Diaper Report 3/25/22

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How long before they start wearing Face Diapers resplendent in the gold and blue colors of Keeeeeev! (well, of Ukraine)?

The Diapered – the Jabbed – are especially stalwart in their “standing” with Keeeeeeeev! – having been told to be so by the same TeeVee that told them to diaperize themselves. A poll was taken recently that purportedly correlates support for nuclear war – over Keeeeeev! – with the rolling up of the sleeve. 

It’s interestingly suggestive. Could it be the drugs? Or is it just the mindset of people who take whatever drugs they’re told by the TeeVee to take?

Now the TeeVee is telling them an all-new “stealth variant” of the ‘Rona is afoot – which for once is at least accurately named since like all the other “variants” the only way to see it is to watch TeeVee. This may account for the persistently eternal facial diapering of about a fourth to a third of the general population, which seems to never stop watching it.

It’s a shame, really.

Not that these “pups” in training continue to watch – and to wear their muzzles. Rather, that the opportunity isn’t seized to round them all up and get them the therapy they so badly need.

Having the psychological equivalent of possibly several tens of millions of Patty Hearsts running around loose is dangerous, after all. Far more so than a new “variant” that even the TeeVee says is much less likely to kill you than the original ‘Rona, which didn’t kill 99.8-something percent of those who caught it.

You may recall Patty, if you’re old enough to recall the ‘70s. She was heiress to the Hearst publishing empire and thus both wealthy and prominent. A small group of zealots styling themselves the Symbionese Liberation Army, led by a fanatic who styled himself General Field Marshall Cinque, kidnapped her – at first for ransom. This turned into much worse. Patty was held – locked down – and subjected to a 24/7 regime of psychological haranguing, physical isolation, threats and violations of her person that led to her becoming one of the zealots. Literally as well as psychologically. She changed her name to “Tania,” donned the required uniform and participated in armed robberies with the others. 

She was eventually arrested and sentenced to federal prison. 

Psychiatrist and author of the book, Cults in Our Midst described post-arrest Hearst as “a low IQ, low-affect zombie.” The latter referring to a kind of emotional flatness/unresponsiveness and rote-like behavior.   

Does it sound about right? 

I mean, as regards those who still wear the Diaper – and now “stand” with Keeeeeeev! Were they not also subjected to the same treatment by another “field marshall”? One wearing a white coat? Have they not become members of his army?

The difference then vs. now being that everyone understood Patty was crazy – or at least, acting like it. The big debate, after her arrest, was whether she was acting crazy – so as to avoid culpability – or actually crazy, in which case she didn’t deserve to be held legally responsible for her actions.

But crazy wasn’t at issue. Kids weren’t told to change their names to “Tania” and shout the slogans of the SLA. The “Field Marshall” – Donald DeFreeze – was eventually surrounded by cops in his hideout and killed in the subsequent firefight.

However, the principles of the SLA lived on. They manifest among the Diapered who “stand” with Keeeeeeeev! – and who will “stand” with whatever’s next, too. What are the principles of the SLA? Here are the relevant ones:

Umoja  (unity).

Ujima (collective work and collective responsibility).

Ujamaa (cooperative economics).

Imani (faith).

Nia (purpose).

Has it got a familiar ring?

It certainly has a familiar feel. “We’re all in this together!” Trust The Science – that being whatever the other Field Marshall says it is. You don’t want to be responsible for the death of granny, do you? Have faith in the safety and effectiveness of the drugs we want you to take.

And that plus the Diaper – in gold and blue – gives them the purpose they never had prior but now have to the nth degree of fanaticism.

Without therapy, most will remain dangerous “Tanias” – ready to go (wherever the TeeVee tells them to go) for the rest of their natural lives, probably. Though that may not be for much longer, if the drugs they so willingly took are as effective in general as they have already shown themselves to be in the cases of sudden death and crippling injuries of people who – previous to the advent of “vaccines” – tended to be both healthy and alive  that Keeeeeeeeeev! is meant to prevent people in general from noticing and talking about.

Also, the Field Marshall of our times isn’t a fugitive from the justice he so richly deserves. Instead, he is back on TeeVee – warning today’s “Tanias” about the latest “variant” that can’t be seen.

Unless, of course, you are watching him on TeeVee.

. . .

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  1. whoever forces you to wear a mask is forcing you to partake in an occult ritual

    part of new covid religion is you have to wear a mask. they are forcing you to partake in an occult ritual, these people are satanists, witches. Masking has traditionally played a very important role in occult rituals.

    Wearing the mask is a powerful occult symbol indicating your submission to another power In other words, the wearing of a mask represents an occult transformation.

    Wearing a mask is participating in an occult practice, that is very dangerous, you are opening a door to have demons invade your body/mind/soul, that is the goal of your satanist leaders.

    Derek Prince in the video talking about getting tortured/attacked by demons,

    one example is inviting in the demon of death at 1:03 in the video…

    This is a pretty interesting video.


    masks also suffocate you and make you breathe back bodily waste products (like eating your own excrement) and cause blood clots.

    covid is just a religion no science backing it: an occult satanic religious death cult

    cult participation is not voluntary, you are forced to participate. Cult laws: forced confinement, face diaper enforcement, anti-social distancing, grand final event: injection, death. other cults might be voluntary, not this one, you will be a member and participate.

    when the government forces you to wear a mask it is forcing you to partake in an occult ritual. is that legal? is that sane?

    the government has been taken over by a satanic death cult. they have gone insane. the government/medical system/church is one huge satanic death cult now.

    • It’s very simple, as I’ve told people who can’t understand why I won’t ‘just wear a mask when required’: “Donning an ineffective medical device to protect people from a disease which I do not have, since it serves no practical physical purpose, is the acceptance of a political-religious philosophy with which I do not agree, and is no different than donning a swastika if asked to, just to be in compliance”.

      These mask-pushers, if having lived in Germany in the 1930s, would have just as easily been saying “What’s the big deal? Just wear the damned thing- it’s just a piece of cloth!”. The little details change…but people never do…..

  2. Country singer Hank Williams Jr.’s wife died, from a “blood clot after a medical procedure”. Wonder if she was vaxxed? (Bet!)

  3. by quoth the raven
    I ended the week writing about a little known change in Covid data that the CDC made last week.

    In a little noticed article called “CDC reports fewer COVID-19 pediatric deaths after data correction,” Reuters casually noted late last week that the CDC “corrected” and reduced death tallies in all age-groups, including children.

    The adjustments were made on March 14, because the CDC’s “algorithm” was “accidentally counting deaths that were not COVID-19-related”, the report says.

    Based on a precursory and rudimentary Google search, it doesn’t appear the revision got much coverage, if any, outside of Reuters’ report.

    But despite the lack of coverage, the “adjustment” was meaningful.

    It resulted in the removal of “72,277 deaths previously reported across 26 states, including 416 pediatric deaths,” Reuters reported.

    You can read my full article here: CDC Quietly Revises Covid Deaths In Kids Lower By 24%, Blames “Algorithm” For “Accidentally Counting” Unrelated Deaths


  4. Download a Bluetooth scanning app on your phone and find out who around you is vaxxed. You will see lots of MAC addresses of unknown type.

    It’s fun.

  5. Did some work in Sedona today. Nearly every person walking the street (there were multitudes) were unmasked. Maybe they were all from somewhere else? Aliens perhaps. Because it Was like invasion of the body snatchers, in reverse. Two years of these insufferable twats and their diapers, now all the sudden its like, never mind. With their Fema camps lying in wait for the next time.

    They all must go back (to hell.) And none of them know how to use a roundabout.

    • RE: “And none of them know how to use a roundabout.”

      HA! … They’ve recently built several here in Eastern Iowa, so far, it’s been pretty danged smooth. The drawback is the 20 m.p.h. limit just before you hit it. I saw a service van get pulled over, likely for going too fast, I thought at the time, “That’s a shame, what the cop is doing”. … I love those roundabout thingies. I wish there were more of ’em. …Without the 20 m.p.h. limits, that is. That’s awfully friggin’ slow.

      • Even at 20 mph I’m fine with them . Its the doofus that comes up to it and completely stops, even if no one else is in the circle. Wish I had one of those Bond cars that had a chain gun attached to the front. There was a line a mile long getting into town before the first one. If I wanted to live in a traffic infested shithole I would have stayed in Vegas.

        In my wife’s car, or our T-bird they’re a hoot at 35-40. In my truck I keep it down to 25, so my tools don’t get thrown around.

        • RE: “Its the doofus that comes up to it and completely stops, even if no one else is in the circle.”

          I had a horse once who did something similar, put his head down after a full run, sent me tumbling headlong to the ground.

          I am so glad I haven’t encountered that yet! I can imagine though, it seems Just Like the idiots who do the same at clover-leaf on-ramps to Interstate highways.

          RE: “There was a line a mile long getting into town before the first one.”

          I almost, can’t even imagine. I guess I’m not surrounded by that many idiots afterall.

          Also, “my wife’s car, or our T-bird” I’m a bit jealous.

          • helot, even though I bought the turquoise T-bird ostensibly for her, I drive it most of the time.

            I’m a bit jealous if you still have horses.

        • Morning, Norman!

          They installed a few traffic circles in Roanoke, too – and we have the same “drivers” who stop rather than enter them. This is an example of the conditioned passivity instilled in so many American “drivers,” who are both timid in general and paralyzed when they encounter a situation requiring the exercise of judgment. They wait for a sign to tell them what to do…

          • Good morning Eric.

            Conditioned passivity is a good way to put it. It also shows up as the driver who has to stop or slow to a crawl because someone is walking along side the road, or riding a bicycle where there are no sidewalks.

            I think the last two years have made it worse, or I got spoiled by the pandemic, or AZ just has many drivers who have no business behind the wheel. 80+ year olds routinely get drivers license extensions requiring no road test.

        • I like roundabouts under certain conditions.

          1) If they are sufficiently large in diameter

          2) If they are clearly but minimally marked.

          3) If there is not too much traffic.

          They are great when they can save you from having to stop on your way through, you can just slow down a bit and be on your way.

          I think they make the most sense where two 2-lane highways intersect outside of town. Also maybe in some housing developments.

          All of the ones in the US that I have run across are very poorly designed. Add to that the fact that they are still fairly unusual/unfamiliar to most people, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that so many people find them so perplexing.

          • RE: “it really shouldn’t be a surprise that so many people find them so perplexing.”

            YES! it should be! Ya gotta be a moron, a flat-out moron, to find such, “perplexing”.

            God forbid they ever get out West where ~ I think it’s: Northbound yields to Westbound. Or, get into places in Europe where they don’t even have roadsigns, & directions are painted on the road surface. Or, in Asia with intersections so blind & 90 degrees they gotta have convex mirrors on the walls to make the turns.

            The expectation for expectable sameness in everything is disgusting. Psft. The inability to navigate outside the sameness is even uglier stupidity.
            Every MacDonald’s hamburger – Must – be like every other MacDonald’s hamburger!? Otherwise, how can one eat??? That whole franchise sameness toddler enabling…

            Yah, I guess I got higher expectations of the average American’t than perhaps I should?

  6. As a wrong thinker in good standing I attempt to point out all the inconsistencies with the official narrative but too no avail. Now I know how the Jehovah Witnesses feel like being rejected constantly…. Heck even one of my wrong thinking buddies neighbor’s Christmas lights are doing a Ukraine color scheme…

    • Dear, Landru.

      As a fellow wrong thinker in good standing, your comment blows my mind. What you wrote: yeah.

      And, I saw one of those Ukie flags on a flagpole beneath old overlord glory today. Yup…

  7. Still wearing a mask is the equivalent of a 40 year old still believing Santa Claus will be bringing them gifts this Christmas. You have to be a delusional retard, a criminal, mask fetish pervert to continue on with this game now dress up.

    Interesting thing about the AIDS hoax. Of all the people I knew growing up. A fair number of which were degenerate IV drug users and plowing machines, a few gays all around “high risk” for aids. I don’t know a single person who contracted HIV which then progressed to AIDS. I did an experiment last year and asked everyone I knew if they ever (personally knew) of any such cases. I could find only 2 who knew somebody who knew somebody who they were “pretty sure” died of AIDS. in other words, even dumber and more fake than the corona-chan scam.

    • Most voters believe in Santa Clause. I know this to be true as they expect someone else to pay for money and programs they do not pay for. As for Aids I never came across anyone either but did not do a survey.

    • RE: “I could find only 2 who knew somebody who knew somebody who they were “pretty sure” died of AIDS.”

      From reading Jon Rappoport, it was the, “medicine” which the, “doctors” gave them that did them in. Idk.

  8. People have empty lives. No social organizations, no consuming hobbies, no religious associations, no connection to their locality (many living far from family).

    They have no sense of who they are.

    The govt has helped see to this, then steps in to fill the void.

    They offer purpose through the media & people have lapped it up.

    Same reason many college disenrolled rich white kids took to BLM.

    It is easy to direct that focus into the approved thing.

    • I would add that they have an iPhone and a Facebook/instagram or Twitter account, all of which gives them this Potemkin village of community. They can identify with simple sound bytes, slogans, and groupthink, and there is this feeling of belonging and empowerment. It fills the voids in their empty lives, as you say. But it’s all a facade – meta, if you will. They simply cannot relate to real people, and they lose any sense of empathy they might have had. And it weirdly brings out a sense of primordial tribalism and infantile behavior that they actually take with them when they are out and about. Soulless ghouls with little sense for humanity, who can only glom onto the political or social cause du jour, devised by someone else. Sad, and dangerous.

      • BAC,

        you ain’t wrong. There is more that goes into all of it, but in the interest of brevity, I leave it at this.

        Suffice it to say, “they” have been playing the long game and are winning.

        • Yep, “Soulless ghouls with little sense for humanity,” and all that, very perceptive. I imagine there’s always been that crowd, there’s just a bit more of ’em now? Perhaps?
          I feel sorry for ’em.

          That said, I think this is wrong:

          “Suffice it to say, “they” have been playing the long game and are winning.”

          Think about it, if they were winning:

          we’d All still be wearing face diapers (even Eric! could you imagine that?) vax passes would be the norm, & us -the unclean – would be in camps.

          I think -> they’re frustrated with their lack of advance. … I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of yielding quietly into the good night. And, I don’t think I am alone.

          … You are. The Resistance.

          • “I think -> they’re frustrated with their lack of advance. … I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of yielding quietly into the good night. And, I don’t think I am alone.”

            I tend to agree. I am also now wise enough to realize that this is a cycle, and they haven’t given up completely. Bracing myself for the next act…

            ” You are. The Resistance.”

            Hear hear.

          • helot,

            The roll back of covid restrictions isn’t quite a win for freedom. A small victory, yes.

            The bigger win is for the American Oligarchy. They have made it acceptable to do it all over again for the next reason. And people will comply.

            Their advances don’t come all at once.
            The groundwork has now been laid. Next time it will go further, bit by bit.

            Maybe they will throw in travel prohibitions “for our safety”.
            Maybe your credit card will only work for food.

            We are still getting groped at airports, know the govt collects info on our comms, and have REAL ID from 9/11.
            This isn’t going away, even if they back off a little bit.

            And the masses clamor for restrictions, lest they die.

            • Two steps forward, one step back? Then repeat. …Bastards.

              Trying to understand how the whole world is being played… I came across these two bits I wasn’t aware of:

              “Without these transfers [planned & from the U.S.] Soviet military could not have been computerised” …


              “The Volgograd automobile plant, built between 1968 and 1971, has a capacity of 600,000 vehicles per year, three times more than the Ford-built Gorki plant, which up to 1968 had been the largest auto plant in the USSR.”

              “Although Volgograd is described in Western literature as the ‘Togliatti plant’ or the ‘Fiat-Soviet auto plant,’ and does indeed produce a version of the Fiat-124 sedan, the core of the technology is American. Three-quarters of the equipment, including the key transfer lines and automatics, came from the United States. It is truly extraordinary that a plant with known military potential could have been equipped from the United States…”


            • The optimistic view:

              “WEF & Claus Schwab have got more prominence than they deserve. In my view they will lose whatever power they now have as financial asset values and their wealth implode. Thus, I don’t believe that their reset will happen or succeed. Governments might try resets but they will fail. The only real reset will be disorderly and as outlined above. […]

              The consequences of food shortages and economic misery, combined with the failure of governments to function properly, will clearly lead to social unrest in many places, even civil war!” …


  9. Oh, one other bit I was surprised to find, while scanning through the stations on the FM radio band I came across a fella making points in a lengthy talk about face diapers as if he were reading the real facts from some of the comments here. I.e. masks don’t work, they’re more harmful than helpful, U.S. troops getting sick from The Shot & it doesn’t work b/c more people dying from The Shot than from The Covid. Etc.

    It was kind of encouraging hearing this shift in the narrative. A little late, but better than never. Or, so it seems.

  10. A few weeks back all employees at Menards were masked. Today, nobody in the store is wearing a mask. Shoppers, employees, nobody. Walmart, the same. Speak with an employee with no mask on, need some help finding some batteries. You feel like you’re living, not obeying some nut like Fauci. Get lost and don’t come back, ya dumbass.

    I think the businesses figured out that there have been more sales when employees aren’t masked, the numbers are the proof. It’s good for business to speak to an employee not enslaved by some damn dumb mandate, time to give it up.

    Plus, management asks itself, why in God’s name are these employees wearing masks, it’s stupid. Just more waste that isn’t worth it.

    Something like that.

    Mass psychosis, man.

    Psychology is the new priesthood.

    The dumbasses. Klaus’ head is sticking so far up his ass it’s sticking out his neck.

    • “You feel like you’re living”

      You can say that again. It’s amazingly/refreshingly life-like to talk to & otherwise interact with others when they’re not wearing a damnable face diaper. …It’s a lot like it was in the before times. …Except, now, in the back of my mind I kind of wonder if they got The Shot, & as a result, will their days be numbered fewer than if Fauchi had never acquired The Ring?

  11. Had a really nice black cashier when I went shopping yesterday. She was whiter than most white people these days (And I don’t mean skin color)- She got it about the Ewe-kraine thing! Kin of ameliorated the sight of more people being masked than the last time I went shopping. (I take it that they must be pushing a ‘new variant’ in the media?). What a pleasure to talk to a sane person for a change!

  12. There have always been significant minorities that exhibited bizarre behavior. The difference being, they are now given power, privilege, and praise.

  13. I think “Stockholm Syndrome” also applies here, where the hostages (in this case covidiots) are held for so long that they identify with their captors. Certainly working here, guy just walked by outside all masked up. The “mandate” was lifted two weeks ago; went to the grocery store yesterday and still only about 10% faces showing, all employees fully diapered, still a job requirement I guess, really sucks for them.

    • Russia’s claims that the United States had been operating biolabs in Ukraine were met with skepticism as well. However, shortly after these concerns were raised US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland confirmed the existence of as many as 26 of these types of labs. Now, investigations by the Daily Mail and New York Post have gone even further by substantiating the Russian Federations subsequent claims that Hunter Biden played a key role in securing funding for those biolabs in Ukraine.

      An examination of emails found on the laptop of Hunter Biden’s that mainstream media sources obfuscated the existence of confirms that the president’s son’s secured funding for government contractors conducting research at Ukrainian biolabs. Those emails describe how Hunter Biden used his standing as a board member at Burisma to introduce a San Fransisco based pathogen research company named Metabiota to his connections at the Ukrainian gas company. A memo written by Metabiota Vice President Mary Guttieri in 2014 highlighted its assertions that the biologics company could be a vital research to “assert Ukraine’s Cultural and economic independence from Russia.”


  14. From ex-NYT reporter Alex Berenson:

    Mass jabs with the Pfizer mRNA shot began in Israel on Dec. 19, 2020. Nearly every Israeli adult has received two doses and a booster. Many have received a fourth shot.

    This is a chart of Covid deaths in Israel over the last two years. The day vaccinations began is highlighted.

    The end.

    The media and public health authorities have only two choices: admit the truth of their failure, or continue to deny it and tear themselves apart. All the censorship in the world cannot hide a reality this obvious.


    The chart (see link) shows three spikes in the death rate AFTER injections began, two of them HIGHER than the pre-vax (2020) peak death rate.


  15. Made my monthly trip to Memphis yesterday, and noted that there are still people wearing masks while walking alone outside. I made another observation, but I’d be called a racist if I shared it.

  16. Man, today’s, ‘Insane People/Diaper Report’ didn’t mention the chicken flu killing all the chickens. I was asked by a Covidian yesterday if all my chickens were dead from the Avian Flu, surly by now the chickens would have caught “it” from the wild geese flying overhead as if “it” were dropping from the sky like paratroopers. …Is there nothing the TeeVee can’t get these people to believe?

    Anyway, yesterday I spent some time waiting in a couple of grocery store parking lots, seems the face diaper ratio is down to about one or two percent. I saw just about one variety of the common face diaper style in every lot: One 20-something healthy looking guy wearing an N-95 walking to his car; a pair of frail looking old ladies, one wore the disposable cheapie mask while the other was bare faced brave; a mom and a daughter both in neon colored shoes & outfits with matching color coordinated cloth face diapers; a large bodied mom dragging two young boys in tow, all three obscenely & loose fitted with cheapie face diapers, and a couple of single old old men face diapered up.

    The two missing types were: the possibly pretty & fit woman and the bearded working age guys. I didn’t see any of either category face diapered up.

    I was glad to see the overall ratio was so low.

    Also, out of the four grocery chains in this city, only one of them still required their employees to be wearing the, “I’m with Stupid” -> face diapers.

    None of the hardware or farm supply stores require their employees to wear face diapers – and! – the plexiglass dividers were removed at the credit union branch office.

    If I didn’t go to a grocery store I could likely go the whole day without seeing a face diaper except the ones still littering the parking lots.

  17. I was supposed to fill out a four-page covidcon form prior to going to a business meeting earlier this week. Of course, I didn’t fill it out & I conveniently forgot to turn it in. Nobody at the front desk or in the meeting was wearing a face diaper nor did anyone ask about ‘vaccine’ status and such. Per the form, I was to be fully masked & distanced & ostracized & blah blah blah bc I refused the clot shot.

    • I got sacked from a six-figure job for failing to answer a mandatory vaccination survey.

      Somebody stop this thing. I want to get off.

  18. Off point – but found a new rabbit hole I heard on a podcast. – this whole aids thing was potentially hoax…. it just blows my mind how much of what we know to be true was actually a con…..

    • Yep, and the SAME people were involved. Fauxchi, Redfield, etc. Jon Rappoport wrote the book on this in 1988, AIDS, Inc. The parallels to the convid scam are astounding but clearly they went all in this time. As for rabbit holes, I’m seeing stories about vaccine induced immunodeficiency syndrome “VAIDS” in those who took the shot(s). The same people involved in the AIDS scam have been funded to the tune of hundreds of billions for researching, studying, developing(?) various pathogens for decades now in order to “cure” AIDS, which is really just a phony umbrella term for any number of unrelated symptoms of illness. Just like the “one virus” of today. Perhaps, even though AIDS didn’t and doesn’t really exist an approximation of its purported effects has now been synthesized via the mechanics of these gene therapy shots for the purpose of the elites stated depopulation agenda. Much more targeted, controlled, and precise than releasing a lab created “virus” into the wild.

        • Yeah, that’s the story/vid I saw. I was also thinking maybe the shots aren’t some specifically designed potion meant to impair immunity for a larger goal of the cabal but are just so ill conceived and damaging in so many different ways that the term VAIDS is, in a macabre circular way, an apropos shorthand. A mockery, even. They do stuff like that.

          • My day is ending, my batteries are about drained, I’m not sure exactly what you just wrote, Anonymous March 25, 2022 At 2:00 pm.

            Your comment just caused me to think about a comment Dr. Elizabeth Eads made,… they put the shit in the geoengineering crap they spray on everyone.


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