. Of course BIS funded the Nazis to create a golem. Jews always fund both sides of every conflict. Indeed, Germany only needed BIS because the Rothschild-owned Credit-Anstalt, Austria’s largest bank, deliberately precipitated a run on Austria’s banks by announcing a massive loss they said could only be rectified by calling in all funds from German banks, leading all Austrian banks to follow suit, stripping German banks bare. (C. Quigley, Tragedy & Hope, p. 310-11.) Quigley explais that the Rothschild-controlled architects of the BIS harbored the “far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in the hands of private hands to dominate the political system of each country, and the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled on a feudal basis by the central banks of the world acting in concert.” (T&H, p. 324.)

                    The central banks are, and always have been, a vehicle to consolidate power into a tiny clique of international Jews in order to bring about the prophesies of Isaiah. His whole canard that they’re “not real Jews but practice some more ancient religion”—THAT’S the Q-Anon batshit theory, designed to distract from the messianic Jewish plan scribed in black & white in the Hebrew Bible, and followed scrupulously and obsessively ever since.

                    • RE: “Who on Earth does he think runs the central banks?”

                      “The corporate world and financial institutions allow psychopaths to influence politics from behind the curtain, buying off candidates and their loyalty or vetting candidates and ONLY allowing those with similar sociopathic, narcissistic and psychopathic habits through the selection process and into the political arena.” …



                    • Well, helot, that sure is a facile and idiotic “theory” on Smith’s part.

                      And it suuuuuuuuure does benefit the Jews for the dumb goyim to direct their ire at such an amorphous character trait, rather than the network of massively powerful Jews that are in command of every lever of power, through identifiable entities like Chabad Lubavitch, AIPAC, and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

                      Smith sure is earning his shabbos-bucks!

                    • I suppose you guys think the Jews created The League of Nations and masterminded The English Civil War & commanded the ear of European kings & queens during the birth of the origins of globalist before the founding of the 13 Colonies? Psft.

                      ‘Who Rules America?’
                      By Charles Burris – January 18, 2012

                      “This class division of present-day America into two factions, Court and Country, has absolutely nothing to do with any Marxian view or analysis. It is a reaffirmation of the seminal insights of Bernard Bailyn’s Pulitzer Prize winning volume, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution, and Murray N. Rothbard’s Conceived in Liberty.

                      These books demonstrate that the Founders’ world-view saw the crucial struggle of the Revolution as a battle of liberty versus power. Codevilla posits today’s battle in the same dramatic terms.”…


                      Also, “Smith sure is earning his shabbos-bucks!”

                      WTF is that about? Are you drinking cheap wine or something?

                      Ya both are reminding me of this:

                      “Their most recent strategy is to label the conservative rebellion against the Reset as “the new Confederacy”,”…


                • Simon: “Their religion is NOT the Old Testament, but the Talmud which is their go-to these last millennia and the collected “wisdom” of the Pharisees who became the Rabbis.”

                  Gotta disagree with you there. The apocalyptic and messianic prophesy of Jewish world domination, ruled from a throne in Jerusalem, dates to the Book of Isaiah, much of which constitutes the oldest strata of the Tannakh (“Old Testament”).

                  According to the Book of Isaiah: “‘It will happen in the final days that the mountain of Yahweh’s house will rise higher than the mountains and tower above the heights. Then all the nations will stream to it. […] For the Law will issue from Zion and the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem’ (2:2–3). Kings, Yahweh assures his people, ‘will fall prostrate before you, faces to the ground, and lick the dust at your feet’ (49:23), whereas ‘I shall make your oppressors eat their own flesh, they will be as drunk on their own blood as on new wine. And all humanity will know that I am Yahweh, your Saviour, your redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob’ (49:26). ‘For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you will perish, and the nations will be utterly destroyed’ (60:12).”

                  (Linh Dinh, commenting on these passages, hiralriously and deftly points out, “Buddha never preached anything so bloodcurdling.” https://www.unz.com/ldinh/plastic-recycling-and-jousting-jews/?highlight=%22jousting+jews%22 )

                  As Laurent Guyénot observes in From Yahweh to Zion, “The Talmud is only a commentary on the Bible, and does not fundamentally alter its core ideology.” (p. 13.) Regarding the Book of Isaiah, in particular, Guyénot likewise explains, ““The book of Isaiah would be expanded during several centuries, without deviating from the initial plan, which was to make Zion the new center of the world….”

                  The Jews haven’t changed in 4,000 years. (Neither, of course, have goyim like this “Brandon Smith” character helot mentions, who are always only too happy to remain in the euphoric thrall of Jewish myths and Jewish lies.)

    • **”What if their long game is to strengthen the resolve of the naturally non-compliant to NOT mask, in order to kill off scores of us during their next lab-created virus release?”**

      That’s an interesting concept, and one which I’ve pondered myself, ‘specially in light of the vaxxed ‘shedding’- but I’m not worried, because a)Porous masks can’t protect one from anything, and b)There aren’t enough of us to matter. *They* have control over the masses via the media, schools and armed goons- we are a non issue; a few stray who don’t go along, but not a significant part of the population- and if anything, we serve as an example of ‘the price you’ll pay if you don’t obey’. Although that ‘price’ is negligible to most of us, the thought of being shunned or shamed, or of not being able to go to the [as Eric would say] fuuuhtball game, or of not being ‘allowed’ to fly on Gate Rape Airways is intolerable to Boobus Americanus (And Canucklehead-Canuks, etc.)

  11. The jabbed seem more vulnerable to other crud making the rounds, both daughters jabbed, sick with some other viral thing within the last two months. Friends of friends same drill. Now the jabbed neighbor is sick with some non Covid bug. Commander and me just fine no jab and not sick from anything the last 2 1/2 years. We’re not youngins and considered high risk but eat decent and stay up on supplements.

    Friends our age even higher risk due to asthma but no jab, per the test got Covid and were mildly ill for just over a week. None of us overweight. Their daughter and family all sick, really sick and jabbed.

    I told the kids don’t do it – daughter 1 finally figured out the vacc is a fake no boosters. Daughter 2 believed the hype got boosted – wish they would listen to me!

  12. Saw some comments elsewhere STILL defending & buying into Trump. When ones sees Fauxchee paraded around as much as ever, WHO is to thank for that? WHO propped him up and promoted him as an “authority”? DJT … who is fully complicit in the Jan 6 set-up! Notice how quickly he, Ivanka et all folded up and quietly left town. Can you spell T R E A S O N?

  13. Hey, your Dear Leader finally made a sensible decision… (or at least his handlers did). They’ve removed the testing requirements to travel to the US. Though not too clear what the deal is with the jab mandate for non-US citizens…. any idea ?

    • Having just typed the above positive news, I just read somewhere else that he is threatening to fire border patrol agents for not taking the jab – despite those illegally running the border not being required the jab!! 🤣🤣🤣

      • I really hope they’re not injecting those poor migrants. They’re part of our hope for the future of this country!

  14. Negative efficacy, bitches:

    A CDC study examined the effectiveness of the two-dose Pfizer COVID-19 injection in children (ages 5 to 11) and adolescents (ages 12 to 15) between December 2021 and February 2022 during the Omicron variant predominance.

    The authors found that the estimated effectiveness of the Pfizer shot declined significantly in the two groups by the second month after dose two: 29 percent in children and 17 percent in adolescents.

    “Among children and adolescents, estimated VE [vaccine effectiveness] for 2 doses of BNT162b2 against symptomatic infection was modest and decreased rapidly,” the authors wrote.

    In the graph provided in the study, near the fifth month after dose two, the vaccine’s effectiveness was negative in the adolescent group, meaning the vaccinated were more likely to have symptomatic COVID-19 than the unvaccinated. — Epoch Times via ZH

    Vax your kids so they have a better chance of catching covid?

    That’s “Joe Biden’s” special brand of brain damage, brought to us by the psycho killers of Big Pharma.

  15. **”It is not a “vaccine” if it doesn’t keep you from getting sick.”**

    People need to stop saying this. The reason it is not a vaccine is because it does not contain any live or dead viruses. That is what a vaccine is- something which contains some amount of viral material, which is supposedly able to train your immune system to fight that virus on a reduced scale.

    Saying “It’s not a vaccine because it doesn’t keep you from getting sick” implies that any substance which is injected and can prevent sickness [no such thing exists] would qualify as a vaccine- which is a misnomer, -and also implies that even actual vaccines really work- for which there is NO scientific proof.

    The traditional flu vaccine (which does qualify as an actual vaccine) …doesn’t work (Which you think would be apparent to just about everyone by now); Read of the horrors of the Polio vaccine: Much like the clot-shot, it not only didn’t prevent polio [Places like the Philippines, which had a lower incidence of polio than the US, after vaccinating their residents, actually had their polio rate INCREASE!- Yeah…just like the ‘Rona vax- AND that polio vaccine also caused untold carnage by injuring and disabling millions of people worldwide -includin g crippling people- the very thing they were taking the shot to try to avoid!.

    In the early days of the rabies vaccine, two mailmen were bitten by the same dog. One mailman took the rabies vaccine…and died. The other mailman did not take the vax…and was fine.

    My neighbor vaccinates his cows for blackleg. Guess who had several cows die from blackleg? (3 guesses; the first two don’t count!)- I had cows at the same time…and of course didn’t vax them. No problems (But I was sure afraid thayt mine were going to catch the disease from my neighbor’s cows!).

    To recap: There are no vaccines which “keep you from getting sick”- so that metric can not and is not what defines whether something is a vaccine- But the clot shot is not a vaccine because it does not fit the definition of a vaccine, in that it contains no viral material.

    Not trying to nit-pick….but we know how important words are these days, in a time when so many words are losing their meaning- and the distinction here can be very important, because this seems to be the very thing *they* are doing now, since the introduction of the clot-shot, namely getting the public to believe not only that real vaccines work, but that anything which is injected and which supposedly ‘prevents sickness” is not a “vaccine”. Since we’re fighting these lies, it is important to make the proper distinctions and to try and uphold the meaning of words and concepts which *they* seem to be intent on obliterating.

    • Dammit!

      Should be:

      ” but that anything which is injected and which supposedly ‘prevents sickness” is not a “vaccine”.”

      • hi Nunzio

        They knew vaccines didn’t work 100 years ago, but it is the most profitable business on the planet so they won’t stop, plus it is a handy tool for creating a market of sick people to sell poisonous drugs to (and for the 2030 depopulation agenda)….

        they always use the doctors to get you…..

        nazi germ theory issues:

        modern germ theory medicine is nazi medicine, so all the lockdowns, forced isolation, masks, forced injection, depopulation, make perfect sense

        “The infection theories were only established as a global dogma through the concrete policies and eugenics of the Third Reich. Before 1933, scientists dared to contradict this germ theory; after 1933, these critical scientists were silenced.”

        Not one experiment has ever proven germ theory right

        results: The medical system today failing totally in their treatment of chronic illnesses and have killed and are killing more people than all wars so far have made possible.

        Every school medicine practitioner is conscious of this, but only very few dare to speak about it. Therefore it’s no wonder either that among professional groups, it is that of the school medicine practitioners that has the highest suicide rate, far surpassing other professional groups.

        weaponizing medicine: everybody believes in this bs, so it is easy to cull them.

        the school medicine practitioners need the paralyzing and stupid-making fear of diabolical viruses, in order to conceal their historical origin as an oppression and killing instrument of the vatican,

        In the medieval times the Church’s pandemic plague church doctors that could declare you a witch, wizard, pagan or heretic and take your life and property!

        today we have the covid occult satanic death cult religion: we think you are positive, off to the camp, forced injection, a huge cull.

        • Hey, Anon,
          Funny you should mention Nazi medicine! Last night I was thinking of how my mother is always trying to get me to go to “the doctor” (even though I’m not sick, and have been taking care of myself and any injuries/sicknesses just for many decades now without the ‘help’ nor expense of doctors or hospitals.

          I thought something I wanted to explain to her- how that 99% of the doctors out there have been complicit in this COVID bullshit; how they have pushed the vaccines, even though many of them know that said [non]vaccines are deadly or at best inefficacious; how they have been complicit in foisting them on pregnant women who trust them, and on children whose mothers trust them (Though I’d bet a sizeable number have refrained from vaxxing their own sprogs), and how that even if they know better (and if they don’t better, then they are scarily incompetent!) they no longer have the ability to truly practice medicine based on their own experiences and observations; nor of using treatments which are more effective or less harmful, but instead are just forced to administer what the state deems appropriate, and that within a narrow scope of just one particular facet of medicine, i.e. the cult of Western pharmaceuticals and surgery. or, tl; dr: they are just administers of a very expensive, very ineffective and very dangerous state-controlled medical cult- no different than what one would expect from the Nazis, and all alternatives/competition to their system are outlawed- hence Nazi medicine.

          Why on earth would I avail myself of that (Even if I were sick- much less when I’m NOT!)?

  16. And the major culprit? Compulsory public education. Wherein not only are kids not taught to think critically, but are taught not to think at all. That they are unqualified to think, and must rely on “experts” and “officials” to think for them. In my locale the most aggressive “must mask” institutions, other than medical services, are the schools. So much so that the Missouri AG has filed law suits against a number of them for violating State law. Which should result in criminal charges instead.
    Compulsory public education is the by far most successful, and longest running psyop in the history of the species.

  17. Love that Clay Travis Tweet of Dumb-Dumb taking off his Face Diaper to go near someone and shake hands. Oh… wait. They’re both jabbed, so it’s okay. But then, why the Diaper in the first place?

    It reminds me of way in the beginning of this farce, probably BEFORE the Jabs were out, good ol’ Tom Woods posted a Tweet of someone (‘high up’ I guess.. I forget who it was)… this guy was backstage, unaware he was easily seen on camera and without a mask on. He puts on the mask to walk about 7-10 steps to his podium, then takes it off. Mmk.

  18. The “Star Trek” rotation on H&I just played “Return of the Archons” this week, maybe even the night the Biden Thing appeared with Jimmy Kimmel.

      • “Well, I like purging people during the Red Hour. I’m going to keep doing it.”

        Austin in a nutshell. They’re still waiting for the computer to be reactivated within the city limits.


  19. True Jim, need Nuremberg II for sure, Fauci especially needs to swing from the end of a rope. Several members of my wife’s family have gotten the Rona, all of them vaxxed and double boosted. Read an article about Pfizer pushing its latest “booster” for Omigod variant whatever, too bad by the time they make it the virus will have varied again and need a different formula. Anyone see a pattern here? Perpetual money machine for Big Pharma.

    • Hi Ya Mike!

      I’m not holding my breath for Nuremberg II….. just look how Andrew Cuomo lives quietly enjoying his ill-gotten wealth while his undeniable killing of THOUSANDS of elderly nursing home residents in NY by putting patients who were deathly sick with the flu into those homes, has been virtually erased from the public consciousness.

  20. ‘It is not a “vaccine” if it doesn’t keep you from getting sick.’ — eric

    Say it again, Lord!

    Eighteen months ago, Pfizer and Moderna trials showed 95% efficacy. Wunderbar!

    Now both US and UK data show negative efficacy — vaccinated people are coming down with covid (omicron) at HIGHER rates than the unvaxxed.

    What’s “Joe Biden” going to do about it? Why, vaccinate children under 5, who face zero risk from covid, but plenty of risk from MRNA spike proteins.

    It’s time for Nuremberg II trials. “Biden” should face capital charges for his depraved campaign to maim and kill infants.

    • Pedo Joe and The Donald are both equally responsible for the vaccine carnage- so even if the general public should somehow ever come to realize the extent of the crimes, the perps still would never have to worry, because the R’s will blame only Bidet, and the Ds will blame only The Orange Doofus- each side would seek to protect their own fuhrer….so nothing will ever get done.

      Ah, I guess that’s what they mean by ‘two-party system’.


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