Thanksgiving Diaper Report 11/23/21

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This report comes the week of Thanksgiving, which for many of us brings an unpleasant reminder of how effectively families and friendships have been torn apart by the weaponization of hypochondria, which has been used to foment the mass hysteria necessary for the imposition of political tyranny in the name of “health.”

This is not abstract politics. It is personal.

Many of us are no longer on speaking terms with people we previously spoke to often. Treated by friends of long-standing as if we’d done them some unforgivable, intolerable wrong by objecting to pretending we’re terrified of a sickness with a better-than-99-percent recovery rate, assuming one even gets sick. Friends – or so we thought – who treat us as if we were a mortal threat to their health. Family members who won’t allow us in their homes – or visit ours – unless we agree to perform the bizarre and dangerous rituals they demand of us, including blind submission to injections with whatever’s-in-those-needles.

It is hard – but it is also easy.

Like divorce . . . once it’s over with.

In the initial stages of the dissolution, many husbands and wives will do practically anything to prevent the dissolution. They are target-fixated on what was. The marriage that no longer exists, except as a legal artifact. The love is gone. The trust, evaporated. There are a million reasons why and – in the end – none of them matter once the hearts have hardened. When one of the two no longer wants to be married.

It may take awhile for the other of the two to come to grips with this.

In the meanwhile, a heroic struggle often ensues. The one who wants the marriage to “work” will try to find out what went awry and take steps to fix it. Will patiently try to understand the other spouse’s point of view. May even be willing to offer up compromises over important matters of principle, all for the sake of that one desperate, nostalgic urge to hold onto what is already gone.

This is where many of us find ourselves, this Thanksgiving week.

We feel sad and lonely because our circle has diminished. The people we used to get together with every year prior to these years no longer want to get together with us.

Unless . . .

Family members submit demands we must comply with as a condition of being allowed in their presence. Brothers against brother. Parents against grandparents.

Kids, caught in the middle of it all.

Reconciliation is not possible when it is either-or. And that is where we are, this week of Thanksgiving.

In the past, people could for the most part put aside their politics for the holidays because it was not necessary to wear them – literally – as has become fashionable, in our New Normal present. Your brother may have been a Woke Leftist but he probably had the grace to not wear an “I’m a Woke Leftist” T shirt to the table. And if he did, he certainly didn’t expect you to wear one, too.

Today’s weaponized hypochondriacs demand exactly that. You must wear their symbol of hysteria – the “mask” – to affirm your acquiescence. If you refuse to wear it, they get angry, hysterical. More so if you question their fanatic insistence that every living soul on this Earth be injected – no questions asked – with whatever’s-in-those-needles.

They don’t care about your feelings – only that you defer to theirs.

They don’t want to hear your objections – however reasonable. You must however accept all of theirs, without objection.

And even if you submerged yourself in the bottomless pool of their endless demands, they would still regard you with hostility and contempt – deservedly so – for you had surrendered everything that is yourself, for the sake of something that exists only in your memories.

This is hard. To look it full in the face.

To realize that the people you thought were close to you, who you would have done anything for, whom you esteemed and who you thought esteemed you, actually cared very little for you. So little, in fact, that they are not only willing but determined to cast you out and much worse than that . . . because the god-damned TeeVee told them to. Because people they don’t know told them to do so, to people they’ve known for years and perhaps even all of their lives.

That hurts.

It also cures.

You are well-rid of such people, if they are willing to do that to you. The bonhomie of memory wasn’t what you imagined it to be. Or maybe it was, once. The point is, it no longer is.

Once you come to terms with this, the rest is easy.

You know now where you stand and – just as important, where others stand. The people who’ve stood by you through this – who didn’t shun you because the god-damned TeeVee told them to – are perhaps fewer but of far more value. Their esteem is real – and profound.

If you find yourself no longer able to break bread with people who you once called friend – or even, family – then break bread with new ones, who are.

If you haven’t found them yet, don’t worry. They are out there. And they are looking for friends – and family – just like you.

Best Wishes to All – who’ve remained human – this Thanksgiving of 2021.

. . .

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  1. I caught some of The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on the TeeVee. I couldn’t stand watching it, it was creepy with most of the crowd & performers wearing face diapers in stark contrast to the announcers who were bare faced. A smattering of people were surprisingly bare faced and some of the performers were too. It was all just really odd & I turned it off.

    Today, Davenport, Iowa had a Festival of Trees Parade (broadcast on the TeeVee) not a single face diaper in the crowd nor on any of those in the parade. Zero anti-social distancing that I could see. People huddling together to stay warm on a very cold day. …Oh wait! I see one face diaper on the right side of the banner for the high school marching band. The left side was bare faced. A teacher-looking woman walking alongside the band was wearing a face diaper, she looked like a creepy stalker-hag wearing it.

    It’s really nice seeing all these bare faced natural human beings, handing out candy, waving, – smiling! – genuine looking smiles, not the fake crap they had in the NYC parade. Even the announcer noticed the smiles.

    Among the Iowa beauties Miss Blackhawk Valley girls & county fair queens came over across the river from Illinois to be human & not wear the face diaper. Nice to see them. I got stuff to do, wish I could watch the whole thing.

  2. Hey Eric, guys – noticing the news on this side of the pond?

    For the past few days a lot of news was creeping out that Africa hardly has any cases of the Rona, despite nobody taking the sacred jab. Suddenly its breaking news all over that theres a scary new variant (from some African country which im sure nobody knows where it is) which is resistant to the Jab and doesnt even come up on tests!! OH NO!!! time to shiver and obey whatever our dear leaders say again !

    • Good morning, Nasir!

      Yup – the “super variant” is on the loose… it’s the Delta Gamma Epsilon Semi Moron variant!

      How many times can they cry Wolf! – and will the imbeciles respond?

      Of course, the “super variant” is probably just what they’re rebadging the “vaccine” induced deaths as.

  3. This article really hits home. For reasons related, directly and indirectly, to the ‘Rona, it looks like my marriage is about to end. For 6 1/2 years, I finally found the elusive happy marriage. After 1 1/2 years of Covid madness, we are now negotiating divorce terms. What pisses me off the most, even more than the fact that “they” have ruined what was a very happy marriage, is the fact that they actually want to do such things. Destroy families, destroy religions, destroy neighborhoods, destroy any and all human interactions, so they can take total control over our lives. Fuck ’em all.

    • Im so sorry to hear that Mike. My own family cannot understand me but luckily my husbands family is on our side and we traveled together during the whole pandemic – got Airbnb’s in San Diego and Florida. I would be lost if I only had my family. I know its hard now but Mike you will find the people you need to find – go meet others that think like you – don’t be alone – seek them out. I wish you happiness.

    • Hi Mike,

      I just read this – about your situation – and I’m so sorry to hear about it. If it’s any consolation, you are far from alone. This is happening to so many people – and it’s not only marriages. It’s also would-have-been marriages, too. Someone I know well was seriously dating a woman who – without even discussing it – got the Jab, which upset him greatly because (in part) he is adamantly opposed to submitting his kids to the Jab and he now has to deal with the prospect of her having submitted to it and by implication (were they to marry) that she will pressure him to get Jabbed and to get his kids Jabbed. Even worse, she didn’t consult him about her getting the Jab; she just did it. Now, she has every right to get Jabbed, of course. But to not discuss it with the person you’re seriously involved with, when you know they have a big problem with this whole business, is a major breach of trust and so a deal-breaker for him.

      The one upside is, he knows that marrying her may not have been the best idea.

      Sending best wishes to you on what must be a very hard holiday season…

      • I don’t understand why an individual would do this. A long term partnership, very much like a marriage, has to have open communication. Both partners are never going to be on the same side 100% of the time, but if you love each other you keep the other informed. You do not go behind their back, lie, hide things, etc.

        It doesn’t provide much solace, especially when a person is hurting, but he dodged a bullet. A person that would deceive you in a long term association would deceive you in a marriage, where a lot more is at stake.

        • Sometimes, I think of totem poles to describe cultural hierarchies/beliefs, etc.

          For example, for many people their traditional totem pole looks like this, in order of importance, authority & trust:

          Goobermint “experts”.

          For many others today, it looks like this:

          Goobermint “experts”.
          Anyone wearing a white lab coat & stethoscope.
          Anyone with a badge.
          Anyone carrying a clipboard.
          Anyone wearing a hardhat & neon green vest.
          Some object or expression of spirituality.

          Perhaps that sorta answers the question, “I don’t understand why an individual would do this.” The totem pole of the plastic Pod People of The new religion called, The Covid Death Cult who all appear to whoreship fear? Idk.

    • Hi Mike,

      I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you. I can only hope that the Missus wakes up before it is too late. Covid has brought out a new side in us all. Those that distrusted government a little, now distrust government a lot. Those who were apathetic toward government or maybe a bit pro government now view the institution as their Savior. It has been a twisted ride, especially when we are not on the same page.

      I agree with Jen. It is important to find like minded people through this ordeal for your own sanity. It is hard to be a lion surrounded by sheep.

      I wish you all the best.

    • Dear brother Mike,

      So you and your spouse are contemplating divorce after 6.5 years. Is the seven-year-itch phenomenon real?

      Occasionally I have seriously contemplated divorce over the course of my forty-year marriage. Yet divorce is not inevitable unless one of you makes it so. Hopefully not. Sometimes gazing into that grim abyss makes you back slowly from the edge of the chasm. It has been that way for me and my spouse.


    • Thanks for your kindness, everyone. I fully intend to come out better and stronger than ever. It helps to know that you all are out there.

  4. Hi Eric, et al,

    I can relate to the depressing regularity with which friends and family commit acts of disrespect for individual liberty. But in truth, I find myself unwilling to cast relationships aside because said friends and family sometimes act stupidly. Frankly, I make mistakes myself all the time and expect people to forgive me (and I am neither religious in the spiritual sense or the socialist sense). What is happening worldwide, but especially in the “first world” bears striking resemblance to what happened in Germany in the 1930s and also in Russia/Ukraine when Stalin targeted the Kulaks. This is one reason that the entities running this shit show want to erase history. If the ignorant hoi polloi buying into the 1619 project don’t know the real history of socialism, it’s easier to manipulate their behaviour to support violence and genocide against the ghastly folk who assert that they own their own lives….shit, now I am depressed. I suggest for humor that y’all watch Terry Gilliam’s Brazil…the director’s cut. Gotta have a little gallows humor for the holidays. Finally, I too continue to appreciate this little corner of sanity that Eric provides here and hope to soon help support the site financially as I encourage the rest of our community to do. Eric, as usual, very articulate expression of your philosophy.

  5. Eric your well written articles (and the related comments) have been a blessing during this relentless fear/control campaign we humans have been subjected to this past going on two years. Wishing you and your friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Agreed , he hit the nail on the head with this one.
      I’m a huge lover of advaita philosophy because it works.
      As you get older you realize the peace/joy of minimizing everything you can minimize – there’s a vast majority of people out there who “need”. They think they need. And they “need” just about everything (friends/relatives with them, some anti-social media posting, etc).. the saddest thing in this world is such people who die retaining those “needs” – when the reality is they need nothing, they themselves made all those things worthwhile and they know nothing of themselves…. reincarnation is a surety. And you don’t wanna do this again- if you think today’s slavery is bad….

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Eric,
    I am thankful for this website, it allows me to see that there are still some sane people left in the world. I too have seen my circle of “friends” shrink due to the weaponized hypochondria and teevee induced hysteria.
    Blessings to all my friends here.

    • I second that.

      More thoughts … IDK why sheeple are so afraid anyways — if a store really wanted you to wear a sock on your face then they’ll chase you down and tell you so, but they won’t beat you up with a baseball bat so there’s really no risk to just not wearing anything and seeing what happens. One store I go to still has signs up at the entrance, very stern sounding signs, but I never wear anything and it’s their policy to not bother customers about it. So that’s interesting — so the stores are obviously NOT under risk of osha/etc bothering them right now, yet they still have the signs up. If a store really wants their customers to wear a mask they will have someone standing at the entrance to tell you so, otherwise they don’t care. So why are the sheep still wearing their socks on their faces? Idiots. It’s as if they like it. I think they’re all sickos. I think they’re all getting some bad karma for this, by hurting their fellow citizens by going along with (enabling) this evil scam.

  7. Hi Eric – Happy Thanksgiving. We like traveling this week so we don’t have to do the family thing. So we left diapered up Las Vegas for small town ShowLow Arizona where we heard from fellow libertarians that this area stood up to the lockdowns etc. And it seems they did! Last night was the first time we ate in a restaurant in 2 years where the waitresses did not have diapers on!! It was really nice. We talked to the locals and they said they were not going along with all the crap. Of course we see a few diapered people but nothing like Las Vegas where we still have an indoor mask mandate(that I never followed and no store bothers me to put one on). Its a real pleasure – we will spend the rest of the weekend checking out the WalMart and the area in general for compliance – maybe we are moving soon.

  8. Funnily enough – been down for a few days so I guess out of curiosity (or perhaps boredom) I took one of those quick home covid tests…. and it came back positive !!! 😛 Now the Mrs and parents are after me to get a proper PCR test. on the fence because on one end they will probably find covid in me if they look hard enough, while on the other hand if they do, ill get one of those green covid passes allowing me to travel apparently for 6 months…. though I cant stand that whole NHS covid crap, want to stay as far as possible from it and god knows what other kabuki they try to mandate on me…. really dont know what to do about this dilemma !

    • Hi Nasir, I think you should resist getting a pcr test, for a few reasons:

      1 – it’s terribly invasive and there’s a chance of physical damage when they stick that long q-
      tip into your sinuses
      2 – you can’t trust the results – high false positive rate
      3 – you’ll be added to the statistics as a covid case, when maybe you have the common cold
      or flu
      4 – tin-foil hat territory here, but: is there something on the q-tip that gets deposited? or, are
      they gathering a dna sample from you?

      I’m reading the current Mercola article “The WHO is An Institute of Corruption” and one of the summary points is this:

      “COVID-19 was a “test” pandemic, not a virus pandemic, because PCR tests may give a positive result when it detects fragments of coronaviruses that have been around for 20 years, a fragment of virus too small to make you ill or a fragment of COVID-19 that was there weeks ago”

      Perhaps your malady may be due to coronavirus, but maybe not. Try to think about how you would have handled this before all this bs came out. You probably wouldn’t freak out, you would trudge through it the best you can, using whatever methods usually work for you.

      I’m sure others have advice on how to treat, especially RG, but for starters, you can’t go wrong with taking lots of vitamin C.

      Good luck, hope you feel better soon. Sorry we live in such crazy times.

      • “Perhaps your malady may be due to coronavirus”, indeed it may Snap, since many colds, and at times the flu, have always been caused by corona viruses. Which the PCR test will still determine is COVID, because it can’t tell the difference. Which is why the flu disappeared last year.

        • You sound like Clippit (the stupid Microsoft Office paper clip who was never really that helpful).

          “It looks like you might have coronavirus. Would you like some help with that?”

          • Publius – hahha – reminded me of that bastard paper clip thing… where did he go? in hindsight I miss swearing at it….. again one of those things created by a hipster kid in silicon valley thinking its a brilliant idea, while it does nothing but piss off normal people!!

    • Hi Nasir,

      I second Snap’s recommendation. I don’t trust the government when it comes to the Q tip test.

      Do any of your local stores carry licorice root tea? Yogi and the Traditional Medicinal brands both manufacture it. I would recommend 5000 to 10000 Vit D per day and if you can get an Elderberry pill or gummy that contains Vit C and Zinc helps as well. Also, I would recommend an oximeter to track your oxygen levels and pulse.

      The licorice root is key, but I wouldn’t recommend more than one tea a day. Also, lots of rest, chicken soup and water, in the meantime.

      If your chest starts bothering you head to the doctors/hospital to receive treatment, but the licorice should keep it out of your lungs and remove it from the blood stream.

    • Hi Nasir,

      I second Snap and RG’s advice. Avoid any contact with the medical apparat. Unless of course you get really sick. Assuming you’re a basically healthy/fit guy, it is extremely likely this will just pass, as most colds/flus do. Do you normally exercise? If you do – and you’re only feeling a little not-right – a good workout (and hot shower/steam bath/sauna) might just flush it out. This almost always works for me.

      Regardless, the advice about vitamin C and D and the rest strikes me as sound – as it has also worked for me.

      Keep us posted!

      • Hi RG, Snap, John and Eric – thx. Yes I am having a ton of vitamins (C, D – 10K iu+k2, zinc, quercetein, magnesium amongst others). Even have the HCQ, ivermectin, etc etc from my last trip to Pakistan, but really not bothered starting it yet. Generally feel fine – just very tiered, and lazy. Dont know if it is that bug, or the fact that I havnt been to the gym for a week now since I got this… to be fair apart from a couple lazy naps during the day ive not even taken a day of work (well WFH ofcoure). The only “symptoms” so far are say a couple headaches, the hot/cold sweats and a bit of fever here and there. But it is annoying because its very draining… yes also loosing my breath more than normal. but lets see if im feeling better will hopefully get out to the gym soon…. will hopefully sweat it out…

    • You, being a regular here, know more than most about the nature of this scam. Yet, and correct me if I’m wrong, even you are driven somewhat by curiosity about whether you got “it” and seem to be considering the incentives for being counted among the “infected”, so as to claim natural immunity in order to travel. Imagine every “normie” out there who got as much as a sniffle for the past 20 months. They’ve weaponized colds, flus, and deaths. Someone tell me how this ever ends.

      • Annon – yes, it is so weaponised. I agree… the curiosity also got me, despite being fully aware of the nature of this con.

        But heres the thing, im one of the most open non-vax guys, and many are after me. I almost want to be able to say “see, I officially got covid, didnt get the jab, and am (hopefully) not dead !! And there are some jackasses whos face id love to rub that into :D…. motivating me to take that crooked test !! 😀

        and though no I dont think ill travel anyways, but the way things are going in Europe with mandatory jabs, having had it will hopefully be another reason to push back – which is the only other reason im thinking of getting it on the record…. having said that I dont think ill get my ass out of the house and go get the test, because again at the end of the day I dont think i can be bothered 😛 😛 😛

        though if I do take the test ill prob do it in my car in which case ill just take the swab and well spit on it or something, instead of the thing all the way up there… as ive done before to travel.

    • Hi Nasir,

      As others have noted, the PCR test is not an appropriate diagnostic tool. This is well known and has been from the start. The only credible reason that it is used is to allow normal, expected deaths to be classified as Covid deaths. It will not provide any useful information to you, but it will, should you die within 28 days of being declared “positive”, allow your death to be exploited in the ongoing propaganda campaign.


    • I totally get the temptation to use this situation to your advantage – I remember you wanting to travel to the US…but if you allow yourself to be used to further the regime, you and your family will still pay the price, ultimately.

      And you may still not be able to travel as you had hoped.

    • Nasir, if they’ve convinced you that you have to get permission to travel, they have already won. The real thrust of the alleged “pandemic” and the alleged “vaccines” is to implement the absolute dictatorship of the database- the qr code/pass. They cannot get it in the US, but if they succeed in Europe, Americans will have little choice but to fall in line if they want to go to Europe, or many places on the globe which are implementing this.

      If you have to ask permission to live, then you don’t have any rights.

      • Ernie – unfortunately we are in a very shit place with all this. and poll after poll they tell us that everyone wants this QR code thing. Its great to hear that you dont think it will work in the US…. but how does one get to the US…. when the fucking border requires you to have the jab….

          • Anon – totally agree. The polls are so crooked, especially that yougov one which is basically a creation of our deep state, much like google. Me and a friend did a live poll on the weekend, where everyone was strongly against forced jabs, vax passports (like 85% against to 15% for). On tuesday the official results came out and it turns out the public overwhelmingly supported the mandates and forced jabs !!( like 60% for !!)

            Interestingly the founder of youtube is our ex vaccine minister !!

            • Here in the US, the election “polls” ALWAYS show the Dem in the lead. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times the polls allegedly show the R in the lead.

              Of course, neither is a good choice…

        • If one walks or drives across the Southern Border and has a US Passport or Residency Card, he does not need proof of anything. This is why I fly into Tijuana instead of LAX, Phoenix or Las Vegas.

    • Nasir,
      I have had two PCRs in Scotland. First so I could go for a colonoscopy, negative. And second because my care home worker wife had a positive. My result was positive too. For two days of the mildest symptoms I can recall I got three weeks off work, paid in full, result!
      The first test a young lady did the swab and I didn’t feel a thing, she went about one inch up the nostril. Second was a home kit, same but it tickled more :-).

      Not vaxed either of us and we will never take one short of physical restraint, major positive karma points I reckon.

      • Hi Robert,

        Your experience mirrors that of several people here, myself among them. In my case, it was a respiratory something-or-other that I got in late 2019. Dry cough and some rattling in my lungs. Nothing bad enough to prevent me from my usual routines and after a week or so it had dissipated. It might have been just a “normal” cold. Or maybe it was the ‘Rona. Whatever it was, it was mild and I haven’t had anything worse since. It’s almost 2022 now and . . nothing. This leads me to the following conclusions:

        1. I did have the ‘Rona and am now immune to it.
        2. The infectiousness – and seriousness – of the ‘Rona have been grossly exaggerated.
        3. I am some kind of superman who is unaffected by highly infectious/serious viruses that are “killing” everyone else – or most of them (per CNN).

      • hmmm robert interesting you’re in scotland and not jabbed. They tell us the good scots are all jabbed…. I hear you guys have completely implemented vaccine passports up there, how is it working out, are people observing ? Infact when i was there for a bit over the summer driving around Edinburgh was also quite big on masks – got kicked out of a number of places for not having a mask 😛

        Yes the couple weeks off work would have been nice – wondering if I should go for the test, if only for that !!

  9. There is a diaper crowd running around the town. I can’t figure it out. It is really weird. For God’s sake, get a hold of yourself.

    Canada’s Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October, the Great White North is colder, Thanksgiving is celebrated earlier in the Fall. Eh?

    Millions of turkeys bite the dust, thank a turkey for your stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy.

    Murder by Death has a new Christmas album worth hearing.

    There is one turkey in the White House that ain’t a turkey but still is a turkey, have to pardon that one too, nothing can be done to help the poor soul. Forgive the old fool, but that is as far as it goes.

  10. Eric,
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving…
    Likewise to all of the readers/commenters who follow the EP Autos site!

    Let’s try to put all of this insanity on the back-burner for one day, and enjoy our great holiday of Thanksgiving!

  11. What astonishes me is that these people weren’t scared of their family/friends two years ago, nor their whole life prior to 2020. Certainly they must remember these interactions, prior to 2020. But because the media says so, they reject all those lived experiences, and reject the ones they were close to just two years ago. People that are exactly the same, biologically, as they have been their entire lives. But now, just because the media they consume told them, they treat these identical people in this time like pariahs. Again, nothing has changed, except what the media has said, and that’s all it takes to get these people to betray those closest to them.

    I’ve had someone tell me that they will be staying home for Thanksgiving because one of the people going to the normal event didn’t get the injection. Did this person have a problem with the other’s injection status prior to the media telling him to think this way? Of course not. Programming. “People are still dying, and he thinks he’s a big shot? He thinks he’s invincible? Screw him. I’m not going.”

    Then someone brought up the sacrifices we made during WW2, where we came together for a bigger cause. And now people can’t even wear a mask and get a shot. How far we’ve fallen as a country. How selfish we are now.

    You think people should be forced to get a shot that could kill them?

    “No no no… but I’m glad they’re making the kids wear masks in school” (he literally said this – what a sick psychopath. He’s GLAD they’re MAKING the kids wear masks in school.).

    Well you didn’t have to wear a mask when you were in school.

    “No, but there wasn’t a pandemic when I was in school. There wasn’t 700000 people dead.”

    • It doesn’t surprise me. thousands of years go by and nothing really changes about humans and human society. All that was done is the reworked the con that was most famously used by Hitler. They labeled people as unclean. Once labeled unclean things take a predictable course if a critical mass can be reached.

      There have been numerous pandemics. We were all probably in school during one or more of them. Nobody much noticed. That’s like this COVID19, if it weren’t being looked for people would have likely not noticed it or paid it much mind like previous pandemics. We’ve known forever that old people with problems can get some sort of random bug that does them in or does so much damage that it sends them into a downward spiral. Nothing has changed but now there’s something with a name and media agenda.

      • If the WHO had not far too conveniently changed the definition of pandemic, this would not have qualified as one. As now defined, if there is a world wide spread virus that causes a victim to get one ordinary pimple, it’s a pandemic.

    • wef reset

      Authored by Thomas DiLorenzo

      “The Great Reset” is the latest deceptive euphemism for totalitarian socialism

      Schwab’s starting point is what Ludwig von Mises called “destructionism.” All socialists, Mises said, advocated the destruction of the existing institutions of society, especially capitalism, the family, and religion, all of which form a barrier between the individual and the controlling dictates of the state. Only then can society be “reset” to create a socialist utopia.

      This is why Schwab, Gates, and other proponents of “the great reset” so enthusiastically celebrate the lockdowns

      these satanic bastards were laughing at you when you were locked down, wiped out. remember that when you see the politician’s ugly useless criminal face.

      ATTENTION: they were caught on video at their annual World Economic Forum meeting in early 2021 cheering a video of empty city streets and closed-down businesses caused by the government-mandated lockdowns that plunged literally millions into poverty worldwide.

      they advocate a “global lockdown” every two years to supposedly reduce carbon dioxide emissions as required by the “Paris Climate Accord.” These lockdowns would not be related to any virus but would simply be designed to intentionally destroy much of the world economy, leaving millions in abject poverty, causing untold illness and death, for the sake of “fighting climate change”

      the ideological heirs of Frederick Engels and his intellectual puppet Karl Marx. The main figure of this movement is Klaus Schwab, founder of the “World Economic Forum,” who champions what he calls “transhumanism,” the integration of nanotechnology into the human body so that humans can be controlled remotely by the state.

      eugenics,“is now called transhumanism.” the Trojan Horse of achieving socialism under the guise of “environmentalism.” constantly frighten the gullible public with predictions of The End of the World from environmental catastrophe unless we abandon capitalism and adopt socialist central planning The Soviets would label this kind of thinking “scientific socialism.”

      call for the abolition of private property which, coincidentally, was the first plank of the ten planks of The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels.
      “Welcome to the year 2030 . . . . I don’t own anything, I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes .
      that means that politicians will decide for you what you need.

      They want to spy on your every move, using the latest nanotechnology which probably means implanting devices into your body

      an integration of private enterprise and the state. This is a perfect definition of economic fascism. Economic fascism in Mussolini’s Italy and Nazi Germany
      turn the entire world economy into a version of Chinese fascism.

      They advocate shutting down more and more of the world economy with more lockdowns (destructionism); a huge expansion of the catastrophically-failed welfare state with the unlimited printing of money by central banks in order to hand out “universal basic income” to everyone;

      the eventual abolition of beef in order to fight “climate change” the abolition of virtually all other kinds of meat, replacing it with grass and insects as part of the average diet. they eat steak though, the abolition of the energy industries and their replacement with windmills and solar panels; communal housing,

      totalitarian utopia because it is all being done in the name of “equity and inclusion”
      To oppose this latest proposal for a totalitarian world order is, therefore, to be an enemy of society. The “common good before individual good,” by the way, was also the explicitly-stated theme of the 1920 Nazi Party Platform.

  12. It is a blessing in disguise.
    I am happy to know before SHTF who I can really trust & who I can’t.
    They are not the same people as before all this.

    Those who have stood fast to research, facts, learning, & principle are the ones I know I can count on.
    The ones who turned out to be lip service, I am lucky not to mistakenly rely on their constitution.

    So, thanks for that Fauci (blessed be his name)

  13. So I visited a government grocery store on a military base today. About 75% of the shoppers were undiapered. The store employees, however, were still diapered even after the fact they were mandated to take the jab.

    They recently installed solar carports in the parking lot. Kind of a useful boondoggle as they provide shade.

    • Dear Handler, what a relief to hear that the commissary patrons were bare-faced. Last time I visited a Base Exchange, they threatened to withhold service unless I hid my face. It couldn’t be my looks, could it?

      • It was impossible to shop there during peak Covidmania. The lady base commander had base police at the doors checking temperatures, IDs, and enforcing masks. She even closed certain streets to help “stop the spread”, so navigating the base was a huge PITA.

  14. Today the lickspittle WSJ published a paean to pharmacists who are tricking little kids into taking vaccines that may kill them, by dressing up as superheroes.

    Naturally, not one word of contrary opinion appears. These are squalid corpgov presstitutes, scribbling seedy pitches for their Big Pharma sponsors.

    Coincidentally, yesterday a federal jury found CVS, Walgreens and Walmart liable for helping fuel the opioid crisis, despite their very peripheral role of merely filling prescriptions.

    In administering pediatric covid injections, these parties are acting as principals — no doctor’s prescription involved.

    Don’t they know that when the Nuremberg 2.0 trials are held, they are going to be sued to their knees for maiming and killing children?

    Boycott these depraved child molesters.

    • “Don’t they know that when the Nuremberg 2.0 trials are held, they are going to be sued to their knees for maiming and killing children?”

      Based on the opioid verdict, I look forward to their potential pending lawsuits.

      We won’t need as many pharmacies when there are far fewer of us down the road.

    • CNBC, WSJ and all the other mainstream media are paid huge amounts of money to help herd the useless eaters into the gas chamber…..the extermination injection, the slow kill machine, lots of people are taking the bait, for a passport to the cemetery and even worse they are taking their children with them.
      It is a very smooth marketing campaign these idiots actually think the government is helping them haha, curing them from the fake germ is the bait, total insanity, governments have killed more people then anything else in history.
      The monster that injects you or your child is like the executor that pulls the lever or lets go of the rope on the gallows or guillotine.
      If the extermination was just political (it is actually religious, the satanic cult human sacrifice) they would never get away with it, that is why they use the fake medical excuse bs narrative, which they say is based on science, it is actually based on fake science.
      Politics, religion and vaccines are not based on science.
      Politics = leftist/communist,
      Religion = new GAIA cult eugenics/overpopulation narrative, mixed in with satanic cult human sacrifice, to save the earth bs.
      Vaccines = the weapon of choice (poison) the satanic cult uses to kill people. they say science says it has to be injected, haha.

  15. I wouldn’t ban you from my Thanksgiving get together, just because you won’t wear a mask. None of the rest of us will be either.

    I wouldn’t even ban you for your mentally unbalanced, irrational animosity toward those who sometimes chose to wear masks….if…..and only IF you promised not to ruin the day by taking over the whole conversation with this subject. We got happier subjects, and/or bigger problems to talk about. I’m not sure you could pull that off, but if you promise to really try, you’re invited. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • I never chose to wear a mask. It’s impossible to conceive that anyone other than dentists, surgeons, and auto mechanics ever do…this sudden “choice” was forced upon us all, and some choose to delude themselves that it was their idea…

      I think it’s ridiculous and stupid and have not willingly done it at all. When a family member was recently hospitalized, I was FORCED to do so, the only time I have had to degrade myself in this way…despite the fact that it not only looks foolish, but does nothing to mitigate any risk whatsoever…

      /rant off

      Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  16. We have a neighbor that is starting to question the vaccine. She had the jab, and a couple months later was hospitalized with pneumonia; nearly died. She has other friends that are sick even after being jabbed, one of which is most likely going to succumb to his disease – he is on a ventilator. A mutual neighbor friend has been diagnosed with covid, again after being jabbed.

    Both neighbors lean right politically and are in good shape, physically, or were before coming down with “covid”. I know one of them watches Fox news, and I suspect the other one does, too.

    So, maybe not impossible that people are waking up. I’m in a similar friend situation as some others here; don’t have many. But that is what I’m hearing in my tiny circle of contacts as of today.

  17. Yep: Happened to me, and my immediate family (e.g. wife and kids) regarding my BIL. He is so bat-shit crazy afraid of corona. Never seen anything like it. He follows it all with religious fervor. To the point, whereby in the (text) conversation that ended our relationship, I said, “Looks like you’ve found your religion. I hope it gets you to Heaven.”

    My distinct observation has been that the degree to which one is fearful of the corona, and thereby adhering/believing in the official narrative, is directly correlated to the degree of one’s godlessness. I have seen very, very few strong Christians be so vexed by the corona. Perhaps b/c they: a) have a firmer grounding in the truth – esp. as exemplified by the Natural Law; b) faithfully believe in life after death.

    Politically, one’s degree of conservatism also reflects their reaction to society’s response to the corona. The more conservative, the less they believe in the Narrative. My BIL is a curious case: He claims to be an astute political observer, and a man of the world. So he either is oblivious, or he buys in. It is either-or. There is no third option. That is what really puzzles me.

    • Tom, you’re right about Christians and the pagan virus religion. Fortunately, many Christians finally recognize virus-ism as a rival religion. Devout virus-believers wear a face burkha to boast their devotion.

    • I’m a devout Christian, and found that few of the members of my church congregation wear face diapers, and few have been jabbed. I’m aware as well that most of the doctors and nurses in my congregation are working under religious exemptions, and will take no vaccine. So there’s much truth in what you write. Jesus saves, in more ways than one!

  18. Ironically, from a young age I realized that I had very little in common with most relatives and those around me in general, plus I don’t enjoy ‘group’ things, even with people whose company I may enjoy- I prefer one-on-one or close to it settings at the most, because anymore than that and you lose the prospect of good engaging personal conversations.

    The irony is, that due to the above, I have effectively segregated myself long before anyone feared the flu…while the majority of my relatives, whether they practice the Kabuki themselves or not, don’t require that others practice said Kabuki to be in their presence. At least (I guess) they have the sense to realize that if the Kabuki somehow works, then their mask or their clot-shot will “protect” them…and that if it couldn’t, than having others engage in it wouldn’t offer them any protection from the boogeyman- as if something that is ineffective at preventing the spread of a virus when practiced by you could somehow work when practiced by others….. [Of course, I have one cousin who has barely left her apartment in the last 2 years for fear of the ‘Rona… but, crazy as that is, at least it’s something that she does, rather than requiring that others do something so that she can live ‘normally’ while pacifying her fears).

      • Funny, how the ones that seem to be protesting the loudest on the Rona and standing up for their principles happen to be women. Look at the schools. Who is not wearing the masks and willing to take on the system? Girls. Who are the people yelling on the train, bus, airplane, and in the grocery store that they refuse to mask? Women.

        I know many men who have refused to go out because of the Rona. They were also the first ones to get jabbed when it was offered.

        Let’s be honest, for every video of a Karen I can find one of a Ken screaming about the same thing. There are many women (as there are men) out there who have not masked, jabbed, and have stood by their scruples through the whole plandemic. We need to be on the same team. Eighty percent of the population is already against us. I see no reason to separate our tribe even further when we share the same values.

          • Maybe it’s not whether you have male or female plumbing fixtures, but whether you are masculine or feminine that counts?

          • I’d argue that the safety cult and mental illness is primarily though certainly not exclusively, female. Karens, or at least their representatives, rule the world these days.
            As the wise man said, ‘too much yin, not enough yang.’ You might be surprised who said that.

        • I don’t know what type of men you associate with, but the women seem to be the biggest mask wearers in terms of percentages. It is true that they are fairly vocal when it comes to not wearing a mask as well. Early on, I was in a costco and a couple of fags were ratting me out for not wearing a mask in the store. Of course, I don’t know which bathroom they use. Hahaha

          • There’s plenty of men that believe virtue signalling will win women over. They’re probably not wrong except they’re attracting/appeasing the wrong kind of women.

            • I guess there is someone for everyone, but a real woman wants a real man.

              If a man won’t stand up for his own principles and feels taking a knee is better than throwing a punch than society is over.

              A civilization based on Alpha women and Beta men will not succeed.

              • It depends on your definition of success. The cretins behind the reshaping of our culture for the last 75 years or so couldn’t be more thrilled.

              • Amen to that. And to all the women who are having to be the balls in the family because their “macho man” won’t stand up for them or their principles….a hard lesson some of us are learning.

        • And you will find those Kens are controlled by women in some form or fashion.

          Look, female nature will always desire saaaaaafety and security (of course, as always, there are exceptions to the rule). Or do you believe that is a myth and we’re all just interchangeable human beings with different plumbing fixtures?

          • Any man (or woman) in a relationship are controlled by the other in some form or fashion. It is a partnership and one person cannot and should not call all the shots.

            I would argue that most people desire security and safety, even men. The difference is does the individual decide what level of security and safety is right for them or does the institution. I think 99% of us (at least on this site) believe the individual has that right. I don’t see that has a masculine or feminine issue, only a human one.

            • Most people seem to be too risk averse these days.
              Helmets, hand sanitizer, everything’s too rough, kids can’t be alone in front yard.

              Not sure what happened, but the end of GenX heralded the main stream rise of the safety nazi.

              This aversion has become a driving principle of many people.

              Some of us prefer freedom, but we are all white supremacists who just want to kill grandma for a haircut.

              I laugh at these safety fools, knowing when the time comes, they will look to others to save them and no one will be there for them.

              • Myself, having no children, wonders what I might have done as a parent. The best place I have to look to for insight is my younger sister.

                I recently went and visited sis and fam and my niece wasn’t home. I asked where she was and my sister said she’s out driving around. Later my sister got a text that my niece was down to $2 and she was on her way home.

                My sister isn’t helicoptering her daughter. Nor would I if it were my kids. I think my sister knows just as I do, that kids are not kids forever, they are adults in training.

        • In my observation, women only start fighting like this when it is about their kids. Otherwise, women generally vote for security over freedom. Many will forego happiness in return for security.

          If I had a dollar for every time a woman found me unattractive, I’d be very attractive by now.

          • Hi Jump,

            I don’t understand trading happiness for security. Why can’t we have both? Is it beneficial for anyone to be in a so so relationship because the other person has power or money? Isn’t the person foregoing bliss just accepting their position as a whore?

          • Both security and freedom are not obtainable in a perfect form. Just like “safety” is not a thing. It does not exist. It’s a feeling, and nothing more.

        • Enough equine organic fertilizer available without throwing sex into it. Yes, they are different, and react to things differently. That does not make either a culprit. The culprits are sociopaths or psychopaths. Which if I’m not mistaken, constitute more men than women. Women seek safety for their children. Men will confront because they know they are expendable.

        • Yep- its the women like me that never wear a mask anywhere and protest more and all these tough men see me in the stores but they still don the diaper. They carry it around like a little purse or something – DISGUSTING – they have no respect – where have all the real men gone

          • Amen sister. 😁

            I have seen more than my fair share. Just got back from the store. I was only a handful of people of not wearing a mask. I counted five women and two men (who happened to be young guys in their 20s). Fully grown men that had me by 50 pounds and 6 inches donning little surgical masks. One particular guy (late 30s) with two young kids around 8 and 10 years of age, no mom in site, all masked. Pathetic.

          • I so agree. The scared men freak me out much more than the women. I had always considered men generally to be the less risk averse and more logical. They balanced out fearful women treating their kids like babies by doing their part to make a man out of their sons. To see them reacting with hysterical panic shakes the core of my beliefs and hopes for men as being the ultimate protectors of freedom and of our women.

            • Hi RS,

              Amen. I’m much more appalled (and ashamed for) the men who’ve fallen for this scam. Sexist patriarch that I am, I maintain that it is men who are obliged to protect women and kids from this sort of thing because they are men and (in theory) have the physical capacity to do so that (in general) most women do not…

          • I’ve been watching these “men” doin’ da diaper dance clutching their little “purses” as you put it as they enter stores and get up from their chairs at restaurants. I’ve never heard anybody try to describe this disgusting phenomenon. Thank you for the “clutching purses” metaphor. That gets close to putting in words the pussification of the whole ritual.

        • What really puzzles me is that the religious are the most ardent worshippers of authority and the vaccine. I don’t fear the corona per se, but what I fear is the denial of alternate treatments that are available and work but are unavailable for the unvaxxed.

          • Hi to5,

            In the US and Canada, it is the deeply religious (fundamentalist Christians, Greek Orthodox, Orthodox Jews, etc…) that have shown the most resistance. “Liberal” churches (whose real God is the State) are, of course, worthless cheerleaders for tyranny.

            I wonder if the spectre of Australian authorities rounding up the Abo’s and putting them in quarantine camps will break a little of the State worship.


    • I made it to minute 3 and can say a few things
      1) ivermectin warnings are factual but not truthful (dosage)
      2) the covid doesn’t exist argument is based on supposed lack of sars-cov-2 all by itself with no contaminants possessed by certain entities as a counter factual
      3) absolute failure to understand how ivermectin works as a protease inhibitor effects on viruses

      I sampled a few more random minutes.

      Research does not line up with the odd claims in this video

      I doubt they are a medical professional – at least not one i’d listen to. Sounds more like propaganda from the natural health crowd.

  19. Just learned of an analysis done in 2020 of all-cause mortality showing (surprise) no pandemic.

    The same author, Dr. Denis Rancourt (Canada), also compiled the results of decades of studies showing that masks don’t work to stop airborne illness spread and actually cause illness. Studies cited below discourage health care workers from wearing masks…which the typical HCW did not wear until the psyop last year.

    Preaching to the choir, I know. Interesting that the same researcher is blowing the narrative to bits. We need many more like him.

  20. I have quietly cut off ties with certain family members who spew their cult’s vitriol at me or in my direction. With more than enough negativity in the air, I don’t need additional hate and divisiveness in my orbit. At first, it’s sad, a type of funeral pyre, but then it’s liberating in the sense that I will celebrate the good memories and will be freed of a sense of familial obligation to cordially endure mean spiritedness, hate, and stupidity. Who wants the likes of Jen Psaki at their dinner table or in their living room?

    More uplifting to seek out positive people, and those who are mindful of what it means to be human. Those who love, those who treat others with respect and kindness. People who seek to build and support, rather than tear down and destroy.

    I wish frozen, crunchy, rotting fish heads and moldy turnips to all authoritarian leftist scum – wallow in your hate. It will consume your soul as the vaccine consumes your body.

    I wish a happy Thanksgiving to all the EP Autos community. Thank YOU for giving me hope and an oasis of sanity in these trying times.

  21. I only ever had 3 or 4 real friends ever anyway. I had more friends way back in high school but those just fell away because they were never really *real* friends in the first place. I always wondered suspiciously about people that have lots and lots of friends.

    And my family was screwed up, always at each others throats, always unhappy about so-and-so in the family, and taking sides. Always vicious, vindictive and intolerant. My parents beat my brother and I savagely when we were kids. I always wondered about people that have super great family lives.

    Well, before I quit Facebook several years ago, it taught me more about people. Even before Trump, whether it was Bush or Obama, the war on terror, or the lies of the establishment, I learned that people prefer to take sides and be shitty people more often than not.

    All those “wonderful” people on Facebook and maybe (after about 8 years of FB at that time), maybe I had three or four people that wanted to genuinely interact. Few, if any people, genuinely interested in truly sharing each other’s lives. But no end of vitriolic hatred and division. No end of spats and squabbles.

    That’s the main reason that I quit FB. I mean, the fact that they gave me a 30-day ban for remarking about how men don’t wash their hands in the bathroom and its gross, that was the last straw.

    I think that most people aren’t very interested in spending the effort to be real friends or in being decent family. While you can point the “it must be you” finger at me all you want, that can’t possibly explain the same situations with other people en masse.

    When “the conversation” is directed and controlled by the establishment, regardless of form, it is toxic poison. Social media just exacerbates the situation and makes it easier for people to be shittier. And somehow people just can’t seem to help themselves from being that way.

    • As I got my class reunion invitations over the years, my now ex-wife always asked why I didn’t go. To which I replied, if I wanted contact with those people, I would have maintained it. I likewise have had few friends, because I recognize the difference between friends and drinking buddies. Friends also come and go, as our lives change. At present the only REAL friends I have are my family. I don’t expect that to change, though serendipity is a thing.

      • Hi John,

        I am in the same boat as you. I have zero friends. There is no one I have kept in touch with since high school or college. I am fortunate I have a close knit family. I have a mom, an aunt, and lots of sisters so I don’t feel like I am missing out on female companionship. It would be nice to have a circle of close girlfriends, but most don’t think like me, plus I have an aversion to dramatic episodes, lots of tears, and liberals. I choose to hang out with hubby and the kids in our little bubble of sanity.

        • Friends are like fresh fish. They don’t keep. You have to have some really deep childhood ties to keep a friendship going through all the changes in life one experiences. And I’ve recently lost a couple of those. The current climate does not encourage gaining new ones, so as the old ones pass their expiration date, new ones don’t appear. Fortunately , for me, I enjoy solitude.

          • True. I don’t think there are many people out there who don’t want something from you. It is a rare friendship where two people can just enjoy each other’s company and not want anything additional from the partnership.

            • What about the commentariat here? Aren’t we friends?

              Perhaps I am warped, but I consider Eric and the gang here as friends.

              Happy Thanksgiving.

              • Hi Mike,

                I do like a good many people here, but I don’t know if that makes us all friends. Most of us don’t even use our real names. 🙂 We could pass each other on the street and not know the other one, we could flick each other off in traffic because the other one would not allow the other one to merge, we could secretly work for the FBI, or be computer Russian bots, etc.

                On the other hand, I do share more opinions and information about myself here then I do in “real life.” I like to think we are a group of like-minded individuals finding some sanity among the crazies. It would be an interesting picnic if we all got together though. 🙂

                Happy Thanksgiving.

            • It has often been said that to discover another’s true character, observe how they treat people that can do nothing for them. Our culture has devolved into scamming, gambling, and working for the government. Vampires, seeking to suck the blood of the productive.

              • Indeed it has. Everything seems to circulate around the hatred and dehumanization of the productive to justify stealing from them. Once a critical mass subscribes to this hatred it becomes easier for those in power.

    • That is just the curse of the liberty & leave me alone crowd.

      We all have to be a bit autistic to see through all the BS & have an interest in quaint things like freedom, philosophy, volunteerism, history, guns, and economics.

      Superficial relationships don’t really appeal to us

  22. Look for the big “die off” among the “vaxxed” to begin in the spring of 2022. Since there is a “delayed reaction” from the time of administration of the “vaxx” to the onset of (supposedly unrelated) symptoms, it is easy for the “powers that be” to disassociate the symptoms from the “vaxx”, providing them “cover” from their actions.
    When healthy athletes and others in good health who have not had health problems previously are “dropping like flies” after administration of the “vaxx”, something is very wrong.
    In the case of these poison “vaxxes”, correlation is indeed causation.
    I pray that I am wrong, but fear that I am right.

  23. Amen, Eric! I used to take for granted the people in my life, which I now regret, assuming that we were on the same wavelength about the things that really mattered. I now realize that was an illusion. I cherish those remaining in my life who share and affirm my own closely-held beliefs, particularly those beliefs where the end result is literally life or death.

    I will not cut anyone out of my life for having a different set of beliefs, but there are some differences that are so profound that one has to wonder if it is worth the effort to try to build a relationship with someone whose beliefs and practices reflect such an ocean of difference with one’s own.

    • Well I WILL cut people out of my life if they throw this nonsense at me. Anyone who believes that I MUST believe what they believe, or simply ACT like I do is not worth my time. Eric’s analogy to a divorce is fairly accurate. In fact, going through a divorce from my wife of 33 years has well prepared me for other departures. By clearly demonstrating that no particular relationship is a nutritional requirement. I can get along without any one of them, and do quite well, after a period of mourning.

      • I may not have been clear – there is a difference between holding different beliefs and forcing them on others. I will not tolerate the latter, either.

      • Wow! Divorce after 33 years. To me, that seems especially sad. After that length of time, parenting is done, and you can then enjoy each others company while still being young (enough) and in your peak earning years. I sincerely hope you are all okay and moving on after that. What an earthquake! I suppose a word of advice is for anyone to not take their marriage for granted, especially after the bulk of the work (of family-raising) is done.

        • Actually, after a life of physical work, and being 62, I was not so young. I think that’s what bothered her. That I wasn’t so ready to “go do something” all the time. She sought counseling, and hooked up with a female counselor, whom I suspect filled her head with the evils of men. In the end she said she wasn’t happy, and I told her I could not make her happy, that was her problem, though I would help her if I could. Could be she was in fear of getting old herself, seeing me age ahead of her. I’m quite OK , though it took a few years. Now glad she’s gone.

          • RE: “In the end she said she wasn’t happy, and I told her I could not make her happy, that was her problem, though I would help her if I could.”

            I read the, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ book(s). The author said basically what you just wrote.

            You could have only made her happier. Maybe 10% more, or something like that. Her happiness was for her to find/create, whatever. I imagine that’s a problem for many couples.

            …Don’t know why I’m mentioning it. A diversion from all this Covidiocy, maybe?

  24. BTW, The Karen with the “Biden Won” t-shirt will probably storm into Cracker Barrel tomorrow night at closing, trying to get a family of 20 seated.

    Austin. It has been going on since the 4th.

    One restaurant we ate at last week finally put up signs, “By CDC guidelines, we will not seat more than 8 people in a party”

  25. Eric,

    Someone is producing commercial quality “Biden Won” t shirts. Just in time for the holiday dinner table.

    I saw one of the shirts, I figure 3XL, on a Karen in a Target just inside the Austin city limits on Sunday. The fabric still had the folds from the shelf.

    • ‘Keep Austin Weird’ has morphed into ‘Keep Austin Woke.’


      Maybe Austin can vote to become an exclave of Kalifornia.

      Effectively, it already is.

      • About a month ago, I encountered Austin PD implicitly enforcing a non-existent mask mandate at the Sam’s Club nearest to our house. They parked their Explorer right at the entrance, engine idling, conspicuously watching everyone going into the store.

        I had been good about going along with masking at the store because they park a developmentally disabled girl at the entrance to check membership cards, but I stopped in the last few weeks after seeing the cops.

        I haven’t heard anything from the disabled girl.

  26. Hi Eric,

    I agree with your article. I believe people come in and out of our lives for a reason. Maybe, their arrival (and departure) is abrupt and they are meant to only be with us a short time, others are the glue that hold us together and keep us from going insane.

    Not to get too dark, but if the animal studies hold true and the unspeakable happens isn’t the Universe saving us from getting too close to people who may not be here much longer? The separation is occurring before tragedy strikes sparing us from much sadness since the disassociation was started while both parties were still alive. They know who we are and we know who they are and we can part (not always amicably, unfortunately).

    • Morning, RG!

      I share your dark thoughts; it may well be all for the best. Kind of like remembering someone you cared about in life – and not viewing the corpse on view at the funeral home.

    • I don’t think the Universe has much to do with it. We simply recognize they have chosen a path that leads to a high likelihood of destruction, and we would rather not sit around and watch it.

    • Thanks Eric, great article. This bioweapon and associated hysteria has damaged everyone physically and mentally.

      Many of the old and frail have died and many others with families, mortgages and bills to be paid have been forced to accept the mask and the poison jab for conditions of employment. I hope that no harm come to them or their families. To the hysterically insane who have been stampeded by fear and propaganda to love their captivity, desperately trying to drag those around them down into the abyss while demonizing those who disagree, they deserve their fate.

      I pray time will expose the truth and that the evil bastards that inflicted this upon the world burn in Hell, after they burn here on Earth.

  27. ‘If you haven’t found them yet, don’t worry. They are out there. And they are looking for friends – and family – just like you.’ — eric

    Passionate, poignant, powerful … when you write from the heart, it is just awe-inspiring.

    Thank you.


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